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Sueda, N.[Naomichi] Co Author Listing * 2D CAD Data Mining Based on Spatial Relation
* evaluation on robustness and brittleness of HOG features of human detection, An

Suehiro, T. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Assembly Tasks using Face-Contact Relations
* Towards an Assembly Plan from Observation, Part I: Task Recognition with Polyhedral Objects
* Towards an Assembly Plan from Observation: Fine Localization Based on Face Contact Constraints
* Towards an Assembly Plan from Observation: Task Recognition with Polyhedral Objects

Suehling, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Lymph Nodes From CT Data
* Automatic detection of liver lesion from 3D computed tomography images
* Cascade Learning Method for Liver Lesion Detection in CT Images, A
* Detection of 3D Spinal Geometry Using Iterated Marginal Space Learning
* Hierarchical, learning-based automatic liver segmentation
Includes: Suehling, M. Suehling, M.[Michael]

Suei, P.L.[Pei Lun] Co Author Listing * Forensic and anti-forensic techniques for video shot editing in H.264/AVC
* new intra prediction with adaptive template matching through finite state machine, A
Includes: Suei, P.L.[Pei Lun] Suei, P.L.[Pei-Lun]

Suel, T. Co Author Listing * On the scalability of an mage transcoding proxy server

Suematsu, N.[Nobuo] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Using a Spatially Correlated Mixture Model with Gaussian Process Priors
* Marginalized Viterbi algorithm for hierarchical hidden Markov models
* Matching Handwritten Line Drawings with Von Mises Distributions
* Multi-object Motion Pattern Classification for Visual Surveillance and Sports Video Retrieval
* Region-Based Image Retrieval using Wavelet Transform
* sampling method for processing contours drawn with an uncertain stroke order and number, A
* Spatially Correlated Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A
* Time series alignment with Gaussian processes
* View Independent Gait Identification Using a Particle Filter
Includes: Suematsu, N.[Nobuo] Suematsu, N.
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Suen, C.[Ching] Co Author Listing * Character Recognition Systems: A Guide for Students and Practitioners
* Classification Boosting by Data Decomposition Using Consensus-Based Combination of Classifiers
* Databases for recognition of handwritten Arabic cheques
* Dynamical Morphological Processing: A Fast Method for Base Line Extraction
* Novel Approach to Optical Character Recognition Based on Ring-Projection-Wavelet-Fractal Signatures, A
* Simulated Annealing Approach to Construct Optimized Prototypes for Nearest-Neighbor Classification, A
Includes: Suen, C.[Ching] Suen, C.

