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Traa, J. Co Author Listing * Wrapped Kalman Filter for Azimuthal Speaker Tracking, A

Traas, C.R. Co Author Listing * Geometric Reconstruction of Buried Heat Sources from a Surface Thermogram

Trabal, J.M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Self-Consistency Principle for Calibration of the CASA Radar Network Using Properties of the Observed Precipitation Medium

Trabaquini, K.[Kleber] Co Author Listing * Cloud Cover Assessment for Operational Crop Monitoring Systems in Tropical Areas

Trabelsi, H. Co Author Listing * O-LEACH of Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Trabelsi, R.[Rim] Co Author Listing * Efficient and fast multi-modal foreground-background segmentation using RGBD data
* Multimodal Background Modeling Using RGB-Depth Features

Trabia, M.B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for a Robot with a Large Degree of Redundancy

Traboulsee, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Deep 3D Convolutional Encoder Networks With Shortcuts for Multiscale Feature Integration Applied to Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation
* Deep Learning of Image Features from Unlabeled Data for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation
* sensitive and efficient method for measuring change in cortical thickness using fuzzy correspondence in Alzheimer's disease, A

Trabucchi, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Methodology for the Reconstruction of 2D Horizontal Wind Fields of Wind Turbine Wakes Based on Dual-Doppler Lidar Measurements, A

Trabucco, B. Co Author Listing * Pilot Application of 3D Underwater Imaging Techniques for Mapping Posidonia Oceanica (L.) Delile Meadows

Trabucco, W. Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional separable filters for optimal reconstruction of jpeg-coded images

Tracey, B. Co Author Listing * James-Stein Type Center Pixel Weights for Non-Local Means Image Denoising
* Probabilistic Non-Local Means

Tracey, C.[Colin] Co Author Listing * Real-time foreground segmentation via range and color imaging
* System design of time-of-flight range camera for car park assist and backup application

Tracey, D.[Dieter] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Exposure of Coral Reefs and Seagrass Meadows to Land-Sourced Contaminants in River Flood Plumes of the Great Barrier Reef: Validating a Simple Satellite Risk Framework with Environmental Data
* Water Quality and River Plume Monitoring in the Great Barrier Reef: An Overview of Methods Based on Ocean Colour Satellite Data

Trachsel, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Stay-Green and Associated Vegetative Indices to Breed Maize Adapted to Heat and Combined Heat-Drought Stresses

Trachtenberg, J. Co Author Listing * Prostate Cancer Localization With Multispectral MRI Using Cost-Sensitive Support Vector Machines and Conditional Random Fields

Trachtenberg, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * All-in-Focus Imaging Using a Series of Images on Different Focal Planes

Tracqui, P. Co Author Listing * Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque Elasticity Reconstruction Based on a Segmentation-Driven Optimization Procedure Using Strain Measurements: Theoretical Framework

Tracton, G.[Gregg] Co Author Listing * Deformable M-Reps for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Tracy, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Automatic Writer Identification of Ancient Greek Inscriptions
* Identifying the writer of ancient inscriptions and Byzantine codices. A novel approach
Includes: Tracy, S.[Stephen] Tracy, S.

Trad, M.R.[Mohamed Riadh] Co Author Listing * Distributed KNN-graph approximation via hashing
* Large scale visual-based event matching

Tradisauskas, N. Co Author Listing * Map matching for intelligent speed adaptation

Traficante, A. Co Author Listing * Artifact Removal for GLS Map Makers by Means of Post-Processing

Trafton, J.G.[J. Gregory] Co Author Listing * Leveraging Cognitive Context for Object Recognition

Trager Chatterjee, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Digging the METEOSAT Treasure: 3 Decades of Solar Surface Radiation
Includes: Trager Chatterjee, C.[Christine] Träger-Chatterjee, C.[Christine] (Maybe also Traeger-Chatterjee, C.)

Trager, B.[Barry] Co Author Listing * Direct multi-bit search (DMS) screen algorithm

Trager, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Consistency of Silhouettes and Their Duals
* General Models for Rational Cameras and the Case of Two-Slit Projections
* Joint Image Handbook, The
* Trinocular Geometry Revisited
* Trinocular Geometry Revisited
Includes: Trager, M.[Matthew] Trager, M.

Trager, S.C.[Scott C.] Co Author Listing * Improved Detection of Faint Extended Astronomical Objects Through Statistical Attribute Filtering
* Improving background estimation for faint astronomical object detection
* Mask Connectivity by Viscous Closings: Linking Merging Galaxies without Merging Double Stars
* Parallel 2D Local Pattern Spectra of Invariant Moments for Galaxy Classification

Trahan, A.[Anik] Co Author Listing * Discrete Dynamical System Framework for Construction of Connections between Critical Regions in Lattice Height Data

Trahanias, P.[Panos] Co Author Listing * CGI 2016 Editorial (TVCJ)
* efficient sequential clustering method, An
* Geometric Algebra Animation Method for Mobile Augmented Reality Simulations in Digital Heritage Sites, A
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition of the ECG
Includes: Trahanias, P.[Panos] Trahanias, P.

