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Tria, M. Co Author Listing * SAR imaging using multidimensional continuous wavelet transform and applications to polarimetry and interferometry

Triana, E.[Edwin] Co Author Listing * Design of a Medical Image Database with Content-Based Retrieval Capabilities

Trianni, G.[Giovanna] Co Author Listing * Fast damage mapping in case of earthquakes using multitemporal SAR data
* Improved VHR Urban Area Mapping Exploiting Object Boundaries
* Rapid Damage Detection in the Bam Area Using Multitemporal SAR and Exploiting Ancillary Data
* Semi-automatic choice of scale-dependent features for satellite SAR image classification
Includes: Trianni, G.[Giovanna] Trianni, G.

Trianni, V. Co Author Listing * Self-Organized Coordinated Motion in Groups of Physically Connected Robots

Triantafillou, C. Co Author Listing * Identification of Geometrical Shapes in Paintings and its Application to Demonstrate the Foundations of Geometry in 1650 B.C.
* Image and Pattern Analysis of 1650 B.C. Wall Paintings and Reconstruction

Triantafillou, E. Co Author Listing * Region-based Color Image Indexing and Retrieval

Triantafyllidis, G.A. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction for a Cultural Heritage Virtual Tour System
* Bayesian Approach for Segmentation in Stereo Image Sequences, A
* Bayesian segmentation of Stereopairs, A
* Blocking artifact detection and reduction in compressed data
* Blocking Artifact Reduction in Frequency Domain
* Classification of 2D and 3D images using pyramid scale decision voting
* Coding Algorithms for 3DTV: A Survey
* Combined Frequency and Spatial Domain Algorithm for the Removal of Blocking Artifacts
* Content-adaptive pyramid representation for 3D object classification
* Context Based Adaptive Arithmetic Coding Technique for Lossless Image Compression, A
* Detection and Classification of Multiple Objects using an RGB-D Sensor and Linear Spatial Pyramid Matching
* Detection of blocking artifacts of compressed still images
* Free-View TV watermark selection based on the distribution characteristics
* Image based Monument Recognition using Graph based Visual Saliency
* Occlusion and Visible Background and Foreground Areas in Stereo: A Bayesian Approach
* Rigid and non-rigid 3D motion estimation from multiview image sequences
* Synchronous Image Acquisition based on Network Synchronization
* Vision System for Robotized Weed Recognition in Crops and Grasslands
* Watermark Selection for Light Field Rendering in FTV
* Watermarking Tests for Free-View Point Television
Includes: Triantafyllidis, G.A. Triantafyllidis, G.A.[George A.] Triantafyllidis, G.A.[Georgios A.]
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Triantafyllidou, D. Co Author Listing * Face detection based on deep convolutional neural networks exploiting incremental facial part learning

Triantafyllou, E. Co Author Listing * World Wide Web region-based image search engine, A

Triantakonstantis, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Conceptual List of Indicators for Urban Planning and Management Based on Earth Observation, A

Triantaphillidou, S. Co Author Listing * case study in identifying acceptable bitrates for human face recognition tasks, A

Triantis, D. Co Author Listing * Large Earthquake Occurrence Estimation Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Networks

Triantis, F.[Frixos] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography

Trias Sanz, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Automatic Bridge Detection in High-Resolution Satellite Images
* High-Reliability, High-Resolution Method for Land Cover Classification Into Forest and Non-forest, A
* Methods for Fine Registration of Cadastre Graphs to Images
* region-based method for graph to image registration with an application to cadastre data, A
* Texture Orientation and Period Estimator for Discriminating Between Forests, Orchards, Vineyards, and Tilled Fields
* Using colour, texture, and hierarchial segmentation for high-resolution remote sensing
Includes: Trias Sanz, R.[Roger] Trias-Sanz, R.[Roger] Trias-Sanz, R.

Tribe, W.R. Co Author Listing * Detection of Concealed Explosives at a Distance Using Terahertz Technology

Tribou, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Degenerate motions in multicamera cluster SLAM with non-overlapping fields of view
* Scale recovery in multicamera cluster SLAM with non-overlapping fields of view

Trichet, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Action recognition in video using a spatial-temporal graph-based feature representation
* flexible ensemble-SVM for computer vision tasks, A
* TREAT: Terse Rapid Edge-Anchored Tracklets
* Vector Quantization Enhancement for Computer Vision Tasks
* Video event classification with temporal partitioning
* Video segmentation and feature co-occurrences for activity classification
* Video Segmentation Descriptors for Event Recognition
* Video segmentation with spatio-temporal tubes
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Trichina, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Determining the Number of Clusters with Rate-Distortion Curve Modeling
* Estimating the number of clusters in a numerical data set via quantization error modeling

Tridon, D.B.[Daniela Borla] Co Author Listing * Generation and performance assessment of the global TanDEM-X digital elevation model

Triebel, R.[Rudolph] Co Author Listing * Active Online Learning for Interactive Segmentation Using Sparse Gaussian Processes
* Exploiting Repetitive Object Patterns for Model Compression and Completion
* Medial Features for Superpixel Segmentation
* Multi level surface maps for outdoor terrain mapping and loop closing
* Non-rigid 3D Shape Retrieval via Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Embedding
* Optimal Intrinsic Descriptors for Non-Rigid Shape Analysis
* System for Three-Dimensional Robotic Mapping of Underground Mines, A
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Triebfurst, B. Co Author Listing * Compression of NOAA/AVHRR data with a wavelet transform

Triedman, J.K.[John K.] Co Author Listing * Open-Source Environment for Interactive Finite Element Modeling of Optimal ICD Electrode Placement

Triefenbach, F. Co Author Listing * Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition With Reservoir-Based Acoustic Models

Triendl, E. Co Author Listing * mobile robot: Sensing, planning and locomotion, A
* Model for Texture Edges, A
* Stereo Vision and Navigation in Buildings for Mobile Robots
* Vision and Visual Exploration for the Stanford Mobile Robot

Triendl, E.E. Co Author Listing * ASTERIX System: A Feature Based Approach to the Correspondence Problem, The
* Image Processing and Pattern Recognition System for Time Variant Images Using TV Cameras and a Matrix Computer, An
* Skeletonization of Noisy Hand-Drawn Symbols Using Parallel Operations
Includes: Triendl, E.E. Triendl, E.E.[Ernst E.]

