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Yu, A.[Aron] Co Author Listing * Fine-Grained Visual Comparisons with Local Learning
* Just Noticeable Differences in Visual Attributes
* Research On Visual Analysis Methods Of Terrorism Events
* Semantic Jitter: Dense Supervision for Visual Comparisons via Synthetic Images
Includes: Yu, A.[Aron] Yu, A.[Anzhu]

Yu, A.C. Co Author Listing * Advanced block size selection algorithm for inter frame coding in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
* Compact representation of contours using directional grid chain code
* Dual-layer approach for improved mesh-based motion compensation
* Efficient intra- and inter-mode selection algorithms for H.264/ AVC
* Improved Schemes for Inter-Frame Coding in the H.264/AVC Standard
* Progressive Mesh-Based Motion Estimation Using Partial Refinement
Includes: Yu, A.C. Yu, A.C.[Andy C.]

Yu, A.C.H.[Alfred C.H.] Co Author Listing * Medical Ultrasound Imaging: To GPU or Not to GPU?

Yu, A.C.W. Co Author Listing * Fast Inter-Mode Selection in the H.264/AVC Standard Using a Hierarchical Decision Process

Yu, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * email: Yu, B.[Bin]: byu AT electroglas com
* Adaptive quantization of image subbands with efficient overhead rate selection
* Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding for Image Denoising and Compression
* Address Block Location on Complex Mail Pieces
* Automatic Text Location in Images and Video Frames
* Burned Area Mapping Algorithm for Chinese FengYun-3 MERSI Satellite Data, A
* Compression of cDNA and inkjet microarray images
* Computer vision aided target linked radiation imaging
* Content-Adaptively Sparse Reconstruction Method for Abnormal Events Detection With Low-Rank Property, A
* Deformation Trend Extraction Based on Multi-Temporal InSAR in Shanghai
* Detecting Subsidence Along a High Speed Railway by Ultrashort Baseline TCP-InSAR with High Resolution Images
* Detecting Subsidence in Coastal Areas by Ultrashort-Baseline TCPInSAR on the Time Series of High-Resolution TerraSAR-X Images
* Document Representation and Its Application to Page Decomposition
* Evaluating the Ability of NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data to Estimate the Gross Domestic Product and the Electric Power Consumption of China at Multiple Scales: A Comparison with DMSP-OLS Data
* Evaluation of a MISR-Based High-Resolution Aerosol Retrieval Method Using AERONET DRAGON Campaign Data
* Extended Binary Tree Representation of Binary Image and Its Application to Engineering Drawing Entry, The
* Extracting Vertical Displacement Rates in Shanghai (China) with Multi-Platform SAR Images
* fast multi-view face detector for mobile phone, A
* FengYun-3C VIRR Active Fire Monitoring: Algorithm Description and Initial Assessment Using MODIS and Landsat Data
* Form Dropout System, A
* Generic System for Form Dropout, A
* Halftone Visual Cryptography with Complementary Cover Images
* Hierarchical Approach to Persistent Scatterer Network Construction and Deformation Time Series Estimation, A
* Hierarchical Multi-Temporal InSAR Method for Increasing the Spatial Density of Deformation Measurements, A
* Image Denoising via Lossy Compression and Wavelet Thresholding
* Image Subband Coding Using Context-Based Classification and Adaptive Quantization
* Improved Multi-Temporal Insar Method for Increasing Spatial Resolution of Surface Deformation Measurements, An
* Intelligent Video for Protecting Crowded Sports Venues
* Isothetic Polygon Representation for Contours
* Lane Boundary Detection Using a Multiresolution Hough Transform
* Mesh simplification based on facial features region partition
* more efficient branch and bound algorithm for feature selection, A
* Multi-Level Spatial Analysis for Change Detection of Urban Vegetation at Individual Tree Scale
* Multi-Year Mapping of Maize and Sunflower in Hetao Irrigation District of China with High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Vegetation Index Series
* Multiple copy image denoising via wavelet thresholding
* New Approach for Detecting Urban Centers and Their Spatial Structure With Nighttime Light Remote Sensing, A
* new edge detector based on Fresnel diffraction, A
* new LDA-based method for face recognition, A
* Object Class Recognition Using Multiple Layer Boosting with Heterogeneous Features
* Page segmentation using document model
* Pedestrian-Detection Method Based on Heterogeneous Features and Ensemble of Multi-View Pose Parts, A
* Privacy Monitor
* Real-Time Traffic Light Recognition Based on Smartphone Platforms
* Robust and Fast Skew Detection Algorithm for Generic Documents, A
* Short Baseline TerraSAR-X PSI for Monitoring Subsidence of Highways and Railways, Case Study with Corner Reflectors
* Sil-Icon Compiler: An Icon-Oriented System Generator, The
* Spatially Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding with Context Modeling for Image Denoising
* Stand-off Iris Recognition System
* Visual Cryptography and Random Grids Schemes
* Voxel-Based Method for Automated Identification and Morphological Parameters Estimation of Individual Street Trees from Mobile Laser Scanning Data, A
* Wavelet Thresholding for Multiple Noisy Image Copies
Includes: Yu, B.[Bin] Yu, B.[Bing] Yu, B. Yu, B.[Bo] Yu, B.[Bailang] Yu, B.[Bing_Tao]
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Yu, B.H.[Bo Han] Co Author Listing * Colouring vehicle threat and minimising threat avoidance trajectory cost for adaptive vehicle collision defence system in active safe driving
Includes: Yu, B.H.[Bo Han] Yu, B.H.[Bo-Han]

Yu, B.L.[Bai Lang] Co Author Listing * Estimating Roof Solar Energy Potential in the Downtown Area Using a GPU-Accelerated Solar Radiation Model and Airborne LiDAR Data
* Graph-Based Approach for 3D Building Model Reconstruction from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Investigating the Temporal and Spatial Variability of Total Ozone Column in the Yangtze River Delta Using Satellite Data: 1978-2013
Includes: Yu, B.L.[Bai Lang] Yu, B.L.[Bai-Lang]

Yu, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Co Author Listing * Generation of Spatial-Temporal Panoramas with a Single Moving Camera
Includes: Yu, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Yu, B.Q.[Bing-Qing]

Yu, B.Z.[Bian Zhang] Co Author Listing * Images similarity detection based on directional gradient angular histogram
Includes: Yu, B.Z.[Bian Zhang] Yu, B.Z.[Bian-Zhang]

Yu, C. Co Author Listing * Band Subset Selection for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Calibration Procedures On Oblique Camera Setups
* Camera Scheduling and Energy Allocation for Lifetime Maximization in User-Centric Visual Sensor Networks
* Correcting the Geometry and Color of Digital Images
* Estimating Ground Level NO2 Concentrations over Central-Eastern China Using a Satellite-Based Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model
* Estimation of Satellite-Based SO42- and NH4+ Composition of Ambient Fine Particulate Matter over China Using Chemical Transport Model
* Exploring Inter-Observer Differences in First-Person Object Views Using Deep Learning Models
* Focal plane array folding for efficient information extraction and tracking
* Forward Collision Warning Algorithm With Adaptation to Driver Behaviors, A
* Global optimization for estimating a BRDF with multiple specular lobes
* Global optimization for estimating a multiple-lobe analytical BRDF
* Ground-Level NO2 Concentrations over China Inferred from the Satellite OMI and CMAQ Model Simulations
* High-dimensional kNN joins with incremental updates
* Interference of Heavy Aerosol Loading on the VIIRS Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Retrieval Algorithm
* Lending A Hand: Detecting Hands and Recognizing Activities in Complex Egocentric Interactions
* Lifetime-Distortion Trade-off in Image Sensor Networks
* Multi-Class Constrained Normalized Cut With Hard, Soft, Unary and Pairwise Priors and its Applications to Object Segmentation
* New Calibration-free Approach for Augmented Reality based on Parameterized Cuboid Structure
* Optimized energy allocation in battery powered image sensor networks
* Photometric Stereo from Maximum Feasible Lambertian Reflections
* Progressive feature matching via triplet graph
* Raindrop-Tampered Scene Detection and Traffic Flow Estimation for Nighttime Traffic Surveillance
* Robust feature point matching based on geometric consistency and affine invariant spatial constraint
* Secure MQ coder: An efficient way to protect JPEG 2000 images in wireless multimedia sensor networks
* Segmentation skin cancer images
* Subpixel Target Detection Approach to Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Text detection and recognition in natural scene with edge analysis
* Text detection in natural scene with edge analysis
* This Hand Is My Hand: A Probabilistic Approach to Hand Disambiguation in Egocentric Video
* Threshold phenomenon for average consensus
* Through-Wall Imaging (TWI) by Radar: 2-D Tomographic Results and Analyses
* Understanding Human Behaviors Based on Eye-Head-Hand Coordination
* VLSI Implementation of 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform for Real-Time Video Signal-Processing
Includes: Yu, C. Yu, C.[Chao] Yu, C.[Chanki] Yu, C.[Cui] Yu, C.[Chen] Yu, C.[Chuan] Yu, C.[Chenyun] Yu, C.[Chong] Yu, C.[Changbin]
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Yu, C.B.[Chang Bin] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Spatial Variation of Network-Constrained Phenomena Represented by a Link Attribute Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model
* Finger-Vein Image Enhancement Based on Muti-Threshold Fuzzy Algorithm
* On the performance limit of single-hop TOA localization
Includes: Yu, C.B.[Chang Bin] Yu, C.B.[Chang-Bin] Yu, C.B.[Cheng-Bo]

Yu, C.C.[Chun Chang] Co Author Listing * Cost-efficient hardware implementation of stereo image depth optimization system
* Efficient multi-resolution histogram matching for fast image/video retrieval
* Environment classification and hierarchical lane detection for structured and unstructured roads
* Manifold SLIC: A Fast Method to Compute Content-Sensitive Superpixels
* Mixture models with skin and shadow probabilities for fingertip input applications
* Nighttime Traffic Flow Analysis for Rain-Drop Tampered Cameras
* Study and Application of HHT in Vibration Signal Analysis of Bridge Structural Health Monitoring System, A
* Video-based signature verification and pen-grasping posture analysis for user-dependent identification authentication
Includes: Yu, C.C.[Chun Chang] Yu, C.C.[Chun-Chang] Yu, C.C.[Chih-Chang] Yu, C.C. Yu, C.C.[Chong-Chong]
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Yu, C.H.[Chih Hsiang] Co Author Listing * 3D hand skeleton model estimation from a depth image
* Cloud Detection Method Based on Feature Extraction in Remote Sensing Images
* depth perception and visual comfort guided computational model for stereoscopic 3D visual saliency, A
* Generalized Brightness Change Model for Computing Optical Flow, A
* object-based change detection approach using high-resolution remote sensing image and GIS data, An
* Optimized Comics-Based Storytelling for Temporal Image Sequences
* Robust Recovery of Motion: Effects of Surface Orientation and Field of View
* Universal colour quantisation for different colour spaces
Includes: Yu, C.H.[Chih Hsiang] Yu, C.H.[Chih-Hsiang] Yu, C.H.[Chang-Hui] Yu, C.H.[Chang-Hong] Yu, C.H. Yu, C.H.[Chia-Hsiang]
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Yu, C.I. Co Author Listing * 3-D cerebral vessel reconstruction from angiograms

Yu, C.J.[Chan Juan] Co Author Listing * Coherence Analysis of Metrics in LBP Space for Interactive Face Retrieval
* Widely Linear Quaternion Unscented Kalman Filter for Quaternion-Valued Feedforward Neural Network
Includes: Yu, C.J.[Chan Juan] Yu, C.J.[Chan-Juan] Yu, C.J.[Chang-Jun]

Yu, C.L.[Chun Lai] Co Author Listing * algorithm of doppler frequency rate-of-change estimation for coherent pulse train, An
* Location and Recognition of Legal Amounts on Chinese Bank Cheques
* Novel Image Analyzer of SRID Assay for the Quantification of Hemagglutinin in Influenza Vaccine, A
Includes: Yu, C.L.[Chun Lai] Yu, C.L.[Chun-Lai] Yu, C.L. Yu, C.L.[Chun-Lei]

Yu, C.M.[Chia Mu] Co Author Listing * Secure transcoding for compressive multimedia sensing
Includes: Yu, C.M.[Chia Mu] Yu, C.M.[Chia-Mu]

Yu, C.P.[Cheng Ping] Co Author Listing * Automated morphological classification of lung cancer subtypes using H&E tissue images
* Automatic Morphological Classification of Lung Cancer Subtypes with Boosting Algorithms for Optimizing Therapy
* Co-localization with Category-Consistent Features and Geodesic Distance Propagation
* Computational model of cortical neuronal receptive fields for self-motion perception
* Efficient Video Segmentation Using Parametric Graph Partitioning
* Fast Mode Decision Method for H.264/AVC Using the Spatial-Temporal Prediction Scheme, A
* Geodesic Distance Histogram Feature for Video Segmentation
* Large-Scale Training of Shadow Detectors with Noisily-Annotated Shadow Examples
Includes: Yu, C.P.[Cheng Ping] Yu, C.P.[Cheng-Ping] Yu, C.P.[Chen-Ping] Yu, C.P. Yu, C.P.[Chung-Ping]
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Yu, C.Q.[Chao Qing] Co Author Listing * Production Efficiency Model-Based Method for Satellite Estimates of Corn and Soybean Yields in the Midwestern US, A
* Relationship between the Growing Season Maximum Enhanced Vegetation Index and Climatic Factors on the Tibetan Plateau
Includes: Yu, C.Q.[Chao Qing] Yu, C.Q.[Chao-Qing] Yu, C.Q.[Cheng-Qun]

Yu, C.S. Co Author Listing * Hybrid LMS-MMSE Inverse Halftoning Technique
* Intelligence computing approach for seizure detection based on intracranial electroencephalogram (IEEG)
Includes: Yu, C.S. Yu, C.S.[Chung-Shan]

Yu, C.W.[Chi Wai] Co Author Listing * Hypergraph based geometric biclustering algorithm
* Integrating Intensity and Range Sensing to Construct 3-D Polyhedra Representations
* Model-Based Recognition and Positioning of Polyhedra Using Intensity-Guided Range Sensing and Interpretation in 3-D Space
* Novel Chroma Subsampling Strategy Based on Mathematical Optimization for Compressing Mosaic Videos With Arbitrary RGB Color Filter Arrays in H.264/AVC and HEVC
Includes: Yu, C.W.[Chi Wai] Yu, C.W.[Ching-Wen] Yu, C.W.

Yu, C.X.[Chong Xiu] Co Author Listing * Skin detection using a modified Self-Organizing Mixture Network
Includes: Yu, C.X.[Chong Xiu] Yu, C.X.[Chong-Xiu]

Yu, C.Y.[Chun Yan] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Imaging Approach to White Matter Hyperintensities Detection in Brain Magnetic Resonance Images, A
Includes: Yu, C.Y.[Chun Yan] Yu, C.Y.[Chun-Yan]

Yu, D.[Dalin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive maintenance scheme for codebook-based dynamic background subtraction
* Adaptive spread-transform dither modulation using an improved luminance-masked threshold
* Adaptive total-variation for non-negative matrix factorization on manifold
* Analysis and Reconstruction of Broken Handwritten Digits
* Content-lossless document image compression based on structural analysis and pattern matching
* Efficient and effective algorithms for training single-hidden-layer neural networks
* Exploration of classification confidence in ensemble learning
* Fast Online Tracking With Detection Refinement
* Fine Surveying and 3D Modeling Approach for Wooden Ancient Architecture via Multiple Laser Scanner Integration
* Fusion Method of Fingerprint Quality Evaluation: From the Local Gabor Feature to the Global Spatial-Frequency Structures
* Multi-crop Convolutional Neural Networks for lung nodule malignancy suspiciousness classification
* Multi-level Attention Networks for Visual Question Answering
* Multi-Scale Analysis of Regional Inequality based on Spatial Field Model: A Case Study of China from 2000 to 2012
* Multiresolution fragile watermarking using complex chirp signal for content integrity verification
* Multiresolution fragile watermarking using complex chirp signals for content authentication
* New Blind Watermarking Technique Based on Independent Component Analysis, A
* Occlusion-Aware Real-Time Object Tracking
* Spatial Distribution of Greenhouse Commercial Horticulture in Kenya and the Role of Demographic, Infrastructure and Topo-Edaphic Factors
* Speech Recognition Using Long-Span Temporal Patterns in a Deep Network Model
* Tensor Deep Stacking Networks
* Transparent information hiding with automatic embedding range selection for ownership verification
* Using continuous features in the maximum entropy model
* Using targeted statistics for face regeneration
* VLAD Is not Necessary for CNN
* Watermark Detection and Extraction Using Independent Component Analysis Method
* X-Ray Scattering Image Classification Using Deep Learning
Includes: Yu, D.[Dalin] Yu, D.[Dong] Yu, D.[Dongdong] Yu, D. Yu, D.[Donggang] Yu, D.[Daren] Yu, D.[Dengbo] Yu, D.[Decong] Yu, D.[Danlin] Yu, D.[Dan]
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Yu, D.F. Co Author Listing * Edge-preserving tomographic reconstruction with nonlocal regularization
* Estimating Secchi depth by simulated HSI of HJ-1A from in situ hyperspectral data: A case study in Sishili Bay, China
* Estimating Secchi depth by simulated HSI of HJ-1A from in situ hyperspectral data: A case study in Sishili Bay, China
* Maximum-likelihood transmission image reconstruction for overlapping transmission beams
Includes: Yu, D.F. Yu, D.F.[Ding-Feng]

Yu, D.G.[Dong Gang] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Partitioning Path Construction of Handwritten Numeral Strings
* Construction of partitioning paths for touching handwritten characters
* Efficient Algorithm for Smoothing Binary Image Contours, An
* Efficient Algorithm for Smoothing, Linearization and Detection of Structural Feature Points of Binary Image Contours, An
* elastic partial shape matching technique, An
* Multiple Point Boundary Smoothing Algorithm, A
* Recognition and analysis of cell nuclear phases for high-content screening based on morphological features
* Reconstruction of broken handwritten digits based on structural morphological features
* Separation of single-touching handwritten numeral strings based on structural features
* Separation of touching handwritten multi-numeral strings based on morphological structural features
* Shape Classification Based on Skeleton Path Similarity
Includes: Yu, D.G.[Dong Gang] Yu, D.G.[Dong-Gang] Yu, D.G.[De-Guang] Yu, D.G.
11 for Yu, D.G.

Yu, D.H.[Dong Hoon] Co Author Listing * Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm for MPEG-4 Shape Coding, A
* Fast motion estimation for shape coding in MPEG-4
* Image Thinning Using Pulse Coupled Neural Network
* New Manifold Representation for Visual Speech Recognition, A
* Novel soft subspace clustering with multi-objective evolutionary approach for high-dimensional data
* Novel Visual Speech Representation and HMM Classification for Visual Speech Recognition, A
Includes: Yu, D.H.[Dong Hoon] Yu, D.H.[Dong-Hoon] Yu, D.H.[Dao-Heng] Yu, D.H.[Da-Hai] Yu, D.H.[De-Hong]

Yu, D.J.[Dong Jun] Co Author Listing * Complete and Rapid Feature Extraction Method for Face Recognition, A
* efficient renovation on kernel Fisher discriminant analysis and face recognition experiments, An
* Least squares twin bounded support vector machines based on L1-norm distance metric for classification
* Line-Based Structural Matching Via Segment Splitting
* Riemannian Self-Organizing Map, A
Includes: Yu, D.J.[Dong Jun] Yu, D.J.[Dong-Jun] Yu, D.J.

Yu, D.N. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of the human cerebral cortex from magnetic resonance images

Yu, D.R.[Da Ren] Co Author Listing * EROS: Ensemble rough subspaces
* Hybrid attribute reduction based on a novel fuzzy-rough model and information granulation
* Information-preserving hybrid data reduction based on fuzzy-rough techniques
Includes: Yu, D.R.[Da Ren] Yu, D.R.[Da-Ren]

Yu, D.S.[Duo Sheng] Co Author Listing * Data-driven subspace enrichment for elastic deformations with collisions
* Improved Method For Camera Calibration, An
Includes: Yu, D.S.[Duo Sheng] Yu, D.S.[Duo-Sheng] Yu, D.S.[De-Sheng]

Yu, D.T.[Dan Tong] Co Author Listing * ClusterTree: Integration of Cluster Representation and Nearest Neighbor Search for Image Databases
* SS-ClusterTree: a subspace clustering based indexing algorithm over high-dimensional image features
Includes: Yu, D.T.[Dan Tong] Yu, D.T.[Dan-Tong]

Yu, D.Y.[Dao Yin] Co Author Listing * Digital Environmental Noise Monitoring System Based on B/S Architecture and Floating-Point DSP
* Fast CU partition strategy for HEVC based on Haar wavelet
* Integrating Multiple Source Data to Enhance Variation and Weaken the Blooming Effect of DMSP-OLS Light
Includes: Yu, D.Y.[Dao Yin] Yu, D.Y.[Dao-Yin] Yu, D.Y.[De-Yong]

Yu, E.[Elden] Co Author Listing * Detection of Fence Climbing from Monocular Video
* Detection of stable contacts for human motion analysis
* Human action recognition with extremities as semantic posture representation

Yu, F.[Fisher] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction from Accidental Motion
* 3D ShapeNets: A deep representation for volumetric shapes
* Block Region of Interest Method for Real-Time Implementation of Large and Scalable Image Reconstruction
* Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation with 3D Intracranial Structure Deformation Features
* Classification of Active Microwave and Passive Optical Data Based on Bayesian Theory and MRF
* Correction for GOES Imager Spectral Response Function Using GSICS. Part I: Theory
* Correction for GOES Imager Spectral Response Function Using GSICS. Part II: Applications
* Dilated Residual Networks
* Diurnal and Scan Angle Variations in the Calibration of GOES Imager Infrared Channels
* End-to-End Learning of Driving Models from Large-Scale Video Datasets
* Family of Fast Hadamard-Fourier Transform Algorithms, A
* Formation iterative learning control for multi-agent systems with higher-order dynamics
* GSICS Inter-Calibration of Infrared Channels of Geostationary Imagers Using Metop/IASI
* Image and video dehazing using view-based cluster segmentation
* Meta-heuristic intelligence based image processing
* Multi-Level and Multi-Scale Factor Analysis for Soil Moisture Information Extraction by Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data, The
* New Satellite-Based Indicator for Estimation of the Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Current Intensity, A
* Optimum Architecture for Continuous-Flow Parallel Bit Reversal, An
* QoS-adaptive proxy caching for multimedia streaming over the Internet
* Quantitative Analysis Of Urban Expansion In Central China
* Radiometric Calibration Accuracy of GOES Sounder Infrared Channels
* Research on Estimation Crop Planting Area by Integrating the Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing Data
* Scribbler: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Sketch and Color
* Semantic alignment of LiDAR data at city scale
* Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image
* Sequential Active Appearance Model Based on Online Instance Learning
* Spatial Data Supply Chains
* Stokes parameters and DOAs estimation of partially polarized sources using a EM vector sensor
* Three-Dimensional Model Analysis and Processing
Includes: Yu, F.[Fisher] Yu, F.[Feng] Yu, F. Yu, F.[Fashan] Yu, F.[Frances] Yu, F.[Fan] Yu, F.[Fang] Yu, F.[Fei]
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Yu, F.C.[Feng Chao] Co Author Listing * Pet image reconstruction: GPU-accelerated particle filter framework
Includes: Yu, F.C.[Feng Chao] Yu, F.C.[Feng-Chao]

Yu, F.F.[Fang Fang] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Inter-Comparison between AHI, VIIRS and MODIS Clear-Sky Ocean Radiances for Accurate SST Retrievals
* Radiometric Inter-Calibration between Himawari-8 AHI and S-NPP VIIRS for the Solar Reflective Bands
Includes: Yu, F.F.[Fang Fang] Yu, F.F.[Fang-Fang]

Yu, F.L.[Feng Li] Co Author Listing * Depth generation method for 2D to 3D conversion
Includes: Yu, F.L.[Feng Li] Yu, F.L.[Feng-Li]

Yu, F.P.[Feng Ping] Co Author Listing * High Efficient Implementation of Image Matching Algorithm
Includes: Yu, F.P.[Feng Ping] Yu, F.P.[Feng-Ping]

Yu, F.R. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Control Approach to Communication-Based Train Control Systems, A
* Cognitive Control Method for Cost-Efficient CBTC Systems With Smart Grids, A
* Design and Performance Enhancements in Communication-Based Train Control Systems With Coordinated Multipoint Transmission and Reception
* Energy-Efficient Communication-Based Train Control Systems With Packet Delay and Loss
* Finite-State Markov Modeling for Wireless Channels in Tunnel Communication-Based Train Control Systems
* Handoff Performance Improvements in an Integrated Train-Ground Communication System Based on Wireless Network Virtualization
* Handoff Performance Improvements in MIMO-Enabled Communication-Based Train Control Systems
* Performance Improved Methods for Communication-Based Train Control Systems With Random Packet Drops
8 for Yu, F.R.

