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Wust Zibetti, M.V. Standard Author Listing
     with: Bazan, F.S.V.: Estimation of the parameters in regularized simultaneou...
     with: Mayer, J.: Estimation of the parameters in regularized simultaneous su...
     with: Mayer, J.: Outlier Robust and Edge-Preserving Simultaneous Super-Resol...
     with: Mayer, J.: Robust and Computationally Efficient Simultaneous Super-Res...
     with: Mayer, J.: Simultaneous Super-Resolution for Video Sequences

Wust, C. Standard Author Listing
     with: Capson, D.W.: Surface Profile Measurement Using Color Fringe Projection

Wustefeld, M. Standard Author Listing
     with: Plasberg, G.: Apparatus and a method for the detection of objects

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