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Zabaglia, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * SIT-REM: An Interoperable and Interactive Web Geographic Information System for Fauna, Flora and Plant Landscape Data Management

Zabala, A. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Thematic Classification of Color Orthophotos Over Non-Compressed And JPEG 2000 Compressed Images

Zabalza, J. Co Author Listing * Effective Denoising and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Curvelet Transform and Singular Spectrum Analysis
* Effective Feature Extraction and Data Reduction in Remote Sensing Using Hyperspectral Imaging
* Novel Folded-PCA for improved feature extraction and data reduction with hyperspectral imaging and SAR in remote sensing
* Novel Two-Dimensional Singular Spectrum Analysis for Effective Feature Extraction and Data Classification in Hyperspectral Imaging
Includes: Zabalza, J. Zabalza, J.[Jaime]

Zabatani, A.[Aviad] Co Author Listing * Parallelized Algorithms For Rigid Surface Alignment On GPU

Zabel, H.[Henning] Co Author Listing * Light Simulation in a Distributed Driving Simulator

Zabele, G.S.[George S.] Co Author Listing * Continuous-tone image compression
* Fourier Encoding of Closed Planar Boundaries
* On Improving Line Detection in Noisy Images
* Transform Encoding Scheme for Closed Planar Curves, A
Includes: Zabele, G.S.[George S.] Zabele, G.S.

Zabeline, V. Co Author Listing * Ocean Surface Wind Speed Retrieval From C-Band SAR Images Without Wind Direction Input

Zabih, R.[Ramin] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Zabih, R.[Ramin]: rdz AT cs cornell edu
* Aerial and Ground-Based Video Surveillance at Cornell University
* Algorithm for Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects, An
* Apparatus and process for detecting scene breaks in a sequence of video frames
* Approximate MRF Inference Using Bounded Treewidth Subgraphs
* Automatic Hierarchical Color Image Classification
* Bayesian Multi-camera Surveillance
* Combining Color and Spatial Information for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Comparative Study of Energy Minimization Methods for Markov Random Fields with Smoothness-Based Priors, A
* Comparative Study of Energy Minimization Methods for Markov Random Fields, A
* Computing Visual Correspondence with Occlusions via Graph Cuts
* Contour Extraction of Moving Objects
* Discrete optimization in computer vision
* Discriminative View of MRF Pre-processing Algorithms, A
* Disparity Component Matching for Visual Correspondence
* Dynamic Programming and Graph Algorithms in Computer Vision
* Exact Voxel Occupancy with Graph Cuts
* Factorial Markov Random Fields
* Fast Approximate Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts
* feature-based algorithm for detecting and classifying production effects, A
* Globally optimal pixel labeling algorithms for tree metrics
* Graph Cut Algorithm for Generalized Image Deconvolution, A
* graph cut algorithm for higher-order Markov Random Fields, A
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on CVPR Papers
* Histogram Refinement for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Hypergraph-Based Reduction for Higher-Order Binary Markov Random Fields, A
* Image Indexing Using Color Correlograms
* Image Understanding at Cornell University
* Introduction to the Special Section on Graph Algorithms and Computer Vision
* Markov Random Fields with Efficient Approximations
* Maximum Likelihood Approach to Parallel Imaging With Coil Sensitivity Noise, A
* Method and apparatus for analyzing computer screens
* MRFs for MRIs: Bayesian Reconstruction of MR Images via Graph Cuts
* Multi-camera Scene Reconstruction via Graph Cuts
* Non-parametric local transforms for computing visual correspondence
* Primal-Dual Algorithm for Higher-Order Multilabel Markov Random Fields, A
* Relaxation-Based Preprocessing Techniques for Markov Random Field Inference
* Research opportunities in creating medical images
* segmentation algorithm for contrast-enhanced images, A
* Solving Linear Inverse Systems with Graph Cuts
* Spatial Color Indexing and Applications
* Spatially coherent clustering using graph cuts
* Structured Learning of Sum-of-Submodular Higher Order Energy Functions
* Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Two-Frame Stereo Methods, A
* Variable Neighborhood Approach to Early Vision, A
* Variable Window Approach to Early Vision, A
* Video Browsing Using Edges and Motion
* Visual correspondence using energy minimization and mutual information
* What Energy Functions Can Be Minimized via Graph Cuts?
Includes: Zabih, R.[Ramin] Zabih, R.
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Zabihi, M. Co Author Listing * Predicting and visualizing psychological attributions with a deep neural network

Zabinski, M. Co Author Listing * To What Extent Do Unique Parts Influence Recognition Across Changes in Viewpoint