Yu, F.T.H. Co Author Listing * Unifying Concepts of Statistical and Spectral Quantitative Ultrasound Techniques

Yu, F.T.S. Co Author Listing * Image Restoration, Uncertainty, and Information
* Optical-Pattern Recognition: Architectures and Techniques
* Pattern-Classification Using a Joint Transform Correlator Based Nearest-Neighbor Classifier

Yu, F.W.[Feng Wei] Co Author Listing * POI: Multiple Object Tracking with High Performance Detection and Appearance Feature
Includes: Yu, F.W.[Feng Wei] Yu, F.W.[Feng-Wei]

Yu, F.X.[Felix X.] Co Author Listing * Designing Category-Level Attributes for Discriminative Visual Recognition
* Exploration of Parameter Redundancy in Deep Networks with Circulant Projections, An
* Fast Orthogonal Projection Based on Kronecker Product
* Global Motion Representation of Video Shot Based on Vector Quantization Index Histogram
* High performance reversible data hiding for block truncation coding compressed images
* Learning Discriminative and Transformation Covariant Local Feature Detectors
* Learning Spread-Out Local Feature Descriptors
* Reversible data hiding based on hybrid prediction and interleaving histogram modification with single seed pixel recovery
* Video Event Detection by Inferring Temporal Instance Labels
* Weak attributes for large-scale image retrieval
Includes: Yu, F.X.[Felix X.] Yu, F.X. Yu, F.X.[Fa-Xin]
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Yu, F.Y.[Fei Yang] Co Author Listing * Heuristic Search for Relevant Images on the Web, A
* Spatial-HMM: A new approach for Semantic Annotation of Histological Images
Includes: Yu, F.Y.[Fei Yang] Yu, F.Y.[Fei-Yang]

Yu, G.[Gene] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling Using Planar Segments and Mesh Elements
* Action Search by Example Using Randomized Visual Vocabularies
* Adaptive Signal Control Scheme to Prevent Intersection Traffic Blockage, An
* Discriminative Orderlet Mining for Real-Time Recognition of Human-Object Interaction
* Distributed Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation in Sensor Networks
* efficient iterative algorithm for image thresholding, An
* Enhanced Viola-Jones Vehicle Detection Method From Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Imagery, An
* Evaluation of Water Use Efficiency Derived from MODIS Products against Eddy Variance Measurements in China
* Fast Action Detection via Discriminative Random Forest Voting and Top-K Subvolume Search
* Fast action proposals for human action detection and search
* Hidden Markov Models for Real-Time Estimation of Corn Progress Stages Using MODIS and Meteorological Data
* Hidden Markov Models for Real-Time Estimation of Corn Progress Stages Using MODIS and Meteorological Data
* hybrid algorithm for estimating the chlorophyll-a concentration across different trophic states in Asian inland waters, A
* Integrating Automated Range Registration with Multiview Geometry for the Photorealistic Modeling of Large-Scale Scenes
* Large Kernel Matters: Improve Semantic Segmentation by Global Convolutional Network
* Modeling and Partitioning of Regional Evapotranspiration Using a Satellite-Driven Water-Carbon Coupling Model
* Multiview Geometry for Texture Mapping 2D Images Onto 3D Range Data
* Noncontact 3-D Speckle Contrast Diffuse Correlation Tomography of Tissue Blood Flow Distribution
* Novel Fuzzy Segmentation Approach for Brain MRI, A
* Propagative Hough Voting for Human Activity Detection and Recognition
* Propagative Hough Voting for Human Activity Recognition
* Randomized Spatial Partition for Scene Recognition
* Recognition of Human Continuous Action with 3D CNN
* Recovery of video in the presence of packet loss using interleaving and spatial redundancy
* Statistical Level Set Framework for Segmentation of Left Ventricle, A
* Unsupervised random forest indexing for fast action search
Includes: Yu, G.[Gene] Yu, G.[Gang] Yu, G. Yu, G.[Ge] Yu, G.[Guirui] Yu, G.[Gongliang] Yu, G.[Gongsan]
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Yu, G.H.[Gao Hang] Co Author Listing * Higher Order Positive Semidefinite Diffusion Tensor Imaging
* Nonnegative Diffusion Orientation Distribution Function
* On Nonmonotone Chambolle Gradient Projection Algorithms for Total Variation Image Restoration
Includes: Yu, G.H.[Gao Hang] Yu, G.H.[Gao-Hang]

Yu, G.J.[Gwo Jong] Co Author Listing * Fast face detection via morphology-based pre-processing
* Mean Quantization Blind Watermarking for Image Authentication
* Message-based Cocktail Watermarking System, A
* new LDA-based face recognition system which can solve the small sample size problem, A
* Path Construction and Visit Scheduling for Targets by Using Data Mules
Includes: Yu, G.J.[Gwo Jong] Yu, G.J.[Gwo-Jong] Yu, G.J.

Yu, G.L.[Gong Liang] Co Author Listing * Remote Estimation of Chlorophyll-a in Inland Waters by a NIR-Red-Based Algorithm: Validation in Asian Lakes
Includes: Yu, G.L.[Gong Liang] Yu, G.L.[Gong-Liang]

Yu, G.N. Co Author Listing * Making A Mobile Robot Learn To Determine Its Location Using Neural Networks

Yu, G.Q.[Guo Qiang] Co Author Listing * bayesian network approach to traffic flow forecasting, A
* Combining Iterative Inverse Filter with Shock Filter for Baggage Inspection Image Deblurring
* Total Variation Based Iterative Image Reconstruction
Includes: Yu, G.Q.[Guo Qiang] Yu, G.Q.[Guo-Qiang]

Yu, G.S.[Guo Shen] Co Author Listing * ASIFT: A New Framework For Fully Affine Invariant Image Comparison
* ASIFT: An Algorithm for Fully Affine Invariant Comparison
* DCT image denoising: a simple and effective image denoising algorithm
* Fast Wavelet-Based Visual Classification
* High-Definition H.264/AVC Intra-Frame Codec IP for Digital Video and Still Camera Applications, A
* Image modeling and enhancement via structured sparse model selection
* POCS-Based Error Concealment for Packet Video Using Multiframe Overlap Information
* Solving Inverse Problems With Piecewise Linear Estimators: From Gaussian Mixture Models to Structured Sparsity
* Structured pursuits for geometric super-resolution
* Super-Resolution With Sparse Mixing Estimators
Includes: Yu, G.S.[Guo Shen] Yu, G.S.[Guo-Shen] Yu, G.S.
10 for Yu, G.S.

Yu, G.X.[Guo Xian] Co Author Listing * Hybrid cluster ensemble framework based on the random combination of data transformation operators
* Multi-Label Classification Based on Low Rank Representation for Image Annotation
* Semi-supervised classification based on random subspace dimensionality reduction
Includes: Yu, G.X.[Guo Xian] Yu, G.X.[Guo-Xian]

Yu, G.Y.[Guo Yao] Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional motion vector coding for low bit rate videophone applications

Yu, G.Z.[Gui Zhen] Co Author Listing * Automated on-ramp merging control algorithm based on internet-connected vehicles
* Energy-Optimal Speed Control for Electric Vehicles on Signalized Arterials
Includes: Yu, G.Z.[Gui Zhen] Yu, G.Z.[Gui-Zhen]

Yu, H. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape and Motion by SVD under Higher-Order Approximation of Perspective Projection
* Adaptive Metric Learning and Probe-Specific Reranking for Person Reidentification
* Addressing Visual Consistency in Video Retargeting: A Refined Homogeneous Approach
* Advanced Screen Content Coding Using Color Table and Index Map
* Analysis of serious games based on pedagogical features and proposal of civil defence training game
* Antivibration Time-Delay Integration CMOS Image Sensor With Online Deblurring Algorithm, An
* Canopy-Level Photochemical Reflectance Index from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Leaf-Level Non-Photochemical Quenching as Early Indicators of Water Stress in Maize
* Color texture moments for content-based image retrieval
* Color-Texture-Structure Descriptor for High-Resolution Satellite Image Classification, A
* Context-Based Hierarchical Unequal Merging for SAR Image Segmentation
* Cooperative object search and segmentation in Internet images
* Coregistered FDG PET/CT-Based Textural Characterization of Head and Neck Cancer for Radiation Treatment Planning
* CRIM-FCHO: SAR Image Two-Stage Segmentation With Multifeature Ensemble
* Data Consistency Based Rigid Motion Artifact Reduction in Fan-Beam CT
* Data Consistency Based Translational Motion Artifact Reduction in Fan-Beam CT
* Data hiding in image and video. II. Designs and applications
* Deformable Physiological Atlas-Based Programming of Deep Brain Stimulators: A Feasibility Study
* Design of Wetland-Ecological Corridor Using Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Method
* direct LDA algorithm for high-dimensional data with application to face recognition, A
* Efficient Procedure for Removing Random-Valued Impulse Noise in Images, An
* Eigenspaces from Seriated Graphs
* Estimating Tropical Cyclone Size in the Northwestern Pacific from Geostationary Satellite Infrared Images
* Extended social force model-based mean shift for pedestrian tracking under obstacle avoidance
* External Patch Prior Guided Internal Clustering for Image Denoising
* Eye tracking data guided feature selection for image classification
* Facial Expression-Aware Face Frontalization
* Fast and scalable lock methods for video coding on many-core architecture
* Fast Exact/Quasi-Exact FBP Algorithms for Triple-Source Helical Cone-Beam CT
* fast H.264 compressed domain watermarking scheme with minimized propagation error based on macro-block dependency analysis, A
* Fast Single Image Super-Resolution via Self-Example Learning and Sparse Representation
* Feature Based Hierarchical Video Segmentation
* framework of changing image emotion using emotion prediction, A
* Fudan University: hierarchical video retrieval with adaptive multi-modal fusion
* General Exact Reconstruction for Cone-Beam CT via Backprojection-Filtration, A
* Global-Shutter Centroiding Measurement CMOS Image Sensor With Star Region SNR Improvement for Star Trackers, A
* Graph Matching Using Manifold Embedding
* Graph matching using spectral embedding and alignment
* Graph Matching using Spectral Embedding and Semidefinite Programming
* Groupwise Tracking of Crowded Similar-Appearance Targets from Low-Continuity Image Sequences
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Spectral CT
* GVF-Based Anisotropic Diffusion Models
* HEVC Lossless Coding and Improvements
* Highly parallel GEMV with register blocking method on GPU architecture
* Identifying Same Persons from Temporally Synchronized Videos Taken by Multiple Wearable Cameras
* Image Anisotropic Diffusion Based on Gradient Vector Flow Fields
* Image Denoising Using Trivariate Shrinkage Filter in the Wavelet Domain and Joint Bilateral Filter in the Spatial Domain
* Improving the Imaging Quality of Ghost Imaging Lidar via Sparsity Constraint by Time-Resolved Technique
* Integral Invariants for Computed Tomography
* Integrated Optimization of Video Server Resource and Streaming Quality Over Best-Effort Network
* Integrative Object-based Image Analysis Workflow For UAV Images, An
* Interior Tomography With Continuous Singular Value Decomposition
* Iterative Maximum Likelihood and Outlier-robust Bipercentile Estimation of Parameters of Compound-Gaussian Clutter With Inverse Gaussian Texture
* Keynote speaker: Sensing motion on wild data and virtual reality application
* Land Cover Mapping in Southwestern China Using the HC-MMK Approach
* Large-Scale Fiber Tracking Through Sparsely Sampled Image Sequences of Composite Materials
* Large-Scale L_0-Norm and L_1-Norm 2-D Phase Unwrapping
* Learning View-Invariant Features for Person Identification in Temporally Synchronized Videos Taken by Wearable Cameras
* Learning Visual-Spatial Saliency for Multiple-Shot Person Re-Identification
* Local density adaptive similarity measurement for spectral clustering
* Local linear neighbor reconstruction for multi-view data
* Long scene panorama generation for indoor environment
* Low-complexity dictionary based lossless screen content coding
* Machine Learning with Seriated Graphs
* Modelling Respiration Induced Torso Deformation Using a Mesh Fitting Algorithm
* Multi-posture Human Detection in Video Frames by Motion Contour Matching
* neural contextual model for detecting perceptually salient contours, A
* Neural sentence embedding using only in-domain sentences for out-of-domain sentence detection in dialog systems
* New Camera Calibration Algorithm Based on Rotating Object, A
* New Hybrid DCT-Wiener-Based Interpolation Scheme for Video Intra Frame Up-Sampling, A
* News Video Retrieval by Learning Multimodal Semantic Information
* Nonlocal image denoising via collaborative spatial-domain LMMSE estimation
* Novel Intelligence Algorithm Based on the Social Group Optimization Behaviors, A
* Novel Pilot Position Detection for SC-FDE Systems With Frequency Domain Pilot Multiplexing Technique
* Novel probabilty neural network
* Optimization of Coil Element Configurations for a Matrix Gradient Coil
* Perceptual quality metric guided blocking artifact reduction
* Position and orientation error analysis and its compensation for a wheeled train uncoupling robot with four degrees-of-freedom
* Probabilistic Prediction of Bus Headway Using Relevance Vector Machine Regression
* Recaptured photo detection using specularity distribution
* Recursive bilateral filter for encoder-integrated video denoising
* Regression-Based Facial Expression Optimization
* Remote Sensing-Based Biomass Estimation and Its Spatio-Temporal Variations in Temperate Grassland, Northern China
* renewed image annotation baseline by image embedding and tag correlation, A
* Robust Two-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping for Multibaseline SAR Interferograms: A Two-Stage Programming Approach
* Rotation of foveated image in the wavelet domain
* Speeded Up Low-Rank Online Metric Learning for Object Tracking
* Statistical Interior Tomography
* String Kernels for Matching Seriated Graphs
* Surveillance Video Parsing with Single Frame Supervision
* Text detection and restoration in natural scene images
* Toward Experiential Mobile Media Processing
* Uncertainty Estimation for KLT Tracking
* Unsupervised co-segmentation based on a new global GMM constraint in MRF
* Unsupervised regions based segmentation using object discovery
* Using VISSIM simulation model and Surrogate Safety Assessment Model for estimating field measured traffic conflicts at freeway merge areas
* Video retargeting with nonlinear spatial-temporal saliency fusion
* Video retargeting: A visual-friendly dynamic programming approach
* Virtual ads insertion in street building views for augmented reality
Includes: Yu, H. Yu, H.[Huimin] Yu, H.[Huibeom] Yu, H.[Hua] Yu, H.[Hui] Yu, H.[Huai] Yu, H.[Heather] Yu, H.[Hong] Yu, H.[Huan] Yu, H.[Hang] Yu, H.[Hai] Yu, H.[Hongchuan] Yu, H.[Haoping] Yu, H.[Haobo] Yu, H.[Hwanjo] Yu, H.[Han] Yu, H.[Haida] Yu, H.[Hao] Yu, H.[Huili] Yu, H.[Hongkai]
98 for Yu, H.

Yu, H.B.[Hai Bo] Co Author Listing * Data Hiding in H.264/AVC Video Files Using the Coded Block Pattern
* Embedding Strategy for Batch Adaptive Steganography
* highly efficient, low delay architecture for transporting H.264 video over wireless channel, A
* hybrid feature selection method using both filter and wrapper in mammography CAD, A
* New Method of Image Encryption/Decryption via Voice Features, A
* Novel Robust Image Forensics Algorithm Based on L1-Norm Estimation, A
* Orthogonal optimal reverse prediction for semi-supervised learning
* Real-time stereo vision system using adaptive weight cost aggregation approach
* System Designs for Augmented Reality Based Ablation Probe Tracking
* User attribute discovery with missing labels
Includes: Yu, H.B.[Hai Bo] Yu, H.B.[Hai-Bo] Yu, H.B.[Hong-Bin] Yu, H.B.[Hong-Bo] Yu, H.B.[Hai-Bin] Yu, H.B.[Hao Bo]
10 for Yu, H.B.

Yu, H.C.[Hong Chuan] Co Author Listing * 1D-PCA, 2D-PCA to nD-PCA
* Balanced Two-Stage Residual Networks for Image Super-Resolution
* Complete invariants for robust face recognition
* extension of min/max flow framework, An
* Mean value coordinates-based caricature and expression synthesis
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Phase Correlation Approach to Active Vision, A
* Resolution enhancement of nondestructive testing from B-scans
* Topology preserved shape deformation
* Two Novel Complete Sets of Similarity Invariants
* Vision-based technique for circle detection and measurement using lookup table and bitwise center accumulator
Includes: Yu, H.C.[Hong Chuan] Yu, H.C.[Hong-Chuan] Yu, H.C.[Hai-Chao] Yu, H.C.[Hsin-Chun] Yu, H.C.[Han-Cheng]
11 for Yu, H.C.

Yu, H.F.[Hai Feng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive regularised L_2-boosting on clustered sparse coefficients for single image super-resolution
* Effective background modelling and subtraction approach for moving object detection
* Markov-based reversible data hiding method based on histogram shifting, A
Includes: Yu, H.F.[Hai Feng] Yu, H.F.[Hai-Feng] Yu, H.F.[Hong-Fei] Yu, H.F.[Hsiang-Fu]

Yu, H.G.[Hong Gang] Co Author Listing * Automated image quality evaluation of retinal fundus photographs in diabetic retinopathy screening
* Detection of hard exudates and red lesions in the macula using a multiscale approach
* Robust Segmentation of Freehand Ultrasound Image Slices Using Gradient Vector Flow Fast Geometric Active Contours
Includes: Yu, H.G.[Hong Gang] Yu, H.G.[Hong-Gang]

Yu, H.H.[Hong Heather] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multiresolution Video Shot Transition Detection Scheme, A
* Hierarchical, Multi-Resolution Method for Dictionary-Driven Content-Based Image Retrieval, A
* Multi-feature hashing based on SNR maximization
* Scalable video browsing and searching via Q-metric
* Video indexing and image retrieval system
Includes: Yu, H.H.[Hong Heather] Yu, H.H. Yu, H.H.[Hong-Hai]

Yu, H.J.[Hui Jing] Co Author Listing * Automated and Robust Framework for Quantification of Muscle and Fat in the Thigh, An
* Automatic Liver Segmentation and Hepatic Fat Fraction Assessment in MRI
* detection-driven and sparsity-constrained deformable model for fascia lata labeling and thigh inter-muscular adipose quantification, A
* Level Ratio Based Inter and Intra Channel Prediction with Application to Stereo Audio Frame Loss Concealment
* Multi-resolution surface reconstruction
* Signal-Aware Parametric Quality Model for Audio and Speech over IP Networks
Includes: Yu, H.J.[Hui Jing] Yu, H.J.[Hong-Jiang] Yu, H.J.[Hua-Jing]

Yu, H.K.[Hong Kai] Co Author Listing * Co-Interest Person Detection from Multiple Wearable Camera Videos
* Video-based traffic data collection system for multiple vehicle types
Includes: Yu, H.K.[Hong Kai] Yu, H.K.[Hong-Kai]

Yu, H.L.[Hai Long] Co Author Listing * Contourlet transform based algorithm of shadow compensation for face recognition
* Empirical Radiometric Normalization of Road Points from Terrestrial Mobile Lidar System
* Research on recognition of working condition for calciner and grate cooler based on expert system
Includes: Yu, H.L.[Hai Long] Yu, H.L.[Hai-Long] Yu, H.L.[Hui-Lin] Yu, H.L.[Hong-Liang]

Yu, H.M.[Hui Min] Co Author Listing * Comparison Study of Two Energy Minimization Based Image Segmentation Methods
* Deep Learning Shape Priors for Object Segmentation
* Edge-preserving photometric stereo via depth fusion
* Implicit kernel sparse shape representation: a sparse-neighbors-based objection segmentation framework
* Improved 3D Depth Image Estimation Algorithm for Visual Camera
* Incorporating Watson's perceptual model into patchwork watermarking for digital images
* new sparse representation-based object segmentation framework, A
* Reduced set density estimator for object segmentation based on shape probabilistic representation
* Shape Sparse Representation for Joint Object Classification and Segmentation
* Simultaneous variational image segmentation and object recognition via shape sparse representation
Includes: Yu, H.M.[Hui Min] Yu, H.M.[Hui-Min]
10 for Yu, H.M.

Yu, H.N.[Hao Nan] Co Author Listing * Collecting and annotating the large continuous action dataset
* Recognize Human Activities from Partially Observed Videos
* Sentence Directed Video Object Codiscovery
* Video Paragraph Captioning Using Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Networks
Includes: Yu, H.N.[Hao Nan] Yu, H.N.[Hao-Nan]

Yu, H.P.[Hao Ping] Co Author Listing * Adaptive lossless video compression using an integer wavelet transform
* New Standardized Extensions of MPEG4-AVC/H.264 for Professional-Quality Video Applications
* Non-Equal Spacing Division of HSV Components for Wood Image Retrieval
Includes: Yu, H.P.[Hao Ping] Yu, H.P.[Hao-Ping] Yu, H.P.[Hai-Peng]

Yu, H.T.[Hong Tao] Co Author Listing * Parameter-Free Inter-view Depth Propagation for Mobile Free-View Video
* Person re-identification via person DPM based partition
* Sensing of unexploded ordnance with magnetometer and induction data: theory and signal processing
Includes: Yu, H.T.[Hong Tao] Yu, H.T.[Hong-Tao] Yu, H.T.[Hai-Tao]

Yu, H.W.[Han Wen] Co Author Listing * Cluster-Analysis-Based Efficient Multibaseline Phase-Unwrapping Algorithm, A
* Fast Phase Unwrapping Method for Large-Scale Interferograms, A
* Residues Cluster-Based Segmentation and Outlier-Detection Method for Large-Scale Phase Unwrapping
Includes: Yu, H.W.[Han Wen] Yu, H.W.[Han-Wen]

Yu, H.X. Co Author Listing * Cross-View Asymmetric Metric Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* RGB-Infrared Cross-Modality Person Re-identification

Yu, H.Y. Co Author Listing * Biogeography-based optimisation search algorithm for block matching motion estimation
* cloud detection algorithm-generating method for remote sensing data at visible to short-wave infrared wavelengths, A
* comparative study on interpolation methods for controlled cardiac CT, A
* General-Thresholding Solution for l_p (0< p< 1) Regularized CT Reconstruction, A
* Iterative Decision Feedback Equalization for SC-FDE Systems Without Fine Timing Synchronization
* Low-Dose X-ray CT Reconstruction via Dictionary Learning
* Mapping Spartina alterniflora Biomass Using LiDAR and Hyperspectral Data
* Novel De-Noising Method for Improving the Performance of Full-Waveform LiDAR Using Differential Optical Path, A
* Novel Earthquake Education System Based on Virtual Reality, A
* Object recognition of high resolution remote sensing image based on PSWT
* Pan-Sharpening Using an Adaptive Linear Model
* Projective distribution entropy and point clouds mosaic algorithm
* Retrieving Soybean Leaf Area Index from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Analysis of RF, ANN, and SVM Regression Models
* Selective Quality Control of Multiple Video Programs for Digital Broadcasting Services
* Signal Processing and Application of Intelligent Power Module in Power Inverter for Switched Reluctance Drive, The
* Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Subspace-Based Support Vector Machines and Adaptive Markov Random Fields
* Tensor-Based Dictionary Learning for Spectral CT Reconstruction
* VLSI implementation of real-time image rotation
Includes: Yu, H.Y. Yu, H.Y.[Hui-Yong] Yu, H.Y.[Heng-Yong] Yu, H.Y.[Hong-Yi] Yu, H.Y.[Hai-Ying] Yu, H.Y.[Hao-Yong] Yu, H.Y.[Hai-Yang] Yu, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Yu, H.Y.[Hui-Ying] Yu, H.Y.[Hong-Yoen] Yu, H.Y.[Hong-Yong] Yu, H.Y.[Hao-Yang] Yu, H.Y.[Huai-Yuan]
18 for Yu, H.Y.

