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Hands15 * *Workshop on Observing and Understanding Hands in Action
* American Sign Language alphabet recognition using Microsoft Kinect
* Hand gesture recognition with 3D convolutional neural networks
* Hierarchical particle filtering for 3D hand tracking
* ICPIK: Inverse Kinematics based articulated-ICP
* Mining discriminative states of hands and objects to recognize egocentric actions with a wearable RGBD camera
* On-the-fly hand detection training with application in egocentric action recognition
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Hands16 * *Workshop on Observing and Understanding Hands in Action
* Effectiveness of Grasp Attributes and Motion-Constraints for Fine-Grained Recognition of Object Manipulation Actions
* Hidden Hands: Tracking Hands with an Occlusion Aware Tracker
* Learning Marginalization through Regression for Hand Orientation Inference
* Skeleton-Based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition

Hands17 * *Workshop on Observing and Understanding Hands in Action
* Back to RGB: 3D Tracking of Hands and Hand-Object Interactions Based on Short-Baseline Stereo
* Conditional Regressive Random Forest Stereo-Based Hand Depth Recovery
* Deep Learning Based Hand Detection in Cluttered Environment Using Skin Segmentation
* DeepPrior++: Improving Fast and Accurate 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* Hand Pose Estimation Using Deep Stereovision and Markov-Chain Monte Carlo
* Human Action Recognition: Pose-Based Attention Draws Focus to Hands
* LPSNet: A Novel Log Path Signature Feature Based Hand Gesture Recognition Framework
* YOLSE: Egocentric Fingertip Detection from Single RGB Images
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Hannover13 * *ISPRS Hannover Workshop
* Analysis of X-Band Very High Resolution Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Data over Urban Areas
* Applicability Analysis of Ultra-Light UAV for Flooding Site Survey in South Korea
* Approach for the Semi-Automatic Verification of 3D Building Models
* Automatic Detection and Recognition of Man-Made Objects in High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Using Hierarchical Semantic Graph Model
* Automatic Detection of Storm Damages Using High-Altitude Photogrammetric Imaging
* Automatic Feature-Based Point Cloud Registration for a Moving Sensor Platform
* Automatic Orientation of Large Blocks of Oblique Images
* Backscattering of Individual LIDAR Pulses from Forest Canopies Explained by Photogrammetrically Derived Vegetation Structure
* Building Extraction Using Multi Sensor Systems
* Characteristics and Accuracy of Large Area Covering Height Models
* Classification of Water Surfaces Using Airborne Topographic LIDAR Data
* Complementarity of SAR Polarimetry and Tomography for Building Detection and Characterization
* Creation of 3D Models from Large Unstructured Image and Video Datasets
* Crowdsourced Mapping: Letting Amateurs into the Temple?
* Data Fusion for Building Reconstruction from Multi-Aspect INSAR Data
* Data Mining for Knowledge Discovery from Object-Based Segmentation of VHR Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Data Processing Concepts for the Integration of SAR into Operational Volcano Monitoring Systems
* Delineation of Building Footprints from High Resolution Satellite Stereo Imagery Using Image Matching and a GIS Database
* Determination of Glacier Surface Area Using Spaceborne SAR Imagery
* Discrete Topology Based Hierarchical Segmentation for Efficient Object-Based Image Analyis: Application to Object Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images
* DSMS Generation from COSMO-SKYMED, RADARSAT-2 AND TERRASAR-X Imagery on Beauport (Canada) Test Site: Evaluation and Comparison of Different Radargrammetric Approaches
* Effect of Different GNSS Solutions on the Direct Sensor Orientation Accuracy, The
* Enhanced Component Detection Algorithm of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data
* Estimation of Biomass Potential Based on Classification and Height Information
