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Broadcast( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. Broadcasting

Broadcast(44) * Field Trials of an MPEG2 Distributed Single Frequency Network
* Joint Video Coding of MPEG-2 Video Programs for Digital Broadcasting Services
* MPEG-2 Spatial Scalable Coding and Transport Stream Error Concealment for Satellite TV Broadcasting Using KA-Band
* Performance Evaluation of Cell Discarding Mechanisms for the Distribution of VBR MPEG-2 Video over ATM Networks

Broadcast(46) * Morphological segmentation of sport scenes using color information

Brown * *Brown University
* Completely Automatic Reliable Finding of Main Roads in Aerial Images by Using Bayesian Methods
* Describing Complicated Objects by Implicit Polynomials
* HumanEva: Synchronized Video and Motion Capture Dataset for Evaluation of Articulated Human Motion
* On the computation of 3D symmetries and shocks
* Practical Reliable Bayesian Recognition of 2D and 3D Objects Using Implicit Polynomials and Algebraic Invariants
* Real Time Textured Image Segmentation Based on Noncausal Markovian Random Field Models
* Recognition and Positioning of Rigid Objects Using Algebraic and Moment Invariants
* Simple Parallel Hierarchical and Relaxation Algorithms for Segmenting Noncausal Markovian Random Fields
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