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Zapalowski, L. Co Author Listing * Direct Surface Reconstruction from a Moving Sensor
* On the Use of Relaxation Labelling in the Correspondence Problem
* Structure from Motion: An Alternative Approach

Zapata, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Optical Defects of Mirrors from Ronchigram Images Using Bag of Visual Words and Support Vector Machines

Zapata, E.L. Co Author Listing * Bidimensional shape detection using an invariant approach
* Bilinear Active Appearance Models
* Clustering Technique for Video Copy Detection, A
* Cordic Based Parallel/Pipelined Architecture for the Hough Transform
* Deformable Shapes Detection by Stochastic Optimization
* Detection of arbitrary planar shapes with 3D pose
* efficient 2D deformable objects detection and location algorithm, An
* Efficient image alignment using linear appearance models
* Fast Hough Transform for Segment Detection, A
* Fast Hough Transform on Multiprocessors: A Branch and Bound Approach
* High performance VLSI architecture for the trellis coded quantization
* Image reconstruction on hypercube computers: Application to electron microscopy
* Learning a generic 3D face model from 2D image databases using incremental Structure-from-Motion
* Logotype detection to support semantic-based video annotation
* Lower Order Circle and Ellipse Hough Transform
* New SIMD instructions set for image processing applications enhancement
* Parallelization of irregular algorithms for shape detection
* Planar 3D object detection by using the generalized Hough transform
* Planar object detection under scaled orthographic projection
* Tracking of Linear Appearance Models Using Second Order Minimization
* Video Cataloging Based on Robust Logotype Detection
Includes: Zapata, E.L. Zapata, E.L.[Emilio L.]
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Zapata, J.L.[Jaime L.] Co Author Listing * Fast Fourier Transform for Hexagonal Aggregates

Zapata, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Fast and robust semi-local stereo matching using possibility distributions
Includes: Zapata, R.[Rene] Zapata, R.[René]

Zapater, V. Co Author Listing * Classifying human endothelial cells based on individual granulometric size distributions
* granulometric analysis of specular microscopy images of human corneal endothelia, A

Zapendouski, M. Co Author Listing * Visually Guided Mobile Robot Acting in Indoor Environments, A

Zaperty, W.[Weronika] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal multiplexing method for big images observation in wide angle holographic display

Zapf, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * comprehensive comparison of GPU- and FPGA-based acceleration of reflection image reconstruction for 3D ultrasound computer tomography, A

Zapletal, D. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Re-identification for Automatic Video Traffic Surveillance

Zapolski, A. Co Author Listing * On Detectability of a Ship's Kelvin Wake in Simulated SAR Images of Rough Sea Surface

Zapotecas Martinez, S.[Saul] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection in Gait Classification Using Geometric PSO Assisted by SVM
Includes: Zapotecas Martinez, S.[Saul] Zapotecas-Martínez, S.[Saúl]

Zapp, A. Co Author Listing * Curvature-Based Scheme for Improving Road Vehicle Guidance by Computer Vision, A
* Guiding Land Vehicles along Roadways by Computer Vision

Zappa, F. Co Author Listing * Automotive Three-Dimensional Vision Through a Single-Photon Counting SPAD Camera

Zappa, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Data Service Platform for Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance and Value-Added Products: System Use and Examples

Zappala, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Document Mosaicing
* Documents through cameras
Includes: Zappala, A.[Anthony] Zappalá, A.[Anthony] Zappala, A.

Zappala, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Detection of the mandibular canal in orthopantomography using a Gabor-filtered anisotropic generalized Hough transform
Includes: Zappala, S.[Simone] Zappalá, S.[Simone]

Zappatore, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive vector quantization for fixed bit-rate video coding
* Comparative Evaluation of Different Techniques in Image Vector Quantization
* Prediction of short-term evolution of cloud formations based on Meteosat image sequences
* Shape from Occluding Contours: A Regularization Method
* simple multi-layer digital video coder for multimedia network applications, A
Includes: Zappatore, S. Zappatore, S.[Sandro]

Zappavigna, A. Co Author Listing * Designing On-Demand Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles via Active Control of the Central Transfer Case

Zappella, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion Segmentation Algorithm Based on the Principal Angles Configuration
* Enhanced Local Subspace Affinity for feature-based motion segmentation
* Enhanced Model Selection for motion segmentation
* Joint estimation of segmentation and structure from motion
* New Trajectory Based Motion Segmentation Benchmark Dataset (UdG-MS15), A
* Simultaneous motion segmentation and Structure from Motion
* Visual Dictionary Learning for Joint Object Categorization and Segmentation
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Zappi, P. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the spatial resolution of presence detection in a PIR based wireless surveillance network
* integrated multi-modal sensor network for video surveillance, An
Includes: Zappi, P. Zappi, P.[Piero]

Zappia, T.M. Co Author Listing * Iris on the Move: Acquisition of Images for Iris Recognition in Less Constrained Environments

Zappino, L. Co Author Listing * UAS for Archaeology: New Perspectives on Aerial Documentation

Zappone, A. Co Author Listing * Energy Efficient Bidirectional Massive MIMO Relay Beamforming
* Low-Complexity Energy Efficiency Optimization with Statistical CSI in Two-Hop MIMO Systems

Zappulla, R.A.[Rosario A.] Co Author Listing * Animating 3-D CT Imaging

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