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Tam, C.P. Co Author Listing * Fast Nonconvex Nonsmooth Minimization Methods for Image Restoration and Reconstruction

Tam, D.C.C.[David Chi Chung] Co Author Listing * Real Time Augmented Reality System Using GPU Acceleration, A

Tam, G.[Gary] Co Author Listing * Analysis of face and segment level descriptors for robust 3D co-segmentation
* Automatic Aortic Root Segmentation with Shape Constraints and Mesh Regularisation
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* Special Issue Introduction: Recognition, Tracking, and Optimisation
Includes: Tam, G.[Gary] Tam, G.

Tam, G.K.L.[Gary Kwok Leung] Co Author Listing * Deformable geometry model matching by topological and geometric signatures
* Embedding Retrieval of Articulated Geometry Models
* Facial expression recognition in dynamic sequences: An integrated approach
Includes: Tam, G.K.L.[Gary Kwok Leung] Tam, G.K.L.[Gary Kwok-Leung] Tam, G.K.L.[Gary K.L.]

Tam, H.Y.[Hon Yuen] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Evolutionary Search Method Based on Clusters
Includes: Tam, H.Y.[Hon Yuen] Tam, H.Y.[Hon-Yuen]

Tam, I.K.[Io Kuong] Co Author Listing * Effective Color Interpolation in CCD Color Filter Array Using Signal Correlation
Includes: Tam, I.K.[Io Kuong] Tam, I.K.[Io-Kuong]

Tam, K.C. Co Author Listing * Exact (spiral+circles) scan region-of-interest cone beam reconstruction via backprojection
* Exact Radon rebinning algorithm for the long object problem in helical cone-beam CT

Tam, K.Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Grid Segmentation of Populated Chessboard Taken at a Lower Angle View

Tam, M.K.[Matthew K.] Co Author Listing * Proximal Heterogeneous Block Implicit-Explicit Method and Application to Blind Ptychographic Diffraction Imaging

Tam, P.K.S.[Peter K.S.] Co Author Listing * Application of Elliptic Fourier Descriptors to Symmetry Detection under Parallel Projection
* global energy approach to facet model and its minimization using weighted least-squares algorithm, A
* Hough Transform Technique for the Detection of Rotational Symmetry, A
* Iterative Algorithm For Minimum Cross-Entropy Thresholding, An
* Modification of Hough Transform for Circles and Ellipses Detection Using a 2-Dimensional Array
* Modification of Hough Transform for Object Recognition Using a 2-Dimensional Array
* Modular Expert Network Approach to Histogram Thresholding
* Regularity Scalable Image Coding Based on Wavelet Singularity Detection
Includes: Tam, P.K.S.[Peter K.S.] Tam, P.K.S. Tam, P.K.S.[Peter Kwong-Shun]
8 for Tam, P.K.S.

Tam, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Deep 3D Convolutional Encoder Networks With Shortcuts for Multiscale Feature Integration Applied to Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation
* Deep Learning of Image Features from Unlabeled Data for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation
* Feature-Preserving Medial Axis Noise Removal
* Image segmentation using an efficient rotationally invariant 3D region-based hidden Markov model
* Novel Rotationally Invariant Region-Based Hidden Markov Model for Efficient 3-D Image Segmentation, A
* sensitive and efficient method for measuring change in cortical thickness using fuzzy correspondence in Alzheimer's disease, A
* Shape Model and Threshold Extraction via Shape Gradients
* Spatial dispersion of lesions as a surrogate biomarker for disability in multiple sclerosis
Includes: Tam, R.[Roger] Tam, R.
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Tam, T.O. Co Author Listing * Line-Adaptive Hybrid Coding of Images

Tam, V. Co Author Listing * Applying the conjugate gradient method for text document categorization
* comparative study of centroid-based, neighborhood-based and statistical approaches for effective document categorization, A

Tam, W.C. Co Author Listing * Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by elastic matching

Tam, W.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Watermarking and Tree Structure Based Image Quality Estimation
* Human Perception of Mismatched Stereoscopic 3D Inputs
* Image Quality Evaluation Method Based on Digital Watermarking, An
* Stereo Image Quality: Effect of Mixed Spatio-Temporal Resolution
* Stereoscopic image coding: Effect of disparate image-quality in left- and right-eye views
* Stereoscopic image generation based on depth images
Includes: Tam, W.J. Tam, W.J.[W. James] Tam, W.J.[Wa James]

