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Zia, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Plant Modelling via Hyperspectral Imaging
* 3D Reconstruction from Hyperspectral Images
* Content-Based Image Retrieval via Subspace-Projected Salient Features
* Multi-resolution an multi-sensor data fusion for remote sensing in detecting air pollution
* Relative Depth Estimation from Hyperspectral Data
* Spectral-Spatial Scale Invariant Feature Transform for Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Zia, A. Zia, A.[Ali]

Zia, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * High Diversity Transceiver for Low Power Differentially Encoded OFDM System

Zia, M.Z.[Muhammad Zeeshan] Co Author Listing * Are Cars Just 3D Boxes? Jointly Estimating the 3D Shape of Multiple Objects
* Deep Supervision with Shape Concepts for Occlusion-Aware 3D Object Parsing
* Detailed 3D Representations for Object Recognition and Modeling
* Explicit Occlusion Modeling for 3D Object Class Representations
* Revisiting 3D geometric models for accurate object shape and pose
* Towards Scene Understanding with Detailed 3D Object Representations
Includes: Zia, M.Z.[Muhammad Zeeshan] Zia, M.Z. Zia, M.Z.[M. Zeeshan]

Zia, S. Co Author Listing * RGB-D Object Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Zia, W.[Waqar] Co Author Listing * Complexity Constrained Robust Video Transmission for Hand-Held Devices
* Fast Depth Map Compression and Meshing with Compressed Tritree
* Optimization of video coding for telepresence applications

Ziadi, F.[Faten] Co Author Listing * HMM Based Model for Arabic Word Conjugation Recognition and Word Reconstitution from Morphological Concepts

Ziaeefard, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Human Action Recognition by Normalized-Polar Histogram
* Integration of Uncertainty in the Analysis of Dyadic Human Activities
* Semantic human activity recognition: A literature review
* Time-slice Prediction of Dyadic Human Activities

Ziaei Nafchi, H. Co Author Listing * Iterative Classifiers Combination Model for Change Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery

Ziai, M.A. Co Author Listing * Telematics system for the intelligent transport and distribution of medicines

Ziaie, P.[Pujan] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach to Hand-Gesture Recognition in a Human-Robot Dialog System, A

Ziani, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Temporal Bayesian Networks for Scenario Recognition
* Temporal reasoning for scenario recognition in video-surveillance using Bayesian networks

Ziaratban, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Script-Independent Block-Based Text Line Extraction, An
* Adaptive Script-Independent Text Line Extraction
* Character representation and recognition using quad tree-based fractal encoding scheme
* FHT: An Unconstraint Farsi Handwritten Text Database
* Morphological-Based License Plate Location, A
* Non-uniform slant estimation and correction for Farsi/Arabic handwritten words
* novel two-stage algorithm for baseline estimation and correction in Farsi and Arabic handwritten text line, A
* Recognition of isolated handwritten Farsi/Arabic alphanumeric using fractal codes
* Structural decomposition and statistical description of Farsi/Arabic handwritten numeric characters
* Use of Legal Amount to Confirm or Correct the Courtesy Amount on Farsi Bank Checks
Includes: Ziaratban, M.[Majid] Ziaratban, M.
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Ziarko, W.[Wojciech] Co Author Listing * Rough sets
* Rough Sets: Probabilistic Versus Deterministic Approach
* Variable Precision Rough Set Model
Includes: Ziarko, W.[Wojciech] Ziarko, W.

Ziatakis, K. Co Author Listing * Measurement System for a Magnetostrictive Torque Sensor

Ziauddin, S.[Sheikh] Co Author Listing * Iris recognition performance enhancement using weighted majority voting
* Pedestrian detection using HOG, LUV and optical flow as features with AdaBoost as classifier
* Robust iris verification for key management
Includes: Ziauddin, S.[Sheikh] Ziauddin, S.

Ziavras, S.G.[Sotirios G.] Co Author Listing * Connected Component Labelling on the Blitzen Massively Parallel Processor
* Efficient face recognition using frequency distribution curve matching
* Facilitating High-Performance Image Analysis on Reduced Hypercube (RH) Parallel Computers
* Improved Algorithms for Translation of Pictures Represented by Leaf Codes
Includes: Ziavras, S.G.[Sotirios G.] Ziavras, S.G.

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