* EUFODOS: European Forest Downstream Services: Improved Information on Forest Structure and Damage
* Evaluation of Persistent Scatterer Patterns at Building Facades by Simulation Techniques
* Evaluation of PLEIADES-1A Triplet on Trento Testfield
* Evaluation of SAR Data as Source of Ground Control Information: First Results
* Evaluation of ZY-3 For DSM and Ortho Image Generation
* Exploiting Shadow Evidence and Iterative Graph-Cuts for Efficient Detection of Buildings in Complex Environments
* Extraction of Building Shape from Tandem-X Data
* Filtering Airborne LIDAR Data by an Improved Morphological Method Based on Multi-Gradient Analysis
* From DSM to 3D Building Models: A Quantitative Evaluation
* Fully Automatic Optical Processing System CATENA at DLR, The
* Geometric Correction of Airborne Linear Array Image Based on Bias Matrix
* Geospectral Camera: A Compact and Geometrically Precise Hyperspectral and High Spatial Resolution Imager, The
* High Resolution Temporal Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices for Specific Crop Identification
* How to Pan-Sharpen Images Using the Gram-Schmidt Pan-Sharpen Method: A Recipe
* Integration of LIDAR Data into a Municipal GIS to Study Solar Radiation
* Investigation on Circular Mapping by FMCW-SAR on Small Airplanes
* Labeling of Clusters Based on Critical Analysis of Texture Measures
* Line-Based Registration of DSM and Hyperspectral Images
* Model-to-Image Registration and Automatic Texture Mapping Using a Video Sequence Taken by a Mini UAV
* Monitoring Concepts for Coastal Areas Using LIDAR Data
* Multi-Source Hierarchical Conditional Random Field Model for Feature Fusion of Remote Sensing Images and LIDAR Data
* Multidirectional Building Detection in Aerial Images without Shape Templates
* Near Real-Time Automatic Marine Vessel Detection on Optical Satellite Images
* New Light-Weight Stereosopic Spectrometric Airborne Imaging Technology for High-Resolution Environmental Remote Sensing: Case Studies in Water Quality Mapping
* Object-Based Analysis of Aerial Photogrammetric Point Cloud and Spectral Data for Land Cover Mapping
* Occlusion Detection by Height Gradient for True Orthophoto Generation, Using Lidar Data
* Operational SAR Data Processing in GIS Environments for Rapid Disaster Mapping
* Performance Evaluation of Thermographic Cameras for Photogrammetric Measurements
* Precise 2-D and 3-D Ground Target Localization with TerraSAR-X
* Radiometric Block Adjusment and Digital Radiometric Model Generation
* Rapid Acquisition of Environmental Information After Accidents with Hazardous Cargo Through Remote Sensing by UAV
* Rapid Geometric Correction of SSC TERRASAR-X Images with Direct Georeferencing, Global DEM and Global Geoid Models
* Real and Simulated Waveform Recording LIDAR Data in Boreal Juvenile Forest Vegetation
* Reference LIDAR Surfaces for Enhanced Aerial Triangulation and Camera Calibration
* Registration of Optical Data with High-Resolution SAR Data: A New Image Registration Solution
* Rigorous Georeferencing of ALSAT-2A Panchromatic and Multispectral Imagery
* Road Region Detection in Urban Areas Combining High-Resolution RGB Image and Laser Scanning Data in a Classification Framework
* Roads Centre-Axis Extraction in Airborne SAR Images: An Approach Based on Active Contour Model with the Use of Semi-Automatic Seeding
* Supporting UAVS in Low Visibility Conditions by Multiple-Pulse Laser Scanning Devices
* Synergetics Framework for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Tandem-X Mission: Overview, Status and Outlook
* Towards Change Detection in Urban Area by SAR Interferometry and Radargrammetry
* Transformation from Green to Concrete Cities; A Remote Sensing Perspective, The
* Transmission Line Theory Based Two Layer Model for Determining Soil Moisture
* Using Lattice Topology Information to Investigate Persistent Scatterers at Facades in Urban Areas
* Using Morphological Differential Attribute Profiles for Change Categorization in High Resolution SAR Images
* Using Satellite Images for Wireless Network Planing in Baku City
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