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DSP( Vol No. ) * *Digital Signal Processing

DSP(5) * Affinity-Weighted Neural Network Motion Estimation for MPEG Coding
* Model-Free Texture Segmentation Based on Distances Between First-Order Statistics
* Pose Estimation Of 3-Dimensional Objects From Single Camera Images

DSP(6) * Fourier-Based Texture Measures with Application to the Analysis of the Cell Structure of Baked Products

DSP(7) * Fast Vector Quantization Encoding Based on K-D Tree Backtracking Search Algorithm
* Image Restoration Using Generalized Deterministic Annealing
* Lossless Image Compression Using Predictive Codebooks
* On the Evolution of Parallel Computers Dedicated to Image-Processing Through Examples of Some French Computers
* Two-Dimensional LMS Adaptation Strategies for Nonstationary Signals
* Wavelets, Detection, Estimation, and Sparsity

DSP(8) * Data Compression Using New Fast Adaptive Cosine Haar Transforms

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