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CRA00 * *CRA
* 3D map reconstruction from range data
* Active and Passive Range Sensing for Robotics
* Controlling robots with two cameras: how to do it properly
* Design, Architecture, and Control of a Mobile Site Modeling Robot
* Tracking techniques for visual servoing tasks

CRA01 * *CRA

CRA02 * *CRA
* Method of Automatic Sensor Placement for Robot Vision in Inspection Tasks, A
* Self Recalibration of a Structured Light Vision System from a Single View

CRA03 * Appearance-based representation and recognition of human motions
* Simultaneous localization and mapping with unknown data association using FastSLAM

CRA04 * *CRA

CRA05 * *CRA
* New Approach to the Use of Edge Extremities for Model-based Object Tracking, A
* Person Tracking with a Mobile Robot using Two Uncalibrated Independently Moving Cameras
* Robust contrast invariant stereo correspondence

CRA06 * Integration of Visual and Inertial Information for Egomotion: A Stochastic Approach
* rho-SLAM: Stereo vision SLAM using the Rao-Blackwellised particle filter and a novel mixture proposal distribution

CRA07 * *CRA
* Inverse Depth to Depth Conversion for Monocular SLAM
* New Approach for Active Stereo Camera Calibration, A

CRA08 * *CRA
* Gamma-SLAM: Using Stereo Vision and Variance Grid Maps for SLAM in Unstructured Environments

CRA09 * *CRA

CRA10 * *CRA
* Vision-based MAV navigation in unknown and unstructured environments

CRA84 * Decomposition of Transformation Matrices for Robot Vision

CRA85 * *CRA
* CAGD Based 3-D Vision
* Calibration and Use of a Light Stripe Range Sensor Mounted on the Hand of a Robot
* Determination of Next Best Views, The
* Object Recognition Using Multiple Views
* Toward a Surface Primal Sketch
* Visual Map Making for a Mobile Robot
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CRA86 * *CRA
* Approach to 3-D Object Identification Using Range Images, An
* Architecture for Sensor Fusion in a Mobile Robot, An
* Building Visual Maps by Combining Noisy Stereo Measurements
* On Parallel Stereo
* Progress in Robot Road-Following
* Range From Focus
* Stereo Vision of a Mobile Robot: World Constraints for Image Matching and Interpretation
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CRA87 * *CRA
* CAD-Based Robotics
* Finding Cylinders in Range Data
* Knowledge-Based Robotics
* mobile robot: Sensing, planning and locomotion, A
* Modeling and Calibration of a Structured Light Scanner for 3-D Robot Vision
* On Parallel Stereo
* Sensing and Perception Research for Space Telerobotics at JPL
* Technique to Calibrate Industrial Robots with Experimental Verification, A
* Three Dimensional Model Matching from an Unconstrained Viewpoint
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CRA88 * *CRA
* Building a 3-D World Model for a Mobile Robot from Sensory Data
* general framework for robot hand-eye coordination, A
* Generic Models for Robot Navigation
* Nonplanar Curve and Surface Estimation in 3-Space
* On Recognition of 3-D Objects from 2-D Images
* Real Time Versatile Robotics Hand/Eye Calibration Using 3D Machine Vision
* Representing generic objects for exploration and recognition
* Robot Hand-Eye Coordination: Shape Description and Grasping
* Thermal and Visual Information Fusion for Outdoor Scene Perception
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CRA89 * *CRA
* 3-D Modeling of Indoor Scenes by Fusion of Noisy Range and Stereo Data
* Attributed Image Matching Using a Minimum Representation Size Criterion
* Building Hierarchical Solid Models from Sensor Data
* CAD-Based Grasp Synthesis Utilizing Polygons, Edges, and Vertices
* Computational Geometric Methods in Volumetric Intersection for 3D Reconstruction
* Determining Surface Curvature with Photometric Stereo
* Haptic Object Recognition Using a Multi-Fingered Dextrous Hand
* Multilevel Vision Based Spatial Reasoning for Robotic Tasks
* On Characterizing Ribbons and Finding Skewed Symmetries
* On the Order Induced by a Set of Rays: Application to the Probing of Nonconvex Polygons
* Scene Description for Object Manipulation in Unstructured Environments
* Uncertainty Estimates for Polyhedral Object Recognition
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CRA90 * *CRA
* accurate estimation of 3-D position and orientation of a moving object for robot stereo vision: Kalman filter approach, An
* Direct dynamic motion vision
* Energy-Based Segmentation of Very Sparse Range Surfaces
* model for fusion of spatial information in dynamic vision, A
* Shape from Focus: An Effective Approach for Rough Surfaces
* Visual Obstacle Detection for Automatically Guided Vehicles
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CRA91 * *CRA
* Layered Network for Correspondence of 3-D Objects, A
* Object Modeling by Registration of Multiple Range Images
* Robust Computation of Image-Motion and Scene Depth
* Stereo Matching Algorithm with an Adaptive Window: Theory and Experiment, A
* Very Fast VLSI Rangefinder, A
* Visual Tracking with Deformation Models
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CRA92 * *CRA
* Automatic vision system for final test of liquid crystal display
* B-reps from Unregistered Multiple Range Image
* Modeling of a Computer-Controlled Zoom Lens
* Real-Time Stereo Vision with Multiple Arrayed Camera
* Simulation and Graphical Interface for Programming, Operation, and Interactive Control of Sensor-based Robots
* Structure and Motion from Line Segments in Multiple Images
* Towards an Assembly Plan from Observation: Task Recognition with Polyhedral Objects
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CRA93 * *CRA
* Perception Control for Obstacle Detection by a Cross Country Rover
* Real-Time Construction of Three-Dimensional Occupancy Maps
* Real-Time Line-Based Motion Stereo
* Structure and Motion from Region Correspondences and Affine Invariants
* Vision-Guided Exploration: A Step toward General Motion Planning in Three Dimensions

CRA94 * *CRA
* Acquisition of consistent range data using local calibration
* Determination of Motion Breakpoints in a Task Sequence from Human Hand Motion
* Fast Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for Mobile Robots
* Provable Strategies for Vision-Guided Exploration in Three Dimensions
* Real-Time 3D Pose Estimation Using a High-Speed Range Sensor

CRA95 * *CRA
* Adaptive Visual Tracking Algorithm and Real Time Implementation
* Generating Visual Sensing Strategies in Assembly Tasks
* Mobile Robot Localization Using a Computer Vision Sextant

CRA96 * *CRA
* Pattern analysis for autonomous vehicles with the region- and feature-based neural network: global self-localization and traffic sign recognition
* Real-Time 100 Object Recognition System
* SERVOMATIC: A Modular System for Robust Positioning Using Stereo Visual Servoing

CRA97 * Robotic System for 3-D Model Acquisition from Multiple Range Images, A

CRA98 * *CRA
* Maximum Likelihood Rover Localization by Matching Range Maps
* Registering, Integrating, and Building CAD Models from Range Data

CRA99 * Geometric Understanding of Rigid Body Transformations
* Learning Visual Landmarks for Pose Estimation

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