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6DPose16 * *Recovering 6D Object Pose
* Direct Method for Robust Model-Based 3D Object Tracking from a Monocular RGB Image, A
* Direct-from-Video: Unsupervised NRSfM
* On Evaluation of 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Physical Reasoning for 3D Object Recognition Using Global Hypothesis Verification
* Radial Search Method for Fast Nearest Neighbor Search on Range Images, A
* Reconstructing Articulated Rigged Models from RGB-D Videos
* RobotFusion: Grasping with a Robotic Manipulator via Multi-view Reconstruction
* SemanticFusion: Joint Labeling, Tracking and Mapping
* Towards Categorization and Pose Estimation of Sets of Occluded Objects in Cluttered Scenes from Depth Data and Generic Object Models Using Joint Parsing
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