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Ye, J. Co Author Listing * Active Batch Selection via Convex Relaxations with Guaranteed Solution Bounds
* Adversarial Noise Layer: Regularize Neural Network by Adding Noise
* Analyzing the Impact of Highways Associated with Farmland Loss under Rapid Urbanization
* Autonomous Driving: Part 1-Sensing and Perception
* Compactly Supported Radial Basis Function-Based Meshless Method for Photon Propagation Model of Fluorescence Molecular Tomography
* DBUS: Human Driving Behavior Understanding System
* Deep Adversarial Decomposition: A Unified Framework for Separating Superimposed Images
* Deep Convolutional Framelets: A General Deep Learning Framework for Inverse Problems
* Deep residual refining based pseudo-multi-frame network for effective single image super-resolution
* DEPARA: Deep Attribution Graph for Deep Knowledge Transferability
* Detecting Seam-Carved Image by Extreme Learning Machines Using Patch Analysis Method, Jury Voting, and Combinatorial Fusion
* DLSTM approach to video modeling with hashing for large-scale video retrieval
* Dynamic Fluid Surface Reconstruction Using Deep Neural Network
* Edge-Sensitive Human Cutout With Hierarchical Granularity and Loopy Matting Guidance
* Effect of Axis-Wise Triaxial Acceleration Data Fusion in CNN-Based Human Activity Recognition, The
* Elastic Interaction Models for Active Contours and Surfaces
* Fused Lasso Screening Rules via the Monotonicity of Subdifferentials
* Generative Adversarial Training for Weakly Supervised Cloud Matting
* Group Activity Recognition with Differential Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks
* Hexagon-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Supply-Demand Forecasting of Ride-Sourcing Services
* High-accuracy edge detection with Blurred Edge Model
* Human Visual System-Based Fundus Image Quality Assessment of Portable Fundus Camera Photographs
* Hybrid Urban Canyon Pedestrian Navigation Scheme Combined PDR, GNSS and Beacon Based on Smartphone
* Hyperspectral image restoration by subspace representation with low-rank constraint and spatial-spectral total variation
* Learning Compact Features for Human Activity Recognition Via Probabilistic First-Take-All
* Learning Compact Recurrent Neural Networks with Block-Term Tensor Decomposition
* Learning to Dodge A Bullet: Concyclic View Morphing via Deep Learning
* Lightweight cascade framework for optic disc segmentation
* Linear Subspace Ranking Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Mathematical Modeling and Accuracy Testing of WorldView-2 Level-1B Stereo Pairs without Ground Control Points
* Multigrid Narrow Band Surface Reconstruction via Level Set Functions
* New Active Contour Method Based on Elastic Interaction, A
* Non-negative matrix factorisation based on fuzzy K nearest neighbour graph and its applications
* Novel Reversible Data Hiding with Skin Tone Smoothing Effect for Face Images, A
* Persistent Homology in Sparse Regression and Its Application to Brain Morphometry
* Preclinical Imaging Using Single Track Location Shear Wave Elastography: Monitoring the Progression of Murine Pancreatic Tumor Liver Metastasis In Vivo
* Probabilistic Multigraph Modeling for Improving the Quality of Crowdsourced Affective Data
* PropagationNet: Propagate Points to Curve to Learn Structure Information
* Re-ID Driven Localization Refinement for Person Search
* Robust L1-norm two-dimensional collaborative representation-based projection for dimensionality reduction
* Segmentation for Hyperspectral Images with Priors
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* Speedup Method for SVM Decision, A
* Stable Algebraic Camera Pose Estimation for Minimal Configurations of 2D/3D Point and Line Correspondences, A
* Ultrafast Facial Tracker Using Generic Cameras with Applications in Intelligent Lifestyle
* Vertical Deformation Monitoring of the Suspension Bridge Tower Using GNSS: A Case Study of the Forth Road Bridge in the UK
* Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis in Product Reviews
Includes: Ye, J. Ye, J.[Jintian] Ye, J.[Jihua] Ye, J.[Jian] Ye, J.[Jun] Ye, J.[Junhua] Ye, J.[Jinwei] Ye, J.[Jilun] Ye, J.[Jiang] Ye, J.[Jinghan] Ye, J.[Jimin] Ye, J.[Jiamin] Ye, J.[Joe] Ye, J.[Jin]
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Ye, J.B.[Jian Bo] Co Author Listing * Aggregated Wasserstein Distance and State Registration for Hidden Markov Models
* ARBEE: Towards Automated Recognition of Bodily Expression of Emotion in the Wild
* Distance for HMMs Based on Aggregated Wasserstein Metric and State Registration, A
* fast modal space transform for robust nonrigid shape retrieval, A
* Scaling up discrete distribution clustering using ADMM
Includes: Ye, J.B.[Jian Bo] Ye, J.B.[Jian-Bo]