Tama, F.[Florence] Co Author Listing * Elastic image registration to fully explore macromolecular dynamics by electron microscopy

Tamaazousti, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Constrained PatchMatch for Image Completion
* EasyFlow: Increasing the Convergence Basin of Variational Image Matching with a Feature-Based Cost
* NonLinear refinement of structure from motion reconstruction by taking advantage of a partial knowledge of the environment

Tamaazousti, Y. Co Author Listing * MuCaLe-Net: Multi Categorical-Level Networks to Generate More Discriminating Features
* Vision-language integration using constrained local semantic features
Includes: Tamaazousti, Y. Tamaazousti, Y.[Youssef]

Tamada, D. Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Compressed Sensing Using the Cross-sampling Approach for Low-Field MRI Systems

Tamada, T. Co Author Listing * Modeling of Urban Scenes by Aerial Photographs and Simply Reconstructed Buildings
* Spatial-temporal data management for a 3D graphical information system
Includes: Tamada, T. Tamada, T.[Takashi]

Tamagawa, K.[Ken] Co Author Listing * Development of stereo video avatar in networked immersive projection environment

Tamai, K.[Keiji] Co Author Listing * Camera having an image shift detecting function

Tamai, Y. Co Author Listing * Visually steerable sound beam forming system based on face tracking and speaker array

Tamajka, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic brain segmentation method based on supervoxels

Tamaki, H.[Hisashi] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Authentication Based on Matching Scores with Other Data

Tamaki, S.[Sho] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 3D Trajectories for Performance Analysis in Table Tennis

Tamaki, T.[Toru] Co Author Listing * email: Tamaki, T.[Toru]: tamaki AT ie niigata-u ac jp
* 3D Object Pose Estimation with Dense Sample Images Discussions about Limitation of Parameter Estimation Ability by the Linear Regressions
* Action recognition by orthogonalized subspaces of local spatio-temporal features
* Appearance Based Fast Linear Pose Estimation, An
* Automatic Detection of Good/Bad Colonies of iPS Cells Using Local Features
* Class-Specific Low-Dimensional Representation of Local Features for Viewpoint Invariant Object Recognition
* Correcting Distortion of Image by Image Registration with the Implicit Function Theorem
* Discriminative Subtree Selection for NBI Endoscopic Image Labeling
* Embedding class information into local invariant features by low-dimensional retinotopic mapping
* Ensemble-based local learning for high-dimensional data regression
* Higher-level representation of local spatio-temporal features for human action recognition using Subspace Matching Kernels
* Impact of Lossy Image Compression on CAD Support Systems for Colonoscopy
* Layered optical tomography of multiple scattering media with combined constraint optimization
* Light Transport Refocusing for Unknown Scattering Medium
* Linear discriminative image processing operator analysis
* Marker based simple non-overlapping camera calibration
* Performance Improvement of Physically Based Spectral Rendering Using Stochastic Sampling
* Pose estimation by local procrustes regression
* Representing images of a rotating object with cyclic permutation for view-based pose estimation
* Scale alignment of 3D point clouds with different scales
* Scale Matching of 3D Point Clouds by Finding Keyscales with Spin Images
* Scale ratio ICP for 3D point clouds with different scales
* Self-training with unlabeled regions for NBI image recognition
* SIPF: Scale invariant point feature for 3D point clouds
* Smoothing posterior probabilities with a particle filter of dirichlet distribution for stabilizing colorectal NBI endoscopy recognition
* String-Like Occluding Region Extraction for Background Restoration
* System for Colorectal Tumor Classification in Magnifying Endoscopic NBI Images, A
* Trajectory-Set Feature for Action Recognition
* Unified approach to image distortion
* Unified Approach to Image Distortion: D-U and U-D Models
* View-Invariant Object Recognition with Visibility Maps
Includes: Tamaki, T.[Toru] Tamaki, T.
31 for Tamaki, T.