Trahanias, P.E. Co Author Listing * Application of active contours for photochromic tracer flow extraction
* Binary Shape Recognition Using the Morphological Skeleton Transform
* Color Edge Detection Using Vector Order Statistics
* Color image enhancement through 3-D histogram equalization
* Combining vector median and vector directional filters: The directional-distance filters
* Directional Processing of Color Images: Theory and Experimental Results
* Full-Body Pose Tracking: The Top View Reprojection Approach
* Fusion of laser and visual data for robot motion planning and collision avoidance
* Fusion of range and visual data for the extraction of scene structure information
* Generalized Multichannel Image-Filtering Structures
* Independent 3D Motion Detection through Robust Regression in Depth Layers
* Iterative Computation of 3D Plane Parameters
* Landmark Identification Based on Projective and Permutation Invariant Vectors
* Robust Model-Based 3D Torso Pose Estimation in RGB-D Sequences
* Robust Regression for the Detection of Independent 3D Motion by a Binocular Observer
* Shape Similarity by Piecewise Linear Alignment
* Tracking of Human Hands and Faces through Probabilistic Fusion of Multiple Visual Cues
* Vector Directional Filters: A New Class of Multichannel Image Processing Filters
* Vector Order Statistics Operators as Color Edge Detectors
* Visual Estimation of Attentive Cues in HRI: The Case of Torso and Head Pose
* Visual estimation of pointed targets for robot guidance via fusion of face pose and hand orientation
* Visual tracking of hands, faces and facial features of multiple persons
* VPLF method for vanishing point computation, The
Includes: Trahanias, P.E. Trahanias, P.E.[Panos E.]
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Trahey, G.E. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging Derived Carotid Plaque Stiffness With Spatially Registered MRI Determined Composition
* Feasibility of Swept Synthetic Aperture Ultrasound Imaging
* Ultrasound Shear Wave Elasticity Imaging Quantifies Coronary Perfusion Pressure Effect on Cardiac Compliance

Traiche, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * dual lidar system for environmental studies, A
Includes: Traiche, M.[Mohammed] Traďche, M.[Mohammed]

Traina, A.J.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of NOAA/AVHRR multitemporal images, climate conditions and cultivated land of sugarcane fields applied to agricultural monitoring
* Association Rule-Based Method to Support Medical Image Diagnosis With Efficiency, An
* Clustering analysis applied to NDVI/NOAA multitemporal images to improve the monitoring process of sugarcane crops
* Integrating visual words as bunch of n-grams for effective biomedical image classification
* New Time Series Mining Approach Applied to Multitemporal Remote Sensing Imagery, A
Includes: Traina, A.J.M. Traina, A.J.M.[Agma J.M.]

Traina, C. Co Author Listing * Association Rule-Based Method to Support Medical Image Diagnosis With Efficiency, An
* Clustering analysis applied to NDVI/NOAA multitemporal images to improve the monitoring process of sugarcane crops
* New Time Series Mining Approach Applied to Multitemporal Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Perceptual Distance Functions for Similarity Retrieval of Medical Images
Includes: Traina, C. Traina, C.[Caetano]

Traini, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Beating cilia identification in fluorescence microscope images for accurate CBF measurement

Traish, J.M.[Jason M.] Co Author Listing * computer vision based camera pedestal's vertical motion control, A

Trajcevski, G.[Goce] Co Author Listing * Efficient Maintenance of Continuous Queries for Trajectories
* Privacy-preserving detection of anomalous phenomena in crowdsourced environmental sensing using fine-grained weighted voting
* Towards fusing uncertain location data from heterogeneous sources

Trajkovic Arsic, M. Co Author Listing * FMT-PCCT: Hybrid Fluorescence Molecular Tomography: X-Ray Phase-Contrast CT Imaging of Mouse Models
Includes: Trajkovic Arsic, M. Trajkovic-Arsic, M.

Trajkovic, M.[Miroslav] Co Author Listing * Background Model Initialization Algorithm for Video Surveillance, A
* Fast Corner Detection
* Fast Feature Detection and Matching for Machine Vision
* investigation into the use of partial-faces for face recognition, An
* Method and apparatus for external calibration of a camera via a graphical user interface
* Method and apparatus to distinguish deposit and removal in surveillance video
* Method for assisting an automated video tracking system in reaquiring a target
* New View Generation with a Bi-centric Camera
* practical algorithm for structure and motion recovery from long sequence of images, A
* Rigid Motion Recovery From Less Than Eight Feature Point Matches
* Robust Recursive Structure and Motion Recovery under Affine Projection
* System for monitoring a driver's attention to driving
* Vision-based method and apparatus for automatically activating a child safety feature
* Vision-based method and apparatus for monitoring vehicular traffic events
Includes: Trajkovic, M.[Miroslav] Trajkovic, M.
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Trajkovska, V.[Vera] Co Author Listing * Graphical Model Parameter Learning by Inverse Linear Programming

Traka, M. Co Author Listing * Panoramic view construction

Trakadas, P. Co Author Listing * Routing metric selection and design for multi-purpose WSN

Trakadas, P.T. Co Author Listing * Efficient Detection of Routing Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Interference Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks in a Digital Broadcasting Spectrum Environment

Trakic, A.[Adnan] Co Author Listing * Improving the Discrimination of Benign and Malignant Breast MRI Lesions Using the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient

Tralic, D.[Dijana] Co Author Listing * Detection of duplicated image regions using cellular automata

Tralle, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * alternative method of optoelectronic color analysis for slides, An

Tralli, D.M. Co Author Listing * Conceptual Case for Assimilating Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Into the HAZUS-MH Earthquake Module
* Satellite remote sensing of earthquake, volcano, flood, landslide and coastal inundation hazards
* Theme issue: Remote sensing and geospatial information for natural hazards characterization
Includes: Tralli, D.M. Tralli, D.M.[David M.]

Tralli, V. Co Author Listing * Distortion-Fair Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for Scalable Video Transmission in OFDMA Wireless Networks
* Fairness-oriented multi-stream rate adaptation using scalable video coding
* Improving QoE and Fairness in HTTP Adaptive Streaming Over LTE Network
* Multiple Video Delivery in m-Health Emergency Applications
Includes: Tralli, V. Tralli, V.[Velio]

Tramel, E.W.[Eric W.] Co Author Listing * Compressed sensing of multiview images using disparity compensation
* Nearest Regularized Subspace for Hyperspectral Classification
* Reconstruction of Hyperspectral Imagery From Random Projections Using Multihypothesis Prediction
Includes: Tramel, E.W.[Eric W.] Tramel, E.W.