Yu, H.Z.[Hong Zhi] Co Author Listing * Acoustic research on long and short vowels in Tibetan Lhasa dialect
* Research on HMM_based speech synthesis for Lhasa dialect
* Research on Lhasa Tibetan prosodic model of journalese based on respiratory signal
* Study on SAMPA_ST for Lhasa Tibetan and realization of automatic labelling system
Includes: Yu, H.Z.[Hong Zhi] Yu, H.Z.[Hong-Zhi]

Yu, I.[Insu] Co Author Listing * Display-aware image editing

Yu, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * 3D visual pronunciation of Mandarine Chinese for language learning
* Accelerated Hypothesis Generation for Multi-structure Robust Fitting
* Accelerated Hypothesis Generation for Multistructure Data via Preference Analysis
* Accurate localization for mobile device using a multi-planar city model
* Accurate system for automatic pill recognition using imprint information
* Adaptive Discriminant Projection for Content-based Image Retrieval
* Adaptive Hypergraph Learning and its Application in Image Classification
* Adversarial Optimization Approach to Efficient Outlier Removal, An
* Analysis of Task and Data Characteristic and the Collaborative Processing Method in Real-Time Visualization Pipeline of Urban 3DGIS, The
* Application of Digital Line Graphs and Map in the Network Environment, The
* Attention-Based Natural Language Person Retrieval
* Automatic Design of Color Filter Arrays in the Frequency Domain
* Automatic Design of High-Sensitivity Color Filter Arrays With Panchromatic Pixels
* Automatic Shape-based Target Extraction For Close-range Photogrammetry
* boosting approach to learning receptive fields for scene categorization, A
* Catadioptric HyperSpectral Light Field Imaging
* Click Prediction for Web Image Reranking Using Multimodal Sparse Coding
* Color Constancy-Based Visibility Enhancement in Low-Light Conditions
* Colour combination attention for object recognition
* Complex Object Correspondence Construction in Two-Dimensional Animation
* Concept decompositions for short text clustering by identifying word communities
* Corrected unwrapping method based on the tangential and radial distortion centre for the panoramic annular image
* Coupled Deep Autoencoder for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Cross-modal topic correlations for multimedia retrieval
* Data-driven facial animation via semi-supervised local patch alignment
* Deep Multimodal Distance Metric Learning Using Click Constraints for Image Ranking
* Depth Estimation from Defocus Images Based on Oriented Heat-Flows
* design and analysis of adjustment factor in Gerschgorin Criterion for Source Number Estimation, The
* Developing Daily Cloud-Free Snow Composite Products From MODIS Terra: Aqua and IMS for the Tibetan Plateau
* Dictionary Learning Approach for Poisson Image Deblurring, A
* discriminative and sparse topic model for image classification and annotation, A
* Distance Learning for Similarity Estimation
* Diversified dictionaries for multi-instance learning
* Double-edge-model based character stroke extraction from complex backgrounds
* Dynamic and hierarchical multi-structure geometric model fitting
* Efficient kernel descriptor for image categorization via pivots selection
* efficient method for scene cut detection, An
* Efficient Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Structure Segmentation and Compensability Analysis
* Efficient Multi-structure Robust Fitting with Incremental Top-k Lists Comparison
* Encrypted JPEG image retrieval using block-wise feature comparison
* Epsilon Stereo Pairs
* Exploiting Click Constraints and Multi-view Features for Image Re-ranking
* Expressive facial animation from videos
* Facial Expression Recognition by Fusing Gabor and Local Binary Pattern Features
* Framework of Camera Source Identification Bayesian Game, A
* General C-Means Clustering Model
* General C-Means Clustering Model and Its Application
* Geo-location inference from image content and user tags
* global optimization approach to robust multi-model fitting, A
* Group-based hyperspectral image denoising using low rank representation
* HD-MTL: Hierarchical Deep Multi-Task Learning for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
* Hessian Regularized Sparse Coding for Human Action Recognition
* High-Order Distance-Based Multiview Stochastic Learning in Image Classification
* Image classification by multimodal subspace learning
* Image clustering based on sparse patch alignment framework
* Image Splicing Detection via Camera Response Function Analysis
* Imaging Land Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Extraction in Beijing (China) Using Satellite Radar Interferometry
* Implementation of Pornographic Videos Detection System
* improved surround suppression model based on orientation contrast for boundary detection, An
* Improving person detection using synthetic training data
* Incidental Delivery Based Method for Resolving Multirobot Pairwised Transportation Problems, An
* Integrating Discriminant and Descriptive Information for Dimension Reduction and Classification
* Interpolation-directed transform domain downward conversion for block-based image compression
* Investigation of Vegetation Phases Extraction Based on Polarmetric SAR Interferometry
* Learning-based automatic defect recognition with computed tomographic imaging
* Leveraging probabilistic season and location context models for scene understanding
* Light-Field Journey to Virtual Reality, A
* Locating Facial Landmarks Using Probabilistic Random Forest
* Low-rank matrix factorization with multiple Hypergraph regularizer
* Measuring the Area and Volume of the Human Body with Structured Light
* Mode seeking over permutations for rapid geometric model fitting
* Multi-cue Based Visual Tracking in Clutter Scenes with Occlusions
* Multi-Label Classification by Semi-Supervised Singular Value Decomposition
* Multi-modal Factorized Bilinear Pooling with Co-attention Learning for Visual Question Answering
* Multi-modal Image Re-ranking with Autoencoders and Click Semantics
* Multi-target Tracking in Crowded Scenes
* multi-watermarking based on DWT and ICA, A
* Multimodal Deep Autoencoder for Human Pose Recovery
* Multispectral image classification using wavelets: a simulation study
* Nonlinear Variational Model for PET Reconstruction, A
* Note on the ICS Algorithm With Corrections and Theoretical Analysis, A
* novel fuzzy clustering algorithm based on a fuzzy scatter matrix with optimality tests, A
* Object recognition via contextual color attention
* On Combining Multiple Features for Cartoon Character Retrieval and Clip Synthesis
* Optimized Color Filter Arrays for Sparse Representation-Based Demosaicking
* Orientation contrast model for boundary detection
* Pairwise constraints based multiview features fusion for scene classification
* Penrose Demosaicking
* Photo Stream Alignment and Summarization for Collaborative Photo Collection and Sharing
* Pill Recognition Using Imprint Information by Two-Step Sampling Distance Sets
* PPR-FCN: Weakly Supervised Visual Relation Detection via Parallel Pairwise R-FCN
* Program Algorithm Research of T2 Spectrum in NMR and MATLAB Realization
* Random Cluster Model for Robust Geometric Fitting, The
* Random Forests-based Feature Selection For Land-Use Classification Using Lidar Data And Orthoimagery
* Ray Space Features for Plenoptic Structure-from-Motion
* Real-Time 3D Visual Singing Synthesis: From Appearance to Internal Articulators, A
* Recognizing Cartoon Image Gestures for Retrieval and Interactive Cartoon Clip Synthesis
* Recognizing picture-taking environment from satellite images: A feasibility study
* Representation Learning, Scene Understanding, and Feature Fusion for Drowsiness Detection
* Restoration of images corrupted by mixed Gaussian-impulse noise via l1-l0 minimization
* Review and Comparison of Measures for Automatic Video Surveillance Systems, A
* Robust ellipse and spheroid fitting
* Robust Error Metric Analysis for Noise Estimation in Image Indexing
* Robust Plane-Based Calibration of Multiple Non-Overlapping Cameras
* Rotational Crossed-Slit Light Fields
* Saliency Detection by Multitask Sparsity Pursuit
* Scalable Vision System for Mouse Homecage Ethology
* Scientometric Visualization Analysis for Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Research from 1991 to 2016, A
* Self-supervised learning based on discriminative nonlinear features for image classification
* Semantic Subspace Projection and Its Applications in Image Retrieval
* Semi-supervised low-rank mapping learning for multi-label classification
* Semiautomated Extraction of Street Light Poles From Mobile LiDAR Point-Clouds
* Semisupervised Multiview Distance Metric Learning for Cartoon Synthesis
* Service-Based Approach to Traffic Sensor Data Integration and Analysis to Support Community-Wide Green Commute in China, A
* Shear-resize factorizations for fast multi-modal volume registration
* Signal Processing for a Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) Video Synthetic Aperture Radar (SA
* simultaneous sample-and-filter strategy for robust multi-structure model fitting, A
* Soccer Video Event Annotation by Synchronization of Attack-Defense Clips and Match Reports With Coarse-Grained Time Information
* Sparse Representation Prior and Total Variation-Based Image Deblurring under Impulse Noise
* Spatial Steganalysis Using Contrast of Residuals
* Spatially constrained sparse coding scheme for natural scene categorization
* Spatiotemporal segmentation for compact video representation
* Speckle noise reduction via phase-aware clustering-based non-local simultaneous sparse coding
* Spectral Feature Analysis For Quantitative Estimation Of Cyanobacteria Chlorophyll-a
* spectral unmixing method based on wavelet weighted similarity, A
* Speech Synchronized Tongue Animation by Combining Physiology Modeling and X-ray Image Fitting
* Speed-Up Scheme Based on Multiple-Instance Pruning for Pedestrian Detection Using a Support Vector Machine, A
* Super-Resolution Based on Compressive Sensing and Structural Self-Similarity for Remote Sensing Images
* targeted change-detection procedure by combining change vector analysis and post-classification approach, A
* Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Light Field Depth Estimation Algorithms, A
* Texture segmentation based on local feature histograms
* Toward an improved error metric
* Toward Robust Distance Metric Analysis for Similarity Estimation
* Towards robust subspace recovery via sparsity-constrained latent low-rank representation
* Towards temporal adaptive representation for video action recognition
* Tracking Pylorus in Ultrasonic Image Sequences With Edge-Based Optical Flow
* Transformation Method for Texture Feature Description Under Different Imagine Conditions, A
* Unified Framework for Monocular Video-Based Facial Motion Tracking and Expression Recognition, A
* Validity of Five Satellite-Based Latent Heat Flux Algorithms for Semi-arid Ecosystems
* Video stabilisation based on modelling of motion imaging
* Video transcoding for fast forward/reverse video playback
* Video, Text, and Speech-Driven Realistic 3-D Virtual Head for Human-Machine Interface, A
Includes: Yu, J.[Jun] Yu, J.[Jin] Yu, J. Yu, J.[Jie] Yu, J.[Jian] Yu, J.[Jing] Yu, J.[Jia] Yu, J.[Jiang] Yu, J.[Jiye] Yu, J.[Jongmin] Yu, J.[Jieqi] Yu, J.[Joshua] Yu, J.[Jingmin] Yu, J.[Jiwoong] Yu, J.[Jaehoon]
142 for Yu, J.

Yu, J.C.[Joey C.] Co Author Listing * Beyond Point Clouds: Scene Understanding by Reasoning Geometry and Physics
* Contrast Enhancement Using Stratified Parametric-Oriented Histogram Equalization
* forgery detection algorithm for exemplar-based inpainting images using multi-region relation, A
* Hairline Fracture Detection using MRF and Gibbs Sampling
* Library-Based Illumination Synthesis for Critical CMOS Patterning
* Manipulation techniques of 3D objects represented as multi-viewpoint images in a 3D scene
* Novel Multifaceted Virtual Craniofacial Surgery Scheme Using Computer Vision, A
* Scene Understanding by Reasoning Stability and Safety
* Surface Reconstruction for Computer Vision-Based Craniofacial Surgery
* Virtual Craniofacial Reconstruction from Computed Tomography Image Sequences Exhibiting Multiple Fractures
* Virtual craniofacial reconstruction using computer vision, graph theory and geometric constraints
Includes: Yu, J.C.[Joey C.] Yu, J.C. Yu, J.C.[J. Cloud] Yu, J.C.[Jue-Chin] Yu, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Yu, J.C.[Jack C.]
11 for Yu, J.C.

Yu, J.F.[Ji Fang] Co Author Listing * Chro-Ring: A time-oriented visual approach to represent writer's history
* Designing ETL processes to integrate multi-field digital information resources
Includes: Yu, J.F.[Ji Fang] Yu, J.F.[Ji-Fang] Yu, J.F.[Jun-Feng]

Yu, J.G.[Jin Gang] Co Author Listing * Cauchy graph embedding based diffusion model for salient object detection
* Collaborative multicue fusion using the cross-diffusion process for salient object detection
* Computational Model for Object-Based Visual Saliency: Spreading Attention Along Gestalt Cues, A
* Evolutionary feature synthesis for facial expression recognition
* Exemplar-based linear discriminant analysis for robust object tracking
* Face recognition in video with closed-loop super-resolution
* Globally consistent correspondence of multiple feature sets using proximal Gauss-Seidel relaxation
* Image retrieval based on image-to-class similarity
* Kernel regression in mixed feature spaces for spatio-temporal saliency detection
* Nonrigid registration of remote sensing images via sparse and dense feature matching
* Online Transfer Boosting for object tracking
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Exemplar-Based Detectors
* Super-resolution of deformed facial images in video
* Super-Resolution of Facial Images in Video with Expression Changes
* Super-resolution Restoration of Facial Images in Video
* Super-Resolved Facial Texture Under Changing Pose and Illumination
* Temporally aligned pooling representation for video-based person re-identification
* Visual saliency detection using feature activity weighted decorrelation cues
Includes: Yu, J.G.[Jin Gang] Yu, J.G.[Jin-Gang] Yu, J.G. Yu, J.G.[Jian-Gang]
18 for Yu, J.G.

Yu, J.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Modelling Method for Steel Structures Using Photogrammetry
* Balanced Two-Stage Residual Networks for Image Super-Resolution
* Gabor-based anisotropic diffusion for speckle noise reduction in medical ultrasonography
* Intelligent speckle reducing anisotropic diffusion algorithm for automated 3-D ultrasound images
* Noise reduction and edge detection via kernel anisotropic diffusion
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Ultrasound speckle reduction by a SUSAN-controlled anisotropic diffusion method
* Unconstrained realtime facial performance capture
* Urban Monitoring Using Persistent Scatterer InSAR and Photogrammetry
Includes: Yu, J.H. Yu, J.H.[Jia-Hui] Yu, J.H.[Jin-Hua] Yu, J.H.[Ji-Hun] Yu, J.H.[Jung-Hum]
9 for Yu, J.H.

Yu, J.J.[Jason J.] Co Author Listing * Back to Basics: Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow via Brightness Constancy and Motion Smoothness
* Depth Map Generation for Aerial Video in Natural Scenery
* Efficient depth map estimation method based on gradient weight cost aggregation strategy
* evidential reasoning based classification algorithm and its application for face recognition with class noise, An
* hybrid color matching between stereo image sequences, A
* Multi-purpose Image Counter-anti-forensic Method Using Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* Pornographic video classification using fast motion Features
* Reconstruction algorithm for fluorescence molecular tomography using sorted L-one penalized estimation
* Robust detection of mosaic masking region
* Secure Steganographic Scheme against Statistical Analyses, A
* Steganographic Scheme Using a Block Cipher
Includes: Yu, J.J.[Jason J.] Yu, J.J.[Jung-Jae] Yu, J.J.[Jeong-Ju] Yu, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Yu, J.J.[Jeong Jae]
11 for Yu, J.J.

Yu, J.L.[Jin Lun] Co Author Listing * CASIA-OLHWDB1: A Database of Online Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Online Handwritten Japanese Character String Recognition Incorporating Geometric Context
Includes: Yu, J.L.[Jin Lun] Yu, J.L.[Jin-Lun] Yu, J.L.

Yu, J.P.[Jun Peng] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Constant Angular Error for CBERS-2 Imagery with Few Ground Control Points
Includes: Yu, J.P.[Jun Peng] Yu, J.P.[Jun-Peng]

Yu, J.Q.[Jun Qing] Co Author Listing * Efficient BOF Generation and Compression for On-Device Mobile Visual Location Recognition
* On-Device Mobile Visual Location Recognition by Integrating Vision and Inertial Sensors
* Playfield and Ball Detection in Soccer Video
* Projected Residual Vector Quantization for ANN Search
Includes: Yu, J.Q.[Jun Qing] Yu, J.Q.[Jun-Qing]

Yu, J.R.[Ji Rong] Co Author Listing * Airborne active remote sensor for atmospheric carbon dioxide
* Learning of Prototypes and Decision Boundaries for a Verification Problem Having Only Positive Samples
Includes: Yu, J.R.[Ji Rong] Yu, J.R.[Ji-Rong] Yu, J.R.

Yu, J.S.[Jae Shin] Co Author Listing * Method for extracting object region
* Sil-Icon Compiler: An Icon-Oriented System Generator, The
Includes: Yu, J.S.[Jae Shin] Yu, J.S.

Yu, J.W.[Jian Wei] Co Author Listing * Least Squares Collocation Method for Accuracy Improvement of Mobile LiDAR Systems, A
* Multi-label learning vector quantization algorithm
* Precision Near-Field Reconstruction in the Time Domain via Minimum Entropy for Ultra-High Resolution Radar Imaging
* Spatial information filtering for adaptive visualization in vehicle navigation systems
Includes: Yu, J.W.[Jian Wei] Yu, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Yu, J.W.[Jun-Wei] Yu, J.W.[Ji-Woong]

Yu, J.X.[Jie Xiao] Co Author Listing * Coherently Distributed Wideband LFM Source Localization
* Robust FastSLAM Algorithm for Mobile Robot with an Adaptive Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter
Includes: Yu, J.X.[Jie Xiao] Yu, J.X.[Jie-Xiao] Yu, J.X.[Jin-Xia]

Yu, J.Y.[Jing Yi] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Yu, J.Y.[Jing Yi]: yu AT cis udel edu
* Adaptive Multi-Level Region Merging for Salient Object Detection
* Aliasing Detection and Reduction in Plenoptic Imaging
* Aliasing Detection and Reduction Scheme on Angularly Undersampled Light Fields
* All-In-Focus Synthetic Aperture Imaging
* Ambient occlusion via compressive visibility estimation
* analysis of color demosaicing in plenoptic cameras, An
* Analysis of Motion Blur with a Flutter Shutter Camera for Non-linear Motion
* Angular domain reconstruction of dynamic 3D fluid surfaces
* Blur-Resilient Tracking Using Group Sparsity
* Blurred target tracking by Blur-driven Tracker
* Catadioptric projectors
* Contribution-based peer selection for packet protection for P2P video streaming over mesh-based networks
* Contribution-Guided Peer Selection for Reliable Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming Over Mesh Networks
* Coplanar Common Points in Non-centric Cameras
* Coprime Blur Scheme for Data Security in Video Surveillance, A
* Curvilinear Structure Tracking by Low Rank Tensor Approximation with Model Propagation
* Depth Recovery from Light Field Using Focal Stack Symmetry
* Depth-of-Field and Coded Aperture Imaging on XSlit Lens
* Design and Estimation of Coded Exposure Point Spread Functions
* Distributed Particle Filter for Bearings-Only Tracking on Spherical Surfaces, A
* Diverse Scene Stitching from a Large-Scale Aerial Video Dataset
* Dynamic fluid surface acquisition using a camera array
* Fast Edge-Aware Denoising by Approximated Patch Geodesic Paths
* Fast Patch-Based Denoising Using Approximated Patch Geodesic Paths
* Finite-Time Stabilization for Vehicle Active Suspension Systems With Hard Constraints
* FuzzyMatte: A computationally efficient scheme for interactive matting
* General Linear Cameras
* hybrid camera for motion deblurring and depth map super-resolution, A
* Hybrid sensing face detection and recognition
* Image Pre-compensation: Balancing Contrast and Ringing
* Importance filtering for image retargeting
* Incorporation of Flow Stripes as Constraints for Calibrating Ice Surface Velocity Measurements from Interferometric SAR Data
* interim connection space based on human color vision for spectral color reproduction, The
* Kernel-Based Motion-Blurred Target Tracking
* Light Field Stereo Matching Using Bilateral Statistics of Surface Cameras
* Line Assisted Light Field Triangulation and Stereo Matching
* Lung Nodule Growth Analysis from 3D CT Data with a Coupled Segmentation and Registration Framework
* Manhattan Scene Understanding via XSlit Imaging
* Modelling Reflections via Multiperspective Imaging
* Multiperspective Distortion Correction Using Collineations
* Multiperspective Projection and Collineation
* Multiperspective stereo matching and volumetric reconstruction
* Nonlinear Camera Response Functions and Image Deblurring: Theoretical Analysis and Practice
* Object Category Classification Using Occluding Contours
* On the Design of Campus Parking Systems With QoS Guarantees
* Point-Set-Based Footprint Model and Spatial Ranking Method for Geographic Information Retrieval, A
* Quality Control of DLG and MAP Product
* Racking focus and tracking focus on live video streams: A stereo solution
* Ray geometry in non-pinhole cameras: A survey
* Reconstructing Gas Flows Using Light-Path Approximation
* Recovering fluid-type motions using Navier-Stokes potential flow
* Recovering shape characteristics on near-flat specular surfaces
* Recovering specular surfaces using curved line images
* Resolving Scale Ambiguity via XSlit Aspect Ratio Analysis
* Robust Tracking and Stereo Matching under Variable Illumination
* Rotational Stereo Model Based on XSlit Imaging, A
* Saliency Detection on Light Field
* Saliency Detection on Light Field
* Salient Region Detection by UFO: Uniqueness, Focusness and Objectness
* Single-Image Vignetting Correction
* Single-image vignetting correction using radial gradient symmetry
* Study of Relationship Between Ink Trapping Rate and Color Difference
* Study on Vision Sensors for Seam Tracking of Height-Varying Weldment: Part 1: Mathematical-Model, A
* Surface Camera (scam) Light Field Rendering
* Theoretical Analysis of Camera Response Functions in Image Deblurring, A
* theory of Coprime Blurred Pairs, A
* theory of multi-perspective defocusing, A
* Towards the Development of a Portable Smell-Seeing Electronic Nose and its Applications in Amine Recognition
* Using cross-media correlation for scene detection in travel videos
* weighted sparse coding framework for saliency detection, A
Includes: Yu, J.Y.[Jing Yi] Yu, J.Y.[Jing-Yi] Yu, J.Y.[Jen-Yu] Yu, J.Y. Yu, J.Y.[Jin-Yong] Yu, J.Y.[Jae-Yhung] Yu, J.Y.[Jie-Yue] Yu, J.Y.[Jun-Yun]
72 for Yu, J.Y.

Yu, J.Z.[Jin Ze] Co Author Listing * Aesthetic Interactive Hue Manipulation for Natural Scene Images
* Fast sparse edge-based intrinsic image decomposition guided by chromaticity gradients
* Rank-constrained PCA for intrinsic images decomposition
Includes: Yu, J.Z.[Jin Ze] Yu, J.Z.[Jin-Ze]

Yu, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Recognition
* Adjustment for Discrepancies Between ALS Data Strips Using a Contour Tree Algorithm
* Analysis of Crop Reflectance for Estimating Biomass in Rice Canopies at Different Phenological Stages
* Areal Feature Matching Based on Similarity Using Critic Method
* Assessing Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices for Estimating Leaf Chlorophyll Concentration of Summer Barley
* Automatic Lipreading of Sentences Combining Hidden Markov Models and Grammars
* Bathymetry of the Coral Reefs of Weizhou Island Based on Multispectral Satellite Images
* Combining Acoustic and Visual Classifiers for the Recognition of Spoken Sentences
* Contextual weighting for vocabulary tree based image retrieval
* Correspondence driven adaptation for human profile recognition
* Deep multiple instance learning for image classification and auto-annotation
* Detecting Themed Streets Using a Location Based Service Application
* Detection of Rotational and Involutional Symmetries and Congruity of Polyhedra
* Determination of Minimum Detectable Deformation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Based on Error Entropy Model
* DOA Estimation From One-Bit Compressed Array Data via Joint Sparse Representation
* Effective Variable Block-Size Early Termination Algorithm for H.264 Video Coding, An
* Efficient Highly Over-Complete Sparse Coding Using a Mixture Model
* empirical study on compressed sensing MRI using fast composite splitting algorithm and combined sparsifying transforms, An
* Estimate Leaf Chlorophyll of Rice Using Reflectance Indices and Partial Least Squares
* Estimating leaf chlorophyll of barley at different growth stages using spectral indices to reduce soil background and canopy structure effects
* Evaluation of Satellite-Altimetry-Derived Pycnocline Depth Products in the South China Sea
* Extracting Colored Noise Statistics in Time Series via Negentropy
* Global Land Surface Satellite (GLASS) Remote Sensing Data Processing System and Products, The
* Grouping Method for Neighbor Objects of Moving Object Using Hash Index
* Guest Editorial: Deep Learning for Multimedia Computing
* Harvesting Web Images for Realistic Facial Expression Recognition
* Human action detection by boosting efficient motion features
* Hybrid line simplification for cartographic generalization
* Hyperspectral Analysis Of Rice Phenological Stages In Northeast China
* Identification of multi-scale corresponding object-set pairs between two polygon datasets with hierarchical co-clustering
* Idiot's Bayes: Not so Stupid After All?
* Image Classification Using Super-Vector Coding of Local Image Descriptors
* Improving Wetland Mapping by Using Multi-Source Data Sets
* In Vivo Electrical Conductivity Contrast Imaging in a Mouse Model of Cancer Using High-Frequency Magnetoacoustic Tomography With Magnetic Induction (hfMAT-MI)
* Investigation of Leaf Diseases and Estimation of Chlorophyll Concentration in Seven Barley Varieties Using Fluorescence and Hyperspectral Indices
* Iterative Process for Matching Network Data Sets with Different Level of Detail, An
* Large-scale image classification: Fast feature extraction and SVM training
* Learning image representations from the pixel level via hierarchical sparse coding
* Learning realistic facial expressions from web images
* Line segment confidence region-based string matching method for map conflation
* Linear spatial pyramid matching using sparse coding for image classification
* Lipreading using Fourier transform over time
* Lipreading using signal analysis over time
* Lipreading: A Classifier Combination Approach
* Locality-constrained Linear Coding for image classification
* Locating Automated External Defibrillators in a Complicated Urban Environment Considering a Pedestrian-Accessible Network that Focuses on Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests
* Low-Complexity 2D Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Acoustic Sensor Arrays
* Machine Learning Classification of Buildings for Map Generalization
* Mental Workload Classification via Online Writing Features
* Method for Determining Appropriate Clustering Criteria of Location-Sensing Data
* Model Predictive Control for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Platooning Using Slope Information
* Multi-component Models for Object Detection
* Multi-Output Regularized Projection
* New Adaptive Component-Substitution-Based Satellite Image Fusion by Using Partial Replacement, A
* New Fusion Algorithm for Optical Remote Sensing Data, A
* novel model-based rate-control method for portrait video coding, A
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Object-Centric Spatial Pooling for Image Classification
* Online Feature Selection with Streaming Features
* Predicting Facial Beauty without Landmarks
* Query Specific Fusion for Image Retrieval
* Query Specific Rank Fusion for Image Retrieval
* Real-time clothing recognition in surveillance videos
* Remotely detecting canopy nitrogen concentration and uptake of paddy rice in the Northeast China Plain
* Robust facial profile recognition
* Scalable portrait video for mobile video communication
* Sea Surface Altimetry Based On Airborne GNSS Signal Measurements
* Snow Depth Estimation Based on Multipath Phase Combination of GPS Triple-Frequency Signals
* Supervised translation-invariant sparse coding
* Text Flow: A Unified Text Detection System in Natural Scene Images
* Training Hierarchical Feed-Forward Visual Recognition Models Using Transfer Learning from Pseudo-Tasks
* Tsunami Lead Wave Reconstruction Based On Noisy Sea Surface Height Measurements
* Tsunami-Wave Parameter Estimation Using GNSS-Based Sea Surface Height Measurement
* Walking Disturbance Index Suggestions for Optimized Path Search for the People with Reduced Mobility, A
* Weak Tsunami Detection Using GNSS-R-Based Sea Surface Height Measurement
* Writer Identification Using Dynamic Features
Includes: Yu, K.[Kai] Yu, K.[Kiyun] Yu, K.[Kang] Yu, K. Yu, K.[Kefu] Yu, K.[Kaitao] Yu, K.[Kegen] Yu, K.[Kaimin] Yu, K.[Keren] Yu, K.[Kun] Yu, K.[Ke] Yu, K.[Kui] Yu, K.[Keman]
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Yu, K.B. Co Author Listing * Fast Correlation Registration Method Using Singular Value Decomposition

