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Tor, Y.K.[Yam Khoon] Co Author Listing * Digital Rock Engineering System based on 3D GIS Technology, The

Tora, M.R. Co Author Listing * Classification of Puck Possession Events in Ice Hockey

Torabi, A.[Atousa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration of Color and Infrared Videos Using Trajectories Obtained from a Multiple Object Tracking Algorithm
* bag of words approach for semantic segmentation of monitored scenes, A
* Body temperature estimation of a moving subject from thermographic images
* Describing Videos by Exploiting Temporal Structure
* Feedback scheme for thermal-visible video registration, sensor fusion, and people tracking
* iterative integrated framework for thermal-visible image registration, sensor fusion, and people tracking for video surveillance applications, An
* Local self-similarity as a dense stereo correspondence measure for themal-visible video registration
* Local self-similarity-based registration of human ROIs in pairs of stereo thermal-visible videos
* LSS-based registration of stereo thermal-visible videos of multiple people using belief propagation, A
* Measuring an Animal Body Temperature in Thermographic Video Using Particle Filter Tracking
* Movie Description
* Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Method with Fragmentation Handling, A
* Visible and infrared image registration using trajectories and composite foreground images
Includes: Torabi, A.[Atousa] Torabi, A.
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Torabi, K.[Keivan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image thresholding for real-time particle monitoring

Torabi, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Geographical Variation of Incidence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Manitoba, Canada
* Performance Analysis of Adaptive Modulation in Multiuser Selection Diversity Systems With OSTBC Over Time-Varying Channels
Includes: Torabi, M.[Mahmoud] Torabi, M.

Torabzadeh, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * Fusion of imaging spectroscopy and airborne laser scanning data for characterization of forest ecosystems: A review
* International Benchmarking of the Individual Tree Detection Methods for Modeling 3-D Canopy Structure for Silviculture and Forest Ecology Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Mapping Forest Species Composition Using Imaging Spectrometry and Airborne Laser Scanner Data
Includes: Torabzadeh, H.[Hossein] Torabzadeh, H.

Toraichi, K.[Kazuo] Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Approach to Thresholding Seal Impressions
* Constructive Relaxation Matching Involving Dynamical Model Switching And Its Application To Shape Matching
* Feature Analysis of Handprinted Chinese Characters
* Feature Extraction of Handwritten Japanese Characters by Spline Functions for Relaxation Matching
* Function Approximation Method for Images with Grading Regions, A
* Multiscale Curvature-Based Shape Representation Using B-Spline Wavelets
* On a Fluency Image Coding System for Beef Marbling Evaluation
* On a grading system for beef marbling
* On a method of automatically compressing fonts with high resolution
* On a relaxation-labeling algorithm for real-time contour-based image similarity retrieval
* On speeding candidate selection in handprinted chinese character recognition
* parallel architecture for relaxation operations, A
* PARM: A Parallel Relaxation Machine for Handwritten Character Recognition
* publishing system based on fluency coding method, A
* Tast: Trademark Application Assistant
* Two-dimensional spline interpolation for image reconstruction
Includes: Toraichi, K.[Kazuo] Toraichi, K.
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Toral, S. Co Author Listing * Environmental wireless sensor network for road traffic applications

Toral, S.L. Co Author Listing * Dual-rate background subtraction approach for estimating traffic queue parameters in urban scenes
* License Plate Extraction Algorithm Based on Edge Statistics and Region Growing, A
Includes: Toral, S.L. Toral, S.L.[Sergio L.]

Toran, P.[Pere] Co Author Listing * Anatomy of an Optical Biopsy Semantic Retrieval System, The

Torano Caicoya, A. Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Biomass Classification in Boreal Forests With TanDEM-X Data
Includes: Torano Caicoya, A. Toraño Caicoya, A.

Torasso, P. Co Author Listing * isolated-word recognizer based on grammar-controlled classification processes, An

Toratani, M. Co Author Listing * Vicarious Calibration of ADEOS-2 GLI Visible to Shortwave Infrared Bands Using Global Datasets

Torbick, N. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Principal Components Analysis for Identifying Optimal Bands Using Wetland Hyperspectral Measurements From the Great Lakes, USA
* High Resolution Mapping of Peatland Hydroperiod at a High-Latitude Swedish Mire
* Monitoring Rice Agriculture across Myanmar Using Time Series Sentinel-1 Assisted by Landsat-8 and PALSAR-2
* Regional Mapping of Plantation Extent Using Multisensor Imagery
Includes: Torbick, N. Torbick, N.[Nathan]

Torborg, J.G. Co Author Listing * Display Techniques for Octree-Encoded Objects

Torcida, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Median Filtering: A New Insight
Includes: Torcida, S.[Sebastian] Torcida, S.[Sebastián]

Torcinovich, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for Monitoring Ice-Cream Freezers, A
* On the Interplay Between Strong Regularity and Graph Densification

Tordesillas, A.A.[A. Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Approach to 3D Digital Modeling of Surfaces with Poor Texture by Range Imaging Techniques. Shape from Stereo vs. Shape from Silhouette in Digitizing Jorge Oteiza's Sculptures, An
Includes: Tordesillas, A.A.[A. Alvaro] Tordesillas, A.Á.[A. Álvaro]

Tordoff, B.J.[Ben J.] Co Author Listing * Active Control of Zoom for Computer Vision
* Guided Sampling and Consensus for Motion Estimation
* Guided-MLESAC: Faster Image Transform Estimation by Using Matching Priors
* Hole Filling Through Photomontage
* impact of radial distortion on the self-calibration of rotating cameras, The
* Interaction between hand and wearable camera in 2d and 3d environments
* method of reactive zoom control from uncertainty in tracking, A
* On the Choice and Placement of Wearable Vision Sensors
* Reactive control of zoom while fixating using perspective and affine cameras
* Reactive Zoom Control while Tracking Using an Affine Camera
* Recovering Articulated Pose: A Comparison of Two Pre and Postimposed Constraint Methods
* Resolution vs. tracking error: Zoom as a gain controller
* Violating Rotating Camera Geometry: The Effect of Radial Distortion on Self-calibration
Includes: Tordoff, B.J.[Ben J.] Tordoff, B.J.
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Tordon, M.J.[Michal J] Co Author Listing * Line Segment Based Scan Matching for Concurrent Mapping and Localization of a Mobile Robot

Torelli, J.C.[Julio C.] Co Author Listing * 2D Euclidean distance transform algorithms: A comparative survey

Toreyin, B.U.[B. Ugur] Co Author Listing * Computer vision based method for real-time fire and flame detection
* Dynamic texture detection, segmentation and analysis
* Entropy-Functional-Based Online Adaptive Decision Fusion Framework With Application to Wildfire Detection in Video
* Fall detection using single-tree complex wavelet transform
* Flame Detection in Video Using Hidden Markov Models
* Flexible test-bed for unusual behavior detection
* HMM Based Falling Person Detection Using Both Audio and Video
* Moving object detection in wavelet compressed video
* Online Detection of Fire in Video
* Silhouette-Based Method for Object Classification and Human Action Recognition in Video
* Sparse coding of hyperspectral imagery using online learning
* Volatile Organic Compound Plume Detection Using Wavelet Analysis of Video
Includes: Toreyin, B.U.[B. Ugur] Töreyin, B.U.[B. Ugur] (Maybe also Toereyin, B.U.)Toreyin, B.U. Töreyin, B.U.[Behçet Ugur] (Maybe also Toereyin, B.U.)
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Torfason, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * From Face Images and Attributes to Attributes

Torgersen, T. Co Author Listing * Extended Evaluation of Simulated Wavefront Coding Technology in Iris Recognition

Torgersen, T.C. Co Author Listing * High-resolution imaging using integrated optical systems
* Iterative Image Restoration Using Approximate Inverse Preconditioning

Torgo, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Design of an end-to-end method to extract information from tables
Includes: Torgo, L.[Luis] Torgo, L.[Luís]

Torgrimsson, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Solution to the Factorized Geometrical Autofocus Problem, An
* Factorized Geometrical Autofocus for Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing

Torheim, G. Co Author Listing * estimator for functional data with application to MRI, An
* Feature extraction and classification of dynamic contrast-enhanced T2*-weighted breast image data

Torheim, T. Co Author Listing * Classification of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Images of Cervical Cancers Using Texture Analysis and Support Vector Machines

Tori, R.[Romero] Co Author Listing * Mutual occlusion between real and virtual elements in Augmented Reality based on fiducial markers

Toribio, P. Co Author Listing * Modified Back-Propagation Algorithm to Deal with Severe Two-Class Imbalance Problems on Neural Networks, A

Toride, K. Co Author Listing * Fusing Microwave and Optical Satellite Observations to Simultaneously Retrieve Surface Soil Moisture, Vegetation Water Content, and Surface Soil Roughness

Torigian, D.A.[Drew A.] Co Author Listing * GC-ASM: Synergistic integration of graph-cut and active shape model strategies for medical image segmentation

Torigoe, D. Co Author Listing * Multi-directional Camera 3-d Vision System for Micro-operation

Torii, A.[Akihiko] Co Author Listing * 24/7 Place Recognition by View Synthesis
* 3D reconstruction from photographs by CMP SfM web service
* 3D Surface Extraction Using Incremental Tetrahedra Carving
* Are Large-Scale 3D Models Really Necessary for Accurate Visual Localization?
* AWEAR 2.0 system: Omni-directional audio-visual data acquisition and processing
* Circle-Marker Detection Method for Omnidirectional Images and its Application to Robot Positioning
* Efficient Structure from Motion by Graph Optimization
* Epipolar Geometry Via Rectification of Spherical Images
* Fast global non-rigid registration for mosaic creation
* Inverse Quantization for Resolution Conversion
* Joint Estimation of Depth, Reflectance and Illumination for Depth Refinement
* Measuring camera translation by the dominant apical angle
* Multi-view Inverse Rendering Under Arbitrary Illumination and Albedo
* N-Point Hough Transform Derived by Geometric Duality
* N-Point Hough transform for line detection
* NetVLAD: CNN Architecture for Weakly Supervised Place Recognition
* Omnidirectional Image Stabilization by Computing Camera Trajectory
* Omnidirectional Image Stabilization for Visual Object Recognition
* Panoramic Image Transform of Omnidirectional Images Using Discrete Geometry Techniques
* PDE Based Method for Superresolution of Gray-Level Images
* Posterior-Mean Super-Resolution With a Causal Gaussian Markov Random Field Prior
* Randomized Hough Transform for Spherical Images, The
* Randomized structure from motion based on atomic 3D models from camera triplets
* randomized-Hough-transform-based method for great-circle detection on sphere, The
* Real-Time Image Mosaicing Using Non-rigid Registration
* Resolution conversion of gray-level images by discrete geometry
* Robust feature matching by learning descriptor covariance with viewpoint synthesis
* Self-position Estimation of Autonomous Mobile Robot with Size-variable Image Template
* Six Point Algorithm Revisited, The
* Stable Two View Reconstruction Using the Six-Point Algorithm
* Variational Analysis of Spherical Images
* View extension for teleoperated MAV
* Visual localization by linear combination of image descriptors
* Visual Place Recognition with Repetitive Structures
Includes: Torii, A.[Akihiko] Torii, A.
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Torii, H.[Hideyuki] Co Author Listing * Copyright Protection for 3D Printing by Embedding Information Inside 3D-Printed Objects