Tamames, J.A.H.[Juan Antonio Hernandez] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Processes for Slice-Based Super-Resolution MR Images
Includes: Tamames, J.A.H.[Juan Antonio Hernandez] Tamames, J.A.H.[Juan Antonio Hernández]

Tamamori, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Image Recognition Based on Separable Lattice Hidden Markov Models, A
* Extension of Separable Lattice 2-D HMMs for Rotational Data Variations, An
* Image Recognition Based on Separable Lattice Trajectory 2-D HMMs

Tamarapalli, V.T. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Stochastic k-Coverage and Connectivity in Sensor Networks With Boundary Deployment

Tamari, S.[Serge] Co Author Listing * Flash Flood Monitoring with an Inclined Lidar Installed at a River Bank: Proof of Concept
* Stage Monitoring in Turbid Reservoirs with an Inclined Terrestrial Near-Infrared Lidar

Tamarit, L. Co Author Listing * Surface-Based Approach to Quantify Local Cortical Gyrification, A

Tamarit, V.[Vicent] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Dialogue Act Labelling

Tamas, A. Co Author Listing * On Circles and Circular Arcs Recognition

Tamas, L.[Levente] Co Author Listing * Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage: Key Questions in 3D Optical Documentation of Material Culture for Conservation, Study and Preservation
* Region based fusion of 3D and 2D visual data for Cultural Heritage objects
* Relative Pose Estimation and Fusion of 2D Spectral and 3D Lidar Images
* Relative Pose Estimation and Fusion of Omnidirectional and Lidar Cameras
* Targetless Calibration of a Lidar: Perspective Camera Pair
Includes: Tamas, L.[Levente] Tamas, L.

Tamassia, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Algorithms in Computational Geometry

Tamati, T.[Tuneo] Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Picture Understanding of Weather Charts

Tamatsu, Y.[Yukimasa] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the human performance for pedestrian detectability based on visual search and motion features
* Improved Matching Accuracy in Traffic Sign Recognition by Using Different Feature Subspaces
* Solid or not solid: vision for radar target validation
Includes: Tamatsu, Y.[Yukimasa] Tamatsu, Y.

Tamayo, I. Co Author Listing * Visual analytics for built-up area understanding from metric resolution Earth observation data

Tamayo, O.A.[Oscar Acosta] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy classification of brain MRI using a priori knowledge: Weighted fuzzy C-means

Tambasco, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * robust convergence index filter for breast cancer cell segmentation, A

Tambe, M. Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Task-Level Parallelism for High-Level Vision, The
* Measuring the Effectiveness of Task-Level Parallelism for High-Level Vision
* Overview of RoboCup-98
Includes: Tambe, M. Tambe, M.[Milind]

Tambe, S. Co Author Listing * Flutter Shutter Video Camera for compressive sensing of videos
* radon image as plenoptic function, The
* Robust Face Alignment Using a Mixture of Invariant Experts
* Towards Motion Aware Light Field Video for Dynamic Scenes
Includes: Tambe, S. Tambe, S.[Salil]

Tambe, T.[Takahiro] Co Author Listing * Extraction of trabecular structures of mandible excluding tooth roots on dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphology

Tamberg, G.[Gert] Co Author Listing * Improved interpolation kernels for super resolution algorithms
* new low-complexity patch-based image super-resolution, A

Tambo, A.L.[Asongu L.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic bi-modal fusion of images for the segmentation of pollen tubes in video
* Integrated Model for Understanding Pollen Tube Growth in Video
* Modeling and Classifying Tip Dynamics of Growing Cells in Video
* Temporal dynamics of tip fluorescence predict cell growth behavior in pollen tubes
* Understanding pollen tube growth dynamics using the Unscented Kalman Filter
Includes: Tambo, A.L.[Asongu L.] Tambo, A.L.

Tamboli, R.[Roopak] Co Author Listing * subjective evaluation of true 3D images, A

Tamboli, R.R.[Roopak R.] Co Author Listing * Super-multiview content with high angular resolution: 3D quality assessment on horizontal-parallax lightfield display

Tamborini, G. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration of 3D TEE Datasets of the Descending Aorta for Improved Examination and Quantification of Atheromas Burden

Tamborrino, R.[Rosa] Co Author Listing * Translation and Fruition of an Ancient Book Through Virtual Reality in the Case of Lost Cultural Heritage

