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Vesa, L.[Lauri] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Forest Stand Characteristics Using Spectral Histograms Derived from an Ikonos Satellite Image

Vesal, S.[Sulaiman] Co Author Listing * GMM Supervectors for Limited Training Data in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification

Vesanto, V.H.[Veli Heikki] Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of narrowband vegetation indices to boreal forest LAI, reflectance seasonality and species composition
Includes: Vesanto, V.H.[Veli Heikki] Vesanto, V.H.[Veli-Heikki]

Veschkens, M. Co Author Listing * Spatial Data Uncertainty in a WebGIS Tool Supporting Sediments Management in Wallonia

Vesco, A. Co Author Listing * Optimized H.264 Video Encoding and Packetization for Video Transmission Over Pipeline Forwarding Networks

Vescoukis, V.[Vassilios] Co Author Listing * Applying OGC Standards to Develop a Land Surveying Measurement Model

Vese, L.[Luminita] Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial: Shape Analysis Beyond the Eikonal Equation
* Registration for 3D Morphological Comparison of Brain Aneurysm Growth
* Technique for Lung Nodule Candidate Detection in CT Using Global Minimization Methods, A
* Unified Variational Volume Registration Method Based on Automatically Learned Brain Structures, A

Vese, L.A. Co Author Listing * 3D shape from anistropic diffusion
* active contour model without edges, An
* Active Contours with Free Endpoints
* Active contours without edges
* Active Contours without Edges for Vector-Valued Images
* Cartoon+Texture Image Decomposition
* Color Image Restoration Using Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Regularizers
* Combined Segmentation and Registration Framework with a Nonlinear Elasticity Smoother, A
* convex minimization model in image restoration via one-dimensional Sobolev norm profiles, A
* Dual Norm Based Iterative Methods for Image Restoration
* EM+TV Based Reconstruction for Cone-Beam CT with Reduced Radiation
* Energy Minimization Based Segmentation and Denoising Using a Multilayer Level Set Approach
* Fast Cartoon + Texture Image Filters
* Guest Editorial, Special Issue Introduction
* Image decomposition, image restoration, and texture modeling using total variation minimization and the H-1 norm
* Image Denoising and Decomposition with Total Variation Minimization and Oscillatory Functions
* Image filling-in in a decomposition space
* Image Restoration Using One-Dimensional Sobolev Norm Profiles of Noise and Texture
* Iterative Method with General Convex Fidelity Term for Image Restoration, An
* Level Set Algorithm for minimizing the Mumford-Shah functional in Image Processing, A
* Linear and non-linear geometric object matching with implicit representation
* Mathematical Modeling of Textures: Application to Color Image Decomposition with a Projected Gradient Algorithm
* Modeling Textures with Total Variation Minimization and Oscillating Patterns in Image Processing
* Multiframe image restoration in the presence of noisy blur kernel
* Multiphase Level Set Framework for Image Segmentation Using the Mumford and Shah Model, A
* Multiphase Segmentation of Deformation using Logarithmic Priors
* New Framework for Object Warping: A Semi-Lagrangian Level Set Approach, A
* Nonlinear Elasticity Registration and Sobolev Gradients
* Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Regularizers for Color Image Restoration
* Nonlocal Variational Image Deblurring Models in the Presence of Gaussian or Impulse Noise
* phi,phi*) Image Decomposition Models and Minimization Algorithms
* Projected Gradient Based Color Image Decomposition
* Segmentation using the edge strength function as a shape prior within a local deformation model
* Self-Repelling Snakes for Topology-Preserving Segmentation Models
* Shape Representation based on Integral Kernels: Application to Image Matching and Segmentation
* simple boundary reinforcement technique for segmentation without prior, A
* Simultaneous structure and texture image inpainting
* variational method in image recovery, A
* Variational Model for the Restoration of MR Images Corrupted by Blur and Rician Noise, A
* Variational PDE models in image processing
Includes: Vese, L.A. Vese, L.A.[Luminita A.]
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Vesely, S. Co Author Listing * automatic 3D CT/PET segmentation framework for bone marrow proliferation assessment, An

Vesely, S.K. Co Author Listing * Towards automatic 3D bone marrow segmentation

Vesin, J.M.[Jean Marc] Co Author Listing * Implicit retrieval of salient images using Brain Computer Interface
* Intrusion Detection Using Extraction of Moving Edges
* Rank-order polynomial subband decomposition for medical image compression
* Subject-Independent Odor Pleasantness Classification Using Brain and Peripheral Signals
Includes: Vesin, J.M.[Jean Marc] Vesin, J.M.[Jean-Marc] Vesin, J.M.

Vesnicer, B. Co Author Listing * Beyond parametric score normalisation in biometric verification systems
* Non-parametric score normalization for biometric verification systems

Vesom, G.[Grace] Co Author Listing * Pixel-wise motion detection in persistent aerial video surveillance

Vespa, P.M.[Paul M.] Co Author Listing * Modeling 4D pathological changes by leveraging normative models

Vespe, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Costa Concordia last cruise: The first application of high frequency monitoring based on COSMO-SkyMed constellation for wreck removal, The
* SAR Image Quality Assessment and Indicators for Vessel and Oil Spill Detection
Includes: Vespe, M.[Michele] Vespe, M.

Vesselle, H. Co Author Listing * PET-CT image registration in the chest using free-form deformations

Vesselova, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Image sequence geolocation with human travel priors

Vestena, K.M. Co Author Listing * Weighted Closed-form Solution for RGB-D Data Registration, A

Vester Christensen, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Comparison of sparse point distribution models
* Surface-to-Surface Registration Using Level Sets
Includes: Vester Christensen, M.[Martin] Vester-Christensen, M.[Martin]

Vester, K. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison

Vesterbaek, J.[Jeppe] Co Author Listing * Coherent radiance capture of scenes under changing illumination conditions for relighting applications

Vestergaard, J.S.[Jacob Schack] Co Author Listing * Canonical information analysis
* Change detection in bi-temporal data by canonical information analysis
* HEp-2 Cell Classification Using Shape Index Histograms With Donut-Shaped Spatial Pooling
* Pipeline for Tracking Neural Progenitor Cells
Includes: Vestergaard, J.S.[Jacob Schack] Vestergaard, J.S. Vestergaard, J.S.[Jacob S.]

Vestias, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-GNSS Receiver for Aerospace Navigation and Positioning Applications
Includes: Vestias, M. Véstias, M.

Vestner, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Dense Non-rigid Shape Correspondence Using Random Forests
* Optimal Intrinsic Descriptors for Non-Rigid Shape Analysis
* Product Manifold Filter: Non-rigid Shape Correspondence via Kernel Density Estimation in the Product Space

Vestri, C. Co Author Listing * 3D parking assistant system
* Improving Correlation-based DEMs by Image Warping and Facade Correlation
* Using range data in automatic modeling of buildings
* Using Robust Methods for Automatic Extraction of Buildings
Includes: Vestri, C. Vestri, C.[Christoph] Vestri, C.[Christophe]

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