Tramini, S. Co Author Listing * Intraframe image decoding based on a nonlinear variational approach
* Optimal Joint Decoding/ Deblurring Method for Optical Images
* Optimization of the Joint Coding/decoding Structure
* Quantization noise removal for optimal transform decoding
* Spatio-frequency Noise Distribution a Priori for Satellite Image Joint Denoising/deblurring

Tramnitzke, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * matrix-free approach to efficient affine-linear image registration on CPU and GPU, A

Tramutoli, V.[Valerio] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Satellite-Based Algorithm for Detecting and Tracking Dust Outbreaks by Means of SEVIRI Data, An
* MODIS-Based Robust Satellite Technique (RST) for Timely Detection of Oil Spilled Areas, A
* Multi-Sensor Exportable Approach for Automatic Flooded Areas Detection and Monitoring by a Composite Satellite Constellation, A
* Multitemporal Investigation of AMSR-E C-Band Radio-Frequency Interference, A
* On the Exportability of Robust Satellite Techniques (RST) for Active Volcano Monitoring
* On the Potential of Robust Satellite Techniques Approach for SPM Monitoring in Coastal Waters: Implementation and Application over the Basilicata Ionian Coastal Waters Using MODIS-Aqua
Includes: Tramutoli, V.[Valerio] Tramutoli, V.

Tran Gia, P. Co Author Listing * Best Practices for QoE Crowdtesting: QoE Assessment With Crowdsourcing
Includes: Tran Gia, P. Tran-Gia, P.

Tran, A.[An] Co Author Listing * Actionness-Assisted Recognition of Actions
* Fast growing hough forest as a stable model for object detection
* Mixing Hough and Color Histogram Models for Accurate Real-Time Object Tracking
* Real-time 3-D face tracking and modeling framework for mid-res cam
Includes: Tran, A.[An] Tran, A.[Antoine] Tran, A.[Anh]

Tran, A.K.[Anh Khoa] Co Author Listing * Illumination Invariant L1 Tracker Using Photometric Normalization Techniques

Tran, A.P.[Anh Phuong] Co Author Listing * Fundamental Analyses on Layered Media Reconstruction Using GPR and Full-Wave Inversion in Near-Field Conditions
* Validation of Near-Field Ground-Penetrating Radar Modeling Using Full-Wave Inversion for Soil Moisture Estimation

Tran, A.T.[Anh Tuan] Co Author Listing * Do We Really Need to Collect Millions of Faces for Effective Face Recognition?
* Object-Oriented Approach to Template Guided Inspection, An
* Rapid Synthesis of Massive Face Sets for Improved Face Recognition
* Regressing Robust and Discriminative 3D Morphable Models with a Very Deep Neural Network
* Template Guided Visual Inspection
* View synthesis with depth information based on graph cuts for FTV
Includes: Tran, A.T.[Anh Tuan] Tran, A.T. Tran, A.T.[Anh Tu]

Tran, C.[Chinh] Co Author Listing * Can Hawaii Meet Its Renewable Fuel Target? Case Study of Banagrass-Based Cellulosic Ethanol
* Hand modeling and tracking from voxel data: An integrated framework with automatic initialization
* Human body modelling and tracking using volumetric representation: Selected recent studies and possibilities for extensions
* Modeling and prediction of driver behavior by foot gesture analysis
* Optical flow based Head Movement and Gesture Analyzer (OHMeGA)
* Real-Time Video-Based Traffic Measurement and Visualization System for Energy/Emissions
Includes: Tran, C.[Chinh] Tran, C.[Cuong] Tran, C.

Tran, C.C.[Chinh C.] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Occurrence Modeling of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1: A Case Study in the Red River Delta, Vietnam

Tran, C.D. Co Author Listing * Camera-based document image retrieval system using local features - comparing SRIF with LLAH, SIFT, SURF and ORB
* Document Retrieval Based on Logo Spotting Using Key-Point Matching
* Improving Logo Spotting and Matching for Document Categorization by a Post-Filter Based on Homography
* multi-layer approach for camera-based complex map image retrieval and spotting system, A
* Polygon-shape-based Scale and Rotation Invariant Features for camera-based document image retrieval
* SRIF: Scale and Rotation Invariant Features for camera-based document image retrieval
* Text and non-text segmentation based on connected component features
Includes: Tran, C.D. Tran, C.D.[Cao De]
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Tran, D. Co Author Listing * Aperio: A System for Visualizing 3D Anatomy Data Using Virtual Mechanical Tools
* Attribute-based people search in surveillance environments
* Autonomous Spectral Discovery and Mapping Onboard the EO-1 Spacecraft
* Classification of gender and face based on gradient faces
* Deep End2End Voxel2Voxel Prediction
* EXMOVES: Mid-level Features for Efficient Action Recognition and Video Analysis
* Face recognition based on Gabor features
* Fuzzy Normalisation Methods for Pattern Verification
* Human Activity Recognition with Metric Learning
* Improved Human Parsing with a Full Relational Model
* Learning hierarchical poselets for human parsing
* Learning Spatiotemporal Features with 3D Convolutional Networks
* new support vector machine method for medical image classification, A
* Novel Convex Active Contour Model Using Local and Global Information
* Novel Sphere-Based Maximum Margin Classification Method, A
* Optimal spatio-temporal path discovery for video event detection
* proposed pattern recognition framework for EEG-based smart blind watermarking system, A
* Relation Learning: A New Approach to Face Recognition
* Remote multimodal biometric authentication using bit priority-based fragile watermarking
* Subspace Vector Quantization and Markov Modeling for Cell Phase Classification
* Video Event Detection: From Subvolume Localization to Spatiotemporal Path Search
Includes: Tran, D. Tran, D.[Duan] Tran, D.[Dat] Tran, D.[Du]
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Tran, D.C.[De Cao] Co Author Listing * Accented Handwritten Character Recognition Using SVM: Application to French

Tran, D.N.[Dung N.] Co Author Listing * Local sensing with global recovery
* Local sensing with global recovery
* Sparse signal recovery based on nonconvex entropy minimization
Includes: Tran, D.N.[Dung N.] Tran, D.N.[Duyet N.] Tran, D.N.