Trier, O.D.[Oivind Due] Co Author Listing * email: Trier, O.D.[Oivind Due]: oivind due trier AT nr no
* Evaluation of Binarization Methods for Document Images
* Evaluation of Binarization Methods for Utility Map Images
* Feature-Extraction Methods for Character-Recognition: A Survey
* Goal-Directed Evaluation of Binarization Methods
* Gray Scale Processing of Hydrographic Maps
* Improvement of Integrated Function Algorithm for Binarization of Document Images
* Large-Scale Mapping of Small Roads in Lidar Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Recognition of Digits in Hydrographic Maps: Binary Versus Topographic Analysis
Includes: Trier, O.D.[Oivind Due] Trier, O.D. Trier, Ř.D.[Řivind Due]
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Trierscheid, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * Multi-stage Approach for 3D Teeth Segmentation from Dentition Surfaces, A
* Teeth segmentation in 3D dentition models for the virtual articulator

Triesch, J.[Jochen] Co Author Listing * Classification of hand postures against complex backgrounds using elastic graph matching
* Gesture Interface for Human-Robot-Interaction, A
* Hierarchical sensor data fusion by probabilistic cue integration for robust 3D object tracking
* Implementations and Implications of Foveated Vision
* Method for recognizing objects in digitized images
* Robust classification of hand postures against complex backgrounds
* Self-Organized Integration of Adaptive Visual Cues for Face Tracking
* Semi-autonomous Learning of Objects
* Shared Features for Scalable Appearance-Based Object Recognition
* System for Person-Independent Hand Posture Recognition against Complex Backgrounds, A
* Toward a Unified Probabilistic Framework for Object Recognition and Segmentation
* Towards Imitation Learning of Grasping Movements by an Autonomous Robot
Includes: Triesch, J.[Jochen] Triesch, J.
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Trieschnigg, D.[Dolf] Co Author Listing * Average Precision: Good Guide or False Friend to Multimedia Search Effectiveness?

Triesman, A. Co Author Listing * Perceptual Grouping and Attention in Visual Search for Features and Objects

Trieu, D.B.K.[Dang Ba Khac] Co Author Listing * Real-time color image segmentation based on mean shift algorithm using an FPGA
* Real-time image segmentation based on a parallel and pipelined watershed algorithm

Trieu, T.V.[Trang Vinh] Co Author Listing * Video Search Based on Semantic Extraction and Locally Regional Object Proposal
Includes: Trieu, T.V.[Trang Vinh] Trieu, T.V.[Trang-Vinh]

Trifan, A.[Alina] Co Author Listing * UAVision: A Modular Time-Constrained Vision Library for Color-Coded Object Detection

Trifas, M. Co Author Listing * Applied image processing to multimedia information security

Trigano, T. Co Author Listing * Fast Digital Filtering of Spectrometric Data for Pile-up Correction
* Intensity Estimation of Spectroscopic Signals With an Improved Sparse Reconstruction Algorithm
* Pileup Correction Algorithm using an Iterated Sparse Reconstruction Method

Trigeassou, J.C. Co Author Listing * Transients of fractional-order integrator and derivatives

Trigeorgis, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Morphable Models In-the-Wild
* 3D Menpo Facial Landmark Tracking Challenge, The
* Adaptive cascaded regression
* Deep Canonical Time Warping
* Deep Matrix Factorization Method for Learning Attribute Representations, A
* DenseReg: Fully Convolutional Dense Shape Regression In-the-Wild
* Face Normals In-the-Wild Using Fully Convolutional Networks
* Menpo Facial Landmark Localisation Challenge: A Step Towards the Solution, The
* Mnemonic Descent Method: A Recurrent Process Applied for End-to-End Face Alignment
Includes: Trigeorgis, G. Trigeorgis, G.[George]
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Trigg, R.H.[Randall H.] Co Author Listing * System for searching a corpus of document images by user specified document layout components

Triggs, B.[Bill] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Triggs, B.[Bill]: Bill Triggs AT inrialpes fr
* 3D human pose from silhouettes by relevance vector regression
* Achieving Dextrous Grasping by Integrating Planning and Vision-Based Sensing
* Autocalibration and the Absolute Quadric
* Autocalibration from planar scenes
* Building Roadmaps of Local Minima of Visual Models
* Building Roadmaps of Minima and Transitions in Visual Models
* Bundle Adjustment: A Modern Synthesis
* Covariance Scaled Sampling for Monocular 3D Body Tracking
* Creating Efficient Codebooks for Visual Recognition
* Critical Motions for Auto-Calibration When Some Intrinsic Parameters Can Vary
* Critical Motions in Euclidean Structure from Motion
* Differential Matching Constraints
* Editorial: Selection of Marr Prize Papers at ICCV'03
* Efficient object detection using cascades of nearest convex model classifiers
* Empirical Filter Estimation for Subpixel Interpolation and Matching
* Enhanced Local Texture Feature Sets for Face Recognition Under Difficult Lighting Conditions
* Epipolar Constraints for Multiscale Matching
* Face and landmark detection by using cascade of classifiers
* Face recognition based on image sets
* Factorization Based Algorithm for Multi-Image Projective Structure and Motion, A
* Factorization Methods for Projective Structure and Motion
* Fast mixing hyperdynamic sampling
* Fast semantic scene segmentation with conditional random field
* Feature Sets and Dimensionality Reduction for Visual Object Detection
* Fusing Gabor and LBP Feature Sets for Kernel-Based Face Recognition
* Hierarchical Part-Based Visual Object Categorization
* Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection
* Human Detection Using Oriented Histograms of Flow and Appearance
* Hyperdisk based large margin classifier
* Hyperdynamics Importance Sampling
* Hyperfeatures: Multilevel Local Coding for Visual Recognition
* Joint Feature Distributions for Image Correspondence
* Kinematic jump processes for monocular 3D human tracking
* Large margin classifiers based on convex class models
* Learning to Parse Pictures of People
* Linear Projective Reconstruction from Matching Tensors
* Local Basis Representation for Estimating Human Pose from Cluttered Images, A
* Margin-based discriminant dimensionality reduction for visual recognition
* Matching Constraints and the Joint Image
* Monocular Human Motion Capture with a Mixture of Regressors
* Multilevel Image Coding with Hyperfeatures
* Multiscale Keypoint Analysis based on Complex Wavelets
* On the Absolute Quadratic Complex and Its Application to Autocalibration
* Optimal Estimation of Matching Constraints
* Panel Session on Computations and Algorithms
* Plane + Parallax, Tensors, and Factorization
* Polyhedral Conic Classifiers for Visual Object Detection and Classification
* Recovering 3D Human Pose from Monocular Images
* Region Classification with Markov Field Aspect Models
* Robust Multiple Hypothesis Approach to Monocular Human Motion Tracking, A
* Sampling Strategies for Bag-of-Features Image Classification
* SAR-Based Terrain Classification Using Weakly Supervised Hierarchical Markov Aspect Models
* Shape Representation and Recovery Camera Pose and Calibration from 4 or 5 Known 3D Points
* Some Results on Minimal Euclidean Reconstruction from Four Points
* Special Issue on Probabilistic Models for Image Understanding
* Special Issue on Probabilistic Models for Image Understanding, Part II
* Tracking Articulated Motion Using a Mixture of Autoregressive Models
* Visual Object Detection Using Cascades of Binary and One-Class Classifiers
* Visual Recognition Using Local Quantized Patterns
Includes: Triggs, B.[Bill] Triggs, B.
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Triglav Cekada, M.[Mihaela] Co Author Listing * Simplified Analytical Model for a-priori Lidar Pointpositioning Error Estimation and a Review of Lidar Error Sources, A
Includes: Triglav Cekada, M.[Mihaela] Triglav-Cekada, M.[Mihaela]

