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Xu, Z.[Zewei] Co Author Listing * 3D convolutional neural network method for land cover classification using LiDAR and multi-temporal Landsat imagery, A
* Accelerated sparse optimization for missing data completion
* Accurate Ellipse Extraction in Low-Quality Images
* Active Deep Learning Approach for Minimally Supervised PolSAR Image Classification, An
* Activity Auto-Completion: Predicting Human Activities from Partial Videos
* Additional Microwave Radiation From Experimentally Loaded Granite Covered With Sand Layers: Features and Mechanisms
* Additive Adversarial Learning for Unbiased Authentication
* Adversarial Noise Layer: Regularize Neural Network by Adding Noise
* Approach to High Frame Rate Radar Imaging Through Electronically Displaced-Phase-Center Antenna, An
* Architectural Style Classification Using Multinomial Latent Logistic Regression
* Assessment on the Impact of Arable Land Protection Policies in a Rapidly Developing Region
* Associate-3Ddet: Perceptual-to-Conceptual Association for 3D Point Cloud Object Detection
* Augmenting Strong Supervision Using Web Data for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Bayesian Network Structure Learning Using Causality
* Bayesian Nonparametric Models for Multiway Data Analysis
* Bibliographic Analysis and Collaboration Patterns of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Between 2000 and 2015, A
* Binarized features with discriminant manifold filters for robust single-sample face recognition
* Characterizing the Connectivity of Railway Networks
* Cognitive Resource Allocation for Target Tracking in Location-Aware Radar Networks
* Comparison of Satellite-Derived Phytoplankton Size Classes Using In-Situ Measurements in the South China Sea
* Congestion Avoidance Routing Based on Large-Scale Social Signals
* Construction of High Spatial-Temporal Water Body Dataset in China Based on Sentinel-1 Archives and GEE
* Contextual Residual Aggregation for Ultra High-Resolution Image Inpainting
* Convolutional Neural Network and Matrix Factorization-Based Travel Location Recommendation Method Using Community-Contributed Geotagged Photos, A
* Data Modeling and Optimization for Wireless Drive-Through Applications
* Decomposition and matching: Towards efficient automatic Chinese character stroke extraction
* Deep 3D Capture: Geometry and Reflectance From Sparse Multi-View Images
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer-Aided Detection: CNN Architectures, Dataset Characteristics and Transfer Learning
* Deep gradient prior network for DEM super-resolution: Transfer learning from image to DEM
* Deep Stereo Using Adaptive Thin Volume Representation With Uncertainty Awareness
* Denoising Hyperspectral Image With Non-i.i.d. Noise Structure
* Disturbance-Observer-Based Tracking Controller for Neural Network Driving Policy Transfer
* Domain Adaptation in Crowd Counting
* Domain Generalization and Adaptation Using Low Rank Exemplar SVMs
* Dynamic Fractal Texture Analysis for PolSAR Land Cover Classification
* Dynamic Topic Model and Matrix Factorization-Based Travel Recommendation Method Exploiting Ubiquitous Data, A
* Effects of the Earth's Curvature and Lunar Revolution on the Imaging Performance of the Moon-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Elastomeric 2D grating and hemispherical optofluidic chamber for multifunctional fluidic sensing
* Estimating Time Series Soil Moisture by Applying Recurrent Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Networks to Passive Microwave Data over the Heihe River Basin, China
* Estimation of Forest Structural Attributes Using Spectral Indices and Point Clouds from UAS-Based Multispectral and RGB Imageries
* Experimental Evaluation of the Usability of Cartogram for Representation of GlobeLand30 Data
* Experimental Study on Microwave Radiation From Deforming and Fracturing Rock Under Loading Outdoor
* Exploiting Low-rank Structure for Discriminative Sub-categorization
* Exploiting Low-Rank Structure from Latent Domains for Domain Generalization
