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Xu, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * 2D-to-3D Conversion Based on Motion and Color Mergence
* Active Deep Learning Approach for Minimally Supervised PolSAR Image Classification, An
* adaptive covariance-based edge diffusion image enlargement method, An
* Adaptive Frequency Weighting for High-Performance Video Coding
* adaptive visual quality optimization method for Internet video applications, An
* algorithm based on LBPV and MIL for left atrial thrombi detection using transesophageal echocardiography, An
* Analytical Modeling of Rough Surface SAR Images Under Small Perturbation Approximation
* Automatic breast ultrasound image segmentation: A survey
* Automatic Reconstruction of Building Objects From Multiaspect Meter-Resolution SAR Images
* Backscattering Model of Rainfall Over Rough Sea Surface for Synthetic Aperture Radar, A
* BodyFusion: Real-Time Capture of Human Motion and Surface Geometry Using a Single Depth Camera
* Closed-Form Solution to Universal Style Transfer, A
* Complex-Valued Convolutional Neural Network and Its Application in Polarimetric SAR Image Classification
* Copula-Based Joint Statistical Model for Polarimetric Features and Its Application in PolSAR Image Classification
* Correlated Multi-Pixel Inversion Approach for Aerosol Remote Sensing, A
* Data-Driven Approach for Facial Expression Retargeting in Video, A
* data-driven approach for facial expression synthesis in video, A
* DDRNet: Depth Map Denoising and Refinement for Consumer Depth Cameras Using Cascaded CNNs
* Decoder Network over Lightweight Reconstructed Feature for Fast Semantic Style Transfer
* Efficient Indoor Wi-Fi Positioning Method Using Virtual Location of AP, An
* Efficient Lidar Signal Denoising Algorithm Using Variational Mode Decomposition Combined with a Whale Optimization Algorithm
* Efficient Patch-Wise Non-Uniform Deblurring for a Single Image
* Efficient Video Coding Using Legacy Algorithmic Approaches
* EISeg: Effective interactive segmentation
* Evaluation and comparison of texture descriptors proposed in MPEG-7
* Extended scale invariant local binary pattern for background subtraction
* Feature Selection for Image Categorization
* General Analyzing and Research on Uncertainty of Multi-Scale Representation for Street-Block Settlement
* Generalized Gaussian Coherent Scatterer Model for Correlated SAR Texture, A
* Global Research on Artificial Intelligence from 1990-2014: Spatially-Explicit Bibliometric Analysis
* Hierarchical Maritime Target Detection Method for Optical Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Hybrid Framework for Tumor Saliency Estimation, A
* Image Projection Ridge Regression for Subspace Clustering
* Imaging Simulation of Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar and Its Polarimetric Analysis
* Imaging Simulation of Polarimetric SAR for a Comprehensive Terrain Scene Using the Mapping and Projection Algorithm
* Improving MISR AOD Retrievals With Low-Light-Level Corrections for Veiling Light
* Integrated patch model: A generative model for image categorization based on feature selection
* Iterative ADMM for Inverse FE: BI Problem: A Potential Solution to Radio Tomography of Asteroids
* Joint DOD and DOA Estimation in Slow-Time MIMO Radar via PARAFAC Decomposition
* Land Surface Water Mapping Using Multi-Scale Level Sets and a Visual Saliency Model from SAR Images
* Matching Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Images via an Affinity Tensor
* Microexpression Identification and Categorization Using a Facial Dynamics Map
* Monocular Real-Time Hand Shape and Motion Capture Using Multi-Modal Data
* multi-phase sparse probability framework via entropy minimization for single sample face recognition, A
* Multiparameter Inversion of a Layer of Vegetation Canopy Over Rough Surface From the System Response Function Based on the Mueller Matrix Solution of Pulse Echoes
* Needles in a Haystack: Tracking City-Scale Moving Vehicles From Continuously Moving Satellite
* Neutro-Connectedness Cut
* New multi-view human motion capture framework
* New multi-view human motion capture framework
* Non-local similarity based tensor decomposition for hyperspectral image denoising
* Nonlinear Model Predictive Lateral Stability Control of Active Chassis for Intelligent Vehicles and Its FPGA Implementation
* Nonlinear Thermoacoustic Imaging Based on Temperature-Dependent Thermoelastic Response
* novel method for automatic 2D-to-3D video conversion, A
* Occlusion-Aware Motion Layer Extraction Under Large Interframe Motions
* operational System for Sensor Modeling and DEM Generation of Satellite Pushbroom Sensor Images, An
* Polarimetric SAR Image Factorization
* Polarimetric: Anisotropic Decomposition and Anisotropic Entropies of High-Resolution SAR Images
* PolinSAR Inversion Error Model on Polarimetric System Parameters for Forest Height Mapping, A
* Robust Non-rigid Motion Tracking and Surface Reconstruction Using L_0 Regularization
* saliency model for automated tumor detection in breast ultrasound images, A
* Ship Detection from Optical Remote Sensing Images Using Multi-Scale Analysis and Fourier HOG Descriptor
* Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images Based on Saliency and a Rotation-Invariant Descriptor
* Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images Based on Wavelet Transform and Multi-Level False Alarm Identification
* Spectral Invariance Hypothesis Study of Polarized Reflectance With the Ground-Based Multiangle Spectro-Polarimetric Imager
* Target Classification Using the Deep Convolutional Networks for SAR Images
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction From a Multiview Sequence of Sparse ISAR Imaging of a Space Target
* Tracking Reforestation in the Loess Plateau, China after the Grain for Green Project through Integrating PALSAR and Landsat Imagery
* Training with Noise Adversarial Network: A Generalization Method for Object Detection on Sonar Image
* Unsupervised saliency estimation based on robust hypotheses
* Video-object segmentation and 3D-trajectory estimation for monocular video sequences
Includes: Xu, F.[Feng] Xu, F. Xu, F.[Fei] Xu, F.[Fan] Xu, F.[Fang] Xu, F.[Feiyi] Xu, F.[Fu]
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Xu, F.F.[Fang Fei] Co Author Listing * Secure Digital Watermarking Scheme for MPEG-2 Video Copyright Protection, A
* Unsupervised Hyperspectral Band Selection by Dominant Set Extraction
Includes: Xu, F.F.[Fang Fei] Xu, F.F.[Fei-Fei]

