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Viada, P. Co Author Listing * Identifying and understanding tabular material in compound documents

Viaene, S. Co Author Listing * Wrapped Feature Selection by Means of Guided Neural Network Optimisation

Vial, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Optimization for Plasmon-Assisted Lithography

Vial, J.F. Co Author Listing * Coding Algorithm with Region-Based Motion Compensation
* Motion compensated subband coding schemes for compatible high definition TV coding

Vial, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * TORNADO: A Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Regression Network for Video Action Proposal

Viala, M. Co Author Listing * Do we really need an accurate calibration pattern to achieve a reliable camera calibration?
* Method Designed for Trihedron Localization in a Textured Environment, A

Vialard, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * 10th International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery: Discrete topology and geometry for image and object representation
* Centerlines of Tubular Volumes Based on Orthogonal Plane Estimation
* Discrete Deformable Boundaries for the Segmentation of Multidimensional Images
* Euclidean Paths: A New Representation of Boundary of Discrete Regions
* Fast, accurate and convergent tangent estimation on digital contours
* Improving curve skeletons of tubular volumes
* New Antialiasing Approach for Image Compositing, A
* Precise Cross-Section Estimation on Tubular Organs
* Quality Evaluation of Ancient Digitized Documents for Binarization Prediction
* Quality evaluation of degraded document images for binarization result prediction
* Visual graph analysis for quality assessment of manually labelled documents image database
Includes: Vialard, A.[Anne] Vialard, A.
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Vialard, F.X.[Francois Xavier] Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic 3D Image Registration via Geodesic Shooting Using an Efficient Adjoint Calculation
* Diffeomorphic Atlas Estimation using Geodesic Shooting on Volumetric Images
* Geodesics on Shape Spaces with Bounded Variation and Sobolev Metrics
* Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Registration Using Fine and Coarse Strategies
* Simultaneous Multi-scale Registration Using Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping
Includes: Vialard, F.X.[Francois Xavier] Vialard, F.X.[François-Xavier]

Viale, M. Co Author Listing * GReTA-A Novel Global and Recursive Tracking Algorithm in Three Dimensions

Viallefont, F.[Francoise] Co Author Listing * Copernicus Sentinel-2A Calibration and Products Validation Status
* Preliminary Results Of The Comparison Of Satellite Imagers Using Tuz GÖlÜ As A Reference Standard
Includes: Viallefont, F.[Francoise] Viallefont, F.[Françoise] Viallefont, F.

Viallet, J.E.[Jean Emanuel] Co Author Listing * conditional mixture of neural networks for face detection, applied to locating and tracking an individual speaker, A
* Face Detection for Video Summaries
* Fast and Accurate Face Detector Based on Neural Networks, A
* Fast and Accurate Face Detector for Indexation of Face Images, A
* Hand Gesture recognition using Input-Output Hidden Markov Models
* LISTEN: a system for locating and tracking individual speakers
* MULTRAK: a system for automatic multiperson localization and tracking in real-time
* Panorama: A What I See Is What I Want Contactless Visual Interface
* Tracking Body Parts of Multiple People for Multi-person Multimodal Interface
Includes: Viallet, J.E.[Jean Emanuel] Viallet, J.E.[Jean-Emanuel] Viallet, J.E.[Jean Emmanuel] Viallet, J.E.[Jean-Emmanuel] Viallet, J.E.
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Viallon, M. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Cardiac Motion Effects on the Fiber Architecture of the Human Heart In Vivo
* Automated Quantification of Myocardial Infarction Using a Hidden Markov Random Field Model and the EM Algorithm
* Free-Breathing Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Tractography of the Human Heart in Healthy Volunteers Using Wavelet-Based Image Fusion
* Nonparametric Temperature Controller With Nonlinear Negative Reaction for Multi-Point Rapid MR-Guided HIFU Ablation, A
* Reference-Free PRFS MR-Thermometry Using Near-Harmonic 2-D Reconstruction of the Background Phase

Vian, J. Co Author Listing * Cooperative avoidance control for UAVs

Viana, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing in Human Health: A 10-Year Bibliometric Analysis
Includes: Viana, J.[Joao] Viana, J.[João]

Viana, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Supervised Biometric System Using Multimodal Compression Scheme

Viana, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Demographic Classification Using Skin RGB Albedo Image Analysis

Viana, M.P. Co Author Listing * Fast CNN-Based Document Layout Analysis

Viana, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Multi-VMap: A Multi-Scale Model for Vector Maps
* SVM with Stochastic Parameter Selection for Bovine Leather Defect Classification
Includes: Viana, R.[Raquel] Viaña, R.[Raquel] Viana, R.[Roberto]

Viana, W. Co Author Listing * Mobile Photo Recommendation and Logbook Generation Using Context-Tagged Images

Vianello, A. Co Author Listing * Depth images super-resolution: An iterative approach

Viani, F. Co Author Listing * Remote Inspection of the Structural Integrity of Engineering Structures and Materials With Passive MST Probes
* Three-dimensional electromagnetic imaging of dielectric targets by means of the multiscaling inexact-Newton method
* Wireless Architectures for Heterogeneous Sensing in Smart Home Applications: Concepts and Real Implementation
Includes: Viani, F. Viani, F.[Federico]

