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Trueba Santander, J.I. Co Author Listing * Efficient multispectral texture segmentation using multivariate statistics
* Hypothesis Testing for Coarse Region Estimation and Stable Point Determination Applied to Markovian Texture Segmentation
Includes: Trueba Santander, J.I. Trueba-Santander, J.I.

Truehaft, M.A. Co Author Listing * Description of a System for Transmission of Line Drawings with Bandwidth-Time Compression

Truelove, M.[Marie] Co Author Listing * Identifying Witness Accounts from Social Media Using Imagery

Truelsen, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Content-Aware Video Editing in the Temporal Domain
Includes: Truelsen, R.[Rene] Truelsen, R.[René]

Trueman, S.J.[Stephen J.] Co Author Listing * Rapid Determination of Nutrient Concentrations in Hass Avocado Fruit by Vis/NIR Hyperspectral Imaging of Flesh or Skin

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