Xu, F.J.[Fang Jiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Algorithm for Automated Polygonal Approximation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Segmentation Contours
* Application of Wavelength Demodulation Algorithm on Calculating Body's Temperature in Smart Textile Based on Fiber Bragg Grating
* Fast Aircraft Detection in Satellite Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Land use and land cover classification base on image saliency map cooperated coding
* Rendering realistic spectral bokeh due to lens stops and aberrations
Includes: Xu, F.J.[Fang Jiang] Xu, F.J.[Fang-Jiang] Xu, F.J.[Fan-Jie] Xu, F.J.[Fan-Jiang]

Xu, F.L.[Feng Liang] Co Author Listing * Blunder Elimination Techniques in Adaptive Automatic Terrain Extraction
* Human detection using depth and gray images
* Initial Results of Rover Localization and Topographic Mapping for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission
* Measurement System of the Simulated Missile-Target Encounter Based on CCD Imaging
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking With Night Vision
* Photogrammetric processing of rover imagery of the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover mission
* Systematical Evaluation of GPM IMERG and TRMM 3B42V7 Precipitation Products in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, China
Includes: Xu, F.L.[Feng Liang] Xu, F.L.[Feng-Liang] Xu, F.L. Xu, F.L.[Feng-Lin]
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Xu, F.M.[Fei Ming] Co Author Listing * Anomaly detection with spatio-temporal context using depth images
Includes: Xu, F.M.[Fei Ming] Xu, F.M.[Fei-Ming]

Xu, F.R.[Fu Rong] Co Author Listing * Isosceles Constraints for Person Re-Identification
* Style Transfer with Adversarial Learning for Cross-Dataset Person Re-identification
Includes: Xu, F.R.[Fu Rong] Xu, F.R.[Fu-Rong]

Xu, F.Z.[Fang Zheng] Co Author Listing * Characterisation of Terrain Variations of an Underwater Ancient Town in Qiandao Lake
* Deblurring retinal optical coherence tomography via a convolutional neural network with anisotropic and double convolution layer
Includes: Xu, F.Z.[Fang Zheng] Xu, F.Z.[Fang-Zheng] Xu, F.Z.[Fang-Zhou]

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