Vianna Baptista, M.L. Co Author Listing * Documenting a Complex Modern Heritage Building Using Multi Image Close Range Photogrammetry and 3D Laser Scanned Point Clouds

Vianna, H.[Henrique] Co Author Listing * High performance hardware architectures for the inverse Rotational Transform of the emerging HEVC standard

Viano, G.[Gianni] Co Author Listing * Database of Segmented MRI Images of the Wrist and the Hand in Patients with Rheumatic Diseases, A
* MRI Study of Bone Erosions Healing in the Wrist and Metacarpophalangeal Joints of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, An
* Novel Automatic Tool for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Quantification of Bone Erosion Scoring in Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Projective Pose Estimation of Linear and Quadratic Primitives in Monocular Computer Vision
* RheumaSCORE: A CAD System for Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis and Follow-Up
Includes: Viano, G.[Gianni] Viano, G.

Viano, G.A.[Giovanni Alberto] Co Author Listing * Inverse optical imaging viewed as a backward channel communication problem
* Probabilistic regularization in inverse optical imaging

Viarani, E. Co Author Listing * Analysis of pixel-level algorithms for video surveillance applications
* Extraction of traffic information from images at DEIS

Viard Gaudin, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Advancing the state of the art for handwritten math recognition: the CROHME competitions, 2011-2014
* analytical handwritten word recognition system with word-level discriminant training, An
* annotation assistance system using an unsupervised codebook composed of handwritten graphical multi-stroke symbols, An
* Automatic writer identification framework for online handwritten documents using character prototypes
* Combining Speech and Handwriting Modalities for Mathematical Expression Recognition
* CROHME2011: Competition on Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* Finding regions of interest in document images by planar HMM
* global learning approach for an online handwritten mathematical expression recognition system, A
* HAMEX: A Handwritten and Audio Dataset of Mathematical Expressions
* Handwritten and Audio Information Fusion for Mathematical Symbol Recognition
* ICDAR 2013 CROHME: Third International Competition on Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* ICFHR 2012 Competition on Recognition of On-Line Mathematical Expressions (CROHME 2012)
* Impact of Alphabet Knowledge on Online Writer Identification
* Impact of online handwriting recognition performance on text categorization
* Improving Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions Recognition with Contextual Modeling
* Individuality of alphabet knowledge in online writer identification
* Information Retrieval Model for Online Handwritten Script Identification
* Kalman Approach for Stroke Order Recovering from Off-Line Handwriting, A
* Language Models for Handwritten Short Message Services
* Lexicon-Based Word Recognition Using Support Vector Machine and Hidden Markov Model
* MS-TDNN with global discriminant trainings
* Multi-stroke Dynamic Time Warping Distance Based on A* Optimization, A
* N-gram and N-class models for on line handwriting recognition
* On-line hand-drawn electric circuit diagram recognition using 2D dynamic programming
* Online flowchart understanding by combining max-margin Markov random field with grammatical analysis
* Problem of Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition Evaluation, The
* Recognition-directed recovering of temporal information from handwriting images
* Reducing Annotation Workload Using a Codebook Mapping and Its Evaluation in On-Line Handwriting
* SCUT-COUCH Textline_NU: An Unconstrained Online Handwritten Chinese Text Lines Dataset
* Statistical Language Models for On-Line Handwriting Recognition
* stochastic nearest neighbor character prototype approach for online writer identification, A
* Stroke-Based Performance Metrics for Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* Subexpression and dominant symbol histograms for spatial relation classification in mathematical expressions
* Symbol Knowledge Extraction from a Simple Graphical Language
* Top-Down Online Handwritten Mathematical Expression Parsing with Graph Grammar
* Towards Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
* two-dimensional bar code reader, A
* two-stage online handwritten Chinese character segmentation algorithm based on dynamic programming, A
* Using Speech for Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition Disambiguation
* Using top n Recognition Candidates to Categorize On-line Handwritten Documents
Includes: Viard Gaudin, C.[Christian] Viard-Gaudin, C.[Christian] Viard-Gaudin, C.
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Viareggio, A. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Global and Local Motion Estimation for Videoconference Sequences

Viari, A. Co Author Listing * Searching for Flexible Repeated Patterns Using a Non-Transitive Similarity Relation

Viaris de Lesegno, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Viaris de Lesegno, P.[Patrick]: patrick viaris AT univ-paris13 fr
* Entropic Thresholding Using a Block Source Model
* Pyramidal Perceptual Filtering Using Moon and Spencer Contrast
Includes: Viaris de Lesegno, P.[Patrick] Viaris de Lesegno, P.

Viaud, M.L.[Marie Luce] Co Author Listing * Interactive components for visual exploration of multimedia archives
Includes: Viaud, M.L.[Marie Luce] Viaud, M.L.[Marie-Luce]

Viaux, S.[Sylvie] Co Author Listing * Interpersonal Synchrony: A Survey of Evaluation Methods across Disciplines

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