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Zwieback, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Dependence of C-Band Backscatter on Ground Temperature, Air Temperature and Snow Depth in Arctic Permafrost Regions
* Fine-Scale SAR Soil Moisture Estimation in the Subarctic Tundra
* Frozen Soil Detection Based on Advanced Scatterometer Observations and Air Temperature Data as Part of Soil Moisture Retrieval
* Influence of Vegetation Growth on the Polarimetric Zero-Baseline DInSAR Phase Diversity: Implications for Deformation Studies
* Polarimetric First-Order Model of Soil Moisture Effects on the DInSAR Coherence, A
* Repeat-Pass Interferometric Speckle
* Soil Moisture Estimation Using Differential Radar Interferometry: Toward Separating Soil Moisture and Displacements
* Statistical Test of Phase Closure to Detect Influences on DInSAR Deformation Estimates Besides Displacements and Decorrelation Noise: Two Case Studies in High-Latitude Regions, A
* Thaw Subsidence of a Yedoma Landscape in Northern Siberia, Measured In Situ and Estimated from TerraSAR-X Interferometry
* Verification of the Virtual Bandwidth SAR Scheme for Centimetric Resolution Subsurface Imaging From Space
Includes: Zwieback, S.[Simon] Zwieback, S.
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Zwiers, J.[Job] Co Author Listing * Supporting Engagement and Floor Control in Hybrid Meetings

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