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JMIV( Vol No. ) * *Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision

JMIV(1) * Affine Shape Representation from Motion Through Reference Points
* Euclidean Gray-Scale Granulometries: Representation and Umbra Inducement
* Formal Definition of the Hough Transform: Properties and Relationships, A
* Hole-Spectrum Representation and Model-Based Optimal Morphological Restoration of Binary Images Degraded by Subtractive Noise
* Invariant Surface and Motion Estimation from Sparse Range Data
* Invertibility of a Special Class of Mean Filter Operators
* Morphological Template Decomposition with Max-Polynomials
* Motion Parameters from Right Angles
* Recursive Operations in Image Algebra
* Scale-Space Behaviour of Local Extrema and Blobs
* Special Issue: Image Algebra and Morphological Image Processing
* Statistical Morphology and Bayesian Reconstruction
* Statistics of the Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Moments for a Random Grain Model
* Watershed and Skeleton by Influence Zones: A Distance-Based Approach
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JMIV(10) * Adaptive Fractal Image Sequence Coding by Variable Shape Decomposition
* Algebraic Geometry and Computer Vision: Polynomial Systems, Real and Complex Roots
* Binocular Stereo from Grey-Scale Images
* Classical Construction for the Digital Fundamental Group, A
* Family of Regularizing Kernels for Averaging in the Presence of Template Jitter
* Linear Scale-Space has First been Proposed in Japan
* Markovian Analysis of Adaptive Reconstructive Multiparameter t-Openings
* Minimal Decomposition of Model-Based Invariants
* Model-Based Recognition of 3D Curves from One View
* Multi-Scale Image Analysis by Pyramidal Algorithms
* Parameter-Free Elastic Deformation Approach for 2D and 3D Registration Using Prescribed Displacements
* Properties of Ridges and Cores for Two-Dimensional Images
* Reconstruction from Calibrated Cameras: A New Proof of the Kruppa-Demazure Theorem
* Shape Representation Using Fourier Coefficients of the Sinusoidal Transform
* Two-Point Correlation Function: A Measure of Interclass Separability, The
* VC-Dimension Analysis of Object Recognition Tasks
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JMIV(11) * Decoupling Orientation Recovery from Position Recovery with 3D-2D Point Correspondences
* Design and Analysis of Robust Binary Filters in the Context of a Prior Distribution for the States of Nature
* Difference-Stereogram, The
* Extension of Affine Shape
* Fast Iterative Methods for Fractal Image Compression
* Full Bayesian Approach to Curve and Surface Reconstruction, A
* Geometric Constructions in the Digital Plane
* Image Sequence Analysis via Partial Differential Equations
* Lattice Boltzmann Models for Anisotropic Diffusion of Images
* Madura: A Language for Learning Vision Programs from Examples
* New Model of Computation for Learning Vision Modules from Examples, A
* On Computing the Exact Euclidean Distance Transform on Rectangular and Hexagonal Grids
* Reliable Location and Regression Estimates with Application to Range Image Segmentation
* Removing Noise and Preserving Details with Relaxed Median Filters
* Scale-Space Medialness Transform Based on Boundary Concordance Voting, A
* Shape Metric for Blum Ribbons, A
* Some Topological Properties of Surfaces in Z3
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JMIV(12) * Ambiguous Shape from Shading with Critical Points
* Bayesian Joint Mixture Framework for the Integration of Anatomical Information in Functional Image Reconstruction, A
* Bias Error Analysis of the Generalised Hough Transform
* Discretization in Hausdorff Space
* Efficient Algorithms for Image Template and Dictionary Matching
* Fast Fourier Transform for Hexagonal Aggregates
* Mathematical Morphology Based on Linear Combined Metric Spaces on Z2 (Part I): Fast Distance Transforms
* Mathematical Morphology Based on Linear Combined Metric Spaces on Z2 (Part II): Constant Time Morphological Operations
* Principal Component Analysis of Random Particles
* Recognizing 3D Objects Using Tactile Sensing and Curve Invariants
* Relations Between Regularization and Diffusion Filtering
* Solutions and Ambiguities of the Structure and Motion Problem for 1D Retinal Vision
* Topological Structure of Scale-Space Images, The
* Vector Median Filters, Inf-Sup Operations, and Coupled PDE's: Theoretical Connections
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JMIV(13) * Analysis of Edge Detection by Using the Jensen-Shannon Divergence, An
* Branch Points in One-Dimensional Gaussian Scale Space
* Closed Form Solutions for Reconstruction Via Complex Analysis
* Combinatorial Optimization Technique for the Sequential Decomposition of Erosions and Dilations, A
* Critical Motions for Auto-Calibration When Some Intrinsic Parameters Can Vary
* Invariants to Convolution in Arbitrary Dimensions
* Linear Algorithm for Computing the Homography from Conics in Correspondence, A
* Motor Algebra for 3D Kinematics: The Case of the Hand-Eye Calibration
* Motor Extended Kalman Filter: A Geometric Approach for Rigid Motion Estimation, The
* Multigrid Convergence of Calculated Features in Image Analysis
* On the Fourier Properties of Discontinuous Motion
* Space Curve Representation and Recognition Based on Wavelet Transform Zero-Crossings
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JMIV(14) * Boundary Smoothing via Symmetry Transforms
* Diffusions and Confusions in Signal and Image Processing
* Edge Detection by Helmholtz Principle
* Edge-Preserving Image Reconstruction Using Neural Network, An
* Extension of Fourier-Wavelet Volume Rendering by View Interpolation, An
* Faber-Schauder Wavelet Transform, Application to Edge Detection and Image Characterization
* Framework for Reconstruction based Recognition of Partially Occluded Repeated Objects, A
* Guest Editor's Introduction
* Image Registration, Optical Flow and Local Rigidity
* Images and Benford's Law
* Multiple Contour Finding and Perceptual Grouping using Minimal Paths
* Multiresolution Analysis for Optimal Binary Filters
* New Model and Reconstruction Method for 2D PET Based on Transforming Detector Tube Data into Detector Arc Data, A
* Non-Parametric Motion Activity Analysis for Statistical Retrieval with Partial Query
* On the Incorporation of Time-delay Regularization into Curvature-Based Diffusion
* Optimal Algorithm for Shape from Shading and Path Planning
* Optimal Conjunctive Granulometric Bandpass Filters
* Rationalising the Renormalisation Method of Kanatani
* Statistical Image Object Recognition using Mixture Densities
* Variational Optic Flow Computation with a Spatio-Temporal Smoothness Constraint
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JMIV(15) * Complexity, Confusion, and Perceptual Grouping. Part I: The Curve-like Representation
* Complexity, Confusion, and Perceptual Grouping. Part II: Mapping Complexity
* Decomposition of Separable Concave Structuring Functions
* Dynamic Scale-Space Paradigm, A
* From the Sup-Decomposition to Sequential Decompositions
* Guest Editors' Introduction
* Non-Linear Scale-Spaces Isomorphic to the Linear Case with Applications to Scalar, Vector and Multispectral Images
* On Averaging Rotations
* Pretopological Approach for Image Segmentation and Edge Detection, A
* Spectral Mixture Analysis: Linear and Semi-parametric Full and Iterated Partial Unmixing in Multi- and Hyperspectral Image Data
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JMIV(16) * Adaptive Window Size Image De-noising Based on Intersection of Confidence Intervals (ICI) Rule
* Analysis of Echoes in Single-Image Random-Dot-Stereograms
* Fast Reverse Jacket Transform As an Alternative Representation of the N-Point Fast Fourier Transform
* Geometric Approach for the Theory and Applications of 3D Projective Invariants, A
* Geometry and Color in Natural Images
* Grey-Scale Morphology Based on Fuzzy Logic
* Hopfield Neural Network Based Stereo Matching Algorithm
* Markov Random Field Modeling in Median Pyramidal Transform Domain for Denoising Applications
* MRF-Based Approach to Generation of Super-Resolution Images from Blurred Observations, An
* Multiresolution Design of Aperture Operators
* Non-Rigid Shape Comparison of Plane Curves in Images
* On the Reliability of Computing Wigner Texture Features
* Optimal Coding of Quantized Laplacian Sources for Predictive Image Compression
* Pattern Recognition Theory in Nonlinear Signal Processing
* Symmetry Measure Computation for Convex Polyhedra
* Tree-Structured Haar Transforms
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JMIV(17) * Deformable Template Model, with Special Reference to Elliptical Templates, A
* Digital Topology: Regular Sets and Root Images of the Cross-Median Filter
* Estimating Overcomplete Independent Component Bases for Image Windows
* Filter To Remove Gaussian Noise by Clustering the Gray Scale, A
* Grain Filters
* Granulometric Size Density for Segmented Random-Disk Models
* Group-Theoretic Construction with Spatiotemporal Wavelets for the Analysis of Rotational Motion, A
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Statistics of Shapes and Textures
* Inf-Semilattice Approach to Self-Dual Morphology
* Least Committed Splines in 3D Modelling of Free Form Objects from Intensity Images
* Linear One-Sided Stability of MAT for Weakly Injective Domain
* Matrix Cubic Splines for Progressive 3D Imaging
* On Voronoi Diagrams and Medial Axes
* Optimal Level Curves and Global Minimizers of Cost Functionals in Image Segmentation
* Problem of Sparse Image Coding, The
* Shape Connectivity: Multiscale Analysis and Application to Generalized Granulometries
* Statistical Shape Features for Content-Based Image Retrieval
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JMIV(18) * 3D Curves Reconstruction Based on Deformable Models
* Ambiguous Configurations for the 1D Structure and Motion Problem
* Curvature Based Image Registration
* Digital Curvature Flow and Its Application for Skeletonization
* Fast Local and Global Projection-Based Methods for Affine Motion Estimation
* Geometric Invariant Shape Representations Using Morphological Multiscale Analysis
* Greedy Algorithm for Decomposing Convex Structuring Elements, A
* Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue on Imaging Science
* Local Multichannel Deconvolution
* Nonlinearities and Noise Reduction in 3-Source Photometric Stereo
* Numerical Schemes of Shock Filter Models for Image Enhancement and Restoration
* On Advances in Statistical Modeling of Natural Images
* On Using Functions to Describe the Shape
* Scale Space Hierarchy
* Segmentation with Depth but Without Detecting Junctions
* Topological Zone Organization of Scalar Volume Data
* Variational Restoration and Edge Detection for Color Images
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JMIV(19) * Classical Theory of Invariants and Object Recognition Using Algebraic Curve and Surfaces, The
* Covariant-Conics Decomposition of Quartics for 2D Shape Recognition and Alignment
* Estimation of Surface Flow and Net Heat Flux from Infrared Image Sequences
* Extraction of Singular Points from Dense Motion Fields: An Analytic Approach
* Generalizing Operations of Binary Autoassociative Morphological Memories Using Fuzzy Set Theory
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Morphological Neural Networks
* Level Set Curve Matching and Particle Image Velocimetry for Resolving Chemistry and Turbulence Interactions in Propagating Flames
* Linear Transformation Groups and Shape Space
* Morphological Scale Spaces and Associative Morphological Memories: Results on Robustness and Practical Applications
* Multiplicative Operator Splittings in Nonlinear Diffusion: From Spatial Splitting to Multiple Timesteps
* Optimizing Digital Hardware Perceptrons for Multi-Spectral Image Classification
* Reconstruction of Patterns from Noisy Inputs Using Morphological Associative Memories
* Root Images of Median Filters
* Theoretical Tour of Connectivity in Image Processing and Analysis, A
* Tube Methods for BV Regularization
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JMIV(2) * Asymptotic Behavior of Morphological Filters
* Local Decomposition of Gray-Scale Morphological Templates
* Manipulation of Multivalued Images in Image Algebra
* Mission Parameters Derived from Optical Flow
* Morphological Analysis of Discrete Random Shapes
* Morphological Methods for Detection and Classification of Edges in Range Images
* Nonlinear Filtering Structure for Image Smoothing in Mixed-Noise Environments
* Root-Signal Sets of Morphological Filters and Their Use in Variable-Length BTC Image Coding
* Shape from Texture for Smooth Curved Surfaces in Perspective Projection
* Statistical Properties, Fixed Points, and Decomposition with WMMR Filters
* Structure of the Aura and Co-Occurrence Matrices for the Gibbs Texture Model
* Unification of Nonlinear Filtering in the Context of Binary Logical Calculus, Part I: Binary Filters
* Unification of Nonlinear Filtering in the Context of Binary Logical Calculus, Part II: Gray-Scale Filters
* Vector-Space Solution for a Morphological Shape-Decomposition Problem
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JMIV(20) * Affine Invariant Flows in the Beltrami Framework
* Algorithm for Total Variation Minimization and Applications, An
* Energy Partitions and Image Segmentation
* Fast Computation of Variant Templates for Parallel Image Processing
* Fast Spectral Method for Active 3D Shape Reconstruction, A
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Mathematics and Image Analysis
* Image Denoising and Decomposition with Total Variation Minimization and Oscillatory Functions
* Image Sharpening by Flows Based on Triple Well Potentials
* Inexact Newton-CG-Type Active Contour Approach for the Minimization of the Mumford-Shah Functional, An
* Isotropic Energies, Filters and Splines for Vector Field Regularization
* Landmark Matching via Large Deformation Diffeomorphisms on the Sphere
* Levelings, Image Simplification Filters for Segmentation
* On the Axioms of Scale Space Theory
* Optimal Filters with Multiresolution Apertures
* Practical, Unified, Motion and Missing Data Treatment in Degraded Video
* Regularizing Flows for Constrained Matrix-Valued Images
* Resuming Shapes with Applications
* Variational Approach to Remove Outliers and Impulse Noise, A
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JMIV(21) * Euclidean Group Invariant Computation of Stochastic Completion Fields Using Shiftable-Twistable Functions
* General Framework for Trajectory Triangulation, A
* Lattice-Based Minimal Gray-Scale Switching Algorithm for Obtaining the Optimal Increasing Filter from the Optimal Filter, A
* Measuring and Improving Image Resolution by Adaptation of the Reciprocal Cell
* Midway Image Equalization
* Monogenic Scale-Space: A Unifying Approach to Phase-Based Image Processing in Scale-Space, The
* New Multiwavelet-Based Approach to Image Fusion, A
* Nonlinear Filter Design Using Envelopes
* On the Choice of Band-Pass Quadrature Filters
* On the Number of Digital Discs
* Selection of Thresholding Scheme for Image Noise Reduction on Wavelet Components Using Bayesian Estimation
* Shape Restoration via a Regularized Curvature Flow
* Use of Size Functions for Comparison of Shapes Through Differential Invariants, The
* Weakly Constrained Minimization: Application to the Estimation of Images and Signals Involving Constant Regions
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JMIV(22) * Extracting Meaningful Curves from Images
* Geometric Methods for Shape Recovery from Line Drawings of Polyhedra
* Guest Editorial, Morphology
* Image Decomposition into a Bounded Variation Component and an Oscillating Component
* Image Denoising by Statistical Area Thresholding
* Lattice Image Processing: A Unification of Morphological and Fuzzy Algebraic Systems
* Morphological Erosions and Openings: Fast Algorithms Based on Anchors
* Morphological Pyramids in Multiresolution MIP Rendering of Large Volume Data: Survey and New Results
* Morphology on Label Images: Flat-Type Operators and Connections
* Multiscale Connected Operators
* On Topological Watersheds
* Path Openings and Closings
* Pose Estimation in Conformal Geometric Algebra Part I: The Stratification of Mathematical Spaces
* Pose Estimation in Conformal Geometric Algebra Part II: Real-Time Pose Estimation Using Extended Feature Concepts
* Properties of Digital Homotopy
* Quasi-Linear Algorithms for the Topological Watershed
* Shape-Tree Semilattice
* Viscous Lattices
* Viscous Watershed Transform, The
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JMIV(23) * Adapted Total Variation for Artifact Free Decompression of JPEG Images
