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Zois, E.[Elias] Co Author Listing * Long range correlation of preceded pixels relations and application to off-line signature verification

Zois, E.N.[Elias N.] Co Author Listing * Event Based Offline Signature Modeling Using Grid Source Probabilistic Coding
* Fusion of correlated decisions for writer verification
* Grid-based feature distributions for off-line signature verification
* Handwritten Signature Verification via Deep Sparse Coding Architecture
* Hierarchical Dictionary Learning and Sparse Coding for Static Signature Verification
* Modeling the pattern spectrum as a Markov process and its use for efficient shape classification
* Morphological waveform coding for writer identification
* Offline Handwritten Signature Modeling and Verification Based on Archetypal Analysis
* Offline signature verification and quality characterization using poset-oriented grid features
* Parsimonious Coding and Verification of Offline Handwritten Signatures
* Sequential Motif Profiles and Topological Plots for Offline Signature Verification
Includes: Zois, E.N.[Elias N.] Zois, E.N.
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