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Ye, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Active learning with label correlation exploration for multi-label image classification
* Analyzing graph time series using a generative model
* Automatic Recognition of Traffic Signs in Natural Scene Image Based on Central Projection Transformation
* Automatic Vector-Based Road Structure Mapping Using Multibeam LiDAR
* Combining general multi-class and specific two-class classifiers for improved customized ECG heartbeat classification
* Comparative Analysis of Visual-Inertial SLAM for Assisted Wayfinding of the Visually Impaired, A
* Correlation Network Evolution Using Mean Reversion Autoregression
* Energy efficient image transmission using wireless embedded smart cameras
* Energy-aware and robust task (re)assignment in embedded smart camera networks
* Entropic Edge Assortativity Measure, An
* Entropic Graph Embedding via Multivariate Degree Distributions
* fiber tracking method guided by volumetric tract segmentation, A
* Graph Characterization from Entropy Component Analysis
* Heterogeneity Index for Directed Graphs
* Highly and Adaptively Undersampling Pattern for Pulmonary Hyperpolarized 129Xe Dynamic MRI
* Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Navigator Based on Fuzzy Logic and Reinforcement Learning, An
* Jensen-Shannon Divergence Kernel for Directed Graphs, A
* Multi-label active learning for image classification
* Multi-label active learning with label correlation for image classification
* Navigating a Mobile Robot by a Traversability Field Histogram
* NCC-RANSAC: A Fast Plane Extraction Method for 3-D Range Data Segmentation
* RGB-D Camera Based Walking Pattern Detection Method for Smart Rollators, An
* Small Infrared Target Detection Based on Weighted Local Difference Measure
* Thermodynamics of Time Evolving Networks
Includes: Ye, C.[Chen] Ye, C. Ye, C.[Chun] Ye, C.[Can] Ye, C.[Cheng] Ye, C.[Chuang] Ye, C.[Chuyang] Ye, C.[Cang]
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Ye, C.C.[Chong Chong] Co Author Listing * Method of Population Spatialization Considering Parametric Spatial Stationarity: Case Study of the Southwestern Area of China, A
* Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Driving Force Analysis of Flash Floods in Fujian Province
Includes: Ye, C.C.[Chong Chong] Ye, C.C.[Chong-Chong]

Ye, C.D.[Cheng Da] Co Author Listing * Fast Predictive Search Algorithm for Video Motion Estimation
Includes: Ye, C.D.[Cheng Da] Ye, C.D.[Cheng-Da]

Ye, C.H.[Chao Hui] Co Author Listing * Entropy-based window selection for detecting dim and small infrared targets
* Image enhancement based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets theory
* Spherical parameter detection based on hierarchical Hough transform
Includes: Ye, C.H.[Chao Hui] Ye, C.H.[Chao-Hui] Ye, C.H.

Ye, C.M.[Cheng Ming] Co Author Listing * Application of DInSAR and GIS for Underground Mine Subsidence Monitoring
* Investigating the Influences of Tree Coverage and Road Density on Property Crime
Includes: Ye, C.M.[Cheng Ming] Ye, C.M.[Cheng-Ming]

Ye, C.Q.[Chun Qing] Co Author Listing * Design of an Ultrasonic Detecting System Based on LabVIEW
Includes: Ye, C.Q.[Chun Qing] Ye, C.Q.[Chun-Qing]

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