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CAD( Vol No. ) * *Computer-Aided Design

CAD(10) * Recursively generated B-spline surfaces on arbitrary topological surfaces

CAD(13) * Surface interpolation based on new local coordinates

CAD(15) * On Automatic Recognition of 3D Structures from 2D Representations

CAD(24) * Topological and differentialequation methods for surface intersections

CAD(25) * Shape offsets via level sets

CAD(28) * Analysis of Machined Feature Recognition Techniques Based on B-Rep
* Determining intersection curves between surfaces of two solids
* Optimization-Based Reconstruction of a 3D Object from a Single Freehand Line Drawing
* Planar Curve Offset Based on Circle Approximation

CAD(29) * 3-Dimensional Object Reconstruction from 2-Dimensional Images
* Accelerated Triangulation Method for Computing the Skeletons of Free-Form Solid Models, An
* Approximation of Measured Data with Interval B-Splines
* C-2 Triangular Patch for the Interpolation of Functional Scattered Data, A
* General B-Spline Interpolation Method and Its Application to the Modification of Curves and Surfaces, The
* High-Level CAD Model Acquisition from Range Images
* Inferring 3D Models from Freehand Sketches and Constraints
* Manufacturing Feature Determination and Extraction I: Optimal Volume Segmentation
* Recognizing 2-1/2D Shape-Features Using a Neural-Network and Heuristics
* Reverse Engineering Of Geometric-Models: An Introduction
* Robust Point Inclusion Algorithm for Regions Bounded by Parametric Curve Segments, A
* Segmentation of a Wrap-Around Model Using an Active Contour
* Static Polyhedron Simplification Using Error Measurements
* Surface Reconstruction: From Points to Splines
* Towards Multiprocessor Feature Recognition
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CAD(31) * Object reconstruction by incorporating geometric constraints in reverse engineering
* overview of offset curves and surfaces, An

CAD(34) * extension algorithm for B-splines by curve unclamping, An

CAD(37) * Frontal Geometry from Sketches of Engineering Objects: Is Line Labelling Necessary

CADBV91 * *Workshop on Directions in Automated CAD-Based Vision
* 3D Object Recognition Using Invariant Feature Indexing of Interpretation Tables
* Automatic Camera and Light-Source Placement Using CAD Models
* CAD-Based Feature Utility Measures for Automatic Vision Programming
* CBCV: A CAD-Based Computer Vision System
* Computing Stable Poses of Piecewise Smooth Objects
* Constrained Viewpoint from Occluding Contour
* Context-Constrained Matching of Hierarchical CAD-Based Models for Outdoor Scene Interpretation
* From Volumes to Views: An Approach to 3-D Object Recognition
* INGEN: A Robot Vision System for Generic Object Recognition
* Model Based Recognition of Specular Objects Using Sensor Models
* On The Characteristic Views of Quadric-Surfaced Solids
* On Using CAD Models to Compute the Pose of Curved 3D Objects
* Perspective Projection Aspect Graphs of Solids of Revolution: An Implementation
* PREMIO: An Overview
* Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical for Computer Vision
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CADBV94 * *Workshop on Directions in Automated CAD-Based Vision
* Building Global Object Models by Purposive Viewpoint Control

CADG(4) * Local Surface Interpolation with Bezier Patches

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