Ye, J.C.[Jong Chul] Co Author Listing * Annihilating Filter-Based Low-Rank Hankel Matrix Approach for Image Inpainting
* Asymptotic Global Confidence Regions for 3-D Parametric Shape Estimation in Inverse Problems
* Beyond Deep Residual Learning for Image Restoration: Persistent Homology-Guided Manifold Simplification
* CollaGAN: Collaborative GAN for Missing Image Data Imputation
* Compressed Sensing Shape Estimation of Star-Shaped Objects in Fourier Imaging
* Compressive Diffuse Optical Tomography: Noniterative Exact Reconstruction Using Joint Sparsity
* Computational MRI: Compressive Sensing and Beyond
* Cramer-Rao bounds for parametric shape estimation in inverse problems
* Data-Driven Sparse GLM for fMRI Analysis Using Sparse Dictionary Learning With MDL Criterion, A
* Deep Convolutional Framelet Denosing for Low-Dose CT via Wavelet Residual Network
* Deep Learning COVID-19 Features on CXR Using Limited Training Data Sets
* Deep Learning Diffuse Optical Tomography
* Efficient B-Mode Ultrasound Image Reconstruction From Sub-Sampled RF Data Using Deep Learning
* Framing U-Net via Deep Convolutional Framelets: Application to Sparse-View CT
* Grid-Free Localization Algorithm Using Low-Rank Hankel Matrix for Super-Resolution Microscopy
* Image Reconstruction is a New Frontier of Machine Learning
* Image Reconstruction: From Sparsity to Data-Adaptive Methods and Machine Learning
* Interior Tomography Using 1D Generalized Total Variation. Part I: Mathematical Foundation
* Interior Tomography Using 1D Generalized Total Variation. Part II: Multiscale Implementation
* Joint Sparse Recovery Framework for Accurate Reconstruction of Inclusions in Elastic Media, A
* k-Space Deep Learning for Accelerated MRI
* Lidar measurements for water vapor vertical profiles up to the stratosphere
* Low-rank Fourier interpolation for compressed sensing imaging
* Motion Adaptive Patch-Based Low-Rank Approach for Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine MRI
* Motion estimated and compensated compressed sensing dynamic magnetic resonance imaging: What we can learn from video compression techniques
* Mumford-Shah Loss Functional for Image Segmentation With Deep Learning
* Nonlinear multigrid algorithms for bayesian optical diffusion tomography
* Nonlinear Multigrid Optimization for Bayesian Diffusion Tomography
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Optical diffusion tomography by iterative-coordinate-descent optimization in a Bayesian framework
* Optimal parameter updating for optical diffusion imaging
* Random impulse noise removal using sparse and low rank decomposition of annihilating filter-based Hankel matrix
* Recent progresses of accelerated MRI using annihilating filter-based low-rank interpolation
* Robust video streaming over wireless LAN with efficient scalable coding and prioritized adaptive transmission
* Self-Referencing Level-Set Method for Image Reconstruction from Sparse Fourier Samples, A
* Single channel 2-D and 3-D blind image deconvolution for circularly symmetric fir blurs
* Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition of a Hankel Structured Matrix for Impulse Noise Removal
* Sparse-View Spectral CT Reconstruction Using Spectral Patch-Based Low-Rank Penalty
* Structured Low-Rank Algorithms: Theory, Magnetic Resonance Applications, and Links to Machine Learning
* Unified Sparse Recovery and Inference Framework for Functional Diffuse Optical Tomography Using Random Effect Model, A
Includes: Ye, J.C.[Jong Chul] Ye, J.C.
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Ye, J.F.[Jing Fu] Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition Based On Gabor Wavelet Transformation And Elastic Templates Matching
Includes: Ye, J.F.[Jing Fu] Ye, J.F.[Jing-Fu]

Ye, J.H. Co Author Listing * Underwater Fish Tracking for Moving Cameras Based on Deformable Multiple Kernels

Ye, J.M.[Jian Ming] Co Author Listing * CDbin: Compact Discriminative Binary Descriptor Learned With Efficient Neural Network
* design and implementation of a Visual Workflow Modeling tool based on Eclipse plug-ins, The
* prefix and suffix query of Chinese word segmentation algorithm for maximum matching, The
Includes: Ye, J.M.[Jian Ming] Ye, J.M.[Jian-Ming] Ye, J.M.[Jun-Min]

