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JVLC( Vol No. ) * *Journal of Visual Languages and Computing

JVLC(2) * Integrated Visual Language and Software Development Environment, An

JVLC(3) * Signature File as a Spatial Filter for Iconic Image Database

JVLC(5) * Spatial Logic for Symbolic Descriptions of Image Contents, A

JVLC(8) * Efficient Parallel Texture Classification for Image Retrieval, An
* Parallel, Distributed and Associative Approach for Searching Image Patterns with Holographic Dynamics, A
* Resequencing of Video Using Spatial Indexing
* Storage and Retrieval of Compressed Images Using Wavelet Vector Quantization
* Structured Image Retrieval
* Video Information-System for Sport Motion Analysis, A
* Visual Information-Systems: Guest Editors Introduction
* Visual Query Systems for Databases: A Survey
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