Suen, C.Y.[Ching Y.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Suen, C.Y.[Ching Y.]: suen AT cenparmi concordia ca
* a priori indicator of the discrimination power of discrete hidden Markov models, An
* Adaptive document segmentation and geometric relation labeling: algorithms and experimental results
* Advances in Recognition of Handprinted Characters
* Age estimation using Active Appearance Models and Support Vector Machine regression
* Alignment of free layout color texts for character recognition
* Analysis and Design of a Decision Tree Based on Entropy Reduction and Its Application to Large Character Set Recognition
* Analysis and recognition of alphanumeric handprints by parts
* Analysis and Recognition of Asian Scripts: The State of the Art
* Analysis of Class Separation and Combination of Class-Dependent Features for Handwriting Recognition
* Analysis of errors of handwritten digits made by a multitude of classifiers
* Application of a Multilayer Decision Tree in Computer Recognition of Chinese Characters
* Application of Majority Voting to Pattern Recognition: An Analysis of Its Behavior and Performance
* application of nonlinear wavelet approximation to face recognition, An
* Applying Error-Correcting Output Coding to Enhance Convolutional Neural Network for Target Detection and Pattern Recognition
* Applying Human Knowledge to Improve Machine Recognition of Confusing Handwritten Numerals
* Approximation of graph edit distance based on Hausdorff matching
* Arabic Handwritten Word Spotting Using Language Models
* Automatic Analysis and Understanding of Documents
* Automatic Comparison of Skeletons by Shape Matching Methods
* Automatic Discrimination between Confusing Classes with Writing Styles Verification in Arabic Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Automatic Document Processing: A Survey
* Automatic Evaluation of Skeleton Shapes
* Automatic Extraction of Items from Cheque Images for Payment Recognition
* Automatic filter selection using image quality assessment
* Automatic model selection for the optimization of SVM kernels
* Automatic Reading of Cursive Scripts Using a Reading Model and Perceptual Concepts
* Automatic Reading of Cursive Scripts Using Human Knowledge
* Automatic recognition of characters by Fourier descriptors and boundary line encodings
* Automatic Recognition of Handprinted Characters: The State of the Art
* Automatic Recognition of Handwritten Data on Cheques: Fact or Fiction?
* Automatic Recognition of Handwritten Numerical Strings: A Recognition and Verification Strategy
* Automatic recognition of serial numbers in bank notes
* Automatic segmentation and recognition system for handwritten dates on Canadian bank cheques
* Background Region-Based Algorithm for the Segmentation of Connected Digits
* Bank Check Processing System
* Celebrating 40 years of Pattern Recognition: Introductory remarks
* Cell Phones Personal Authentication Systems Using Multimodal Biometrics
* Character Recognition by Computer and Applications
* Character string extraction from color documents
* Chinese Document Layout Analysis Based on Adaptive Split-and-Merge and Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
* class-modular feedforward neural network for handwriting recognition, A
* class-modularity for character recognition, A
* Classification of Oriental and European Scripts by Using Characteristic Features
* Clustering Combination Method
* Color segmentation for text extraction
* comparison of methods of extracting curvature features, A
* Complementary Algorithms for the Recognition of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals
* Complementary features combined in an HMM-based system to recognize handwritten digits
* Compressed Submanifold Multifactor Analysis
* Compressed Submanifold Multifactor Analysis with adaptive factor structures
* Computer Recognition of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Zip Codes
* Computer Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals
* Constrained Bidirectional Propagation and Stroke Segmentation
* Content analysis in document images: a scale space approach
* Crucial combinations for the recognition of handwritten letters
* Cursive word skew/slant corrections based on Radon transform
* Data-driven decomposition for multi-class classification
* Design Methodology for Highly Reliable Character Recognition Systems, A
* Detection of Counterfeit Coins Based on Modeling and Restoration of 3D Images
* Detection of ridges and ravines using fuzzy logic operations
* Differentiating Between Oriental and European Scripts by Statistical Features
* Differentiation between alphabetic and numeric data using NN ensembles
* Difficult Cases in Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Digit/Symbol Pruning and Verification for Arabic Handwritten Digit/Symbol Spotting
* Discovering Legible Chinese Typefaces for Reading Digital Documents
* Discriminant performance of the algebraic features of handwritten character images
* Discrimination of Planar Shapes Using Shape Matrices
* Discrimination of similar handwritten numerals based on invariant curvature features
* Distance features for neural network-based recognition of handwritten characters
* distributed scheme for lexicon-driven handwritten word recognition and its application to large vocabulary problems, A