* Fast Frequency Estimation Algorithm by Least Squares Phase Unwrapping
* Fast HEVC intra coding decision based on statistical cost and corner detection
* fast inter CU decision algorithm for HEVC, A
* Feature Learning Based Approach for Weed Classification Using High Resolution Aerial Images from a Digital Camera Mounted on a UAV
* Few-Shot Object Recognition from Machine-Labeled Web Images
* Filter Grafting for Deep Neural Networks
* Flow Contrastive Estimation of Energy-Based Models
* Framework of Reversible Color-to-Grayscale Conversion With Watermarking Feature, A
* Friend or Foe: Fine-Grained Categorization With Weak Supervision
* Full-Spectrum-Knowledge-Aware Tensor Model for Energy-Resolved CT Iterative Reconstruction
* Fully Pipelined Hardware Architecture for Intra Prediction of HEVC, A
* Further Non-local and Channel Attention Networks for Vehicle Re-identification
* Further Study on Error Probabilities of Laplacian-Gaussian Edge Detection, A
* Generalizing Deep Learning for Medical Image Segmentation to Unseen Domains via Deep Stacked Transformation
* Geometric Features-Based Filtering for Suppression of Impulse Noise in Color Images
* Geometry Guided Multi-Scale Depth Map Fusion via Graph Optimization
* GradMix: Multi-source Transfer across Domains and Tasks
* Graph PCA Hashing for Similarity Search
* Graph-Based Semisupervised Deep Learning Model for PolSAR Image Classification, A
* Ground Truth and Performance Evaluation of Lane Border Detection
* Hierarchical and Adaptive Phase Correlation for Precise Disparity Estimation of UAV Images
* High-Definition Video Compression System Based on Perception Guidance of Salient Information of a Convolutional Neural Network and HEVC Compression Domain
* hybrid approach to gender classification from face images, A
* Image Inpainting by Patch Propagation Using Patch Sparsity
* Image set-based classification using collaborative exemplars representation
* Improving SNR of MFL Signal in Flaw Detection of Coal Mine Wire Ropes
* Improving spatial image adaptive steganalysis incorporating the embedding impact on the feature
* Incentive Mechanism for Cooperative Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Multicast Based on Contract Theory
* Kernel Entropy Component Analysis-Based Robust Hyperspectral Image Supervised Classification
* Learning Compact Recurrent Neural Networks with Block-Term Tensor Decomposition
* Logical Entity Recognition in Multi-Style Document Page Images
* Low-Cost Implementation of a 360 Deg Vision Distributed Aperture System, A
* Low-Dose Dynamic Cerebral Perfusion Computed Tomography Reconstruction via Kronecker-Basis-Representation Tensor Sparsity Regularization
* Low-Rank Matrix Factorization under General Mixture Noise Distributions
* MARMVS: Matching Ambiguity Reduced Multiple View Stereo for Efficient Large Scale Scene Reconstruction
* Model Based Book Dewarping Method to Handle 2D Images Captured by a Digital Camera, A
* Modeling Non-Gaussian Time Series with Nonparametric Bayesian Model
* Motion-Adaptive Frame Deletion Detection for Digital Video Forensics
* MQDF with a novel covariance matrix estimation and discriminant LSRC, which is better for in-air handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Multi-factor Spatial Optimization Approach for Emergency Medical Facilities in Beijing, A
* Multi-Person Pose Estimation via Multi-Layer Fractal Network and Joints Kinship Pattern
* Multi-source Domain Adaptation for Face Recognition
* Multimodal 2D+3D Facial Expression Recognition With Deep Fusion Convolutional Neural Network
* Multinomial Latent Logistic Regression for Image Understanding
* Multispectral Images Denoising by Intrinsic Tensor Sparsity Regularization
* Networks for Joint Affine and Non-Parametric Image Registration
* NeurReg: Neural Registration and Its Application to Image Segmentation
* Noise-Robust Framework for Automatic Segmentation of COVID-19 Pneumonia Lesions From CT Images, A
* Nonconvex-Sparsity and Nonlocal-Smoothness-Based Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Nonlocal similarity based DEM super resolution
