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Self, B. Standard Author Listing
     with: Curless, B.: Photo Tours
     with: Furukawa, Y.: Photo Tours
     with: Gallup, D.: Photo Tours
     with: Hernandez, C.: Photo Tours
     with: Kushal, A.: Photo Tours
     with: Seitz, S.M.: Photo Tours

Selfridge, O.G. Standard Author Listing
     with: Minsky, M.L.: Learning in Random Nets
     with: Neisser, U.: Pattern Recognition by Machine

Selfridge, P.G. Standard Author Listing
     with: Mahakian, S.: Distributed Computing for Vision: Architecture and a Ben...
     with: Prewitt, J.M.S.: Organ Detection in Abdominal Computerized Tomography ...
     with: Sloan, K.R.: Locating Objects under Different Conditions: An Example i...
     with: Sloan, K.R.: Reasoning About Images: Application to Aerial Image Under...
     with: Sloan, K.R.: Reasoning About Images: Using Meta-Knowledge in Aerial Im...
     with: Sloan, K.R.: Reasoning About Success and Failure in Aerial Image Under...

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