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Xu, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Patient Specific Bone Models from 2D Radiographs for Image Guided Orthopedic Surgery
* adaptive intra-frame parallel method based on complexity estimation for HEVC, An
* Automatic Source Localization and Attenuation of Seismic Interference Noise Using Density-Based Clustering Method
* Combing spatial and temporal features for crowd counting with point supervision
* Densely Connected Single-Shot Detector
* Dynamic-Time-Warping-Based Measurement Data Alignment Model for Condition-Based Railroad Track Maintenance
* Enhanced Use of Mattes for Easy Image Composition
* Evidential combination of pedestrian detectors
* Full-Wave Simulation and Analysis of Bistatic Scattering and Polarimetric Emissions From Double-Layered Sastrugi Surfaces
* Generalized Hidden-Mapping Transductive Transfer Learning for Recognition of Epileptic Electroencephalogram Signals
* Improvement of Virtual View Rendering Based on Depth Image
* Instance-Level Coupled Subspace Learning for Fine-Grained Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Learning to pool high-level features for face representation
* Modeling and Characteristics of Microwave Backscattering From Rice Canopy Over Growth Stages
* Multi-class action recognition based on inverted index of action states
* Multimodal information fusion for urban scene understanding
* Multimode Coherent Pattern in Bistatic Scattering From Randomly Corrugated Surfaces With Irregular Grooves at L-Band
* Non-iterative multiple data registration method based on the motion screw theory and trackable features
* On Angular Features of Radar Bistatic Scattering From Rough Surface
* Patient-Specific Customization of a Generic Femur Model Using Orthogonal 2D Radiographs
* Phase plane-based variable structure control for switched reluctance motor direct torque control
* Pose estimation of femur fracture segments for image guided orthopedic surgery
* Random Subwindows for Robust Peak Recognition in Intracranial Pressure Signals
* Real-time multi-class object detection using two-dimensional index
* Recognition of the Point Symbols in the Scanned Topographic Maps, The
* Self-Organizing Topological Tree for Online Vector Quantization and Data Clustering
* SketchMate: Deep Hashing for Million-Scale Human Sketch Retrieval
* Structure analysis of soccer video with domain knowledge and hidden Markov models
* Structure-Aware Window Optimization for Texture Filtering
* structure-based video representation for web video categorization, A
* Visualization of Taxi Drivers' Income and Mobility Intelligence
Includes: Xu, P. Xu, P.[Philippe] Xu, P.[Ping] Xu, P.[Peng] Xu, P.[Pei] Xu, P.[Panpan]
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Xu, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Artistic information extraction from Chinese calligraphy works via Shear-Guided filter
* Beyond particle flow: Bag of Trajectory Graphs for dense crowd event recognition
* Binocular Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo
* edge detection algorithm based on the multi-direction shear transform, An
* General method for edge detection based on the shear transform
* Linear Feature Separation From Topographic Maps Using Energy Density and the Shear Transform
* Margin Maximizing Discriminant Analysis for Multi-shot Based Object Recognition
* Representing dense crowd patterns using bag of trajectory graphs
* Saliency detection based on short-term sparse representation
* Sparse representation based visual element analysis
* spatial-temporal constraint-based action recognition method, A
* Structured Textons for texture representation
* Text Particles Multi-band Fusion for Robust Text Detection
* Using Visual Dictionary to Associate Semantic Objects in Region-Based Image Retrieval
* Visual saliency as sequential eye fixation probability
Includes: Xu, P.F.[Peng Fei] Xu, P.F.[Peng-Fei] Xu, P.F.[Pei-Fei]
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Xu, P.H.[Pei Hua] Co Author Listing * Application of a GIS-Based Slope Unit Method for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping along the Longzi River, Southeastern Tibetan Plateau, China
Includes: Xu, P.H.[Pei Hua] Xu, P.H.[Pei-Hua]

Xu, P.L.[Pei Liang] Co Author Listing * Despeckling SAR-type multiplicative noise
Includes: Xu, P.L.[Pei Liang] Xu, P.L.[Pei-Liang]

Xu, P.M.[Ping Mei] Co Author Listing * Learning a wavelet tree for multichannel image denoising
Includes: Xu, P.M.[Ping Mei] Xu, P.M.[Ping-Mei]

Xu, P.P.[Pan Pan] Co Author Listing * Improved Bilateral Texture Filtering With Edge-Aware Measurement
Includes: Xu, P.P.[Pan Pan] Xu, P.P.[Pan-Pan]

Xu, P.Z.[Peng Zhi] Co Author Listing * Duo-graph: An efficient and robust method for large-scale mapping for visual-guided robots
Includes: Xu, P.Z.[Peng Zhi] Xu, P.Z.[Peng-Zhi]

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