* Behavior of the Laplacian of Gaussian Extrema
* Camera Autocalibration and the Calibration Pencil
* Construction and Application of Hybrid Wavelet and Other Parametric Orthogonal Transforms
* Discrete Surfaces and Frontier Orders
* Discrete Topology of (An*) Optimal Sampling Grids. Interest in Image Processing and Visualization
* FNS, CFNS and HEIV: A Unifying Approach
* Generalized Discrete Radon Transforms and Their Use in the Ridgelet Transform
* Globally Optimal Geodesic Active Contours
* Group Theoretical Structure of Spectral Spaces
* Image Manifolds which are Isometric to Euclidean Space
* Least Squares Fitting of Circles
* Medial Axes and Mean Curvature Motion II: Singularities
* Medical Image Registration and Interpolation by Optical Flow with Maximal Rigidity
* New Class of Elastic Body Splines for Nonrigid Registration of Medical Images, A
* Nonlinear Discrete Wavelet Transforms over Finite Sets and an Application to Binary Image Compression
* On the Design of Filters for Gradient-Based Motion Estimation
* Real-Time Color Image Processing Using Order Statistics Filters
* Shadow Function for Rough Surfaces, The
* Super-Resolution Image Restoration from Blurred Low-Resolution Images
* Taut-String Algorithm and Regularization Programs with G-Norm Data Fit
* Using Catastrophe Theory to Derive Trees from Images
* Variational Image Binarization and its Multi-Scale Realizations
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JMIV(24) * Affine Reconstruction from Translational Motion under Various Autocalibration Constraints
* Camera Calibration and Direct Reconstruction from Plane with Brackets
* Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Algorithms for Image Compression, Segmentation, and Multichannel Restoration
* Conformal Geometric Algebra for Robotic Vision
* Cortical Based Model of Perceptual Completion in the Roto-Translation Space, A
* Design Issues for a Colour Photometric Stereo System
* Full Curvature Based Algorithm for Image Registration, A
* Generic Structure of the Optic Flow Field, The
* Geodesic Shooting for Computational Anatomy
* Homotopy Properties of Sphere-Like Digital Images
* Lattice Approach to Image Segmentation, A
* Mathematical Analysis of An Extended Mumford-Shah Model for Image Segmentation
* Nonlinear Projection Recovery in Digital Inpainting for Color Image Restoration
* Object Contour Extraction Using Adaptive B-Snake Model
* On the Foundations of Vision Modeling III. Noncommutative Monoids of Occlusive Preimages
* PnP Problem Revisited
* Segmentation of a Vector Field: Dominant Parameter and Shape Optimization
* Shape Estimation from Support and Diameter Functions
* Some Differential-Geometric Remarks on a Method for Minimizing Constrained Functionals of Matrix-Valued Functions
* Some Results on Minimal Euclidean Reconstruction from Four Points
* Theory and Use of the Quaternion Wavelet Transform, The
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JMIV(25) * Application of the Fisher-Rao Metric to Structure Detection
* Combining Seminorms in Adaptive Lifting Schemes and Applications to Image Analysis and Compression
* Digital Products, Wedges, and Covering Spaces
* Edge-Forming Methods for Image Zooming
* Fast Surface Segmentation Guided by User Input Using Implicit Extension of Minimal Paths
* General Adaptive Neighborhood Image Processing, Part II: Practical Application Examples
* General Adaptive Neighborhood Image Processing: Part I: Introduction and Theoretical Aspects
* Geodesic Matching with Free Extremities
* Guest Editorial
* Harmonic Embeddings for Linear Shape Analysis
* Intrinsic Statistics on Riemannian Manifolds: Basic Tools for Geometric Measurements
* Lie Algebra and System Identification Techniques for 3D Rigid Motion Estimation and Monocular Tracking
* Maximum Likelihood Robust Regression by Mixture Models
* Mixed-State Auto-Models and Motion Texture Modeling
* On the Probability of the Number of Solutions for the P4P Problem
* Quantifying Human Brain Connectivity from Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Representation of the Fourier Transform by Fourier Series
* Segmentation of Vectorial Image Features Using Shape Gradients and Information Measures
* Shock-Capturing Algorithm for the Differential Equations of Dilation and Erosion, A
* Simultaneous and Sequential Reconstruction of Visual Primitives with Bundle Adjustment
* Statistics on the Manifold of Multivariate Normal Distributions: Theory and Application to Diffusion Tensor MRI Processing
* Total Variation Wavelet Inpainting
* Unified Algebraic Approach to 2-D and 3-D Motion Segmentation and Estimation, A
* Unifying and Rigorous Shape from Shading Method Adapted to Realistic Data and Applications, A
* Vector Image Segmentation by Piecewise Continuous Approximation
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JMIV(26) * Alternative 2D Shape Representations using the Symmetry Set
* Axiomatic Digital Topology
* Constrained and SNR-Based Solutions for TV-Hilbert Space Image Denoising
* Error Analysis for Image Inpainting
* Flat Morphology on Power Lattices
* Geometric Analysis of Particle Motion in a Vector Image Field
* Image Restoration with Discrete Constrained Total Variation Part I: Fast and Exact Optimization
* Image Restoration with Discrete Constrained Total Variation Part II: Levelable Functions, Convex Priors and Non-Convex Cases
* Improving Deriche-style Recursive Gaussian Filters
* Intrinsic Random Fields and Image Deformations
* Iterative Total Variation Regularization with Non-Quadratic Fidelity
* Least Squares Sub-pixel Registration Refinement Using Area Sampler Model
* Lie Group Transformations of Objects in Video Images
* Matrix-Based Approach to the Image Moment Problem, A
* Minimal Structure and Motion Problems with Missing Data for 1D Retina Vision, The
* New Active Convex Hull Model for Image Regions, A
* New Diffusion-Based Variational Model for Image Denoising and Segmentation, A
* New Parallel Differential Method for Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Omnidirectional Robot Vision Using Conformal Geometric Computing
* Representation of High Resolution Images from Low Sampled Fourier Data: Applications to Dynamic MRI
* Two-Dimensional Clifford-Fourier Transform, The
* Uncertainty Principle: Group Theoretic Approach, Possible Minimizers and Scale-Space Properties, The
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JMIV(27) * Anisotropic Curvature Motion for Structure Enhancing Smoothing of 3D MR Angiography Data
* Color Image Segmentation for Objects of Interest with Modified Geodesic Active Contour Method
* Convex Digital Polygons, Maximal Digital Straight Segments and Convergence of Discrete Geometric Estimators
* Critical Configurations for 1-View in Projections from Pk -> P2
* Curve Matching, Time Warping, and Light Fields: New Algorithms for Computing Similarity between Curves
* Equivalence of the Taut String Algorithm and BV-Regularization, The
* Fundamental Groups of Unbounded Digital Images
* Image Approximation by Rectangular Wavelet Transform
* Image Compression Through a Projection onto a Polyhedral Set
* Inverse Scale Spaces for Nonlinear Regularization
* Level Lines Selection with Variational Models for Segmentation and Encoding
* Linear 3D Elastic Segmentation Model for Vector Fields. Application to the Heart Segmentation in MRI, A
* Minimal Solution to the Generalised 3-Point Pose Problem, A
* Network Flow Algorithm for Reconstructing Binary Images from Discrete X-rays, A
* New Linear Method for Camera Self-Calibration with Planar Motion, A
* On Semismooth Newton's Methods for Total Variation Minimization
* On the Convergence of Fitting Algorithms in Computer Vision
* Truncated Lagrange Method for Total Variation-Based Image Restoration, A
* Unified Framework for Detecting Groups and Application to Shape Recognition, A
* Uniquely-Determined Thinning of the Tie-Zone Watershed Based on Label Frequency
* Variational Approach to Reconstructing Images Corrupted by Poisson Noise, A
* Variational Model for Capturing Illusory Contours Using Curvature, A
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JMIV(28) * Bilinear Approach to the Parameter Estimation of a General Heteroscedastic Linear System, with Application to Conic Fitting, A
* Computing the Discrete Fourier Transform on a Hexagonal Lattice
* Conic Geometry and Autocalibration from Two Images
* Digital Surfaces and Boundaries in Khalimsky Spaces
* Discrete Dynamical System Framework for Construction of Connections between Critical Regions in Lattice Height Data
* Discrete Orthogonal Decomposition and Variational Fluid Flow Estimation
* Fast Blind Measurement of Blocking Artifacts in both Pixel and DCT Domains
* Fast Global Minimization of the Active Contour/Snake Model
* Fast Image Inpainting Based on Coherence Transport
* Gradient Structure of Image in Scale Space
* Interacting and Annealing Particle Filters: Mathematics and a Recipe for Applications
* Measures for Benchmarking of Automatic Correspondence Algorithms
* Noisy Image Decomposition: A New Structure, Texture and Noise Model Based on Local Adaptivity
* On the Consistency of the Normalized Eight-Point Algorithm
* Quaternion Fourier Descriptors for the Preprocessing and Recognition of Spoken Words Using Images of Spatiotemporal Representations
* Small Baseline Stereovision
* Texture-Oriented Anisotropic Filtering and Geodesic Active Contours in Breast Tumor Ultrasound Segmentation
* Theory and Applications of Clifford Support Vector Machines
* Using the Shape Gradient for Active Contour Segmentation: From the Continuous to the Discrete Formulation
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JMIV(29) * Analysis of Constrained Optimization Variants of the Map-Seeking Circuit Algorithm
* Automatic Image Segmentation by Tree Pruning
* Combining Points and Tangents into Parabolic Polygons: An Affine Invariant Model for Plane Curves
* Convergence of Map Seeking Circuits
* Generalized Rigid and Generalized Affine Image Registration and Interpolation by Geometric Multigrid
* Higher-Order Active Contour Energies for Gap Closure
* Image Similarity Based on Intensity Scaling
* Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision: SIBGRAPI 2006 Special Issue
* Minimization of a Detail-Preserving Regularization Functional for Impulse Noise Removal
* Multiple Testing Correction in Medical Image Analysis
* Multivariate Statistical Differences of MRI Samples of the Human Brain
* Mumford-Shah on the Move: Region-Based Segmentation on Deforming Manifolds with Application to 3-D Reconstruction of Shape and Appearance from Multi-View Images
* On the Discrete Maximum Principle for the Beltrami Color Flow
* Reconstruction of 3D Object Meshes from Silhouette Images
* Supervised Texture Classification Using Characteristic Generalized Gaussian Density
* Surface Texture Using Photometric Stereo Data: Classification and Direction of Illumination Detection
* Viscosity Solutions of a Level-Set Method for Anisotropic Geometric Diffusion in Image Processing
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JMIV(3) * Application of the finite-element method for the forward and inverse models in optical tomography
* Cartesian Differential Invariants in Scale-Space
* Construction of wavelet decompositions for tomographic images
* Discrete Derivative Approximations with Scale-Space Properties: A Basis for Low-Level Feature Extraction
* Feature extraction in 2-D short-axis echocardiographic images
* Feature Space for Edgels in Images with Landmarks, A
* generalized matrix product and the wavelet transform, The
* Image analysis by wavelet-type transforms: Group theoretic approach
* Inferring 3D Structure from Image Motion: The Constraint of Poinsot Motion
* Linear Granulometric Moments of Noisy Binary Images
* Local cosine transform-A method for the reduction of the blocking effect in JPEG
* Local enhancement of compressed images
* Mean-Field Phase Transistions and Correlation Functions for Gibbs Random Fields
* On the Flatness of Digital Hyperplanes
* Optimization Approach to Dichromatic Images
* Special Issue: Wavelet Theory and Application
* wavelet regularization method for diffuse radar-target imaging and speckle-noise reduction, A
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JMIV(30) * Cramér-Rao Bounds for Estimating the Position and Width of 3D Tubular Structures and Analysis of Thin Structures with Application to Vascular Images
* Fast Marching Method for the Area Based Affine Distance, A
* Feature Identification System for Electron Magnetic Resonance Tomography: Fusion of Principal Components Transform, Color Quantization and Boundary Information, A
* Fusion Graphs: Merging Properties and Watersheds
* Generalized Fourier Descriptors with Applications to Objects Recognition in SVM Context
* Measuring Elongation from Shape Boundary
* Modified Deterministic Annealing Algorithm for Robust Image Segmentation, A
* Modified Embedded Zerotree Wavelet (MEZW) Algorithm for Image Compression, A
* Motion Analysis with the Radon Transform on Log-Polar Images
* Network Flow Algorithm for Reconstructing Binary Images from Continuous X-rays, A
* Nonlocal Prior Bayesian Tomographic Reconstruction
* Novel Pose Estimation Algorithm Based on Points to Regions Correspondence, A
* Perona-Malik Method as an Edge Pruning Algorithm, The
* Perspective Geometry Based Single Image Camera Calibration
* Phase Watermarking Algorithm using Hybrid Multi-Polarity Hadamard Transform
* PHLST5: A Practical and Improved Version of Polyharmonic Local Sine Transform
* Recognising Algebraic Surfaces from Two Outlines
* Sampling and Reconstruction of Surfaces and Higher Dimensional Manifolds
* Topological Repairing of 3D Digital Images
* Turbulent Luminance in Impassioned van Gogh Paintings
* Variational Image Restoration and Decomposition with Curvelet Shrinkage
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JMIV(31) * Bayes Reconstruction of Missing Teeth
* Brownian Warps for Non-Rigid Registration
* Efficient Algorithm for Modelling Duration in Hidden Markov Models, with a Dramatic Application, An
* Estimation of Vector Fields in Unconstrained and Inequality Constrained Variational Problems for Segmentation and Registration
* Field of Particle Filters for Image Inpainting
* Geometric Approach for Regularization of the Data Term in Stereo-Vision, A
* Guessing Tangents in Normal Flows
* Image Compression with Anisotropic Diffusion
* Implicit Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion with Priors
* Improved Hybrid Model for Molecular Image Denoising, An
* k-Homotopic Thinning and a Torus-Like Digital Image in Z n, The
* L 1 Generalized Procrustes 2D Shape Alignment
* Maximizing the Predictivity of Smooth Deformable Image Warps through Cross-Validation
* Novel Similarity Measures for Differential Invariant Descriptors for Generic Object Retrieval
* Second Order Structure of Scale-Space Measurements
* Special Issue on Tribute Workshop for Peter Johansen
* Stratified Self-Calibration and Metric Reconstruction for Zooming/Refocusing Circular Motion Sequences
* Structure of Visual Spaces, The
* Symmetries of 1-D Images
* Two-Dimensional Parallel Thinning Algorithms Based on Critical Kernels
* Variational Technique for Time Consistent Tracking of Curves and Motion, A
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JMIV(32) * Approximate Distribution for the Normalized Cut, An
* Blind Deconvolution Models Regularized by Fractional Powers of the Laplacian
* Camera Motion Estimation Through Planar Deformation Determination
* Classification of Digital Covering Spaces, The
* Classification of Fuzzy Mathematical Morphologies Based on Concepts of Inclusion Measure and Duality
* Convergence of Fixed Point Iteration for Modified Restoration Problems
* Equivalence between Closed Connected n-G-Maps without Multi-Incidence and n-Surfaces
* Extension of Moment Features' Invariance to Blur
* Fourier Domain Framework for Variational Image Registration, A
* Line Geometry and Camera Autocalibration
* Local versus Global in Quasi-Conformal Mapping for Medical Imaging
* Minimal Simple Pairs in the 3-D Cubic Grid
* Multidimensional Size Functions for Shape Comparison
* On Straight Line Segment Detection
* Partial Partitions, Partial Connections and Connective Segmentation
* Processing Sparse Panoramic Images via Space Variant Operators
* Stable Algebraic Surfaces for 3d Object Representation
* Strong Property of Morphological Connected Alternated Filters, The
* Topological and Variational Properties of a Model for the Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Transparent Images with Self-Occlusions
* Transport of Relational Structures in Groups of Diffeomorphisms
* Triangulation of Points, Lines and Conics
21 for JMIV(32)

