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SP( Vol No. ) * *Signal Processing

SP(1) * Condition for Digital Points Removal, A
* Curve Smoothing for Improved Feature Extraction from Digitized Pictures
* One Pass Computation of Morphological and Geometrical Properties of Objects in Digital Pictures
* Technique for Texture Analysis Using C-Calculus, A
* Tracking Moving Objects in Television Images

SP(11) * Local Linear Transforms for Texture Measurements

SP(13) * Vector Median Filters

SP(14) * Application of the Hough Transform to Automatic Recognition of Berber Characters, An
* Automatic Recognition of Isolated Arabic Characters

SP(16) * Skeletons and Perceptual Graphs

SP(19) * Efficient coding of side information in a low bitrate hybrid image coder
* fast adaptive approach to the restoration of images degraded by noise, A
* Fast Fourier transforms: A tutorial review and a state of the art
* Improving an extended version of the Hough transform

SP(2) * Automation of Chromosome Analysis
* Component-Wise Edge Detection by Laplacian Operator Masks
* New Method for Grey-Level Picture Thresholding Using the Entropy of the Histogram, A
* Specialized Edge-Trackers for Contour Extraction and Line-Thinning
* Texture Analysis: A Survey

SP(20) * Automated basin delineation from digital elevation models using mathematical morphology
* Improved restoration of noisy images by adaptive least-squares post filtering
* Recursive subband image coding with adaptive prediction and finite state vector quantization

SP(21) * Adaptive image compression using Karhunen-Loeve transform
* Discrete Gabor expansions
* Gabor Phase in Texture Discrimination
* Parallel Distance Transforms on Pyramid Machines: Theory and Implementation
* Quantative Evaluation of Edge-Preserving Smoothing Techniques, A
* reduced edge distortion median filtering algorithm for binary images, A

SP(22) * Block coding for television at 34 Mbit/s
* dynamic shape preserving thinning algorithms, A
* Minimal Match Graph and its Use to Speed Identification of Maximal Cliques, The
* Morphological transformations of binary images with arbitrary structuring elements
* Pixel labelling for 3-D scenes based on Markov mesh models
* pyramid image coder using classified transform vector quantization, A
* Range imaging for autonomous navigation of robotic land vehicles
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SP(23) * Texture Features Based on Gabor Phase

SP(24) * new image compression method using dynamic predictor based on current context, A

SP(25) * Contour-Based Image Coding Technique with its Texture Information Reconstructed by Polyline Representation, A
* Image interpolation based on variational principles
* Morphological shape and region description

SP(26) * Low-rate sequence image coding via vector quantization
* Mathematical Morphology on L-Images
* Multiobjective optimization approach to image reconstruction from projections
* Optical modeling of mathematical morphology: A link between convolution of images, dilation and erosion
* skimming technique for fast accurate edge detection, A
* Statistical analysis of scale-space
* Texture segmentation based on a hierarchical Markov random field model
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SP(27) * Behavioral object recognition from multiple image frames
* Image reconstruction on hypercube computers: Application to electron microscopy
* Volumetric reconstruction from object silhouettes: A regularization procedure

SP(29) * Estimation of Optimal Morphological TAU-opening Parameters Based on Independent Observation of Signal and Noise Pattern Spectra
* Frequency and Orientation Sensitive Texture Measures Using Linear Symmetry

SP(3) * Computer Recognition of Handwritten Hebrew Characters
* Contour Filling for Region Extraction
* Contour Processing in Visual Pattern Recognition. Application in Robotics
* Note on the Computation of the Enclosed Area for Contour-Coded Binary Objects, A
* Thinning Transform for Digital Images, A

SP(30) * Motion detection using image histogram sequence analysis

SP(31) * Image analysis with 2-D continuous wavelet transform
* Supervised Segmentation Using a Multiresolution Data Representation