Torii, K. Co Author Listing * Proposed New Vegetation Index, The Total Ratio Vegetation Index (trvi), For Arid And Semi-arid Regions, A

Torii, S.[Seiji] Co Author Listing * Physics-based flow estimation of fluids

Torii, Y.[Yoichiro] Co Author Listing * Approximation of Class Regions by Quasi Convex Hulls
* Effective algorithms for the nearest neighbor method in the clustering problem
Includes: Torii, Y.[Yoichiro] Torii, Y.[Yasunobu]

Torio, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Model for Extracting the Aortic Valve in 3D Computerized Tomography and Its Application to Calculate a New Calcium Score Index, A
Includes: Torio, L.[Laura] Torío, L.[Laura]

Torisawa, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Visual Inspection of LSI Photomasks

Toriu, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Distance measuring method and a distance measuring apparatus
* Flexible Vision-Based Algorithm for a Book Sorting System, A
* Image smoothing using a metric tensor for an affine invariant scale space
* Investigation of Adaptable Vision System for Factory Automation, An
* learning method for association between vision and ego-motion which is Capable of Adapting to Arbitrary Image Distortion, A
* maximum likelihood estimator is not optimal on 3-D motion estimation from noisy optical flow, The
* Moving video image estimation system
* objective function for 3-D motion estimation from optical flow with lower error variance than maximum likelihood estimator, An
* On a High-speed Hough Transform Algorithm MRHT
* On Ability of Peripheral Vision to Recognize Environments in Surrounding
Includes: Toriu, T.[Takashi] Toriu, T.
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Toriwaki, J. Co Author Listing * Anchor point thinning using a skeleton based on the Euclidean distance transformation
* Automated anatomical labeling of the bronchial branch and its application to the virtual bronchoscopy system
* Basics of Cellular Logic with Some Applications in Medical Image Processing
* Comparative Performance Evaluation of Segmentation Methods Based on Region Growing and Division
* Distance Transformation and Skeleton for Shape Feature Analysis
* Fundamentals of Three-dimensional Digital Image Processing
* Knowledge-guided automatic thresholding for 3-dimensional display of head MRI images
* Normalization and Recognition of Two-Dimensional Patterns with Linear Distortion by Moments
* Parallel Local Operations for a New Distance Transformation of a Line Pattern and Their Applications
* Quantification of shrinkage of lung lobe from chest ct images using the 3d extended voronoi division and its application to the benign/malignant discrimination of tumor shadows
* Recognition of Bronchus in Three Dimensional X-Ray CT Images with Applications to Virtualized Bronchoscopy System
Includes: Toriwaki, J. Toriwaki, J.[Junichiro]
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Toriwaki, J.I.[Jun Ichiro] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Topological Properties of Digitized Binary Pictures Using Local Features, An
* Automated Construction of Image Processing Procedure Based on Misclassification Condition
* Automated Extraction and Visualization of Bronchus from 3D CT Images of Lung
* Automatic Generation of Woodblocks for Virtual Printing
* Distance Transformations and Skeletons of Digitized Pictures with Applications
* Extraction of Lung Region From 3D Chest X-ray CT Images by Using Shape Model Information of Lung
* Extraction of Structural Information from Grey Pictures
* Fundamental Properties of the Grey Weighted Distance Transformation of Grey Pictures
* Generalized Distance Transformation of a Line Pattern with Grey Values and Its Application, A
* Generalized Distance Transformation on Digitized Binary Images
* Improvement of the virtual printing scheme for synthesizing Ukiyo-e
* Intelligent Image Interface to 3D Images with 3D Image Understanding and Presentation
* method for automated extraction of aorta and pulmonary artery in the mediastimun using medial line models from 3D chest X-ray CT images without contrast materials, A
* New algorithms for euclidean distance transformation of an n-dimensional digitized picture with applications
* new filter for feature extraction of line pattern texture with application to cancer detection, A
* On Generalized Distance Transformation of Digitized Pictures
* Paths and Distance Functions on Three-Dimensional Digitized Pictures
* Pattern Recognition of Chest X-Ray Images
* Properties of Fusion Distance Transformation and Skeleton for Processing of Gray Pictures
* Quantification of the Spatial Distributionof Line Segments with Applications to CAD of Chest X-Ray CT Images
* Quantitative diagnosis of pneumoconiosis based on recognition of small rounded opacities in chest X-ray images
* simulation system for brain and plastic surgeries using CT images, A
* Three Dimensional Concentration Index: A Local Feature for Analyzing Three Dimensional Digital Line Patterns and Its Application to Chest X-Ray CT Images
Includes: Toriwaki, J.I.[Jun Ichiro] Toriwaki, J.I.[Jun-Ichiro] Toriwaki, J.I.
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Toriya, H. Co Author Listing * Mobile Camera Localization Method Using Aerial-View Images, A

Toriyama, T.[Tomoji] Co Author Listing * GPU-Based Optimization of a Free-Viewpoint Video System
* Robust Foreground Extraction Technique Using Gaussian Family Model and Multiple Thresholds
* Vitual Camera Control System for Cinematographic 3D Video Rendering

Torkamani Azar, F.[Farah] Co Author Listing * Adaptive SVD-Based Digital Image Watermarking
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Multiple Camera Target Tracking on Grassmann Tangent Subspace
* MPEG-2 Video Watermarking Using Pattern Consideration
* New Approach in Reversible Watermarking, A
* Object Tracking via Pixel-Wise and Block-Wise Sparse Representation
* Video quality measurement based on 3-D Singular value decomposition
Includes: Torkamani Azar, F.[Farah] Torkamani-Azar, F.[Farah] Torkamani-Azar, F.

Torkamani, R.[Razieh] Co Author Listing * Bayesian compressive sensing using wavelet based Markov random fields

Torkamaniazar, F. Co Author Listing * Image Recovery Using the Anisotropic Diffusion Equation

Torkar, D. Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction from Aerial Images and Structural Stereo Matching

Torkhani, F.[Fakhri] Co Author Listing * Curvature Tensor Distance for Mesh Visual Quality Assessment, A
* Perceptual quality assessment of 3D dynamic meshes: Subjective and objective studies

Torkhani, G.[Ghada] Co Author Listing * 3D-2D face recognition method based on extended Gabor wavelet combining curvature and edge detection, A

Torki, K.[Kholdoun] Co Author Listing * Design of New Optimized Architecture Processor for DWT

Torki, M.[Marwan] Co Author Listing * Learning a Joint Manifold Representation from Multiple Data Sets
* Learning representations from multiple manifolds
* Linear-time online action detection from 3D skeletal data using bags of gesturelets
* multi-modal feature fusion framework for kinect-based facial expression recognition using Dual Kernel Discriminant Analysis (DKDA), A
* Multi-Modality Feature Transform: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach
* One-shot multi-set non-rigid feature-spatial matching
* Putting local features on a manifold
* Real-Time Multi-scale Action Detection from 3D Skeleton Data
* Regression from local features for viewpoint and pose estimation
* RGBD object pose recognition using local-global multi-kernel regression
* Seeded Laplacian: An interactive image segmentation approach using eigenfunctions
* Spatial-Visual Label Propagation for Local Feature Classification
* Transmission of JPEG2000 images over frequency selective channels with unequal power allocation
Includes: Torki, M.[Marwan] Torki, M.
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Torkkola, K. Co Author Listing * Discriminative features for document classification
* Feature Extraction Using Information-Theoretic Learning
* Learning feature transforms is an easier problem than feature selection
Includes: Torkkola, K. Torkkola, K.[Kari]

Torlak, M. Co Author Listing * Automotive Radars: A review of signal processing techniques
* Two Dimensional Array Imaging With Beam Steered Data

Torlopova, N. Co Author Listing * Mapping Of The Land Cover Spatiotemporal Characteristics In Northern Russia Caused By Climate Change

Torma, M. Co Author Listing * Satellite Perspectives On Highland-Lowland Human Interaction in Ancient Syria
Includes: Torma, M. Törmä, M. (Maybe also Toermae, M.)

Torma, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Particle Filters Using Local Likelihood Sampling
Includes: Torma, P.[Peter] Torma, P.[Péter]

Tormen, G. Co Author Listing * IBR-based compression for remote visualization

Tormos, P.M.[Pau Mico] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Nanocolumnar Crystals from Microscopic Images
Includes: Tormos, P.M.[Pau Mico] Tormos, P.M.[Pau Micó]

Tormos, T. Co Author Listing * Exploiting satelitte image time series for monitoring ecological quality parameters of french reservoirs

Tornai, M.P. Co Author Listing * EM algorithm for estimating SPECT emission and transmission parameters from emission data only, An
* Evaluation of fully 3-D emission mammotomography with a compact cadmium zinc telluride detector
* Modeling the axial extension of a transmission line source within iterative reconstruction via multiple transmission sources

Tornari, V.[Vivi] Co Author Listing * Holographic monitoring of transportation effects on canvas paintings

Torne, A. Co Author Listing * Exploration of Polygonal Environments Using Range Data

Tornero, J. Co Author Listing * Active Safety System for Low-Speed Bus Braking Assistance, An
* Motion Planning for Wheeled Mobile Robots Based on Singularity Criteria
* Predictive and Multirate Sensor-Based Planning Under Uncertainty
* Tracking Trajectories with a Robotic Manipulator with Singularities
Includes: Tornero, J. Tornero, J.[Josep]

Torniai, C. Co Author Listing * Domain Knowledge Extension with Pictorially Enriched Ontologies
* Dynamic Pictorially Enriched Ontologies for Digital Video Libraries

Tornieri, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Design and Assessment of an Intelligent Activity Monitoring Platform

Tornos, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * Assessment of MODIS spectral indices for determining rice paddy agricultural practices and hydroperiod

Tornow, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * CM SAF TOA Radiation Data Record Using MVIRI and SEVIRI, The

Tornow, M. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Method for Stereophotogrammetric Multi-object-position Measurement
* Real-time, 3-D-multi object position estimation and tracking
* Stereo-Camera-Based Urban Environment Perception Using Occupancy Grid and Object Tracking

Tornqvist, D. Co Author Listing * Road Target Search and Tracking with Gimballed Vision Sensor on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Stabilizing cell phone video using inertial measurement sensors
* Why would I want a gyroscope on my RGB-D sensor?
Includes: Tornqvist, D. Törnqvist, D. (Maybe also Toernqvist, D.)Tornqvist, D.[David]

Tornros, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Analysis of the Building Heat Demand and Distribution Losses in a District Heating Network
* GIS-Based Planning and Modeling for Renewable Energy: Challenges and Future Research Avenues
* Quality Evaluation of VGI Using Authoritative Data: A Comparison with Land Use Data in Southern Germany
Includes: Tornros, T.[Tobias] Törnros, T.[Tobias] (Maybe also Toernros, T.)