Tambouratzis, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Conditional random fields versus template-matching in MT phrasing tasks involving sparse training data
* Image Segmentation with the SolNN Unsupervised Logic Neural-Network
* Implementing the Abingdon Cross benchmark on the ASP
* Improving the Classification Accuracy of the Scanning N-tuple Method
* Improving the Clustering Performance of the Scanning n-Tuple Method by Using Self-Supervised Algorithms to Introduce Subclasses
* logical neural network that adapts to changes in the pattern environment, A
* Multi-objective optimisation of real-valued parameters of a hybrid MT system using Genetic Algorithms
* Word-Map Systems for Content-Based Document Classification
Includes: Tambouratzis, G.[George] Tambouratzis, G.
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Tambouratzis, T. Co Author Listing * Integrating Artificial and Psychophysical Approaches for Boundary Finding in Line Drawings
* Using Geometrical Information for Accurate Scene Understanding in an Artificial Vision System

Tamburelli, G. Co Author Listing * Some Results in the Processing of the Holy Shroud of Turin

Tamburello, G.[Giancarlo] Co Author Listing * Low-Cost Smartphone Sensor-Based UV Camera for Volcanic SO2 Emission Measurements, A
* Novel and Inexpensive Method for Measuring Volcanic Plume Water Fluxes at High Temporal Resolution, A

Tamburino, L.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms for the Soft Morphological Operators
* Unified Approach to the Linear Camera Calibration Problem, A

Tamburo, R. Co Author Listing * Fast reactive control for illumination through rain and snow
* Performance Characterization of Reactive Visual Systems
* Programmable Automotive Headlights
Includes: Tamburo, R. Tamburo, R.[Robert]

Tamburo, R.J.[Robert J.] Co Author Listing * Gradient-oriented Profiles For Boundary Parameterization and Their Application to Core Atoms Towards Shape Analysis
* Shells and Spheres: A Framework for Variable Scale Statistical Image Analysis
Includes: Tamburo, R.J.[Robert J.] Tamburo, R.J.

Tamburro, M. Co Author Listing * Psychovisually Based Multiresolution Image Segmentation

Tamches, I. Co Author Listing * theory and application of electronic moiré patterns, The

Tamen, Z.[Zahia] Co Author Listing * efficient multiple classifier system for Arabic handwritten words recognition, An

Tamer, E.[Engin] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical quantization indexing for wavelet and wavelet packet image coding

Tamersoy, B.[Birgi] Co Author Listing * Counting Vehicles in Highway Surveillance Videos
* Exploiting Geometric Restrictions in a PTZ Camera for Finding Point-Correspondences Between Configurations
* Nonparametric Facial Feature Localization
* Robust Vehicle Detection for Tracking in Highway Surveillance Videos Using Unsupervised Learning

Tamez Pena, J.G.[Jose G.] Co Author Listing * Radiological Pain Predictors in Knee Osteoarthritis, a Four Feature Selection Comparison: Data from the OAI
Includes: Tamez Pena, J.G.[Jose G.] Tamez-Peña, J.G.[José G.]

Tameze, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Combined nonlinear inverse diffusion filter and triangle method used for noise removal from polygonal shapes
* Different non-linear diffusion filters combined with triangle method used for noise removal from polygonal shapes

Tamhankar, A. Co Author Listing * Overview of H.264/MPEG-4 part 10

Tamietto, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Emotional contagion for unseen bodily expressions: Evidence from facial EMG

Tamilselvan, K.S.[Kumaravel Subramaniam] Co Author Listing * Survey and analysis of various image fusion techniques for clinical CT and MRI images

Tamim, A.[Ayoub] Co Author Listing * Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling fronts in SST images using the microcanonical multiscale formalism
* Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling in SST images using the Expectation-Maximization
* On Detectability of Moroccan Coastal Upwelling in Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images

Tamimi, H.[Hashem] Co Author Listing * Retrieving Objects Using Local Integral Invariants
* Using Local Integral Invariants for Object Recognition in Complex Scenes

Tamimi, Z.[Zakiya] Co Author Listing * Spectral Image Decolorization

Tamino, T. Co Author Listing * On Fundamental Evaluation Using UAV Imagery And 3d Modeling Software

Tamir, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for detecting, identifying and incorporating advertisements in a video
* Apparatus and method for detecting, identifying and incorporating advertisements in a video image
* Method and apparatus for automatic electronic replacement of billboards in a video image
* Method and apparatus for determining the position of a TV camera for use in a virtual studio
* Sports event video manipulating system for highlighting movement

Tamir, R. Co Author Listing * What is the Space of Attenuation Coefficients in Underwater Computer Vision?