Yu, K.C.[Kuan Chun] Co Author Listing * SPiraL Aggregation Map (SPLAM): A new descriptor for robust template matching with fast algorithm
Includes: Yu, K.C.[Kuan Chun] Yu, K.C.[Kuan-Chun]

Yu, K.D.[Kuang Di] Co Author Listing * feature-based solution for 3D registration of CT and MRI images of human knee, A
* Fingerprint Matching Algorithm Based on Radial Structure and a Structure-Rewarding Scoring Strategy, A
Includes: Yu, K.D.[Kuang Di] Yu, K.D.[Kuang-Di] Yu, K.D.[Kyung Deok]

Yu, K.H.[Kun Hsuan] Co Author Listing * User-friendly image sharing using polynomials with different primes
Includes: Yu, K.H.[Kun Hsuan] Yu, K.H.[Kun-Hsuan]

Yu, K.K.[Kenneth K.] Co Author Listing * Automated system for extracting design and layout information from an integrated circuit

Yu, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy model-based clustering and its application in image segmentation

Yu, K.Y.[Ki Yun] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Possibility of Land-Cover Classification Using LIDAR Intensity Data

Yu, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * 2015-2016 Ground Displacements of the Shanghai Coastal Area Inferred from a Combined COSMO-SkyMed/Sentinel-1 DInSAR Analysis, The
* 3D-TV System with Depth-Image-Based Rendering: Architectures, Techniques and Challenges
* Adaptive Bayesian Estimation with Cluster Structured Sparsity
* Adaptive Reversible Data Hiding by Extending the Generalized Integer Transformation
* Analysis of rainfall effects on road travel speed in Beijing, China
* Assessing and Improving the Reliability of Volunteered Land Cover Reference Data
* auto-adapting global-to-local color balancing method for optical imagery mosaic, An
* Automated mapping of soybean and corn using phenology
* Automated Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopy Images via Very Deep Residual Networks
* Automated visual analysis in large scale sensor networks
* Automatic Detection of Cerebral Microbleeds From MR Images via 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* Automatic Image Annotation Based on Scene Analysis
* Bandwidth Efficient and Rate-Adaptive Video Delivery in TV White Space
* Bayesian framework for solving transform invariant low-rank textures
* Binocular Just-Noticeable-Difference Model for Stereoscopic Images
* Binocular Responses for No-Reference 3D Image Quality Assessment
* Blind quality estimator for 3D images based on binocular combination and extreme learning machine
* Block-Based In-Loop View Synthesis for 3-D Video Coding
* Circa 2010 Thirty Meter Resolution Forest Map for China, A
* Cloud-Sourcing: Using an Online Labor Force to Detect Clouds and Cloud Shadows in Landsat Images
* Coarse Iris Classification Based on Box-Counting Method
* Coarse iris classification using box-counting to estimate fractal dimensions
* Cognitive radio assisted quality compensation for scalable video multicast in cellular networks
* Comments on A Separable Low Complexity 2D HMM with Application to Face Recognition
* Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
* Complexity controllable DCT for real-time H.264 encoder
* Compressive Sensing With Chaotic Sequence
* Conditional random field-based image labelling combining features of pixels, segments and regions
* Convolutional Neural Network for Intermediate View Enhancement in Multiview Streaming
* Correction of False Topographic Perception Phenomenon Based on Topographic Correction in Satellite Imagery
* cost-efficient hardware architecture of deblocking filter in HEVC, A
* Coverage Field Analysis to the Quality of Light Field Rendering
* Cross-View Down/Up-Sampling Method for Multiview Depth Video Coding
* Cross-view post-filtering for fidelity enhancement on asymmetric coding of 3D video
* CU splitting early termination based on weighted SVM
* DCAN: Deep Contour-Aware Networks for Accurate Gland Segmentation
* Decentralized PID controller design for the cooperative control of networked multi-agent systems
* Deep Learning Based Oil Palm Tree Detection and Counting for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Depth Based View Synthesis with Artifacts Removal for FTV
* Depth No-Synthesis-Error Model for View Synthesis in 3-D Video
* Descriptive local feature groups for image classification
* Direct computation of differential invariants of image contours from shading
* Dynamic redundancy allocation for video streaming using Sub-GOP based FEC code
* Edge-preserving interpolation for down/up sampling-based depth compression
* Edge-preserving single depth image interpolation
* Empirical Estimation of Near-Surface Air Temperature in China from MODIS LST Data by Considering Physiographic Features
* Energy-Efficient Distributed Filtering in Sensor Networks: A Unified Switched System Approach
* Exploiting global priors for RGB-D saliency detection
* Fast mode decision method for all intra spatial scalability in SHVC
* Fast pruning superfluous support vectors in SVMs
* Floating car data-based method for detecting flooding incident under grade separation bridges in Beijing
* Floating car data-based method for detecting flooding incident under grade separation bridges in Beijing
* Framework model for time-variant propagation speed and congestion boundary by incident on expressways
* Framework of AVS2-video coding
* Gabor Texture Information for Face Recognition Using the Generalized Gaussian Model
* Gabor texture representation method for face recognition using the Gamma and generalized Gaussian models
* Geographic stacking: Decision fusion to increase global land cover map accuracy
* Geometric Structure and Randomness in Texture Analysis and Synthesis
* Global-Scale Associations of Vegetation Phenology with Rainfall and Temperature at a High Spatio-Temporal Resolution
* Graph PCA Hashing for Similarity Search
* hardware-oriented IME algorithm and its implementation for HEVC, A
* Hierarchical Fusion in Clustered Sensor Networks with Asynchronous Local Estimates
* impact of nonlinear filtering and confidence information on optical flow estimation in a Lucas and Kanade framework, The
* intelligent modified fuzzy c-means based algorithm for bias estimation and segmentation of brain MRI, An
* Interfered depth map recovery with texture guidance for multiple structured light depth cameras
* Iris Recognition Based on Location of Key Points
* Iterative Time-Frequency Filtering of Sinusoidal Signals With Updated Frequency Estimation
* Label localization by appearance guided graph inferring
* Large-area depth recovery for RGB-D camera
* Long-Term Post-Disturbance Forest Recovery in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Analyzed Using Landsat Time Series Stack
* Mammogram Mass Classification with Temporal Features and Multiple Kernel Learning
* Mapping global land cover in 2001 and 2010 with spatial-temporal consistency at 250M resolution
* Math Spotting: Retrieving Math in Technical Documents Using Handwritten Query Images
* Mixed Radiometric Normalization Method for Mosaicking of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery, A
* modified interval type-2 fuzzy C-means algorithm with application in MR image segmentation, A
* Multi View Facial Action Unit Detection Based on CNN and BLSTM-RNN
* Multi-camera interference cancellation of time-of-flight (TOF) cameras
* Multi-modal Embedding for Main Product Detection in Fashion
* Multilevel Thresholding Method Based on Normalized Cut
* Multimodal complex event detection framework for wide area surveillance
* Multisensor-Based Periodic Estimation in Sensor Networks With Transmission Constraint and Periodic Mixed Storage
* Mumford-Shah model on lattice, A
* Networked multi-sensor fusion estimation with delays, packet losses and missing measurements
* No-Reference Depth Assessment Based on Edge Misalignment Errors for T+D Images
* Noise Properties of Chord-Image Reconstruction
* non-Lambertian reflection in plenoptic sampling, The
* Novel Method for Coarse Iris Classification, A
* novel motion compensated prediction framework using weighted AMVP prediction for HEVC, A
* Observer Motion Estimation and Control from Optical Flow
* On Precision Bound of Distributed Fault-Tolerant Sensor Fusion Algorithms
* Overview of AVS-video coding standards
* Pixel-Based Inter Prediction in Coded Texture Assisted Depth Coding
* Production Efficiency Model-Based Method for Satellite Estimates of Corn and Soybean Yields in the Midwestern US, A
* Quantification of road grade to improve the estimation of fuel consumptions using the global positioning system
* Rapidly Deployable Video Analysis Sensor units for wide area surveillance
* Reconfigurable video coding framework and decoder reconfiguration instantiation of AVS
* reconfiguration system for video decoder, A
* Regularized single-image super-resolution based on progressive gradient estimation
* relative distance of key point based iris recognition, The
* research of MPPT implementation strategy based on the improved conductance increment method, A
* Retinal Image Mosaic Based on Invariant Feature and Hierarchial Transformation Models, The
* Review of Communication, Driver Characteristics, and Controls Aspects of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC), A
* Scalable Video Event Retrieval by Visual State Binary Embedding
* Semantic video event search for surveillance video
* Shape representation based on mathematical morphology
* Small instance detection by integer programming on object density maps
* Spatial quality index based rate perceptual-distortion optimization for video coding
* Spatial-Resolution Enhancement in Computed Tomography
* Special issue on AVS and its applications: Guest editorial
* Statistical approach for motion estimation skipping (SAMEK)
* Stereoscopic video coding in AVS
* Subjective assessment methodology for super multiview content
* Subjective study of binocular rivalry in stereoscopic images with transmission and compression artifacts
* Synthesis distortion estimation in 3D video using frequency and spatial analysis
* Synthesized disparity vectors for 3D video coding
* Systems issues in distributed multi-modal surveillance
* Technique of Prescaled Integer Transform: Concept, Design and Applications, The
* Temporal Sparse Promoting Three Dimensional Imaging of Cardiac Activation
* Three-Dimensional Modeling and Indoor Positioning for Urban Emergency Response
* Threshold Selection as a Function of Region Count Stability
* Ulcer detection in wireless capsule endoscopy images
* Understanding Images of Graphical User Interfaces: A New Approach to Activity Recognition for Visual Surveillance
* Unsupervized Image Clustering With SIFT-Based Soft-Matching Affinity Propagation
* Video Quality Assessment Based on Measuring Perceptual Noise From Spatial and Temporal Perspectives
* Video Surveillance using a Multi-Camera Tracking and Fusion System
* Video transmission using advanced partial backward decodable bit stream (APBDBS)
* Web Video Event Recognition by Semantic Analysis From Ubiquitous Documents
* Weighted-to-Spherically-Uniform Quality Evaluation for Omnidirectional Video
* Wireless Cooperative Video Coding Using a Hybrid Digital-Analog Scheme
* Wireless Scalable Video Coding Using a Hybrid Digital-Analog Scheme
Includes: Yu, L.[Lei] Yu, L. Yu, L.[Le] Yu, L.[Linsen] Yu, L.[Li] Yu, L.[Lu] Yu, L.[Ling] Yu, L.[Lejun] Yu, L.[Liangyin] Yu, L.[Lingfei] Yu, L.[Liu] Yu, L.[Linjiang] Yu, L.[Lang] Yu, L.[Lin] Yu, L.[Long] Yu, L.[Lun] Yu, L.[Litao] Yu, L.[Linjun] Yu, L.[Lecheng]
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Yu, L.C.[Li Cheng] Co Author Listing * Joint Speaker-Listener-Reinforcer Model for Referring Expressions, A
* Modeling Context in Referring Expressions
* Single image super-resolution via phase congruency analysis
* Vector Sparse Representation of Color Image Using Quaternion Matrix Analysis
* Visual Madlibs: Fill in the Blank Description Generation and Question Answering
Includes: Yu, L.C.[Li Cheng] Yu, L.C.[Li-Cheng]

Yu, L.F.[Lap Fai] Co Author Listing * Face inpainting based on high-level facial attributes
* Fill and Transfer: A Simple Physics-Based Approach for Containability Reasoning
* High Capacity Steganographic Algorithm in Color Images, A
* Image reconstruction with a shift-variant filtration in circular cone-beam CT
* Iterative algorithm with a constraint condition for numerical reconstruction of a three-dimensional object from its hologram
* Region of Interest Reconstruction From Truncated Data in Circular Cone-Beam CT
* SceneNN: A Scene Meshes Dataset with aNNotations
* Shading-Based Shape Refinement of RGB-D Images
* Transferring Objects: Joint Inference of Container and Human Pose
Includes: Yu, L.F.[Lap Fai] Yu, L.F.[Lap-Fai] Yu, L.F. Yu, L.F.[Li-Fang] Yu, L.F.[Li-Feng] Yu, L.F.[Ling-Feng]
9 for Yu, L.F.

Yu, L.G. Co Author Listing * Illumination invariant extraction for face recognition using neighboring wavelet coefficients

Yu, L.J.[Lin Jiang] Co Author Listing * approximative calculation of relative convex hulls for surface area estimation of 3d digital objects, An
* Automatic Target Recognition in Infrared Imagery Using Dense HOG Features and Relevance Grouping of Vocabulary
* BNU-LSVED 2.0: Spontaneous multimodal student affect database with multi-dimensional labels
* Concave-convex local binary features for automatic target recognition in infrared imagery
* GIS-Based Visibility Network and Defensibility Model to Reconstruct Defensive System of the Han Dynasty in Central Xinjiang, China
* Heterogeneous feature structure fusion for classification
* Heterogeneous structure fusion for Target Recognition in infrared imagery
* Joint target tracking and recognition using view and identity manifolds
* Joint view-identity manifold for infrared target tracking and recognition
* Joint view-identity manifold for target tracking and recognition
* New local edge binary patterns for image retrieval
* New Video Codec Based on Compressed Sensing, A
* Print-and-scan model and the watermarking countermeasure
* Rare Class Oriented Scene Labeling Using CNN Incorporated Label Transfer
* Relations analysis between canal and urban development of Yangzhou supported by space technology
* Simultaneous target recognition, segmentation and pose estimation
Includes: Yu, L.J.[Lin Jiang] Yu, L.J.[Lin-Jiang] Yu, L.J.[Liang-Jiang] Yu, L.J.[Le-Jun] Yu, L.J.[Li-Jun] Yu, L.J.[Ling-Juan] Yu, L.J.[Long-Jiang]
16 for Yu, L.J.

Yu, L.L.[Long Long] Co Author Listing * BASS: Boundary-Aware Superpixel Segmentation
* Bionic RSTN invariant feature extraction method for image recognition and its application
* Hierarchical part detection with deep neural networks
* Improved average of synthetic exact filters for precise eye localisation under realistic conditions
* Single- and cross- database benchmarks for gender classification under unconstrained settings
Includes: Yu, L.L.[Long Long] Yu, L.L.[Long-Long] Yu, L.L.[Ling-Li] Yu, L.L.

Yu, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Pedestrian Detection Fusion Method Based on Mean Shift
Includes: Yu, L.P.[Li Ping] Yu, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Yu, L.Q.[Le Quan] Co Author Listing * 3D FractalNet: Dense Volumetric Segmentation for Cardiovascular MRI Volumes
Includes: Yu, L.Q.[Le Quan] Yu, L.Q.[Le-Quan]

Yu, L.T.[Li Tao] Co Author Listing * Bilinear Optimized Product Quantization for Scalable Visual Content Analysis
Includes: Yu, L.T.[Li Tao] Yu, L.T.[Li-Tao]

Yu, L.X.[Ling Xue] Co Author Listing * Cooling Effect of Urban Parks and Its Monthly Variations in a Snow Climate City, The
Includes: Yu, L.X.[Ling Xue] Yu, L.X.[Ling-Xue]

Yu, L.Y.[Li Yang] Co Author Listing * 3D Mesh Segmentation Based on Markov Random Fields and Graph Cuts
* Keypoint-Based Region Duplication Forgery Detection Algorithm, A
* Perception-Based 2D Shape Modeling by Curvature Shaping
* Shape Recovery from Stationary Surface Contours by Controlled Observer Motion
* Synthesis of Textured Complex Backgrounds
Includes: Yu, L.Y.[Li Yang] Yu, L.Y.[Li-Yang] Yu, L.Y.[Liang-Yin] Yu, L.Y.

Yu, M.[Meng] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval with morphing-based geometric and topological feature maps
* Asymmetric Coding of Multi-View Video Plus Depth Based 3-D Video for View Rendering
* Binocular Perception Based Reduced-Reference Stereo Video Quality Assessment Method
* Cam-shift target tracking approach based on back projection method with distance weights
* Cluster-based cross-view filtering for compressed multi-view depth maps
* Colour correction pre-processing and chrominance reconstruction post-processing for multi-view video coding
* Continued Reforestation and Urban Expansion in the New Century of a Tropical Island in the Caribbean
* depth perception and visual comfort guided computational model for stereoscopic 3D visual saliency, A
* Depth perceptual region-of-interest based multiview video coding
* Depth video spatial and temporal correlation enhancement algorithm based on just noticeable rendering distortion model
* Difference of Gaussian statistical features based blind image quality assessment: A deep learning approach
* Disparity based stereo image reversible data hiding
* Dynamic Graph Cuts in Parallel
* Dynamic Parallel and Distributed Graph Cuts
* Efficient and Accurate Method for 3D-Point Reconstruction from Multiple Views, An
* Fast Color Correction for Multi-View Video by Modeling Spatio-Temporal Variation
* fast inter coding algorithm for HEVC based on texture and motion quad-tree models, A
* Fast Macroblock Mode Selection Algorithm for Multiview Video Coding
* Fast Multi-view Disparity Estimation for Multi-View Video Systems
* Fisher Discrimination Based Low Rank Matrix Recovery
* Fisher discrimination based low rank matrix recovery for face recognition
* Full-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images by Learning Binocular Receptive Field Properties
* Genetic algorithm approach to image segmentation using morphological operations
* Greenness of Major Shrublands in China Increased from 2001 to 2013, The
* Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging With Virtual Source Synthetic Aperture Focusing and Coherence Factor Weighting
* Joint Bit Allocation and Rate Control for Coding Multi-View Video Plus Depth Based 3D Video
* Learning Receptive Fields and Quality Lookups for Blind Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images
* Low-complexity quantization for H.264/AVC
* Low-Complexity Region-of-Interest Extraction for Multiview Video Coding
* Method for Reduced-Reference Color Image Quality Assessment, A
* Multi-Ridge Recognition Method Using Modified MOPSO Algorithm and its Application on Modal Parameter Identification, A
* Network-driven low complexity coding for wireless multi-view video system
* New Approach to Wireless Video Compression with Low Complexity
* New Method of Ray-Space Interpolation for Free Viewpoint Video
* New Multiple-Target Tracking Strategy Using Domain Knowledge and Optimization
* New rate distortion optimization method for video coding
* New reduced-reference objective stereo image quality assessment model based on human visual system
* No-reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Using Binocular Self-similarity and Deep Neural Network
* Novel Rate Control Algorithm for H.264/AVC Based on Human Visual System, A
* Novel Rate Control Method for H.264/AVC Based on Frame Complexity and Importance, A
* Novel visibility threshold model for asymmetrically distorted stereoscopic images
* Object-based depth image-based rendering for a three-dimensional video system by color-correction optimization
* One class boundary method classifiers for application in a video-based fall detection system
* Parallel Process of Hyper-Space-Based Multiview Video Compression
* PMFS: A Perceptual Modulated Feature Similarity Metric for Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment
* Probabilistic Model for Robust Affine and Non-Rigid Point Set Matching
* Reduced-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment based on view and disparity zero-watermarks
* Registration of Long-Strip Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds Using RANSAC and Closed Constraint Adjustment
* Robust stabilization of multiple coupled networked control system via jump linear system approach
* Stereoscopic image quality assessment by learning non-negative matrix factorization-based color visual characteristics and considering binocular interactions
* Study on Increasing the Accuracy of Classification Based on Ant Colony algorithm
* Subjective quality analyses of stereoscopic images in 3DTV system
* Supervised dictionary learning for blind image quality assessment
* Supervised dictionary learning for blind image quality assessment using quality-constraint sparse coding
* Using Binocular Feature Combination for Blind Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images
* View-spatial-temporal post-refinement for view synthesis in 3D video systems
* Virtual view quality assessment based on shift compensation and visual masking effect
* Wide baseline stereo matching based on scale invariant feature transformation with hybrid geometric constraints
Includes: Yu, M.[Meng] Yu, M.[Mei] Yu, M. Yu, M.[Maoyuan] Yu, M.[Mudan] Yu, M.[Ming] Yu, M.[Manzhu]
58 for Yu, M.

Yu, M.J. Co Author Listing * Manifold SLIC: A Fast Method to Compute Content-Sensitive Superpixels

Yu, M.L. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and recognition of Chinese bank check amounts

Yu, M.P. Co Author Listing * Colour quantization by three-dimensional frequency diffusion
* Contextual color quantization algorithm

Yu, M.Y.[Meng Yang] Co Author Listing * Discretely Coding Semantic Rank Orders for Supervised Image Hashing
* Fast Action Retrieval from Videos via Feature Disaggregation
* Kernelized Multiview Projection for Robust Action Recognition
* Latent Structure Preserving Hashing
* Latent Structure Preserving Hashing
* Learning Short Binary Codes for Large-scale Image Retrieval
* Local Feature Binary Coding for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Local Feature Discriminant Projection
* Multi-Target Regression via Robust Low-Rank Learning
* Multiview Alignment Hashing for Efficient Image Search
* Projection Bank: From High-Dimensional Data to Medium-Length Binary Codes
* Structure-Preserving Binary Representations for RGB-D Action Recognition
* Supervised descriptor learning for multi-output regression
* Unsupervised Local Feature Hashing for Image Similarity Search
Includes: Yu, M.Y.[Meng Yang] Yu, M.Y.[Meng-Yang]
14 for Yu, M.Y.

Yu, M.Z.[Ming Zhao] Co Author Listing * Crop Condition Assessment with Adjusted NDVI Using the Uncropped Arable Land Ratio
* Method for Estimating the Aerodynamic Roughness Length with NDVI and BRDF Signatures Using Multi-Temporal Proba-V Data, A
Includes: Yu, M.Z.[Ming Zhao] Yu, M.Z.[Ming-Zhao]

Yu, N. Co Author Listing * Comments on Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis
* Consistent matching based on boosted salience channels for group re-identification
* Decomposing Joint Distortion for Adaptive Steganography
* Denoising for Multiple Image Copies through Joint Sparse Representation
* Effective correlation vector quantisation algorithm and its VLSI architecture
* Improving Various Reversible Data Hiding Schemes Via Optimal Codes for Binary Covers
* in-memory relevance feedback technique for high-performance image retrieval systems, An
* Learning Spatial Regularization with Image-Level Supervisions for Multi-label Image Classification
* LLSURE: Local Linear SURE-Based Edge-Preserving Image Filtering
* Monet: A System for Reliving Your Memories by Theme-Based Photo Storytelling
* MoVieUp: Automatic Mobile Video Mashup
* Online Multi-object Tracking Using CNN-Based Single Object Tracker with Spatial-Temporal Attention Mechanism
* Part-based multi-graph ranking for visual tracking
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reversible Image Transformation
Includes: Yu, N. Yu, N.[Nannan] Yu, N.[Ning]
14 for Yu, N.

Yu, N.H.[Neng Hai] Co Author Listing * Ada-Sal Network: emulate the Human Visual System
* Adaptive color quantization based on perceptive edge protection
* Anomaly detection via 3D-HOF and fast double sparse representation
* Automatic Matching Algorithm Based on SIFT Descriptors for Remote Sensing Ship Image, An
* Coherent Online Video Style Transfer
* Complementary hashing for approximate nearest neighbor search
* Constructing a Nonnegative Low-Rank and Sparse Graph With Data-Adaptive Features
* ContextRank: Personalized Tourism Recommendation by Exploiting Context Information of Geotagged Web Photos
* Crowd Tracking with Dynamic Evolution of Group Structures
* Dynamic Background Subtraction Using Spatial-Color Binary Patterns
* Edge Saliency Map Detection with Texture Suppression
* Error Resilient Coding Based on Reversible Data Hiding and Redundant Slice
* Flickr Distance: A Relationship Measure for Visual Concepts
* Fusion of SVD and LDA for face recognition
* Image camouflage by reversible image transformation
* Large scale image retrieval with visual groups
* Low-Complexity Screen Compression Scheme for Interactive Screen Sharing, A
* low-complexity screen compression scheme, A
* Multi-graph similarity reinforcement for image annotation refinement
* Multiple-instance ranking: Learning to rank images for image retrieval
* New Graph Constructor for Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis via Group Sparsity, A
* Non-Negative Low Rank and Sparse Graph for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Optimal Transition Probability of Reversible Data Hiding for General Distortion Metrics and Its Applications
* Recursive Histogram Modification: Establishing Equivalency Between Reversible Data Hiding and Lossless Data Compression
* Reversible Data Hiding for Texture Videos and Depth Maps Coding with Quality Scalability
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Three-Dimensional Mesh Models
* Rotation robust detection of copy-move forgery
* Scale-Invariant Visual Language Modeling for Object Categorization
* Second Order Perdicting-Error Sorting for Reversible Data Hiding
* Semantics-Preserving Bag-of-Words Models and Applications
* Semi-supervised Classification via Low Rank Graph
* StyleBank: An Explicit Representation for Neural Image Style Transfer
* SVD based linear filtering in DCT domain
* Tracking Based on SURF and Superpixel
Includes: Yu, N.H.[Neng Hai] Yu, N.H.[Neng-Hai]
34 for Yu, N.H.