Toro Farmer, G.[Gerardo] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Available Light for Seagrass and Patch Reef Productivity in Sugarloaf Key, Lower Florida Keys
* Future Retrievals of Water Column Bio-Optical Properties using the Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI)
Includes: Toro Farmer, G.[Gerardo] Toro-Farmer, G.[Gerardo]

Toro, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Bridging challenges of clinical decision support systems with a semantic approach. A case study on breast cancer
* Infrared Focal Plane Array Imaging System Characterization by Means of a Blackbody Radiator

Toro, C.A.O.[Cesar Antonio Ortiz] Co Author Listing * Superpixel-Based Roughness Measure for Multispectral Satellite Image Segmentation
Includes: Toro, C.A.O.[Cesar Antonio Ortiz] Toro, C.A.O.[César Antonio Ortiz]

Toro, F.G.[Federico Grasso] Co Author Listing * Switching LDS detection for GNSS-based train integrity monitoring system

Toro, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Dichromatic illumination estimation without pre-segmentation
* Illumination Estimation Using a Multilinear Constraint on Dichromatic Planes
* Markov Random Field Modeling for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac Angiography
* Multilinear Constraint on Dichromatic Planes for Illumination Estimation, A
* Recovering the shading image under known illumination
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle From Two Angiographic Views: An Evidence Combination Approach
* Using known motion fields for image separation in transparency
Includes: Toro, J.[Javier] Toro, J.
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Toro, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Finding representative patterns with ordered projections

Torok, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * k-MS: A novel clustering algorithm based on morphological reconstruction

Torok, Z.[Zsolt] Co Author Listing * Live Cell Segmentation in Fluorescence Microscopy via Graph Cut

Torokhti, A.[Anatoli] Co Author Listing * Generalized Brillinger-Like Transforms

Toromanoff, M. Co Author Listing * End-to-End Driving in a Realistic Racing Game with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Toronto, N.[Neil] Co Author Listing * Hough Transform's Implicit Bayesian Foundation, The
* Super-resolution via recapture and Bayesian effect modeling

Toropov, E.[Evgeny] Co Author Listing * Traffic flow from a low frame rate city camera

Toroslu, I.H.[I. Hakki] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Multidimensional Data Access Methods for Feature-Based Image Retrieval

Torp, A.H. Co Author Listing * Encoding of A-Priori Information in Active Contour Models
* Multispectral analysis of object surfaces extracted from volumetric data sets

Torp, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Best linear unbiased estimator for Kalman filter based left ventricle tracking in 3D+T echocardiography
* Coherent Plane Wave Compounding for Very High Frame Rate Ultrasonography of Rapidly Moving Targets
* Doo-Sabin Surface Models with Biomechanical Constraints for Kalman Filter Based Endocardial Wall Tracking in 3D+T Echocardiography
* Model-Based Correction of Velocity Measurements in Navigated 3-D Ultrasound Imaging During Neurosurgical Interventions
Includes: Torp, H.[Hans] Torp, H.

Torp, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * EcoMark 2.0: empowering eco-routing with vehicular environmental models and actual vehicle fuel consumption data

Torquati, M. Co Author Listing * parallel edge preserving algorithm for salt and pepper image denoising, A

Torr, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Bilateral Functions for Global Motion Modeling
* BING: Binarized Normed Gradients for Objectness Estimation at 300fps
* HFS: Hierarchical Feature Selection for Efficient Image Segmentation
* Robust Stereo Prior for Human Segmentation, A
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The

Torr, P.H.S.[Philip H.S.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Torr, P.H.S.[Philip H.S.]: philiptorr AT brookes ac uk
* 3D Model Acquisition from Extended Image Sequences
* Approximate structured output learning for Constrained Local Models with application to real-time facial feature detection and tracking on low-power devices
* Assessment of Information Criteria for Motion Model Selection, An
* Associative hierarchical CRFs for object class image segmentation
* Associative Hierarchical Random Fields
* Automatic 3D Modelling of Architecture
* Bayesian Estimation of Building Shape Using MCMC, A
* Bayesian Model Estimation and Selection for Epipolar Geometry and Generic Manifold Fitting
* Bayesian Stochastic Mesh Optimization for 3D reconstruction
* Body Language Based Individual Identification in Video Using Gait and Actions
* Building Models of Regular Scenes from Structure and Motion
* Coarse-to-fine Planar Regularization for Dense Monocular Depth Estimation
* CODE: Coherence Based Decision Boundaries for Feature Correspondence
* Combining Appearance and Structure from Motion Features for Road Scene Understanding
* Combining Single View Recognition and Multiple View Stereo for Architectural Scenes
* Computationally Efficient Face Detection
* Concerning Bayesian Motion Segmentation, Model Averaging, Matching and the Trifocal Tensor
* Conditional Random Fields as Recurrent Neural Networks
* Conditional Random Fields Meet Deep Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation: Combining Probabilistic Graphical Models with Deep Learning for Structured Prediction
* Cooperating Motion Processes
* Deeply Supervised Salient Object Detection with Short Connections
* Dense Semantic Image Segmentation with Objects and Attributes
* Dense stereo using pivoted dynamic programming
* DESIRE: Distant Future Prediction in Dynamic Scenes with Interacting Agents
* Development and Comparison of Robust Methods for Estimating the Fundamental Matrix, The
* Discrete minimum ratio curves and surfaces
* Distributed Non-convex ADMM-based inference in large-scale random fields
* Dynamic Graph Cuts for Efficient Inference in Markov Random Fields
* Dynamic Hybrid Algorithms for MAP Inference in Discrete MRFs
* Dynamic Markov Random Fields
* Efficient Continuous Relaxations for Dense CRF
* Efficient Dense Stereo with Occlusions for New View-Synthesis by Four-State Dynamic Programming
* Efficient discriminative learning of parametric nearest neighbor classifiers
* Efficient discriminative learning of parts-based models
* Efficient Linear Programming for Dense CRFs
* Efficient online structured output learning for keypoint-based object tracking
* Efficient piecewise learning for conditional random fields
* Efficient SDP inference for fully-connected CRFs based on low-rank decomposition
* Efficient Semidefinite Branch-and-Cut for MAP-MRF Inference
* Efficiently Solving Dynamic Markov Random Fields Using Graph Cuts
* End-to-End Representation Learning for Correlation Filter Based Tracking
* Estimating 3D hand pose using hierarchical multi-label classification
* Exact inference in multi-label CRFs with higher order cliques
* Exploiting projective geometry for view-invariant monocular human motion analysis in man-made environments
* Exploiting uncertainty in regression forests for accurate camera relocalization
* Extending Pictorial Structures for Object Recognition
* Fast Human Pose Detection Using Randomized Hierarchical Cascades of Rejectors
* Fast Memory-Efficient Generalized Belief Propagation
* Fast Semidefinite Approach to Solving Binary Quadratic Problems, A
* Feature correspondence between images using an image pyramid
* Fields of Experts for Image-based Rendering
* Filter-Based Mean-Field Inference for Random Fields with Higher-Order Terms and Product Label-Spaces
* Filtering using a tree-based estimator
* From Visual Query to Visual Portrayal
* Fully-Convolutional Siamese Networks for Object Tracking
* Gaze manipulation for one-to-one teleconferencing
* Geometrically Constrained Structure from Motion: Points on Planes
* Global Contrast Based Salient Region Detection
* Global Stereo Reconstruction under Second-Order Smoothness Priors
* Graph Cut Based Inference with Co-occurrence Statistics
* Hand detection using multiple proposals
* Hand Pose Estimation Using Hierarchical Detection
* Hierarchical Part-Based Human Body Pose Estimation
* Higher Order Conditional Random Fields in Deep Neural Networks
* Human Instance Segmentation from Video using Detector-based Conditional Random Fields
* Human Pose Estimation Using a Joint Pixel-wise and Part-wise Formulation
* Improved Initialization and Gaussian Mixture Pairwise Terms for Dense Random Fields with Mean-field Inference
* IMPSAC: Synthesis of Importance Sampling and Random Sample Consensus
* Inference Methods for CRFs with Co-occurrence Statistics
* Integrated Bayesian Approach to Layer Extraction from Image Sequences, An
* Interactive Image Segmentation Using an Adaptive GMMRF Model
* Invariant Fitting of Two View Geometry
* Invariant Large Margin Nearest Neighbour Classifier, An
* Joint Object-Material Category Segmentation from Audio-Visual Cues
* Joint Optimization for Object Class Segmentation and Dense Stereo Reconstruction
* Joint Training of Generic CNN-CRF Models with Stochastic Optimization
* Knowing who to listen to: Prioritizing experts from a diverse ensemble for attribute personalization
* Large-Scale Binary Quadratic Optimization Using Semidefinite Relaxation and Applications
* Latent SVMs for Human Detection with a Locally Affine Deformation Field
* Layer Extraction with a Bayesian Model of Shapes
* Learning a Kinematic Prior for Tree-Based Filtering
* Learning Class-Specific Edges for Object Detection and Segmentation
* Learning Discriminative Space-Time Action Parts from Weakly Labelled Videos
* Learning discriminative space-time actions from weakly labelled videos
* Learning Layered Motion Segmentation of Video
* Learning Layered Motion Segmentations of Video
* Learning to Navigate the Energy Landscape
* light-path less traveled, The
* Likelihood Models For Template Matching using the PDF Projection Theorem
* Maintaining Multiple Motion Model Hypotheses over Many Views to Recover Matching and Structure
* Measuring uncertainty in graph cut solutions
* Measuring Uncertainty in Graph Cut Solutions: Efficiently Computing Min-marginal Energies Using Dynamic Graph Cuts
* Mesh Based Semantic Modelling for Indoor and Outdoor Scenes
* MLESAC: A New Robust Estimator with Application to Estimating Image Geometry
* Model-Based Hand Tracking Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Filter
* Modelling and Interpretation of Architecture from Several Images
* Motion Segmentation and Outlier Detection
* Multi-View Stereo via Volumetric Graph-Cuts
* Multiple-Instance Learning with Structured Bag Models
* Multivariate Relevance Vector Machines for Tracking
* Multiview Stereo via Volumetric Graph-Cuts and Occlusion Robust Photo-Consistency
* NAPSAC: High Noise, High Dimensional Robust Estimation - it's in the Bag
* Obj Cut
* OBJCUT for Face Detection
* OBJCUT: Efficient Segmentation Using Top-Down and Bottom-Up Cues
* Object Category Specific MRF for Segmentation, An
* Object Proposal Generation Using Two-Stage Cascade SVMs
* Object Proposals Estimation in Depth Image Using Compact 3D Shape Manifolds
* On New View Synthesis Using Multiview Stereo
* On-the-Fly Adaptation of Regression Forests for Online Camera Relocalisation
* Online Real-Time Multiple Spatiotemporal Action Localisation and Prediction
* Outlier Detection and Motion Segmentation
* P3 and Beyond: Move Making Algorithms for Solving Higher Order Functions
* P3 and Beyond: Solving Energies with Higher Order Cliques
* Performance Characterization of Fundamental Matrix Estimation under Image Degradation
* Pixelwise Instance Segmentation with a Dynamically Instantiated Network
* Pose estimation and tracking using multivariate regression
* PoseCut: Simultaneous Segmentation and 3D Pose Estimation of Humans Using Dynamic Graph-Cuts
* Problem of Degeneracy in Structure and Motion Recovery from Uncalibrated Image Sequences, The
* Proposal generation for object detection using cascaded ranking SVMs
* Prototypical Priors: From Improving Classification to Zero-Shot Learning
* Randomized trees for human pose detection
* Reconstructing Relief Surfaces
* Recurrent Instance Segmentation
* Reduce, reuse & recycle: Efficiently solving multi-label MRFs
* Regression-Based Human Motion Capture From Voxel Data
* ROAM: A Rich Object Appearance Model with Application to Rotoscoping
* Robust Computation and Parametrization of Multiple View Relations
* Robust Detection of Degenerate Configurations for the Fundamental Matrix
* Robust Detection of Degenerate Configurations while Estimating the Fundamental Matrix
* Robust Higher Order Potentials for Enforcing Label Consistency
* Robust Parameterization and Computation of the Trifocal Tensor
* Robust Vision
* Scalable Cascade Inference for Semantic Image Segmentation
* Shape context and chamfer matching in cluttered scenes
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Pose Estimation of Humans Using Dynamic Graph Cuts
* Solving Markov Random Fields using Second Order Cone Programming Relaxations
* Staple: Complementary Learners for Real-Time Tracking
* Statistical Detection of Independent Movement from a Moving Camera
* Stochastic Motion Clustering
* Straight to Shapes: Real-Time Detection of Encoded Shapes
* Struck: Structured Output Tracking with Kernels
* Styp-boost: A Bilinear Boosting Algorithm for Learning Style-parameterized Classifiers
* Target Identity-aware Network Flow for online multiple target tracking
* Taxonomic Multi-class Prediction and Person Layout Using Efficient Structured Ranking
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* tiered move-making algorithm for general pairwise MRFs, A
* Using Strong Shape Priors for Stereo
* Using the Pn Potts model with learning methods to segment live cell images
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
* What, Where and How Many? Combining Object Detectors and CRFs
Includes: Torr, P.H.S.[Philip H.S.] Torr, P.H.S. Torr, P.H.S.[Philip H. S.] Torr, P.H.S.[Phil H.S.] Torr, P.H.S.[Phillip H.S.] Torr, P.H.S.[Philip Hilaire Sean]
154 for Torr, P.H.S.

