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Visa, A.[Ari] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Texture and Shape Based Defect Classification, An
* Adaptive Two-Stage Approach to Classification of Surface Defects, An
* Binary Co-occurrence Matrix in Image Database Indexing
* Classification method for colored natural textures using gabor filtering
* Classification of Natural Images Using Supervised and Unsupervised Classifier Combinations
* Classification of Non-Homogenous Images Using Classification Probability Vector
* Classification of non-homogenous texture images by combining classifiers
* Color Fourier Descriptor for Defect Image Retrieval
* Color-Based Classification of Natural Rock Images Using Classifier Combinations
* Comparison of Combined Shape Descriptors for Irregular Objects
* Contextual clustering for analysis of functional MRI data
* Directional Filtering for Sequential Image Analysis
* Enhanced Fourier Shape Descriptor Using Zero-Padding
* Experiences on data quality in automatic tissue classification
* Fourier-Based Object Description in Defect Image Retrieval
* Genetic Algorithm Based Method to Improve Image Segmentation, A
* Identification of stochastic textures with multiresolution features and self-organizing maps
* Keynotes: Multimedia-the past, today, and the future
* Metadata in Sequential Real-Time 2-D Detection
* Multiresolution Texture Analysis of Surface Reflection Images
* Multiscale fourier descriptor for shape classification
* Multiscale fourier descriptor for shape-based image retrieval
* Multiscale Fourier descriptors for defect image retrieval
* New Approach to Land-Based Cloud Classification, A
* Object detection for dynamic adaptation of interconnections in inkjet printed electronics
* Rock image classification based on k-nearest neighbour voting
* Stability Study of Some Neural Networks Applied to Tissue Characterization of Brian Magnetic Resonance Images
* Unsupervised image segmentation based on a self-organizing feature map and a texture measure
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Surface Defects
Includes: Visa, A.[Ari] Visa, A.
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Visa, G.P.[Guillem Palou] Co Author Listing * Precision-Recall-Classification Evaluation Framework: Application to Depth Estimation on Single Images

Visakorpi, T.[Tapio] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking of algorithms for 3D tissue reconstruction

Visan, A. Co Author Listing * Use Of Multiple Data Sources In The Process Of Topographic Maps Updating, The

Visani, M. Co Author Listing * character degradation model for grayscale ancient document images, A
* Comparing Robustness of Two-Dimensional PCA and Eigenfaces for Face Recognition
* Cursive On-line Handwriting Word Recognition Using a Bi-character Model for Large Lexicon Applications
* Discriminative Approach to On-Line Handwriting Recognition Using Bi-character Models, A
* Document Retrieval Based on Logo Spotting Using Key-Point Matching
* Improving Logo Spotting and Matching for Document Categorization by a Post-Filter Based on Homography
* Improving the Discriminative Power of Bag of Visual Words Model
* Invariants Extraction Method Applied in an Omni-language Old Document Navigating System
* Logo spotting for document categorization
* New Adaptive Structural Signature for Symbol Recognition by Using a Galois Lattice as a Classifier, A
* new interactive semi-supervised clustering model for large image database indexing, A
* Normalized radial basis function networks and bilinear discriminant analysis for face recognition
* On-Line Handwriting Word Recognition Using a Bi-character Model
* protocol to characterize the descriptive power and the complementarity of shape descriptors, A
* Semi-synthetic Document Image Generation Using Texture Mapping on Scanned 3D Document Shapes
* Simple Triplet Loss Based on Intra/Inter-Class Metric Learning for Face Verification
* Text and non-text segmentation based on connected component features
* Towards an interactive index structuring system for content-based image retrieval in large image databases
* Unsupervised word spotting using a graph representation based on invariants
* Writer Identification Using TF-IDF for Cursive Handwritten Word Recognition
Includes: Visani, M. Visani, M.[Muriel]
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Visaniy, M. Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2013 Music Scores Competition: Staff Removal

Viscito, E. Co Author Listing * Compression algorithms for software coding of video
* Flexible scalable digital video coding
* Hierarchical motion estimation with 2-scale tilings
* Motion video adaptive quantization in the transform domain
* Preprocessing of video signals for MPEG coding by clustering filter
Includes: Viscito, E. Viscito, E.[Eric]

Viscolani, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Computational length in pattern recognizers
* Further results on optimization of recognition time
* Optimization of computational time in pattern recognizers

Visconti, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Smartphone Based Pupillometry: An Empirical Evaluation of Accuracy and Safety

Visell, Y.[Yon] Co Author Listing * Feelings Elicited by Auditory Feedback from a Computationally Augmented Artifact: The Flops
* Human Walking in Virtual Environments: Perception, Technology, and Applications
* Probabilistic Tracking of Pedestrian Movements via In-Floor Force Sensing
Includes: Visell, Y.[Yon] Visell, Y.