Yu, N.Y.[Nam Yul] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Compressed Sensing Using Decimated Sidelnikov Sequences
* Deterministic Construction of Real-Valued Ternary Sensing Matrices Using Optical Orthogonal Codes
* Indistinguishability of Compressed Encryption With Circulant Matrices for Wireless Security
* Robust object tracking using enhanced random ferns
* Secure Communications With Asymptotically Gaussian Compressed Encryption
Includes: Yu, N.Y.[Nam Yul] Yu, N.Y. Yu, N.Y.[Nan-Yang]

Yu, P.[Ping] Co Author Listing * 3D C-string: a new spatio-temporal knowledge representation for video database systems
* 3D Z-string: A new knowledge structure to represent spatio-temporal relations between objects in a video
* Cortical Folding Development Study based on Over-Complete Spherical Wavelets
* Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Spherical Wavelet Transformation
* Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Spherical Wavelets
* Developing the Remote Sensing-Gash Analytical Model for Estimating Vegetation Rainfall Interception at Very High Resolution: A Case Study in the Heihe River Basin
* Efficient Online Local Metric Adaptation via Negative Samples for Person Re-identification
* Epipolar Photogrammetry: A novel method for forensic image comparison and measurement
* Hierarchical multirate vector quantization for image coding
* Learning Reconstruction-Based Remote Gaze Estimation
* Library-Based Illumination Synthesis for Critical CMOS Patterning
* Max-Boost-GAN: Max Operation to Boost Generative Ability of Generative Adversarial Networks
* Meaningful automatic video demultiplexing with unknown number of cameras, contrast changes, and motion
* Multiplicative Noise Channel in Generative Adversarial Networks
* new fast recursive algorithm for computing discrete Hartley transform and its implementation, A
* Quality Assessment of S-NPP VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product
* Ray Space Features for Plenoptic Structure-from-Motion
* Shape-based Discrimination and Classification of Cortical Surfaces
* Similarity retrieval of videos by using 3D C-string knowledge representation
* Stroke edge based binarization algorithm for the palm leaf manuscripts
* Towards a Unified Compositional Model for Visual Pattern Modeling
* Unified Model of GMRF and MOG for Image Segmentation, A
* Unsupervised Polarimetric SAR Image Segmentation and Classification Using Region Growing With Edge Penalty
* Using Satellite Data for the Characterization of Local Animal Reservoir Populations of Hantaan Virus on the Weihe Plain, China
* Watermarking Algorithm of Gray Image Based on Histogram, A
Includes: Yu, P.[Ping] Yu, P.[Peng] Yu, P.[Pengtao] Yu, P. Yu, P.[Peichen] Yu, P.[Pinneng] Yu, P.[Pengbo]
25 for Yu, P.

Yu, P.H.[Ping Hsiu] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Acquisition System Based on a Sequence of Projected Level Curves, A
* Motion vector estimation method and apparatus having half-pixel accuracy
Includes: Yu, P.H.[Ping Hsiu] Yu, P.H.[Ping-Hsiu] Yu, P.H.[Pil-Ho]

Yu, P.L.[Pei Ling] Co Author Listing * efficient and anonymous buyer-seller watermarking protocol, An
Includes: Yu, P.L.[Pei Ling] Yu, P.L.[Pei-Ling]

Yu, P.N.[Pen Ning] Co Author Listing * Development of a Vision-Based Driver Assistance System with Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning Functions
Includes: Yu, P.N.[Pen Ning] Yu, P.N.[Pen-Ning]

Yu, P.S.[Philip S.] Co Author Listing * HashNet: Deep Learning to Hash by Continuation
* Multi-way Multi-level Kernel Modeling for Neuroimaging Classification
* Spatiotemporal Pyramid Network for Video Action Recognition
* Transfer Feature Learning with Joint Distribution Adaptation
* Transfer Joint Matching for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Transfer Sparse Coding for Robust Image Representation
* Visual Recognition by Exploiting Latent Social Links in Image Collections
Includes: Yu, P.S.[Philip S.] Yu, P.S.
7 for Yu, P.S.

Yu, P.T.[Pao Ta] Co Author Listing * Digital watermarking based on neural networks for color images
* Dynamic Subspace Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* evidence-based model of saliency feature extraction for scene text analysis, An
* Fuzzy Stack Filters: Their Definitions, Fundamental Properties, and Application in Image-Processing
* Nonparametric Feature Extraction and Its Application to Nearest Neighbor Classification for Hyperspectral Image Data, A
* On the Optimal Design of Rational Rank Selection Filters for Image Restoration
Includes: Yu, P.T.[Pao Ta] Yu, P.T.[Pao-Ta] Yu, P.T.

Yu, Q. Co Author Listing * Automatic hemorrhage detection in color fundus images based on gradual removal of vascular branches
* Automatic Shoeprint Retrieval Algorithm for Real Crime Scenes
* Boosted Markov Chain Monte Carlo Data Association for Multiple Target Detection and Tracking
* ChainCluster: Engineering a Cooperative Content Distribution Framework for Highway Vehicular Communications
* Co-trained generative and discriminative trackers with cascade particle filter
* Code Assignment Algorithm for 2-Dimensional Block Spread CDMA Uplink in Multi-Cell System
* Computer Analysis of Rotational Symmetry in CBED Patterns
* Contour segment grouping for object detection
* Deep Spatial-Semantic Attention for Fine-Grained Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Dense structural learning for infrared object tracking at 200+ Frames per Second
* Direct Corner Detecting Algorithm, A
* Directionally Adaptive Filter for Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometric Phase Images
* Dynamic Pooling for Complex Event Recognition
* Efficient detection and tracking of moving objects in geo-coordinates
* Estimation of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter From Landsat-8 Imagery for Complex Inland Water: Case Study of Lake Huron
* Evaluation of low-level features and their combinations for complex event detection in open source videos
* Evaluation Of Model Recognition For Grammar-based Automatic 3d Building Model Reconstruction
* Extending the Pairwise Separability Index for Multicrop Identification Using Time-Series MODIS Images
* Factors Affecting Spatial Variation of Classification Uncertainty in an Image Object-based Vegetation Mapping
* GPU-based implementation of motion detection from a moving platform, A
* High-throughput and low-complexity binary arithmetic decoder based on logarithmic domain
* Integrated Detection and Tracking for Multiple Moving Objects using Data-Driven MCMC Data Association
* Iterative Determination of Camera Pose From Line Features
* Learning Image Matching by Simply Watching Video
* Local part chamfer matching for shape-based object detection
* Map-Enhanced Detection and Tracking from a Moving Platform with Local and Global Data Association
* Map-Enhanced UAV Image Sequence Registration
* Mapping tropical dry forest succession using multiple criteria spectral mixture analysis
* Monitoring Spatial Patterns Of Vegetation Phenology In An Australian Tropical Transect Using Modis Evi
* Motion pattern interpretation and detection for tracking moving vehicles in airborne video
* Multi-layer Mosaics in the Presence of Motion and Depth Effects
* Multi-temporal and Multi-sensor Image Matching Based On Local Frequency Information
* Multimodal Fusion With Reference: Searching for Joint Neuromarkers of Working Memory Deficits in Schizophrenia
* Multiple Hypothesis Target Tracking Using Merge and Split of Graph's Nodes
* Multiple Target Tracking Using Spatio-Temporal Markov Chain Monte Carlo Data Association
* Multiple-Target Tracking by Spatiotemporal Monte Carlo Markov Chain Data Association
* NOVEL contour-based 3D terrain matching algorithm using wavelet transform, A
* Object-based Detailed Vegetation Classification with Airborne High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Objectness to assist salient object detection
* Online Tracking and Reacquisition Using Co-trained Generative and Discriminative Trackers
* Ontological supervision for fine grained classification of Street View storefronts
* Parallel AMVP candidate list construction for HEVC
* Pedestrian Detection in Low-Resolution Imagery by Learning Multi-scale Intrinsic Motion Structures (MIMS)
* Real time tracking using an active pan-tilt-zoom network camera
* Recognition and volume estimation of food intake using a mobile device
* Recognizing Activities via Bag of Words for Attribute Dynamics
* Remote sensing estimation of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in optically shallow waters
* Service-Oriented Dynamic Connection Management for Software-Defined Internet of Vehicles
* Shape Reconstruction Based on Similarity in Radiance Changes under Varying Illumination
* Shape-based object recognition via Evidence Accumulation Inference
* Simplified mirror-based camera pose computation via rotation averaging
* Sketch Me That Shoe
* Sketch-a-Net that Beats Humans
* Sketch-a-Net: A Deep Neural Network that Beats Humans
* Sparse PDE for SAR image speckle suppression
* Spatial Coordinated Medium Sharing: Optimal Access Control Management in Drive-Thru Internet
* Target tracking with incomplete detection
* triage method of determining the extent of JPEG compression artifacts, A
* Uncertainty analysis of remote sensing of colored dissolved organic matter: Evaluations and comparisons for three rivers in North America
* Video event recognition using concept attributes
* Vision based real-time pose estimation for intelligent vehicles
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Yu, Q. Yu, Q.[Qing] Yu, Q.[Qian] Yu, Q.[Quan] Yu, Q.[Qiyue] Yu, Q.[Qingfeng] Yu, Q.[Qifeng] Yu, Q.[Quanhe] Yu, Q.[Qiuyan] Yu, Q.[Qiuze] Yu, Q.[Qin] Yu, Q.[Qiong] Yu, Q.[Qi]
62 for Yu, Q.

Yu, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Mapping Irrigated and Rainfed Wheat Areas Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data
Includes: Yu, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Yu, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Yu, Q.F.[Qi Feng] Co Author Listing * Broken-Ray Videometric Method and System for Measuring the Three-Dimensional Position and Pose of the Non-Intervisible Object
* Contour model based homography estimation of texture-less planar objects in uncalibrated images
* effects of temperature variation on videometric measurement and a compensation method, The
* Extraction of parametric human model for posture recognition using genetic algorithm
* Robust tracking method with drift correction
Includes: Yu, Q.F.[Qi Feng] Yu, Q.F.[Qi-Feng] Yu, Q.F.[Qing-Feng]

Yu, Q.H.[Quan He] Co Author Listing * Efficient Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coder Based on Logarithmic Domain, An
* Overview and performance analysis of AVS mobility features
* Semi-supervised Gait Recognition Based on Self-Training
Includes: Yu, Q.H.[Quan He] Yu, Q.H.[Quan-He] Yu, Q.H.[Qiu-Hong]

Yu, Q.J.[Qing Jun] Co Author Listing * image quality assessment method based on fuzzy inference rules, An
Includes: Yu, Q.J.[Qing Jun] Yu, Q.J.[Qing-Jun]

Yu, Q.X. Co Author Listing * Edge-Preserving Filter for Imagery Corrupted with Multiplicative Noise, An

Yu, Q.Y.[Qi Yao] Co Author Listing * Combining Local and Global Features for Image Segmentation Using Iterative Classification and Region Merging
* Exact BER Analysis of Selection Combining for Differential SWIPT Relaying Systems
* Exploring the Use of Google Earth Imagery and Object-Based Methods in Land Use/Cover Mapping
* Filament Preserving Segmentation for SAR Sea Ice Imagery Using a New Statistical Model
* Fingerprint ridge orientation field reconstruction using the best quadratic approximation by orthogonal polynomials in two discrete variables
* IRGS: Image Segmentation Using Edge Penalties and Region Growing
* Joint Image Segmentation and Interpretation Using Iterative Semantic Region Growing on SAR Sea Ice Imagery
* SAR Sea-Ice Image Analysis Based on Iterative Region Growing Using Semantics
* Weighted Selection Combinings for Differential Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Networks
Includes: Yu, Q.Y.[Qi Yao] Yu, Q.Y.[Qi-Yao] Yu, Q.Y. Yu, Q.Y.[Qiang-Yi] Yu, Q.Y.[Qing-Ying]
9 for Yu, Q.Y.

Yu, Q.Z.[Quan Zhou] Co Author Listing * Narrowband Bio-Indicator Monitoring of Temperate Forest Carbon Fluxes in Northeastern China
* Simultaneously Multiple-object Pattern Matching based on Multi-swarms Particle Swarm Optimization
Includes: Yu, Q.Z.[Quan Zhou] Yu, Q.Z.[Quan-Zhou] Yu, Q.Z.[Qiu-Ze]

Yu, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * All-In-Focus Synthetic Aperture Imaging
* Continuously tracking and see-through occlusion based on a new hybrid synthetic aperture imaging model
* Direct, Dense, and Deformable: Template-Based Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction from RGB Video
* Enrichment and Preservation of Architectural Knowledge
* Generating Holistic 3D Scene Abstractions for Text-Based Image Retrieval
* Guided just-in-time transcoding for cloud-based video platforms
* IR and visible image sequence automatic registration method based on optical flow, An
* Learning Dense Facial Correspondences in Unconstrained Images
* Learning-Based 3T Brain MRI Segmentation with Guidance from 7T MRI Labeling
* Local R3-Subdivision Algorithm preserving Sharp Features, A
* New Hybrid Synthetic Aperture Imaging Model for Tracking and Seeing People Through Occlusion, A
* Noise removal from MR images via iterative regularization based on higher-order singular value decomposition
* Realistic Dynamic Facial Textures from a Single Image Using GANs
* Recognizing text in historical maps using maps from multiple time periods
* Resolution enhancement of nondestructive testing from B-scans
* Simultaneous active camera array focus plane estimation and occluded moving object imaging
* Video Pop-up: Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes
* Visual Relationship Detection with Internal and External Linguistic Knowledge Distillation
Includes: Yu, R.[Rui] Yu, R.[Ran] Yu, R. Yu, R.[Renping] Yu, R.[Ruiguo] Yu, R.[Runyi] Yu, R.[Ronald] Yu, R.[Ruei]
18 for Yu, R.

Yu, R.C.[Rong Chao] Co Author Listing * Kernelized pyramid nearest-neighbor search for object categorization
* Pyramid Nearest Neighbor Search Kernel for object categorization, A
Includes: Yu, R.C.[Rong Chao] Yu, R.C.[Rong-Chao]

Yu, R.F.[Rong Feng] Co Author Listing * Flat panel detector-based cone-beam volume CT angiography imaging: system evaluation
Includes: Yu, R.F.[Rong Feng] Yu, R.F.[Rong-Feng]

Yu, R.G.[Rui Guo] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of Face Tracking in Real Time Multimedia Recording System, The
Includes: Yu, R.G.[Rui Guo] Yu, R.G.[Rui-Guo]

Yu, R.J.[Rong Jie] Co Author Listing * Utilizing Microscopic Traffic and Weather Data to Analyze Real-Time Crash Patterns in the Context of Active Traffic Management
Includes: Yu, R.J.[Rong Jie] Yu, R.J.[Rong-Jie]

Yu, R.S.[Rong Shan] Co Author Listing * Low-Complexity Packet Scheduling Algorithms for Streaming Scalable Media Based on Time Utility Function
Includes: Yu, R.S.[Rong Shan] Yu, R.S.[Rong-Shan]

Yu, R.X.[Rui Xing] Co Author Listing * New Image Fusion Algorithm Based on PCNN and DMWT, A
Includes: Yu, R.X.[Rui Xing] Yu, R.X.[Rui-Xing]

Yu, R.Y.[Run Yi] Co Author Listing * Subspace Alignment and Separation for Multiple Frequency Estimation
Includes: Yu, R.Y.[Run Yi] Yu, R.Y.[Run-Yi]

Yu, S.[Shuda] Co Author Listing * 2-manifold reconstruction from sparse visual features
* adaptive local binary pattern for 3D hand tracking, An
* Adaptive PQ: Adaptive perceptual quantizer for HEVC main 10 profile-based HDR video coding
* Angular Embedding: A Robust Quadratic Criterion
* Bayesian Image Classification Using Markov Random-Fields
* compact association of particle filtering and kernel based object tracking, A
* Complex Variational Mode Decomposition for Slop-Preserving Denoising
* Computational Models of Perceptual Organization
* Continuous digital zooming using local self-similarity-based super-resolution for an asymmetric dual camera system
* Deep convolutional neural network based HEp-2 cell classification
* Design and ARM-Embedded Implementation of a Chaotic Map-Based Real-Time Secure Video Communication System
* efficient intra-mode decision method for HEVC, An
* Error Resilient Video Coding Scheme Using Embedded Wyner-Ziv Description With Decoder Side Non-Stationary Distortion Modeling, An
* Fast Edge-Preserved Postprocessing for Compressed Images
* Fully convolutional networks for action recognition
* GaitGAN: Invariant Gait Feature Extraction Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Game Strategy Approach for Image Labeling, A
* Genus refinement of a manifold surface reconstructed by sculpting the 3d-Delaunay triangulation of Structure-from-Motion points
* HEp-2 image classification using intensity order pooling based features and bag of words
* HEp-2 specimen classification with fully convolutional network
* HEp-2 Specimen Image Segmentation and Classification Using Very Deep Fully Convolutional Network
* HEVC encoder optimization for HDR video coding based on perceptual block merging
* Incremental Reconstruction of Manifold Surface from Sparse Visual Mapping
* Kernel Learning for Dynamic Texture Synthesis
* Learning Complementary Saliency Priors for Foreground Object Segmentation in Complex Scenes
* Learning-based super-resolution method with a combining of both global and local constraints
* Manifold surface reconstruction of an environment from sparse Structure-from-Motion data
* Method and apparatus for fast motion estimation in video coding
* Method for Improving the Machine Recognition of Confusing Chinese Characters, A
* Mobile Live Video Streaming Optimization via Crowdsourcing Brokerage
* modified fuzzy c-means algorithm with adaptive spatial information for color image segmentation, A
* Multiscale Semilocal Interpolation With Antialiasing
* Normalized cut image segmenation software
* Online multi-objective optimization for live video forwarding across video data centers
* Optimized Data Fusion for Kernel k-Means Clustering
* Oriented geodesic distance based non-local regularisation approach for optic flow estimation
* Performance comparison of a deterministic and a stochastic method for image classification
* Reconstruction for Distributed Video Coding: A Context-Adaptive Markov Random Field Approach
* Robust Face Representation Using Hybrid Spatial Feature Interdependence Matrix
* Semantic Image Synthesis via Adversarial Learning
* Single image super-resolution using locally adaptive multiple linear regression
* Spatial Feature Interdependence Matrix (SFIM): A Robust Descriptor for Face Recognition
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Land Surface Phenology in China from 2001-2014
* Study on Gait-Based Gender Classification, A
* Surface Reconstruction of Scenes Using a Catadioptric Camera
* Toward Robust Analysis of Satellite Images Using Map Information: Application to Urban Area Detection
* Triple local feature based collaborative representation for face recognition with single sample per person
* Unsupervised Segmentation Based on Multi-Resolution Analysis, Robust Statistics and Majority Game Theory
* Unsupervised segmentation of color images
* Urban Area Detection in Satellite Images Using Map Knowledge by a Feedback Control Technique
* Variational framework for low-light image enhancement using optimal transmission map and combined and -minimization
* Variations of Land Surface Phenology in Northeast China and Its Responses to Climate Change from 1982 to 2013, The
* View invariant gait recognition using only one uniform model
Includes: Yu, S.[Shuda] Yu, S.[Sunjin] Yu, S. Yu, S.[Stella] Yu, S.[Shan] Yu, S.[Siwei] Yu, S.[Soohwan] Yu, S.[Shiqi] Yu, S.[Sungwook] Yu, S.[Sheng] Yu, S.[Shui] Yu, S.[Shaun] Yu, S.[Simin] Yu, S.[Shi] Yu, S.[Sha] Yu, S.[Shixiao]
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Yu, S.C.[Sz Cheng] Co Author Listing * Use of UAS for Rapid 3D Mapping in Geomatics Education, The
Includes: Yu, S.C.[Sz Cheng] Yu, S.C.[Sz-Cheng]

Yu, S.C.H.[Simon C.H.] Co Author Listing * Local Orientation Smoothness Prior for Vascular Segmentation of Angiography
* Multi-modal image registration by minimizing Kullback-Leibler distance between expected and observed joint class histograms
Includes: Yu, S.C.H.[Simon C.H.] Yu, S.C.H.

Yu, S.D.[Shao De] Co Author Listing * CNN-GRNN for Image Sharpness Assessment
Includes: Yu, S.D.[Shao De] Yu, S.D.[Shao-De]

Yu, S.F.[Sheng Fa] Co Author Listing * Modified intelligent scissors and adaptive frame skipping for video object segmentation
Includes: Yu, S.F.[Sheng Fa] Yu, S.F.[Sheng-Fa]

Yu, S.G.[Shi Gong] Co Author Listing * Video Denoising Using Motion Compensated 3-D Wavelet Transform With Integrated Recursive Temporal Filtering
Includes: Yu, S.G.[Shi Gong] Yu, S.G.[Shi-Gong]

Yu, S.H.[Shih Hao] Co Author Listing * Automatic Traffic Surveillance System for Vehicle Tracking and Classification
* Automatic Traffic Surveillance System for Vehicle Tracking and Classification, An
* Efficient Stereo Video Coding System for Immersive Teleconference with Two-Stage Hybrid Disparity Estimation Algorithm
* Morphology-based license plate detection from complex scenes
* shadow elimination method for vehicle analysis, A
Includes: Yu, S.H.[Shih Hao] Yu, S.H.[Shih-Hao] Yu, S.H.[Shu-Han]

Yu, S.I.[Shoou I] Co Author Listing * Best of Both Worlds: Combining Data-Independent and Data-Driven Approaches for Action Recognition, The
* Double Fusion for Multimedia Event Detection
* E-LAMP: integration of innovative ideas for multimedia event detection
* Harry Potter's Marauder's Map: Localizing and Tracking Multiple Persons-of-Interest by Nonnegative Discretization
* Resource Constrained Multimedia Event Detection
* Solution Path Algorithm for Identity-Aware Multi-object Tracking, The
* Text-to-video: a semantic search engine for internet videos
* Unsupervised Video Adaptation for Parsing Human Motion
Includes: Yu, S.I.[Shoou I] Yu, S.I.[Shoou-I] Yu, S.I.
8 for Yu, S.I.

Yu, S.J. Co Author Listing * Automated Formosat Image Processing System For Rapid Response To International Disasters
* Automatic Pose-Normalized 3D Face Modeling and Recognition Systems
* knowledge infrastructure for intelligent query answering in location-based services, A
* Rapid 3D Face Data Acquisition Using a Color-Coded Pattern and a Stereo Camera System
Includes: Yu, S.J. Yu, S.J.[Sun-Jin] Yu, S.J.[Shi-Jun]

Yu, S.L.[Shang Li] Co Author Listing * Motion-based video retrieval by trajectory matching
* Trajectory-based video retrieval by string matching
Includes: Yu, S.L.[Shang Li] Yu, S.L.[Shang-Li]

Yu, S.M. Co Author Listing * Dilemma zone avoidance development: an on-board approach

Yu, S.N.[Sung Nien] Co Author Listing * Electrocardiogram beat classification based on wavelet transformation and probabilistic neural network
Includes: Yu, S.N.[Sung Nien] Yu, S.N.[Sung-Nien]

Yu, S.P.[Shi Peng] Co Author Listing * Entropic Score to Rank Annotators for Crowdsourced Labeling Tasks, An
* Hierarchical learning for tubular structure parsing in medical imaging: A study on coronary arteries using 3D CT Angiography
* Multi-Output Regularized Projection
Includes: Yu, S.P.[Shi Peng] Yu, S.P.[Shi-Peng]

Yu, S.Q.[Shi Qi] Co Author Listing * Efficient Night Gait Recognition Based on Template Matching
* Examining Spectral Reflectance Saturation in Landsat Imagery and Corresponding Solutions to Improve Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation
* Framelet features for pedestrian detection in noisy depth images
* Framework for Evaluating the Effect of View Angle, Clothing and Carrying Condition on Gait Recognition, A
* Gait Recognition Based on Fusion of Multi-view Gait Sequences
* Modelling the Effect of View Angle Variation on Appearance-Based Gait Recognition
* Orthogonal Diagonal Projections for Gait Recognition
* Recognizing Night Walkers Based on One Pseudoshape Representation of Gait
* Reducing the Effect of Noise on Human Contour in Gait Recognition
* SLTP: A Fast Descriptor for People Detection in Depth Images
* Uniprojective Features for Gait Recognition
* Walker Recognition Without Gait Cycle Estimation
Includes: Yu, S.Q.[Shi Qi] Yu, S.Q.[Shi-Qi] Yu, S.Q.[Shu-Quan]
12 for Yu, S.Q.

Yu, S.S.[Sheng Sheng] Co Author Listing * Application of Multi-Resolution Filter in Image Denoising
* Attributed String Matching with Merging for Shape Recognition
* Automatic video activity detection using compressed domain motion trajectories for H.264 videos
* Binary Decompositions for High-Order Entropy Coding of Grayscale Images
* Bone age cluster assessment and feature clustering analysis based on phalangeal image rough segmentation
* Color Image Retrieval Based On Color-texture-edge Feature Histograms
* Content-based watermarking scheme for image authentication
* Improving object color categorization with shapes
* Joint optimization of background subtraction and object detection for night surveillance
* Joint Super Resolution and Denoising From a Single Depth Image
* Lossless compression of multi-dimensional medical image data using binary-decomposed high-order entropy coding
* Modified winner-update search algorithm for fast block matching
* Motion-focusing key frame extraction and video summarization for lane surveillance system
* New Thinning Algorithm for Gray Scale Images by the Relaxation Technique, A
* novel blink detection system for user monitoring, A
* Object color categorization in surveillance videos
* Relaxation by the Hopfield Neural Network
* Run-based method for smoothing handwritten Chinese characters
* Stereo matching and occlusion detection with integrity and illusion sensitivity
* Wide area video surveillance with spatial-temporal constraints
Includes: Yu, S.S.[Sheng Sheng] Yu, S.S.[Sheng-Sheng] Yu, S.S. Yu, S.S.[Shiaw-Shian] Yu, S.S.[Shyr-Shen] Yu, S.S.[Shan-Shan]
20 for Yu, S.S.