SP(32) * Combining occluded surface boundaries
* Determination of road directions using feedback neural nets
* Hand Line Drawing Interpretation as Three-Dimensional Object
* Knowledge-based segmentation and state-based control in image analysis: Two examples from the biomedical domain
* Knowledge-based understanding of signals: An introduction
* Part segmentation of slice data using regularity
* Principles and Techniques for Sensor Data Fusion
* procedure of reading mechanical engineering drawings for CAD applications, A
* System for an intelligent office document analysis, recognition and description
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SP(34) * Adaptive vector quantization for fixed bit-rate video coding
* Gray-scale granulometries compatible with spatial scalings
* Image compression using block pattern-vector quantization

SP(35) * Historical development of use of dynamical models for the representation of knowledge about real world processes in machine vision
* Historical development of use of dynamical models for the representation of knowledge about real world processes in machine vision: Response
* Image analysis with 2-D continuous wavelet transform
* Image Sequence Analysis for Counting in Real Time People Getting in and out of a Bus

SP(37) * Detecting lines in gray level images using search techniques

SP(38) * 3-D morphological segmentation and motion estimation for image sequences
* Computational mathematical morphology
* Digital skeletons in Euclidean and geodesic spaces
* Morphological Filtering: An overview
* Morphological multiscale segmentation for image coding
* Morphological Reduction of Skeleton Redundancy
* Morphological Segmentation Applied to Displaced Frame Difference Coding
* Morphological Signal Processing and the Slope Transform
* On the construction of morphological operators which are self-dual and activity-extensive
* Topographic Distance and Watershed Lines
* Watershed of a continuous function
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SP(39) * Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Fast Median Filtering of Image Data with a Huge Number of Levels, A
* Objective and quantitative segmentation evaluation and comparison
* OFDM for digital TV broadcasting
* Optimal filters for the generation of multiresolution sequences

SP(4) * 3D Adaptive Predictive Coding of Moving Images by Block Segmentaiton
* Finding Edges in Natural Textures
* Remarks on the Differential Method for the Estimation of Movement in Television Images
* Stochastic Method for Texture Synthesis
* Template-Matching Operator for Edge-Points Detection in Digital Pictures, A

SP(40) * Fractal based image coding with fast decoder convergence
* Image vector quantization using ordered codebooks: Properties and applications
* Precision of morphological representation estimators for translation invariant binary filters: Increasing and nonincreasing

SP(41) * Image dynamic range enhancement and stabilization in the context of the logarithmic image processing model
* Subband DFT I: Definition, Interpretation and Extensions
* Subband DFT II: Accuracy, Complexity and Applications

SP(43) * Method for Invariant Pattern-Recognition Using the Scale-Vector Representation of Planar Curves, A

SP(44) * Localization of Dominant Points for Object Recognition: A Scale-Space Approach

SP(45) * 3-Dimensional Invariants and Their Application to Object Recognition
* On Texture Analysis: Local Energy Transforms Versus Quadrature Filters
* Use of Boolean Functions and Local Operations for Edge-Detection in Images, The

SP(46) * Joint Optimization of Representation Model and Frame Segmentation for Generic Video Compression
* Multiscale Vision Model Adapted to the Astronomical Images, A

SP(47) * Scale-Space Displacement Of Zero-Crossings Of Del(2)G Operated Images For Convex-Bodies And Convex-Sets

SP(48) * Corner Detection in Natural Images Based on the 2-D Hilbert Transform
* Further Results in Spatial Smoothing
* Multi-Radar Data Fusion for Object Tracking and Shape Estimation
* Projection-Based Rank Reduction Algorithms for Multichannel Modeling and Image Compression