Visentin, G.[Gianfranco] Co Author Listing * Global Localization for Future Space Exploration Rovers

Visentini Scarzanella, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Entire shape scan system with multiple pro-cams using texture information and accurate silhouette creating technique
* Identification of Transform Coding Chains
* Metric depth recovery from monocular images using Shape-from-Shading and specularities
* Probabilistic Tracking of Affine-Invariant Anisotropic Regions
* Simultaneous Camera, Light Position and Radiant Intensity Distribution Calibration
* Simultaneous Independent Image Display Technique on Multiple 3D Objects
* Tilted layer-based modeling for enhanced light-field processing and image based rendering
* Tissue Shape Acquisition with a Hybrid Structured Light and Photometric Stereo Endoscopic System
* Transform coder identification with double quantized data
* Triangle Mesh Reconstruction Method Taking into Account Silhouette Images, A
* Two Plane Volumetric Display for Simultaneous Independent Images at Multiple Depths
* Underwater Active Oneshot Scan with Static Wave Pattern and Bundle Adjustment
* Video recapture detection based on ghosting artifact analysis
Includes: Visentini Scarzanella, M.[Marco] Visentini-Scarzanella, M.[Marco] Visentini-Scarzanella, M.
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Visentini, I.[Ingrid] Co Author Listing * Audio-Video Analysis of Musical Expressive Intentions
* Cascaded online boosting
* Commentary Paper 1 on On Stable Dynamic Background Generation Technique Using Gaussian Mixture Models for Robust Object Detection
* Dynamic ensemble for target tracking
* Dynamic Models for People Detection and Tracking
* Multi-sensor Multi-cue Fusion for Object Detection in Video Surveillance
* On-line boosted cascade for object detection
* Reactive Learning Strategy for AsymBoost Based Face Detectors
* Sensor Bandwidth Assignment through Video Annotation
* Tuning Asymboost Cascades Improves Face Detection
Includes: Visentini, I.[Ingrid] Visentini, I.
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Visesh, U.K. Co Author Listing * Vision System for Monitoring Intermodal Freight Trains, A

Viseur, S.[Sophie] Co Author Listing * Feature Line Extraction On Meshes Through Vertex Marking And 2d Topological Operators
* Skeleton Extraction of Vertex Sets Lying on Arbitrary Triangulated 3D Meshes
* Topological Comparisons of Fluvial Reservoir Rock Volumes Using Betti Numbers: Application to CO 2 Storage Uncertainty Analysis

Vishal, D. Co Author Listing * Design and analysis of active vibration and stability control of a bio-inspired quadruped robot

Vishal, K.[Kumar] Co Author Listing * Accurate localization by fusing images and GPS signals
* Currency Recognition on Mobile Phones
* Fast compensation of illumination changes for background subtraction
Includes: Vishal, K.[Kumar] Vishal, K.

Vishkin, U. Co Author Listing * On The Detection Of Robust Curves

Vishnevskiy, V.[Valery] Co Author Listing * Isotropic Total Variation Regularization of Displacements in Parametric Image Registration

Vishnoi, N.K.[Nisheeth K.] Co Author Listing * Biased normalized cuts

Vishnuvarthanan, G. Co Author Listing * Tumor detection in T1, T2, FLAIR and MPR brain images using a combination of optimization and fuzzy clustering improved by seed-based region growing algorithm

Vishnuvarthanan, N.A.[N. Anitha] Co Author Listing * Tumor detection in T1, T2, FLAIR and MPR brain images using a combination of optimization and fuzzy clustering improved by seed-based region growing algorithm

Vishnyakov, B.V. Co Author Listing * Diffusion Background Model for Moving Objects Detection
* Fast Moving Objects Detection Using iLBP Background Model
* Mutual Comparative Filtering For Change Detection In Videos With Unstable Illumination Conditions
* Spectrum-based Object Detection and Tracking Technique for Digital Video Surveillance
* Statistical Model For Pseudo-Moving Objects Recognition In Video Surveillance Systems
Includes: Vishnyakov, B.V. Vishnyakov, B.V.[Boris V.]