* Document image matching using probabilistic graphical models
* Document Processing for Automatic Knowledge Acquisition
* Dynamic observations and dynamic state termination for off-line handwritten word recognition using HMM
* dynamic shape preserving thinning algorithms, A
* Effect of Correlation and Performances of Base-Experts on Score Fusion, The
* Effective shrinkage of large multi-class linear SVM models for text categorization
* Efficient estimation of pen trajectory from off-line handwritten words
* EMD-based recognition method for Chinese fonts and styles, An
* Empirical error based optimization of SVM kernels: Application to digit image recognition
* Error Reduction Based on Error Categorization in Arabic Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Error-Correcting Output Coding for the Convolutional Neural Network for Optical Character Recognition
* Evaluation of Fonts for Digital Publishing and Display
* Evaluation of incremental learning algorithms for HMM in the recognition of alphanumeric characters
* Evaluation of Parallel Thinning Algorithms for Character-Recognition, An
* Evaluation of Thinning Algorithms from an OCR Viewpoint
* Extraction of Bankcheck Items by Mathematical Morphology
* Extraction of Key Letters for Cursive Script Recognition
* Extraction of Lines of Texts in Unconstrained Handwritten Documents
* Extraction of peripheral shape features in Chinese character recognition
* Extraction of Serial Numbers on Bank Notes
* Face illumination normalization on large and small scale features
* Face Transformation With Harmonic Models by the Finite-Volume Method With Delaunay Triangulation
* Fast Parallel Algorithm for Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* Fast SVM Training Algorithm with Decomposition on Very Large Data Sets
* Feature for Character Recognition Based on Directional Distance Distributions, A
* Feature selection for ensembles: A hierarchical multi-objective genetic algorithm approach
* Feature Selection Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms for Handwritten Digit Recognition
* Feature-Selection Using A Proximity-Index Optimization Model
* feedback-based approach for segmenting handwritten legal amounts on bank cheques, A
* Financial Document Processing Based on Staff Line and Description Language
* framework of combining numeric string recognizers, A
* From humans to handwriting to computer and back
* Generalized Knowledge-Based System for the Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals, A
* generic method of cleaning and enhancing handwritten data from business forms, A
* genetic framework using contextual knowledge for segmentation and recognition of handwritten numeral strings, A
* Gray-Scale Thinning Algorithm Using Local Min/Max Operations
* Handwriting Recognition: The Last Frontiers
* Handwritten month word recognition on Brazilian bank cheques
* Hierarchical attributed graph representation and recognition of handwritten chinese characters
* High Performance Hand-Printed Numeral Recognition System with Verification Module, A
* Historical Review of OCR Research and Development
* HMM Word Recognition Engine
* HMM-Based Approach for Off-Line Unconstrained Handwritten Word Modeling and Recognition, An
* HMM-KNN Word Recognition Engine for Bank Cheque Processing
* HMM-MLP Hybrid Model for Cursive Script Recognition, An
* Holistic Urdu Handwritten Word Recognition Using Support Vector Machine
* Hybrid feature extraction and feature selection for improving recognition accuracy of handwritten numerals
* hybrid large vocabulary handwritten word recognition system using neural networks with hidden markov models, A
* Identification of Fork Points on the Skeletons of Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Image Transformation Approach to Nonlinear Shape Restoration
* Impacts of verification on a numeral string recognition system
* Improved Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition System Using Support Vector Machine, An
* Improved Model Architecture and Training Phase in an Off-Line HMM-Based Word Recognition System
* Improving HMM-Based Keyword Spotting with Character Language Models
* Integration of contextual information in handwriting recognition systems
* Integration of Contextual Information in Online Handwriting Representation
* Intriguing Aspects of Oriental Languages
* Introducing termination probabilities to HMM
* Investigating Age Invariant Face Recognition Based on Periocular Biometrics
* Iris segmentation using game theory
* ISOETRP: An interactive clustering algorithm with new objectives
* Isolated Handwritten Farsi Numerals Recognition Using Sparse and Over-Complete Representations
* Kernel spectral regression of perceived age from hybrid facial features
* KMOD: a new support vector machine kernel with moderate decreasing for pattern recognition. Application to digit image recognition
* KMOD: A two-parameter SVM kernel for pattern recognition
* knowledge-based segmentation system for handwritten dates on bank cheques, A
* Knowledge-Based Thinning Algorithm, A
* Language Identification of On-Line Documents Using Word Shapes
* Large Tree Classifier with Heuristic Search and Global Training
* Learning-based word spotting system for Arabic handwritten documents
