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Yu, F.[Fisher] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction from Accidental Motion
* 3D Shape Segmentation Based on Viewpoint Entropy and Projective Fully Convolutional Networks Fusing Multi-view Features
* 3D ShapeNets: A deep representation for volumetric shapes
* BDD100K: A Diverse Driving Dataset for Heterogeneous Multitask Learning
* Block Region of Interest Method for Real-Time Implementation of Large and Scalable Image Reconstruction
* Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation with 3D Intracranial Structure Deformation Features
* Characterizing Adversarial Examples Based on Spatial Consistency Information for Semantic Segmentation
* Classification of Active Microwave and Passive Optical Data Based on Bayesian Theory and MRF
* Correction for GOES Imager Spectral Response Function Using GSICS. Part I: Theory
* Correction for GOES Imager Spectral Response Function Using GSICS. Part II: Applications
* Deep Layer Aggregation
* Differentiable Soft Quantization: Bridging Full-Precision and Low-Bit Neural Networks
* Dilated Residual Networks
* Disentangling Propagation and Generation for Video Prediction
* Diurnal and Scan Angle Variations in the Calibration of GOES Imager Infrared Channels
* End-to-End Learning of Driving Models from Large-Scale Video Datasets
* Evaluation of the Radar QPE and Rain Gauge Data Merging Methods in Northern China
* Family of Fast Hadamard-Fourier Transform Algorithms, A
* Few-Shot Object Detection via Feature Reweighting
* Foreground Mask Network for Cell Counting, A
* Formation iterative learning control for multi-agent systems with higher-order dynamics
* Forward and Backward Information Retention for Accurate Binary Neural Networks
* GSICS Inter-Calibration of Infrared Channels of Geostationary Imagers Using Metop/IASI
* Hierarchical Discrete Distribution Decomposition for Match Density Estimation
* Human-Centric Visual Relation Segmentation Using Mask R-CNN and VTransE
* Image and video dehazing using view-based cluster segmentation
* Inferring Emphasis for Real Voice Data: An Attentive Multimodal Neural Network Approach
* Joint Monocular 3D Vehicle Detection and Tracking
* Learning Saliency Propagation for Semi-Supervised Instance Segmentation
* Meta-heuristic intelligence based image processing
* Multi-Level and Multi-Scale Factor Analysis for Soil Moisture Information Extraction by Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data, The
* Multi-Level Domain Adaptive Learning for Cross-Domain Detection
* New Satellite-Based Indicator for Estimation of the Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Current Intensity, A
* Optimum Architecture for Continuous-Flow Parallel Bit Reversal, An
* PairedCycleGAN: Asymmetric Style Transfer for Applying and Removing Makeup
* PartNet: A Recursive Part Decomposition Network for Fine-Grained and Hierarchical Shape Segmentation
* QoS-adaptive proxy caching for multimedia streaming over the Internet
* Quantitative Analysis Of Urban Expansion In Central China
* Radiometric Calibration Accuracy of GOES Sounder Infrared Channels
* Research on Estimation Crop Planting Area by Integrating the Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing Data
* Scribbler: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Sketch and Color
* Semantic alignment of LiDAR data at city scale
* Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image
* Sequential Active Appearance Model Based on Online Instance Learning
* SkipNet: Learning Dynamic Routing in Convolutional Networks
* Spatial Data Supply Chains
* Stokes parameters and DOAs estimation of partially polarized sources using a EM vector sensor
* Straw Burning Detection Method Based on Improved Frame Difference Method and Deep Learning
* TAFE-Net: Task-Aware Feature Embeddings for Low Shot Learning
* Take the Scenic Route: Improving Generalization in Vision-and-Language Navigation
* TextureGAN: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Texture Patches
* Three-Dimensional Model Analysis and Processing
Includes: Yu, F.[Fisher] Yu, F. Yu, F.[Feng] Yu, F.[Fuliang] Yu, F.[Fashan] Yu, F.[Fan] Yu, F.[Fei] Yu, F.[Frances] Yu, F.[Fenggen] Yu, F.[Fang]
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Yu, F.C.[Feng Chao] Co Author Listing * Pet image reconstruction: GPU-accelerated particle filter framework
Includes: Yu, F.C.[Feng Chao] Yu, F.C.[Feng-Chao]