Tran, D.T.[Duc Tuan] Co Author Listing * Kernel descriptor based plant leaf identification
* Learning Framework for Robust Obstacle Detection, Recognition, and Tracking
* Multilinear class-specific discriminant analysis
* probabilistic model with parsinomious representation for sensor fusion in recognizing activity in pervasive environment, A
Includes: Tran, D.T.[Duc Tuan] Tran, D.T.[Duc-Tuan] Tran, D.T. Tran, D.T.[Dat Thanh] Tran, D.T.[Dung T.]

Tran, D.X.[Duy X.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the relationship between land use land cover change and land surface temperature

Tran, G. Co Author Listing * 2D Empirical Transforms. Wavelets, Ridgelets, and Curvelets Revisited
* Fast Local Trust Region Technique for Diffusion Tensor Registration Using Exact Reorientation and Regularization
* Fiber Orientation and Compartment Parameter Estimation From Multi-Shell Diffusion Imaging
* Non-Local Retinex: A Unifying Framework and Beyond
Includes: Tran, G. Tran, G.[Giang]

Tran, H. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of People Detection in Surveillance Scenes
* Dynamics of Land Cover/Land Use Changes in the Mekong Delta, 1973-2011: A Remote Sensing Analysis of the Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam
* Foveation filter using multiband energy scaling in DCT domain
Includes: Tran, H. Tran, H.[Hanh] Tran, H.[Huy]

Tran, H.D. Co Author Listing * Overlapping sound event recognition using local spectrogram features and the generalised hough transform
* Spectrogram Image Feature for Sound Event Classification in Mismatched Conditions

Tran, H.L.[Hai Linh] Co Author Listing * Fake finger detection using an electrotactile display system
Includes: Tran, H.L.[Hai Linh] Tran, H.L.[Hai-Linh]

Tran, H.T.[Hoang Thanh] Co Author Listing * Fake Finger Detection by Finger Color Change Analysis
* mixture model using Random Rotation Bounding Box to detect table region in document image, A
Includes: Tran, H.T.[Hoang Thanh] Tran, H.T.[Hoang-Thanh] Tran, H.T.[Hong Tai]

Tran, H.T.T.[Huyen T. T.] Co Author Listing * Quality Improvement for Video On-Demand Streaming over HTTP

Tran, J.[Jimmy] Co Author Listing * 3D Disaster Scene Reconstruction Using a Canine-Mounted RGB-D Sensor
* Canine Pose Estimation: A Computing for Public Safety Solution
* IntelliViz: A Tool for Visualizing Social Networks with Hashtags
Includes: Tran, J.[Jimmy] Tran, J.[James] Tran, J.[Jesse]

Tran, K. Co Author Listing * Rich Image Captioning in the Wild
* Semantic Compositional Networks for Visual Captioning

Tran, K.N. Co Author Listing * Activity analysis in crowded environments using social cues for group discovery and human interaction modeling
* Modeling Motion of Body Parts for Action Recognition
* Part-based motion descriptor image for human action recognition
Includes: Tran, K.N. Tran, K.N.[Khai N.]

Tran, L. Co Author Listing * Disentangled Representation Learning GAN for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Fast Converging Algorithm for Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in Multicell MISO Downlink
* High-dimensional MRI data analysis using a large-scale manifold learning approach
* Large-Scale Manifold Learning Approach for Brain Tumor Progression Prediction, A
* Missing Modalities Imputation via Cascaded Residual Autoencoder
* On Benefits of Selection Diversity via Bilevel Exclusive Sparsity
* PCA Based Representation of Color Distributions for Color Based Image Retrieval
* Robust Deep Learning for Improved Classification of AD/MCI Patients
* Similarity Measures for Image Databases
* Training many-parameter shape-from-shading models using a surface database
Includes: Tran, L. Tran, L.[Loc] Tran, L.[Luan] Tran, L.[Lam] Tran, L.[Luong]
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Tran, L.C.[Lam C.] Co Author Listing * Efficiently Learning Random Fields for Stereo Vision with Sparse Message Passing
* Improving Face Recognition by Online Image Alignment
* On Learning Conditional Random Fields for Stereo: Exploring Model Structures and Approximate Inference
* View synthesis based on Conditional Random Fields and graph cuts
Includes: Tran, L.C.[Lam C.] Tran, L.C.[Lam Cam]

Tran, L.H.N.[Le Hoai Nam] Co Author Listing * systematic approach for rapid 3D reconstruction from photosets, A

Tran, L.N.[Le Nam] Co Author Listing * Conic Quadratic Programming Approach to Physical Layer Multicasting for Large-Scale Antenna Arrays, A
* Efficiency Maximization Design for SWIPT, An
Includes: Tran, L.N.[Le Nam] Tran, L.N.[Le-Nam]

Tran, L.T.[Liem T.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Spatial Thematic Accuracy with Fuzzy Sets

Tran, M.D. Co Author Listing * Target Discrimination Methodology Utilizing Wavelet-Based and Morphological Feature Extraction With Metal Detector Array Data, A

Tran, M.K.[Minh Khoi] Co Author Listing * Field Model for Repairing 3D Shapes, A
* MRF-Poselets Model for Detecting Highly Articulated Humans, An
* SceneNN: A Scene Meshes Dataset with aNNotations
Includes: Tran, M.K.[Minh Khoi] Tran, M.K.[Minh-Khoi] Tran, M.K.