Yu, S.T.[Sheng Tao] Co Author Listing * Backward compatible opto-electrical transfer function for HDR video coding based on rational quantization
* Color-guided boundary-preserving depth upsampling based on L0 gradient minimization
* Intensity-guided edge-preserving depth upsampling through weighted L0 gradient minimization
Includes: Yu, S.T.[Sheng Tao] Yu, S.T.[Sheng-Tao]

Yu, S.W.[Shi Wei] Co Author Listing * family of the subgradient algorithm with several cosparsity inducing functions to the cosparse recovery problem, A
* Fast intra-mode decision method based on DCT coefficients for H.264/AVC
* Fast reference frame and inter-mode selection method for H.264/AVC
Includes: Yu, S.W.[Shi Wei] Yu, S.W.[Shi-Wei] Yu, S.W.[Sung-Wook]

Yu, S.X.[Stella X.] Co Author Listing * Affinity CNN: Learning Pixel-Centric Pairwise Relations for Figure/Ground Embedding
* Am I a Baller? Basketball Performance Assessment from First-Person Videos
* Angular embedding: From jarring intensity differences to perceived luminance
* Boundaries as Contours of Optimal Appearance and Area of Support
* Classification and feature selection with human performance data
* Convolutional Random Walk Networks for Semantic Image Segmentation
* DeepEdge: A multi-scale bifurcated deep network for top-down contour detection
* Direct Intrinsics: Learning Albedo-Shading Decomposition by Convolutional Regression
* Edge-Preserving Laplacian Pyramid
* Finding dots: Segmentation as popping out regions from boundaries
* Fine-to-coarse knowledge transfer for low-res image classification
* FlowWeb: Joint image set alignment by weaving consistent, pixel-wise correspondences
* Genetic feature selection combined with composite fuzzy nearest neighbor classifiers for hyperspectral satellite imagery
* Grouping with Bias
* Grouping with Directed Relationships
* Hierarchical Markov Random Field Model for Figure-Ground Segregation, A
* Hierarchical Scene Annotation
* High-for-Low and Low-for-High: Efficient Boundary Detection from Deep Object Features and Its Applications to High-Level Vision
* Image Compression Based on Visual Saliency at Individual Scales
* Indoor-outdoor classification with human accuracies: Image or edge gist?
* Inferring spatial layout from a single image via depth-ordered grouping
* Learning lightness from human judgement on relative reflectance
* Learning Non-Lambertian Object Intrinsics Across ShapeNet Categories
* Linear Scale and Rotation Invariant Matching
* Linear solution to scale and rotation invariant object matching
* Multiclass spectral clustering
* Multigrid Neural Architectures
* Object detection and segmentation from joint embedding of parts and pixels
* Object-specific figure-ground segregation
* Perceiving Shapes through Region and Boundary Interaction
* Power SVM: Generalization with exemplar classification uncertainty
* Progressive Multigrid Eigensolvers for Multiscale Spectral Segmentation
* Reconstructive Sparse Code Transfer for Contour Detection and Semantic Labeling
* Robust Segmentation by Cutting across a Stack of Gamma Transformed Images
* Segmentation given partial grouping constraints
* Segmentation Induced by Scale Invariance
* Segmentation using multiscale cues
* Segmentation with Pairwise Attraction and Repulsion
* Semantic Segmentation with Boundary Neural Fields
* Structural correspondence as a contour grouping problem
* Understanding Popout through Repulsion
* Understanding Popout: Pre-attentive Segmentation through Nondirectional Repulsion
* Unifying View of Contour Length Bias Correction, A
* Unsupervised Learning of Important Objects from First-Person Videos
Includes: Yu, S.X.[Stella X.] Yu, S.X. Yu, S.X.[Shi-Xin]
44 for Yu, S.X.

Yu, S.Y.[Song Yu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Resizing Algorithm in DCT Domain, An
* CAD system for the automatic detection of clustered microcalcifications in digitized mammogram films, A
* CamShift guided particle filter for visual tracking
* Color-Texture Image Segmentation by Combining Region and Photometric Invariant Edge Information
* Contourlet-Based Embedded Image Coding Scheme on Low Bit-Rate, A
* Contourlet-based image adaptive watermarking
* De-Blocking Artifacts in DCT Domain Using Projection onto Convex Sets Algorithm
* Face super-resolution using 8-connected Markov Random Fields with embedded prior
* GOP-level transmission distortion modeling for mobile streaming video
* highly efficient, low delay architecture for transporting H.264 video over wireless channel, A
* Improvement on performance of modified Hopfield neural network for image restoration
* Interpolating fine textures with fields of experts prior
* Natural scene category recognition based on multiple channels of PHOW
* novel license plate location method based on wavelet transform and EMD analysis, A
* Spatial non-stationary correlation noise modeling for Wyner-Ziv error resilience video coding
* Topological charge measurement of concentric OAM states using the phase-shift method
* Vehicle logo recognition based on Bag-of-Words
Includes: Yu, S.Y.[Song Yu] Yu, S.Y.[Song-Yu] Yu, S.Y.[Song-Yang] Yu, S.Y.[Sheng-Yang] Yu, S.Y.[Shou-Yuan] Yu, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Yu, S.Y.[Shu-Yuan]
17 for Yu, S.Y.

Yu, S.Z.[Shun Zheng] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Intrusion Detection System against DDoS for SDN, A
* Robust Scaling Approach for Implementation of HsMMs, A
Includes: Yu, S.Z.[Shun Zheng] Yu, S.Z.[Shun-Zheng]

Yu, T.[Ting] Co Author Listing * Action based video summarization for convenience stores
* Automatic surveillance video matting using a shape prior
* BodyFusion: Real-Time Capture of Human Motion and Surface Geometry Using a Single Depth Camera
* Boosted deformable model for human body alignment
* Bridging computer vision and social science: A multi-camera vision system for social interaction training analysis
* Changes in Aerosol Optical and Micro-Physical Properties over Northeast Asia from a Severe Dust Storm in April 2014
* Classification based fast mode decision for stereo video coding
* Collaborative Real-Time Control of Active Cameras in Large-Scale Surveillance Systems.
* Collaborative tracking of multiple targets
* Compressive Quantization for Fast Object Instance Search in Videos
* Computer vision aided target linked radiation imaging
* Cross-Calibration of GF-1 PMS Sensor With Landsat 8 OLI and Terra MODIS
* Cross-Calibration of the HSI Sensor Reflective Solar Bands Using Hyperion Data
* Decentralized Multiple Target Tracking Using Netted Collaborative Autonomous Trackers
* Detecting partially occluded vehicles with geometric and likelihood reasoning
* Differential Tracking based on Spatial-Appearance Model (SAM)
* Distributed data association and filtering for multiple target tracking
* DPcode: Privacy-Preserving Frequent Visual Patterns Publication on Cloud
* Efficient Optimal Kernel Placement for Reliable Visual Tracking
* Field Model for Human Detection and Tracking, A
* First Ionospheric Radio-Occultation Measurements From GNSS Occultation Sounder on the Chinese Feng-Yun 3C Satellite
* Game-Theoretic Multiple Target Tracking
* Gradient Feature Selection for Online Boosting
* Graph matching with low-rank regularization
* Group Level Activity Recognition in Crowded Environments across Multiple Cameras
* HOPE: Hierarchical Object Prototype Encoding for Efficient Object Instance Search in Videos
* Intelligent Video for Protecting Crowded Sports Venues
* Learning to recognize people in a smart environment
* method of lane detection and tracking for expressway based on RANSAC, A
* Monitoring, recognizing and discovering social networks
* Monocular Video Foreground/Background Segmentation by Tracking Spatial-Color Gaussian Mixture Models
* Multi-camera person tracking in crowded environments
* Multimodal BCIs: Target Detection, Multidimensional Control, and Awareness Evaluation in Patients With Disorder of Consciousness
* New Asia Dust Storm Detection Method Based on the Thermal Infrared Spectral Signature
* Procrustean decomposition for orthogonal cascade detection
* Real-time single image dehazing using block-to-pixel interpolation and adaptive dark channel prior
* Semisupervised Multilabel Learning With Joint Dimensionality Reduction
* Simultaneous image segmentation and 3D plane fitting for RGB-D sensors: An iterative framework
* Single image dehazing via reliability guided fusion
* Statistical Field Model for Pedestrian Detection, A
* Switching observation models for contour tracking in clutter
* systems level approach to perimeter protection, A
* Tracking appearances with occlusions
* Tracking articulated body by dynamic markov network
* Unified Crowd Segmentation
* Validation of the Calibration Coefficient of the GaoFen-1 PMS Sensor Using the Landsat 8 OLI
* Visual tracking based on object appearance and structure preserved local patches matching
* What are customers looking at?
* Window-Based Range Flow with an Isometry Constraint
Includes: Yu, T.[Ting] Yu, T. Yu, T.[Tao] Yu, T.[Teng]
49 for Yu, T.

Yu, T.H. Co Author Listing * Blockwise Zero Mapping Image Coding
* Complementary Two-Dimensional Digital Filters
* Contrast Pyramid Based Image Code, The
* Efficient Approach for the Detection of Diffuse Edges
* Evaluation of Volumetric Interest Points, An
* Intelligent Night Vision System for Automobiles, An
* Maximum Gain Block Classification In Subband Coding of Images
* New Two-Dimensional Window, A
* Non-Embedded Wavelet Image Coding Scheme
* Nonlinear Unsharp Masking Methods for Image-Contrast Enhancement
* Novel contrast pyramid coding of images
* novel DPCM algorithm using a nonlinear operator, A
* Novel Genetic Algorithm for 3D Facial Landmark Localization, A
* Novel Nonlinear Predictive Image Coding Algorithm
* Performance Evaluation of Volumetric 3D Interest Point Detectors, A
* Real-time Action Recognition by Spatiotemporal Semantic and Structural Forest
* Real-Time Articulated Hand Pose Estimation Using Semi-supervised Transductive Regression Forests
* Saturation-based adaptive inverse gradient interpolation for Bayer pattern images
* Simple and Efficient Wavelet Image Compression
* Transform Amplitude Sharpening: A New Method of Image Enhancement
* Unconstrained Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation by Action Detection and Cross-Modality Regression Forest
* Unsupervised Abnormal Behavior Detection for Real-Time Surveillance Using Observed History
* Unsupervised Real-Time Unusual Behavior Detection for Biometric-Assisted Visual Surveillance
Includes: Yu, T.H. Yu, T.H.[Tian-Hu] Yu, T.H.[Tsz-Ho]
23 for Yu, T.H.

Yu, T.L.[Tian Li] Co Author Listing * efficient fashion-driven learning approach to model user preferences in on-line shopping scenarios, An
* Efficient Message Representations for Belief Propagation
* Hessian based image structure adaptive gradient vector flow for parametric active contours
* Kernelized structural SVM learning for supervised object segmentation
* Minimum Variance Estimation of 3D Face Shape from Multi-view
* Noise Removal Using Edge-Preserving Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations
* Reconstructing a dynamic surface from video sequences using graph cuts in 4d space-time
* Recovering shape and reflectance model of non-lambertian objects from multiple views
* SDG Cut: 3D Reconstruction of Non-lambertian Objects Using Graph Cuts on Surface Distance Grid
* Search strategies for shape regularized active contour
* Shape and View Independent Reflectance Map from Multiple Views
* Shape Regularized Active Contour Using Iterative Global Search and Local Optimization
Includes: Yu, T.L.[Tian Li] Yu, T.L.[Tian-Li] Yu, T.L. Yu, T.L.[Tie-Lian]
12 for Yu, T.L.

Yu, T.P.Y. Co Author Listing * Rotation-Invariant and Robust Multiple-2D-Object Detection Using Steerable Pyramid Denoising and Optimized Circular Harmonic Filters

Yu, T.S.[Tai Sen] Co Author Listing * Recursive Contextual Classification Using a Spatial Stochastic Model
* Scene parsing using graph matching on street-view data
* Statistical Pattern Classification Using Contextual Information
* Statistical Pattern Recognition Using Contextual Information
Includes: Yu, T.S.[Tai Sen] Yu, T.S.[Tai-Sen] Yu, T.S.[Tian-Shu] Yu, T.S.

Yu, T.X.[Tai Xing] Co Author Listing * Cryptanalysis of an encryption scheme for binary images
Includes: Yu, T.X.[Tai Xing] Yu, T.X.[Tai-Xing]

Yu, T.Y. Co Author Listing * Application of Compressive Sensing to Refractivity Retrieval Using Networked Weather Radars
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Bidirectional Image-Sentence Mapping
* Efficient and Accurate Method for the Relaxation of Multiview Registration Error, An
* Neuro-Fuzzy Gust Front Detection Algorithm With S-Band Polarimetric Radar
* On designing an isotropic fiducial mark
* Utilizing Locality-Sensitive Hash Learning for Cross-Media Retrieval
Includes: Yu, T.Y. Yu, T.Y.[Tian-Yuan] Yu, T.Y.[Tzu-Yi]

Yu, W.[Wenwei] Co Author Listing * 2D mel-cepstrum based saliency detection
* 3D augmented Markov random field for object recognition
* 3D Fragment Reassembly Using Integrated Template Guidance and Fracture-Region Matching
* active contour tracking method by matching foreground and background simultaneously, An
* Analog Coded SoftCast: A Network Slice Design for Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast
* Autofocus Correction of Residual RCM for VHR SAR Sensors With Light-Small Aircraft
* Automatic mitral leaflet tracking in echocardiography by outlier detection in the low-rank representation
* calibration-free lens distortion correction method for low cost digital imaging, A
* Colour demosaicking method using adaptive cubic convolution interpolation with sequential averaging
* Constrained Statistical Modelling of Knee Flexion From Multi-Pose Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* DHP Method for Ramp Metering of Freeway Traffic
* Discriminative Structured Feature Engineering for Macroscale Brain Connectomes
* DNN Flow: DNN Feature Pyramid based Image Matching
* Echo Separation in Multidimensional Waveform Encoding SAR Remote Sensing Using an Advanced Null-Steering Beamformer
* Efficient Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coder Based on Logarithmic Domain, An
* efficient packetization algorithm for JPEG2000, An
* Efficient Rate Control for JPEG-2000
* Fast and Orthogonal Locality Preserving Projections for Dimensionality Reduction
* Fast and robust active contours for image segmentation
* Fast bilateral filtering by adapting block size
* Feature-aligned 4D spatiotemporal image registration
* Flexible Multiple Base Station Association and Activation for Downlink Heterogeneous Networks
* Graph-Theoretical Approach for Tracing Filamentary Structures in Neuronal and Retinal Images, A
* High Performance Stereo Vision Designed for Massively Data Parallel Platforms
* High-Performance Feature-Matching Method for Image Registration by Combining Spatial and Similarity Information, A
* High-throughput and low-complexity binary arithmetic decoder based on logarithmic domain
* Image-based lens geometric distortion correction using minimization of average bicoherence index
* improved LBP algorithm for texture and face classification, An
* Improving Rainfall Erosivity Estimates Using Merged TRMM and Gauge Data
* Integrated Denoising and Unwrapping of InSAR Phase Based on Markov Random Fields
* Internal Calibration Scheme for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar System, An
* ISAR Imaging Method Based on MIMO Technique, An
* Joint Registration and Active Contour Segmentation for Object Tracking
* Kinect-Like Depth Data Compression
* Learning Cross Space Mapping via DNN Using Large Scale Click-Through Logs
* Learning Reaction-Diffusion Models for Image Inpainting
* Localization and Segmentation of 3D Intervertebral Discs in MR Images by Data Driven Estimation
* Multidimensional Scaling-Based TDOA Localization Scheme Using an Auxiliary Line
* Neural EPI-Volume Networks for Shape from Light Field
* New Approach to Detect Splice-Sites Based on Support Vector Machines and a Genetic Algorithm, A
* On Feature Motion Decorrelation in Ultrasound Speckle Tracking
* On learning optimized reaction diffusion processes for effective image restoration
* One video is sufficient? Human activity recognition using active video composition
* Parking space detection from video by augmenting training dataset
* Performance Evaluation of RANSAC Family
* Personal driving diary: Automated recognition of driving events from first-person videos
* Personal driving diary: Constructing a video archive of everyday driving events
* Phase Unwrapping for SAR Interferometry: A Data Fusion Approach by Kalman Filtering
* Pointwise motion tracking in echocardiographic images
* Polarimetric SAR Internal Calibration Scheme Based on T/R Module Orthogonal Phase Coding
* Precise Calibration of Channel Imbalance for Very High Resolution SAR With Stepped Frequency
* Quantitative Study of Individual Emotional States in Social Networks
* Quasi-synchronization of switched linearly coupled complex networks
* Real time stereo vision using exponential step cost aggregation on GPU
* Representation and Spatially Adaptive Segmentation for PolSAR Images Based on Wedgelet Analysis
* shortest warping path based multiple images alignment, The
* Skull Assembly and Completion Using Template-Based Surface Matching
* Study on the Processing Scheme for Space-Time Waveform Encoding SAR System Based on Two-Dimensional Digital Beamforming
* Superpixel-Based Classification With an Adaptive Number of Classes for Polarimetric SAR Images
* Time-constrained Network Voronoi Construction and Accessibility Analysis in Location-based Service Technology, A
* Unsupervised muscle region extraction by fuzzy decision based saliency feature integration on thigh MRI for 3D modeling
* Vignetting distortion correction method for high quality digital imaging
Includes: Yu, W.[Wenwei] Yu, W.[Wei] Yu, W.[Wuyi] Yu, W. Yu, W.[Weichuan] Yu, W.[Wonpil] Yu, W.[Wu] Yu, W.[Wen] Yu, W.[Weichun] Yu, W.[Wenjing] Yu, W.[Wenwu]
62 for Yu, W.

Yu, W.C.[Wei Chuan] Co Author Listing * 3D-Orientation Signatures with Conic Kernel Filtering for Multiple Motion Analysis
* Active Contours with Group Similarity
* Approximate orientation steerability based on angular Gaussians
* Detection and Characterization of Multiple Motion Points
* Low-cost junction characterization using polar averaging filters
* Low-Rank Modeling and Its Applications in Image Analysis
* Moving Object Detection by Detecting Contiguous Outliers in the Low-Rank Representation
* Multiple motion analysis: in spatial or in spectral domain?
* Oriented Structure of the Occlusion Distortion: Is It Reliable?
* Rotated Wedge Averaging Method for Junction Classification
* Three dimensional orientation signatures with conic kernel filtering for multiple motion analysis
* Using skew Gabor filter in source signal separation and local spectral multi-orientation analysis
* Using skew Gabor filter in source signal separation and local spectral orientation analysis
Includes: Yu, W.C.[Wei Chuan] Yu, W.C.[Wei-Chuan] Yu, W.C.[Wei-Chan]
13 for Yu, W.C.

Yu, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Nonnegative Eigenvalue Decompositions With and Without Reflection Symmetry Assumptions
Includes: Yu, W.D.[Wei Dong] Yu, W.D.[Wei-Dong]

Yu, W.F.[Wei Feng] Co Author Listing * Satellite Remote Sensing-Based In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status in Northeast China
Includes: Yu, W.F.[Wei Feng] Yu, W.F.[Wei-Feng]

Yu, W.H.[Wen Hao] Co Author Listing * Identifying and Analyzing the Prevalent Regions of a Co-Location Pattern Using Polygons Clustering Approach
Includes: Yu, W.H.[Wen Hao] Yu, W.H.[Wen-Hao]

Yu, W.J.[Wen Juan] Co Author Listing * Effects of Urban Expansion on Forest Loss and Fragmentation in Six Megaregions, China
* mixed particle swarm optimization algorithm's application in image/video super-resolution reconstruction, A
* Quantifying Changes of Villages in the Urbanizing Beijing Metropolitan Region: Integrating Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis
* Spatiotemporal Pattern of Urban Expansion in China: A Comparison Study of Three Urban Megaregions, The
Includes: Yu, W.J.[Wen Juan] Yu, W.J.[Wen-Juan] Yu, W.J.[Wen-Jing]

Yu, W.K.[Wen Kai] Co Author Listing * Evaluation criterion of thermal light ghost imaging based on the receiver operating characteristic analysis
Includes: Yu, W.K.[Wen Kai] Yu, W.K.[Wen-Kai]

Yu, W.M.[Wei Miao] Co Author Listing * Comparison of the support vector machine and relevant vector machine in regression and classification problems
* Fast Computations to Electromagnetic Scattering Properties of Complex Bodies of Revolution Buried and Partly Buried in Layered Lossy Media
* Level Set Segmentation of Cellular Images Based on Topological Dependence
* Non-rigid free-form 2D-3D registration using a B-spline-based statistical deformation model
* Non-rigid Free-Form 2D-3D Registration Using Statistical Deformation Model
* Region Graph Spectra as Geometric Global Image Features
* Segmentation of Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells Nuclei within 3-D Neurospheres
Includes: Yu, W.M.[Wei Miao] Yu, W.M. Yu, W.M.[Wei-Miao] Yu, W.M.[Wei-Min]
7 for Yu, W.M.

Yu, W.P.[Wen Ping] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Eight Techniques for Reconstructing Multi-Satellite Sensor Time-Series NDVI Data Sets in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Evaluation of MODIS LST Products Using Longwave Radiation Ground Measurements in the Northern Arid Region of China
* robust line extraction method by unsupervised line clustering, A
Includes: Yu, W.P.[Wen Ping] Yu, W.P.[Wen-Ping] Yu, W.P.[Won Pil]

Yu, W.R.[Wu Rong] Co Author Listing * portable stereo vision system for whole body surface imaging, A
* sub-pixel stereo matching algorithm and its applications in fabric imaging, A
Includes: Yu, W.R.[Wu Rong] Yu, W.R.[Wu-Rong]

Yu, W.S.[Wang Sheng] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale mean shift tracking
* New Framework of Moving Target Detection and Tracking for UAV Video Application, A
* Robust visual tracking based on watershed regions
Includes: Yu, W.S.[Wang Sheng] Yu, W.S.[Wang-Sheng] Yu, W.S.[Wen-Shuai]

Yu, W.T.[Wen Tao] Co Author Listing * Mapping Digital Image Texture onto 3D Model from LIDAR Data
Includes: Yu, W.T.[Wen Tao] Yu, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Yu, W.W.[Wei Wei] Co Author Listing * Discriminant Locality Preserving Projections: A New Method to Face Representation and Recognition
* Face recognition using discriminant locality preserving projections
* Two-dimensional discriminant locality preserving projections for face recognition
* Waterdrops Shape Extraction of Hydrophobic Image Based on Snake Model
Includes: Yu, W.W.[Wei Wei] Yu, W.W.[Wei-Wei] Yu, W.W.[Wen-Wen]

Yu, W.X.[Wen Xin] Co Author Listing * Combined hole-filling with spatial and temporal prediction
* Distributed Compressed Sensing off the Grid
* Efficient Method for Computation of Legendre Moments, An
* Efficient SAR Processor Based on GPU via CUDA, An
* Fast computation of Legendre moments of polyhedra
* new fast method for computing Legendre moments, A
* Preliminary exploration of introducing spatial correlation information into the probabilistic patch-based similarity measure
* Technical Evaluation of Sentinel-1 IW Mode Cross-Pol Radar Backscattering from the Ocean Surface in Moderate Wind Condition
* Two new algorithms for efficient computation of Legendre moments
Includes: Yu, W.X.[Wen Xin] Yu, W.X.[Wen-Xin] Yu, W.X.[Wen-Xian] Yu, W.X.[Wen-Xue] Yu, W.X.
9 for Yu, W.X.