Torra, C.[Carme] Co Author Listing * DaLI: Deformation and Light Invariant Descriptor

Torra, R. Co Author Listing * Application of Landsat TM 5 images to supervised and non-supervised classifications in the northeastern region of Argentina (South America). Creating proxies to automatic natural resources monitoring in mid-detail scales

Torrado Carvajal, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Real-time patch-based medical image modality propagation by GPU computing
Includes: Torrado Carvajal, A.[Angel] Torrado-Carvajal, A.[Angel]

Torralba, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Torralba, A.[Antonio]: torralba AT csail mit edu
* Accidental Pinhole and Pinspeck Cameras
* Accidental pinhole and pinspeck cameras: Revealing the scene outside the picture
* Ambient Sound Provides Supervision for Visual Learning
* Anticipating Visual Representations from Unlabeled Video
* Assessing the Quality of Actions
* Benchmark of Computational Models of Saliency to Predict Human Fixations, A
* boosting approach for the simultaneous detection and segmentation of generic objects, A
* Context models and out-of-context objects
* Dataset Issues in Object Recognition
* Depth Estimation from Image Structure
* Depth from Familiar Objects: A Hierarchical Model for 3D Scenes
* Describing Visual Scenes Using Transformed Objects and Parts
* Detecting Faces in Impoverished Images
* Ensemble Prior of Image Structure for Cross-Modal Inference, An
* Exemplar Network: A Generalized Mixture Model
* Eye Tracking for Everyone
* Following Gaze in Video
* FPM: Fine Pose Parts-Based Model with 3D CAD Models
* Generating the Future with Adversarial Transformers
* Global Depth Perception from Familiar Scene Structure
* Guest Editorial: Best of CVPR 2015
* Guest Editorial: Big Data
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Probabilistic Graphical Models
* HOGgles: Visualizing Object Detection Features
* large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video, A
* Learning Aligned Cross-Modal Representations from Weakly Aligned Data
* Learning Cross-Modal Embeddings for Cooking Recipes and Food Images
* Learning Deep Features for Discriminative Localization
* Learning Hierarchical Models of Scenes, Objects, and Parts
* Learning to predict where humans look
* Learning to share visual appearance for multiclass object detection
* Learning with Hierarchical-Deep Models
* Looking Beyond the Visible Scene
* Modeling the Shape of the Scene: A Holistic Representation of the Spatial Envelope
* Modifying the Memorability of Face Photographs
* Motion magnification
* MovieQA: Understanding Stories in Movies through Question-Answering
* Multidimensional Spectral Hashing
* Network Dissection: Quantifying Interpretability of Deep Visual Representations
* Nonparametric Scene Parsing via Label Transfer
* Nonparametric scene parsing: Label transfer via dense scene alignment
* Open Vocabulary Scene Parsing
* Parsing IKEA Objects: Fine Pose Estimation
* Predicting Motivations of Actions by Leveraging Text
* Properties and Applications of Shape Recipes
* Random Lens Imaging
* Recognizing City Identity via Attribute Analysis of Geo-tagged Images
* Recognizing indoor scenes
* Recognizing Indoor Scenes
* Recognizing scene viewpoint using panoramic place representation
* Scene Parsing through ADE20K Dataset
* Scene-Centered Description from Spatial Envelope Properties
* Shape Anchors for Data-Driven Multi-view Reconstruction
* Shape from Sheen
* Shape Recipes: Scene Representations that Refer to the Image
* SIFT Flow: Dense Correspondence across Different Scenes
* SIFT Flow: Dense Correspondence across Scenes and Its Applications
* SIFT Flow: Dense Correspondence across Scenes and its Applications R
* Simultaneous detection and segmentation for generic objects
* Single Image 3D Interpreter Network
* SUN Database: Exploring a Large Collection of Scene Categories
* SUN3D: A Database of Big Spaces Reconstructed Using SfM and Object Labels
* Top-down control of visual attention in object detection
* Tree-Based Context Model for Object Recognition, A
* Turning Corners into Cameras: Principles and Methods
* Unbiased look at dataset bias
* Understanding and Predicting Image Memorability at a Large Scale
* Undoing the Damage of Dataset Bias
* Unsupervised Non-parametric Geospatial Modeling from Ground Imagery
* Visualizing Object Detection Features
* Visually Indicated Sounds
* Where Should Saliency Models Look Next?
Includes: Torralba, A.[Antonio] Torralba, A.
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Torralba, A.B.[Antonio B.] Co Author Listing * 80 Million Tiny Images: A Large Data Set for Nonparametric Object and Scene Recognition
* Aligning Books and Movies: Towards Story-Like Visual Explanations by Watching Movies and Reading Books
* Building a database of 3D scenes from user annotations
* Context-Based Vision System for Place and Object Recognition
* Contextual models for object detection using boosted random fields
* Contextual Priming for Object Detection
* Creating and exploring a large photorealistic virtual space
* Data-Driven Approach for Event Prediction, A
* Evaluation of image features using a photorealistic virtual world
* Exploiting hierarchical context on a large database of object categories
* Human Learning of Contextual Priors for Object Search: Where does the time go?
* Infinite Images: Creating and Exploring a Large Photorealistic Virtual Space
* LabelMe video: Building a video database with human annotations
* LabelMe: A Database and Web-Based Tool for Image Annotation
* LabelMe: Online Image Annotation and Applications
* LableMe: The Open Annotation Tool
* Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Behaviors of Web Image Collections
* Object Detection and Localization Using Local and Global Features
* Part and appearance sharing: Recursive Compositional Models for multi-view, Multi-Object Detection
* Semantic Label Sharing for Learning with Many Categories
* Semantic Organization of Scenes using Discriminant Structural Templates
* Shared Features for Multiclass Object Detection
* Sharing Features: Efficient Boosting Procedures for Multiclass Object Detection
* Sharing Visual Features for Multiclass and Multiview Object Detection
* Small codes and large image databases for recognition
* Statistical Context Priming for Object Detection
* SUN database: Large-scale scene recognition from abbey to zoo
* Tiny images
* What Makes a Photograph Memorable?
* What makes an image memorable?
Includes: Torralba, A.B.[Antonio B.] Torralba, A.B.
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Torralba, O.S. Co Author Listing * Analysing acoustic model changes for active learning in automatic speech recognition

Torrance, K.E. Co Author Listing * Extending the Radiosity Method to Include Specularly Reflecting and Translucent Materials
* Polarization, Direction Distribution, and Off-Specular Peak Phenomena in Light Reflected from Roughened Surfaces
* Radiosity: A Method for Computing Global Illumination
* Reflectance Model For Computer Graphics, A
* Theory for Off-Specular Reflection from Roughened Surfacesw

Torrao Fiadeiro, P.[Paulo] Co Author Listing * Development of an optical system for analysis of the ink-paper interaction
Includes: Torrao Fiadeiro, P.[Paulo] Torrão Fiadeiro, P.[Paulo]

Torras, C.[Carme] Co Author Listing * email: Torras, C.[Carme]: torras AT sol upc es
* 2D Path Planning: A Configuration Space Heuristic Approach
* 3D descriptor to detect task-oriented grasping points in clothing, A
* 3D Human Pose Tracking Priors using Geodesic Mixture Models
* Active garment recognition and target grasping point detection using deep learning
* Affine Epipolar Direction from Two Views of a Planar Contour
* Camera motion estimation by tracking contour deformation: Precision analysis
* Color-Contrast Landmark Detection and Encoding in Outdoor Images
* Computer Vision, Theory and Industrial Applications
* Consistent Depth Video Segmentation Using Adaptive Surface Models
* Detection of Natural Landmarks Through Multiscale Opponent Features
* Epipolar Geometry from the Deformation of an Active Contour
* Geodesic Finite Mixture Models
* Information-Gain View Planning for Free-Form Object Reconstruction with a 3D ToF Camera
* Joint Model for 2D and 3D Pose Estimation from a Single Image, A
* Lie Algebra-Based Kinematic Prior for 3D Human Pose Tracking
* Neuroadaptive Robots
* Promising Research: Vision-Based Robot Positioning Using Neural Networks
* Qualitative vision for the guidance of legged robots in unstructured environments
* Recognizing Point Clouds Using Conditional Random Fields
* Recovering epipolar direction from two affine views of a planar object
* Robot-Aided Cloth Classification Using Depth Information and CNNs
* Segmenting color images into surface patches by exploiting sparse depth data
* Semantic segmentation priors for object discovery
* Single image 3D human pose estimation from noisy observations
Includes: Torras, C.[Carme] Torras, C.
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Torre Ferrero, C. Co Author Listing * Monovision-based vehicle detection, distance and relative speed measurement in urban traffic
* similarity measure for 3D rigid registration of point clouds using image-based descriptors with low overlap, A
Includes: Torre Ferrero, C. Torre-Ferrero, C.