Tran, M.P.[Minh Phuong] Co Author Listing * Denoising 3D Medical Images Using a Second Order Variational Model and Wavelet Shrinkage
* Shape Identification and Classification in Echolocation
Includes: Tran, M.P.[Minh Phuong] Tran, M.P.[Minh-Phuong]

Tran, M.T.[Minh Triet] Co Author Listing * Anonymizing Temporal Phrases in Natural Language Text to be Posted on Social Networking Services
* Applying Virtual Reality in City Planning
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Deformable Part Models for Face Detection
* Demo abstract: FPGA-based implementation of a flexible FFT dedicated to LTE standard
* Detecting Traitors in Re-publishing Updated Datasets
* Realtime arbitrary-shaped template matching process
* Realtime Face Verification with Lightweight Convolutional Neural Networks
* Semantic Extraction and Object Proposal for Video Search
* VFSC: A Very Fast Sparse Clustering to Cluster Faces from Videos
Includes: Tran, M.T.[Minh Triet] Tran, M.T.[Minh-Triet] Tran, M.T.
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Tran, N. Co Author Listing * New Sidelobe Correction Algorithm for Microwave Radiometers: Application to the Envisat Instrument, A
* VIGOR: Virtual Interaction with Gravitational Waves to Observe Relativity
Includes: Tran, N. Tran, N.[Ngoc]

Tran, N.Q.[Nhat Quang] Co Author Listing * Clustering for point pattern data
* Model-Based Classification and Novelty Detection for Point Pattern Data
Includes: Tran, N.Q.[Nhat Quang] Tran, N.Q.[Nhat-Quang]

Tran, N.T.[Ngoc Trung] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Pose and Animation Tracking via Eigen-Decomposition Based Bayesian Approach
* robust framework for tracking simultaneously rigid and non-rigid face using synthesized data, A
* U3PT: A New Dataset for Unconstrained 3D Pose Tracking Evaluation
Includes: Tran, N.T.[Ngoc Trung] Tran, N.T.[Ngoc-Trung]

Tran, N.V.[Nam Van] Co Author Listing * Multistep Approach to Restoration of Locally Undersampled Meshes, A
Includes: Tran, N.V.[Nam Van] Tran, N.V.[Nam-Van]

Tran, Q. Co Author Listing * As-Projective-As-Possible Image Stitching with Moving DLT
* Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Stochastic Image Models
Includes: Tran, Q. Tran, Q.[Que]

Tran, Q.A.[Quang Anh] Co Author Listing * Efficient performance estimate for one-class support vector machine
Includes: Tran, Q.A.[Quang Anh] Tran, Q.A.[Quang-Anh]

Tran, Q.D.[Quang D.] Co Author Listing * FAemb: A function approximation-based embedding method for image retrieval

Tran, Q.D.N.[Quang Dung Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Building Detection and Reconstruction from Aerial Images
Includes: Tran, Q.D.N.[Quang Dung Nguyen] Tran, Q.D.N.[Quang-Dung Nguyen]

Tran, Q.H.[Quoc Huy] Co Author Listing * Continuous Occlusion Model for Road Scene Understanding, A
* Deep Supervision with Shape Concepts for Occlusion-Aware 3D Object Parsing
* In Defence of RANSAC for Outlier Rejection in Deformable Registration
* Sampling Minimal Subsets with Large Spans for Robust Estimation
Includes: Tran, Q.H.[Quoc Huy] Tran, Q.H.[Quoc-Huy] Tran, Q.H.

Tran, Q.L.[Quoc Long] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking a Reduced Multivariate Polynomial Pattern Classifier
* empirical comparison of nine pattern classifiers, An
Includes: Tran, Q.L.[Quoc Long] Tran, Q.L.[Quoc-Long]

Tran, Q.N. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based Multiresolution Statistical Model for Texture, A

Tran, S.[Son] Co Author Listing * 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Graph Cuts with Surface Constraints

Tran, S.D.[Son Dinh] Co Author Listing * Edge affinity for pose-contour matching
* Event Modeling and Recognition Using Markov Logic Networks
* Multi-resolution Tracking in Space and Time
* Object Tracking at Multiple Levels of Spatial Resolutions
* Robust Object Tracking with Regional Affine Invariant Features
* UMD_VDT, an Integration of Detection and Tracking Methods for Multiple Human Tracking
Includes: Tran, S.D.[Son Dinh] Tran, S.D.[Son D.]

Tran, S.T.[Son T.] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Spatial Matching Kernel for Image Categorization
* Multiple-Classifier Fusion Using Spatial Features for Partially Occluded Handwritten Digit Recognition

Tran, T. Co Author Listing * Digital Elevation Models and Derived Products from LROC NAC Stereo Observations
* Dynamics of Land Cover/Land Use Changes in the Mekong Delta, 1973-2011: A Remote Sensing Analysis of the Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam
* Faster training of very deep networks via p-norm gates
* Parameterised quadratic constraints for network systems subject to multiple communication topologies
Includes: Tran, T. Tran, T.[Thuc] Tran, T.[Tri]

Tran, T.A.[Tuan Anh] Co Author Listing * mixture model using Random Rotation Bounding Box to detect table region in document image, A
* Page segmentation using minimum homogeneity algorithm and adaptive mathematical morphology

