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Tei, G. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Pedestrian Detection and Tracking at Nighttime for Driver-Assistance Systems

Teich, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * 3D Person Tracking with a Color-Based Particle Filter
Includes: Teich, J.[Jurgen] Teich, J.[Jürgen]

Teicher, M.[Mina] Co Author Listing * General Framework for Trajectory Triangulation, A
* General Trajectory Triangulation
* Multiple View Geometry of Non-planar Algebraic Curves

Teichman, R. Co Author Listing * Spinal Navigation and Imaging: History, Trends, and Future

Teichner, D. Co Author Listing * Baseband video processing and the transmission of HDTV signals

Teichrieb, V. Co Author Listing * DEMEDITOR: A Tool for Editing DEMs
* Depth-assisted rectification for real-time object detection and pose estimation
* Improving motor rehabilitation process through a natural interaction based system using Kinect sensor
* Incremental structural modeling on sparse visual SLAM
* Optimizing 3D Object Visualization on the Web
Includes: Teichrieb, V. Teichrieb, V.[Veronica]

Teijeiro Mosquera, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Across Pose with Automatic Estimation of Pose Parameters through AAM-Based Landmarking
* Performance of active appearance model-based pose-robust face recognition
* What Your Face Vlogs About: Expressions of Emotion and Big-Five Traits Impressions in YouTube
Includes: Teijeiro Mosquera, L.[Lucia] Teijeiro-Mosquera, L.[Lucia] Teijeiro-Mosquera, L.

Teillaud, M. Co Author Listing * Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces
* On the Absolute Quadratic Complex and Its Application to Autocalibration

Teillet, P.M. Co Author Listing * generalized approach to the vicarious calibration of multiple Earth observation sensors using hyperspectral data, A
* Radiometric normalization of multitemporal high-resolution satellite images with quality control for land cover change detection
Includes: Teillet, P.M. Teillet, P.M.[Philippe M.]

Teimoori, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Helicopter flight control using inverse optimal control and backstepping

Teipel, S.J.[Stefan J.] Co Author Listing * Combining DTI and MRI for the Automated Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Using a Large European Multicenter Dataset

Teisseire, M.[Maguelonne] Co Author Listing * Discovering Novelty in Gene Data: From Sequential Patterns to Visualization
* graph-based approach to detect spatiotemporal dynamics in satellite image time series, A
* Simple Fusion Method for Image Time Series Based on the Estimation of Image Temporal Validity, A

Teisserenc, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Using High Spatio-Temporal Optical Remote Sensing to Monitor Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Arctic River Yenisei

Teisseron, G.[Gilbert] Co Author Listing * Extraction of dominant points by estimation of the contour fluctuations

Teissier, L. Co Author Listing * Geometric ortho-rectification of flash radar images
* Using DGPS trajectory to evaluate an ortho-rectification method designed for flash radar images

Teixeira Orvalho, V.C.[Veronica Costa] Co Author Listing * Transferring a Labeled Generic Rig to Animate Face Models
Includes: Teixeira Orvalho, V.C.[Veronica Costa] Teixeira Orvalho, V.C.[Verónica Costa]

Teixeira, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation of an Ultrasound Corpus for Studying Tongue Movement
* Segmentation and Analysis of the Oral and Nasal Cavities from MR Time Sequences
* Segmentation and Analysis of Vocal Tract from MidSagittal Real-Time MRI
Includes: Teixeira, A.[Antonio] Teixeira, A.[António]

Teixeira, A.M.H. Co Author Listing * Fault Detection and Mitigation in Kirchhoff Networks

Teixeira, A.R.[Ana R.] Co Author Listing * AutoAssign: An Automatic Assignment Tool for Independent Components
* Feature Extraction Using Low-Rank Approximations of the Kernel Matrix
Includes: Teixeira, A.R.[Ana R.] Teixeira, A.R.