* Legal amount recognition based on the segmentation hypotheses for bank check processing
* lexicon-driven approach for optimal segment combination in off-line recognition of unconstrained handwritten Korean words, A
* Lexicon-driven HMM decoding for large vocabulary handwriting recognition with multiple character models
* Linear Time Algorithms for an Image Labelling Machine
* Location and Recognition of Legal Amounts on Chinese Bank Cheques
* LoGID: An adaptive framework combining local and global incremental learning for dynamic selection of ensembles of HMMs
* Matching of Tracked Pedestrians Across Disjoint Camera Views Using CI-DLBP
* Method for Selecting Constrained Hand-Printed Character Shapes for Machine Recognition, A
* Method of Combining Multiple Classifiers: A Neural Network Approach, A
* Method of Combining Multiple Experts for the Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals
* Methodologies for Evaluating Thinning Algorithms for Character Recognition
* Methodology of Combining HMM and MLP Classifiers for Cursive Word Recognition, A
* Methods of Combining Multiple Classifiers and Their Applications to Handwriting Recognition
* Modeling Local Word Spatial Configurations for Near Duplicate Document Image Retrieval
* modular system to recognize numerical amounts on Brazilian bank cheques, A
* Multi-Exemplar Affinity Propagation
* Multi-Layer Projections for the Classification of Similar Chinese Characters
* Multi-modal nonlinear feature reduction for the recognition of handwritten numerals
* multi-net local learning framework for pattern recognition, A
* Multiple-level information source and entropy-reduced transformation models
* Near-duplicate document image matching: A graphical perspective
* New Algorithms for Fixed and Elastic Geometric Transformation Models
* New Approach for Segmentation and Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Touching Numeral Pairs, A
* new benchmark on the recognition of handwritten Bangla and Farsi numeral characters, A
* New Clustering Method for Improving Plasticity and Stability in Handwritten Character Recognition Systems, A
* new courtesy amount recognition module of a Check Reading System, A
* New Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition
* New Large Urdu Database for Off-Line Handwriting Recognition, A
* New Large-Scale Multi-purpose Handwritten Farsi Database, A
* New splitting algorithms for geometric transformations of digital images and their error analysis
* Noise Tolerant Script Identification of Printed Oriental and English Documents Using a Downgraded Pixel Density Feature
* Nonlinear shape restoration by transformation models
* Nonlinear transformations of digitized patterns
* Normalization of Face Illumination Based on Large-and Small-Scale Features
* Novel Approach for Stroke Extraction of Off-Line Chinese Handwritten Characters Based on Optimum Paths, A
* novel cascade ensemble classifier system with a high recognition performance on handwritten digits, A
* Novel Global and Local Features for Near-Duplicate Document Image Matching
* Novel Handwritten Urdu Word Spotting Based on Connected Components Analysis, A
* novel hybrid CNN-SVM classifier for recognizing handwritten digits, A
* novel Non-local means image denoising method based on grey theory, A
* Novel Rejection Measurement in Handwritten Numeral Recognition Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis, A
* On the structure of hidden Markov models
* On-Line Handwriting Recognition: A Survey
* optimal algorithm for detecting straight lines in chain codes, An
* Optimal Local Weighted Averaging Methods in Contour Smoothing
* Optimal Matrix Transform for the Extraction of Algebraic Features from Images
* Optimal O(N) Algorithm for Identifying Segments from a Sequence of Chain Codes, An
* optimal pairing scheme in associative memory classifier and its application in character recognition, An
* Palmprints: A Cooperative Co-evolutionary Algorithm For Clustering Hand Images
* Parallel character recognition based on regional projection transformation (RPT)
* Parallel image transformation and its VLSI implementation
* Parallel regional projection transformation (RPT) and VLSI implementation
* partition-combination method for recognition of handwritten characters, The
* Performance Evaluation of Skeletonization Algorithms for Document Analysis Processing
* Piecewise Linear Modulation Model of Handwriting
* Pose Estimation Based on Two Images from Different Views
* Post-processing scheme for improving recognition performance of touching handwritten numeral strings
* Recognition and Verification of Unconstrained Handwritten Words
* recognition and verification strategy for handwritten word recognition, A
* Recognition of courtesy amounts on bank checks based on a segmentation approach
* Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by searching the multiway heterogeneous tree
* Recognition of Handwritten Month Words on Bank Cheques
* recognition of handwritten numeral strings using a two-stage HMM-based method, The
* Recognition of handwritten numerals by Quantum Neural Network with fuzzy features
* Recognition of Legal Amounts on Bank Cheques
* Recognition of rotated characters by Eigen-space
* Recognition of similar objects using 2-D wavelet-fractal feature extraction
* Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numeral Strings by Composite Segmentation Method
* Recognition of unconstrained handwritten numeral strings using decision value generator
* Recognition of unconstrained legal amounts handwritten on Chinese bank checks
* Recognition of unideal iris images using region-based active contour model and game theory
* Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Patterns from Fourier Descriptors
* Recursive Thresholding Technique for Image Segmentation, A
* Regional Decomposition Method for Recognizing Handprinted Characters, A
* Rejection Criteria and Pairwise Discrimination of Handwritten Numerals Based on Structural Features
* Rejection measurement based on linear discriminant analysis for document recognition
* Reliability Design Methodology for Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Removal of noise patterns in handwritten images using expectation maximization and fuzzy inference systems
* Representation and Traversal of Images in the Hexagonal Field
* Restoration of a Frontal Illuminated Face Image Based on KPCA
* Retrieval of Envelope Images Using Graph Matching
* Retrieving poorly degraded OCR documents
* Review on Persian Script and Recognition Techniques, A
* Robust face recognition based on dynamic rank representation
* robust method of recognizing multi-font rotated characters, A
* Robust stroke segmentation method for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Rotation-Invariant Texture Classification Using Steerable Gabor Filter Bank
* RPCT Algorithm and its VLSI Implementation
* Scale and Rotation Invariant Character Segmentation from Coins
* Script identification using steerable Gabor filters
* Segmentation and recognition of handwritten dates
* Segmentation and recognition of handwritten dates: An HMM-MLP hybrid approach
* segmentation method for touching italic characters, A
* Segmentation of Unideal Iris Images Using Game Theory
* Segmentation-based recognition of handwritten touching pairs of digits using structural features
* Segmenting document images using diagonal white runs and vertical edges
* Sequential Method of Extracting Contour Chains from an Image, A
* Shape Transformation Models and Their Applications in Pattern Recognition
* Simultaneous Document Margin Removal and Skew Correction Based on Corner Detection in Projection Profiles
* Special Issue on Thinning Methodologies for Pattern Recognition
* Spectral Regression based age determination
* Splitting-Shooting Methods for Nonlinear Transformations of Digitized Patterns
* State of the Art in On-Line Handwriting Recognition, The
* Statistical Hypothesis Testing for Handwritten Word Segmentation Algorithms
* StrCombo: combination of string recognizers
* string length predictor to control the level building of HMMs for handwritten numeral recognition, A
* Stroke-model-based character extraction from gray-level document images
* Structural Classification and Relaxation Matching of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Zip-Code Numbers
* Systematic Evaluation of Skeletonization Algorithms, A
* Ternary Entropy-Based Binarization of Degraded Document Images Using Morphological Operators
* Text detection from natural scene images using topographic maps and sparse representations
* Text detection from scene images using sparse representation
* Text Segmentation from Complex Background Using Sparse Representations
* Theoretical Analysis of the Application of Majority Voting to Pattern Recognition, A
* Thinning Algorithm Based on the Force Between Charged Particles, A
* Thinning Methodologies, a Comprehensive Study
* Thinning Methodologies: A Comprehensive Survey
* threshlod selection method based on multiscale and graylevel co-occurrence matrix analysis, A
* trainable feature extractor for handwritten digit recognition, A
* tree conditional random field model for panel detection in comic images, A
* Two-Stage HMM-Based System for Recognizing Handwritten Numeral Strings, A
* Unconstrained numeral pair recognition using enhanced error correcting output coding: a holistic approach
* Unideal Iris Segmentation Using Region-Based Active Contour Model
* Unsupervised Feature Selection Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms for Handwritten Word Recognition
* Using Class Separation for Feature Analysis and Combination of Class-Dependent Features
* Variable-Length Signature for Near-Duplicate Image Matching
* Veinerization: A New Shape Description for Flexible Skeletonization
* Verification Method of Enhancing the Recognizers of Isolated and Touching Handwritten Numerals
* Verification of Hierarchical Classifier Results for Handwritten Arabic Word Spotting
* VLSI architecture for parallel concentration-contour approach
* Word segmentation in handwritten Korean text lines based on gap clustering techniques
* Word segmentation of printed text lines based on gap clustering and special symbol detection
* Word Spotting in Gray Scale Handwritten Pashto Documents
Includes: Suen, C.Y.[Ching Y.] Suen, C.Y.
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Suen, C.Y.Y.[Ching Yi Y.] Co Author Listing * Image Super-Resolution Based Wavelet Framework with Gradient Prior
Includes: Suen, C.Y.Y.[Ching Yi Y.] Suen, C.Y.Y.[Ching-Yi Y.]