SP(49) * On the Discrete Gabor Transform and the Discrete Zak Transform

SP(5) * Applications of Pattern Recognition in Semiconductor and Printer Board Production
* Are Impossible Figures Possible?
* Characterization of Textures by Eigenfilters
* Correction for Low Sun Elevation in Landsat Imagery
* Data Compression Through a Rectangular Transform
* Design of Adaptive and Nonadaptive Quantizers Using Subjective Criteria
* Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Nonlinear Smoothing, A
* Efficient Hadamard Transformation of Large Images
* Fast Piecewise Linear Approximation Algorithm, A
* High Compression Image Coding Based on a Contour-Texture Model
* Improved Method for High-Curvature Detection with Applications to Automatic Inspection, An
* Local Feature Method for the Detection of Flaws in Automated X-Ray Inspection of Castings, A
* Machine Vision for Inspection of Keyboards
* Raised Cosine Function for Image Restoration
* Separation of Equal Shape Overlapping Peaks
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SP(51) * Fast Pipelined Median Filter Network, A

SP(54) * Comparison of Four Hybrid Block/Object Image Coders, A
* Multistage Segmentation of Optical-Flow Field
* On Theory and Regularization of Scale-Limited Extrapolation
* Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Texture-Matched Wavelet Filterbanks for Hierarchical Texture Analysis
* Sonar Image Segmentation by Fuzzy C-Means
* Wide-Band Imaging and Parameter-Estimation of Distributed Objects Using the Continuous Wavelet Transform

SP(55) * Coding of 3D Moving Medical Data Using a 3D Warping Technique
* Efficient Algorithm for the 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform, An
* Motion Detection from the Measured Signals in Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging
* New Rotation-Invariant Features for Radar Target Recognition
* On Performance Gains in MPEG-2 Video Coding via a Rate-Distortion Optimal Route

SP(56) * Arabic Character-Recognition Using 1-D Slices of the Character Spectrum
* Encoding-Interleaved Hierarchical Interpolation for Lossless Image Compression
* Novel Scheme for Optimizing Partitioned VQ Using a Modified Resolution Measure, A
* On the Use of Gibbs Priors for Bayesian Image Restoration
* Polygonal Object Recognition with the Use of the Hough Transform

SP(57) * Designing Texture Filters with Genetic Algorithms: An Application to Medical Images
* Fast Continuous Wavelet Transform: A Least-Squares Formulation
* Nonlinear Filtering Techniques for Multivariate Images: Design and Robustness Characterization
* Parallel Lattice Structure of Block Time-Recursive Generalized Gabor Transforms
* Regular Orthonormal and Biorthogonal Wavelet Filters

SP(58) * General Comparative-Study of the Multiplicative Homomorphic, Log-Ratio and Logarithmic Image-Processing Approaches, A
* Predictive Median Threshold Filter with Robust Prediction Estimation, A
* Ultrasound Imaging Based on Multiple Beamforming with Coded Excitation

SP(59) * 3D Medical Image-Coding Using Separable 3D Wavelet Decomposition and Lattice Vector Quantization
* Adaptive Surface Data-Compression
* Analysis and Synthesis of Textures Through the Inference of Boolean Functions
* Image Quality in Lossy Compressed Digital Mammograms
* Linear and Nonlinear Filters for Clutter Cancellation in Radar Systems
* Medical Image Compression with Lossless Regions of Interest
* Optimal Cache Usage for Separable Image-Processing Algorithms on General-Purpose Workstations
* Pyramid-Based Error-Bounded Encoder: An Evaluation on X-Ray Chest Images
* Special Section on Biomedical Imaging
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SP(6) * DPCM Coding of the Chrominance Signals for the Transmission of Colour TV Signals at 34 Mbits/S
* Linear MMSE Filtering for Restoration of Images Degraded by Film Grain Noise

SP(60) * Edge-Detection by Point Classification of Canny Filtered Images
* From Image-Processing to Feature Processing
* Queue-Based Region Growing Algorithm for Accurate Segmentation of Multidimensional Digital Images, A
* Spatiotemporal Wavelet Transforms for Digital Signal Analysis

SP(61) * Automatic Left Ventricular Center Point Extraction in Echocardiographic Images
* CFAR Detection for Two Correlated Targets
* Edge Preservance and Block Effect Reduction by Block Coefficient Diffusion Method
* Fast Orthogonalization Algorithms for Segmented Image-Coding