Tran, T.D. Co Author Listing * Abundance Estimation for Bilinear Mixture Models via Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Representation
* Adaptive runlength coding
* Complexity Scalable Universal DCT Domain Image Resizing Algorithm, A
* Context-based entropy coding of block transform coefficients for image compression
* Contribution Of Satellite Altimetry Data In Geological Structure Research In The South China Sea
* Dimensionality reduction for image classification via mutual information maximization
* Distributed compressed video sensing
* Error concealment via 3-mode tensor approximation
* Error Resilient Pre/Post-Filtering for DCT-Based Block Coding Systems
* Fast dimension reduction through random permutation
* Fast Multiplierless Block Transform for Image and Video Compression, A
* Further results on DCT-based linear phase paraunitary filter banks
* Generalized lapped biorthogonal transforms with integer coefficients
* GenLOT-based progressive image coder for low resolution images, A
* Group structured dirty dictionary learning for classification
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Dictionary-Based Sparse Representation
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Kernel Sparse Representation
* Implementation and application of local computation of wavelet coefficients in the dual-tree complex wavelets
* Iterative Convex Refinement for Sparse Recovery
* Lifting-based Laplacian Pyramid reconstruction schemes
* LiftLT: Fast Lapped Transforms via Lifting Steps, The
* Linear Phase Paraunitary Filter Banks with Unequal-Length Filters
* Local sensing with global recovery
* Local Zerotree Coding
* More Efficient and Video Friendly Spatial Resizing Algorithm, A
* Multi-task image classification via collaborative, hierarchical spike-and-slab priors
* Multiple Description Coding With Prediction Compensation
* Multiple Description Image Coding with Prediction Compensation
* Multiplierless Design of Biorthogonal Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform using Lifting Scheme
* On context-based entropy coding of block transform coefficients
* On resizing images in the DCT domain
* Optimal Block Boundary Pre/Postfiltering for Wavelet-Based Image and Video Compression
* Optimizing Block-Thresholding Segmentation for Multilayer Compression of Compound Images
* Over-sampled and under-sampled Pre/post-filters for block DCT coders
* Progressive Transmission Image Coder Using Linear Phase Uniform Filterbanks as Block Transforms, A
* Radio-frequency interference separation and suppression from ultrawideband radar data via low-rank modeling
* Robust face recognition using locally adaptive sparse representation
* Robust joint down- and cross-range sparse recovery of raw ultra-wideband SAR data
* Sparse signal recovery based on nonconvex entropy minimization
* Stepwise Optimal Subspace Pursuit for Improving Sparse Recovery
* Structured Sparse Priors for Image Classification
* Task-Driven Dictionary Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification With Structured Sparsity Constraints
* Temporal rate up-conversion of synthetic aperture radar via low-rank matrix recovery
* Undersampled Boundary Pre-/Postfilters for Low Bit-Rate DCT-Based Block Coders
* variable-length generalized lapped biorthogonal transform, The
* Wiener Filter-Based Error Resilient Time-Domain Lapped Transform
Includes: Tran, T.D. Tran, T.D.[Trac D.] Tran, T.D.[Tuan Dung]
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Tran, T.H.[Thu Ha] Co Author Listing * Benchmark face detection using a face recognition database
* Dynamic hand gesture recognition from cyclical hand pattern
* How Good Is Kernel Descriptor on Depth Motion Map for Action Recognition
* new hand representation based on kernels for hand posture recognition, A
* vision-based method for automatizing tea shoots detection, A
* Visual SLAM System on Mobile Robot Supporting Localization Services to Visually Impaired People, A
Includes: Tran, T.H.[Thu Ha] Tran, T.H. Tran, T.H.[Thanh-Hai]

Tran, T.K.[Thuong Khanh] Co Author Listing * Sliding Window Based Micro-expression Spotting: A Benchmark
Includes: Tran, T.K.[Thuong Khanh] Tran, T.K.[Thuong-Khanh]

Tran, T.N. Co Author Listing * Initialization of Markov random field clustering of large remote sensing images

Tran, T.P.[Tich Phuoc] Co Author Listing * adjustable combination of linear regression and modified probabilistic neural network for anti-spam filtering, An
* evaluation of bi-modal facial appearance+facial expression face biometrics, An

Tran, T.Q.N.[Thi Quynh Nhi] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Image and Text Quantized Correlated Components

Tran, T.T.[Trung Thien] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Registration Based on the Vector Field Representation
* Approach for Local Comparison of Deformable 3D Models, An
* eSphere: extracting spheres from unorganized point clouds
* Image segmentation using fuzzy energy-based active contour with shape prior
* Moment-based alignment for shape prior with variational B-spline level set
* MRI image segmentation based on fast global minimization of snake model
* Multiphase B-spline level set and incremental shape priors with applications to segmentation and tracking of left ventricle in cardiac MR images
* Unsupervised active contours driven by density distance and local fitting energy with applications to medical image segmentation
* Zernike moment and local distribution fitting fuzzy energy-based active contours for image segmentation
Includes: Tran, T.T.[Trung Thien] Tran, T.T.[Trung-Thien] Tran, T.T. Tran, T.T.[Thi-Thao]
9 for Tran, T.T.

Tran, T.V.[Trung V.] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Heterogeneity Effects on Sub-Pixel and Per-Pixel Classifications

Tran, V.[Vanha] Co Author Listing * Recursive Bayesian beamforming with uncertain projected steering vector and strong interferences

Tran, V.P. Co Author Listing * Hybrid ARQ error control for broadcast or multicast in wireless networks

Tran, W.T. Co Author Listing * Computer Aided Theragnosis Using Quantitative Ultrasound Spectroscopy and Maximum Mean Discrepancy in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

Tranca, D.E.[Denis E.] Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement influences the detection of gradient based local invariant features and the matching of their descriptors

Tranchard, L.[Lionel] Co Author Listing * MUPCOS: A multi-purpose coding scheme

Tranchevent, L.[Leon] Co Author Listing * Optimized Data Fusion for Kernel k-Means Clustering

Trancon y Widemann, B. Co Author Listing * Image analysis for soil dye tracer infiltration studies

Trancoso Gomes, R.A.[Roberto Arnaldo] Co Author Listing * Combining Spatial Models for Shallow Landslides and Debris-Flows Prediction
* Dynamics of Sheep Production in Brazil
* Karst Depression Detection Using ASTER, ALOS/PRISM and SRTM-Derived Digital Elevation Models in the Bambuí Group, Brazil
* Probability Density Components Analysis: A New Approach to Treatment and Classification of SAR Images

Trancoso, I. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of immersive visualization techniques for 3D object retrieval
* Lexicon expansion for latent variable grammars
* Temporal Video Segmentation to Scenes Using High-Level Audiovisual Features
Includes: Trancoso, I. Trancoso, I.[Isabel]

Trang, H. Co Author Listing * Joint Sparse Representation of Brain Activity Patterns in Multi-Task fMRI Data

Trani, M.G. Co Author Listing * Supporting Remote Sensing Research with Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

Tranouez, P. Co Author Listing * Spot It! Finding Words and Patterns in Historical Documents

Tranquart, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Lesions Segmentation in Ultrasound Nonlinear Imaging
* Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Images Restoration
* Perfusion Analysis of Nonlinear Liver Ultrasound Images Based on Nonlinear Matrix Diffusion
* Perfusion quantification of contrast-enhanced ultrasound images based on coherence enhancing diffusion and competitive clustering
Includes: Tranquart, F. Tranquart, F.[Francois]

Tranquillo, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Can We Trust the Transgenic Mouse? Insights from Computer Simulations