* Novel fast safety assessment method for the buffer section of maintenance work zone
* Novel Method of Missing Road Generation in City Blocks Based on Big Mobile Navigation Trajectory Data, A
* Novel Sparsity Measure for Tensor Recovery, A
* objective assessment method based on multi-level factors for panoramic videos, An
* Ocular multi-spectral imaging deblurring via regularization of mutual information
* On Signal Modeling of Moon-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imaging of Earth
* On the Analysis of the Fisher Information of a Perturbed Linear Model After Random Compression
* optimal spatial-temporal smoothness approach for tile-based 360-degree video streaming, An
* Optimized Deep Network Representation of Multimutation Differential Evolution and its Application in Seismic Inversion, An
* Optimizing a Parameterized Plug-and-Play ADMM for Iterative Low-Dose CT Reconstruction
* Optimizing the balance between area and orientation distortions for variable-scale maps
* Outdoor RGBD Instance Segmentation With Residual Regretting Learning
* Parallel Landscape Driven Data Reduction & Spatial Interpolation Algorithm for Big LiDAR Data
* parameter partial-sharing CNN architecture for cross-domain clothing retrieval, A
* Part-Stacked CNN for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Performance Degradation Monitoring for Onboard Speed Sensors of Trains
* Phase Retrieval From Quantized Measurements via Approximate Message Passing
* Polarimetric SAR Image Semantic Segmentation With 3D Discrete Wavelet Transform and Markov Random Field
* Predicting Animation Skeletons for 3D Articulated Models via Volumetric Nets
* QoE-Driven Adaptive K-Push for HTTP/2 Live Streaming
* Quality Analysis of Vehicle-based Sequence Images Relative Orientation Based On Computer Vision
* Quantification of the Scale Effect in Downscaling Remotely Sensed Land Surface Temperature
* Query-Free Clothing Retrieval via Implicit Relevance Feedback
* Removing contaminated data for illumination-robust face recognition
* Resolution Analysis of Spatial Modulation Coincidence Imaging Based on Reflective Surface
* robust and efficient method for license plate recognition, A
* robust background initialization algorithm with superpixel motion detection, A
* Robust Energy Minimization for BRDF-Invariant Shape from Light Fields
* Robust Graph Learning From Noisy Data
* Robust Low-Dose CT Sinogram Preprocessing via Exploiting Noise-Generating Mechanism
* Robust Low-Rank Matrix Factorization Under General Mixture Noise Distributions
* Robust Surface Matching for Automated Detection of Local Deformations Using Least-Median-of-Squares Estimator
* Robust Visual Tracking via Sparse Representation Under Subclass Discriminant Constraint
* School Commuting Mode Shift: A Scenario Analysis for Active School Commuting Using GIS and Online Map API
* Semantic Scene Models for Visual Localization under Large Viewpoint Changes
* Should We Encode Rain Streaks in Video as Deterministic or Stochastic?
* Social Image Analysis From a Non-IID Perspective
* spatial correlation problem of noise in imaging deblurring and its solution, The
* Spherical Space Domain Adaptation With Robust Pseudo-Label Loss
* Splenomegaly Segmentation on Multi-Modal MRI Using Deep Convolutional Networks
* Standardized Assessment of Automatic Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities and Results of the WMH Segmentation Challenge
* Stratifying Forest Overstory for Improving Effective LAI Estimation Based on Aerial Imagery and Discrete Laser Scanning Data
* Stylization-Based Architecture for Fast Deep Exemplar Colorization
* SynSeg-Net: Synthetic Segmentation Without Target Modality Ground Truth
* Temporal Upscaling and Reconstruction of Thermal Remotely Sensed Instantaneous Evapotranspiration
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Three Dimentional Reconstruction Of Large Cultural Heritage Objects Based On UAV Video And Tls Data
* Total Variation Regularized Tensor RPCA for Background Subtraction From Compressive Measurements