Tamitani, I. Co Author Listing * real-time HDTV signal processor: HD-VSP, A

Tamiya, Y. Co Author Listing * Integrated Visual System for Solder Inspection, An

Tamke, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Texture and Orthophoto Generation from Registered Panoramic Views
* Enrichment and Preservation of Architectural Knowledge
Includes: Tamke, M. Tamke, M.[Martin]

Tamkuan, N.[Nopphawan] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Multi-Temporal Interferometric Coherence and Optical Image Data for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Damage Assessment

Tamm, T.[Tanel] Co Author Listing * Relating Sentinel-1 Interferometric Coherence to Mowing Events on Grasslands

Tammadge, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Assessing MODIS GPP in Non-Forested Biomes in Water Limited Areas Using EC Tower Data

Tammana, G.A. Co Author Listing * Image Denoising using Multi-Resolution Coefficient Support Based Empirical Wiener Filtering

Tammana, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * discrepancy measure for improved clustering, A
* Neural Network Approach to Robust Shape Classification, A

Tamminen, M.[Markku] Co Author Listing * Comment on Quad- and Octtrees
* Computing Geometric Properties of Images Represented by Linear Quadtrees
* Efficient Component Labeling of Images of Arbitrary Dimension Represented by Linear Bintrees
* Encoding Pixel Trees
* General Approach to Connected-Component Labeling for Arbitrary Image Representations, A
* Improved Approach to Connected Component Labeling of Images, An
* Localized Set Operations for Solid Modeling
* Performance Analysis of Cell Based Geometric File Organizations
* Viewing Pipeline for Discrete Solid Modeling, A
Includes: Tamminen, M.[Markku] Tamminen, M.
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Tamminen, T.[Toni] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Occlusion Model for Sequential Object Matching, A
* Joint Modeling of Facial Expression and Shape from Video
* Learning an Object Model for Feature Matching in Clutter
* Sequential Monte Carlo for Bayesian Matching of Objects with Occlusions
Includes: Tamminen, T.[Toni] Tamminen, T.

Tamondong, A. Co Author Listing * Framework For Capacity Building In Mapping Coastal Resources Using Remote Sensing In The Philippines, A
* Nationwide Natural Resource Inventory Of The Philippines Using Lidar: Strategies, Progress, And Challenges

Tamondong, A.M. Co Author Listing * Design Of A Free And Open Source Data Processing, Archiving, And Distribution Subsystem For The Ground Receiving Station Of The Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Micro-satellite

Tamosiunaite, M. Co Author Listing * Driving School System: Learning Basic Driving Skills From a Teacher in a Real Car, The
* Estimation of Lane Marker Parameters With High Correlation to Steering Signal

Tampellini, L. Co Author Listing * Snow cover monitoring in alpine regions with COSMO-SkyMed images by using a multitemporal approach and depolarization ratio

Tampere, C.M. Co Author Listing * Integrated Predictive Control of Freeway Networks Using the Extended Link Transmission Model

Tampere, C.M.J. Co Author Listing * Continuous Traffic Flow Modeling of Driver Support Systems in Multiclass Traffic With Intervehicle Communication and Drivers in the Loop
* Unveiling E-Bike Potential for Commuting Trips from GPS Traces
Includes: Tampere, C.M.J. Tampère, C.M.J.[Chris M. J.]

Tampi, K.R. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Handwritten Characters

Tamponi, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * Building forests of local trees

Tampubolon, W. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Radar and Optical Space Borne Data for Large Scale Topographical Mapping
* Direct Georeferencing Of UAV Data Based On Simple Building Structures
* UAV Data Processing for Large Scale Topographical Mapping
* UAV Data Processing for Rapid Mapping Activities

Tampucci, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Towards a Robust System Helping Underwater Archaeologists Through the Acquisition of Geo-referenced Optical and Acoustic Data