SP(62) * Bayesian-Approach for the Median Filter in Image-Processing, A
* Boundary Extraction of Sodar Images
* Efficient Quantization Technique for Wavelet Coefficients of Fingerprint Images, An
* Flat Zone Approach: A General Low-Level Region Merging Segmentation Method, The
* Heuristic Algorithm for Optical Character Recognition of Arabic Script, A
* Shape Characterization With the Wavelet Transform
* Stochastic Vector Quantization of Images
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SP(63) * Color Image-Coding Combining Linear Prediction and Iterated Function Systems
* FFT-Based Technique for Fast Fractal Image Compression, An
* Novel-Approach to the Optimal Biorthogonal Analysis Window Sequence of the Discrete Gabor Expansion, A
* On the Optimal Number of Scales in Estimation of Fractal Signals Using Wavelets and Filter Banks
* Split-Radix Algorithm for 2-D Discrete Hartley Transform
* Unified Mathematical Form of the Walsh-Hadamard Transform for Lossless Image Data-Compression, A

SP(65) * Construction of High Resolution Wavelets
* New Approach for Real Time Reduction of Blocking Effect, A
* Spatiotemporal Energy-Based Method for Velocity Estimation

SP(66) * Automatic Moving Object and Background Separation
* Content Based Access to Video Objects: Temporal Segmentation, Visual Summary, and Feature Extraction
* DCT Domain System for Robust Image Watermarking, A
* Direct Incremental Model Based Image Motion Segmentation for Video Analysis
* Extensive Operators in Partition Lattices for Image Sequence Analysis
* Hierarchical Segmentation of Video Sequences for Content Manipulation and Adaptive Coding
* Image and Watermark Registration
* Motion Based Analysis and Segmentation of Image Sequences Using 3-D Scene Models
* Noise Robust Method for 2D Shape Estimation of Moving Objects in Video Sequences Considering a Moving Camera, A
* Robust Audio Watermarking Using Perceptual Masking
* Robust Image Watermarking in the Spatial Domain
* Role of Analysis in Content Based Video Coding and Indexing, The
* Rotation, Scale and Translation Invariant Spread Spectrum Digital Image Watermarking
* Special Issue on Video Sequence Segmentation for Content Based Processing and Manipulation
* Special Issue on Watermarking
* Tracking of the Motion of Important Facial Features in Model-Based Coding
* Watermarking Algorithm Based on a Human Visual Model
* Watermarking of Uncompressed and Compressed Video
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SP(67) * Adaptive Nonlinear Filters for 2D and 3D Image Enhancement
* Characterization of Human Visual Sensitivity for Video Imaging Applications
* Link Between Image Based and Feature Based Active Contours, A
* Periodogram with Varying and Data Driven Window Length
* Polynomial Preserving Algorithm for Digital Image Interpolation
* Two-Dimensional Discrete Fractional Fourier-Transform

SP(68) * Fast Adaptive Fourier Based Transform and its Use in Multidimensional Data Compression
* New Fast Local Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Global Motion, A
* On Matrix Factorizations for Recursive Pruned Discrete Cosine Transforms
* Recursive Estimation of 4th-Order Cumulants with Application to Identification
* Revisiting the Estimation of the Mean Using Order-Statistics
* Wavelet Transform Domain Blind Deconvolution

SP(69) * Fractional Fourier and Radon-Wigner Transforms Of Periodic Signals
* Image Sequence Macroblock Classification Using Neural Networks
* Image-Based Multimodal Face Authentication
* Remarks on the Unsubsampled Wavelet Transform and the Lifting Scheme

SP(7) * Influence of Motion on the Masking of Quantization Errors in Three-Dimensional DPCM Coding, The

