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Zin, T.T.[Thi Thi] Co Author Listing * Image smoothing using a metric tensor for an affine invariant scale space
* Object Image Retrieval in Deformable Shapes Using Morphological Operations Based on Dominant Color Regions
* Ranking System for Image Database Using Special Type of Markov Chain
Includes: Zin, T.T.[Thi Thi] Zin, T.T.

Zin▀er, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Efficient Feature Tracking for Long Video Sequences
* Efficient hyperplane tracking by intelligent region selection
* Illumination Insensitive Template Matching with Hyperplanes
* Probabilistic Model-based Template Matching Approach for Robust Object Tracking in Real-Time, A

Zinck, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Discontinuous seismic horizon reconstruction based on local dip transformation
* Discontinuous seismic horizon tracking based on a poisson equation with incremental dirichlet boundary conditions
* Local dip transformation for fast seismic horizon reconstruction
Includes: Zinck, G.[Guillaume] Zinck, G.

Zine, A.[Abdelmalek] Co Author Listing * Reflectance spectra based skin and non-skin classification

Zine, A.M.[Abdel Malek] Co Author Listing * Demographic Classification Using Skin RGB Albedo Image Analysis
Includes: Zine, A.M.[Abdel Malek] Zine, A.M.[Abdel-Malek]

Zineb, E.A. Co Author Listing * simple tool for automatic extraction of the Moroccan coastal upwelling from sea surface chlorophyll images, A

Zineddin, B. Co Author Listing * Cellular Neural Networks, the Navier-Stokes Equation, and Microarray Image Reconstruction
* Image-Based Quantitative Analysis of Gold Immunochromatographic Strip via Cellular Neural Network Approach

Zineddine, M. Co Author Listing * Towards the implementation of refurbished ev lithium-ion batteries for smart grid energy storage

Zinedine, A. Co Author Listing * Feature selection based on pairwise evalution

Zinedine, K. Co Author Listing * Optimization of the Attribute Vector by Genetic Approach: Application to the Classification of Characters
* Satellite Image Restoration by Applying the Genetic Approach to the Wiener Deconvolution

Zinemanas, P. Co Author Listing * Visual Music Transcription of Clarinet Video Recordings Trained with Audio-Based Labelled Data

Zingaretti, P.[Primo] Co Author Listing * email: Zingaretti, P.[Primo]: zinga AT inform unian it
* Automatic extraction of LIDAR data classification rules
* Automatic Extraction of Urban Objects from Multi-Source Aerial Data
* comprehensive approach to image-contrast enhancement, A
* Customers' Activity Recognition in Intelligent Retail Environments
* Embedded Multisensor System for Safe Point-to-Point Navigation of Impaired Users
* Evolutionary image segmentation
* Fast Chain Coding of Region Boundaries
* Hybrid Approach to Land Cover Classification from Multi Spectral Images, A
* Image segmentation for appearance-based self-localisation
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Applications of Mechatronic and Embedded Systems (MESA) in ITS
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications in ITS
* Mechatronic System to Help Visually Impaired Users During Walking and Running
* Multi-polygonal object tracking
* Performance evaluation of automated approaches to building detection in multi-source aerial data
* Real-Time Inspection by Submarine Images
* Road Change Detection from Multi-Spectral Aerial Data
* Robust and affordable retail customer profiling by vision and radio beacon sensor fusion
* Robust Real Time Detection of an Underwater Pipeline
* Shopper Analytics: A Customer Activity Recognition System Using a Distributed RGB-D Camera Network
* SIT-REM: An Interoperable and Interactive Web Geographic Information System for Fauna, Flora and Plant Landscape Data Management
* Visual and Textual Sentiment Analysis of Brand-Related Social Media Pictures Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Visual feature group matching for autonomous robot localization
* Whistland: An Augmented Reality Crowd-Mapping System for Civil Protection and Emergency Management
Includes: Zingaretti, P.[Primo] Zingaretti, P.
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Zinger, S.[Sveta] Co Author Listing * 3D Resampling for Airborne Laser Data of Urban Areas
* Context-based object-of-interest detection for a generic traffic surveillance analysis system
* Detection of Human Groups in Videos
* Free-viewpoint depth image based rendering
* Gabor-based needle detection and tracking in three-dimensional ultrasound data volumes
* iGLANCE: Transmission to medical high definition autostereoscopic displays
* Medical Instrument Detection in 3-Dimensional Ultrasound Data Volumes
* Objective quality analysis for free-viewpoint DIBR
* Quality improving techniques in DIBR for free-viewpoint video
* Real-time free-viewpoint DIBR on GPUs for large base-line multi-view 3DTV videos
* Real-time semantic context labeling for image understanding
* Region-based all-in-focus light field rendering
* Training-free moving object detection system based on hierarchical color-guided motion segmentation
* Video-based discomfort detection for infants using a Constrained Local Model
* View Interpolation for Medical Images on Autostereoscopic Displays
* Water Region Detection Supporting Ship Identification in Port Surveillance
Includes: Zinger, S.[Sveta] Zinger, S.[Svitlana] Zinger, S.
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Zingirian, N. Co Author Listing * Customizing MPEG video compression algorithms to specific application domains: The case of highway monitoring
* Image-Processing on High-Performance RISC Systems
* On the efficiency of image and video processing programs on instruction level parallel processors