Torre Jimenez, B.[Beatriz] Co Author Listing * Extremely Overlapping Vehicle Counting
Includes: Torre Jimenez, B.[Beatriz] Torre-Jiménez, B.[Beatriz]

Torre, J.M. Co Author Listing * Attitude and Spin Period of Space Debris Envisat Measured by Satellite Laser Ranging

Torre, L.[Leyre] Co Author Listing * BAMS: A Tool for Supervised Burned Area Mapping Using Landsat Data

Torre, M.[Margarita] Co Author Listing * Agricultural-Field Extraction on Aerial Images by Region Competition Algorithm
* Road Extraction from Aerial Images Using a Region Competition Algorithm
Includes: Torre, M.[Margarita] Torre, M.

Torre, V. Co Author Listing * 3D Visual Information from Vanishing Points
* Accuracy of the Computation of Optical Flow and the Recovery of Motion Parameters, The
* analysis of time varying image sequences, The
* Classification of silhouettes using contour fragments
* Computational Approach to Motion Perception, A
* Computational Vision and Regularization Theory
* Computer Assisted Analysis of Echocardiographic Image Sequences
* Constraints for the Computation of Optical Flow
* Differential Techniques for Optical Flow
* Edge Detection Revisited
* Green Theorems and Qualitative Properties of the Optical Flow
* How the Spatial Filters of Area V1 Can Be Used for a Nearly Ideal Edge Detection
* Ill-Posed Problems and Regularization Analysis in Early Vision
* Ill-Posed Problems in Early Vision
* Linear Complexity Procedure for Labelling Line Drawings of Polyhedral Scenes Using Vanishing Points, A
* Localization and Noise in Edge Detection
* Mathematical Properties of the 2D Motion Field: From Singular Points to Motion Parameters
* method for the 3D reconstruction of indoor scenes from monocular images, A
* new approach to image segmentation, A
* On Edge Detection
* On the Complexity of Labeling Perspective Projections of Polyhedral Scenes
* Optical Flow and Deformable Objects
* Recovery and Understanding of a Line Drawing from Indoor Scenes, The
* Refinement of Optical Flow Estimation and Detection of Motion Edges
* Robust symbolic representation for shape recognition and retrieval
* Self-Adaptive Regularization
* Shape and texture clustering: Best estimate for the clusters number
* Shape Categorization Using String Kernels
* Shape recognition based on Kernel-edit distance
* Texture Classification Using Three Circular Filters
* Unsupervised Custering of Shapes
* Use of Optical Flow for the Autonomous Navigation, The
* Use of Optical-Flow for the Analysis of Nonrigid Motions, The
* Using Geometrical Rules and a Priori Knowledge for the Understanding of Indoor Scenes
* Using Vanishing Points for Camera Calibration
* Versatile Segmentation Procedure, A
* Vision System for Recognizing Objects in Complex Real Images, A
Includes: Torre, V. Torre, V.[Vincent]
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Torrealdea, F.J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Experimental Results with an Evolution Strategy and Competitive Neural Networks for Near Real-Time Color Quantization of Image Sequences, A
* parametric gradient descent MRI intensity inhomogeneity correction algorithm, A
* Solving Satisfiability via Boltzmann Machines
Includes: Torrealdea, F.J. Torrealdea, F.J.[Francisco J.]

Torreao, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Correcting Book Binding Distortion in Scanned Documents
* Efficient Algorithm for Segmenting Warped Text-Lines in Document Images, An
* New Method for Text-Line Segmentation for Warped Documents, A
Includes: Torreao, G.[Gabriel] Torreão, G.[Gabriel]

Torreao, J.R.A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Shape Estimation: Shape-from-Shading and Photometric Stereo Revisited
* Comparative analysis of Green's functions of 1D matching equations for motion synthesis, A
* Efficient, recursively implemented differential operator, with application to edge detection
* Geometric-photometric approach to monocular shape estimation
* Green's function approach to shape from shading, A
* Linear-nonlinear neuronal model for shape from shading
* Matching photometric-stereo images
* new approach to photometric stereo, A
* novel approach to photometric motion, A
* Shading through Defocus
* Signal differentiation through a Green's function approach
* Video Interpolation Through Green's Functions of Matching Equations
Includes: Torreao, J.R.A. Torreao, J.R.A.[Jose R.A.] Torreão, J.R.A.[José R.A.] Torreao, J.R.A.[José R.A.] Torreão, J.R.A.[José R. A.]
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Torrellas, J.[Josep] Co Author Listing * IRAM Architecture for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition, An
* Use IRAM for rasterization
Includes: Torrellas, J.[Josep] Torrellas, J.

Torrens, G.E. Co Author Listing * Use of Fingerprint Contact Area for Biometric Identification, The

Torrent, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Automatic Diagnosis of Masses by Using Level set Segmentation and Shape Description
* boosting approach for the simultaneous detection and segmentation of generic objects, A
* Detecting Faint Compact Sources Using Local Features and a Boosting Approach
* One-shot segmentation of breast, pectoral muscle, and background in digitised mammograms
* Segmenting extended structures in radio astronomical images by filtering bright compact sources and using wavelets decomposition
* Semiautomatic labeling of generic objects for enlarging annotated image databases
* Simultaneous detection and segmentation for generic objects
* supervised micro-calcification detection approach in digitised mammograms, A
Includes: Torrent, A.[Albert] Torrent, A.
8 for Torrent, A.

Torrente, M.L.[Maria Laura] Co Author Listing * Recognition of feature curves on 3D shapes using an algebraic approach to Hough transforms
Includes: Torrente, M.L.[Maria Laura] Torrente, M.L.[Maria-Laura]

Torres Boza, D.[Diana] Co Author Listing * Improvements to the HNR Estimation Based-on Generalized Variogram
* Improving Dysarthria Classification by Pattern Recognition Techniques Based on a Bionic Model
Includes: Torres Boza, D.[Diana] Torres-Boza, D.[Diana]

Torres Cueco, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Hand Detection and Tracking Using the Skeleton of the Blob for Medical Rehabilitation Applications
Includes: Torres Cueco, R.[Rafael] Torres-Cueco, R.[Rafael]

Torres Gonzalez, A.[Arturo] Co Author Listing * Combining Unmanned Aerial Systems and Sensor Networks for Earth Observation
Includes: Torres Gonzalez, A.[Arturo] Torres-González, A.[Arturo]

Torres Guerrero, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Methodology for the Estimation of Effort for a Project of Virtual Reality: A Case Study: Ennui
Includes: Torres Guerrero, F.[Francisco] Torres-Guerrero, F.[Francisco]

Torres Guijarro, S.[Soledad] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for Visual Grape Grading in Wine Cellars, A
* Entropy of Gabor Filtering for Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Torres Guijarro, S.[Soledad] Torres-Guijarro, S.[Soledad]

Torres Huitzil, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Embedded Image Processing System for Automatic Page Segmentation of Open Book Images
* Fast hardware architecture for grey-level image morphology with flat structuring elements
* FPGA-Based Configurable Systolic Architecture for Window-Based Image Processing
* FPGA-based fast computation of gray-level morphological granulometries
* Hardware Coprocessor Integrated with OpenCV for Edge Detection Using Cellular Neural Networks, A
* Real-time image processing with a compact FPGA-based systolic architecture
Includes: Torres Huitzil, C.[Cesar] Torres-Huitzil, C.[Cesar] Torres-Huitzil, C. Torres-Huitzil, C.[César]

Torres Madronero, M.C. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral endmember class extraction using clustering and validity indexes
Includes: Torres Madronero, M.C. Torres-Madronero, M.C.

Torres Martinez, J.A.[Jose Alberto] Co Author Listing * Multi-Data Source and Multi-Sensor Approach for the 3D Reconstruction and Visualization of a Complex Archaelogical Site: The Case Study of Tolmo de Minateda, A
* Multi-Data Source and Multi-Sensor Approach for the 3D Reconstruction and Web Visualization of a Complex Archaelogical Site: The Case Study of Tolmo De Minateda, A
Includes: Torres Martinez, J.A.[Jose Alberto] Torres-Martínez, J.A.[Jose Alberto]

Torres Martins, A.F.[Andre Filipe] Co Author Listing * 2D Shape Recognition Using Information Theoretic Kernels

Torres Mendez, L.A.[Luz Abril] Co Author Listing * AQUA: An Amphibious Autonomous Robot
* bag of relevant regions for visual place recognition in challenging environments, A
* Color Correction of Underwater Images for Aquatic Robot Inspection
* Face colour synthesis using partial least squares and the luminance-alpha-colour transform
* Fast Floor Segmentation Algorithm for Visual-Based Robot Navigation, A
* Inter-Image Statistics for 3D Environment Modeling
* Inter-image statistics for scene reconstruction
* Low-Cost Mirror-Based Active Perception System for Effective Collision Free Underwater Robotic Navigation, A
* Range synthesis for 3D environment modeling
* Scene Reconstruction with Sparse Range Information
* Translation, Rotation, and Scale-Invariant Object Recognition
* Using a MRF-BP model with color adaptive training for underwater color restoration
Includes: Torres Mendez, L.A.[Luz Abril] Torres-Mendez, L.A.[Luz-Abril] Torres-Méndez, L.A. Torres-Méndez, L.A.[Luz A.] Torres-Mendez, L.A. Torres Mendez, L.A.[L. Abril] Torres-Mendez, L.A.[Luz A.]
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Torres Moreno, E.F.[Enrique F.] Co Author Listing * Real-time GPU color-based segmentation of football players

Torres Moreno, J.M.[Juan Manuel] Co Author Listing * Feature selection using Principal Component Analysis for massive retweet detection
Includes: Torres Moreno, J.M.[Juan Manuel] Torres-Moreno, J.M.[Juan-Manuel]

Torres Padrosa, V. Co Author Listing * Standards-Based Architectures for Content Management
Includes: Torres Padrosa, V. Torres-Padrosa, V.

Torres Peralta, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Language Proficiency Classification During Computer-Based Test with EEG Pattern Recognition Methods
Includes: Torres Peralta, R.[Raquel] Torres-Peralta, R.[Raquel]

Torres Pereira, E.[Eanes] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Parallel Cascade Classifier Training for Object Detection
Includes: Torres Pereira, E.[Eanes] Torres-Pereira, E.[Eanes]

Torres Perez, J. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Distinction of Two Caribbean Shallow-Water Corals Based on Their Pigments and Corresponding Reflectance
Includes: Torres Perez, J. Torres-Pérez, J.

Torres Roman, D.[Deni] Co Author Listing * Efficient GPU-Based Implementation of the R-MSF-Algorithm for Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Near real time enhancement of geospatial imagery via systolic implementation of neural network-adapted convex regularization techniques
* Near Real Time Enhancement of Remote Sensing Imagery Based on a Network of Systolic Arrays
Includes: Torres Roman, D.[Deni] Torres-Roman, D.[Deni] Torres-Roman, D. Torres Roman, D.

Torres Rua, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Surface Soil Moisture Using High-Resolution Multi-Spectral Imagery and Artificial Neural Networks
Includes: Torres Rua, A.[Alfonso] Torres-Rua, A.[Alfonso]

Torres Sanchez, C. Co Author Listing * Edge-Based Identification of DP-Features on Free-Form Solids
* Fast Human Classification Of 3d Object Benchmarks
Includes: Torres Sanchez, C. Torres-Sanchez, C.