JMIV(33) * A-contrario Detectability of Spots in Textured Backgrounds
* Convex Hodge Decomposition and Regularization of Image Flows
* Digital Khalimsky Manifolds
* Elastic Shape Models for Face Analysis Using Curvilinear Coordinates
* Error Analysis in Homography Estimation by First Order Approximation Tools: A General Technique
* Fast and Log-Euclidean Polyaffine Framework for Locally Linear Registration, A
* Fast Object Segmentation by Growing Minimal Paths from a Single Point on 2D or 3D Images
* Gappy PCA Classification for Occlusion Tolerant 3D Face Detection
* General Adaptive Neighborhood Choquet Image Filtering
* Generating Segmented Quality Meshes from Images
* Geometric Approach to Measure-Based Metric in Image Segmentation
* Geometric Framework and a New Criterion in Optical Flow Modeling, A
* Guest Editorial, Special Issue Introduction
* High Angular Resolution Diffusion MRI Segmentation Using Region-Based Statistical Surface Evolution
* Image Processing by Topological Asymptotic Expansion
* Metric Approach to nD Images Edge Detection with Clifford Algebras, A
* Morphological Diversity and Sparsity for Multichannel Data Restoration
* Mumford-Shah Regularizer with Contextual Feedback
* Necessary and Sufficient Contractivity Condition for the Fractal Transform Operator, A
* Object Extraction Using a Stochastic Birth-and-Death Dynamics in Continuum
* On the Decomposition of Cell Clusters
* phi,phi*) Image Decomposition Models and Minimization Algorithms
* Probabilistic Method for Point Matching in the Presence of Noise and Degeneracy, A
* Probabilistic Models for Shapes as Continuous Curves
* Properties of Higher Order Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Regularizing Flows over Lie Groups
* Robust Software for Computing Camera Motion Parameters
* Robust Solvers for Inverse Imaging Problems Using Dense Single-Precision Hardware
* Simple Method of Radial Distortion Correction with Centre of Distortion Estimation, A
* Two New Nonlinear Nonlocal Diffusions for Noise Reduction
30 for JMIV(33)