Yu, W.Y.[Wei Yu] Co Author Listing * adaptive unsupervised approach toward pixel clustering and color image segmentation, An
* AntShrink: Ant colony optimization for image shrinkage
Includes: Yu, W.Y.[Wei Yu] Yu, W.Y.[Wei-Yu]

Yu, X. Co Author Listing * 3D face recognition under partial occlusions using radial strings
* 3D Polygonal Line Chains Matching Method for Face Recognition, A
* Active Appearance Models Fitting with Occlusion
* Adaptive quantization with balanced distortion distribution and its application to H.264 intra coding
* Advances in Forest Inventory Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Automated analysis of interactional synchrony using robust facial tracking and expression recognition
* Automated identification of animal species in camera trap images
* Boosting Radial Strings for 3D Face Recognition with Expressions and Occlusions
* Classification of Complex Urban Fringe Land Cover Using Evidential Reasoning Based on Fuzzy Rough Set: A Case Study of Wuhan City
* Consensus of Regression for Occlusion-Robust Facial Feature Localization
* Controlling Familywise Error Rate for Matched Subspace Detection in Dynamic FDG PET
* Coupled Encoder-Decoder Network for Joint Face Detection and Landmark Localization, A
* CU Partition Mode Decision for HEVC Hardwired Intra Encoder Using Convolution Neural Network
* Customized expression recognition for performance-driven cutout character animation
* Deep Deformation Network for Object Landmark Localization
* Deep Supervision with Shape Concepts for Occlusion-Aware 3D Object Parsing
* Direct Kernel Uncorrelated Discriminant Analysis Algorithm, A
* Down-Sampling Design in DCT Domain With Arbitrary Ratio for Image/Video Transcoding
* Efficient Patch-Wise Non-Uniform Deblurring for a Single Image
* Exact Distribution for the Product of Two Correlated Gaussian Random Variables
* Explicit occlusion detection based deformable fitting for facial landmark localization
* Exploring Determinants of Housing Prices in Beijing: An Enhanced Hedonic Regression with Open Access POI Data
* Face Landmark Fitting via Optimized Part Mixtures and Cascaded Deformable Model
* Face Recognition Using 3D Directional Corner Points
* Factors affecting the quality of DTM generation in forested areas
* Fast Soft Decision Quantization With Adaptive Preselection and Dynamic Trellis Graph
* Geometric Features-Based Filtering for Suppression of Impulse Noise in Color Images
* Global Identification of Tracklets in Video Using Long Range Identity Sensors
* Hallucinating Very Low-Resolution Unaligned and Noisy Face Images by Transformative Discriminative Autoencoders
* Hybrid support vector machines for robust object tracking
* Individual Tree Detection and Classification with UAV-Based Photogrammetric Point Clouds and Hyperspectral Imaging
* International Benchmarking of the Individual Tree Detection Methods for Modeling 3-D Canopy Structure for Silviculture and Forest Ecology Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* International Comparison of Individual Tree Detection and Extraction Using Airborne Laser Scanning, An
* Intrinsic 3D Dynamic Surface Tracking based on Dynamic Ricci Flow and Teichmuller Map
* Invariants and Pose Determination
* Key Point Detection by Max Pooling for Tracking
* Large Scale Medical Image Search via Unsupervised PCA Hashing
* Lesion Detection in Dynamic FDG-PET Using Matched Subspace Detection
* Local Ambiguity Function Shaping via Unimodular Sequence Design
* Local Characteristic Image Restoration Based on Convolutional Neural Network, A
* Measuring the growth of individual trees using multi-temporal airborne laser scanning point clouds
* MHHT-Based Method for Analysis of Micro-Doppler Signatures for Human Finer-Grained Activity Using Through-Wall SFCW Radar
* Mining osmotic stress response genes from Arabidopsis genome
* Model-Based Evaluation Methodology for Assessing the Efficacy of Packet-Level FEC for Delay-Constrained Video Network Transport, A
* Multi-local-task learning with global regularization for object tracking
* Multiple sign bits hiding for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Multiscale Crossing Representation Using Combined Feature of Contour and Venation for Leaf Image Identification
* Neural Network Decision Directed Edge-Adaptive Kalman Filter for Image Estimation
* New Scheme for QoE Management of Live Video Streaming in Cloud Environment, A
* Non-rigid Object Tracking as Salient Region Segmentation and Association
* Novel Finger Vein Pattern Extraction Approach for Near-Infrared Image, A
* Novel GNSS Technique for Predicting Boreal Forest Attributes at Low Cost, A
* Novel Hybrid Crypto-Biometric Authentication Scheme for ATM Based Banking Applications, A
* Object Detection Using Shape Codebook
* Object Tracking With Multi-View Support Vector Machines
* Obstacle avoidance path planning strategy for robot arm based on fuzzy logic
* On Compressing Deep Models by Low Rank and Sparse Decomposition
* Optimization of the scanning angle for countrywide laser scanning
* pattern-aware method for maximal fuzzy supplement frequent pattern mining, A
* Pavement distress detection and classification using a Genetic Algorithm
* Pose-Free Facial Landmark Fitting via Optimized Part Mixtures and Cascaded Deformable Shape Model
* Racking focus and tracking focus on live video streams: A stereo solution
* Rate Distortion Optimization for H.264 Interframe Coding: A General Framework and Algorithms
* Rate-distortion optimal downsampling of H.264 compressed video using full-resolution information
* Reconstruction-Based Disentanglement for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Remote Scene Binocular Video Surveillance System with Small Object Tracking, A
* Remote Sensing Image Classification Applied To The First National Geographical Information Census Of China
* Robust eyelid tracking for fatigue detection
* Robust face tracking with a consumer depth camera
* Robust Multiperson Detection and Tracking for Mobile Service and Social Robots
* Self-expressive tracking
* Shape automatic clustering-based multi-objective optimization with decomposition
* Ship Detection in High-Resolution Optical Imagery Based on Anomaly Detector and Local Shape Feature
* Snow Depth Estimation Based on Multipath Phase Combination of GPS Triple-Frequency Signals
* Soft Decision Quantization for H.264 With Main Profile Compatibility
* Sparse 3D directional vertices vs continuous 3D curves: Efficient 3D surface matching and its application for single model face recognition
* Stratification-based super-resolution algorithm for document processing
* Structured Discriminative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Sub-pixel flood inundation mapping from multispectral remotely sensed images based on discrete particle swarm optimization
* Subcategory-Aware Object Detection
* Sufficient Conditions on Stable Recovery of Sparse Signals With Partial Support Information
* Towards Automatic Single-sensor Mapping By Multispectral Airborne Laser Scanning
* Towards Large-Pose Face Frontalization in the Wild
* Transparent Composite Model for DCT Coefficients: Design and Analysis
* Ultra-Resolving Face Images by Discriminative Generative Networks
* Understanding Plane Geometry Problems by Integrating Relations Extracted from Text and Diagram
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Face Recognition in Unlabeled Videos
* Using individual tree crown approach for forest volume extraction with aerial images and laser point clouds
* Video-based document image scanning using a mobile device
Includes: Yu, X. Yu, X.[Xun] Yu, X.[Xin] Yu, X.[Xiang] Yu, X.[Xi] Yu, X.[Xunyi] Yu, X.[Xiaowei] Yu, X.[Xinyan] Yu, X.[Xiao] Yu, X.[Xunqi] Yu, X.[Xinguo] Yu, X.[Xinhuo] Yu, X.[Xiyu] Yu, X.[Xuan]
89 for Yu, X.

Yu, X.B.[Xia Bo] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition from Color Images in Presence of Dynamic Orientations and Illumination Conditions
* Image-based Template Generation Of Road Networks For Virtual Maps
Includes: Yu, X.B.[Xia Bo] Yu, X.B.[Xia-Bo] Yu, X.B.[Xiao-Bo]

Yu, X.C.[Xu Chu] Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration of Airborne Image Sequences Based on Line Matching Approach
* Design and Implementation of Power Supply of High-Power Diode Laser of LiDAR Onboard UAV
* Multi-scale hybrid saliency analysis for region of interest detection in very high resolution remote sensing images
* Multiple Regions of Interest Image Coding using Compensation Scheme and Alternating Shift
* New Framework of Moving Target Detection and Tracking for UAV Video Application, A
* Research on SAR Image Matching Technology based on SIFT
Includes: Yu, X.C.[Xu Chu] Yu, X.C.[Xu-Chu] Yu, X.C.[Xin-Chen] Yu, X.C.[Xian-Chuan]

Yu, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * Action Attribute Detection from Sports Videos with Contextual Constraints
* Active scene recognition with vision and language
* Attribute-Based Transfer Learning for Object Categorization with Zero/One Training Example
* Kinematic Precise Point Positioning Using Multi-Constellation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Observations
* Language identification for handwritten document images using a shape codebook
* Learning Visual Shape Lexicon for Document Image Content Recognition
* Recognizing manipulation actions in arts and crafts shows using domain-specific visual and textual cues
* Robust moving video object segmentation in the MPEG compressed domain
* Support Vector Data Description for image categorization from Internet images
Includes: Yu, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Yu, X.D.[Xiao-Dong] Yu, X.D.[Xi-Dong]
9 for Yu, X.D.

Yu, X.F. Co Author Listing * Design of a Wireless Node of Strain Data Acquisition, The
* interventional treatment plan system design on liver tumor, An
Includes: Yu, X.F. Yu, X.F.[Xiao-Fang]

Yu, X.G.[Xin Guo] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Stable Camera Calibration of Broadcast Tennis Video
* Automatic camera calibration of broadcast tennis video with applications to 3D virtual content insertion and ball detection and tracking
* Automatic Problem Understanding from Circuit Schematics
* Automatic Timestamp Replanting Algorithm for Panorama Video Surveillance, An
* Dense structural learning for infrared object tracking at 200+ Frames per Second
* Event detection based on non-broadcast sports video
* HOG based multi-stage object detection and pose recognition for service robot
* Human Upper Body Pose Recognition Using Adaboost Template for Natural Human Robot Interaction
* instant semantics acquisition system of live soccer video with application to live event alert and on-the-fly language selection, An
* Interactive broadcast services for live soccer video based on instant semantics acquisition
* Lift-button detection and recognition for service robot in buildings
* Localization and extraction of the four clock-digits using the knowledge of the digital video clock
* ML-fusion based multi-model human detection and tracking for robust human-robot interfaces
* Reliable Video Clock Time Recognition
* Robust time recognition of video clock based on digit transition detection and digit-sequence recognition
* Scene Context Modeling for Foreground Detection from a Scene in Remote Monitoring
* trajectory-based ball detection and tracking algorithm in broadcast tennis video, A
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Yu, X.G.[Xin Guo] Yu, X.G.[Xin-Guo] Yu, X.G.[Xian-Guo]
18 for Yu, X.G.

Yu, X.H.[Xing Huo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive progressive filter to remove impulse noise in highly corrupted color images
* Characteristics of Evapotranspiration of Urban Lawns in a Sub-Tropical Megacity and Its Measurement by the Three Temperature Model + Infrared Remote Sensing Method
* Chebyshev polynomial fitting properties of discrete cosine transform, The
* Image segmentation combining region growing and edge detection
* Leaf image retrieval using combined feature of vein and contour
* new algorithm for texture segmentation based on edge detection, A
* Spatial and temporal statistical information based motion estimation
* Unsupervised texture segmentation based on the modified Markov random field model
Includes: Yu, X.H.[Xing Huo] Yu, X.H.[Xing-Huo] Yu, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Yu, X.H.[Xiao-Hu] Yu, X.H.[Xiao-Han]
8 for Yu, X.H.

Yu, X.J.[Xiao Jian] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of vocal folds from high-speed imaging
Includes: Yu, X.J.[Xiao Jian] Yu, X.J.[Xiao-Jian]

Yu, X.K.[Xiao Kang] Co Author Listing * Semisupervised Prior Free Rare Category Detection With Mixed Criteria
Includes: Yu, X.K.[Xiao Kang] Yu, X.K.[Xiao-Kang]

Yu, X.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Detection and Recognition in Multiband Imagery: A Unified ML Detection and Estimation Approach
* Classification Algorithm to Distinguish Image as Haze or Non-haze, A
* Grey theory applied in non-subsampled Contourlet transform
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Landsat 8 TIRS: Comparison between Radiative Transfer Equation-Based Method, Split Window Algorithm and Single Channel Method
* Simulation of Key Technologies for EER Adopted Digital Broadcast Transmitter, The
Includes: Yu, X.L. Yu, X.L.[Xiao-Liang] Yu, X.L.[Xiao-Lei] Yu, X.L.[Xin-Le]

Yu, X.M.[Xi Ming] Co Author Listing * Integrated Framework for Avatar Data Collection from the Virtual World, An
* New Shadow Removal Method Using Color-Lines, A
* Range image segmentation and fitting by residual consensus
* Robust Estimation for Range Image Segmentation and Reconstruction
* Single-shot photometric stereo by spectral multiplexing
* Time-Offset Conversations on a Life-Sized Automultiscopic Projector Array
Includes: Yu, X.M.[Xi Ming] Yu, X.M.[Xi-Ming] Yu, X.M.[Xiao-Ming] Yu, X.M. Yu, X.M.[Xue-Ming]

Yu, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Co Author Listing * Application of Improved SIFT Algorithm in High Resolution SAR Image Matching in Mountain Areas, The
* Moving object tracking based on multi-independent features distribution fields with comprehensive spatial feature similarity
Includes: Yu, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Yu, X.P.[Xiao-Ping]

Yu, X.Q.[Xia Qiong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sub-Optimal Hopfield Neural Network image restoration base on edge detection
* Application of terrestrial 3D laser scanning technology in spatial information acquisition of urban buildings
* Network-adaptive transport of motion-compensated fine granularity scalability video using multiple asymmetric paths
* rapid and automatic method for camera calibration based on LCD circle pattern, A
Includes: Yu, X.Q.[Xia Qiong] Yu, X.Q.[Xia-Qiong] Yu, X.Q.[Xue-Qin] Yu, X.Q.[Xun-Qi]

Yu, X.T.[Xiao Tian] Co Author Listing * Cross-validation based weights and structure determination of Chebyshev-polynomial neural networks for pattern classification
Includes: Yu, X.T.[Xiao Tian] Yu, X.T.[Xiao-Tian]

Yu, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Applicability of first pulse derived digital terrain models for boreal forest zone
* Automated Stem Curve Measurement Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Autonomous Collection of Forest Field Reference: The Outlook and a First Step with UAV Laser Scanning
* Biomass Estimation of Individual Trees Using Stem and Crown Diameter TLS Measurements
* Change Detection Techniques for Canopy Height Growth Measurements Using Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* Classification of Defoliated Trees Using Tree-Level Airborne Laser Scanning Data Combined with Aerial Images
* Combination of individual tree detection and area-based approach in imputation of forest variables using airborne laser data
* Combination of Low Pulse ALS Data and TERRASAR-X Radar images in the Estimation of Plot-Level Forest Variables
* Comparing Accuracy of Airborne Laser Scanning and TerraSAR-X Radar Images in the Estimation of Plot-Level Forest Variables
* Comparison of ALS-Based Low-Pulse Density Forest Inventories
* Comparison of Area-Based and Individual Tree-Based Methods for Predicting Plot-Level Forest Attributes
* Comparison of Laser and Stereo Optical, SAR and InSAR Point Clouds from Air- and Space-Borne Sources in the Retrieval of Forest Inventory Attributes
* Comparison of Tree Species Classifications at the Individual Tree Level by Combining ALS Data and RGB Images Using Different Algorithms
* Diameter distribution estimation with laser scanning based multisource single tree inventory
* Effects of Individual Tree Detection Error Sources on Forest Management Planning Calculations
* Feasibility of Terrestrial laser scanning for collecting stem volume information from single trees
* Fusion of Individual Tree Detection and Visual Interpretation in Assessment of Forest Variables from Laser Point Clouds, The
* Individual Tree Biomass Estimation Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* low-cost multi-sensoral mobile mapping system and its feasibility for tree measurements, A
* Optimal Design of Noise-Enhanced Binary Threshold Detector Under AUC Measure
* Performance of dense digital surface models based on image matching in the estimation of plot-level forest variables
* Predicting individual tree attributes from airborne laser point clouds based on the random forests technique
* Retrieval of Forest Aboveground Biomass and Stem Volume with Airborne Scanning LiDAR
* Single tree biomass modelling using airborne laser scanning
* Single-Sensor Solution to Tree Species Classification Using Multispectral Airborne Laser Scanning
* Terrestrial laser scanning in forest inventories
* Transmittance of Airborne Laser Scanning Pulses for Boreal Forest Elevation Modeling
Includes: Yu, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Yu, X.W.[Xiao-Wei] Yu, X.W.[Xin-Wei]
27 for Yu, X.W.

Yu, X.Y.[Xiao Yi] Co Author Listing * Breaking the YASS algorithm via pixel and DCT coefficients analysis
* discrete wavelet transform based recoverable image processing for privacy protection, A
* Extended Optimization Method of LSB Steganalysis
* Global-Scale Evaluation of Roughness Effects on C-Band AMSR-E Observations
* Image Compression Based on BTC-DPCM and its Data-Driven Parallel Implementation
* improved lossless data hiding based on space filling curves, An
* Improved Morphological Algorithm for Filtering Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Based on Multi-Level Kriging Interpolation, An
* Model based steganalysis
* On estimation of secret message length in jsteg-like steganography
* Privacy Preserving: Hiding a Face in a Face
* Privacy protecting visual processing for secure video surveillance
* Pseudo disparity based stereo image coding
* Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Shifting
* Steganalysis Based on Bayesion Network and Genetic Algorithm
* Steganalysis of data hiding in binary images
* Steganography using Sensor Noise and Linear Prediction Synthesis Filter
* Steganography with Hash
* VLSI friendly fast CU/PU mode decision for HEVC intra encoding: Leveraging convolution neural network
Includes: Yu, X.Y.[Xiao Yi] Yu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi] Yu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yong] Yu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Yu, X.Y.[Xian-Yu]
18 for Yu, X.Y.

Yu, X.Z.[Xiang Zhen] Co Author Listing * Directional Spreading Function of the Gravity-Capillary Wave Spectrum Derived from Radar Observations
* Modulation Model of High Frequency Band Radar Backscatter by the Internal Wave Based on the Third-Order Statistics
* Shape Recognition using Curve Segment Hausdorff Distance
Includes: Yu, X.Z.[Xiang Zhen] Yu, X.Z.[Xiang-Zhen] Yu, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhou]

Yu, Y.[Yifan] Co Author Listing * Abiotic Controls on Macroscale Variations of Humid Tropical Forest Height
* Adaptive active-mask image segmentation for quantitative characterization of mitochondrial morphology
* Assessment of the Suomi NPP VIIRS Land Surface Albedo Data Using Station Measurements and High-Resolution Albedo Maps
* Assimilation of Sentinel-1 Derived Sea Surface Winds for Typhoon Forecasting
* Assimilation of Typhoon Wind Field Retrieved from Scatterometer and SAR Based on the Huber Norm Quality Control
* Automated analysis of interactional synchrony using robust facial tracking and expression recognition
* Automatic detection of direct radiation for digital fluoroscopy optimization
* Automatic image annotation using group sparsity
* Backscatter-Contour-Attenuation Joint Estimation Model for Attenuation Compensation in Ultrasound Imagery
* Bathymetry Retrieval From Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data in Optical-Shallow Water
* Bayesian approach to learn Bayesian networks using data and constraints
* Bhattacharyya distance-based irregular pyramid method for image segmentation
* Borrowing Treasures from the Wealthy: Deep Transfer Learning through Selective Joint Fine-Tuning
* Bowstring-based dual-threshold computation method for adaptive Canny edge detector
* Calibrationless Parallel Dynamic MRI with Joint Temporal Sparsity
* Camera Network Based Person Re-identification by Leveraging Spatial-Temporal Constraint and Multiple Cameras Relations
* Characterizing Land Cover Impacts on the Responses of Land Surface Phenology to the Rainy Season in the Congo Basin
* Closed-Form Training of Mahalanobis Distance for Supervised Clustering
* CLUMOC: Multiple Motion Estimation by Cluster Motion Consensus
* Collaborative Graph Embedding: A Simple Way to Generally Enhance Subspace Learning Algorithms
* Combination of H-Alpha Decomposition and Migration for Enhancing Subsurface Target Classification of GPR
* Combination of Stop-and-Go and Electro-Tricycle Laser Scanning Systems for Rural Cadastral Surveys, A
* Comparison of Tropical Rainforest Phenology Retrieved From Geostationary (SEVIRI) and Polar-Orbiting (MODI
* Condition Number-Constrained Matrix Approximation With Applications to Signal Estimation in Communication Systems
* Content-Aware Video2Comics With Manga-Style Layout
* Deep multiple instance learning for image classification and auto-annotation
* Deep Visual Correspondence Embedding Model for Stereo Matching Costs, A
* Detection of Radioactive Seeds in Ultrasound Images of the Prostate
* Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging Based on Adaptive Spherical Integral
* Diversity-Promoting Deep Structural Metric Learning for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Early Hierarchical Contexts Learned by Convolutional Networks for Image Segmentation
* Efficient Method for Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Extreme Learning Machine, An
* Efficient Multiple Instance Metric Learning Using Weakly Supervised Data
* Enclosure Transform for Interest Point Detection From Speckle Imagery
* End-to-End Concept Word Detection for Video Captioning, Retrieval, and Question Answering
* Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation Optimization for Multimedia Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks
* Error resilience of multireference motion compensated prediction in video coding
* Estimating High Resolution Daily Air Temperature Based on Remote Sensing Products and Climate Reanalysis Datasets over Glacierized Basins: A Case Study in the Langtang Valley, Nepal
* Estimating Soil Salinity Under Various Moisture Conditions: An Experimental Study
* Evaluation of GOES-R Land Surface Temperature Algorithm Using SEVIRI Satellite Retrievals With In Situ Measurements
* Exemplar-Based Image and Video Stylization Using Fully Convolutional Semantic Features
* Exploitation and Exploration Balanced Hierarchical Summary for Landmark Images
* fast effective scene change detection and adaptive rate control algorithm, A
* Feature coding via vector difference for image classification
* Fine-Grained Vehicle Model Recognition Using A Coarse-to-Fine Convolutional Neural Network Architecture
* Footstep-Identification System Based on Walking Interval
* Fusion of Satellite Land Surface Albedo Products Across Scales Using a Multiresolution Tree Method in the North Central United States
* Graph-Theoretical Approach for Tracing Filamentary Structures in Neuronal and Retinal Images, A
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition using spatial Gabor filters and self-organizing feature maps
* Harris-Like Scale Invariant Feature Detector, A
* Harvesting Discriminative Meta Objects with Deep CNN Features for Scene Classification
* HD-CNN: Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Large Scale Visual Recognition
* Head Nod Detection from a Full 3D Model
* High Performance VBR Coding Algorithm for Fixed Size Storage Applications, A
* High-Resolution Shape Completion Using Deep Neural Networks for Global Structure and Local Geometry Inference
* Higher-order class-specific priors for semantic segmentation of 3D outdoor scenes
* Human appearance modeling for matching across video sequences
* Human Pose Estimation Using Deep Structure Guided Learning
* Hybrid Graph Model for Unsupervised Object Segmentation, A
* Hybrid image coding based on partial fractal mapping
* Instance-Level Salient Object Segmentation
* Interlaced video coding with field-based multiresolution representation
* Inverse Global Illumination: Recovering Reflectance Models of Real Scenes from Photographs
* Iterative Frequency Domain Equalization With Generalized Approximate Message Passing
* Joint Enhancing Filtering for Road Network Extraction
* joint-optimization NSAF algorithm based on the first-order Markov model, A
* Latent Clothing Attribute Approach for Human Pose Estimation, A
* Learning Convolutional Nonlinear Features for K Nearest Neighbor Image Classification
* Learning human shape model from multiple databases with correspondence considering kinematic consensus
* Learning image-specific parameters for interactive segmentation
* Learning the Kernel Through Examples: An Application to Shape Classification
* Localization of Multi-pose and Occluded Facial Features via Sparse Shape Representation
* Look and Think Twice: Capturing Top-Down Visual Attention with Feedback Convolutional Neural Networks
* Low-Complexity Transceiver Design in Sparse Multipath Massive MIMO Channels, A
* LSTM-CF: Unifying Context Modeling and Fusion with LSTMs for RGB-D Scene Labeling
* Markerless Motion Capture of Human Body Using PSO with Single Depth Camera
* Maximum likelihood combination of multiple clusterings
* Metric Similarities Learning through Examples: An Application to Shape Retrieval
* MMID: Multimodal Multi-view Integrated Database for Human Behavior Understanding
* Monitoring Mining Subsidence Using A Combination of Phase-Stacking and Offset-Tracking Methods
* multi-manifold semi-supervised Gaussian mixture model for pattern classification, A
* Multi-output regression on the output manifold
* Multiresolution block sampling-based method for texture synthesis
* Neural Ensemble Decoding of Rat's Motor Cortex by Kalman Filter and Optimal Linear Estimation
* new hyperspectral band selection and classification framework based on combining multiple classifiers, A
* New Method for Retrieving Daily Land Surface Albedo From VIIRS Data, A
* New Retrieval Algorithm for Deriving Land Surface Temperature From Geostationary Orbiting Satellite Observations
* New Syntactic Approach to Graphic Symbol Recognition, A
* NEWSMAN: Uploading Videos over Adaptive Middleboxes to News Servers in Weak Network Infrastructures
* Novel Algorithm for View and Illumination Invariant Image Matching, A
* Novel Fast Block Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Combined Subsamplings on Pixels and Search Candidates, A
* Novel Locally Adaptive Dynamic Programming Approach for Color Structured Light System, A
* novel two-pass VBR coding algorithm for fixed-size storage application, A
* Object-Based Visual Attention Model for Robotic Applications, An
* On Generating Content-Oriented Geo Features for Sensor-Rich Outdoor Video Search
* Online segmentation of freehand stroke by dynamic programming
* Online stroke segmentation by quick penalty-based dynamic programming
* Person Reidentification via Ranking Aggregation of Similarity Pulling and Dissimilarity Pushing
* Phase-Based Approach for Caption Detection in Videos, A
* Piecewise Flat Embedding for Image Segmentation
* Prediction of shear stress distribution throughout 3D bone scaffold in perfusion environment
* Probabilistic Associative Model for Segmenting Weakly Supervised Images, A
* PVNN: A Neural Network Library for Photometric Vision
* Quality Assessment of S-NPP VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product
* Query-Document-Dependent Fusion: A Case Study of Multimodal Music Retrieval
* Radon Representation-Based Feature Descriptor for Texture Classification
* Random Forest Classification Of Sediments On Exposed Intertidal Flats Using Alos-2 Quad-polarimetric Sar Data
* Real Time Fingertip Detection with Kinect Depth Image Sequences
* Research on the Cooperative Train Control Strategy to Reduce Energy Consumption
* Residential Building Reconstruction Based on the Data Fusion of Sparse LiDAR Data and Satellite Imagery
* Road Network Extraction via Aperiodic Directional Structure Measurement
* Robust and Accurate 3D Head Pose Estimation through 3DMM and Online Head Model Reconstruction
* Robust Recovery of Subspace Structures by Low-Rank Representation
* Salient coding for image classification
* Scalable Content-Based Music Retrieval Using Chord Progression Histogram and Tree-Structure LSH
* Scene-Adaptive Off-Road Detection Using a Monocular Camera
* Segmentation coding using edge detection and region merging
* Sensitivity of L-Band SAR Backscatter to Aboveground Biomass of Global Forests
* Shadow Repair Approach for Kinect Depth Maps, A
* Shape-from-Polarisation: A Nonlinear Least Squares Approach
* Spatial-Related Traffic Sign Inspection for Inventory Purposes Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Speckle reducing anisotropic diffusion
* Stock price forecasting based on BP neural network model of network public opinion
* Supervising Neural Attention Models for Video Captioning by Human Gaze Data
* Synthesis of Directional Texture Based on Multiresolution Block Sampling and Constrained Block Movement
* TGIF-QA: Toward Spatio-Temporal Reasoning in Visual Question Answering
* Thinning Noisy Binary Patterns Using Human Visual Symmetry
* Unified Structured Learning for Simultaneous Human Pose Estimation and Garment Attribute Classification
* Unsupervised Deep Domain Adaptation for Pedestrian Detection
* Unsupervised Object Segmentation with a Hybrid Graph Model (HGM)
* Vehicle Detection in High-Resolution Aerial Images Based on Fast Sparse Representation Classification and Multiorder Feature
* Videopedia: Lecture Video Recommendation for Educational Blogs Using Topic Modeling
* X-ray collimator shutter detection by active-rods
* Zero-Shot Person Re-identification via Cross-View Consistency
Includes: Yu, Y.[Yifan] Yu, Y.[Yiyi] Yu, Y.[Yunyue] Yu, Y.[Yi] Yu, Y.[Yang] Yu, Y. Yu, Y.[Yuanlong] Yu, Y.[Yin] Yu, Y.[Yinan] Yu, Y.[Yongtao] Yu, Y.[Yuechi] Yu, Y.[Yong] Yu, Y.[Yue] Yu, Y.[Yao] Yu, Y.[Yinglin] Yu, Y.[Yanbin] Yu, Y.[Yanguang] Yu, Y.[Yizhou] Yu, Y.[Ying] Yu, Y.[Yufeng] Yu, Y.[Yajie] Yu, Y.[Yu] Yu, Y.[Yongwei] Yu, Y.[Ye] Yu, Y.[Yongjian] Yu, Y.[Yawen]
134 for Yu, Y.