Tamrakar, A. Co Author Listing * Action-Affect-Gender Classification Using Multi-task Representation Learning
* Augmenting Shape with Appearance in Vehicle Category Recognition
* Combinatorial Grouping of Edges using Geometric Consistency in a Lagrangian Framework
* Evaluation of low-level features and their combinations for complex event detection in open source videos
* Medial Visual Fragments as an Intermediate Image Representation for Segmentation and Perceptual Grouping
* No Grouping Left Behind: From Edges to Curve Fragments
* Role of Propagation and Medial Geometry in Human Vision, The
* Video event recognition using concept attributes
Includes: Tamrakar, A. Tamrakar, A.[Amir]
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Tamrakar, D.[Deepti] Co Author Listing * Kernel discriminant analysis of Block-wise Gaussian Derivative Phase Pattern Histogram for palmprint recognition
* Palmprint verification with XOR-SUM Code

Tams, A.C. Co Author Listing * Constructing Web-based legacy index card archives-architectural design issues and initial data acquisition
* Robust word recognition for museum archive card indexing

Tams, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Perfect fingerprint orientation fields by locally adaptive global models
* Unlinkable minutiae-based fuzzy vault for multiple fingerprints
Includes: Tams, B.[Benjamin] Tams, B.

Tamstorf, M.P.[Mikkel Peter] Co Author Listing * Camera derived vegetation greenness index as proxy for gross primary production in a low Arctic wetland area

Tamstorf, R.[Rasmus] Co Author Listing * Approximate topological matching of quad meshes

Tamtaoui, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization based on saliency map at frame level of H.264/AVC rate control scheme
* Color-metric tensor for catadioptric systems
* Constrained disparity and motion estimators for 3DTV image sequence coding
* New H.264 intra-rate estimation and inter-rate control driven by improved MAD-based Contrast Sensitivity

Tamukoh, H.[Hakaru] Co Author Listing * Color Quantization Based on Vector Error Diffusion and Particle Swarm Optimization Considering Human Visibility, A
* Hierarchal Predefined Codebook for High-Frequency Component Augmentation Image Enlargement
Includes: Tamukoh, H.[Hakaru] Tamukoh, H.

Tamura, H. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Line Thinning Algorithms from Digital Geometry Viewpoint, A
* Computer Vision Technology Applied to MR-Based Pre-visualization in Filmmaking
* Creating a user-specific perspective view for mobile mixed reality systems on smartphones
* Design and Implementation of SPIDER: A Transportable Image Processing Software Package
* Effectiveness of Textural Features for Classification of Aerial Multispectral Images
* Expert System for Industrial Machine Vision, An
* High Performance Large Scale Face Recognition with Multi-cognition Softmax and Feature Retrieval
* Image Database Systems: A Survey
* Image forming method and apparatus
* Image processing method and apparatus for generating an image from the viewpoint of an observer on the basis of images obtained from a plurality of viewpoints
* Method of Shading and Shadowing in Image-Based Rendering, A
* Shrink boost for selecting multi-LBP histogram features in object detection
* Stretch n cut: Method for observing and ungrouping complex virtual objects in 3D space using elastic band metaphor
* Textural Features Corresponding to Visual Perception
* Touch & Detach: Ungrouping and observation methods for complex virtual objects using an elastic metaphor
* Transportable Image Processing Software System: SPIDER, A
* VIEW-Station Environment: Tools and Architecture for a Platform-Independent Image-Processing Workstation, The
* Virtual Handcrafting: Building Virtual Wood Models Using ToolDevice
* Vision and Graphics in Producing Mixed Reality Worlds
Includes: Tamura, H. Tamura, H.[Hideyuki] Tamura, H.[Hajime]
19 for Tamura, H.

Tamura, K.[Kimimasa] Co Author Listing * Extended Feature Descriptor and Vehicle Motion Model with Tracking-by-Detection for Pedestrian Active Safety

Tamura, M.[Masakatsu] Co Author Listing * amount of Alaria praelonga Kjellmans analysis method from laminaria bed images for fishery investigation, The
* Estimating deformation due to soil liquefaction in Urayasu city, Japan using permanent scatterers
* Improving Markov Random Field Based Super Resolution Mapping Through Fuzzy Parameter Integration
* Measuring deformations using SAR interferometry and GPS observables with geodetic accuracy: Application to Tokyo, Japan
* Morphological Hit-or-miss Transform Based Approach for Building Damage Estimation from VHR Airborne Imagery in 2011 Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
* Persistent Scatterer Selection Incorporating Polarimetric SAR Interferograms Based on Maximum Likelihood Theory
* Satellite-Based Assessment of the Distribution and Biomass of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in the Optically Shallow Basin of Lake Biwa, A
Includes: Tamura, M.[Masakatsu] Tamura, M.[Masayuki] Tamura, M.
7 for Tamura, M.