* Towards automated computer vision: analysis of the AutoCV challenges 2019
* Unsupervised PolSAR Image Classification Using Discriminative Clustering
* VarGFaceNet: An Efficient Variable Group Convolutional Neural Network for Lightweight Face Recognition
* Variant of the region-scalable fitting energy for image segmentation
* Video Background Completion Using Motion-Guided Pixel Assignment Optimization
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Rhythm Prediction with Feature-Aligning Network
* Watermark BER and Channel Capacity Analysis for QPSK-Based RF Watermarking by Constellation Dithering in AWGN Channel
* Webly-Supervised Fine-Grained Visual Categorization via Deep Domain Adaptation
Includes: Xu, Z.[Zewei] Xu, Z. Xu, Z.[Zhen] Xu, Z.[Zenglin] Xu, Z.[Zhe] Xu, Z.[Zhihao] Xu, Z.[Zhantang] Xu, Z.[Zeyu] Xu, Z.[Zhenxing] Xu, Z.[Zekai] Xu, Z.[Zheng] Xu, Z.[Zhida] Xu, Z.[Ziwei] Xu, Z.[Zhong] Xu, Z.[Zhu] Xu, Z.[Zezhong] Xu, Z.[Ziyi] Xu, Z.[Zhi] Xu, Z.[Zhao] Xu, Z.[Zhibang] Xu, Z.[Zhenlin] Xu, Z.[Zhepu] Xu, Z.[Zeran] Xu, Z.[Zhihai] Xu, Z.[Zhaoshang] Xu, Z.[Zhan]
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Xu, Z.B.[Zong Ben] Co Author Listing * Abnormality detection in retinal image by individualized background learning
* ADMM-CSNet: A Deep Learning Approach for Image Compressive Sensing
* Clustering by Scale-Space Filtering
* Color Image Denoising via Discriminatively Learned Iterative Shrinkage
* Decomposable Nonlocal Tensor Dictionary Learning for Multispectral Image Denoising
* Directed Network Analysis Using Transfer Entropy Component Analysis
* Efficient Iterative Cerebral Perfusion CT Reconstruction via Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition With Spatial-Temporal Total Variation Regularization, An
* Enhancing Low-Rank Subspace Clustering by Manifold Regularization
* Fast image deconvolution using closed-form thresholding formulas of regularization
* Flash Cut: Foreground Extraction with Flash and No-flash Image Pairs
* Generalization Ability of SVM Classification Based on Markov Sampling, The
* Generalization Performance of Regularized Regression Algorithms Based on Markov Sampling, The
* Gradient Profile Prior and Its Applications in Image Super-Resolution and Enhancement
* heuristic hierarchical clustering based on multiple similarity measurements, A
* High-order total variation-based multiplicative noise removal with spatially adapted parameter selection
* Hyperspectral Image Classification With Convolutional Neural Network and Active Learning
* Hyperspectral Image Classification With Markov Random Fields and a Convolutional Neural Network
* Image super-resolution using gradient profile prior
* Improve robustness of sparse PCA by L1-norm maximization
* Improving geodesic distance estimation based on locally linear assumption
* Kronecker-Basis-Representation Based Tensor Sparsity and Its Applications to Tensor Recovery
* Learning a convolutional neural network for non-uniform motion blur removal
* Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Fusion by MS/HS Fusion Net
* Passage method for nonlinear dimensionality reduction of data on multi-cluster manifolds
* Remote Sensing Image Denoising via Low-Rank Tensor Approximation and Robust Noise Modeling
* Scalable model-based cluster analysis using clustering features
* Scale selection for anisotropic diffusion filter by Markov random field model
* Semi-Supervised Transfer Learning for Image Rain Removal
* Single Image Super Resolution via Neighbor Reconstruction
* Sparse Bayesian Hierarchical Prior Modeling Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Wideband Cognitive Radio Networks
* Spatial and Spectral Image Fusion Using Sparse Matrix Factorization
* Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification via Robust Low-Rank Feature Extraction and Markov Random Field
* Towards End-to-End License Plate Detection and Recognition: A Large Dataset and Baseline
* Video Primal Sketch: A generic middle-level representation of video