Yu, Y.B.[Yong Bin] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Bayesian Theme Models for Multipose Facial Expression Recognition
* Remove extremum median filtering and minimal absolute difference of four directional filtering on improved PCNN model
Includes: Yu, Y.B.[Yong Bin] Yu, Y.B.[Yong-Bin] Yu, Y.B.[Yi-Bin]

Yu, Y.C.[Yen Ching] Co Author Listing * 3-D cerebral vessel reconstruction from angiograms
Includes: Yu, Y.C.[Yen Ching] Yu, Y.C.[Yen-Ching]

Yu, Y.E.[Y. Eric] Co Author Listing * In vivo precision of digital topological skeletonization based individual trabecula segmentation (ITS) analysis of trabecular microstructure at the distal radius and tibia by HR-pQCT

Yu, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Co Author Listing * Discriminative multi-layer illumination-robust feature extraction for face recognition
* Discriminative multi-scale sparse coding for single-sample face recognition with occlusion
* Face recognition subject to variations in facial expression, illumination and pose using correlation filters
* Fusing landmark-based features at kernel level for face recognition
* Quadtree coding with adaptive scanning order for space-borne image compression
* Semiautomated Probabilistic Framework for Tree-Cover Delineation From 1-m NAIP Imagery Using a High-Performance Computing Architecture, A
Includes: Yu, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Yu, Y.F.[Yu-Feng] Yu, Y.F.[Ying-Feng] Yu, Y.F.[Yi-Fan]

Yu, Y.F.C.[Ying Feng Chris] Co Author Listing * State-of-the-art of 3D facial reconstruction methods for face recognition based on a single 2D training image per person
Includes: Yu, Y.F.C.[Ying Feng Chris] Yu, Y.F.C.[Ying-Feng Chris]

Yu, Y.G.[Yan Guang] Co Author Listing * Fast quality-guided phase unwrapping algorithm for 3D profilometry based on object image edge detection
Includes: Yu, Y.G.[Yan Guang] Yu, Y.G.[Yan-Guang]

Yu, Y.H.[Ying Hao] Co Author Listing * Chip-Based Design for Real-Time Moving Object Detection Using a Digital Camera Module
* Detecting individual in crowd with moving feature's structure consistency
* genetic-based adaptive threshold selection method for dynamic path tree structured vector quantization, A
* Hiding secret data in images via predictive coding
* Histogram equalization and optimal profile compression based approach for colour image enhancement
* image zooming technique based on vector quantization approximation, An
* Isolating Symbols from Connection Lines in a Class of Engineering Drawings
* MRF parameter estimation by an accelerated method
* new edge detection approach based on image context analysis, A
* new steganographic method for color and grayscale image hiding, A
* novel visual distortion sensitivity analysis for video encoder bit allocation, A
* Projective rectification based on relative modification and size extension for stereo image pairs
* Robust discriminative tracking via structured prior regularization
* System for Engineering Flow Drawing Understanding, A
* System for Recognizing a Large Class of Engineering Drawings, A
Includes: Yu, Y.H.[Ying Hao] Yu, Y.H.[Ying-Hao] Yu, Y.H.[Yuan-Hao] Yu, Y.H.[Yuan-Hui] Yu, Y.H.[Yu-Hong] Yu, Y.H.[Yi-Hua] Yu, Y.H.[Ya-Hui] Yu, Y.H.
15 for Yu, Y.H.

Yu, Y.J.[Yong Jian] Co Author Listing * 4D vessel segmentation and tracking in Ultrasound
* Active contours with area-weighted binary flows for segmenting low SNR imagery
* Automatic contrast enhancement by variational minimax optimization
* Beam hardening-respecting flat field correction of digital X-ray detectors
* Blind phase shift estimation in phase-shifting interferometry
* Edge detection in ultrasound imagery using the instantaneous coefficient of variation
* Polarimetric SAR Image Segmentation Using Texture Partitioning and Statistical Analysis
* Regularized Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion for Feature Characterization
* Three-Dimensional Bayesian Inversion With Application to Subsurface Sensing
* word extraction algorithm for machine-printed documents using a 3D neighborhood graph model, A
Includes: Yu, Y.J.[Yong Jian] Yu, Y.J.[Yong-Jian] Yu, Y.J.[Yang-Jian] Yu, Y.J.[Ying-Jie] Yu, Y.J.[Yi-Jun] Yu, Y.J.[Young-Jung]
10 for Yu, Y.J.

Yu, Y.K.[Ying Kin] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3-D Motion Tracking with an Application to Super-Resolution
* Computing Pose Sequences Directly from Videos
* Controlling Virtual Cameras Based on a Robust Model-Free Pose Acquisition Technique
* Extended Kalman filtering approach to stereo video stabilization
* fast and robust simultaneous pose tracking and structure recovery algorithm for augmented reality applications, A
* fast recursive 3d model reconstruction algorithm for multimedia applications, A
* Hand-Held 3-D Display System with Haptic Sensation, A
* novel 3-D motion estimation approach to virtual viewpoint control, A
* Pose Estimation for Augmented Reality Applications Using Genetic Algorithm
* Recursive Camera-Motion Estimation With the Trifocal Tensor
* Recursive Recovery of Position and Orientation from Stereo Image Sequences without Three-Dimensional Structures
* Recursive Three-Dimensional Model Reconstruction Based on Kalman Filtering
* Resolution Improvement from Stereo Images with 3D Pose Differences
Includes: Yu, Y.K.[Ying Kin] Yu, Y.K.[Ying-Kin]
13 for Yu, Y.K.

Yu, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Best Neighborhood Matching: An Information Loss Restoration Technique for Block Based Image Coding Systems
* Distance metric learning by minimal distance maximization
* Novel Facial Feature Point Localization Method on 3D Faces, A
* One-Source Approach for Estimating Land Surface Heat Fluxes Using Remotely Sensed Land Surface Temperature, A
* Quality Assessment Based on Noise Influencing Force
* Semantic Pooling for Complex Event Analysis in Untrimmed Videos
* They are Not Equally Reliable: Semantic Event Search Using Differentiated Concept Classifiers
* Wavelet Transform Based Variable Tree Size Fractal Video Coding
Includes: Yu, Y.L. Yu, Y.L.[Yao-Liang] Yu, Y.L.[Yi-Lei] Yu, Y.L.[Ying-Lin]
8 for Yu, Y.L.

Yu, Y.M.[Yan Mei] Co Author Listing * Content-based group-of-picture size control in distributed video coding
Includes: Yu, Y.M.[Yan Mei] Yu, Y.M.[Yan-Mei]

Yu, Y.N.[Yi Nan] Co Author Listing * Boosted local structured HOG-LBP for object localization
* Object detection by labeling superpixels
Includes: Yu, Y.N.[Yi Nan] Yu, Y.N.[Yi-Nan]

Yu, Y.P.[Yong Ping] Co Author Listing * Deriving Spatio-Temporal Development of Ground Subsidence Due to Subway Construction and Operation in Delta Regions with PS-InSAR Data: A Case Study in Guangzhou, China
Includes: Yu, Y.P.[Yong Ping] Yu, Y.P.[Yong-Ping]

Yu, Y.S.[Yu Song] Co Author Listing * Piecewise linear motion-adaptive interpolation
* Robust X-Ray Phase Ptycho-Tomography
Includes: Yu, Y.S.[Yu Song] Yu, Y.S.

Yu, Y.T.[Yong Tao] Co Author Listing * Accurate and robust registration of high-speed railway viaduct point clouds using closing conditions and external geometric constraints
* Automated Detection of Three-Dimensional Cars in Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds Using DBM-Hough-Forests
* Automated Detection of Urban Road Manhole Covers Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Automated Extraction of 3D Trees from Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
* Automated Extraction of Urban Road Facilities Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Automated Road Information Extraction from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Bag of Contextual-Visual Words for Road Scene Object Detection From Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Bag-of-visual-phrases and hierarchical deep models for traffic sign detection and recognition in mobile laser scanning data
* Iterative Tensor Voting for Pavement Crack Extraction Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Marked Point Process for Automated Tree Detection from Mobile Laser Scanning Point Cloud Data, A
* Patch-Based Semantic Labeling of Road Scene Using Colorized Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
* Rapid Localization and Extraction of Street Light Poles in Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds: A Supervoxel-Based Approach
* Rotation-and-scale-invariant airplane detection in high-resolution satellite images based on deep-Hough-forests
* Semiautomated Extraction of Street Light Poles From Mobile LiDAR Point-Clouds
* Street-Scene Tree Segmentation from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Thinning Approach for Noisy Digital Patterns
* Using mobile laser scanning data for automated extraction of road markings
* Using Mobile LiDAR Data for Rapidly Updating Road Markings
Includes: Yu, Y.T.[Yong Tao] Yu, Y.T.[Yong-Tao] Yu, Y.T.[Yu-Tien]
18 for Yu, Y.T.

Yu, Y.W.[Ying Wei] Co Author Listing * Context-sensitive intra-class clustering
Includes: Yu, Y.W.[Ying Wei] Yu, Y.W.[Ying-Wei]

Yu, Y.Y.[Yao Yao] Co Author Listing * Fusion Image Quality Assessment Based on Quaternion
* Matching and Perturbation Theories for Affine-Invariant Shapes Using QR Factorization with Column Pivoting
* Method of DEM Generation Based on Three-Line Array CCD Lunar Images
Includes: Yu, Y.Y.[Yao Yao] Yu, Y.Y.[Yao-Yao] Yu, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan]

Yu, Y.Z.[Yi Zhou] Co Author Listing * Action-Gons: Action Recognition with a Discriminative Dictionary of Structured Elements with Varying Granularity
* Automatic detection of malignant prostatic gland units in cross-sectional microscopic images
* Bayesian regularization of diffusion tensor images using hierarchical MCMC and loopy belief propagation
* Deep Contrast Learning for Salient Object Detection
* fast modal space transform for robust nonrigid shape retrieval, A
* Hierarchical Tensor Approximation of Multidimensional Images
* Hybrid superpixel segmentation
* Lazy texture selection based on active learning
* Photogrammetric reconstruction of free-form objects with curvilinear structures
* Real-time data driven deformation with affine bones
* Reconstructing diffusion kurtosis tensors from sparse noisy measurements
* Reconstruction of 3-D Symmetric Curves from Perspective Images without Discrete Features
* SCaLE: Supervised and Cascaded Laplacian Eigenmaps for Visual Object Recognition Based on Nearest Neighbors
* Shadow Graphs and 3D Texture Reconstruction
* Shadow Graphs and Surface Reconstruction
* Subspace segmentation with a Minimal Squared Frobenius Norm Representation
* System of a Probe for Two-Dimensional Micro-Angle Based on Invariant Light-Distance
* Visual saliency based on multiscale deep features
* Visual Saliency Detection Based on Multiscale Deep CNN Features
* Wavelet-based hybrid multilinear models for multidimensional image approximation
Includes: Yu, Y.Z.[Yi Zhou] Yu, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhou] Yu, Y.Z.[Yong-Zhi]
20 for Yu, Y.Z.

Yu, Z. Co Author Listing * 3D image segmentation based on feature-sensitive and adaptive tetrahedral meshes
* 3D Microscopy Vision Using Multiple View Geometry and Differential Evolutionary Approaches
* ActiveCrowd: A Framework for Optimized Multitask Allocation in Mobile Crowdsensing Systems
* analysis of color demosaicing in plenoptic cameras, An
* Application of 3D Laser Scanning in the Protection of Grottoes and Carvings in China, The
* Automatic Ultrastructure Segmentation of Reconstructed CryoEM Maps of Icosahedral Viruses
* Barcode Imaging Using a Light Field Camera
* CASENet: Deep Category-Aware Semantic Edge Detection
* Collaborative Mean Shift Tracking Based on Multi-Cue Integration and Auxiliary Objects
* Coprime Blur Scheme for Data Security in Video Surveillance, A
* Error-Component Analysis of TRMM-Based Multi-Satellite Precipitation Estimates over Mainland China
* Fast Model-Based X-Ray CT Reconstruction Using Spatially Nonhomogeneous ICD Optimization
* Fully Convolutional Networks for Surface Defect Inspection in Industrial Environment
* Gait Planning of Omnidirectional Walk on Inclined Ground for Biped Robots
* Genetic algorithm for model-based matching of projected images of three-dimensional objects
* High-numerical-aperture microscopy with a rotating point spread function
* Hue-Preserving Unsharp-Masking for Color Image Enhancement
* Hybrid Associative Retrieval of Three-Dimensional Models
* Hybrid k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Hybrid Pre-Log and Post-Log Image Reconstruction for Computed Tomography
* Image-based Document Vectors for Text Retrieval
* Imaging Compensation Algorithm for Correcting the Impact of Tropospheric Delay on Spaceborne High-Resolution SAR, An
* Imaging Compensation Algorithm for Spaceborne High-Resolution SAR Based on a Continuous Tangent Motion Model, An
* Learning a Limited Text Space for Cross-Media Retrieval
* Light Field Stereo Matching Using Bilateral Statistics of Surface Cameras
* Light Space Cascaded Shadow Maps for Large Scale Dynamic Environments
* Line Assisted Light Field Triangulation and Stereo Matching
* Low-rank matrix factorization with multiple Hypergraph regularizer
* MobiGroup: Enabling Lifecycle Support to Social Activity Organization and Suggestion With Mobile Crowd Sensing
* Multi-modal Factorized Bilinear Pooling with Co-attention Learning for Visual Question Answering
* Multimodal BCIs: Target Detection, Multidimensional Control, and Awareness Evaluation in Patients With Disorder of Consciousness
* novel stumpage detection method for forest harvesting based on multi-sensor fusion, A
* Perceptual Coding of Digital Monochrome Images
* Person Re-Identification by Dual-Regularized KISS Metric Learning
* potential of more accurate InSAR covariance matrix estimation for land cover mapping, The
* Racking focus and tracking focus on live video streams: A stereo solution
* Robust human tracking based on multi-cue integration and mean-shift
* Self-calibration method for rotating laser positioning system using interscanning technology and ultrasonic ranging
* Sensor-Based Activity Recognition
* Sparse Multi-Modal Hashing
* Sparse Representation for Brain Signal Processing: A tutorial on methods and applications
* SphereFace: Deep Hypersphere Embedding for Face Recognition
* Supporting Serendipitous Social Interaction Using Human Mobility Prediction
* Through-Casing Hydraulic Fracture Evaluation by Induction Logging I: An Efficient EM Solver for Fracture Detection
* Through-Casing Hydraulic Fracture Evaluation by Induction Logging II: The Inversion Algorithm and Experimental Validations
Includes: Yu, Z. Yu, Z.[Zhan] Yu, Z.[Ze] Yu, Z.[Zhongbo] Yu, Z.[Zhiyang] Yu, Z.[Zhixian] Yu, Z.[Zihan] Yu, Z.[Zheng] Yu, Z.[Zhuo] Yu, Z.[Zhengtao] Yu, Z.[Zhijing] Yu, Z.[Zhou]
45 for Yu, Z.

Yu, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction of Radar Emitter Harmonic Power Constraint Based on Nonlinear Characters of the Amplifier
* Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network for Plankton Classification, A
* Robust and automatic cell detection and segmentation from microscopic images of non-setae phytoplankton species
* Using a Kalman Filter to Assimilate TRMM-Based Real-Time Satellite Precipitation Estimates over Jinghe Basin, China
Includes: Yu, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Yu, Z.B.[Zhi-Bin] Yu, Z.B.[Zhong-Bo]

Yu, Z.C.[Zhi Cong] Co Author Listing * Axially Extended-Volume C-Arm CT Using a Reverse Helical Trajectory in the Interventional Room
* Mapping Comparison and Meteorological Correlation Analysis of the Air Quality Index in Mid-Eastern China
Includes: Yu, Z.C.[Zhi Cong] Yu, Z.C.[Zhi-Cong] Yu, Z.C.[Zhi-Chen]

Yu, Z.D.[Zhi Ding] Co Author Listing * adaptive unsupervised approach toward pixel clustering and color image segmentation, An
* Bag of textons for image segmentation via soft clustering and convex shift
* Image Interpolation Using Autoregressive Model and Gauss-Seidel Optimization
* KCRC-LCD: Discriminative kernel collaborative representation with locality constrained dictionary for visual categorization
* modified fuzzy c-means algorithm with adaptive spatial information for color image segmentation, A
* Multi-kernel collaborative representation for image classification
* Multi-scale analysis of color and texture for salient object detection
* Nonparametric density estimation on a graph: Learning framework, fast approximation and application in image segmentation
* Robust rear-view ground surface detection with hidden state conditional random field and confidence propagation
* Structured Hough Voting for Vision-Based Highway Border Detection
* Transitive Distance Clustering with K-Means Duality
Includes: Yu, Z.D.[Zhi Ding] Yu, Z.D.[Zhi-Ding]
11 for Yu, Z.D.

Yu, Z.F.[Zhe Fei] Co Author Listing * Multi-Level Video Frame Interpolation: Exploiting the Interaction Among Different Levels
* Video error concealment via total variation regularized matrix completion
* Video frame interpolation using 3-D total variation regularized completion
Includes: Yu, Z.F.[Zhe Fei] Yu, Z.F.[Zhe-Fei]

Yu, Z.H.[Zhi Hua] Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Large Scale Near-Duplicate Video Detection, A
* Image Categorization with Semi-Supervised Learning
* Image classification using HTM cortical learning algorithms
* Imaged Document Text Retrieval Without OCR
* Invariant Features of Local Textures: A rotation invariant local texture descriptor
* Vision-model-based impairment metric to evaluate blocking artifacts in digital video
* Visual Analysis Approach for Inferring Personal Job and Housing Locations Based on Public Bicycle Data, A
Includes: Yu, Z.H.[Zhi Hua] Yu, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua] Yu, Z.H.[Zheng-Hua] Yu, Z.H.[Zheng-Hong] Yu, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui] Yu, Z.H.[Zhen-Hai]
7 for Yu, Z.H.

Yu, Z.J.[Zhi Jing] Co Author Listing * Airplane wing deformation and flight flutter detection method by using three-dimensional speckle image correlation technology
* Coded Target Based Traffic Accident Vision Swift Reconnaissance System
* Pedestrian counting based on spatial and temporal analysis
* Research on Camera Internal Parameters Self-Calibration Method for Mobile 3D Coordinates Vision Measurement System
Includes: Yu, Z.J.[Zhi Jing] Yu, Z.J.[Zhi-Jing] Yu, Z.J.[Zhong-Jie]

Yu, Z.L.[Zhu Liang] Co Author Listing * Discriminative dictionary learning for EEG signal classification in Brain-computer interface
* Hybrid PNN-GMM classification scheme for speech emotion recognition, A
* Multiscale corner detection for gray level images using Plessey method
* Novel clustering method based on hybrid K-nearest-neighbor graph, A
Includes: Yu, Z.L.[Zhu Liang] Yu, Z.L.[Zhu-Liang]

Yu, Z.P.[Zhi Ping] Co Author Listing * Fast Convolution Method and Its Application in Mask Optimization for Intensity Calculation Using Basis Expansion
* Gradient-Based Source and Mask Optimization in Optical Lithography
Includes: Yu, Z.P.[Zhi Ping] Yu, Z.P.[Zhi-Ping]

Yu, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Co Author Listing * Robust Watermarking Scheme for 3D Triangular Mesh Models, A
Includes: Yu, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Yu, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang]

Yu, Z.S.[Zhen Shan] Co Author Listing * Hiding Information by Context-Based Synonym Substitution
Includes: Yu, Z.S.[Zhen Shan] Yu, Z.S.[Zhen-Shan]

Yu, Z.T.[Zheng Tao] Co Author Listing * Question classification based on co-training style semi-supervised learning
Includes: Yu, Z.T.[Zheng Tao] Yu, Z.T.[Zheng-Tao]

Yu, Z.W.[Zhi Wen] Co Author Listing * 3-D Head Model Retrieval Using a Single Face View Query
* Bayesian Model for Crowd Escape Behavior Detection, A
* Fast Gaussian Mixture Clustering for Skin Detection
* GCA: A real-time grid-based clustering algorithm for large data set
* Genetic-based K-means algorithm for selection of feature variables
* Hybrid Adaptive Classifier Ensemble
* Hybrid cluster ensemble framework based on the random combination of data transformation operators
* Hybrid clustering solution selection strategy
* Identification of phosphorylation sites using a hybrid classifier ensemble approach
* Knowledge based cluster ensemble for 3D head model classification
* Mining Uncertain Data in Low-dimensional Subspace
* modified support vector machine and its application to image segmentation, A
* Multi-view Based AdaBoost Classifier Ensemble for Class Prediction from Gene Expression Profiles
* novel gray image representation using overlapping rectangular NAM and extended shading approach, A
* novel two-steps strategy for automatic GIS-image registration, A
* Progressive subspace ensemble learning
* Quantization-based clustering algorithm
* Rule Based Technique for Extraction of Visual Attention Regions Based on Real-Time Clustering, A
* Semi-supervised classification based on random subspace dimensionality reduction
* Shape Derivative Based Approach for Crowd Flow Segmentation, A
* Smart meeting systems: A survey of state-of-the-art and open issues
Includes: Yu, Z.W.[Zhi Wen] Yu, Z.W.[Zhi-Wen] Yu, Z.W.[Zhan-Wu]
21 for Yu, Z.W.

Yu, Z.Y.[Ze Yun] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic vector diffusion in image smoothing
* Curvature-Based Registration for Slice Interpolation of Medical Images
* Dense Correspondence and Optical Flow Estimation Using Gabor, Schmid and Steerable Descriptors
* Exploratory Method for Spatio-Temporal Feature Extraction and Clustering: An Integrated Multi-Scale Framework
* Extrusion Approach Based on Non-Overlapping Footprints (EABNOF) for the Construction of Geometric Models and Topologies in 3D Cadasters
* fast and adaptive method for image contrast enhancement, A
* Fast Mesh-Based Medical Image Registration
* Feature-Preserving Image Restoration from Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* Feature-Sensitive and Adaptive Mesh Generation of Grayscale Images
* Image segmentation using gradient vector diffusion and region merging
* Medical Image Segmentation Based on Novel Local Order Energy
* Modeling User Activity Preference by Leveraging User Spatial Temporal Characteristics in LBSNs
* Morse-Theory Based Method for Segmentation of Triangulated Freeform Surfaces, A
* Normalized Gradient Vector Diffusion and Image Segmentation
* OCR as a Service: An Experimental Evaluation of Google Docs OCR, Tesseract, ABBYY FineReader, and Transym
* Robust non-rigid point registration based on feature-dependant finite mixture model
* segmentation-free approach for skeletonization of gray-scale images via anisotropic vector diffusion, A
* SeLibCV: A Service Library for Computer Vision Researchers
* Structure Tensor Approach for 3D Image Skeletonization: Applications in Protein Secondary Structure Analysis, A
Includes: Yu, Z.Y.[Ze Yun] Yu, Z.Y.[Ze-Yun] Yu, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yuan] Yu, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong]
19 for Yu, Z.Y.

Yu, Z.Z.[Zhe Zhou] Co Author Listing * Tensor Discriminant Analysis With Multiscale Features for Action Modeling and Categorization
Includes: Yu, Z.Z.[Zhe Zhou] Yu, Z.Z.[Zhe-Zhou]

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