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Tu, C. Co Author Listing * 3-D robust range feature extraction tool for industrial automation applications, A
* Adaptive Labeling For Hash Code Learning Via Neural Networks
* DAVD-Net: Deep Audio-Aided Video Decompression of Talking Heads
* Dominance-Based Ranking Functions for Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
* Equivalent Scanning Network of Unpadded CNNs
* Error Resilient Pre/Post-Filtering for DCT-Based Block Coding Systems
* How to make local image features more efficient and distinctive
* Super Diffusion for Salient Object Detection
* Synthesizing Training Images for Boosting Human 3D Pose Estimation
* Time-varying Surface Appearance: Acquisition, Modeling, and Rendering
* Undersampled Boundary Pre-/Postfilters for Low Bit-Rate DCT-Based Block Coders
* Wiener Filter-Based Error Resilient Time-Domain Lapped Transform
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Tu, C.H.[Chang He] Co Author Listing * Classification of gait anomalies from kinect
* Continuous Collision Detection between Two 2-D Curved-Edge Polygons under Rational Motions
* Dynamic 3D facial expression modeling using Laplacian smooth and multi-scale mesh matching
* Evaluating The Novel Methods On Species Distribution Modeling In Complex Forest
* Foreword to the special issue of CAD/Graphics 2011
* GPU-Based Algorithm for Building Stochastic Clustered-Dot Screens, A
* survey and analysis on automatic image annotation, A
* Unsupervised Learning of Intrinsic Structural Representation Points
* View synthesis using foreground object extraction for disparity control and image inpainting
Includes: Tu, C.H.[Chang He] Tu, C.H.[Chang-He] Tu, C.H. Tu, C.H.[Cong-Huan]
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Tu, C.J.[Cheng Jie] Co Author Listing * Adaptive runlength coding
* Context-based entropy coding of block transform coefficients for image compression
* Improved hybrid layered image compression using deep learning and traditional codecs
* Multiple Description Coding With Prediction Compensation
* Multiple Description Image Coding with Prediction Compensation
* On context-based entropy coding of block transform coefficients
* Optimal Block Boundary Pre/Postfiltering for Wavelet-Based Image and Video Compression
* Over-sampled and under-sampled Pre/post-filters for block DCT coders
Includes: Tu, C.J.[Cheng Jie] Tu, C.J.[Cheng-Jie]
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Tu, C.L.[Chun Ling] Co Author Listing * Collinear Segment Detection Using HT Neighborhoods
* Detecting Straight Line Segments Using a Triangular Neighborhood
* Hough Space Feature for Vehicle Detection, A
* Image Representation in Differential Space
* Improved Hough Transform Neighborhood Map for Straight Line Segments, An
* Parallel Curves Detection Using Multi-agent System
* Super Resolution Algorithm to Improve the Hough Transform, A
Includes: Tu, C.L.[Chun Ling] Tu, C.L.[Chun-Ling]
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Tu, C.T.[Ching Ting] Co Author Listing * Automatic Location of Facial Feature Points and Synthesis of Facial Sketches Using Direct Combined Model
* Facial Occlusion Reconstruction: Recovering Both the Global Structure and the Local Detailed Texture Components
* Facial Sketch Synthesis Using 2D Direct Combined Model-Based Face-Specific Markov Network
* new approach for face hallucination based on a two-dimensional direct combined model, A
* Robust face hallucination using ensemble of feature-based regression functions and classifiers
Includes: Tu, C.T.[Ching Ting] Tu, C.T.[Ching-Ting]

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