Vishwakarma, D.K.[Dinesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * efficient interpretation of hand gestures to control smart interactive television, An

Vishwakarma, S.[Sarvesh] Co Author Listing * Framework for human action recognition using spatial temporal based cuboids
* survey on activity recognition and behavior understanding in video surveillance, A

Vishwakarma, V.[Vinay] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Human Fall in Video

Vishwakarma, V.P.[Virendra P.] Co Author Listing * Fractional DCT and DWT hybridization based efficient feature extraction for gender classification

Vishwamitra, N. Co Author Listing * Blur vs. Block: Investigating the Effectiveness of Privacy-Enhancing Obfuscation for Images

Vishwanath, M. Co Author Listing * Architectures for Wavelet Transforms: A Survey
* efficient algorithm for hierarchical compression of video, An
* Improving the Performance of Hierarchical Vector Quantization Using Segmentation
Includes: Vishwanath, M. Vishwanath, M.[Mohan]

Vishwanath, V.[Venkatram] Co Author Listing * TECA: Petascale Pattern Recognition for Climate Science

Vishwanathan, S.V.N. Co Author Listing * Binet-Cauchy Kernels on Dynamical Systems and its Application to the Analysis of Dynamic Scenes
* Consistent image analogies using semi-supervised learning
* Geometric SVM: a fast and intuitive SVM algorithm
* Kohonen's SOM with cache
* Online Discriminative Approach to Background Subtraction, An
* sLLE: Spherical locally linear embedding with applications to tomography
Includes: Vishwanathan, S.V.N. Vishwanathan, S.V.N.[S.V N.]

Visin, F. Co Author Listing * Multi-view Stereo with Single-View Semantic Mesh Refinement
* ReSeg: A Recurrent Neural Network-Based Model for Semantic Segmentation

Visintin, M. Co Author Listing * Advanced modulation and channel coding tecniques for digital HDTV via satellite in the 20 GHz range

Visintini, D. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling of the St. Anthony abbot church in San Daniele del Friuli: from laser scanning and photogrammetry to vrml/x3d model, The
* Automatic modeling of laser point clouds by statistical analysis of surface curvature values
* Automatic Non Parametric Procedures for Terrestrial Laser Point Clouds Processing
* Integrated Techniques for Low-Cost Surveying of Urban Areas
* Laserscanning survey of the Aquileia basilica (Italy) and automatic modeling of the volumetric primitives
* Points Classification By A Sequential Higher-Order Moments Statistical Analysis Of Lidar Data
* segmentation procedure of LiDAR data by applying mixed parametric and nonparametric models, A
* Statistically Proven Automatic Curvature Based Classification Procedure of Laser Points, A
Includes: Visintini, D. Visintini, D.[Domenico]
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Visnic, C. Co Author Listing * Towards More Capable and Less Invasive Robotic Surgery in Orthopaedics

Visontai, M. Co Author Listing * Detecting unusual activity in video
* Harmonic Silhouette Matching for 3D Models
Includes: Visontai, M. Visontai, M.[Mirko]

Visotti, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study for a Persistent Homology-Based k-Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm in Melanoma Detection, A

Vissac, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Fractals-Inspired Approach to Content-based Image Indexing, A

Visscher, R. Co Author Listing * 3-D Rat Brain Phantom for High-Resolution Molecular Imaging

Visser, A. Co Author Listing * Eye In Hand Robot Calibration

Visser, F. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Analysis and Multispectral Low-Altitude Remote Sensing for Low-Cost Mapping of Chalk Stream Macrophytes

Visser, J. Co Author Listing * Proton Radiography With Timepix Based Time Projection Chambers

Visser, M. Co Author Listing * Design of an Airborne Three-Dimensional Separation Assistance Display
* Near and far distance gesture tracking for 3D applications
Includes: Visser, M. Visser, M.[Michiel]

Visser, P. Co Author Listing * REAPER: Reprocessing 12 Years of ERS-1 and ERS-2 Altimeters and Microwave Radiometer Data

Visser, R. Co Author Listing * Detecting automobiles and people for semantic video retrieval
* Impact of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control on Traffic-Flow Characteristics, The
* Object Recognition for Video Retrieval
Includes: Visser, R. Visser, R.[Rene]

Visser, U. Co Author Listing * Dynamic-preserving qualitative motion description for intelligent vehicles

Visser, W.[Willemien] Co Author Listing * Function and Form of Gestures in a Collaborative Design Meeting

Vissers, K. Co Author Listing * Scalable, Multi-Stream MPEG-4 Video Decoder for Conferencing and Surveillance Applications, A