* Video Primal Sketch: A Unified Middle-Level Representation for Video
Includes: Xu, Z.B.[Zong Ben] Xu, Z.B.[Zong-Ben] Xu, Z.B.[Zing-Ben] Xu, Z.B.[Zhuo-Bin] Xu, Z.B.[Zhen-Bo]
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Xu, Z.C.[Zhen Chao] Co Author Listing * Improving Detector of Viola and Jones through SVM
* New Method Based on Treatment of Singular Integration in Computation of Acoustic Scattering, A
* Optical models for remote sensing of chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) absorption in Poyang Lake
* Spatiotemporal Variation of Drought and Associated Multi-Scale Response to Climate Change over the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
Includes: Xu, Z.C.[Zhen Chao] Xu, Z.C.[Zhen-Chao] Xu, Z.C.[Zhong-Chang] Xu, Z.C.[Zhi-Chao] Xu, Z.C.[Zhi-Cheng]

Xu, Z.D.[Zhan Dong] Co Author Listing * Analysing driving efficiency of mandatory lane change decision for autonomous vehicles
Includes: Xu, Z.D.[Zhan Dong] Xu, Z.D.[Zhan-Dong]

Xu, Z.F.[Zhi Fei] Co Author Listing * Robust and Accurate Method for Pupil Features Extraction, A
Includes: Xu, Z.F.[Zhi Fei] Xu, Z.F.[Zhi-Fei]

Xu, Z.G.[Zheng Guang] Co Author Listing * Channel Capacity Analysis of the Generalized Spread Spectrum Watermarking in Audio Signals
* Channel Capacity Analysis of the Multiple Orthogonal Sequence Spread Spectrum Watermarking in Audio Signals
* Descriptor Learning Based on Fisher Separation Criterion for Texture Classification
* Dynamic texture synthesis using a spatial temporal descriptor
* Ear recognition using a new local matching approach
* Hydrologic Evaluation of Multi-Source Satellite Precipitation Products for the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China
* Improved Winter Wheat Spatial Distribution Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Semantic Features and Statistical Analysis
* Improved Winter Wheat Spatial Distribution Extraction Using A Convolutional Neural Network and Partly Connected Conditional Random Field
* LADM-Based Model for Natural Resource Administration in China
* Local Gabor phase difference pattern for face recognition
* Measurement of dynamic vibration in cycling using portable terminal measurement system
* Multi-band Gradient Component Pattern (MGCP): A New Statistical Feature for Face Recognition
* New Gabor Phase Difference Pattern for Face and Ear Recognition, A
* novel clipping technique for filtering FM signals embedded in intensive noise, A
* Performance Evaluation for Three Classes of Textural Coarseness
* Performance Evaluation of Downscaling Sentinel-2 Imagery for Land Use and Land Cover Classification by Spectral-Spatial Features
* Tunnel Monitoring and Measuring System Using Mobile Laser Scanning: Design and Deployment
* Using Ear Biometrics for Personal Recognition
* V2V-based method for the detection of road traffic congestion
Includes: Xu, Z.G.[Zheng Guang] Xu, Z.G.[Zheng-Guang] Xu, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang] Xu, Z.G.[Zhong-Guo] Xu, Z.G.[Zhen-Gwen]
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Xu, Z.H.[Zhi Hao] Co Author Listing * Automatic and Accurate 3D Measurement Based on RGBD Saliency Detection
* Automatic blur region segmentation approach using image matting
* Can We Use Second Minor Finger Knuckle Patterns to Identify Humans?
* Correction of overexposure utilizing haze removal model and image fusion technique
* Encoding with frames in MRI and analysis of the signal-to-noise ratio
* Fast and sub-pixel precision target tracking algorithm for intelligent dual-resolution camera
* Fast total variation deconvolution for blurred image contaminated by Poisson noise
* Image Deblurring Utilizing Inertial Sensors and a Short-Long-Short Exposure Strategy
* L0 regularized cartoon-texture decomposition model for restoring images corrupted by blur and impulse noise, An
* Low-light image enhancement with strong light weakening and bright halo suppressing
* Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Surveys Using Terrain-Invariant Regions for Measuring Exploitative Volumes over Open-Pit Mines