Teixeira, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * European Portuguese Accent in Acoustic Models for Non-native English Speakers

Teixeira, E.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Influence of Distance on Data Acquisition Intensity Forestry Targets by a LIDAR Technique with Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Teixeira, F.L. Co Author Listing * Finite-difference time-domain simulation of scattering from objects in continuous random media
* Numerical Mode-Matching Method for Tilted-Coil Antennas in Cylindrically Layered Anisotropic Media With Multiple Horizontal Beds
* Robust Mode-Matching Algorithm for the Analysis of Triaxial Well-Logging Tools in Anisotropic Geophysical Formations, A
* Statistical Stability of Ultrawideband Time-Reversal Imaging in Random Media

Teixeira, J.F.[Joao F.] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal Complete Breast Segmentation
* Spacial Aliasing Artefact Detection on T1-Weighted MRI Images
Includes: Teixeira, J.F.[Joao F.] Teixeira, J.F.[João F.]

Teixeira, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Two Step MPEG Video System
* Augmented Reality Using Projective Invariant Patterns
* Comparison of Two Independent Mapping Exercises in the Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago, Mozambique
* Joint Coding of Multiple H.264 Video Programs
* Joint Control of MPEG VBR Video Over ATM Networks
* Scene Understanding for Auto-Calibration of Surveillance Cameras
* Smoothing of MPEG multi-program video coding for packet networks
Includes: Teixeira, L.[Luis] Teixeira, L.[Luís] Teixeira, L.[Lucas] Teixeira, L.[Luisa] Teixeira, L.
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Teixeira, L.F.[Luis F.] Co Author Listing * Active Learning from Video Streams in a Multi-camera Scenario
* Analysis of Expressiveness of Portuguese Sign Language Speakers
* Analysis of object description methods in a video object tracking environment
* Automatic description of object appearances in a wide-area surveillance scenario
* Cascaded change detection for foreground segmentation
* Experimental Evaluation of the Bag-of-Features Model for Unsupervised Learning of Images
* Partition-distance methods for assessing spatial segmentations of images and videos
* Pre-trained Convolutional Networks and Generative Statistical Models: A Comparative Study in Large Datasets
* Spatio-Temporal Fusion for Learning of Regions of Interests Over Multiple Video Streams
* Video object matching across multiple independent views using local descriptors and adaptive learning
Includes: Teixeira, L.F.[Luis F.] Teixeira, L.F.[Luís F.]
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Teixeira, L.P. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Corner-Detector Algorithms
* Real-Time Video Processing for Multi-Object Chromatic Tracking

Teixeira, M.[Marcio] Co Author Listing * CSU Face Identification Evaluation System: Its purpose, features, and structure, The

Teixeira, M.D.[Marta D.] Co Author Listing * Monoto nicity-preserving Operations and the Morphological Scale-Space Method for Image Segmentation

Teixeira, R.[Ralph] Co Author Listing * Affine Skeletons and Monge-Ampere Equations
* Area Distances Of Convex Plane Curves And Improper Affine Spheres
* Fast Marching Method for the Area Based Affine Distance, A
* Numerical Scheme for the Curvature Equation Near the Singularities, A

Teixeira, R.C.[Ralph Costa] Co Author Listing * Medial Axes and Mean Curvature Motion I: Regular Points
* Medial Axes and Mean Curvature Motion II: Singularities

Teixeira, R.M.A.[Rene M.A.] Co Author Listing * Noise attenuation performance of mura apertures in photographic cameras
* Repositioning the salient region of videos by using active illumination

Teixeira, T. Co Author Listing * Lightweight People Counting and Localizing in Indoor Spaces Using Camera Sensor Nodes
* Macroscopic Human Behavior Interpretation Using Distributed Imager and Other Sensors

Teixeira, V. Co Author Listing * Joint Control of MPEG VBR Video Over ATM Networks

Teixido Navarro, F.[Francesc] Co Author Listing * Promoting consensus in the concept mapping methodology: An application in the hospitality sector
Includes: Teixido Navarro, F.[Francesc] Teixidó-Navarro, F.[Francesc]

Teizer, J.[Jochen] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Contour Observer For Online Visual Tracking, A
* probabilistic shape filter for online contour tracking, A
* Visual tracking and segmentation using Time-of-Flight sensor

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