SP(70) * Color Image Fidelity Metrics Evaluated Using Image Distortion Maps
* Combining An Adapted Wavelet Analysis with 4th-Order Statistics for Transient Detection
* Correction of Motion Artifacts in MRI Caused by Rotations at Constant Angular Velocity
* Fast Algorithms for DFT of Composite Sequence Lengths
* Grey-Scale, the Crispening Effect, and Perceptual Linearization
* Image Dissimilarity
* Image Metamorphosis Transformation of Facial Images Based on Elastic Body Splines
* Objective Measurement Tool for MPEG Video Quality, An
* Perceptual Quality Metrics Applied To Still Image Compression
* Quality Measurement and Use of Preprocessing in Image Compression
* Special Issue on Image and Video Quality Metrics
* Survey of Hybrid MC/DPCM/DCT Video Coding Distortions, A
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SP(71) * 2D vector-cycle deformable templates
* Deformable template models: A review
* Generalized gradient vector flow external forces for active contours
* Globally constrained deformable models for 3D object reconstruction
* Learning probabilistic deformation models from image sequences
* Signature identification through the use of deformable structures
* Unsupervised cell nucleus segmentation with active contours
* Using active contours and mathematical morphology tools for quantification of immunohistochemical images
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SP(73) * fast matching criterion for VLSI implementation of block-based motion estimation, A
* Pattern recognition by means of the Radon transform and the continuous wavelet transform
* Weighted boundary matching algorithm for error concealment in the MPEG-2 video bit stream

SP(74) * complexity of vision, The

SP(75) * fast vector quantization encoding algorithm using multiple projection axes, A
* Low level image partitioning guided by the gradient watershed hierarchy

SP(76) * MRF model-based identification of shift-variant point spread function for a class of imaging systems
* Reliable block motion estimation through the confidence measure of error surface
* Spatiotemporal MRF approach to video segmentation: Application to motion detection and lip segmentation

SP(77) * Accurate and simple geometric calibration of multi-camera systems
* Discrete Gabor transforms with complexity O(NlogN)
* Lipreading using signal analysis over time
* Multi-polyhedron reconstruction in a three-view system using relaxation
* nonlinear transform for subband image coding, A
* Robust shape classification

SP(78) * Color quantization by preserving color distribution features
* fast method for estimation of object rotation function in MRI using a similarity criterion among k-space overlap data, A
* Issues in vision modeling for perceptual video quality assessment
* Lossless region of interest coding
* On the accuracy of line-, strip- and fan-based algebraic reconstruction from few projections
* Target tracking with Bearings-Only Measurements

SP(79) * Active Contour Algorithm: An Attractive Tool for Snow Avalanche Analysis
* fast generalized discrete Fourier transforms: A unified approach to the discrete sinusoidal transforms computation, The
* Performance analysis of a modified spatial smoothing technique for direction estimation
* Real-time implementation of the moving FFT algorithm
* Reduction of blocking effect in DCT-coded images using zero-masking techniques

SP(8) * High Compression Image Coding via Directional Filtering
* Maximum a Posteriori Estimation in Presence of Film Grain Noise
* On the Performance of a Contour Coding Algorithm in the Context of Image Coding. Part I: Contour Segment Coding
* Quantitative Evaluation of Enhancement Techniques

