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Ye, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Visual Homing for Commodity UAVs
* Attentive Linear Transformation for Image Captioning
* Building Occlusion Detection From Ghost Images
* Color correction for large-baseline multiview video
* Efficient Iterative Estimation of the Parameters of a Damped Complex Exponential in Noise
* Geostationary Satellite Observation of Precipitable Water Vapor Using an Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) based Reconstruction Technique over Eastern China
* Iterative optimization for frame-by-frame object pose tracking
* LandQv2: A MapReduce-Based System for Processing Arable Land Quality Big Data
* Monitoring rubber plantation expansion using Landsat data time series and a Shapelet-based approach
* On the Estimation of the Parameters of a Real Sinusoid in Noise
* Optimization of minimum volume constrained hyperspectral image unmixing on CPU-GPU heterogeneous platform
* Real-Time Phase Bias Estimation for BeiDou Satellites Based on Consideration of Orbit Errors
* Retrieving Precipitable Water Vapor Data Using GPS Zenith Delays and Global Reanalysis Data in China
* review of accuracy assessment for object-based image analysis: From per-pixel to per-polygon approaches, A
* Systematic DNN Weight Pruning Framework Using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers, A
* targeted change-detection procedure by combining change vector analysis and post-classification approach, A
Includes: Ye, S. Ye, S.[Siqi] Ye, S.[Shirong] Ye, S.[Shuang] Ye, S.[Sijing] Ye, S.[Su] Ye, S.[Shun] Ye, S.[Shaokai]
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Ye, S.F.[Shao Feng] Co Author Listing * Resistance Welding Spot Defect Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Vision Inspection System for the Defects of Resistance Spot Welding Based on Neural Network, A
Includes: Ye, S.F.[Shao Feng] Ye, S.F.[Shao-Feng]

Ye, S.H.[Sheng Hua] Co Author Listing * Improved SFS 3D measurement based on BP neural network
Includes: Ye, S.H.[Sheng Hua] Ye, S.H.[Sheng-Hua]

Ye, S.J.[Si Jing] Co Author Listing * RDCRMG: A Raster Dataset Clean & Reconstitution Multi-Grid Architecture for Remote Sensing Monitoring of Vegetation Dryness
* Sinusoid Recognition and Texture Analysis of Electrical Borehole Images
Includes: Ye, S.J.[Si Jing] Ye, S.J.[Si-Jing] Ye, S.J.[Shin-Ju]

Ye, S.L.[Shang Lin] Co Author Listing * Efficient 2-D Frequency and Damping Estimation by Interpolation on Fourier Coefficients
Includes: Ye, S.L.[Shang Lin] Ye, S.L.[Shang-Lin]

Ye, S.M.[Shui Ming] Co Author Listing * Crypto Signature Scheme For Image Authentication Over Wireless Channel, A
* Edge directed filter based error concealment for wavelet-based images
* Error Resilient Image Authentication Using Feature Statistical and Spatial Properties
* Improved Side Information Generation for Distributed Video Coding by Exploiting Spatial and Temporal Correlations
* Improved side information generation with iterative decoding and frame interpolation for Distributed Video Coding
* Revealing Event Saliency in Unconstrained Video Collection
Includes: Ye, S.M.[Shui Ming] Ye, S.M.[Shui-Ming] Ye, S.M.[Sen-Mao]

Ye, S.R.[Shi Rong] Co Author Listing * Improved Method for GLONASS Long Baseline Ambiguity Resolution without Inter-Frequency Code Bias Calibration
Includes: Ye, S.R.[Shi Rong] Ye, S.R.[Shi-Rong]

Ye, S.X.[Shu Xiong] Co Author Listing * Collision-Free LSTM for Human Trajectory Prediction
Includes: Ye, S.X.[Shu Xiong] Ye, S.X.[Shu-Xiong]

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