Triglia, M. Co Author Listing * ARCHIMEDE: The first European diagnostic train for global monitoring of railway infrastructure

Trigo, I.[Isabel] Co Author Listing * Meteosat Land Surface Temperature Climate Data Record: Achievable Accuracy and Potential Uncertainties

Trigo, I.F.[Isabel F.] Co Author Listing * Downscaling Meteosat Land Surface Temperature over a Heterogeneous Landscape Using a Data Assimilation Approach
* Improving Land Surface Temperature Retrievals over Mountainous Regions
* Long Term Validation of Land Surface Temperature Retrieved from MSG/SEVIRI with Continuous in-Situ Measurements in Africa
* Physically Constrained Calibration Database for Land Surface Temperature Using Infrared Retrieval Algorithms, A
* Quality Assessment of S-NPP VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product

Trigoni, N. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Reconstruction from a Single Depth View with Adversarial Learning
* Efficient Data Propagation in Traffic-Monitoring Vehicular Networks
* Neighbor-Aided Localization in Vehicular Networks
* Underground Incrementally Deployed Magneto-Inductive 3-D Positioning Network
* VidLoc: A Deep Spatio-Temporal Model for 6-DoF Video-Clip Relocalization
Includes: Trigoni, N. Trigoni, N.[Niki]

Triguero, I.[Isaac] Co Author Listing * Differential evolution for optimizing the positioning of prototypes in nearest neighbor classification
* Fast fingerprint identification for large databases
* Integrating Instance Selection, Instance Weighting, and Feature Weighting for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers by Coevolutionary Algorithms
* Labelling strategies for hierarchical multi-label classification techniques
* Taxonomy and Experimental Study on Prototype Generation for Nearest Neighbor Classification, A
Includes: Triguero, I.[Isaac] Triguero, I.

Trihandoyo, A. Co Author Listing * Perception Sensor for a Mobile Robot

Trika, S.N. Co Author Listing * Geometric Reasoning for Extraction of Manufacturing Features in Iso-Oriented Polyhedra

Triki, O.[Olfa] Co Author Listing * Color Image Compression by Riemannian B-Tree Triangular Coding
* Differential-Geometrical Framework for Color Image Quality Measures, A

Trilles, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Approach to Facilitating Geospatial Data and Metadata Publication Using a Standard Geoservice
* Opening up Smart Cities: Citizen-Centric Challenges and Opportunities from GIScience
* Roadblocks Hindering the Reuse of Open Geodata in Colombia and Spain: A Data User's Perspective

Triltzsch, G.[Gunnar] Co Author Listing * Tomographic airborne ground penetrating radar imaging: Achievable spatial resolution and on-field assessment

Trimble, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Application of WebGIS Tools for Visualizing Coastal Flooding Vulnerability and Planning for Resiliency: The New Jersey Experience, The

Trimeche, M.[Mejdi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Outlier Rejection in Image Super-resolution
* Method for Simultaneous Outlier Rejection in Image Super-Resolution, A
* Motion Blur Identification Based on Differently Exposed Images
* Practical Poissonian-Gaussian Noise Modeling and Fitting for Single-Image Raw-Data
* Spatially Adaptive Poissonian Image Deblurring, A
Includes: Trimeche, M.[Mejdi] Trimeche, M.

Trindade, O. Co Author Listing * Mission-Oriented Sensor Arrays and UAVs: A Case Study on Environmental Monitoring

Trinder, J. Co Author Listing * Analysing Post-seismic Deformation Of Izmit Earthquake With Insar, GNSS And Coulomb Stress Modelling
* Automated delineation of roof planes from LiDAR data
* Building Change Detection Based on Markov Random Field: Exploiting Both Pixel and Corner Features
* Building detection by fusion of airborne laser scanner data and multi-spectral images: Performance evaluation and sensitivity analysis
* Evaluation of a Method for Fusing LIDAR Data and Multispectral Images for Building Detection
* Information from imagery: ISPRS scientific vision and research agenda
* Integrating multiple classifiers with fuzzy majority voting for improved land cover classification
* Kernel Partial Least Squares Based Hierarchical Building Change Detection Using High Resolution Aerial Images and Lidar Data
* Learning Parameter Tuning for Object Extraction
* Theme section for 36th International Symposium for Remote Sensing of the Environment in Berlin
Includes: Trinder, J. Trinder, J.[John]
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Trinder, J.C.[John C.] Co Author Listing * Aerial Images and Lidar Data Fusion for Automatic Feature Extraction using the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) Classifier
* Aerial Images and Lidar Data Fusion for Disaster Change Detection
* Artificial Intelligence in 3-D Feature Extraction
* Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Road Extraction from Aerial Images
* Assessment of the Precision and Accuracy of Methods of Digital Target Location, An
* Automatic Building Detection Using the Dempster-Shafer Algorithm
* Building detection by Dempster-Shafer fusion of lidar data and multispectral aerial imagery
* Current Status Of Mapping In The World: Spotlight On Oceania, The
* Extracting hurricane eye morphology from spaceborne SAR images using morphological analysis
* Inductive Clustering: Automating Low-level Segmentation in High Resolution Images
* Knowledge-Based Road Interpretation in Aerial Images
* Modelling and representation issues in automated feature extraction from aerial and satellite images
* Object Recognition Based on Boundary Description
* Object-Oriented Landslide Mapping Using ZY-3 Satellite Imagery, Random Forest and Mathematical Morphology, for the Three-Gorges Reservoir, China
* Precision of Digital Target Location
* Semi-Automatic Feature Extraction by Snakes
* Workshop on Automatic Extraction of Man-Made Objects from Aerial and Space Images: 24-28 April 1995, Ascona, Switzerland
Includes: Trinder, J.C.[John C.] Trinder, J.C.
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Trinderup, C.H.[Camilla Himmelstrup] Co Author Listing * Traveling Optical Scanner: Case Study on 3D Shape Models of Ancient Brazilian Skulls, The