Torres Sanchez, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Assessing Optimal Flight Parameters for Generating Accurate Multispectral Orthomosaicks by UAV to Support Site-Specific Crop Management
Includes: Torres Sanchez, J.[Jorge] Torres-Sánchez, J.[Jorge]

Torres Torriti, M. Co Author Listing * Crowded pedestrian counting at bus stops from perspective transformations of foreground areas
* Gabor Vs. GMRF Features for SAR Imagery Classification
* Performance Evaluation of UHF RFID Technologies for Real-Time Passenger Recognition in Intelligent Public Transportation Systems
Includes: Torres Torriti, M. Torres-Torriti, M.

Torres Urgell, L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive image compression using Karhunen-Loeve transform
Includes: Torres Urgell, L. Torres-Urgell, L.

Torres Valencia, C. Co Author Listing * Non-parametric Source Reconstruction via Kernel Temporal Enhancement for EEG Data
Includes: Torres Valencia, C. Torres-Valencia, C.

Torres Valencia, C.A.[Cristian A.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Generalized Time Warping and Deep Belief Networks
Includes: Torres Valencia, C.A.[Cristian A.] Torres-Valencia, C.A.[Cristian A.]

Torres Verdin, C. Co Author Listing * Detection and Quantification of Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Fractures With Horizontal Borehole Resistivity Measurements
Includes: Torres Verdin, C. Torres-Verdin, C.

Torres Xirau, I.[Iban] Co Author Listing * Fast Approximate Nearest-Neighbor Field by Cascaded Spherical Hashing
* Fast Super-Resolution via Dense Local Training and Inverse Regressor Search
Includes: Torres Xirau, I.[Iban] Torres-Xirau, I.[Iban]

Torres, A.M.[Ana M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Characterization of Acoustic Plane-Wave Reflections Using Circular Microphone Arrays

Torres, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * GRASP: a versatile algorithm for characterizing the atmosphere

Torres, B.S.[Berthin S.] Co Author Listing * Detection of complex video events through visual rhythm

Torres, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Deep Eye-CU (DECU): Summarization of Patient Motion in the ICU
* Eye-CU: Sleep pose classification for healthcare using multimodal multiview data
* Sleep Pose Recognition in an ICU Using Multimodal Data and Environmental Feedback

Torres, D.[Diana] Co Author Listing * Using dynamic time warping of T0 contours in the evaluation of cycle-to-cycle Pitch Detection Algorithms

Torres, E.[Esley] Co Author Listing * Stopping Criterion for the Mean Shift Iterative Algorithm

Torres, E.L.[Ernesto Lopez] Co Author Listing * 3-D object segmentation using ant colonies

Torres, F.[Fuensanta] Co Author Listing * 3D Image Segmentation Using the Bounded Irregular Pyramid
* Analysis and Adaptation of Integration Time in PMD Camera for Visual Servoing
* Automated Real-Time Visual Inspection System for High-Resolution Superimposed Printings
* Automatic detection and elimination of specular reflectance in color images by means of MS diagram and vector connected filters
* Automatic Detection of Specular Reflectance in Colour Images Using the MS Diagram
* Colour Mathematical Morphology for Neural Image Analysis
* Comparative Study of Highlights Detection and Elimination by Color Morphology and Polar Color Models, A
* Correlation Denormalization in Interferometric or Polarimetric Radiometers: A Unified Approach
* De-Ghosting Artifact in Scene-Based Nonuniformity Correction of Infrared Image Sequences
* Denormalization of Visibilities for In-Orbit Calibration of Interferometric Radiometers
* Gaussian noise elimination in colour images by vector-connected filters
* Graph models applied to specification, simulation, allocation, and scheduling of real-time computer vision applications
* Impact of the Local Oscillator Calibration Rate on the SMOS Measurements and Retrieved Salinities
* Improved Image Reconstruction Algorithms for Aperture Synthesis Radiometers
* Improving detection of surface discontinuities in visual-force control systems
* Movement-flow-based visual servoing and force control fusion for Manipulation Tasks in unstructured environments
* Objects Recognition by Means of Projective Invariants Considering Corner-points
* Optical Signal Processor for Millimeter-Wave Interferometric Radiometry
* Parallel processing and scheduling techniques applied to the quality control of bill sheets
* Radiometric and Spatial Resolution Constraints in Millimeter-Wave Close-Range Passive Screener Systems
* Remote Robot Execution Through WWW Simulation
* Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
* RLS Filter for Nonuniformity and Ghosting Correction of Infrared Image Sequences, A
* Simulation and Scheduling of Real-Time Computer Vision Algorithms
* SMOS Calibration and Instrument Performance After One Year in Orbit
* Top-Down Tracking and Estimating 3D Pose of a Die
* Vectorial morphological reconstruction for brightness elimination in colour images
* Visual control of a multi-robot coupled system: Application to collision avoidance in human-robot interaction
Includes: Torres, F.[Fuensanta] Torres, F.[Fernando] Torres, F. Torres, F.[Flavio]
28 for Torres, F.

Torres, F.M. Co Author Listing * Light-weight Laser Scanner For UAV Applications, A

Torres, F.R.[Fredy Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * SMOTE-D a Deterministic Version of SMOTE
Includes: Torres, F.R.[Fredy Rodriguez] Torres, F.R.[Fredy Rodríguez]

Torres, J. Co Author Listing * 2-Step Approach to Satellite Image Classification Using Fuzzy Neural Networks and the ID3 Learning Algorithm, A
* Blind Spectrum Sensing Based on Cyclostationary Feature Detection
* Digital Filter Design with Time Constraints Based on Calculus of Variations
* ITS-based cooperative services development framework for improving safety of vulnerable road users
* Linear colour correction for multiple illumination changes and non-overlapping cameras
* Matching points in poor edge information images
* practical algorithm to correct geometrical distortion of image acquisition cameras, A
* Simplified Computer Vision System for Road Surface Inspection and Maintenance, A
* Tweet-SCAN: An event discovery technique for geo-located tweets
* Vacant parking area estimation through background subtraction and transience map analysis
Includes: Torres, J. Torres, J.[Jorge] Torres, J.[Juan] Torres, J.[Jordi]
10 for Torres, J.

Torres, J.A.L.[Jose Antonio Leon] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Multi-Sensor Nighttime Earth Observation Data for Identification of Mixed vs. Residential Use in Urban Areas
Includes: Torres, J.A.L.[Jose Antonio Leon] Torres, J.A.L.[José Antonio León]

Torres, J.C. Co Author Listing * Cells Octree: A New Data Structure for Volume Modeling and Visualization
* comprehensive framework for modeling heterogeneous objects, A
* Representation of Polyhedral Objects Using SP-Octrees
Includes: Torres, J.C. Torres, J.C.[Juan-Carlos]

Torres, J.C.B. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of adaptive filter structure employing wavelet and sparse subfilters

Torres, J.L. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Images for Evaluating Topographic Correction Algorithms

Torres, L. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Synthesis of Textures Through the Inference of Boolean Functions
* Approach to Distributed Video Coding Using 3D Face Models, An
* Automatic face recognition for video indexing applications
* Coding of details in very low bit-rate video systems
* Detection of unique people in news programs using multimodal shot clustering
* Distributed Video Coding: Selecting the most promising application scenarios
* Efficient coding of homogeneous textures using stochastic vector quantisation and linear prediction
* efficient technique of texture representation in segmentation-based image coding schemes, An
* Face Recognition of Video sequences in a MPEG-7 Context using a Global Eigen Approach
* Fast Anchor Person Searching Scheme in News Sequences, A
* Fully automatic face recognition system using a combined audio-visual approach
* importance of the color information in face recognition, The
* Iterative Generation of Motion-Compensated Side Information for Distributed Video Coding
* Morphological filter for lossless image subsampling
* Morphological interpolation for texture coding
* new approach to texture coding using stochastic vector quantization, A
* Optimum Color Spaces for Skin Detection
* Overlapped Quasi-Arithmetic Codes for Distributed Video Coding
* Person Identification Technique Using Human Iris Recognition
* Polarimetric SAR Image Smoothing with Stochastic Distances
* Prediction Error Image Coding Using a Modified Stochastic Vector Quantization Scheme
* proposal for high compression of faces in video sequences using adaptive eigenspaces, A
* Recursive Digital Filter Implementation for Noisy and Blurred Images, A
* region-based subband coding scheme, A
* Region-Based Video Coding Using Mathematical Morphology
* Special issue on distributed video coding
* Speckle reduction in polarimetric SAR imagery with stochastic distances and nonlocal means
* Speckle Reduction Using Stochastic Distances
* Stochastic Vector Quantization of Images
* Unsupervised Color Image Segmentation Algorithm for Face Detection Applications, An
* Video Coding: The Second Generation Approach
* Video preprocessing for audiovisual indexing
* Wavelet Core for Video Processing, A
Includes: Torres, L. Torres, L.[Luis] Torres, L.[Lionel] Torres, L.[Leonardo]
33 for Torres, L.

Torres, M.[Mercedes] Co Author Listing * Habitat classification using random forest based image annotation
* How Much Carbon Is Stored In Deserts? An Approach For The Chilean Atacama Desert Using Landsat-8 Products
* Managing Resolution in Digital Elevation Models Using Image Processing Techniques
* Matching Radar and Satellite Images Employing the Hausdorff Distance for Ship Positioning and Trajectory Estimation
* Spatial Data Description by Means of Knowledge-Based System
* Towards a Semantic Representation of Raster Spatial Data
* Turbulent Luminance in Impassioned van Gogh Paintings
Includes: Torres, M.[Mercedes] Torres, M. Torres, M.[Miguel]
7 for Torres, M.

Torres, M.E.[Maria E.] Co Author Listing * Denoising and recognition using hidden Markov models with observation distributions modeled by hidden Markov trees

Torres, M.I.[M. Ines] Co Author Listing * Approach to Estimate Perplexity Values for Language Models Based on Phrase Classes, An
* Clustering Algorithm for the Fast Match of Acoustic Conditions in Continuous Speech Recognition, A
* Combining Statistical and Semantic Knowledge for Sarcasm Detection in Online Dialogues
* Comparative Study of Several Phonotactic-Based Approaches to Spanish-Basque Language Identification
* Hierarchical Models for Rescoring Graphs vs. Full Integration
* Impact of the Approaches Involved on Word-Graph Derivation from the ASR System
* Integrating Phonological Knowledge in ASR Systems for Spanish Language
* Language Identification Based on Phone Decoding for Basque and Spanish
* Measuring the Quality of Annotations for a Subjective Crowdsourcing Task
* Modeling Spoken Dialog Systems under the Interactive Pattern Recognition Framework
* Morpheme-Based Automatic Speech Recognition of Basque
* Online Learning of Attributed Bi-Automata for Dialogue Management in Spoken Dialogue Systems
* Online Learning of Stochastic Bi-automaton to Model Dialogues
* Phone-Segments Based Language Identification for Spanish, Basque and English
* Segment-Based Classes for Language Modeling Within the Field of CSR
* Text- and speech-based phonotactic models for spoken language identification of Basque and Spanish
* Word Segments in Category-Based Language Models for Automatic Speech Recognition
Includes: Torres, M.I.[M. Ines] Torres, M.I.[M. Inés] Torres, M.I.[María Inés]
17 for Torres, M.I.

