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Talha, A.M.[Ayesha M.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic scene understanding using temporal association rules

Talha, W. Co Author Listing * Speech Based Shopping Assistance for the Blind

Talhami, H.[Habib] Co Author Listing * Explicit inversion: an approach to image analysis
* improved synergetic algorithm for image classification, An
* Learning in a self-organising pattern formation system

Talhelm, A.F.[Alan F.] Co Author Listing * Spectral Indices Accurately Quantify Changes in Seedling Physiology Following Fire: Towards Mechanistic Assessments of Post-Fire Carbon Cycling

Talhofer, V.[Vaclav] Co Author Listing * Influence of Weights of Geographical Factors on the Results of Multicriteria Analysis in Solving Spatial Analyses
* Method of Selecting a Decontamination Site Deployment for Chemical Accident Consequences Elimination: Application of Multi-Criterial Analysis
Includes: Talhofer, V.[Vaclav] Talhofer, V.[Václav]

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