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Toklu, C. Co Author Listing * 2-D mesh tracking for synthetic transfiguration
* 2D Mesh Based Tracking of Deformable Objects with Occlusion
* Automatic news video segmentation and categorization based on closed-captioned text
* Image and Audio Sequence Visualization and Interaction Mechanisms for Structured Video Browsing and Editing
* Method for region tracking in an image sequence using a two-dimensional mesh
* Semi-Automatic Video Object Segmentation in the Presence of Occlusion
* Simultaneous Alpha Map Generation and 2-D Mesh Tracking for Multimedia Applications
* Special Effects Authoring Using 2-D Mesh Models
* System and method for selecting key-frames of video data
* Tracking Motion and Intensity Variations Using Hierarchical 2-D Mesh Modeling for Synthetic Object Transfiguration
* Two-Dimensional Mesh-Based Mosaic Representation for Manipulation of Video Objects with Occlusion
* Two-Dimensional Mesh-Based Visual-Object Representation for Interactive Synthetic/Natural Digital Video
* Video Abstract: A Hybrid Approach to Generate Semantically Meaningful Video Summaries
Includes: Toklu, C. Toklu, C.[Candemir]
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