Torres, M.J.[Maria Joana] Co Author Listing * r-Regularity
* Smoothness of Boundaries of Regular Sets

Torres, M.T. Co Author Listing * ChaLearn Looking at People and Faces of the World: Face Analysis Workshop and Challenge 2016
* Small Sample Deep Learning for Newborn Gestational Age Estimation

Torres, N.S. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Analysis of Cardiac Tissue Including Fibroblasts Using Three-Dimensional Confocal Microscopy and Image Reconstruction: Towards a Basis for Electrophysiological Modeling

Torres, O. Co Author Listing * Color Ratio Method for Simultaneous Retrieval of Aerosol and Cloud Optical Thickness of Above-Cloud Absorbing Aerosols From Passive Sensors: Application to MODIS Measurements, A

Torres, P.S.U.[Pedro Sergio Urquijo] Co Author Listing * Modeling Historical Land Cover and Land Use: A Review from Contemporary Modeling

Torres, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Biometric verification/identification based on hands natural layout
* Efficient and Flexible Cluster-and-Search for CBIR
* Preface: Secial Issue on SIBGRAPI 2011
* Sampling Theorem for Fractional Bandlimited Signals: A Self-Contained Proof. Application to Digital Holography
Includes: Torres, R.[Roberto] Torres, R.[Ricardo] Torres, R.

Torres, R.D.S. Co Author Listing * Towards vegetation species discrimination by using data-driven descriptors

Torres, R.S.[Ricardo Silva] Co Author Listing * Swarm-based Descriptor Combination and its Application for Image Classification

Torres, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Improved Infrared Face Identification Performance Using Nonuniformity Correction Techniques
* Infrared Focal Plane Array Imaging System Characterization by Means of a Blackbody Radiator
* On the Flame Spectrum Recovery by Using a Low-Spectral Resolution Sensor

Torres, S.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Beamspace Processing for Phased-Array Weather Radars
* Adaptive-Weather-Surveillance and Multifunction Capabilities of the National Weather Radar Testbed Phased Array Radar
* Autocorrelation Spectral Density for Doppler-Weather-Radar Signal Analysis, The
* Bootstrap Dual-Polarimetric Spectral Density Estimator
* SimRadar: A Polarimetric Radar Time-Series Simulator for Tornadic Debris Studies

Torres, S.N.[Sergio N.] Co Author Listing * Block-recursive filtering for offset nonuniformity estimation in infrared imaging systems: Theory and implementation
* eVLBI Development in TIGO
* Extended Recursive Filtering Estimation of Detector Offset Nonuniformity in Infrared Imaging Systems
* Fast Adaptive Nonuniformity Correction for Infrared Focal-Plane Array Detectors
* Model-Based Correlation Measure for Nonuniformity Gain and Offset Parameters of Infrared Focal-Plane-Array Sensors
* Multi-model Adaptive Estimation for Nonuniformity Correction of Infrared Image Sequences
* Neural Network for Nonuniformity and Ghosting Correction of Infrared Image Sequences, A
* Quantitative Evaluation of Fixed-Pattern Noise Reduction Methods in Imaging Systems, A
* RLS Filter for Nonuniformity and Ghosting Correction of Infrared Image Sequences, A
* Statistical Recursive Filtering Estimation of Detector Offset Nonuniformity in Infrared Imaging Systems
* Thermal Noise Estimation and Removal in MRI: A Noise Cancellation Approach
* Two-Color Satellite Laser Ranging Measurements at 10 Hz and 100 Hz at TIGO
Includes: Torres, S.N.[Sergio N.] Torres, S.N.
12 for Torres, S.N.

Torres, Y. Co Author Listing * Efficient Polyphase Filter-Based Resampling Method for Unifying the PRFs in SAR Data, An
* Sampling Theorem for Fractional Bandlimited Signals: A Self-Contained Proof. Application to Digital Holography

Torresan, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras

Torresani, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * HHT-based audio coding
* Hybrid representations for audiophonic signal encoding
* Sparsity and persistence: mixed norms provide simple signal models with dependent coefficients
Includes: Torresani, B.[Bruno] Torrésani, B. Torrésani, B.[Bruno]

Torresani, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Torresani, L.[Lorenzo]: lorenzo AT cs dartmouth edu
* AutoCaption: Automatic caption generation for personal photos
* Automatic Non-rigid 3D Modeling from Video
* Classemes and Other Classifier-Based Features for Efficient Object Categorization
* Convolutional Random Walk Networks for Semantic Image Segmentation
* Coupled depth learning
* Deep End2End Voxel2Voxel Prediction
* DeepEdge: A multi-scale bifurcated deep network for top-down contour detection
* Dual Decomposition Approach to Feature Correspondence, A
* Efficient Object Category Recognition Using Classemes
* EXMOVES: Mid-level Features for Efficient Action Recognition and Video Analysis
* Feature Correspondence Via Graph Matching: Models and Global Optimization
* High-for-Low and Low-for-High: Efficient Boundary Detection from Deep Object Features and Its Applications to High-Level Vision
* Learning discriminative localization from weakly labeled data
* Learning query-dependent prefilters for scalable image retrieval
* Learning Spatiotemporal Features with 3D Convolutional Networks
* Leveraging Structure from Motion to Learn Discriminative Codebooks for Scalable Landmark Classification
* Looking Under the Hood: Deep Neural Network Visualization to Interpret Whole-Slide Image Analysis Outcomes for Colorectal Polyps
* Measuring Image Distances via Embedding in a Semantic Manifold
* Meta-class features for large-scale object categorization on a budget
* Multiple hypothesis colorization and its application to image compression
* Network of Experts for Large-Scale Image Categorization
* Nonrigid Structure-from-Motion: Estimating Shape and Motion with Hierarchical Priors
* Scalable object-class retrieval with approximate and top-k ranking
* Self-taught object localization with deep networks
* Semantic Segmentation with Boundary Neural Fields
* Simultaneous point matching and 3D deformable surface reconstruction
* Space-Time Tracking
* Tracking and Modeling Non-Rigid Objects with Rank Constraints
* Weakly supervised discriminative localization and classification: A joint learning process
* What Can Pictures Tell Us About Web Pages? Improving Document Search Using Images
Includes: Torresani, L.[Lorenzo] Torresani, L.
32 for Torresani, L.

Torresen, J. Co Author Listing * Architectural Aspects of Self-Aware and Self-Expressive Computing Systems: From Psychology to Engineering
* Online EHW Pattern Recognition System Applied to Face Image Recognition, An
Includes: Torresen, J. Torresen, J.[Jim]

Torri, D.[Dino] Co Author Listing * Use of Stereoscopic Satellite Images to Map Rills and Ephemeral Gullies, The

Torricelli, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * adaptive blink detector to initialize and update a view-basedremote eye gaze tracking system in a natural scenario, An

Torricelli, G. Co Author Listing * Real-Time 2-D Vector Doppler System for Clinical Experimentation, A

Torrieri, D.[Don] Co Author Listing * Bipolar Eigenspace Separation Transformation for Automatic Clutter Rejection

Torrion, J.A.[Jessica A.] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Index for Characterizing Crop Water Stress, A

Torrione, P. Co Author Listing * Texture Features for Antitank Landmine Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar
* Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional NUFFT Migration Method for Landmine Detection Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

Torrione, P.A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Context-Dependent Learning for Anomaly Classification in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Comparison of Feature Representations for Explosive Threat Detection in Ground Penetrating Radar Data, A
* Exploiting Ground-Penetrating Radar Phenomenology in a Context-Dependent Framework for Landmine Detection and Discrimination
* Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Landmine Detection in Ground-Penetrating Radar Data
* Multiple-Instance Hidden Markov Model for GPR-Based Landmine Detection
* Probabilistic Model for Designing Multimodality Landmine Detection Systems to Improve Rates of Advance, A
* Target Classification and Identification Using Sparse Model Representations of Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic Induction Sensor Data
7 for Torrione, P.A.

Torrisi, A. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Social Images to Understand Tourist Behaviour
* Information Theory Based WCE Video Summarization
Includes: Torrisi, A. Torrisi, A.[Alessandro]

Torrisi, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Organizing egocentric videos of daily living activities

Torroella, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * GIS-Assisted Object Detection and Geospatial Localization

Torromeo, C.[Concetta] Co Author Listing * TPS Direct Transport: A New Method for Transporting Deformations in the Size-and-Shape Space, The

Torrusio, S. Co Author Listing * SAC-D Aquarius A Satellite for Ocean, Climate and Environment: One Year of Data