* RR^2-CNN: Fast Tiny Object Detection in Large-Scale Remote Sensing Images
* Sensor fault estimation of networked vehicle suspension system with deny-of-service attack
* Skeletal camera network embedded structure-from-motion for 3D scene reconstruction from UAV images
* Studies on Micropatterning and Photoreaction of Copolymer LB Films Containing Nonionic Photoacid Generator
* Switching impulse noise filter based on Laplacian convolution and pixels grouping for color images
* Tridimensional Reconstruction Applied to Cultural Heritage with the Use of Camera-Equipped UAV and Terrestrial Laser Scanner
Includes: Xu, Z.H.[Zhi Hao] Xu, Z.H.[Zhi-Hao] Xu, Z.H.[Zhi-Hai] Xu, Z.H.[Zhi-Huan] Xu, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua] Xu, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua] Xu, Z.H.[Zhan-Hui] Xu, Z.H.[Ze-Hao]
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Xu, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Co Author Listing * Accurate Dynamic Sketching of Faces from Video
* Composite Templates for Cloth Modeling and Sketching
* Dual-channel CNN for efficient abnormal behavior identification through crowd feature engineering
* Face Recognition by Expression-Driven Sketch Graph Matching
* Head Curve Matching and Graffiti Detection
* Hierarchical Compositional Model for Face Representation and Sketching, A
* High Resolution Grammatical Model for Face Representation and Sketching, A
* OD Flow Clustering Method Based on Vector Constraints: A Case Study for Beijing Taxi Origin-Destination Data, An
* Representation and Reconstruction of Polygons and Polyhedra Using Hierarchical Extended Gaussian Images
* Spatio-temporal texture modelling for real-time crowd anomaly detection
* stochastic graph grammar for compositional object representation and recognition, A
* Survey of track association of radar and AIS
* Video event detection based on over-segmented STV regions
* What are Textons?
Includes: Xu, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Xu, Z.J.[Zi-Jian] Xu, Z.J.[Zhi-Jie] Xu, Z.J. Xu, Z.J.[Zhen-Jie]
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Xu, Z.K. Co Author Listing * Complete 3D Boundary Representation from Multiple Range Images: Exploiting Geometric Constraints
* Convolutional Neural Network Based Dem Super Resolution
* Tree Line Identification and Dynamics under Climate Change in Wuyishan National Park Based on Landsat Images
Includes: Xu, Z.K. Xu, Z.K.[Ze-Kai] Xu, Z.K.[Zi-Kun]

Xu, Z.L.[Zeng Lin] Co Author Listing * Auto-weighted multi-view clustering via deep matrix decomposition
* Auto-weighted multi-view clustering via kernelized graph learning
* CenterMask: Single Shot Instance Segmentation With Point Representation
* Consensus Guided Multiple Match Removal for Geometry Verification in Image Retrieval
* Effective Approach to 3D Deformable Surface Tracking, An
* Efficient contrast invariant stereo correspondence using dynamic programming with vertical constraint
* Kernel tapering: A simple and effective approach to sparse kernels for image processing
* LP-SR: Approaching Optimal Storage and Retrieval for Video-on-Demand
* Manifold regularized matrix completion for multilabel classification
* Modeling spatiotemporal patterns of understory light intensity using airborne laser scanner (LiDAR)
* Rotation-Invariant Texture Classification Using Feature Distributions
* Semantically Multi-Modal Image Synthesis
* Two-stage cross-based stereo disparity refinement
Includes: Xu, Z.L.[Zeng Lin] Xu, Z.L.[Zeng-Lin] Xu, Z.L.[Zhao-Liang] Xu, Z.L.[Zhi-Liang] Xu, Z.L.[Zhuo-Lin] Xu, Z.L.[Zhong-Lin] Xu, Z.L.[Ze-Lin] Xu, Z.L.[Zong-Lin]
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Xu, Z.M.[Zeng Min] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using Visual Attention with Reinforcement Learning
* Estimation of the Lateral Dynamic Displacement of High-Rise Buildings under Wind Load Based on Fusion of a Remote Sensing Vibrometer and an Inclinometer
* Global Contrast Based Salient Region Boundary Sampling for Action Recognition
* How much bandwidth does surveillance system require?