Yu, F.F.[Fang Fang] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Inter-Comparison between AHI, VIIRS and MODIS Clear-Sky Ocean Radiances for Accurate SST Retrievals
* Radiometric Inter-Calibration between Himawari-8 AHI and S-NPP VIIRS for the Solar Reflective Bands
Includes: Yu, F.F.[Fang Fang] Yu, F.F.[Fang-Fang]

Yu, F.J.[Fang Jie] Co Author Listing * Calibration of an Airborne Interferometric Radar Altimeter over the Qingdao Coast Sea, China
* Difference of Sea Level Variability by Steric Height and Altimetry in the North Pacific, The
Includes: Yu, F.J.[Fang Jie] Yu, F.J.[Fang-Jie]

Yu, F.L.[Feng Li] Co Author Listing * Depth generation method for 2D to 3D conversion
Includes: Yu, F.L.[Feng Li] Yu, F.L.[Feng-Li]

Yu, F.P.[Feng Ping] Co Author Listing * High Efficient Implementation of Image Matching Algorithm
Includes: Yu, F.P.[Feng Ping] Yu, F.P.[Feng-Ping]

Yu, F.Q.[Fang Qun] Co Author Listing * Climatology Perspective of Sensitive Regimes and Active Regions of Aerosol Indirect Effect for Cirrus Clouds over the Global Oceans
Includes: Yu, F.Q.[Fang Qun] Yu, F.Q.[Fang-Qun]

Yu, F.R. Co Author Listing * Big Data Analytics in Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey
* Cognitive Control Approach to Communication-Based Train Control Systems, A
* Cognitive Control Method for Cost-Efficient CBTC Systems With Smart Grids, A
* Design and Performance Enhancements in Communication-Based Train Control Systems With Coordinated Multipoint Transmission and Reception
* Energy-Efficient Communication-Based Train Control Systems With Packet Delay and Loss
* Finite-State Markov Modeling for Wireless Channels in Tunnel Communication-Based Train Control Systems
* Graded Warning for Rear-End Collision: An Artificial Intelligence-Aided Algorithm
* Handoff Performance Improvements in an Integrated Train-Ground Communication System Based on Wireless Network Virtualization
* Handoff Performance Improvements in MIMO-Enabled Communication-Based Train Control Systems
* Performance Improved Methods for Communication-Based Train Control Systems With Random Packet Drops
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Yu, F.T.H. Co Author Listing * Unifying Concepts of Statistical and Spectral Quantitative Ultrasound Techniques

Yu, F.T.S. Co Author Listing * Image Restoration, Uncertainty, and Information
* Optical-Pattern Recognition: Architectures and Techniques
* Pattern-Classification Using a Joint Transform Correlator Based Nearest-Neighbor Classifier

Yu, F.W.[Fei Wu] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Images for Video Recognition: Heterogeneous Feature Augmentation via Symmetric Adversarial Learning
* POI: Multiple Object Tracking with High Performance Detection and Appearance Feature
* Towards Unified INT8 Training for Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Yu, F.W.[Fei Wu] Yu, F.W.[Fei-Wu] Yu, F.W.[Feng-Wei]

Yu, F.X.[Felix X.] Co Author Listing * Designing Category-Level Attributes for Discriminative Visual Recognition
* Exploration of Parameter Redundancy in Deep Networks with Circulant Projections, An
* Fast Orthogonal Projection Based on Kronecker Product
* Global Motion Representation of Video Shot Based on Vector Quantization Index Histogram
* High performance reversible data hiding for block truncation coding compressed images
* Learning Discriminative and Transformation Covariant Local Feature Detectors
* Learning Spread-Out Local Feature Descriptors
* Reversible data hiding based on hybrid prediction and interleaving histogram modification with single seed pixel recovery
* Video Event Detection by Inferring Temporal Instance Labels
* Weak attributes for large-scale image retrieval
Includes: Yu, F.X.[Felix X.] Yu, F.X. Yu, F.X.[Fa-Xin]
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Yu, F.Y.[Fei Yang] Co Author Listing * Heuristic Search for Relevant Images on the Web, A
* Spatial-HMM: A new approach for Semantic Annotation of Histological Images
Includes: Yu, F.Y.[Fei Yang] Yu, F.Y.[Fei-Yang]

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