JMIV(34) * 3D Edge Detection by Selection of Level Surface Patches
* Algorithm for Image Denoising with Automatic Noise Estimate, An
* Digital Topology on Adaptive Octree Grids
* Improved LOT Model for Image Restoration, An
* Iterative Multiresolution Scheme for SFM with Missing Data, An
* Kernel Density Estimation on Riemannian Manifolds: Asymptotic Results
* Mathematical Linguistics in Cognitive Medical Image Interpretation Systems
* New Fuzzy Connectivity Measure for Fuzzy Sets: And Associated Fuzzy Attribute Openings, A
* Nonlinear Structure Tensor with the Diffusivity Matrix Composed of the Image Gradient, A
* On a Method of Paired Representation: Enhancement and Decomposition by Series Direction Images
* On the Topology and Geometry of Spaces of Affine Shapes
* Robust Surface Fitting from Two Views using Restricted Correspondence
* Sampling and Reconstruction of Surfaces and Higher Dimensional Manifolds
* Segmentation, Classification and Denoising of a Time Series Field by a Variational Method
* Semi-explicit Solution and Fast Minimization Scheme for an Energy with L1-Fitting and Tikhonov-Like Regularization
* Some First-Order Algorithms for Total Variation Based Image Restoration
* Sparse Modeling of Textures
* Statistical M-Estimation and Consistency in Large Deformable Models for Image Warping
* Symmetric Non-Rigid Registration: A Geometric Theory and Some Numerical Techniques
* Symmetries of 2-D Images: Cases without Periodic Translations
* Uniqueness of the Perfect Fusion Grid on Zd
* Use of Geometric Algebra for 3D Modeling and Registration of Medical Data, The
22 for JMIV(34)

JMIV(35) * Algebraic Approach to Lens Distortion by Line Rectification, An
* Bag of Strings Representation for Image Categorization, A
* Invariant Signatures of Closed Planar Curves
* Links Between Image Segmentation Based on Optimum-Path Forest and Minimum Cut in Graph
* Metrics for 3D Rotations: Comparison and Analysis
* Multiphase Image Segmentation and Modulation Recovery Based on Shape and Topological Sensitivity
* New Resolution Independent Measures of Circularity
* On Nonmonotone Chambolle Gradient Projection Algorithms for Total Variation Image Restoration
* On Parallel Thinning Algorithms: Minimal Non-simple Sets, P-simple Points and Critical Kernels
* Representation and Matching of Images Using Top Points, The
* Shape Metrics Based on Elastic Deformations
11 for JMIV(35)

JMIV(36) * Automatic Correction of Ma's Thinning Algorithm Based on P-simple Points, An
* Characterization and Detection of Toric Loops in n-Dimensional Discrete Toric Spaces
* Determining Planar Multiple Sound-Soft Obstacles from Scattered Acoustic Fields
* Edge-driven Image Interpolation using Adaptive Anisotropic Radial Basis Functions
* Effect of Stochastic Noise on Superior Julia Sets
* Efficient Component-Separable Inter Layer Interpolation Scheme Applied in Scalable Video Coding, An
* Expectations of Random Sets and Their Boundaries Using Oriented Distance Functions
* Fast Two-Phase Image Deblurring Under Impulse Noise
* Gaussian Approximation for Tracking Occluding and Interacting Targets
* Infinite Photography: New Mathematical Model for High-Resolution Images
* Minimal Surfaces in the Roto-Translation Group with Applications to a Neuro-Biological Image Completion Model
* Morphological Connected Filtering on Viscous Lattices
* Multiplicative Noise Removal Using L1 Fidelity on Frame Coefficients
* On the Decomposition of Interval-Valued Fuzzy Morphological Operators
* Optimal Control Formulation of an Image Registration Problem, An
* Particle Filtering and DSmT Based Approach for Conflict Resolving in case of Target Tracking with Multiple Cues, A
* Projective Splines and Estimators for Planar Curves
* Region-Based Active Contours with Exponential Family Observations
* Removing Multiplicative Noise by Douglas-Rachford Splitting Methods
* Spatially Varying Mixtures Incorporating Line Processes for Image Segmentation
* Statistical Tests of Anisotropy for Fractional Brownian Textures. Application to Full-field Digital Mammography
21 for JMIV(36)

JMIV(37) * Analysis of Bias in the Apparent Correlation Coefficient Between Image Pairs Corrupted by Severe Noise
* Computing Color Transforms with Applications to Image Editing
* Degeneracy of the Linear Seventeen-Point Algorithm for Generalized Essential Matrix
* Finite Sample Bias of Robust Estimators in Segmentation of Closely Spaced Structures: A Comparative Study
* Image and Video Colorization Using Vector-Valued Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
* Mathematical Modeling of Textures: Application to Color Image Decomposition with a Projected Gradient Algorithm
* Mesh Topological Optimization for Improving Piecewise-Linear Image Registration
* Multiphase Soft Segmentation with Total Variation and H1 Regularization
* On Variational Curve Smoothing and Reconstruction
* Parametric Estimation of Affine Transformations: An Exact Linear Solution
* Registration of 2D Points Using Geometric Algebra and Tensor Voting
* Sampling Bounds for 2-D Vector Field Tomography
* Signal Multi-Vector, The
* SL(2) Invariant Shape Median, An
* Some Properties of Digital Covering Spaces
* Topological Properties of Thinning in 2-D Pseudomanifolds
* Vesicles and Amoebae: On Globally Constrained Shape Deformation
17 for JMIV(37)

JMIV(38) * Anisotropic Smoothness Classes: From Finite Element Approximation to Image Models
* Augmented Lagrangian Method for TVg+L1-norm Minimization, An
* Block Based Deconvolution Algorithm Using Spline Wavelet Packets
* Digital Curve Length Calculation by Using B-spline
* Estimating the Duration of Overlapping Events from Image Sequences Using Cylindrical Temporal Boolean Models
* Generalized Convexity in Multiple View Geometry
* Geometric Approach to the Trifocal Tensor, A
* Harmonic Wavelet Transform and Image Approximation
* Modeling and Estimation of the Dynamics of Planar Algebraic Curves via Riccati Equations
* Multi-label Depth Estimation for Graph Cuts Stereo Problems
* New Tensorial Framework for Single-Shell High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging, A
* On Restricting Planar Curve Evolution to Finite Dimensional Implicit Subspaces with Non-Euclidean Metric
* Space Variant Gradient Based Corner Detector for Sparse Omnidirectional Images, A
* Stochastic Order of Shape Variability with an Application to Cell Nuclei Involved in Mastitis, A
* Unified Computation of Strict Maximum Likelihood for Geometric Fitting
* Using Dihedral Angles for Edge Extraction in Range Data
16 for JMIV(38)

JMIV(39) * 3-D Data Denoising and Inpainting with the Low-Redundancy Fast Curvelet Transform
* Accurate Depth Dependent Lens Distortion Models: An Application to Planar View Scenarios
* Can Variational Models for Correspondence Problems Benefit from Upwind Discretisations?
* Direct Sparse Deblurring
* Image Denoising Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures with Gaussian-Hermite PDF in Steerable Pyramid Domain
* Image Reconstruction Algorithm Based on the Regularized Minimax Estimation for Electrical Capacitance Tomography, An
* Linear Time Algorithms for Exact Distance Transform
* Measuring Squareness and Orientation of Shapes
* Moments-Based Fast Wedgelet Transform
* Morphological Amoebas Are Self-snakes
* New Solution to the Relative Orientation Problem Using Only 3 Points and the Vertical Direction, A
* Normalized Cuts Revisited: A Reformulation for Segmentation with Linear Grouping Constraints
* Novel Kernel Correlation Model with the Correspondence Estimation, A
* Periodic Plus Smooth Image Decomposition
* Rank Estimation in Missing Data Matrix Problems
* Two Classes of Elliptic Discrete Fourier Transforms: Properties and Examples
* Variational Model to Remove the Multiplicative Noise in Ultrasound Images, A
* Virtual Super Resolution of Scale Invariant Textured Images Using Multifractal Stochastic Processes
18 for JMIV(39)

JMIV(4) * C-Factor: A Morphological Shape Descriptor
* Chamfer Metrics in Mathematical Morphology
* Convergence of Fuzzy-Pyramid Algorithms
* Decomposition of Morphological Structuring Elements
* Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Geometrically Characterising Drawings of a Class of 3-D Objects, An
* General Intensity Transformations and Differential Invariants
* Hybrid Method for Range Image Segmentation, A
* Inferring 3D Structure from Three Points in Rigid Motion
* Lattice-Theoretical Fixpoint Theorems in Morphological Image Filtering
* Linear Scale-Space
* Local Shape Approximation from Shading
* Localization Properties of Direct Corner Detectors
* Morphological Representation of Nonlinear Filters
* Object Shape Before Boundary Shape: Scale-Space Medial Axes
* On the Classification of Top Points in Scale Space
* Optimal Mean-Absolute-Error Filtering of Gray-Scale Signals by the Morphological Hit-or-Miss Transform
* Parallel Algorithm for Surface-Based Object Reconstruction, A
* Ridges for Image Analysis
* Unique Reconstruction of Piecewise Smooth Images by Minimizing Strictly Convex Nonquadratic Functionals
19 for JMIV(4)