* Hybrid Spatial Data Model for Indoor Space: Combined Topology and Grid
* On Lifting Factorization for 2-D LPPRFB
* On M-Channel Linear Phase Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks with Arbitrary Filter Length
Includes: Xu, Z.M.[Zeng Min] Xu, Z.M.[Zeng-Min] Xu, Z.M.[Zeng-Mao] Xu, Z.M.[Zhi-Min] Xu, Z.M.[Zhi-Ming]
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Xu, Z.P.[Zhao Peng] Co Author Listing * Efficient binary image steganalysis based on ensemble neural network of multi-module
* Experimental Study on Selection of Aperture Pattern Based on Image Statistics
* Gait recognition based on capsule network
Includes: Xu, Z.P.[Zhao Peng] Xu, Z.P.[Zhao-Peng] Xu, Z.P.[Zeng-Pu]

Xu, Z.Q.[Zheng Quan] Co Author Listing * content security protection scheme in JPEG compressed domain, A
* Database for Face Presentation Attack Using Wax Figure Faces, A
* Document Rectification Approach Dealing with Both Perspective Distortion and Warping Based on Text Flow Curve Fitting, A
* Face presentation attack detection in mobile scenarios: A comprehensive evaluation
* Image alignment based on invariant features for palmprint identification
* Learning Facial Point Response for Alignment by Purely Convolutional Network
* Modeling China's Prefecture-Level Economy Using VIIRS Imagery and Spatial Methods
* Multi-Person Pose Estimation With Enhanced Channel-Wise and Spatial Information
* On the provably secure CEW based on orthogonal decomposition
* Page Content Independent Book Dewarping Method to Handle 2D Images Captured by a Digital Camera, A
* Palmprint Acquisition Device with Time-Sharing Light Source Used in Personal Verification, A
* Postearthquake Multiple Scene Recognition Model Based on Classical SSD Method and Transfer Learning, A
* privacy-preserving content-based image retrieval method in cloud environment, A
* survey on 3D mask presentation attack detection and countermeasures, A
Includes: Xu, Z.Q.[Zheng Quan] Xu, Z.Q.[Zheng-Quan] Xu, Z.Q.[Zhuo-Qun] Xu, Z.Q.[Zhen-Qi] Xu, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang]
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Xu, Z.R.[Zhuo Ran] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised learning competence of classifiers based on graph for dynamic classifier selection
Includes: Xu, Z.R.[Zhuo Ran] Xu, Z.R.[Zhuo-Ran]

Xu, Z.S.[Zhao Shang] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Spatial Variations of Forest Sunlit and Shaded Components Using Discrete Aerial Lidar
* L1-norm-based kernel entropy components
Includes: Xu, Z.S.[Zhao Shang] Xu, Z.S.[Zhao-Shang] Xu, Z.S.[Ze-Shui]

Xu, Z.T.[Zhan Tang] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Augmented Reflectance Ratio of the Ocean Surface When Whitecaps Appear
* Retrieving Phytoplankton Size Class from the Absorption Coefficient and Chlorophyll A Concentration Based on Support Vector Machine
Includes: Xu, Z.T.[Zhan Tang] Xu, Z.T.[Zhan-Tang]

Xu, Z.W.[Zhong Wen] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Multirate Reconstruction for Temporal Modeling in Videos
* Complex Event Detection via Multi-source Video Attributes
* Cubic Phase Distortion and Irregular Degradation on SAR Imaging Due to the Ionosphere
* Diagnostically lossless compression of X-ray angiography images based on automatic segmentation using ray-casting and alpha-shapes
* discriminative CNN video representation for event detection, A
* Dynamically Removing False Features in Pyramidal Lucas-Kanade Registration
* Event Detection Using Multi-level Relevance Labels and Multiple Features
* Feature Weighting via Optimal Thresholding for Video Analysis
* Flood Hazard Mapping and Assessment on the Angkor World Heritage Site, Cambodia
* Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Encoder for Video Representation with Application to Captioning
* How Related Exemplars Help Complex Event Detection in Web Videos?