Transon, J. Co Author Listing * Survey of current hyperspectral Earth observation applications from space and synergies with Sentinel-2

Transue, S.[Shane] Co Author Listing * Deformable Object Behavior Reconstruction Derived Through Simultaneous Geometric and Material Property Estimation
* Intuitive Alignment of Point-Clouds with Painting-Based Feature Correspondence

Trantelle, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Adaptive real-time image smoothing using local binary patterns and Gaussian filters

Trantow, M. Co Author Listing * Range comfort zone of electric vehicle users- concept and assessment

Trantow, T.M. Co Author Listing * Surface-Height Determination of Crevassed Glaciers: Mathematical Principles of an Autoadaptive Density-Dimension Algorithm and Validation Using ICESat-2 Simulator (SIMPL) Data

Traonmilin, M. Co Author Listing * simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm based on Kalman filtering, A

Traonmilin, Y.[Yann] Co Author Listing * Outlier Removal Power of the L1-Norm Super-Resolution
* Robust Multi-Image Processing with Optimal Sparse Regularization
* Simultaneous High Dynamic Range and Superresolution Imaging without Regularization
Includes: Traonmilin, Y.[Yann] Traonmilin, Y.

Traore, A.[Albekaye] Co Author Listing * Quaternionic wavelet coefficients modeling for a Reduced-Reference metric
* Reduced-reference metric based on the quaternionic wavelet coefficients modeling by information criteria
Includes: Traore, A.[Albekaye] Traoré, A.[Albekaye]

Traore, A.K.[Abdoul Khadre] Co Author Listing * 1982-2010 Trends of Light Use Efficiency and Inherent Water Use Efficiency in African vegetation: Sensitivity to Climate and Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

Traore, A.S. Co Author Listing * Analytic Method to Predict the Thermal Map of Cryosurgery Iceballs in MR Images, An

Traore, I. Co Author Listing * Biometric Recognition Based on Free-Text Keystroke Dynamics

Traore, P.S. Co Author Listing * Estimate yield at parcel level from S2 time serie in sub-Saharan smallholder farming systems
* Quantifying Fertilizer Application Response Variability with VHR Satellite NDVI Time Series in a Rainfed Smallholder Cropping System of Mali
Includes: Traore, P.S. Traoré, P.S. Traoré, P.S.[Pierre Sibiry]

Traore, S.B.[Seydou B.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study on Satellite- and Model-Based Crop Phenology in West Africa, A
Includes: Traore, S.B.[Seydou B.] Traoré, S.B.[Seydou B.]

Trapanese, A. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Spatial Redundancy in Pixel Domain Wyner-Ziv Video Coding

Trapeznikov, K.[Kirill] Co Author Listing * Model Selection by Linear Programming

Trapp, M. Co Author Listing * 3D object retrieval in an atlas of neuronal structures
* Animated visualization of spatial-temporal trajectory data for air-traffic analysis
* Concepts for Cartography-Oriented Visualization of Virtual 3D City Models
* Interactive Rendering Techniques for Highlighting in 3D Geovirtual Environments
* Similarity Based Object Retrieval Of Composite Neuronal Structures
Includes: Trapp, M. Trapp, M.[Matthias] Trapp, M.[Martin]

Trapp, R. Co Author Listing * Stereo Matching with Implicit Detection of Occlusions

Trappe, W. Co Author Listing * Anti-collusion codes: multi-user and multimedia perspectives
* Anti-Collusion Forensics of Multimedia Fingerprinting Using Orthogonal Modulation
* Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics For Traitor Tracing
* No Need for Speed: More Signal Processing Innovation Is Required Before Adopting Automated Vehicles
* Signal Processing for Smart Vehicle Technologies: Part 2
Includes: Trappe, W. Trappe, W.[Wade]

Trasatti, E.[Elisa] Co Author Listing * Deformation and Related Slip Due to the 2011 Van Earthquake (Turkey) Sequence Imaged by SAR Data and Numerical Modeling

Traslosheros, A. Co Author Listing * Homography-Based Tracking Control for Mobile Robots
* Image Based Visual Servoing: Estimated Image Jacobian by Using Fundamental Matrix VS Analytic Jacobian
* New Approach to the Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts, A
* New Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts by Means of Visual System, A
* Parallel Robot High Speed Object Tracking

Trassoudaine, L. Co Author Listing * Active and intelligent sensing of road obstacles: Application to the European Eureka-PROMETHEUS project
* Automatic Detection and Parameter Estimation of Trees for Forest Inventory Applications Using 3D Terrestrial LiDAR
* Automatic Removal of Imperfections and Change Detection for Accurate 3D Urban Cartography by Classification and Incremental Updating
* Combination of Image Segmentation Into Regions
* Global Registration of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds Based on Scene Features: Application to Structured Environments
* Handling Occlusions for Accurate 3D Urban Cartography: A New Approach Based on Characterization and Multiple Passages
* M2SIR: A multi modal sequential importance resampling algorithm for particle filters
* multi-cue spatio-temporal framework for automatic frontal face clustering in video sequences., A
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking in an Urban Environment Using a Multilayer Laser Scanner
* Road Obstacle Detection and Tracking by an Active and Intelligent Sensing Strategy
* Segmentation Based Classification of 3D Urban Point Clouds: A Super-Voxel Based Approach with Evaluation
* Segmentation of Range Images into Planar Regions
* SLAM process using Polynomial Extended Kalman Filter: Experimental assessment
* Tracking of vehicle trajectory by combining a camera and a laser rangefinder
Includes: Trassoudaine, L. Trassoudaine, L.[Laurent]
14 for Trassoudaine, L.