JMIV(40) * Automated Regularization Parameter Selection in Multi-Scale Total Variation Models for Image Restoration
* Color Monogenic Signal: Application to Color Edge Detection and Color Optical Flow, The
* Control of the Effects of Regularization on Variational Optic Flow Computations
* First-Order Primal-Dual Algorithm for Convex Problems with Applications to Imaging, A
* Generalized Gaussian Scale-Space Axiomatics Comprising Linear Scale-Space, Affine Scale-Space and Spatio-Temporal Scale-Space
* Image Analysis by Conformal Embedding
* New Possibilities in Image Diffusion and Sharpening via High-Order Sobolev Gradient Flows
* On Semi-implicit Splitting Schemes for the Beltrami Color Image Filtering
* On the Equivalence Between Hierarchical Segmentations and Ultrametric Watersheds
* On the Occurrence Probability of Local Binary Patterns: A Theoretical Study
* Parameter Identification of 1D Recurrent Fractal Interpolation Functions with Applications to Imaging and Signal Processing
* Regularization of Discrete Contour by Willmore Energy
* Riemannian Geometry of the Space of Positive-Definite Matrices and Its Application to the Regularization of Positive-Definite Matrix-Valued Data, The
* Robust Fitting of Circle Arcs
* Statistical Analysis of Cortical Morphometrics Using Pooled Distances Based on Labeled Cortical Distance Maps
* Three-Dimensional Occlusion Detection and Restoration of Partially Occluded Faces
* Two Enhanced Fourth Order Diffusion Models for Image Denoising
* Variational Multi-Valued Velocity Field Estimation for Transparent Sequences
18 for JMIV(40)

JMIV(41) * Fattening Free Block Matching
* Finsler Streamline Tracking with Single Tensor Orientation Distribution Function for High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging
* General Adaptive Neighborhood-Based Pretopological Image Filtering
* Heat Equations on Vector Bundles: Application to Color Image Regularization
* Hypercomplex Mathematical Morphology
* Image Sequence Interpolation Using Optimal Control
* JMIV Special Issue: Mathematics and Image Analysis
* New Variational Formulations for Level Set Evolution Without Reinitialization with Applications to Image Segmentation
* Proximal Algorithms for Multicomponent Image Recovery Problems
* Recursive Compositional Models for Vision: Description and Review of Recent Work
* Sparsity Driven People Localization with a Heterogeneous Network of Cameras
* Spatial Regularization Approach for Vector Quantization, A
* Transportation Distances on the Circle
* Variational Framework for Structure from Motion in Omnidirectional Image Sequences, A
14 for JMIV(41)

JMIV(42) * Algorithm for Finding Repeated Solutions to the General Perspective Three-Point Pose Problem, An
* Binary Image 2D Shape Learning and Recognition Based on Lattice-Computing (LC) Techniques
* Determining Digital Circularity Using Integer Intervals
* Digitally Continuous Multivalued Functions, Morphological Operations and Thinning Algorithms
* Geometric Dissimilarity Criterion Between Jordan Spatial Mosaics. Theoretical Aspects and Application to Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Image Morphing in Frequency Domain
* Isotropic Image Analysis for Improving CBR Forecasting
* Kosko Subsethood Fuzzy Associative Memory (KS-FAM): Mathematical Background and Applications in Computer Vision, The
* Lattice Algebra Approach to Color Image Segmentation
* Multiplicative Calculus in Biomedical Image Analysis
* On Endmember Identification in Hyperspectral Images Without Pure Pixels: A Comparison of Algorithms
* One-Class Support Vector Ensembles for Image Segmentation and Classification
* Pruning Algorithm for Stable Voronoi Skeletons, A
* Special Issue on Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems
* Stereo Video Surveillance Multi-agent System: New Solutions for Human Motion Analysis
* Visual Servoing of Legged Robots
16 for JMIV(42)

JMIV(43) * Adaptive Fractional-order Multi-scale Method for Image Denoising
* Application of Lattice Boltzmann Method to Image Filtering
* Bayesian Formulation of Image Patch Matching Using Cross-correlation
* Efficient Shortest Triangle Paths Algorithm Applied to Multi-camera Self-calibration, An
* Empirical Study of Wavelet Domain Image Joint Statistics and Proposition of an Efficient Correlation Map
* Euclidean Signature Curves
* Fast Fixed Point Algorithm for Total Variation Deblurring and Segmentation, A
* Geometric Algebra Model for the Image Formation Process of Paracatadioptric Cameras, A
* Hole-Filler Cellular Neural Network Simulation by RKGHM(5,5)
* Image Reconstruction from Sparse Projections Using S-Transform
* Interval-Valued and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Mathematical Morphologies as Special Cases of L-Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology
* Isometric Embeddings in Imaging and Vision: Facts and Fiction
* Iterative Estimation of Rigid-Body Transformations: Application to Robust Object Tracking and Iterative Closest Point
* Non-local Methods with Shape-Adaptive Patches (NLM-SAP)
* On the Geometry of Multivariate Generalized Gaussian Models
* On the Use of Low-Pass Filters for Image Processing with Inverse Laplacian Models
* Ordered Hypothesis Machines
* Robust Estimation for an Inverse Problem Arising in Multiview Geometry
18 for JMIV(43)

JMIV(44) * Accurate Computation of Orthogonal Fourier-Mellin Moments
* Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Model for Non-rigid Image Registration, An
* Bispectrum as a Source of Phase-Sensitive Invariants for Fourier Descriptors: A Group-Theoretic Approach, The
* Branch-and-Mincut: Global Optimization for Image Segmentation with High-Level Priors
* Convex Approximation Technique for Interacting Line Elements Deblurring: a New Approach
* Derivative-Based Fast Autofocus Method in Electron Microscopy, A
* Digital Imaging: A Unified Topological Framework
* Dual Norm Based Iterative Methods for Image Restoration
* Full Multiresolution Active Shape Models
* Fuzzy Connectedness Image Segmentation in Graph Cut Formulation: A Linear-Time Algorithm and a Comparative Analysis
* Gauss-Newton Method for the Integration of Spatial Normal Fields in Shape Space, A
* Geometric Moments and Their Invariants
* Hessian-Based Affine Adaptation of Salient Local Image Features
* Implicitly Weighted Methods in Robust Image Analysis
* Inexact Alternating Directions Algorithm for Constrained Total Variation Regularized Compressive Sensing Problems, An
* Isotropic Kernels for Two-Dimensional Image Interpolation
* Manifold Modeling and Its Application to Tubular Scene Manifold Mosaicing Algorithm
* Nonlocal Version of the Osher-Solé-Vese Model, A
* Nonparametric Image Segmentation Using Rényi's Statistical Dependence Measure
* On the Convergence of Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Algorithms for Total Variation Image Restoration
* Optimal Filters from Calibration Data for Image Deconvolution with Data Acquisition Error
* Robust Feature Matching Approach for Photography Originality Test, A
* Self-calibration Algorithm Based on a Unified Framework for Constraints on Multiple Views, A
* Smart Depth of Field Optimization Applied to a Robotised View Camera
* Sparsely Connected Autoassociative Lattice Memories with an Application for the Reconstruction of Color Images
* Tensorized Feature Extraction Technique for Multimodality Preserving Manifold Visualization
* Time-Scale Similarities for Robust Image De-noising
* Topology on Digital Label Images
* Translation, Scale, and Deformation Weighted Polar Active Contours
* Zoom Dependent Lens Distortion Mathematical Models
30 for JMIV(44)

JMIV(45) * 3D Searchless Fractal Video Encoding at Low Bit Rates
* Analysis of Scalar Maps for the Segmentation of the Corpus Callosum in Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Automatic Radial Distortion Estimation from a Single Image
* Denoising for Multiple Image Copies through Joint Sparse Representation
* Extensions of Invariant Signatures for Object Recognition
* Fast Component-Based QR Code Detection in Arbitrarily Acquired Images
* Guest Editorial: Image and Video Processing and Analysis
* Handwritten Data Clustering Using Agents Competition in Networks
* Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Quaternion-Based Correlation Filters
* Least Squares Solution for Camera Distortion Parameters, A
* Multiscale Corner Detection in Planar Shapes
* Multiscale Texture Extraction with Hierarchical (BV,Gp,L2) Decomposition
* Nonlinear Multilayered Representation of Graph-Signals
* Nonnegative Diffusion Orientation Distribution Function
* Novel Solution to the P4P Problem for an Uncalibrated Camera, A
* On the Compatibility of Granulometry with Wavelet Analysis
* On the Curve Reconstruction in Riemannian Manifolds
* On the Local Form and Transitions of Pre-symmetry Sets
* Spatio-Temporal Resolution Enhancement of Vocal Tract MRI Sequences: A Comparison Among Wiener Filter Based Methods
* Spectral Image Segmentation Using Image Decomposition and Inner Product-Based Metric
* Target Tracking Using Multiple Patches and Weighted Vector Median Filters
* Texture Description Through Histograms of Equivalent Patterns
* Uniqueness Results for Image Reconstruction from Features on Curves in alpha-Scale Spaces
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JMIV(46) * Computational Photography with Panoramic Sensors that Have Uniform Resolution with Respect to Unwarping Transformations
* Computing the Output Distribution and Selection Probabilities of a Stack Filter from the DNF of Its Positive Boolean Function
* Densifying Distance Spaces for Shape and Image Retrieval
* Efficient Geodesic Attribute Thinnings Based on the Barycentric Diameter
* Eikonal Equation Adaptation on Weighted Graphs: Fast Geometric Diffusion Process for Local and Non-local Image and Data Processing
* Exact Histogram Specification for Digital Images Using a Variational Approach
* Guest Editorial: Scale-Space and Variational Methods
* Image Segmentation Using a Local GMM in a Variational Framework
* Lattice-Based High-Dimensional Gaussian Filtering and the Permutohedral Lattice
* Learning Big (Image) Data via Coresets for Dictionaries
* Mesh Parameterization with Generalized Discrete Conformal Maps
* Modelling Convex Shape Priors and Matching Based on the Gromov-Wasserstein Distance
* Morphological and Linear Scale Spaces for Fiber Enhancement in DW-MRI
* Morphological and Linear Scale Spaces for Fiber Enhancement in DW-MRI
* Moving Objects Localization by Local Regions Based Level Set: Application on Urban Traffic
* On the Continuity of Granulometry
* Pictures as Boolean Formulas
* Scale Selection Properties of Generalized Scale-Space Interest Point Detectors
* Sparse Multi-Scale Diffeomorphic Registration: The Kernel Bundle Framework
* Statistical Multiresolution Estimation for Variational Imaging: With an Application in Poisson-Biophotonics
* Tensor-SIFT Based Earth Mover's Distance for Contour Tracking
* Unscented Kalman Filtering on Riemannian Manifolds
22 for JMIV(46)