Trinel, D. Co Author Listing * High-capacity data hiding in encrypted images using MSB prediction

Trinh, C.V.[Chien Van] Co Author Listing * HVS based iterative hard thresholding recovery for compressive sensed image

Trinh, D.H.[Dinh Hoan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Medical Image Denoising Using Support Vector Regression
* effective example-based learning method for denoising of medical images corrupted by heavy Gaussian noise and poisson noise, An
* Medical image denoising using Kernel Ridge Regression
* Novel Example-Based Method for Super-Resolution and Denoising of Medical Images
* Optimal Weight Model for Single Image Super-Resolution, An
Includes: Trinh, D.H.[Dinh Hoan] Trinh, D.H.[Dinh-Hoan]

Trinh, E. Co Author Listing * Document images analysis solutions for digital libraries
* Networking digital document images

Trinh, H.[Hoang] Co Author Listing * Efficient Stereo Algorithm using Multiscale Belief Propagation on Segmented Images
* Efficient UAV video event summarization
* Enhanced rail component detection and consolidation for rail track inspection
* Hand tracking by binary quadratic programming and its application to retail activity recognition
* Multimodal ranking for non-compliance detection in retail surveillance
* Multisensor evidence integration and optimization in rail inspection
* Particle-Based Belief Propagation for Structure from Motion and Dense Stereo Vision with Unknown Camera Constraints
* Rail Component Detection, Optimization, and Assessment for Automatic Rail Track Inspection
* Soft margin keyframe comparison: Enhancing precision of fraud detection in retail surveillance
* Structure and motion from road-driving stereo sequences
* Unsupervised Learning of Stereo Vision with Monocular Depth Cues
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Trinh, H.N. Co Author Listing * Partial membership latent Dirichlet allocation for image segmentation
* Partial Membership Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Soft Image Segmentation

Trinh, N. Co Author Listing * Efficient Fine-Grained Classification and Part Localization Using One Compact Network

Trinh, N.H.[Nhon H.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Measurement of Cartilage Morphology Using a 3D Laser Scanner
* Category-specific Object Recognition and Segmentation Using a Skeletal Shape Model
* Learning prototypical shapes for object categories
* Skeleton Search: Category-Specific Object Recognition and Segmentation Using a Skeletal Shape Model
* Symmetry-Based Generative Model for Shape, A

Trinh, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of non-posed facial action units
* DISFA: A Spontaneous Facial Action Intensity Database

Trinh, T.T. Co Author Listing * Detection of small birds in large images by combining a deep detector with semantic segmentation

Trinh, V.C. Co Author Listing * Discovering Contexts from Observed Human Performance

Trinidad, J.F.M.[Jose F. Martinez] Co Author Listing * New Incremental Algorithm for Overlapped Clustering, A
Includes: Trinidad, J.F.M.[Jose F. Martinez] Trinidad, J.F.M.[José F. Martínez]

Trinks, I. Co Author Listing * Advancing The Documentation Of Buried Archaeological Landscapes
* Mind Your Grey Tones: Examining the Influence of Decolourization Methods on Interest Point Extraction and Matching for Architectural Image-Based Modelling

Trinks, J. Co Author Listing * CSI-EPT: A Contrast Source Inversion Approach for Improved MRI-Based Electric Properties Tomography

Triolo, G.[Gina] Co Author Listing * Modeling the Past Online: Interactive Visualisation of Uncertainty and Phasing

Tripathi, A. Co Author Listing * Accurate eye center localization using Snakuscule
* Image Annotation Using Latent Components and Transmedia Association
Includes: Tripathi, A. Tripathi, A.[Anurag]

Tripathi, A.K. Co Author Listing * Building facade detection via plane support points clustering
* Efficient fog removal from video
* Meteorological approach for detection and removal of rain from videos
* Performance metrics for image contrast
* Removal of rain from videos: a review
* Single image fog removal using anisotropic diffusion
* Switching median filter: Advanced Boundary Discriminative Noise Detection Algorithm
* Video post processing: Low-latency spatiotemporal approach for detection and removal of rain
* Visual Smoke Detection
Includes: Tripathi, A.K. Tripathi, A.K.[Abhishek Kumar]
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Tripathi, A.S.[Ardhendu Shekhar] Co Author Listing * 2-SiMDoM: A 2-Sieve model for detection of mitosis in multispectral breast cancer imagery

Tripathi, N. Co Author Listing * Generalized newtonian fluid simulations

Tripathi, O.P.[Om P.] Co Author Listing * Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India

Tripathi, P. Co Author Listing * Automated gesture segmentation from dance sequences
* Computational analysis of mannerism gestures
* Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* Gesture segmentation in complex motion sequences
Includes: Tripathi, P. Tripathi, P.[Poonam]

Tripathi, R.[Rakesh] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Facial Expression Using Particle Filter Based Feature Points Tracker

Tripathi, R.C. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Clustering of Image Trademark Database and Preprocessing Using Adaptive Filter and Karhunen-Loęve Transform
* Preface

Tripathi, R.K. Co Author Listing * framework for abandoned object detection from video surveillance, A

Tripathi, S.[Shashank] Co Author Listing * Deep Spectral-Based Shape Features for Alzheimer's Disease Classification
* Detecting temporally consistent objects in videos through object class label propagation
* Efficient Real Time Low Bit Rate Video Codec, An
* Image Super Resolution Using Sparse Image and Singular Values as Priors
* Improving streaming video segmentation with early and mid-level visual processing
* LCDet: Low-Complexity Fully-Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection in Embedded Systems
* Novel DCT and DWT based Watermarking Techniques for Digital Images
* Parametric video compression using appearance space
* Statistical Approach to Continuous Self-Calibrating Eye Gaze Tracking for Head-Mounted Virtual Reality Systems, A
Includes: Tripathi, S.[Shashank] Tripathi, S.[Subarna] Tripathi, S.[Shikha] Tripathi, S.
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Tripathy, A.K. Co Author Listing * Service Oriented Architecture For Wireless Sensor Networks In Agriculture
* Type P63 Digitized Color Images Performs Better Identification than Other Stains for Ovarian Tissue Analysis

Tripathy, C.R. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Based Adaptive Mean Filtering Technique for Removal of Impulse Noise from Images

Tripathy, N.[Nilamadhaba] Co Author Listing * Multi-oriented Bangla and Devnagari text recognition
* Recognition of Indian multi-oriented and curved text
* scale and rotation invariant scheme for multi-oriented Character Recognition, A
Includes: Tripathy, N.[Nilamadhaba] Tripathy, N.