* Identification and Recognition Based on Point for Blood Vessel of Ocular Fundus, The
* Interesting components detection for space satellites from inverse synthetic aperture radar image via feature probabilistic estimation
* Multidimensional Variational Line Spectra Estimation
* Optical Flow Computation with Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations
* Optimized Spatiotemporal Data Scheduling Based on Maximum Flow for Multilevel Visualization Tasks
* Uncovering the Temporal Context for Video Question Answering
Includes: Xu, Z.W.[Zhong Wen] Xu, Z.W.[Zhong-Wen] Xu, Z.W.[Zheng-Wen] Xu, Z.W.[Zhong-Wei] Xu, Z.W.[Zhi-Wen] Xu, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei] Xu, Z.W.[Zhao-Wen]
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Xu, Z.X.[Zong Xue] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Correction of the PERSIANN-CDR Product in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin, China
* Assessment of Satellite-Derived Precipitation Products for the Beijing Region
* Content-Sensitive Multilevel Point Cluster Construction for ALS Point Cloud Classification
* Greening Implication Inferred from Vegetation Dynamics Interacted with Climate Change and Human Activities over the Southeast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Optimized multilevel fringe patterns for real-time 3D shape measurement with defocused projector
* Pedestrian detection based on sparse coding and transfer learning
* Spatiotemporal Variation of Drought and Associated Multi-Scale Response to Climate Change over the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
* Transition Characteristics of the Dry-Wet Regime and Vegetation Dynamic Responses over the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin, Southeast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Includes: Xu, Z.X.[Zong Xue] Xu, Z.X.[Zong-Xue] Xu, Z.X.[Zong-Xia] Xu, Z.X.[Zi-Xin] Xu, Z.X.[Zuo-Xin]
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Xu, Z.Y.[Zheng Ya] Co Author Listing * Adaptive progressive filter to remove impulse noise in highly corrupted color images
* Analytic Approach to Tensor Scale with an Efficient Algorithm and Applications to Image Filtering, An
* Bandpass filter design based on wavelet packet
* Blind quality assessment of multiply-distorted images based on structural degradation
* Deep learning for real-time image steganalysis: a survey
* DFOB: Detecting and describing features by octagon filter bank for fast image matching
* Fog Removal from Color Images using Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization
* Generic Approach to Pathological Lung Segmentation, A
* generic denoising framework via guided principal component analysis, A
* Geo-Tagged Photo Metadata Processing Method for Beijing Inbound Tourism Flow
* Massive-scale visual information retrieval towards city residential environment surveillance
* Multi-label Deep Regression and Unordered Pooling for Holistic Interstitial Lung Disease Pattern Detection
* Multiple rotation symmetry group detection via saliency-based visual attention and Frieze expansion pattern
* Noise Parameter Estimation for Poisson Corrupted Images Using Variance Stabilization Transforms
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Single image deraining via decorrelating the rain streaks and background scene in gradient domain
* Spatial and temporal statistical information based motion estimation
* Symmetry-Aware Human Shape Correspondence Using Skeleton
* Tensor scale: An analytic approach with efficient computation and applications
* VisDrone-MOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VisDrone-VID2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Video Challenge Results
Includes: Xu, Z.Y.[Zheng Ya] Xu, Z.Y.[Zheng-Ya] Xu, Z.Y.[Zi-Yue] Xu, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan] Xu, Z.Y.[Zhi-Ya] Xu, Z.Y.[Zhan-Yang] Xu, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Xu, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yun] Xu, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yi] Xu, Z.Y.[Zong-Yi]
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Xu, Z.Z.[Ze Zhong] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Robust Line Segment Extraction Using Minimum Entropy With Hough Transform
* Anomalous Urban Mobility Pattern Detection Based on GPS Trajectories and POI Data
* Arithmetic coding for image compression with adaptive weight-context classification
* Blunder Elimination Techniques in Adaptive Automatic Terrain Extraction
* Closed form line-segment extraction using the Hough transform
* Consistent image alignment for video mosaicing
* Deformable ConvNet with Aspect Ratio Constrained NMS for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Determination of Length and Width of a Line-Segment by Using a Hough Transform
* Line Segment Detection with Hough Transform Based on Minimum Entropy
* statistical method for line segment detection, A
* Statistical Method for Peak Localization in Hough Space by Analysing Butterflies, A
* Taxi-RS: Taxi-Hunting Recommendation System Based on Taxi GPS Data
* Visual lane analysis and higher-order tasks: a concise review
Includes: Xu, Z.Z.[Ze Zhong] Xu, Z.Z.[Ze-Zhong] Xu, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhou] Xu, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhen] Xu, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zhong] Xu, Z.Z.[Zhao-Zhuo] Xu, Z.Z.
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