Vissers, M.A.M. Co Author Listing * new polarimetric classification approach evaluated for agricultural crops, A

Vistnes, R. Co Author Listing * Detecting Dotted Lines and Curves in Random-Dot Patterns
* Texture Edge Localization
* Texture Models and Image Measures for Segmentation
* Texture Models and Image Measures for Texture Discrimination

Visvalingam, M. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Approach to Road Recognition with Novel Feature Indicators, A

Visvanathan, A. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of camera captured text images with specular reflection

Visvanathan, R.[Ramesh] Co Author Listing * Adversarially Tuned Scene Generation
* Model-Driven Simulations for Computer Vision
Includes: Visvanathan, R.[Ramesh] Visvanathan, R.

Visvanathan, S.[Sriram] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for signaling a still image capture during video capture

Visvikis, D. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Locally Adaptive Bayesian Segmentation Approach for Volume Determination in PET, A
* Image Change Detection Using Paradoxical Theory for Patient Follow-Up Quantitation and Therapy Assessment
* Super-Resolution in Respiratory Synchronized Positron Emission Tomography

Viswambharan, A. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction and Visualization of 3D Models of Colonic Surface

Viswanadha, R.P. Co Author Listing * Design of M channel IIR causal stable perfect reconstruction filter banks using similarity transformation

Viswanath, A. Co Author Listing * Axiomatic Design Approach to Passenger Itinerary Enumeration in Reconfigurable Transportation Systems, An

Viswanath, K. Co Author Listing * new adaptive search strategy for fast block based motion estimation algorithms, A

Viswanath, P. Co Author Listing * distance based clustering method for arbitrary shaped clusters in large datasets, A
* Diverse Low Cost High Performance Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Applications, A
* Fast and Efficient Ensemble Clustering Method, A
* l-DBSCAN: A Fast Hybrid Density Based Clustering Method
* ORB in 5 ms: An Efficient SIMD Friendly Implementation
* Overlap pattern synthesis with an efficient nearest neighbor classifier
* Partition based pattern synthesis technique with efficient algorithms for nearest neighbor classification
* pattern synthesis technique with an efficient nearest neighbor classifier for binary pattern recognition, A
* Rough-DBSCAN: A fast hybrid density based clustering method for large data sets
* Rough-fuzzy weighted k-nearest leader classifier for large data sets
* simplified error model for height estimation using a single camera, A
* Speeding-Up the K-Means Clustering Method: A Prototype Based Approach
* Speeding-up the kernel k-means clustering method: A prototype based hybrid approach
* Weighted k-Nearest Leader Classifier for Large Data Sets
Includes: Viswanath, P. Viswanath, P.[Prashanth]
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Viswanathan, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * Fast Phase Retrieval from Local Correlation Measurements

Viswanathan, K.[Kartik] Co Author Listing * framework for view-dependent hologram representation and adaptive reconstruction, A

Viswanathan, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Scanned documents: A Syntactic Approach
* Characteristics of Digitized Images of Technical Articles
* Comment: Projection Methods Require Black Border Removal
* Multimedia Document Retrieval Using Speech and Speaker Recognition
* Prototype Document Image Analysis System for Technical Journals, A
* Query expansion for imperfect speech: applications in distributed learning
* Robust Face Recognition from Images with Varying Pose
* Syntatic Segmentation and Labeling of Digitized Pages from Technical Journals
* Two Complementary Techniques for Digitized Document Analysis
Includes: Viswanathan, M. Viswanathan, M.[Mahesh] Viswanathan, M.[Murlikrishna]
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Viswanathan, P.[Pooja] Co Author Listing * Automated Place Classification Using Object Detection
* Automated Spatial-Semantic Modeling with Applications to Place Labeling and Informed Search
* Curious George: An Integrated Visual Search Platform
* Place Classification Using Visual Object Categorization and Global Information

Viswanathan, R. Co Author Listing * Noise Correlation Effect on Detection: Signals in Equicorrelated or Autoregressive(1) Gaussian

Viswanathan, S. Co Author Listing * Optimal Grouping of Line Segments into Convex Sets
* Tracking of Convex Objects

Visweswariah, K.[Karthik] Co Author Listing * IBM Rich Transcription 2007 Speech-to-Text Systems for Lecture Meetings, The
* IBM RT07 Evaluation Systems for Speaker Diarization on Lecture Meetings, The

Viszlay, P. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy clustering in HMM-based triphone classes of 2DLDA in Slovak LVCSR

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