Suen, H.M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Uniform Colored Text from Color Graphics Background
* Text String Extraction from Images of Color-Printed Documents

Suen, P. Co Author Listing * impact of viewing geometry on material discriminability in hyperspectral images, The

Suen, P.H.[Pei Hsiu] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Recognition of Real-World Textures in Three Dimensions, The
* Analyzing the Bidirectional Texture Function
* Impact of Viewing Geometry on Vision Through the Atmosphere, The
* Invariant Mixture Recognition in Hyperspectral Images
* Modeling and classifying color textures using random fields in a random environment
* New Spatial Interaction Model for Color Texture, A
Includes: Suen, P.H.[Pei Hsiu] Suen, P.H.[Pei-Hsiu] Suen, P.H.

Suen, S.C. Co Author Listing * structurally adaptive neural tree for the recognition of large character set, A

Suen, Y. Co Author Listing * Harmonic models of shape transformations in digital images and patterns
* Harmonic Models of Shape Transformations in Digital Images and Pictures
* Splitting-Integrating Method for Normalizing Images by Inverse Transformations

Suenaga, N.[Nobumasa] Co Author Listing * Facial image processing system

Suenaga, T.[Tsuyoshi] Co Author Listing * Surface color estimation based on inter- and intra-pixel relationships in outdoor scenes

Suenaga, Y. Co Author Listing * accurate and robust face identification scheme, An
* Automated anatomical labeling of the bronchial branch and its application to the virtual bronchoscopy system
* Extraction of Lung Region From 3D Chest X-ray CT Images by Using Shape Model Information of Lung
* Facsimile-Based Editing System by Auxiliary Mark Recognition, A
* high-resolution Hough transform using variable filter, A
* New System for the Real-time Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Formulas, A
* Pattern Recognition of Chest X-Ray Images
* Recognition of lung lobes and its application to the bronchial structure analysis
* Special Section on Frontiers in Machine Vision Applications: Introduction
* Spine posture estimation method from human images using 3D spine model: computation of the rough approximation of the physical forces working on vertebral bodies
* study of symbol segmentation method for handwritten mathematical formula recognition using mathematical structure information, A
* system for real-time recognition of handwritten mathematical formulas, A
Includes: Suenaga, Y. Suenaga, Y.[Yasuhito]
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Suero, M.I.[Maria Isabel] Co Author Listing * Influence of the correlated color temperature of a light source on the color discrimination capacity of the observer
* Optimization of the correlated color temperature of a light source for a better color discrimination
* Unique hue correction applied to the color rendering of LED light sources
Includes: Suero, M.I.[Maria Isabel] Suero, M.I.[María Isabel]

Suescun, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Kinetic Pseudo-energy History for Human Dynamic Gestures Recognition
Includes: Suescun, A.[Angel] Suescun, Á.[Ángel]

Suess, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * EnMAP-Box: A Toolbox and Application Programming Interface for EnMAP Data Processing, The
* Estimating Fractional Shrub Cover Using Simulated EnMAP Data: A Comparison of Three Machine Learning Regression Techniques
* Monitoring Natural Ecosystem and Ecological Gradients: Perspectives with EnMAP
* Using Class Probabilities to Map Gradual Transitions in Shrub Vegetation from Simulated EnMAP Data