Zingman, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Detection of Fragmented Rectangular Enclosures in Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Detection of incomplete enclosures of rectangular shape in remotely sensed images
* Detection of Texture and Isolated Features Using Alternating Morphological Filters
* morphological approach for distinguishing texture and individual features in images, A
* Size-density spectra and their application to image classification

Zingoni, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Flexible Algorithm for Detecting Challenging Moving Objects in Real-Time within IR Video Sequences, A
* Real-Time 3D Reconstruction from Images Taken from an UAV

Zingoni, D. Co Author Listing * Spatial Logic for Symbolic Descriptions of Image Contents, A
* Symbolic Description and Visual Querying of Image Sequences Using Spatiotemporal Logic

Zini, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Classification Architecture Based on Connected Components for Text Detection in Unconstrained Environments, A
* Combining Retrieval and Classification for Real-Time Face Recognition
* Efficient pedestrian detection with group lasso
* integrated artificial vision framework for assisting visually impaired users, An
* Multiview Matching of Articulated Objects
* Portable and fast text detection
* Precise people counting in real time
* Relative Pose Estimation for Planetary Entry Descent Landing
* Structured Multi-class Feature Selection for Effective Face Recognition
* Structured multi-class feature selection with an application to face recognition
* Vision-Based Navigation Facility for Planetary Entry Descent Landing, A
Includes: Zini, L.[Luca] Zini, L.
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Zinicola, A. Co Author Listing * Region-oriented compression of multispectral images by shape-adaptive wavelet transform and SPIHT
* Trading off quality and complexity for a HVQ-based video codec on portable devices
Includes: Zinicola, A. Zinicola, A.[Andrea]

Zink, E. Co Author Listing * Contour line and geographic feature extraction from USGS color topographical paper maps

Zink, M.[Manfred] Co Author Listing * Bistatic system and baseline calibration in TanDEM-X to ensure the global digital elevation model quality
* Generation and performance assessment of the global TanDEM-X digital elevation model
* Independent System Calibration of Sentinel-1B
* Interferometric Alignment of the X-SAR Antenna System on the Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
* Tandem-X Mission: Overview, Status and Outlook
* TanDEM-X: A Satellite Formation for High-Resolution SAR Interferometry
* Watching user generated videos with prefetching
Includes: Zink, M.[Manfred] Zink, M.
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Zink, W. Co Author Listing * Real-time Active Shape Models for Face Segmentation

Zinke, A.[Arno] Co Author Listing * Photo-Realistic Rendering of Blond Hair

Zinkl, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Anatomy of an Optical Biopsy Semantic Retrieval System, The

Zinna, S. Co Author Listing * Modeling activity in VBR video sources

Zinnen, A. Co Author Listing * Detection of abnormal behaviour in a surveillance environment using control charts

Zinner, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Algorithmic Considerations for Real-Time Stereo Vision Applications
* fast stereo matching algorithm suitable for embedded real-time systems, A
* Off-road Terrain Mapping Based on Dense Hierarchical Real-time Stereo Vision
* optimized Silicon Retina stereo matching algorithm using time-space correlation, An
* Optimized Software-Based Implementation of a Census-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm, An
* Reliable Left Luggage Detection Using Stereo Depth and Intensity Cues
Includes: Zinner, C.[Christian] Zinner, C.

Zinno, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * Fractal dimension images from SAR images
* On-Demand Web Tool for the Unsupervised Retrieval of Earth's Surface Deformation from SAR Data: The P-SBAS Service within the ESA G-POD Environment, An
* Role of Resolution in the Estimation of Fractal Dimension Maps From SAR Data, The
* SAR Imaging of Fractal Surfaces
Includes: Zinno, I.[Ivana] Zinno, I.

Zinoune, C. Co Author Listing * Sequential FDIA for Autonomous Integrity Monitoring of Navigation Maps on Board Vehicles

Zinovev, D.[Dmitriy] Co Author Listing * Texture-Based Probabilistic Approach for Lung Nodule Segmentation, A

Zinoveva, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Texture-Based Probabilistic Approach for Lung Nodule Segmentation, A

Zinreich, S.J. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear elastic registration of brain images with tumor pathology using a biomechanical model [MRI]

Zinssee, P. Co Author Listing * refined ICP algorithm for robust 3-d correspondence estimation, A

Zinterhof, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Fast Structure-Adaptive Evaluation of Local Features in Images, A
* Structure Adaptive Image Filtering Using Order Statistics
Includes: Zinterhof, P.[Peter] Zinterhof, P.

Zinzi, A. Co Author Listing * Mapping Landslides In Lunar Impact Craters Using Chebyshev Polynomials And Dem's
* moon Mapping Project To Promote Cooperation Between Students Of Italy And China, The

Zinzindohoue, P. Co Author Listing * Use of Texture Concept and Parametric Imaging Concept for Biomedical Image Segmentation

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