Tripathy, R.K. Co Author Listing * Detection of myocardial infarction from vectorcardiogram using relevance vector machine

Tripathy, S.P. Co Author Listing * Insights Into Motion Perception By Observer Modeling

Tripiciano, M. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy mathematical morphology to analyse astronomical images
* Video Shot Detection and Characterisation in Semi-automatic Digital Video Restoration
Includes: Tripiciano, M. Tripiciano, M.[Mario]

Triplett, C.[Colin] Co Author Listing * Using lidar and rockets to explore turbulence in the atmosphere

Tripodi, R. Co Author Listing * Context aware nonnegative matrix factorization clustering

Tripoli, G.J. Co Author Listing * Transitioning From CRD to CDRD in Bayesian Retrieval of Rainfall From Satellite Passive Microwave Measurements: Part 2. Overcoming Database Profile Selection Ambiguity by Consideration of Meteorological Control on Microphysics

Tripp, B.[Bryan] Co Author Listing * Modelling Primate Control of Grasping for Robotics Applications

Tripp, B.P.[Bryan P.] Co Author Listing * Design of a Saccading and Accommodating Robot Vision System

Tripp, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * FUEGO: Fire Urgency Estimator in Geosynchronous Orbit: A Proposed Early-Warning Fire Detection System

Triroj, N.[Napat] Co Author Listing * Assessing Scene Structuring in Consumer Videos

Trishchenko, A.P. Co Author Listing * Achieving Subpixel Georeferencing Accuracy in the Canadian AVHRR Processing System
* Effects of spectral response function on surface reflectance and NDVI measured with moderate resolution satellite sensors
Includes: Trishchenko, A.P. Trishchenko, A.P.[Alexander P.]

Trisirisatayawong, I.[Itthi] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 30m DEM from 90m Srtm DEM with Bicubic Polynomial Interpolation Method

Tristan Vega, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Adjugate Diffusion Tensors for Geodesic Tractography in White Matter
* Comments on: A locally constrained radial basis function for registration and warping of images
* Efficient and Robust Image Restoration Using Multiple-Feature L2-Relaxed Sparse Analysis Priors
* Homeomorphic Geometrical Transform for Collision Response in Surgical Simulation
* Strain Rate Tensor estimation in cine cardiac MRI based on elastic image registration
Includes: Tristan Vega, A.[Antonio] Tristán-Vega, A.[Antonio] Tristan-Vega, A.[Antonio] Tristan-Vega, A.

Tristan, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Fast B-Spline Pseudo-inversion Algorithm for Consistent Image Registration, A
Includes: Tristan, A.[Antonio] Tristán, A.[Antonio]

Trisyanti, S.W. Co Author Listing * 3D Surveying, Modeling and Geo-Information System of the New Campus of ITB-Indonesia

Tritschler, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Multimedia Document Retrieval Using Speech and Speaker Recognition

Trivedi, A.I. Co Author Listing * Prominent Boundaries and Foreground Detection Based Technique for Human Face Extraction from Color Images Containing Complex Background

Trivedi, H.J.[Himanshu J.] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of land surface temperature from the Kalpana-1 VHRR data using a single-channel algorithm and its validation over western India

