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Ti, C.[Chaopu] Co Author Listing * Estimating Soil Moisture with Landsat Data and Its Application in Extracting the Spatial Distribution of Winter Flooded Paddies
* novel multi-scale LRMR method for hyperspectral images restoration, A
* Single-Shot Time-of-Flight Phase Unwrapping Using Two Modulation Frequencies
Includes: Ti, C.[Chaopu] Ti, C.

Ti, C.L.[Chun Li] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Resolution Enhancement Approach Based on Local Adaptive Sparse Unmixing and Subpixel Calibration
* Novel Hyperspectral Images Destriping Method Based on Edge Reconstruction and Adaptive Morphological Operators, A
Includes: Ti, C.L.[Chun Li] Ti, C.L.[Chun-Li]

Ti, C.P.[Chang Peng] Co Author Listing * experimental study of pupil constriction for liveness detection, An
* Performance Comparison between Circular and Spline-Based Methods for Iris Segmentation, A
* Simultaneous Time-of-Flight sensing and photometric stereo with a single ToF sensor
Includes: Ti, C.P.[Chang Peng] Ti, C.P.[Chang-Peng]

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