JMIV(47) * 3D Deformable Super-Resolution for Multi-Camera 3D Face Scanning
* Adaptive Matrices and Filters for Color Texture Classification
* Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns
* Convex Relaxation of a Class of Vertex Penalizing Functionals
* Diffeomorphic Mapping Based Characterization of Temporal Sequences: Application to the Pelvic Organ Dynamics Assessment, A
* Estimating Photometric Properties from Image Collections
* Graph Kernels from the Jensen-Shannon Divergence
* Guest Editorial: Variational Models, Convex Analysis and Numerical Optimization in Mathematical Imaging
* Histogram-Based Optical Flow for Motion Estimation in Ultrasound Imaging
* Homogeneous Penalizers and Constraints in Convex Image Restoration
* Novel Space Variant Image Representation, A
* Optimality Bounds for a Variational Relaxation of the Image Partitioning Problem
* P System Implementation of Dynamic Programming Stereo
* Parallel Proximal Splitting Method for Disparity Estimation from Multicomponent Images Under Illumination Variation, A
* Prox-Regularity of Rank Constraint Sets and Implications for Algorithms
* Simplified Gravitational Model for Texture Analysis, A
* Spatial Recurrences for Pedestrian Classification
* Statistical Model of Shape Moments with Active Contour Evolution for Shape Detection and Segmentation
* Stereo Matching Based on Dissimilar Intensity Support and Belief Propagation
* Total Cyclic Variation and Generalizations
* Tuning of Adaptive Weight Depth Map Generation Algorithms
* Variational Framework for Region-Based Segmentation Incorporating Physical Noise Models, A
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JMIV(48) * Adaptive Matrices and Filters for Color Texture Classification
* Adversarial Optimization Approach to Efficient Outlier Removal, An
* Analysis of Inpainting via Clustered Sparsity and Microlocal Analysis
* Anisotropic Probabilistic Neural Network for Image Interpolation
* Class of Generalized Laplacians on Vector Bundles Devoted to Multi-Channel Image Processing, A
* Combined First and Second Order Variational Approach for Image Reconstruction, A
* Conditional Toggle Mappings: Principles and Applications
* Convolution Products for Hypercomplex Fourier Transforms
* Differential-Based Geometry and Texture Editing with Brushes
* Directional Multiscale Processing of Images Using Wavelets with Composite Dilations
* Evaluation of the Sparsity Degree for Sparse Recovery with Deterministic Measurement Matrices, An
* Feature-Preserving Surface Reconstruction and Simplification from Defect-Laden Point Sets
* Framework for Moving Least Squares Method with Total Variation Minimizing Regularization, A
* Fully Smoothed L_1-TV Models: Bounds for the Minimizers and Parameter Choice
* Functional Currents: A New Mathematical Tool to Model and Analyse Functional Shapes
* Fundamentally New View of the Perspective Three-Point Pose Problem, A
* Generation of Random Digital Simple Curves with Artistic Emulation
* Guest Editorial
* improved OPDT model in high angular resolution diffusion imaging, An
* Information-Seeking Control Under Visibility-Based Uncertainty
* Linear Systems Approach to Imaging Through Turbulence, A
* Local Mutual Information for Dissimilarity-Based Image Segmentation
* Matrix Recipes for Hard Thresholding Methods
* New Nonlocal H 1 Model for Image Denoising, A
* On a System of Adaptive Coupled PDEs for Image Restoration
* On the Role of Contrast and Regularity in Perceptual Boundary Saliency
* On-line EM Variants for Multivariate Normal Mixture Model in Background Learning and Moving Foreground Detection
* Photogeometric Direct Visual Tracking for Central Omnidirectional Cameras
* Planar Numerical Signature Theory Applied to Object Recognition
* Poisson Noise Reduction with Non-local PCA
* Poisson Skeleton Revisited: a New Mathematical Perspective
* Powerful Parallel and Symmetric 3D Thinning Schemes Based on Critical Kernels
* Quadratic Transformation for Planar Mapping of Implicit Surfaces
* Ranking Star-Shaped Valued Mappings with Respect to Shape Variability
* SCOOP: A Real-Time Sparsity Driven People Localization Algorithm
* Segmentation of Stochastic Images using Level Set Propagation with Uncertain Speed
* Smoothness of Boundaries of Regular Sets
* Sparse Representation Shape Models
* Sparse Representation Shape Models
* Weighted Projective Spaces and a Generalization of Eves' Theorem
40 for JMIV(48)

JMIV(49) * Active Contours with Free Endpoints
* Adaptive Shape Diagrams for Multiscale Morphometrical Image Analysis
* Association Fields via Cuspless Sub-Riemannian Geodesics in SE(2)
* Automatic Solution of Jigsaw Puzzles
* Averaging on Manifolds by Embedding Algorithm
* Characterization of Maximum Likelihood Solutions to Image Reconstruction in Photon Emission Tomography
* Component-Trees and Multivalued Images: Structural Properties
* Computationally Efficient Formulation of Sparse Color Image Recovery in the JPEG Compressed Domain
* Convergence Analysis for a Primal-Dual Monotone + Skew Splitting Algorithm with Applications to Total Variation Minimization
* Cortical-Inspired Geometry for Contour Perception and Motion Integration, A
* DTI Segmentation and Fiber Tracking Using Metrics on Multivariate Normal Distributions
* Efficient Binary Tomographic Reconstruction
* Efficient Remote Sensing Image Denoising Method in Extended Discrete Shearlet Domain, An
* Error Analysis in the Computation of Orthogonal Rotation Invariant Moments
* Estimation of Intrinsic Volumes from Digital Grey-Scale Images
* Fast and Numerically Stable Circle Fit
* Fast Circular Arc Segmentation Based on Approximate Circularity and Cuboid Graph
* Fast Fourier Transform on FCC and BCC Lattices with Outputs on FCC and BCC Lattices Respectively
* From a Non-Local Ambrosio-Tortorelli Phase Field to a Randomized Part Hierarchy Tree
* Hierarchical Color Quantization Based on Self-organization
* Homography and Fundamental Matrix Estimation from Region Matches Using an Affine Error Metric
* Iterative Graph Cuts for Image Segmentation with a Nonlinear Statistical Shape Prior
* Matching and Perturbation Theories for Affine-Invariant Shapes Using QR Factorization with Column Pivoting
* Multi-class Transductive Learning Based on L_1 Relaxations of Cheeger Cut and Mumford-Shah-Potts Model
* Multi-Orientation Analysis Approach to Retinal Vessel Tracking, A
* Multicriteria Robust Fitting of Elliptical Primitives
* Numerical Curve Length Calculation Using Polynomial Interpolation
* On Multigrid Convergence of Local Algorithms for Intrinsic Volumes
* Ordering Partial Partitions for Image Segmentation and Filtering: Merging, Creating and Inflating Blocks
* Parameter Identification in Photothermal Imaging
* Reconstruction of hv-Convex Sets by Their Coordinate X-Ray Functions
* Sparse Non-negative Stencils for Anisotropic Diffusion
* Stochastic Level Set Dynamics to Track Closed Curves Through Image Data
* Suboptimal Solutions to the Algebraic-Error Line Triangulation
* Topology-Preserving Conditions for 2D Digital Images Under Rigid Transformations
35 for JMIV(49)

JMIV(5) * 3D Object Perception Using Gradient Descent
* Algebraic and Geometric Invariant of a Pair of Non-Coplanar Conics in Space
* Estimating Camera and Object Translation in the Presence of Camera Rotation
* Generic Evolutions of Edges on Families of Diffused Greyvalue Surfaces
* Image Algebra Techniques for Binary Image Component Labeling with Local Operators
* Impact of Scale on Signed, Unsigned, Authentic and Phantom Zero Crossings in a Noisy Environment
* Local Discriminant Bases and Their Applications
* Mutational Equations for Shapes and Vision-Based Control
* Optimal Closed Boundary Identification in Gray-Scale Imagery
* Point Reconstruction from Noisy Images
* Shape Preservation Criteria and Optimal Soft Morphological Filtering
* Soft Morphological Filtering
* Special Issue on Mathematical Imaging
* Texture-Based Segmentation Using Markov Random Field Models and Approximate Bayesian Estimators Based on Trees
14 for JMIV(5)

JMIV(50) * Approach to the Vanishing Line Identification Based on Normalized Barycentric Coordinates, An
* Autocalibration with the Minimum Number of Cameras with Known Pixel Shape
* Backwards Principal Component Analysis and Principal Nested Relations
* Collapses and Watersheds in Pseudomanifolds of Arbitrary Dimension
* Density Estimators of Gaussian Type on Closed Riemannian Manifolds
* Diffusion on Some Simple Stratified Spaces
* Dynamic Distance-Based Shape Features for Gait Recognition
* Efficient Parallel Transport of Deformations in Time Series of Images: From Schild's to Pole Ladder
* Equi-affine Invariant Geometry for Shape Analysis
* Error-Tolerant Color Rendering for Digital Cameras
* General Framework for Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Through Co-occurrence of Patterns
* Geometry and Statistics: Manifolds and Stratified Spaces
* Intrinsic Polynomials for Regression on Riemannian Manifolds
* Multivariate Tensor-Based Morphometry with a Right-Invariant Riemannian Distance on GL+(n)
* On Means and Their Asymptotics: Circles and Shape Spaces
* Overview of the Geometries of Shape Spaces and Diffeomorphism Groups
* Stable Length Estimates of Tube-Like Shapes
* Total Least Squares Fitting of k-Spheres in n-D Euclidean Space Using an (n+2)-D Isometric Representation
* Tree-Oriented Analysis of Brain Artery Structure
* Variational Image Registration Using Inhomogeneous Regularization
* Variational-Bayes Optical Flow
21 for JMIV(50)