Trivedi, H.P.[Harit P.] Co Author Listing * Can Multiple Views Make up for Lack of Camera Registration?
* Computational Theory of Stereo Vision, A
* Estimation of Stereo and Motion Parameters Using a Variational Principle
* On Computing All Solutions to the Motion Estimation Problem with Exact or Noisy Data
* On the Reconstruction of a Scene from Two Unregistered Images
* Pointwise flow from a Variational Principle
* Semi-Analytic Method for Estimating Stereo Camera Geometry from Matched Points
* Semi-Analytic Method of Determining Stereo Camera Geometry from Matched Points in a Pair of Images: Coincident Meridional Planes, Exact or Noisy Data, A
Includes: Trivedi, H.P.[Harit P.] Trivedi, H.P.
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Trivedi, M.[Mohan] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Trivedi, M.[Mohan]: trivedi AT ece ucsd edu
* Audio-visual data association for face expression analysis
* Computer vision for assistive technologies
* Computer Vision System for the Analysis of Aerial Scenes, A
* Database Architecture for Autonomous Transportation Agents for On-scene Networked Incident Management (ATON)
* Intra-Vehicle Networks: A Review
* Optical flow based Head Movement and Gesture Analyzer (OHMeGA)
* Registration of Multimodal Stereo Images Using Disparity Voting from Correspondence Windows
* Residual Uncertainty in 3-Dimensional Reconstruction Using 2-Planes Calibration and Stereo Methods
* Self-Driving Cars
* Tropical Peatland Burn Depth and Combustion Heterogeneity Assessed Using UAV Photogrammetry and Airborne LiDAR
Includes: Trivedi, M.[Mohan] Trivedi, M. Trivedi, M.[Mandar]
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Trivedi, M.M.[Mohan M.] Co Author Listing * 3-D Computer Vision using Structured Light: Design, Calibration, and Implementation Issues
* 3D Shape Context Based Gesture Analysis Integrated with Tracking using Omni Video Array
* 3D tracking and dynamic analysis of human head movements and attentional targets
* Acquisition of 3D Structure of Selectable Quality from Image Streams
* Active Camera Networks and Semantic Event Databases for Intelligent Environments
* Active Exploration of Robotic Workcell
* Active learning for on-road vehicle detection: a comparative study
* Active Vision System for Multi-Primitive Hierarchical Stereo Analysis and Multi-Cue Depth Extraction, An
* Activity monitoring and summarization for an intelligent meeting room
* adaptive scene description for activity analysis in surveillance video, An
* Adaptive Visual Tracking Algorithm and Real Time Implementation
* Analysis and Detection of Shadows in Video Streams: A Comparative Evaluation
* Analysis and query of person-vehicle interactions in homography domain
* Analysis of High Resolution Imagery for Object Detection
* Analysis of High-Resolution Aerial Images
* Analysis of Thermal Infrared and Visual Images for Industrial Inspection Tasks
* Applications of Artificial Intelligence IX
* Applications of Artificial Intelligence VI
* Applications of Artificial Intelligence VII
* Applications of Artificial Intelligence VIII
* Architecture and Automatic Task Planning for Sensor-Based Robots
* Are all objects equal? Deep spatio-temporal importance prediction in driving videos
* Articulated Body Posture Estimation from Multi-Camera Voxel Data
* Attention estimation by simultaneous observation of viewer and view
* Audiovisual Information Fusion in Human-Computer Interfaces and Intelligent Environments: A Survey
* Binary Tree for Probability Learning in Eye Detection, A
* Boosting based object detection using a geometric model
* Circular-Mellin features for texture segmentation
* Class of Algorithms for Enumerating Rare Objects Using Spectral and Spatial Data in Real Time, A
* Comparative Evaluation of Moving Shadow Detection Algorithms
* Comprehensive Parameter Sweep for Learning-Based Detector on Traffic Lights
* Computational Approaches for Processing and Analysis of Tactile Information
* Computational Perspective on Perception, Planning, Action and Systems Integration
* Computer Vision for Homeland Security: A Perspective on its Promise and Pitfalls
* Contextual Activity Visualization from Long-Term Video Observations
* Continuous Head Movement Estimator for Driver Assistance: Issues, Algorithms, and On-Road Evaluations
* Coordinating Motion of Cooperative Mobile Robots Through Visual Observation
* Corrections for Atmospheric Effects in Multispectral Images
* Depth Extraction Using a Single Moving Camera: An Integration of Depth from Motion and Depth from Stereo
* Depth Extraction Using Lateral or Axial Camera Motion: An Integration of Depth from Motion and Stereo
* Design and Evaluation of a Multistage Object Detection Approach
* Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Spill Cleaning Robotic System
* Designing a Deer Detection System Using a Multistage Classification Approach
* Designing Vision Systems for Robotic Applications
* Detecting moving shadows: algorithms and evaluation
* Detection and localization with multi-scale models
* Detection of Objects in High Resolution Multispectral Aerial Images
* Detection of U.S. Traffic Signs
* Developing Robotic Systems with Multiple Sensors
* Developing Sensor-based Tele-Robotic Systems using Virtual Reality Concepts
* Developing Sensor-Driven Robots for Hazardous Environments
* Development of Distortion-Invariant Texture Operators
* Drive Analysis Using Vehicle Dynamics and Vision-Based Lane Semantics
* Driver Behavior and Situation Aware Brake Assistance for Intelligent Vehicles
* Dynamic Context Capture and Distributed Video Arrays for Intelligent Spaces
* Dynamic Panoramic Surround Map: Motivation and Omni Video Based Approach
* Dynamic Probabilistic Drivability Maps for Lane Change and Merge Driver Assistance
* Edge Segment Based Stereo Analysis
* Efficient Lane and Vehicle Detection with Integrated Synergies (ELVIS)
* Embedded Computing Framework for Vision-Based Real-Time Surround Threat Analysis and Driver Assistance
* Evaluating Image Metrics for Target Discrimination using Psychophysical Experiments
* Experiments in Active Vision with Real and Virtual Robot Heads
* Extracting Depth by Binocular Stereo in a Robot Vision System
* Face Expression Recognition by Cross Modal Data Association
* Facial Action Coding Using Multiple Visual Cues and a Hierarchy of Particle Filters
* Fast and Robust Object Detection Using Visual Subcategories
* Fast Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for Mobile Robots
* Gabor vs. Circular Mellin Fuction Based Approaches for Texture Segmentation
* General Active-Learning Framework for On-Road Vehicle Recognition and Tracking, A
* Generalized Multiple Baseline Stereo and Direct Virtual View Synthesis Using Range-Space Search, Match, and Render
* Geometric Modeling and Recognition of Elongated Regions in Aerial Images
* Go with the Flow: Improving Multi-view Vehicle Detection with Motion Cues
* Graph Matching Using a Direct Classification of Node Attendance
* Guest Editorial Introducing Perception, Planning, and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles
* Hand Gesture Recognition in Real Time for Automotive Interfaces: A Multimodal Vision-Based Approach and Evaluations
* Hand modeling and tracking from voxel data: An integrated framework with automatic initialization
* Head and gaze dynamics in visual attention and context learning
* Head Dynamic Analysis: A Multi-view Framework
* Head Pose Estimation and Augmented Reality Tracking: An Integrated System and Evaluation for Monitoring Driver Awareness
