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Tu, Y. Co Author Listing * Effect of Display Technology on the Crosstalk Perception in Stereoscopic Video Content
* Perceptual Evaluation of Sub-Pixel Rendering in a Four-Primary Display System
* Prediction Defaults for Networked-guarantee Loans
* Regional Mapping of Essential Urban Land Use Categories in China: A Segmentation-Based Approach
* STAT: Spatial-Temporal Attention Mechanism for Video Captioning
* Unconstrained Flood Event Detection Using Adversarial Data Augmentation
Includes: Tu, Y. Tu, Y.[Yan] Tu, Y.[Ying]

Tu, Y.F.[Yu Fang] Co Author Listing * Case Study of Digital Preservation of Motion Capture for Ba Jia Jiang Performance, Taiwan Religious Performing Arts, A
Includes: Tu, Y.F.[Yu Fang] Tu, Y.F.[Yu-Fang]

Tu, Y.H.[Yu Hsuan] Co Author Listing * Assessing Radiometric Correction Approaches for Multi-Spectral UAS Imagery for Horticultural Applications
* Dual subspace nonnegative matrix factorization for person-invariant facial expression recognition
* Measuring Canopy Structure and Condition Using Multi-Spectral UAS Imagery in a Horticultural Environment
* Optimising drone flight planning for measuring horticultural tree crop structure
Includes: Tu, Y.H.[Yu Hsuan] Tu, Y.H.[Yu-Hsuan] Tu, Y.H.[Yi-Han]

Tu, Y.K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Rate-Distortion Estimation for H.264/AVC Coders
* Fast variable-size block motion estimation for efficient H.264/AVC encoding
* Rate-Distortion Modeling for Efficient H.264/AVC Encoding
Includes: Tu, Y.K. Tu, Y.K.[Yu-Kuang]

Tu, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Co Author Listing * FFT-based fast melody comparison method for query-by-singing/humming systems, An
Includes: Tu, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Tu, Y.M.[Yu-Ming]

Tu, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Storage-Constrained and Entropy-Constrained Classified Vector Quantization

Tu, Y.T.[Yin Tien] Co Author Listing * Classification of Machine Printed and Handwritten Texts Using Character Block Layout Variance
Includes: Tu, Y.T.[Yin Tien] Tu, Y.T.[Yin-Tien]

Tu, Y.X.[Yi Xuan] Co Author Listing * Estimating Fractional Vegetation Cover From Landsat-7 ETM Reflectance Data Based on a Coupled Radiative Transfer and Crop Growth Model
Includes: Tu, Y.X.[Yi Xuan] Tu, Y.X.[Yi-Xuan]

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