SP(80) * Document image preprocessing based on optimal Boolean filters
* DSPs for image and video processing
* Efficient labeling procedures for image partition encoding
* Fast recursive algorithms for 2-D discrete cosine transform
* Fuzzy logic detection of landmines with ground penetrating radar
* fuzzy video content representation for video summarization and content-based retrieval, A
* Image processing for multimedia terminals and related architectures
* Image restoration for frame- and object-based video coding using an adaptive constrained least-squares approach
* Improving the performance of spatial watermarking of images using channel coding
* lapped directional transform for spectral image analysis and its application to restoration and enhancement, A
* Model-based stereo-visual tracking: Covariance analysis and tracking schemes
* Multi-frame compression: Theory and Design
* Multi-iteration wavelet zero-tree coding for image compression
* Multicamera motion estimation for high-accuracy 3D reconstruction
* multiscale morphological approach to local contrast enhancement, A
* new method for ROI extraction from motion affected MR images based on suppression of artifacts in the image background, A
* new optimal digital halftoning technique based on the discrete cosine transform, A
* Radar fusion to detect dim targets
* Reconstruction of missing or occluded contour segments using Bezier interpolations
* Robust vector quantizer design using self-organizing neural networks
* Special issue on digital signal processing in audiovisual communication
* Visual inspection of a combustion process in a thermoelectric plant
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SP(81) * adaptive approach to unsupervised texture segmentation using M-Band wavelet transform, An
* Advanced image-processing tools for counting people in tourist site-monitoring applications
* Analyses of error correction strategies for typical communication channels in watermarking
* Analysis of digital watermarks subjected to optimum linear filtering and additive noise
* approach to positron emission tomography based on penalized cross-entropy minimization, An
* Approaching the Capacity Limit in Image Watermarking: A Perspective on Coding Techniques for Data Hiding Applications
* approximation of a morphological opening and closing in the presence of noise, The
* ARMA order selection method with fuzzy reasoning, An
* Attack Modelling: Towards a Second Generation Watermarking Benchmark
* Autofocus for inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging
* Detection of point landmarks in multidimensional tensor data
* Digital watermarking based on neural networks for color images
* Dual hidden Markov model for characterizing wavelet coefficients from multi-aspect scattering data
* Effective nonlinear approach for optical flow estimation
* fast recursive algorithm to compute local axial moments, A
* From watermark detection to watermark decoding: a PPM approach
* Hough transform algorithm for FPGA implementation
* Image Fusion Based on Median Filters and SOFM Neural Networks: A Three-Step Scheme
* Improved DCT-DST prime factor algorithms
* influence of communication bandwidth on target tracking with angle only measurements from two platforms, The
* Information theoretic aspects in digital watermarking
* Invariant texture segmentation with reduced illumination sensitivity
* Least squares generalized B-spline signal and image processing
* Lossless image compression by LMS adaptive filter banks
* Model-based discontinuity evaluation in the DCT domain
* Modeling general distributed nonstationary process and identifying time-varying autoregressive system by wavelets: theory and application
* morphological approach of target detection on perspective plane, A
* Motion Estimation of Opaque or Transparent Objects Using Triads of Gabor Filters
* new fast algorithm for computing prime-Length DCT through cyclic convolutions, A
* new fast recursive algorithm for computing discrete Hartley transform and its implementation, A
* New interleaved hierarchical interpolation with median-based interpolators for progressive image transmission
* novel direction-finding method for cyclostationary signals, A
* Object recognition based on fractal neighbor distance
* On the distribution of the wavelet coefficient for a Poisson noise
* One-dimension range profile identification of radar targets based on a linear interpolation neural network
* optimal L-filter for reducing blocking artifacts using genetic algorithms, An
* Optimal transform domain watermark embedding via linear programming
* Quantization effects on digital watermarks
* Random walk approach to image enhancement
* Reduction of blocking artifacts by cepstral filtering
* Robust optimal granulometric bandpass filters
* role of information theory in watermarking and its application to image watermarking, The
* Separation of a Class of Convolutive Mixtures: A Contrast Function Approach
* Soft median adaptive predictor for lossless picture compression
* Statistical analysis of a watermarking system based on Bernoulli chaotic sequences
* Successive structural analysis using wavelet transform for blocking artifacts suppression