JMIV(51) * 2-Manifold Tests for 3D Delaunay Triangulation-Based Surface Reconstruction
* Active Contour with a Tangential Component
* Affine Shape Alignment Using Covariant Gaussian Densities: A Direct Solution
* Color Image Analysis by Quaternion-Type Moments
* Combinatorial Approach to L1 -Matrix Factorization, A
* Compact Formula for the Derivative of a 3-D Rotation in Exponential Coordinates, A
* Continuous-Discrete Extended Kalman Filter on Matrix Lie Groups Using Concentrated Gaussian Distributions
* Efficient Global Minimization Methods for Image Segmentation Models with Four Regions
* Fast Exact Hyper-graph Matching with Dynamic Programming for Spatio-temporal Data
* Fractional Conway Polynomials for Image Denoising with Regularized Fractional Power Parameters
* Inertial Forward-Backward Algorithm for Monotone Inclusions, An
* Inf-structuring Functions: A Unifying Theory of Connections and Connected Operators
* Linear Elastic Force Optimization Model for Shape Matching, A
* Mathematical Analysis of the Multisolution Phenomenon in the P3P Problem
* Modified Newton Projection Method for TeX -Regularized Least Squares Image Deblurring, A
* Neighborhood Filters and the Decreasing Rearrangement
* Notes on Discrete Gaussian Scale Space
* Novel Measurement Matrix Based on Regression Model for Block Compressed Sensing, A
* Partial Splitting Augmented Lagrangian Method for Low Patch-Rank Image Decomposition, A
* Profile Detection in Medical and Astronomical Images by Means of the Hough Transform of Special Classes of Curves
* Projective Invariants of D-moments of 2D Grayscale Images
* r-Regularity
* Regularized Reconstruction of a Surface from its Measured Gradient Field
* Robust Multi-Image Processing with Optimal Sparse Regularization
* Robust Principal Component Pursuit via Inexact Alternating Minimization on Matrix Manifolds
* Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal via Local Hölder Seminorm and Nonlocal Operator for Natural and Texture Image
* Sliced and Radon Wasserstein Barycenters of Measures
* Thresholding of a Digital Image by Free Terms
28 for JMIV(51)

JMIV(52) * Active Contour Models for Manifold Valued Image Segmentation
* Analysis of Amoeba Active Contours
* Block Kaczmarz Method with Inequalities
* Edge Detection Using Topological Gradients: A Scale-Space Approach
* Explicit Embeddings for Nearest Neighbor Search with Mercer Kernels
* Gauge Field Model of Modal Completion, A
* Generalized Shapes and Point Sets Correspondence and Registration
* Global Binary Optimization on Graphs for Classification of High-Dimensional Data
* Globally Optimal Joint Image Segmentation and Shape Matching Based on Wasserstein Modes
* Guaranteed Ellipse Fitting with a Confidence Region and an Uncertainty Measure for Centre, Axes, and Orientation
* Guest Editorial: Mathematics and Image Analysis
* Guest Editorial: Scale Space and Variational Methods
* Image Matching Using Generalized Scale-Space Interest Points
* Mathematical Foundations and Generalisations of the Census Transform for Robust Optic Flow Computation
* Motion Deblurring Using Non-stationary Image Modeling
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment and Blind Deblurring with Sharpness Metrics Exploiting Fourier Phase Information
* Numerical Methods for Parameter Estimation in Poisson Data Inversion
* On Numerical Analysis of View-Dependent Derivatives in Computed Tomography
* Optical Flow on Evolving Surfaces with Space and Time Regularisation
* Preconditioned Douglas-Rachford Algorithms for TV- and TGV-Regularized Variational Imaging Problems
* Retinex by Higher Order Total Variation L1 Decomposition
* Role of Diffusion in Figure Hunt Games, The
* Solving Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo Using Total Variation
* Super-Resolved Fourier-Slice Refocusing in Plenoptic Cameras
* Texture Generation for Photoacoustic Elastography
* Tomographic Reconstruction of 3-D Irrotational Vector Fields via a Discretized Ray Transform
* Variational Texture Synthesis with Sparsity and Spectrum Constraints
27 for JMIV(52)

JMIV(53) * Accurate Surface Reconstruction in 3D Using Two-dimensional Parallel Cross Sections
* Constrained Ellipse Fitting with Center on a Line
* Convex Variational Model for Restoring Blurred Images with Large Rician Noise, A
* Discrete Tomography with Unknown Intensity Levels Using Higher-Order Statistics
* Edge-Based Multi-modal Registration and Application for Night Vision Devices
* Efficient Numerical Algorithm for the Inversion of an Integral Transform Arising in Ultrasound Imaging, An
* Exploring the Space of Abstract Textures by Principles and Random Sampling
* GC1 Shape-Preserving Trigonometric Surfaces
* Ghosts in Discrete Tomography
* Homotopy Equivalence in Finite Digital Images
* Illusory Shapes via First-Order Phase Transition and Approximation
* iPiasco: Inertial Proximal Algorithm for Strongly Convex Optimization
* Measuring Linearity of Connected Configurations of a Finite Number of 2D and 3D Curves
* New Region-based Active Contour Model for Object Segmentation, A
* On a Fast Bilateral Filtering Formulation Using Functional Rearrangements
* On the Composition of Digitally Continuous Multivalued Functions
* Optimal Bandwidth of the Minkowski Content-Based Estimator of the Mean Density of Random Closed Sets: Theoretical Results and Numerical Experiments
* Optimal Dual Certificates for Noise Robustness Bounds in Compressive Sensing
* Rank-Constrained Fundamental Matrix Estimation by Polynomial Global Optimization Versus the Eight-Point Algorithm
* Related Solutions to the Perspective Three-Point Pose Problem
* Surface Modeling Method by Using C2 Piecewise Rational Spline Interpolation, A
* Variable Precision Fuzzy Hit-or-Miss Transformation Models to Object Identification in Grey-Scale Images
* Variational Image Restoration with Constraints on Noise Whiteness
* Video Primal Sketch: A Unified Middle-Level Representation for Video
24 for JMIV(53)

JMIV(54) * Adaptive Approach for the Segmentation and the TV-Filtering in the Optic Flow Estimation, An
* Adjugate Diffusion Tensors for Geodesic Tractography in White Matter
* Cahn-Hilliard System with a Fidelity Term for Color Image Inpainting, A
* Detecting Occlusions as an Inverse Problem
* Extended Shearlet HMT Model-Based Image Denoising Using BKF Distribution
* Fisher-Rao Metric for Curves Using the Information in Edges, A
* Irregularity Issue of Total Orders on Metric Spaces and Its Consequences for Mathematical Morphology, The
* Iterative Constrained Minimization for Vectorial TV Image Deblurring
* Linear Neural Circuitry Model for Visual Receptive Fields
* Multiplicative Noise Removal via Nonlocal Similarity-Based Sparse Representation
* Non-linear Hypothesis Testing of Geometric Object Properties of Shapes Applied to Hippocampi
* On the Application of the Spectral Projected Gradient Method in Image Segmentation
* On the Mathematical Foundations of Computational Photography
* Properties of Gauss Digitized Shapes and Digital Surface Integration
* Quantization-Unaware Double JPEG Compression Detection
* Removal of Mixed Gaussian and Impulse Noise Using Directional Tensor Product Complex Tight Framelets
* Riemannian Optimization for Registration of Curves in Elastic Shape Analysis
* Solution of the Problem on Image Reconstruction in Computed Tomography
* Some Remarks on the Staircasing Phenomenon in Total Variation-Based Image Denoising
* SURE-Type Functionals as Criteria for Parametric PSF Estimation
* Unified Optimization Perspective to Single/Multi-observation Blur-Kernel Estimation with Applications to Camera-Shake Deblurring and Nonparametric Blind Super-Resolution, A
21 for JMIV(54)

