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Vouga, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * Capturing Dynamic Textured Surfaces of Moving Targets
* Dense Human Body Correspondences Using Convolutional Networks

Vougioukas, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Adaptive deblurring of surveillance video sequences that deteriorate over time

Voukelatos, S.P.[Stathis P.] Co Author Listing * multiresolution adaptive VQ based still image codec with application to progressive image transmission, A
* Very-Low Bit-Rate Color Video Coding Using Adaptive Subband Vector Quantization with Dynamic Bit Allocation
Includes: Voukelatos, S.P.[Stathis P.] Voukelatos, S.P.

Vouldis, A.T.[Angelos T.] Co Author Listing * Investigating the enhancement of three-dimensional diffraction tomography by using multiple illumination planes

Voulgaris, G. Co Author Listing * Texture-based Image Retrieval in Wavelets Compressed Domain

Voulodimos, A.[Athanasios] Co Author Listing * 4D Modelling in Cultural Heritage
* Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows

Voulodimos, A.S.[Athanasios S.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian filter based behavior recognition in workflows allowing for user feedback
* dataset for workflow recognition in industrial scenes, A
* Enhanced human behavior recognition using HMM and evaluative rectification
* Robust Human Behavior Modeling from Multiple Cameras
* Threefold Dataset for Activity and Workflow Recognition in Complex Industrial Environments, A
* Video summarization guiding evaluative rectification for industrial activity recognition

Voultsidou, M. Co Author Listing * Neural Networks Approach to Clustering of Activity in fMRI Data

Vounou, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Biomarker discovery for sparse classification of brain images in Alzheimer's disease

Vountas, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)

Vourlitis, G.L.[George L.] Co Author Listing * Dry Season Evapotranspiration Dynamics over Human-Impacted Landscapes in the Southern Amazon Using the Landsat-Based METRIC Model

Vouronikou, N.[Nikoleta] Co Author Listing * Culture of Epigraphy: From Historic Breakthrough to Digital Success, The

Vourvopoulos, A.[Athanasios] Co Author Listing * EEG correlates of video game experience and user profile in motor-imagery-based brain-computer interaction

Voutilainen, R. Co Author Listing * DIARETDB1 diabetic retinopathy database and evaluation protocol, The

Voutsakis, E.[Epimenides] Co Author Listing * IntelliSearch: Intelligent Search for Images and Text on the Web
* Searching for logo and trademark images on the web

Voutsas, K. Co Author Listing * brain-like neural network for periodicity analysis, A

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