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Vecsei, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Barrel-Type Distortion Compensated Fourier Feature Extraction
* Boosting Small-Data Performance of LBP: A Case Study in Celiac Disease Diagnosis
* Classification of Endoscopic Images Using Delaunay Triangulation-Based Edge Features
* CNN transfer learning for the automated diagnosis of celiac disease
* Complex Wavelet Transform Variants in a Scale Invariant Classification of Celiac Disease
* Computer-assisted pit-pattern classification in different wavelet domains for supporting dignity assessment of colonic polyps
* Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for the Automated Diagnosis of Celiac Disease
* Degradation Adaptive Texture Classification: A Case Study in Celiac Disease Diagnosis Brings New Insight
* Distortion Adaptive Image Classification: An Alternative to Barrel-Type Distortion Correction
* Endoscopic Image Classification Using Edge-Based Features
* Feature Extraction with Intrinsic Distortion Correction in Celiac Disease Imagery: No Need for Rasterization
* Fully-Automated CNN-Based Computer Aided Celiac Disease Diagnosis
* Getting one step closer to fully automatized celiac disease diagnosis
* Incorporating human knowledge in automated celiac disease diagnosis
* Is a Precise Distortion Estimation Needed for Computer Aided Celiac Disease Diagnosis?
* Predicting the histology of colorectal lesions in a probabilistic framework
* Quality Based Information Fusion in Fully Automatized Celiac Disease Diagnosis
* Shape Curvature Histogram: A Shape Feature for Celiac Disease Diagnosis
Includes: Vecsei, A.[Andreas] Vécsei, A.[Andreas] Vécsei, A. Vecsei, A.
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