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Ye, X.[Xueyi] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Improvement of An Iris Identification Algorithm
* Anomaly Identification From Super-low Frequency Electromagnetic Data For The Coalbed Methane Detection
* Building Fašade Recognition Using Oblique Aerial Images
* Computational Acceleration for MR Image Reconstruction in Partially Parallel Imaging
* cost-efficient hardware architecture of deblocking filter in HEVC, A
* Crowd counting considering network flow constraints in videos
* DAGAN: Deep De-Aliasing Generative Adversarial Networks for Fast Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction
* Depth refinement for binocular kinect RGB-D cameras
* Differential Geometry of Intersection Curves of Two Surfaces
* Efficient Algorithm for Multiphase Image Segmentation With Intensity Bias Correction, An
* End-to-End Deep Neural Architecture for Optical Character Verification and Recognition in Retail Food Packaging, An
* Evaluating Trade Areas Using Social Media Data with a Calibrated Huff Model
* Hand Movement Prediction Based Collision-Free Human-Robot Interaction
* hardware-oriented IME algorithm and its implementation for HEVC, A
* Improving Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Retrieval From the Chinese Gaofen-5 Satellite Using a Hybrid Algorithm
* Iris Image Real-Time Pre-estimation Using Compound BP Neural Network
* Iris Recognition Algorithm Using Modified Log-Gabor Filters
* Knowledge-Based Detection and Assessment of Damaged Roads Using Post-Disaster High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Land Surface Temperature Estimate From Chinese Gaofen-5 Satellite Data Using Split-Window Algorithm
* New Approach to Urban Road Extraction Using High-Resolution Aerial Image, A
* new infrared turbulent fuzzy image restoration algorithm based on Gaussian function parameter identification, A
* New Method of Ray-Space Interpolation for Free Viewpoint Video
* Nonedge-Specific Adaptive Scheme for Highly Robust Blind Motion Deblurring of Natural Images
* Novel Method to Reconstruct Overhead High-Voltage Power Lines Using Cable Inspection Robot LiDAR Data, A
* Reconstruction of Structurally-Incomplete Matrices With Reweighted Low-Rank and Sparsity Priors
* Sparse Spatio-Temporal Representation With Adaptive Regularized Dictionary Learning for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Spatial Analysis of Linear Structures in the Exploration of Groundwater
* Spatial Up-Scaling Correction for Leaf Area Index Based on the Fractal Theory
* Super-Resolved Enhancement of a Single Image and Its Application in Cardiac MRI
* Urban freeway users' diversion response to variable message sign displaying the travel time of both freeway and local street
* Volumetric Quantification of Atherosclerotic Plaque in CT Considering Partial Volume Effect
Includes: Ye, X.[Xueyi] Ye, X. Ye, X.[Xin] Ye, X.[Xinyue] Ye, X.[Xia] Ye, X.[Xien] Ye, X.[Xuhui] Ye, X.[Xiufen] Ye, X.[Xujiong]
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Ye, X.C.[Xin Chen] Co Author Listing * Background extraction from video sequences via motion-assisted matrix completion
* Color-Guided Depth Recovery From RGB-D Data Using an Adaptive Autoregressive Model
* Depth Recovery Using an Adaptive Color-Guided Auto-Regressive Model
* Depth recovery via decomposition of polynomial and piece-wise constant signals
* Fast and scalable lock methods for video coding on many-core architecture
* Foreground-Background Separation From Video Clips via Motion-Assisted Matrix Restoration
Includes: Ye, X.C.[Xin Chen] Ye, X.C.[Xin-Chen] Ye, X.C.[Xiao-Chun]

Ye, X.D.[Xu Dong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive control of parallel DC-DC buck converters with uncertain parameters
Includes: Ye, X.D.[Xu Dong] Ye, X.D.[Xu-Dong]

Ye, X.F.[Xiu Fen] Co Author Listing * Gray Scale Correction Method for Side-Scan Sonar Images Based on Retinex, A
Includes: Ye, X.F.[Xiu Fen] Ye, X.F.[Xiu-Fen]

Ye, X.J.[Xu Jiong] Co Author Listing * 3-D freehand echocardiography for automatic left ventricle reconstruction and analysis based on multiple acoustic windows
* Bayesian Approach for False Positive Reduction in CTC CAD, A
* enhanced approach for simultaneous image reconstruction and sensitivity map estimation in partially parallel imaging, An
* Fast Algorithms for Image Reconstruction with Application to Partially Parallel MR Imaging
* Fast MR Image Reconstruction for Partially Parallel Imaging With Arbitrary k-Space Trajectories
* Image Tag Completion via Image-Specific and Tag-Specific Linear Sparse Reconstructions
* Improvement of accuracy in deformable registration in radiation therapy
* Jensen divergence based SPD matrix means and applications
* New Algorithm for Inverse Consistent Image Registration, A
* Partially parallel image reconstruction using sensitivity encoding
* Segmentation of Pulmonary Nodules in Thoracic CT Scans: A Region Growing Approach
* Shape based region growing using derivatives of 3D medical images: application to semi-automated detection of pulmonary nodules
* Sparse Parallel Electronic Bowel Cleansing in CT Colonography
* variational multiphase model for simultaneous MR image segmentation and bias correction, A
Includes: Ye, X.J.[Xu Jiong] Ye, X.J.[Xu-Jiong] Ye, X.J.[Xiao-Jing] Ye, X.J. Ye, X.J.[Xiao-Jun]
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Ye, X.L.[Xu Lun] Co Author Listing * Multi-manifold clustering: A graph-constrained deep nonparametric method
Includes: Ye, X.L.[Xu Lun] Ye, X.L.[Xu-Lun]