JMIV(55) * Affine Invariant Distance Using Multiscale Analysis
* Analysis and Approximation of Some Shape-from-Shading Models for Non-Lambertian Surfaces
* Connectivity Preserving Multivalued Functions in Digital Topology
* Defect Detection from Multi-frequency Limited Data via Topological Sensitivity
* Directional Filters for Color Cartoon+Texture Image and Video Decomposition
* Ellipticity and Circularity Measuring via Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* Evaluation Method, Dataset Size or Dataset Content: How to Evaluate Algorithms for Image Matching?
* From Intrinsic Optimization to Iterated Extended Kalman Filtering on Lie Groups
* General Theory of Fuzzy Connectedness Segmentations
* Geodesic Distance and Curves Through Isotropic and Anisotropic Heat Equations on Images and Surfaces
* Guest Editorial: Shape Analysis Beyond the Eikonal Equation
* Incremental Principal Component Pursuit for Video Background Modeling
* Infimal Convolution Regularisation Functionals of BV and L_p Spaces
* Minimal Closed-form Solution for the Perspective Three Orthogonal Angles (P3oA) Problem: Application To Visual Odometry, A
* Mumford-Shah and Potts Regularization for Manifold-Valued Data
* Non-local Discrete INF-Poisson and Hamilton Jacobi Equations
* NonLocal via Local-NonLinear via Linear: A New Part-coding Distance Field via Screened Poisson Equation
* Novel Fractional Implicit Polynomial Approach for Stable Representation of Complex Shapes, A
* Pansharpening Image Fusion Using Cross-Channel Correlation: A Framelet-Based Approach
* Second-Order TV-Type Approach for Inpainting and Denoising Higher Dimensional Combined Cyclic and Vector Space Data, A
* Segmentation and Restoration of Images on Surfaces by Parametric Active Contours with Topology Changes
* Symmetric Generalized LIP Model and Its Application in Dynamic Range Enhancement, The
* Time-Causal and Time-Recursive Spatio-Temporal Receptive Fields
* Unified Variational Volume Registration Method Based on Automatically Learned Brain Structures, A
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JMIV(56) * Analysis of the Factors Affecting Keypoint Stability in Scale-Space, An
* Analysis of Vessel Connectivities in Retinal Images by Cortically Inspired Spectral Clustering
* Anisotropic A Contrario Framework for the Detection of Convergences in Images, An
* Computational Model for Amodal Completion, A
* Conditional Multiscale Locally Gaussian Texture Synthesis Algorithm, A
* Convex Image Denoising via Non-convex Regularization with Parameter Selection
* Decoupled Algorithm for MRI Reconstruction Using Nonlocal Block Matching Model: BM3D-MRI
* Diffusion Tensor Imaging with Deterministic Error Bounds
* Dimension Reduction and Construction of Feature Space for Image Pattern Recognition
* Direct Differential Photometric Stereo Shape Recovery of Diffuse and Specular Surfaces
* Efficient and Robust Path Openings Using the Scale-Invariant Rank Operator
* Guest Editorial: Scale-Space and Variational Methods
* Image Similarity Assessment Based on Coefficients of Spatial Association
* Influence of the Analysis Window on the Metrological Performance of the Grid Method
* Lightfield Recovery from Its Focal Stack
* Locally Adaptive Frames in the Roto-Translation Group and Their Applications in Medical Imaging
* Margin Losses for Training Conditional Random Fields
* Morphological Counterparts of Linear Shift-Invariant Scale-Spaces
* Multi-Camera Piecewise Planar Object Tracking with Mutual Information
* Multicuts and Perturb and MAP for Probabilistic Graph Clustering
* Multivariate Median Filters and Partial Differential Equations
* Nonlinear Spectral Analysis via One-Homogeneous Functionals: Overview and Future Prospects
* Number of Different Digital N-Discs, The
* On the Characterization of Absentee-Voxels in a Spherical Surface and Volume of Revolution in Z3
* Point Context: An Effective Shape Descriptor for RST-Invariant Trajectory Recognition
* Robust L1 Approaches to Computing the Geometric Median and Principal and Independent Components
* Shape Interpretation of Second-Order Moment Invariants
* Sparse Multiscale Algorithm for Dense Optimal Transport, A
* Techniques for Gradient-Based Bilevel Optimization with Non-smooth Lower Level Problems
* Transport Between RGB Images Motivated by Dynamic Optimal Transport
* Variational Aggregation Framework for Patch-Based Optical Flow Estimation, A
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JMIV(57) * Automated Parameter Selection for Total Variation Minimization in Image Restoration
* Bilevel Parameter Learning for Higher-Order Total Variation Regularisation Models
* CUSTOM: A Calibration Region Recovery Approach for Highly Subsampled Dynamic Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Feasibility Study for a Persistent Homology-Based k-Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm in Melanoma Detection, A
* Fourier Descriptors Based on the Structure of the Human Primary Visual Cortex with Applications to Object Recognition
* Graph Characterization by Counting Sink Star Subgraphs
* Graph Clustering, Variational Image Segmentation Methods and Hough Transform Scale Detection for Object Measurement in Images
* Image Denoising Using Directional Adaptive Variable Exponents Model
* Learning the Geometric Structure of Manifolds with Singularities Using the Tensor Voting Graph
* Mapping-Based Image Diffusion
* Mathematical Morphology on the Spherical CIELab Quantale with an Application in Color Image Boundary Detection
* Modal Space: A Physics-Based Model for Sequential Estimation of Time-Varying Shape from Monocular Video
* Moment-Based Angular Difference Estimation Between Two Tomographic Projections in 2D and 3D
* Multigrid Convergence for the MDCA Curvature Estimator
* Nonlocal PDEs on Graphs: From Tug-of-War Games to Unified Interpolation on Images and Point Clouds
* On 1-Laplacian Elliptic Equations Modeling Magnetic Resonance Image Rician Denoising
* Second-Order Performance Analysis and Unbiased Estimation for the Fitting of Concentric Circles
* Semi-Inner-Products for Convex Functionals and Their Use in Image Decomposition
* Sinusoidal Image Model Derived from the Circular Harmonic Vector, A
* Temporally Consistent Tone Mapping of Images and Video Using Optimal K-means Clustering
* Variational Contrast Enhancement of Gray-Scale and RGB Images
* Variational Model for Multiplicative Structured Noise Removal, A
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JMIV(58) * Algorithmic Framework of Generalized Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Methods for Saddle Point Problems, An
* Approximation of Integral Operators Using Product-Convolution Expansions
* Class of Elliptic Equations with Interior Degeneration, A
* Convex Variational Methods on Graphs for Multiclass Segmentation of High-Dimensional Data and Point Clouds
* Cross-Diffusion Systems for Image Processing: I. The Linear Case
* Cross-Diffusion Systems for Image Processing: II. The Nonlinear Case
* Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Subjective Surfaces Problem, A
* FALDOI: A New Minimization Strategy for Large Displacement Variational Optical Flow
* Image Labeling by Assignment
* Median Filtering: A New Insight
* Nonlinearity in Simple and Complex Cells in Early Biological Visual Systems
* On Some Properties of Calibrated Trifocal Tensors
* On the Distribution of Photon Counts with Censoring in Two-Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy
* Orders for Simplifying Partial Partitions
* Reconstruction Formula for Photoacoustic Tomography with Cylindrical Detectors
* Robust Fitting of Ellipsoids by Separating Interior and Exterior Points During Optimization
* Second-Order Recursive Filtering on the Rigid-Motion Lie Group SE3 Based on Nonlinear Observations
* Speckle Reduction with Trained Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Spherical Tensor Algebra: A Toolkit for 3D Image Processing
* Statistical Framework for Generalized Linear Image Processing Systems, A
* Temporal Scale Selection in Time-Causal Scale Space
* Tracking of Lines in Spherical Images via Sub-Riemannian Geodesics in SO(3)
* Two-Dimensional Compact Variational Mode Decomposition
23 for JMIV(58)

JMIV(59) * About the Decidability of Polyhedral Separability in the Lattice Zd
* Analysis of Noisy Digital Contours with Adaptive Tangential Cover
* Bijective Digitized Rigid Motions on Subsets of the Plane
* Digital Surface of Revolution with Hand-Drawn Generatrix
* Efficiently Storing Well-Composed Polyhedral Complexes Computed Over 3D Binary Images
* On the Functionality and Usefulness of Quadraginta Octants of Naive Sphere
* Parallelization Strategy for Elementary Morphological Operators on Graphs: Distance-Based Algorithms and Implementation on Multicore Shared-Memory Architecture
* Special Issue on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
* Two Plane-Probing Algorithms for the Computation of the Normal Vector to a Digital Plane
* Weighted Distances and Digital Disks on the Khalimsky Grid
10 for JMIV(59)

JMIV(6) * Array Algebra Polynomial Fitting for Image Segmentation
* Auxiliary Variables and 2-Step Iterative Algorithms in Computer Vision Problems
* Chamfer Metrics, the Medial Axis and Mathematical Morphology
* Dimensional Properties of Graphs and Digital Spaces
* Existence and Synthesis of Minimal-Basis Morphological Solutions for a Restoration-Based Boundary-Value Problem
* Fast Level Set Based Algorithm For Topology-Independent Shape Modeling, A
* Finding of Optimal Binary Morphological Erosion Filter via Greedy and Branch-and-Bound Searching
* Fundamental Group for Greyscale Digital Images, A
* Indecomposability Problem in Binary Morphology: An Algorithmic Approach, The
* Jordan Surfaces in Simply Connected Digital Spaces
* Local Tests for Consistency of Support Hyperplane Data
* Mathematical Morphological Operations of Boundary-Represented Geometric Objects
* On the Choice of the First Level on Graph Pyramids
* On the Consistency of Line-Drawings, Obtained by Projections of Piecewise Planar Objects
* Reductions in the Search Space for Deriving a Fractal Set of an Arbitrary Shape
* Self-Dual Morphological Operators and Filters
* Special Issue on Topology and Geometry in Computer Vision
* Sub-Pixel Distance Maps and Weighted Distance Transforms
* Survey of Algebraic Methods in Digital Topology, A
* Vector Quantization, An Image-Template Mapping
* Viewpoint Invariant Characteristics of Articulated Objects
* Visual Space Geometry Derived from Occlusion Axioms
* Voronoi Diagrams of Polygons: A Framework for Shape Representation
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JMIV(63) * Numerical Scheme for the Curvature Equation Near the Singularities, A

JMIV(7) * Adaptive Pattern Recognition
* Anisotropic Textures with Arbitrary Orientation
* Can the Sun's Direction be Estimated from an Image Prior to the Computation of Object Shape
* Convex Set Symmetry Measurement via Minkowski Addition
* Dynamics of Nonlinear Relaxation Labeling Processes, The
* Efficient Parallel Manipulations of IBB Coded Images on Meshes with Multiple Broadcasting
* Feature Mapping and View Planning with Localized Surface Parameters
* Image Compression and Transmission Through a Low-Rate Ultrasonic Link in Subsea Telerobotic Applications
* Image-Processing with Complex Daubechies Wavelets
* Invariants of Families of Coplanar Conics and Their Applications to Object Recognition
* Locality and Adjacency Stability Constraints for Morphological Connected Operators
* Logarithmic Image Processing Model: Connections with Human Brightness Perception and Contrast Estimators, The
* Minimization of MRF Energy With Relaxation Labeling
* Novel Neural-Network Models for Computing Homothetic Invariances: An Image Algebra Notation
* On Projective Invariant Smoothing and Evolutions of Planar Curves and Polygons
* On the Precision in Estimating the Location of Edges and Corners
* Optimal Binary Morphological Bandpass-Filters Induced by Granulometric Spectral Representation
* Regularization, Scale-Space, and Edge-Detection Filters
* Set-Valued Means of Random Particles
* Subdivision Scheme for Continuous-Scale B-Splines and Affine-Invariant Progressive Smoothing, A
* Two Image-Template Operations for Binary Image-Processing
* Typology of Spatial Structures of Images Having the Same Color Set
* Uniqueness in Shape from Shading Revisited
* Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Method to Automatically Register Images, A
24 for JMIV(7)

JMIV(8) * Analysis of the Superposition of Periodic Layers and Their Moire Effects Through the Algebraic Structure of Their Fourier Spectrum
* Averaging of Random Sets Based on Their Distance Functions
* Determination of Aircraft Orientation for a Vision-Based System Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Differentiation-Based Edge-Detection Using the Logarithmic Image-Processing Model
* Length Estimation in 3-D Using Cube Quantization
* Migration Processes I: the Continuous Case
* Migration Processes II: the Discrete Case
* Morphology On Convolution Lattices with Applications to the Slope Transform and Random Set-Theory
* Multiresolution Imaging: An End-to-End Assessment
* On Fuzzy Nonlinear-Regression For Image-Enhancement
* Preserving Topology by a Digitization Process
* Robust Estimation of Rotation Angles from Image Sequences Using the Annealing M-Estimator
* Set-Theoretical Algebraic Approaches to Connectivity in Continuous Or Digital Spaces
* Study of a Convex Variational Diffusion Approach for Image Segmentation and Feature-Extraction, A
14 for JMIV(8)

JMIV(9) * Affine Invariant Texture Segmentation and Shape from Texture by Variational Methods
* Canonical Decomposition of Steerable Functions
* Computing the Kantorovich Distance for Images
* Connectivity on Complete Lattices
* Differential and Integral Geometry of Linear Scale Spaces
* Discontinuity-Preserving Vector Smoothing of Multivariate MR Images Using Vector Mean Field Annealing
* Linear Scale-Space Theory from Physical Principles
* On the Foundations of Probabilistic Relaxation with Product Support
* Provably Convergent Methods for the Linear and Nonlinear Shape from Shading Problem
* Topological Numbers and Singularities in Scalar Images: Scale-Space Evolution Properties
* Unified Theory of Uncalibrated Stereo for Both Perspective and Affine Cameras
* Uniform Distribution, Distance and Expectation Problems for Geometric Features Processing
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