Tamura, R. Co Author Listing * Precisions Measurement for the Grasp of Welding Deformation Amount of Time Series for Large-Scale Industrial Products

Tamura, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction Using Mirror Images Based on a Plane Symmetry Recovering Method
* Accurate Vessel Segmentation With Constrained B-Snake
* Acquiring 3D Models of Nonrigid Moving-Objects from Time and Viewpoint Varying Image Sequences: A Step Toward Left-Ventricle Recovery
* Acquisition of Symbolic Description from Flow-Fields: A New Approach Based on a Fluid Model
* Automated inspection of IC wafer contamination
* Automatic segmentation technique for acetabulum and femoral head in CT images
* Boundary Extraction from Coarsely or Irregularly Scanned Images
* Clustering based on multiple paths
* Deaf-and-mute sign language generation system
* Detecting Planar and Curved Symmetries of 3D Shapes from a Range Image
* Error correction in laser scanner three-dimensional measurement by two-axis model and coarse-fine parameter search
* Estimation of motion from sequential images using integral constraints
* Eye movement analysis system using fundus images
* Generation of Radar Echo Images from a Contour Map
* Hand-Scan OCR with a One-Dimensional Image Sensor
* hierarchical local region-based sparse shape composition for liver segmentation in CT scans, A
* Improvement of depth position in 2-D/3-D registration of knee implants using single-plane fluoroscopy
* Improvement of Lip Reading Performance in Real Environments Using Speaker and Environmental Adaptation
* Intraoperative Magnetic Tracker Calibration Using a Magneto-Optic Hybrid Tracker for 3-D Ultrasound-Based Navigation in Laparoscopic Surgery
* Limits on the accuracy of 3-D thickness measurement in magnetic resonance images- Effects of voxel anisotropy
* Male-Female Identification from 8x6 Very-Low Resolution Face Images by Neural-Network
* Measuring Microcirculation Using Spatiotemporal Image Analysis
* MRI artifact cancellation due to rigid motion in the imaging plane
* Neural network vowel-recognition jointly using voice features and mouth shape image
* Occlusion-free 3D recovery using mirror images
* On Assembling Subpictures into a Mosaic Picture
* Orientation Space Filtering for Multiple Orientation Line Segmentation
* Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Image Restoration and Its Performance, A
* Physics-based flow estimation of fluids
* Plan-Based Boundary Extraction and 3-D Reconstruction for Orthogonal 2-D Echocardiography
* Probabilistic expression of Polynomial Semantic Indexing and its application for classification
* Range finding device
* Recognition of Sign Language Motion Images
* Reconstruction of Neutron Penumbral Image by a Constrained Genetic Algorithm
* Reconstruction of time-varying 3-d left-ventricular shape from multiview x-ray cineangiocardiograms
* scaled multigrid optical flow algorithm based on the least RMS error between real and estimated second images, A
* Semiautomatic Leakage Analyzing System for Time Series Fluorescein Ocular Fundus Angiography
* Sparse representation of audio features for sputum detection from lung sounds
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Echocardiograms Based on Orthogonal Sections
* Zero-Crossing Interval Correction in Tracing Eye-Fundus Blood Vessels
Includes: Tamura, S. Tamura, S.[Shinichi] Tamura, S.[Satoshi] Tamura, S.[Shuichi]
40 for Tamura, S.

Tamura, T. Co Author Listing * Generating Natural Language Description of Human Behavior from Video Images
* Natural Language Description of Human Activities from Video Images Based on Concept Hierarchy of Actions
* Textual description of human activities by tracking head and hand motions
Includes: Tamura, T. Tamura, T.[Takeshi]

Tamura, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of liver region through blood vessels on multi-phase ct
* Detection and Visualization Method of Dynamic State Transition for Biological Spatio-Temporal Imaging Data

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