Ye, J.P.[Jie Ping] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Distance Metric Learning for Clustering
* Biased Manifold Embedding: A Framework for Person-Independent Head Pose Estimation
* Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multilabel Classification: A Least-Squares Formulation, Extensions, and Analysis
* Convex Formulation for Learning a Shared Predictive Structure from Multiple Tasks, A
* Efficient Methods for Overlapping Group Lasso
* Fast and Accurate Matrix Completion via Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
* framework for interactive image color editing, A
* Guest Editors' Introduction: Special issue on deep learning with applications to visual representation and analysis
* Image Cosegmentation via Multi-task Learning
* Integrating Global and Local Structures: A Least Squares Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
* Integrating Spatial and Discriminant Strength for Feature Selection and Linear Dimensionality Reduction
* Interest point detection using imbalance oriented selection
* Kernel Uncorrelated and Orthogonal Discriminant Analysis: A Unified Approach
* LDA/QR: an efficient and effective dimension reduction algorithm and its theoretical foundation
* Linear projection methods in face recognition under unconstrained illuminations: a comparative study
* Machine Learning Approaches for the Neuroimaging Study of Alzheimer's Disease
* Matrix completion by Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
* Optimization Criterion for Generalized Discriminant Analysis on Undersampled Problems, An
* Safe Feature Screening for Generalized LASSO
* Small Sphere and Large Margin Approach for Novelty Detection Using Training Data with Outliers, A
* Sparse non-negative tensor factorization using columnwise coordinate descent
* Sparse Structure Learning Algorithm for Gaussian Bayesian Network Identification from High-Dimensional Data, A
* Tensor Completion for Estimating Missing Values in Visual Data
* two-stage linear discriminant analysis via QR-decomposition, A
* unified framework for generalized Linear Discriminant Analysis, A
Includes: Ye, J.P.[Jie Ping] Ye, J.P.[Jie-Ping]
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Ye, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Co Author Listing * Method for automatic railway track surface defect classification and evaluation using a laser-based 3D model
Includes: Ye, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Ye, J.Q.[Jia-Qi]

Ye, J.S.[Jin Sheng] Co Author Listing * Harmonic wavelet packets method and its application to signal analysis of rotating machinery
* Terahertz polarization real-time imaging based on balanced electro-optic detection
Includes: Ye, J.S.[Jin Sheng] Ye, J.S.[Jin-Sheng] Ye, J.S.[Jia-Sheng]

Ye, J.T.[Jun Tao] Co Author Listing * Automatic skinning and animation of skeletal models
* Geometric Flow Approach for Region-Based Image Segmentation
* reduced unconstrained system for the cloth dynamics solver, A
Includes: Ye, J.T.[Jun Tao] Ye, J.T.[Jun-Tao]

Ye, J.W.[Jin Wei] Co Author Listing * Angular domain reconstruction of dynamic 3D fluid surfaces
* Content Aware Image Pre-Compensation
* Coplanar Common Points in Non-centric Cameras
* Data-Free Knowledge Amalgamation via Group-Stack Dual-GAN
* Depth-of-Field and Coded Aperture Imaging on XSlit Lens
* Image Pre-compensation: Balancing Contrast and Ringing
* Manhattan Scene Understanding via XSlit Imaging
* Ray geometry in non-pinhole cameras: A survey
* Reconstructing Gas Flows Using Light-Path Approximation
* Rotational Stereo Model Based on XSlit Imaging, A
* Saliency Detection on Light Field
* Saliency Detection on Light Field
* Shape and Reflectance Reconstruction Using Concentric Multi-Spectral Light Field
* Student Becoming the Master: Knowledge Amalgamation for Joint Scene Parsing, Depth Estimation, and More
Includes: Ye, J.W.[Jin Wei] Ye, J.W.[Jin-Wei] Ye, J.W.[Jing-Wen]
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Ye, J.X.[Jia Xing] Co Author Listing * Efficient In-Situ Debris Flow Monitoring System over a Wireless Accelerometer Network, An
Includes: Ye, J.X.[Jia Xing] Ye, J.X.[Jia-Xing]

Ye, J.Y.[Jun Yong] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic clustering on surfaces for crack extraction
* Augmenting bag-of-words: a robust contextual representation of spatiotemporal interest points for action recognition
* Automatic Image Semantic Annotation Based on Image-Keyword Document Model
* Convolutional Neural Network Based Seam Carving Detection Scheme for Uncompressed Digital Images, A
* Detecting USM image sharpening by using CNN
* Enhanced Statistical Approach to Identifying Photorealistic Images, An
* Hybrid Feature Model for Seam Carving Detection, A
* Joint training of conditional random fields and neural networks for stroke classification in online handwritten documents
* Learning a Similarity Constrained Discriminative Kernel Dictionary from Concatenated Low-Rank Features for Action Recognition
* Local Derivative Pattern Based Image Forensic Framework for Seam Carving Detection, A
* New Developments in Image Tampering Detection
* Reversible data hiding scheme based on significant-bit-difference expansion
* Statistics on Temporal Changes of Sparse Coding Coefficients in Spatial Pyramids for Human Action Recognition
Includes: Ye, J.Y.[Jun Yong] Ye, J.Y.[Jun-Yong] Ye, J.Y.[Jian-Ye] Ye, J.Y.[Jing-Yu] Ye, J.Y.[Jun-Yu]
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