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Tu, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Activity Sequence-Based Indoor Pedestrian Localization Using Smartphones
* ALIMC: Activity Landmark-Based Indoor Mapping via Crowdsourcing
* Comparison Of Urban Human Movements Inferring From Multi-source Spatial-temporal Data
* Deep learning-based remote and social sensing data fusion for urban region function recognition
* Homologous Component Analysis for Domain Adaptation
* Integrating Aerial and Street View Images for Urban Land Use Classification
* Learning Superpixels with Segmentation-Aware Affinity Loss
* Multi-Objective Emergency Material Vehicle Dispatching and Routing under Dynamic Constraints in an Earthquake Disaster Environment
* Novel Spatial-Temporal Voronoi Diagram-Based Heuristic Approach for Large-Scale Vehicle Routing Optimization with Time Constraints, A
* Optimizing Mixed Pedestrian-Vehicle Evacuation via Adaptive Network Reconfiguration
* PCDRN: Progressive Cascade Deep Residual Network for Pansharpening
* Portraying Urban Functional Zones by Coupling Remote Sensing Imagery and Human Sensing Data
* Profiling the Spatial Structure of London: From Individual Tweets to Aggregated Functional Zones
* Proxy-Based Reference Picture Selection for Error Resilient Conversational Video in Mobile Networks
* Resolving Surface Displacements in Shenzhen of China from Time Series InSAR
* Segmentation of Lesion in Dermoscopy Images Using Dense-Residual Network with Adversarial Learning
* Tracking and Simulating Pedestrian Movements at Intersections Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Vehicle Re-identification with the Space-Time Prior
Includes: Tu, W.[Wei] Tu, W.
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Tu, W.C. Co Author Listing * Constant time bilateral filtering for color images
* Efficient natural color image denoising based on guided filter
* Fast video super-resolution via approximate nearest neighbor search
* FormNet: Formatted Learning for Image Restoration
* FormResNet: Formatted Residual Learning for Image Restoration
* Optimized Regressor Forest for Image Super-Resolution
* Real-Time Salient Object Detection with a Minimum Spanning Tree
* SRIANN: Sphere Ring Intersection for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search in Videos
Includes: Tu, W.C. Tu, W.C.[Wei-Chih]
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Tu, W.P.[Wei Ping] Co Author Listing * 3D Sound Field Reproduction at Non Central Point for NHK 22.2 System
* Adaptive Multichannel Reduction Using Convex Polyhedral Loudspeaker Array
* Azimuthal Perceptual Resolution Model Based Adaptive 3D Spatial Parameter Coding
* Frame-Independent and Parallel Method for 3D Audio Real-Time Rendering on Mobile Devices
* Perceptual Characteristics of 3D Orientation, The
* RNN-Based Speech-Music Discrimination Used for Hybrid Audio Coder, An
Includes: Tu, W.P.[Wei Ping] Tu, W.P.[Wei-Ping]

Tu, W.T.[Wen Ting] Co Author Listing * Dynamical ensemble learning with model-friendly classifiers for domain adaptation
* Personalized location recommendation by aggregating multiple recommenders in diversity
Includes: Tu, W.T.[Wen Ting] Tu, W.T.[Wen-Ting]

Tu, W.W.[Wei Wei] Co Author Listing * Towards automated computer vision: analysis of the AutoCV challenges 2019
Includes: Tu, W.W.[Wei Wei] Tu, W.W.[Wei-Wei]

Tu, W.X.[Wen Xuan] Co Author Listing * Context-Integrated and Feature-Refined Network for Lightweight Object Parsing
Includes: Tu, W.X.[Wen Xuan] Tu, W.X.[Wen-Xuan]

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