Suesse, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Coarse registration of 3D surface triangulations based on moment invariants with applications to object alignment and identification
* Invariant Fitting of Planar Objects by Primitives
* Inversion of convolution by small kernels
* Moment-based invariant fitting of elliptical segments
* New Efficient Algorithm for Fitting of Rectangles and Squares, A
* New Efficient Algorithm for Fitting Rectangular Boxes and Cubes in 3D, A
* New Framework of Invariant Fitting, A
* New One-Parametric Fitting Method for Planar Objects, A
* Robust Determination of Rotation-Angles for Closed Regions Using Moments
* Robust Fitting of 3D Objects by Affinely Transformed Superellipsoids Using Normalization
* Robust matching of affinely transformed objects
* Shift Detection by Restoration
* Vectorization-Free Reconstruction of 3D CAD Models from Paper Drawings
Includes: Suesse, H.[Herbert] Suesse, H.[Hebert] Suesse, H.
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Suessmeier, G.K.[Georg K.] Co Author Listing * 64 kbit/s Videophone codec with forward analysis and control, A

Suetake, N.[Noriaki] Co Author Listing * Color Conversion for Color Blindness Employing Multilayer Neural Network with Perceptual Model
* Color Quantization Based on Vector Error Diffusion and Particle Swarm Optimization Considering Human Visibility, A
* Hellinger Distance-Based Parameter Tuning for epsilon-Filter
* Hierarchal Predefined Codebook for High-Frequency Component Augmentation Image Enlargement
* Image coarsening by using space-filling curve for decomposition-based image enhancement
* Image Enlargement with Lost High-Frequency Components Estimation Using Clustered Eigenspace-BPLP
* Robust Point Spread Function Estimation for Out-of-Focus Blurred and Noisy Images Based on a Distribution of Gradient Vectors on the Polar Plane, A
* Sharpness preserving image enlargement by using self-decomposed codebook and Mahalanobis distance
* Structural-context-preserving image abstraction by using space-filling curve based on minimum spanning tree
* Threshold Tuning of Switching Median Filter Employing Distribution Distance
Includes: Suetake, N.[Noriaki] Suetake, N.
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Suetens, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition using Point Cloud Kernel Correlation
* 3D Multi-Modality Medical Image Registration Using Feature Space Clustering
* 3D Reconstruction of the Blood Vessels of the Brain from a Stereoscopic Pair of Subtraction Angiograms
* Accurate Segmentation of Blood Vessels from 3D Medical Images
* Anatomical-based FDG-PET reconstruction for the detection of hypo-metabolic regions in epilepsy
* Attempt to Reconstruct the Cerebral Bloodvessels from a Lateral and a Frontal Angiogram, An
* Augmented Reality System for Patient-Specific Guidance of Cardiac Catheter Ablation Procedures, An
* Automated Cephalometric Landmark Identification Using Shape and Local Appearance Models
* Automated Cephalometric Landmark Localization Using Sparse Shape and Appearance Models
* Automated contour detection of the left ventricle in short axis view in 2D echocardiograms
* Automated model-based bias field correction of MR images of the brain
* Automated model-based tissue classification of MR images of the brain
* Automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions by model outlier detection
* Automatic 3-D Breath-Hold Related Motion Correction of Dynamic Multislice MRI
* Characterization of pinhole SPECT acquisition geometry
* Comparative Study of 3-D Face Recognition Under Expression Variations, A
* Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* Comparison Between Parzen Window Interpolation and Generalised Partial Volume Estimation for Nonrigid Image Registration Using Mutual Information
* comparison of methods for non-rigid 3D shape retrieval, A
* Computer-Aided Interactive Object Delineation Using an Intelligent Paintbrush Technique
* Computer-Assisted Stereotaxic Neurosurgery
* Continuous Voxel Classification by Stochastic Relaxation - Theory and Application to MR-Imaging and MR-Angiography
* Dense shape correspondences using spectral high-order graph matching
* Echocardiographic strain and strain-rate imaging: a new tool to study regional myocardial function
* Effect of Overlapping Projections on Reconstruction Image Quality in Multipinhole SPECT
* Fusion of an Isometric Deformation Modeling Approach Using Spectral Decomposition and a Region-Based Approach Using ICP for Expression-Invariant 3D Face Recognition