* Head Pose Estimation in Computer Vision: A Survey
* Head, Eye, and Hand Patterns for Driver Activity Recognition
* Hidden Hands: Tracking Hands with an Occlusion Aware Tracker
* Hierarchical audio-visual cue integration framework for activity analysis in intelligent meeting rooms
* High frequency component compensation based super-resolution algorithm for face video enhancement
* High-Speed Extraction of 3D Structure of Selectable Quality Using a Translating Camera
* Holistic Sensing and Active Displays for Intelligent Driver Support Systems
* Homography-based Analysis of People and Vehicle Activities in Crowded Scenes
* Human Body Model Acquisition and Motion Capture Using Voxel Data
* Human Body Model Acquisition and Tracking Using Voxel Data
* Human body modelling and tracking using volumetric representation: Selected recent studies and possibilities for extensions
* Human movement capture and analysis in intelligent environments
* Human posture estimation using voxel data for smart airbag systems: issues and framework
* Hybrid Cone-Cylinder Codebook Model for Foreground Detection with Shadow and Highlight Suppression
* Identification of Unique Objects in High Resolution Aerial Images
* Image Analysis Applications
* Image Clutter Characterization for Object Detection in High Clutter Images
* Image Processing and Analysis
* Improved Vehicle Classification in Long Traffic Video by Cooperating Tracker and Classifier Modules
* Incorporating Map Information in Object Detection
* Incorporating Spectral and Spatial Knowledge in the Identification of Unique Objects in High Resolution Aerial Images
* Integrated Detection, Tracking, and Recognition of Faces with Omnivideo Array in Intelligent Environments
* Integrated Lane and Vehicle Detection, Localization, and Tracking: A Synergistic Approach
* Integrated Mobile Robotic System for Environmental Mapping and Object Localization, An
* integrated surveillance system: human tracking and view synthesis using multiple omni-directional vision sensors, An
* Integrated System for Active Exploration Using Contact and Non-Contact Sensors, An
* Integrated Vision System for Object Identification and Localization Using 3-D Geometrical Models
* integrated, robust approach to lane marking detection and lane tracking, An
* Intelligent Environments and Active Camera Networks
* Intelligent Robotic Systems
* Intelligent Robots: Control and Cooperation
* International Symposium on Intelligent Robotics
* Joint Angles Similarities and HOG2 for Action Recognition
* Lane Change Intent Analysis Using Robust Operators and Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Learning and Classification of Trajectories in Dynamic Scenes: A General Framework for Live Video Analysis
* Learning multi-lane trajectories using vehicle-based vision
* Learning to detect traffic signs: Comparative evaluation of synthetic and real-world datasets
* Learning to Detect Vehicles by Clustering Appearance Patterns
* Learning trajectory patterns by clustering: Experimental studies and comparative evaluation
* Learning, Modeling, and Classification of Vehicle Track Patterns from Live Video
* Localized Radon Transform-Based Detection of Linear Features in Noisy Images
* Long-Term Multi-Cue Tracking of Hands in Vehicles
* Looking at Pedestrians at Different Scales: A Multiresolution Approach and Evaluations
* Looking at Vehicles on the Road: A Survey of Vision-Based Vehicle Detection, Tracking, and Behavior Analysis
* Looking-In and Looking-Out of a Vehicle: Computer-Vision-Based Enhanced Vehicle Safety
* Low-level Segmentation of Aerial Images Using Fuzzy Clustering
* Measurement Techniques for Spectral Characterization for Remote Sensing
* Mobile Robot Navigation by Wall Following Using a Rotating Ultrasonic Scanner
* Modeling and prediction of driver behavior by foot gesture analysis
* Monitoring Dynamically Changing Environments by Ubiquitous Vision System
* Motion and Depth Perception using Spatio Temporal Frequency Analysis
* Motion based vehicle surround analysis using an omni-directional camera
* Motion Control of a Mobile Vehicle Travelling in a Convoy Using Fuzzy Logic
* Motion Estimation using Spatiotemporal Frequency Channels
* Motion perception using spatiotemporal frequency analysis
* Moving Shadow and Object Detection in Traffic Scenes
* Multi-person interaction and activity analysis: A synergistic track- and body-level analysis framework
* Multi-Primitive Hierarchical (MPH) Stereo System
* Multi-scale volumes for deep object detection and localization
* Multi-spectral and multi-perspective video arrays for driver body tracking and activity analysis
* Multi-view Video Analysis of Humans and Vehicles in an Unconstrained Environment
* multimodal approach for dynamic event capture of vehicles and pedestrians, A
* Multimodal Voxelization and Kinematically Constrained Gaussian Mixture Models for Full Hand Pose Estimation: An Integrated Systems Approach
* Multipart Vehicle Detection Using Symmetry-Derived Analysis and Active Learning
* Multiperspective Thermal IR and Video Arrays for 3D Body Tracking and Driver Activity Analysis
* Multirobot convoying using neuro-fuzzy control
* Multispectral Approach to Remote Detection of Deer, A
* multiview, multimodal fusion framework for classifying small marine animals with an opto-acoustic imaging system, A
* Mutual information based registration of multimodal stereo videos for person tracking
* N-Ocular Stereo for Real-Time Human Tracking
* N-tree Disjoint-Set Forests for Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
* Neural Network Filter to Detect Small Targets in High-Clutter Backgrounds, A
* Novel Active Heads-Up Display for Driver Assistance, A
* Novel concepts and challenges for the next generation of video surveillance systems
* Novel Graphical Simulation Environment for Integrated Sensory-Motor Systems, A
* Novel Multiple Wide-Baseline Stereo Approach for Target Ranging
* Novel Unsupervised Multiresolution Texture Segmentation Approach, A
* Object Detection Based on Gray Level Cooccurrence
* Object Detection by Step-Wise Analysis of Spectral, Spatial, and Topographic Features
* Object Detection in High Resolution Multispectral Images
* Object Detection Using Their Multispectral Characteristics
* Object Recognition and Pose Determination in Multi Sensor Robotic Systems
* Occupant posture analysis using reflectance and stereo image for smart airbag deployment
* Omnidirectional image-based modeling: three approaches to approximated plenoptic representations
* On Color-, Infrared-, and Multimodal-Stereo Approaches to Pedestrian Detection
* On Enhancing Lane Estimation Using Contextual Cues
* On Extending Capabilities of a Robotic Vision System
* On Integrating Depth from Motion and Stereo Approaches
* On looking at faces in an automobile: Issues, algorithms and evaluation on naturalistic driving dataset
* On Making Computers See
* On Performance Evaluation Metrics for Lane Estimation
* On surveillance for safety critical events: In-vehicle video networks for predictive driver assistance systems
* On the Roles of Eye Gaze and Head Dynamics in Predicting Driver's Intent to Change Lanes
* Ongoing work on traffic lights: Detection and evaluation
* Panoramic Appearance Map (PAM) for Multi-camera Based Person Re-identification
* Parametric ego-motion estimation for vehicle surround analysis using an omnidirectional camera
* Part-Based Pedestrian Detection and Feature-Based Tracking for Driver Assistance: Real-Time, Robust Algorithms, and Evaluation