Ye, X.M.[Xiao Min] Co Author Listing * Directional Spreading Function of the Gravity-Capillary Wave Spectrum Derived from Radar Observations
* Novel Integrated Algorithm for Wind Vector Retrieval from Conically Scanning Scatterometers, A
Includes: Ye, X.M.[Xiao Min] Ye, X.M.[Xiao-Min]

Ye, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Co Author Listing * multi-scale non-uniformity correction method based on wavelet decomposition and guided filtering for uncooled long wave infrared camera, A
Includes: Ye, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Ye, X.P.[Xiao-Ping]

Ye, X.Q.[Xiao Qing] Co Author Listing * 3D Recurrent Neural Networks with Context Fusion for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* adaptive method of color road segmentation, An
* fast and robust face location and feature extraction system, A
* Feature Ensemble Network with Occlusion Disambiguation for Accurate Patch-Based Stereo Matching
* Image Decomposition and Texture Segmentation via Sparse Representation
* KRUS: A Knowledge-Based Road Scene Understanding System
* Order-Based Disparity Refinement Including Occlusion Handling for Stereo Matching
Includes: Ye, X.Q.[Xiao Qing] Ye, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing] Ye, X.Q.[Xiu-Qing] Ye, X.Q.[Xiao-Qiong]
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Ye, X.T.[Xiao Ting] Co Author Listing * Study on a Fire Detection System Based on Support Vector Machine
Includes: Ye, X.T.[Xiao Ting] Ye, X.T.[Xiao-Ting]

Ye, X.W.[Xiu Wen] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional credit system from the perspective of big data credit reporting
* Compressive video sampling from a union of data-driven subspaces
Includes: Ye, X.W.[Xiu Wen] Ye, X.W.[Xiu-Wen] Ye, X.W.[Xin-Wei]

Ye, X.Y.[Xin Yue] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Urban Human Mobility Patterns through a Thematic Model at a Finer Scale
* Effective High-Performance Multiway Spatial Join Algorithm with Spark, An
* Extraction of Bankcheck Items by Mathematical Morphology
* framework of combining numeric string recognizers, A
* generic method of cleaning and enhancing handwritten data from business forms, A
* Learning a dictionary of deformable patches using GPUs
* Linking Heat Source-Sink Landscape Patterns with Analysis of Urban Heat Islands: Study on the Fast-Growing Zhengzhou City in Central China
* Local Colocation Patterns of Crime and Land-Use Features in Wuhan, China, The
* Mapping Above-Ground Biomass by Integrating Optical and SAR Imagery: A Case Study of Xixi National Wetland Park, China
* Mapping China's Ghost Cities through the Combination of Nighttime Satellite Data and Daytime Satellite Data
* method for studying the development pattern of urban commercial service facilities based on customer reviews from social media, A
* Modeling Polycentric Urbanization Using Multisource Big Geospatial Data
* New Method of Image Encryption/Decryption via Voice Features, A
* NoSQL-SQL Hybrid Organization and Management Approach for Real-Time Geospatial Data: A Case Study of Public Security Video Surveillance, A
* Parallel Agent-as-a-Service (P-AaaS) Based Geospatial Service in the Cloud
* Prediction of Suspect Location Based on Spatiotemporal Semantics
* Real-Time Spatial Queries for Moving Objects Using Storm Topology
* Space-Time Analysis of Vehicle Theft Patterns in Shanghai, China
* StrCombo: combination of string recognizers
* Stroke-model-based character extraction from gray-level document images
* Structure-perceptron learning of a hierarchical log-linear model
* Suitability Evaluation of Urban Construction Land Based on an Approach of Vertical-Horizontal Processes
* Use of Social Media for the Detection and Analysis of Infectious Diseases in China
* Using social media for disaster emergency management
* Using the TensorFlow Deep Neural Network to Classify Mainland China Visitor Behaviours in Hong Kong from Check-in Data
Includes: Ye, X.Y.[Xin Yue] Ye, X.Y.[Xin-Yue] Ye, X.Y.[Xiang-Yun] Ye, X.Y.[Xing-Yao] Ye, X.Y. Ye, X.Y.[Xue-Yi]
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Ye, X.Z.[Xiu Zi] Co Author Listing * Automatic skin decomposition based on single image
* Calibration Methods of Coil Sensitivity for Parallel Imaging, The
* Efficient Semi-Supervised Classifier Based on Block-Polynomial Mapping, An
* Fast Trapeziums-Based Method for Soft Shadow Volumes, A
* Hierarchical mixing linear support vector machines for nonlinear classification
* Highlight Detection and Removal Based on Chromaticity
* Low-Rank Tensor Recovery and Alignment Based on Lp Minimization
* optimization method for penalty-based six-degrees-of-freedom haptic rendering system, An
* Slant Correction of Vehicle License Plate Image
Includes: Ye, X.Z.[Xiu Zi] Ye, X.Z.[Xiu-Zi]
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