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3DUI12 * *3D User Interfaces
* 3D Marking menu selection with freehand gestures
* approach to development of adaptive 3D user interfaces, An
* AR-based social presence enhancement in video-chat communication
* Augmented textual data viewing in 3D visualizations using tablets
* Beyond the Tunnels: Advanced 3D graphical modulation
* Brush, lasso, or magic wand? Picking the right tool for large-scale multiple object selection tasks
* Collaborative exploration in a multi-scale shared virtual environment
* Collaborative navigation in virtual search and rescue
* Comparing isometric and elastic surfboard interfaces for leaning-based travel in 3D virtual environments
* Comparing vibro-tactile feedback modes for collision proximity feedback in USAR virtual robot teleoperation
* Comparison of a two-handed interface to a wand interface and a mouse interface for fundamental 3D tasks
* composite approach to evaluate two interaction techniques for a 3D pointing task, A
* Democratizing rendering for multiple viewers in surround VR systems
* Design and evaluation of 3D cursors and motion parallax for the exploration of desktop virtual environments
* Design considerations for fabric-based input for surface design
* Drag'n Go: Simple and fast navigation in virtual environment
* Escape from Meadwyn 4: A cross-platform environment for collaborative navigation tasks
* Evaluation of a 3D UI with different input technologies
* Force feedback and visual constraint for drawing on a terrain: Path type, view complexity, and pseudohaptic effect
* From virtual to actual mobility: Assessing the benefits of active locomotion through an immersive virtual environment using a motorized wheelchair
* Fwobble: Continuous audio-haptic feedback for balance control, The
* gaming interface using body gestures for collaborative navigation, A
* generalized God-object method for plausible finger-based interactions in virtual environments, A
* Head gesture 3D interface using a head mounted camera
* HeatMeUp: A 3DUI serious game to explore collaborative wayfinding
* Immersive 3DUI on one dollar a day
* Improving motor rehabilitation process through a natural interaction based system using Kinect sensor
* Integrating spatial sensing to an interactive mobile 3D map
* interactive augmented reality coloring book, An
* Investigating one-eyed and stereo cursors for 3D pointing tasks
* King-Kong Effects: Improving sensation of walking in VR with visual and tactile vibrations at each step, The
* LOP-cursor: Fast and precise interaction with tiled displays using one hand and levels of precision
* Manipulating virtual objects in hand-held augmented reality using stored snapshots
* Manipulation techniques of 3D objects represented as multi-viewpoint images in a 3D scene
* new device for virtual or augmented underwater diving, A
* PapARt: Interactive 3D graphics and multi-touch augmented paper for artistic creation
* Physically-based natural hand and tangible AR interaction for face-to-face collaboration on a tabletop
* Point and go: Exploring 3D virtual environments
* Predator-prey vision metaphor for multi-tasking virtual environments
* Proxy based 3D selection
* Redirected touching: The effect of warping space on task performance
* Simultaneous categorical and spatio-temporal 3D gestures using Kinect
* Spatial misregistration of virtual human audio: Implications of the precedence effect
* Survey of 3DUI applications and development challenges
* Virtual exertions: A user interface combining visual information, kinesthetics and biofeedback for virtual object manipulation
* Virtual interaction surface: Decoupling of interaction and view dimensions for flexible indirect 3D interaction
* Visual interpenetration tradeoffs in whole-hand virtual grasping
* Zooming interface using a 3D finger position for mobile devices
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