Tratt, D.M. Co Author Listing * MAGI: A New High-Performance Airborne Thermal-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Earth Science Applications
* MAHI: An Airborne Mid-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Industrial Emissions Monitoring

Trattner, S.[Sigal] Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Bacterial Types Using Statistical Imaging Methods
* Can Born Approximate the Unborn? A New Validity Criterion for the Born Approximation in Microscopic Imaging
* Image formation of thick three-dimensional objects in differential-interference-contrast microscopy

Traub, J. Co Author Listing * Camera Augmented Mobile C-Arm (CAMC): Calibration, Accuracy Study, and Clinical Applications
* Magneto-Optical Tracking of Flexible Laparoscopic Ultrasound: Model-Based Online Detection and Correction of Magnetic Tracking Errors

Traue, H.C.[Harald C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic heart rate estimation from painful faces
* Automatic Pain Assessment with Facial Activity Descriptors
* Automatic Pain Recognition from Video and Biomedical Signals
* Transsituational Individual-Specific Biopsychological Classification of Emotions
Includes: Traue, H.C.[Harald C.] Traue, H.C.

Traumann, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * new retexturing method for virtual fitting room using Kinect 2 camera, A

Traupe, O. Co Author Listing * Threat determines affective startle potentiation

Trautwein, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Estimating Consistent Motion from Three Views: An Alternative to Trifocal Analysis

Travaglini, D. Co Author Listing * Kernel Feature Cross-correlation For Unsupervised Quantification Of Damage From Windthrow In Forests

Travelletti, J. Co Author Listing * Correlation of multi-temporal ground-based optical images for landslide monitoring: Application, potential and limitations
* Monitoring Landslide Displacements during a Controlled Rain Experiment Using a Long-Range Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)
* UAV-based Remote Sensing Of Landslides

Traver, V.J.[V. Javier] Co Author Listing * Appearance-Based Object Detection in Space-Variant Images: A Multi-model Approach
* Assessing Water Quality by Video Monitoring Fish Swimming Behavior
* Bag-of-words with aggregated temporal pair-wise word co-occurrence for human action recognition
* Characterizing Actions with Local Descriptors Based on Kinematics and Flow Recurrences
* Dealing with 2D translation estimation in log-polar imagery
* Exploring Alternative Spatial and Temporal Dense Representations for Action Recognition
* Exploring Relevance Vector Machines for Faster Pedestrian Classification
* Exploring some practical issues of SVM+: Is really privileged information that helps?
* Exploring the Performance of Genetic Algorithms as Polygonal Approximators
* Fast Dynamic Texture Detection
* Human Gesture Recognition Using Three-Dimensional Integral Imaging
* Log-polar mapping template design: From task-level requirements to geometry parameters
* Motion Analysis with the Radon Transform on Log-Polar Images
* Motion estimation and figure-ground segmentation using log-polar images
* New Pedestrian Detection Descriptor Based on the Use of Spatial Recurrences, A
* On-Line Classification of Data Streams with Missing Values Based on Reinforcement Learning
* Optimization Approach for Translational Motion Estimation in Log-Polar Domain, An
* Similarity motion estimation and active tracking through spatial-domain projections on log-polar images
* Spatial Recurrences for Pedestrian Classification
* Speeding up the log-polar transform with inexpensive parallel hardware: graphics units and multi-core architectures
* Strategies of Dictionary Usages for Sparse Representations for Pedestrian Classification
* Three-Dimensional Integral Imaging for Gesture Recognition Under Occlusions
Includes: Traver, V.J.[V. Javier] Traver, V.J. Traver, V.J.[Vicente Javier]
22 for Traver, V.J.

Travere, J.M.[Jean Marcel] Co Author Listing * Cognitive Vision System for Nuclear Fusion Device Monitoring, A
* Fully automatic identification of AC and PC landmarks on brain MRI using scene analysis
Includes: Travere, J.M.[Jean Marcel] Travere, J.M.[Jean-Marcel] Travere, J.M.

Traverso, S. Co Author Listing * Unravelling the Impact of Temporal and Geographical Locality in Content Caching Systems

Travieso Gonzalez, C.M.[Carlos M.] Co Author Listing * Hand Geometry Based Recognition with a MLP Classifier
* Offline Signature Verification Based on Pseudo-Cepstral Coefficients
Includes: Travieso Gonzalez, C.M.[Carlos M.] Travieso-González, C.M.[Carlos M.] Travieso Gonzalez, C.M.[Carlos Manuel]

Travieso, C.M.[Carlos M.] Co Author Listing * Fused intra-bimodal face verification approach based on Scale-Invariant Feature Transform and a vocabulary tree
* Off-line Handwritten Signature GPDS-960 Corpus
* Off-line Signature Verification Based on Gray Level Information Using Wavelet Transform and Texture Features
* Off-line signature verification based on grey level information using texture features
* Off-line Signature Verification System Performance against Image Acquisition Resolution
* Offline geometric parameters for automatic signature verification using fixed-point arithmetic
* Review of Automatic Fault Diagnosis Systems Using Audio and Vibration Signals
* Using a Discrete Hidden Markov Model Kernel for lip-based biometric identification
* Wide band spectroscopic skin detection for contactless hand biometrics
Includes: Travieso, C.M.[Carlos M.] Travieso, C.M.
9 for Travieso, C.M.

Travis, A.R.L. Co Author Listing * Flat Projection for 3-D
* Wedge Optics in Flat Panel Displays

Travis, J.R. Co Author Listing * Computer vision methods for optical microscopes

Travis, M.S.[Michael S.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous ozone, aerosol, and water vapor profiling of the atmosphere

Travnicek, Z. Co Author Listing * Towards scalable streaming to SAGE2 video walls
Includes: Travnicek, Z. Trávnícek, Z.

Traw, S. Co Author Listing * Technical challenges of protecting digital entertainment content

Trayanova, N. Co Author Listing * Image-Based Estimation of Ventricular Fiber Orientations for Personalized Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology

Trayanova, N.A. Co Author Listing * Myocardial Infarct Segmentation From Magnetic Resonance Images for Personalized Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology
* Spatially Adaptive Multi-Scale Optimization for Local Parameter Estimation in Cardiac Electrophysiology

Trayner, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Automatic Meteor Detection: An Application of Hough Transforms
* Time-Gradient Hough Transforms-Constraining Object Identification by Speed of Motion
Includes: Trayner, C.[Chris] Trayner, C.

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