* Particle filtering with rendered models: A two pass approach to multi-object 3D tracking with the GPU
* Pedestrian Protection Systems: Issues, Survey, and Challenges
* Performance Characterization for Gaussian Mixture Model Based Motion Detection Algorithms
* Person Surveillance Using Visual and Infrared Imagery
* Person tracking and reidentification: Introducing Panoramic Appearance Map (PAM) for feature representation
* Person Tracking with Audio-Visual Cues Using the Iterative Decoding Framework
* Pose invariant affect analysis using thin-plate splines
* Power Is in Your Hands: 3D Analysis of Hand Gestures in Naturalistic Video, The
* Preparatory coordination of head, eyes and hands: Experimental study at intersections
* Psychophysical Experiments for Evaluating a Selected Image Clutter Measures
* Quantitative Characterization of Image Clutter: Problems, Progress, and Promises
* Radon Transform based Ship-Wake Detection
* Range Image Based Object Detection and Localization for HERMIES III Mobile Robot
* Range-Space Approach for Generalized Multiple Baseline Stereo and Direct Virtual View Synthesis
* Reactive Locomotion Control of a Tracked Mobile Manipulator
* Real and Virtual Robot Head for Active Vision Research, A
* Real-Time Range Image Segmentation Using Adaptive Kernels and Kalman Filtering
* Real-Time Target Localization and Tracking by N-Ocular Stereo
* Real-Time Video-Based Traffic Measurement and Visualization System for Energy/Emissions
* Reconfigurable omnidirectional camera array calibration with a linear moving object
* REFLICS: Real-time Flow Imaging and Classification System
* Region and Edge Segment Based Stereo Analysis
* Region-Based Stereo Analysis for Robotic Applications
* Regression Model in Tensor PCA Subspace for Face Image Super-resolution Reconstruction, A
* Representation and Recognition of Elongated Regions in Aerial Images
* Residual Uncertainty in 3-Dimensional Reconstruction Using 2-Planes Calibration and Stereo Methods
* Resolution enhancement by AdaBoost
* ROBOSIGHT: Robotic Vision System for Inspection and Manipulation
* Robust real-time detection, tracking, and pose estimation of faces in video streams
* Satellite imagery based adaptive background models and shadow suppression
* SAVIC: A Simulation, Visualization, and Interactive Control Environment for Mobile Robots
* Scene Analysis of High Resolution Aerial Scenes
* Segmentation of a High-Resolution Urban Scene Using Texture Operators
* Segmentation of a Thematic Mapper Image Using the Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithms
* Selected Papers on Digital Image Processing
* Sensor-Driven Intelligent Robotics
* Signal Processing for Smart Vehicle Technologies
* Signal Processing for Smart Vehicle Technologies: Part 2
* Simulation and Animation of Sensor-Driven Robots
* Simulation and Graphical Interface for Programming, Operation, and Interactive Control of Sensor-based Robots
* Simulation and Visualization of Integrated Sensory-Motor Systems
* Special Issue on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics: Assistive Solutions for Mobility, Communication and HMI
* Special issue on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics: Part I
* Speech Emotion Analysis in Noisy Real-World Environment
* Streaming face recognition using multicamera video arrays
* Studies in Robust Approaches to Object Detection in High Clutter Background
* Survey of Vision-Based Trajectory Learning and Analysis for Surveillance, A
* Tactile Sensory Analysis for Robotic Applications
* Target Ranging Using Passive Sensing Approaches
* Task Planner for Sensor-Based Inspection and Manipulation Robots, A
* Task Planning and Action Coordination in Integrated Sensor-Based Robots
* Texture Operators in Segmentation
* Texture Perception in Humans and Computers: Models and Psychophysical Experiments
* Texture segmentation using circular-Mellin operators
* Three-Dimensional Sensing, Graphics, and Interactive Control in a Human-Machine System for Decontamination and Decommissioning Applications
* To boost or not to boost? On the limits of boosted trees for object detection
* Toward Privacy-Protecting Safety Systems for Naturalistic Driving Videos
* Towards Semantic Understanding of Surrounding Vehicular Maneuvers: A Panoramic Vision-Based Framework for Real-World Highway Studies
* Towards Tactile Sensor-Based Exploration in Robotic Environment
* track-based human movement analysis and privacy protection system adaptive to environmental contexts, A
* Tracking of Individuals in Very Long Video Sequences
* Traffic Light Detection at Night: Comparison of a Learning-Based Detector and Three Model-Based Detectors
* Trajectory Learning for Activity Understanding: Unsupervised, Multilevel, and Long-Term Adaptive Approach
* two-stage head pose estimation framework and evaluation, A
* Two-stage Multi-view Analysis Framework for Human Activity and Interactions, A
* Understanding human interactions with track and body synergies (TBS) captured from multiple views
* Use of Texture Operators in Image Segmentation
* Vehicle Detection by Independent Parts for Urban Driver Assistance
* Vehicle Mounted Wide FOV Stereo for Traffic and Pedestrian Detection
* Vehicle Surround Capture: Survey of Techniques and a Novel Omni-Video-Based Approach for Dynamic Panoramic Surround Maps
* Vehicle wheel detector using 2D filter banks
* Versatile Multi-Modal System for Surface Profile Measurements Using a Wrist-Mounted Laser Device
* Video and Seismic Sensor-Based Structural Health Monitoring: Framework, Algorithms, and Implementation
* Video arrays for real-time tracking of person, head, and face in an intelligent room
* Video-based lane estimation and tracking for driver assistance: Survey, system, and evaluation
* Vision for Looking at Traffic Lights: Issues, Survey, and Perspectives
* Vision on Wheels: Looking at Driver, Vehicle, and Surround for On-Road Maneuver Analysis
* Vision System for Robotic Inspection and Manipulation, A
* Vision-Based Infotainment User Determination by Hand Recognition for Driver Assistance
* Vision-Based Lane Analysis: Exploration of Issues and Approaches for Embedded Realization
* Vision-Based Traffic Sign Detection and Analysis for Intelligent Driver Assistance Systems: Perspectives and Survey
* Visual Servoing using Correlation Filters
* What makes an on-road object important?
Includes: Trivedi, M.M.[Mohan M.] Trivedi, M.M. Trivedi, M.M.[Mohan Manubhai] Trivedi, M.M.[Moham M.]
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Trivedi, N. Co Author Listing * Decision fusion for robust horizon estimation using Dempster Shafer Combination Rule

Trivedi, S. Co Author Listing * Polarization Imaging for crystallographic orientation of large mercurous halide crystals

Trivedi, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Lossless Compression of Satellite Image Sets Using Spatial Area Overlap Compensation

Trivedi, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Class of Robust Image-Processors, A

Trivino, G.[Gracian] Co Author Listing * Application of the computational theory of perceptions to human gait pattern recognition

Triyar, J.[Jyoti] Co Author Listing * Iris Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Relational Measures

Trizio, I. Co Author Listing * Architectural Information System SIArch3D-Univaq for Analysis and Preservation of Architectural Heritage, The

Trizzino, R. Co Author Listing * Experiences Of UAV Surveys Applied To Environmental Risk Management
* Management of Environmental Risks in Coastal Areas

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