Zabinsky, S.I. Co Author Listing * Layered Video Object Coding System Using Sprite and Affine Motion Model, A
* Simplified chain encoding
Includes: Zabinsky, S.I. Zabinsky, S.I.[Steven Ira]

Zabir, I. Co Author Listing * Bi-spectral higher order statistics and time-frequency domain features for arithmetic task classification from EEG signals

Zabkar, V.[Vesna] Co Author Listing * Modelling In-Store Consumer Behaviour Using Machine Learning and Digital Signage Audience Measurement Data

Zable, J.[Jack] Co Author Listing * Non-integer scaling of raster images with image quality enhancement

Zaboli, H.[Hamidreza] Co Author Listing * Neural Network String Matcher, A
* Shape Recognition and Retrieval: A Structural Approach Using Velocity Function
* Shape Representation and Classification Using Boundary Radius Function

Zaboli, S.[Shiva] Co Author Listing * Organ Recognition Using Gabor Filters
* Video Pause Detection Using Wavelets

Zabolotskikh, E.[Elizaveta] Co Author Listing * Updated Geophysical Model for AMSR-E and SSMIS Brightness Temperature Simulations over Oceans, An

Zabri, Z.[Zahidan] Co Author Listing * Analyzing and Detecting Network Intrusion Behavior Using Packet Capture

Zabrodsky, H. Co Author Listing * Attentive Transmission
* Completion of Occluded Shapes Using Symmetry
* Hierarchical Symmetry
* How To Tell Right From Left
* measure of symmetry based on shape similarity, A
* Symmetry as a Continuous Feature
* Symmetry of Fuzzy Data
* Using Bilateral Symmetry to Improve 3D Reconstruction from Image Sequences
* Utilizing Symmetry in the Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Shape from Noisy Images
Includes: Zabrodsky, H. Zabrodsky, H.[Hagit]
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Zabuawala, S.[Sakina] Co Author Listing * Feature Coincidence Trees for Registration of Ultrasound Breast Images
* Image registration methods in high-dimensional space

Zabulis, X. Co Author Listing * 3-D Time-Varying Scene Capture Technologies: A Survey
* 3d head pose estimation from multiple distant views
* 3D Object Pose Refinement in Range Images
* 3D Pose Refinement Using Rendering and Texture-Based Matching
* 3D Reconstruction for a Cultural Heritage Virtual Tour System
* 3D Scene Reconstruction Based on Robust Camera Motion Estimation and Space Sweeping for a Cultural Heritage Virtual Tour System
* Accurate Scale Factor Estimation in 3D Reconstruction
* Augmented Multitouch Interaction upon a 2-DoF Rotating Disk
* Augmenting physical books towards education enhancement
* Building a Multi-Touch Display Based on Computer Vision Techniques
* Digitizing archaeological excavations from multiple views
* Efficient, Precise, and Accurate Utilization of the Uniqueness Constraint in Multi-View Stereo
* Foreground Detection with a Moving RGBD Camera
* Head pose estimation on depth data based on Particle Swarm Optimization
* Increasing the Accuracy of the Space-Sweeping Approach to Stereo Reconstruction, using Spherical Backprojection Surfaces
* Lateral Touch Detection and Localization for Interactive, Augmented Planar Surfaces
* Modulating the Size of Backprojection Surface Patches, in Volumetric Stereo, for Increasing Reconstruction Accuracy and Robustness
* Multi-camera reconstruction based on surface normal estimation and best viewpoint selection
* Multicamera human detection and tracking supporting natural interaction with large-scale displays
* Multicamera Vision System Supporting the Development of Wide-Area Exertainment Applications, A
* Multiview 3D Pose Estimation of a Wand for Human-Computer Interaction
* Perceptually relevant and piecewise linear matching of silhouettes
* Plane Surface Detection and Reconstruction using Induced Stereo Symmetry
* Platform for Monitoring Aspects of Human Presence in Real-Time, A
* Region-Based Dense Depth Extraction from Multi-View Video
* Scene Representation Technologies for 3DTV: A Survey
* Segment-Based Stereo-Matching Via Plane and Angle Sweeping
* Shape from interaction
* Shape Similarity by Piecewise Linear Alignment
* Stereo-based environment scanning for immersive telepresence
* Synchronous Image Acquisition based on Network Synchronization
* T-LESS: An RGB-D Dataset for 6D Pose Estimation of Texture-Less Objects
Includes: Zabulis, X. Zabulis, X.[Xenophon]
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Zabusky, N.J. Co Author Listing * Interactive Imaging Environment for Scientific Visualization and Quantification (Visiometrics), An

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