Torsello, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Torsello, A.[Andrea]: torsello AT dsi unive it
* Abnormal behavior detection using dominant sets
* Accurate and Robust Artificial Marker Based on Cyclic Codes, An
* Adaptive Hierarchical Approach to the Extraction of High Resolution Medial Surfaces, An
* Adopting an unconstrained ray model in light-field cameras for 3D shape reconstruction
* Approximate Axial Symmetries from Continuous Time Quantum Walks
* Average Mixing Matrix Signature, The
* Beyond partitions: Allowing overlapping groups in pairwise clustering
* Camera Calibration from Coplanar Circles
* Can a Fully Unconstrained Imaging Model Be Applied Effectively to Central Cameras?
* Coarse-to-fine skeleton extraction for high resolution 3D meshes
* Computing approximate tree edit distance using relaxation labeling
* Continuous-Based Approach for Partial Clique Enumeration, A
* Continuous-time relaxation labeling processes
* Correcting Curvature-Density Effects in the Hamilton-Jacobi Skeleton
* Curvature correction of the Hamilton-Jacobi skeleton
* Curvature Dependent Skeletonization
* Dense multi-view homography estimation and plane segmentation
* Design and Evaluation of a Viewer-Dependent Stereoscopic Display
* Discovering Shape Categories by Clustering Shock Trees
* Discovering Shape Classes using Tree Edit-Distance and Pairwise Clustering
* Dynamic Optimal Path Selection for 3D Triangulation with Multiple Cameras
* Edge Centrality via the Holevo Quantity
* Editorial for the Special Issue on Graph-based representations in pattern recognition
* Efficiently Computing Weighted Tree Edit Distance Using Relaxation Labeling
* Elastic Net Constraints for Shape Matching
* Fast 3D surface reconstruction by unambiguous compound phase coding
* Fast and accurate surface alignment through an isometry-enforcing game
* Four metrics for efficiently comparing attributed trees
* game-theoretic approach to deformable shape matching, A
* game-theoretic approach to fine surface registration without initial motion estimation, A
* game-theoretic approach to partial clique enumeration, A
* Game-Theoretic Approach to Robust Selection of Multi-view Point Correspondence, A
* game-theoretical approach for joint matching of multiple feature throughout unordered images, A
* Graph Clustering with Tree-Unions
* Graph embedding using tree edit-union
* graph-based technique for semi-supervised segmentation of 3D surfaces, A
* Grouping with Asymmetric Affinities: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
* Hierarchical Pairwise Segmentation Using Dominant Sets and Anisotropic Diffusion Kernels
* High-Coverage 3D Scanning through Online Structured Light Calibration
* hypergraph-based approach to affine parameters estimation, A
* Image-Space Marker Detection and Recognition Using Projective Invariants
* importance sampling approach to learning structural representations of shape, An
* Imposing Semi-Local Geometric Constraints for Accurate Correspondences Selection in Structure from Motion: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
* Information Theoretic Prototype Selection for Unattributed Graphs
* Integrating Boundary Information in Pairwise Segmentation
* Learning Mixtures of Weighted Tree-Unions by Minimizing Description Length
* Learning Shape Categories by Clustering Shock Trees
* Learning Shape-Classes Using a Mixture of Tree-Unions
* Loosely Distinctive Features for Robust Surface Alignment
* Manifold Learning and the Quantum Jensen-Shannon Divergence Kernel
* Matching and Embedding through Edit-Union of Trees
* Matching as a non-cooperative game
* Matching Deformable Objects in Clutter
* Matching Relational Structures using the Edge-Association Graph
* Measuring Vertex Centrality Using the Holevo Quantity
* Multiview registration via graph diffusion of dual quaternions
* Node Centrality for Continuous-Time Quantum Walks
* Non-cooperative Game for 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes, A
* Non-rigid dense bijective maps
* Pairwise similarities for scene segmentation combining color and depth data
* Parameter-Free Lens Distortion Calibration of Central Cameras
* Pi-Tag: a fast image-space marker design based on projective invariants
* Polynomial-Time Metric for Attributed Trees, A
* Polynomial-Time Metrics for Attributed Trees
* Probabilistic Framework for Graph Clustering, A
* quantum Jensen-Shannon graph kernel for unattributed graphs, A
* Quantum thermodynamics of time evolving networks
* Robust Camera Calibration using Inaccurate Targets
* Robust Figure Extraction on Textured Background: A Game-Theoretic Approach
* Robust Game-Theoretic Inlier Selection for Bundle Adjustment
* Robust joint selection of camera orientations and feature projections over multiple views
* Robust Multi-camera 3D Ellipse Fitting for Contactless Measurements, A
* RUNE-Tag: A high accuracy fiducial marker with strong occlusion resilience
* Sampling Relevant Points for Surface Registration
* Scale Independent Selection Process for 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes, A
* Semi-supervised Segmentation of 3D Surfaces Using a Weighted Graph Representation
* Shape-space from tree-union
* Similarity-based pattern recognition
* simple and effective relevance-based point sampling for 3D shapes, A
* Skeletal Measure of 2D Shape Similarity, A
* Spatio-temporal Segmentation Using Dominant Sets
* Special issue on Graph-Based Representations in Computer Vision
* Spectral Dichromatic Parameter Recovery from Two Views via Total Variation Hyper-priors
* Stable and fast techniques for unambiguous compound phase coding
* stable graph-based representation for object recognition through high-order matching, A
* statistical model of Riemannian metric variation for deformable shape analysis, A
* Supervised learning of a generative model for edge-weighted graphs
* Synchronization Over the Birkhoff Polytope for Multi-graph Matching
* Thermodynamic Characterization of Temporal Networks
* Thermodynamics of Time Evolving Networks
* Transitive State Alignment for the Quantum Jensen-Shannon Kernel
* Unfolding Kernel embeddings of graphs: Enhancing class separation through manifold learning
* Using Dominant Sets for Object Tracking with Freely Moving Camera
* Using multiple sensors for reliable markerless identification through supervised learning
Includes: Torsello, A.[Andrea] Torsello, A.
96 for Torsello, A.

Torsello, M.A. Co Author Listing * model-free approach for posture classification, A

Torsney Weir, T. Co Author Listing * Fast Volume Reconstruction From Motion Corrupted Stacks of 2D Slices
Includes: Torsney Weir, T. Torsney-Weir, T.

Torstensson, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Prime Rigid Graphs and Multidimensional Scaling with Missing Data

Torta, J.M.[Joan Miquel] Co Author Listing * Remote Geophysical Observatory in Antarctica with HF Data Transmission: A Review

Tortajada, L.[Lidia] Co Author Listing * Demons Methods for Digital Mammography Registration

Tortajada, M.[Meritxell] Co Author Listing * Demons Methods for Digital Mammography Registration

Tortarolo, G.[Giorgio] Co Author Listing * Image formation in image scanning microscopy, including the case of two-photon excitation

Torteeka, P.[Peerapong] Co Author Listing * Novel Classification Technique of Landsat-8 OLI Image-Based Data Visualization: The Application of Andrews' Plots and Fuzzy Evidential Reasoning, A

Tortel, H. Co Author Listing * Two-Step Procedure for Characterizing Obstacles Under a Rough Surface From Bistatic Measurements, A

Tortelier, P. Co Author Listing * variable-order Markov-chain-based model for Rayleigh fading and RAKE receiver, A

Tortelli, M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming: Towards a Systematic Comparison of ICN and TCP/IP

Tortini, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Using an OBCD Approach and Landsat TM Data to Detect Harvesting on Nonindustrial Private Property in Upper Michigan

Tortoli, P. Co Author Listing * High Frame-Rate, High Resolution Ultrasound Imaging With Multi-Line Transmission and Filtered-Delay Multiply And Sum Beamforming
* Multi-Transmit Beam Forming for Fast Cardiac Imaging: Experimental Validation and In Vivo Application
* Simulation of ultrasound nonlinear propagation on GPU using a generalized angular spectrum method
* Wide-Angle Tissue Doppler Imaging at High Frame Rate Using Multi-Line Transmit Beamforming: An Experimental Validation In Vivo
Includes: Tortoli, P. Tortoli, P.[Piero]

Tortora, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * Geometric Approach to the Trifocal Tensor, A

Tortora, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised learning via mixtures of skewed distributions with hypercube contours

Tortora, G.[Genoveffa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Template Labeling in Extensible Multiagent Biometric Systems
* Embedding Google Maps APIs into WebRatio for the Automatic Generation of Web GIS Applications
* Entropy in Biometric Face Template Analysis
* Entropy-based template analysis in face biometric identification systems
* FIRST: Fractal Indexing and Retrieval System for Image Databases
* IFS Based Approach for Face Recognition, An
* IME: an image management environment with content-based access
* Intelligent Image Database Systems
* NABS: Novel Approaches for Biometric Systems
* Predicate Tree: A Metaphor for Visually Describing Complex Boolean Queries, The
* Pyramidal Algorithms for Iconic Indexing
* Reasoning about Hand-Drawn Sketches: An Approach Based on Intelligent Software Agents
* SISI Project: Developing GIS-Based Tools for Vulnerability Assessment
* Sketched symbol recognition using Latent-Dynamic Conditional Random Fields and distance-based clustering
* Sketched Symbol Recognition with a Latent-Dynamic Conditional Model
* virtual reality environment for Web browsing, A
Includes: Tortora, G.[Genoveffa] Tortora, G. Tortora, G.[Genny]
16 for Tortora, G.

Tortorella, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Detecting Clusters of Microcalcifications in Mammograms
* AUC-based Combination of Dichotomizers: Is Whole Maximization also Effective for Partial Maximization?
* AUC-Based Linear Combination of Dichotomizers
* Automatic classification of clustered microcalcifications by a multiple expert system
* Bit Error Recovery in ECOC Systems through LDPC Codes
* C: Automatic classification of clustered microcalcifications by a multiple expert system
* Can a Sequential Thinning Algorithm Be Parallelized?
* Character Recognition by Geometrical Moments on Structural Decompositions
* Classification reliability and its use in multi-classifier systems
* Combining Experts with Different Features for Classifying Clustered Microcalcifications in Mammograms
* Combining statistical and structural approaches for handwritten character description
* Definition and Validation of a Distance Measure Between Structural Primitives
* Design of reject rules for ECOC classification systems
* Designing LDPC Codes for ECOC Classification Systems
* Detection of microcalcifications clusters in mammograms through TS-MRF segmentation and SVM-based classification
* Distance Measure for Structural Descriptions Using Circular Arcs as Primitives, A
* Dynamic Programming approach for segmenting digital planar curves into line segments and circular arcs, A
* empirical comparison of in-learning and post-learning optimization schemes for tuning the support vector machines in cost-sensitive applications, An
* Entropy-Based Method for Extracting Robust Binary Templates, An
* Estimating the ROC Curve of Linearly Combined Dichotomizers
* Exploiting AUC for optimal linear combinations of dichotomizers
* Exploiting System Knowledge to Improve ECOC Reject Rules
* Exploring Cascade Classifiers for Detecting Clusters of Microcalcifications
* Exploring Margin Maximization for Biometric Score Fusion
* Facing Imbalanced Classes through Aggregation of Classifiers
* Fast Approach to Improve Classification Performance of ECOC Classification Systems, A
* Framework for Multiclass Reject in ECOC Classification Systems, A
* Graph Matching: A Fast Algorithm and its Evaluation
* Improving character recognition rate by a multi-net neural classifier
* Maximizing the area under the ROC curve by pairwise feature combination
* MCS-based balancing techniques for skewed classes: An empirical comparison
* Method For The Recognition of Symbols on Geographic Maps, A
* Multiclassification: reject criteria for the Bayesian combiner
* Partial AUC maximization in a linear combination of dichotomizers
* Prototyping Structural Shape Descriptions by Inductive Learning
* ranking-based cascade approach for unbalanced data, A
* Retinal Vessel Segmentation Through Denoising and Mathematical Morphology
* ROC-based reject rule for dichotomizers, A
* Shaping the Error-Reject Curve of Error Correcting Output Coding Systems
* Spatial Enhancement by Dehazing for Detection of Microcalcifications with Convolutional Nets
* Special issue on ROC Analysis in Pattern Recognition
* SVM Based Regression Schemes for Instruments Fault Accommodation in Automotive Systems
* Towards a Linear Combination of Dichotomizers by Margin Maximization
Includes: Tortorella, F.[Francesco] Tortorella, F.
43 for Tortorella, F.

Tortorelli, V.M. Co Author Listing * Approximation of functionals depending on jumps by elliptic functionals via ..-convergence
* On the approximation of free discontinuity problems

Tortorici, C. Co Author Listing * 3D constrained local model with independent component analysis and non-Gaussian shape prior distribution: Application to 3D facial landmark detection
* Boosting 3D LBP-based face recognition by fusing shape and texture descriptors on the mesh
* Local binary patterns on triangular meshes: Concept and applications
* Representing 3D texture on mesh manifolds for retrieval and recognition applications
Includes: Tortorici, C. Tortorici, C.[Claudio]

Tortorici, G.[Gaetano] Co Author Listing * Compression of binary images based on covering

Tortosa, L.[Leandro] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Patrimonial Conservation of a Quito Suburb without Altering Its Commercial Structure by Means of a Centrality Measure for Urban Networks

Torun, A. Co Author Listing * Revisiting The Procedures for The Vector Data Quality Assurance In Practice
* Using Spatial Data Mining Techniques to Reveal Vulnerability of People and Places Due to Oil Transportation and Accidents: A Case Study of Istanbul Strait
Includes: Torun, A. Torun, A.[Abdulvahit]

Torunoglu, I.[Ilhami] Co Author Listing * Watermarking Techniques for Electronic Circuit Design

Torzec, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Learning crop regions for content-aware generation of thumbnail images

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