* Fuzzy Statistical Unsupervised Learning Based Total Lesion Metabolic Activity Estimation in Positron Emission Tomography Images
* Iconic Representation of Visual Data and Models
* Image Segmentation Using Graph Representations and Local Appearance and Shape Models
* Inelastic Deformation Invariant Modal Representation for Non-rigid 3D Object Recognition
* Integrating Statistical Shape Models into a Graph Cut Framework for Tooth Segmentation
* Isometric deformation modeling using singular value decomposition for 3D expression-invariant face recognition
* Isometric Deformation Modelling for Object Recognition
* iterative maximum-likelihood polychromatic algorithm for CT, An
* Knowledge-Based Improvement of Automatic Image Interpretation for Restricted Scenes: Two Case Studies
* Knowledge-Based System for the Delineation of Blood Vessels on Subtraction Angiograms, A
* Medical image registration using mutual information
* meshSIFT: Local surface features for 3D face recognition under expression variations and partial data
* Minimal Shape and Intensity Cost Path Segmentation
* Multi-Resolution Contrast Amplification in Digital Radiography with Compensation for Scattered Radiation
* Multimodality Image Registration by Maximization of Mutual Information
* Nonrigid Image Registration Using Conditional Mutual Information
* Nonrigid Registration of Multitemporal CT and MR Images for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
* Optimization of Geometrical Calibration in Pinhole SPECT
* Partial surface integration based on variational implicit functions and surfaces for 3D model building
* Recognition of the coronary blood vessels on angiograms using hierarchical model-based iconic search
* Registration of 3D Multimodality Medical Images Using Surfaces and Point Landmarks
* Retrospective Heel Effect Correction in Conventional Radiography
* Road Extraction from Multi-Temporal Satellite Images by an Evidential Reasoning Approach
* Robust and accurate partial surface registration based on variational implicit surfaces for automatic 3D model building
* Robust Model-Based Registration of Cardiac MR Images for T1 and ECV Mapping
* Robust point set registration using EM-ICP with information-theoretically optimal outlier handling
* Semiautomatic Digitization Method and the Use of Spline Functions in Processing Line Drawings, A
* Semisupervised Probabilistic Clustering of Brain MR Images Including Prior Clinical Information
* SHREC '11 Track: 3d Face Models Retrieval
* SHREC'10 Track: Non-Rigid 3d Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'11 Track: Shape Retrieval On Non-Rigid 3d Watertight Meshes
* SHREC'11: Robust Feature Detection And Description Benchmark
* SLAC: Statistical total lesion metabolic activity computation by fuzzy unsupervised learning of PET images
* Some Computational Strategies for Object Recognition
* Statistical Approach to Determine Symmetrical Solutions for the Registration of 3D Knee Implant Models to Sagittal Fluoroscopy Images, A
* statistical framework for the registration of 3D knee implant components to single-plane X-ray images, A
* Temporal subtraction of thorax CR images using statistical deformation model
* Three-Dimensional Cardiac Strain Estimation Using Spatio-Temporal Elastic Registration of Ultrasound Images: A Feasibility Study
* Unified Framework for Atlas Based Brain Image Segmentation and Registration, A
* unifying framework for partial volume segmentation of brain MR images, A
* Unsupervised Segmentation, Clustering, and Groupwise Registration of Heterogeneous Populations of Brain MR Images
* Using Expert Systems for Image Understanding
Includes: Suetens, P.[Paul] Suetens, P.
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Suetomi, T. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Active Steering Control System Based on Human Mechanical Impedance Properties of the Arms

Suetsugu, T. Co Author Listing * Camera-Driven Power Management of Computer Display, A

Sueur, C. Co Author Listing * Revealing Celtic Fields from LIDAR Data using Kriging Based Filtering

Suever, J.D. Co Author Listing * Framework to Co-register Longitudinal Virtual Histology-Intravascular Ultrasound Data in the Circumferential Direction
* Right Ventricular Strain, Torsion, and Dyssynchrony in Healthy Subjects Using 3D Spiral Cine DENSE Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Sueyoshi, T.[Takuya] Co Author Listing * Interactive Graphics Rendering Optimizer Based on Immune Algorithm, An

Suezaki, S.[Shigeru] Co Author Listing * Model Based Approach in Extracting and Generating Human Motion, A

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