* Variable dimension vector quantization based image watermarking
* Vector quantization based on genetic simulated annealing
* VLSI array architecture for realization of DFT, DHT, DCT and DST, A
* Wavelet-based image denoising in (digital) particle image velocimetry
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SP(82) * Adaptive cancellation of stationary interference in the presence of structured nonstationary interference
* adaptive lapped biorthogonal transform and its application in orientation adaptive image coding, An
* Artifact reduction of JPEG coded images using mean-removed classified vector quantization
* Base line estimation using sparse nonlinear operators
* Bayesian EM algorithm for optimal tracking of a maneuvering target in clutter, A
* Blind decision feedback equalisers, how to avoid degenerative solutions
* Coding of 3D virtual objects with NURBS
* Color image segmentation using fuzzy C-means and eigenspace projections
* Detection and characterisation of planar fractures using a 3D Hough transform
* Distributed interacting multipattern data association for multiplatform target tracking
* Error resilience and recovery in streaming of embedded video
* Estimation of atmospheric boundary layer using Kalman filter technique
* Face verification using elastic graph matching based on morphological signal decomposition
* Fast 3-D decimation-in-frequency algorithm for 3-D Hartley transform
* Fitting ARMA models to linear non-Gaussian processes using higher order statistics
* fuzzy video content representation for video summarization and content-based retrieval, A
* Hybrid representations for audiophonic signal encoding
* Image coding using transform vector quantization with training set synthesis
* Image-based surface modeling: a multi-resolution approach
* Layered set partitioning in hierarchical tree for image coding
* Multi-wavelets from B-spline super-functions with approximation order
* Multidimensional Signal Compression Using Multiscale Recurrent Patterns
* Near-Lossless Image Compression by Relaxation Labeled Prediction
* New algorithms for multidimensional discrete Hartley transform
* new fast algorithm for the unified forward and inverse MDCT/MDST computation, A
* New multiscale transforms, minimum total variation synthesis: applications to edge-preserving image reconstruction
* On the uniqueness of stationary points in L2 approximation with a rational polyphase function
* Optimal finite-precision approximation of FIR filters
* Perceptual activity measures computed from blocks in the transform domain
* Quantile prediction for time series in the fraction-of-time probability framework
* Radar fusion to detect targets: Part II
* Robust motion estimation using spatial Gabor-like filters
* Seed accumulating sequential estimation for PN sequence acquisition at low signal-to-noise ratio
* single-ended blockiness measure for JPEG-coded images, A
* Smart wavelet image coding: X-tree approach
* Special issue on image and video coding beyond standards
* Statistical characterisation and modelling of SAR images
* Statistical detection of defects in radiographic images in nondestructive testing
* Target Motion Analysis Using Range-Only Measurements: Algorithms, Performance and Application to ISAR Data
* Tensor product multiresolution analysis with error control for compact image representation
* Turbo code frame synchronization
* unified method for optimizing linear image restoration filters, A
* VLSI architectures of the 1-D and 2-D discrete wavelet transforms for JPEG 2000
* Watermarking scheme capable of resisting attacks based on availability of inserter
* Wavelets, Gaussian mixtures and Wiener filtering
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SP(83) * Adaptive interpolation of images
* Adaptive windowed Fourier transform
* Application of the ICI principle to window size adaptive median filtering
* Arithmetic errors in the sub-band FFT: derivation of error equations and simulation results
* Convergence analysis of the sign algorithm with badly behaved noise
* Digital Equalisation in Adaptive Spatial Filtering for Radar Systems: A Survey
* Error prevention and resilience of VQ encoded images
* Explosives detection systems (EDS) for aviation security
* fast octagon-based search algorithm for motion estimation, A
* Features for robust face-based identity verification
* fuzzy-controlled Kalman filter applied to stereo-visual tracking schemes, A
* Inversion of the sliding Fourier transform using only two frequency bins and its application to source separation
* Multiresolution image segmentation integrating Gibbs sampler and region merging algorithm
* Nonparametric log spectrum estimation using disconnected regression splines and genetic algorithms
* numerical algorithm for stable 2D autoregressive filter design, A
* On the geodesic paths approach to color image filtering
* Orthogonal discrete periodic Radon transform. Part I: theory and realization
* Orthogonal discrete periodic Radon transform. Part II: applications
* Smooth constrained motion estimation for video coding
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SP(84) * Discrete analytical ridgelet transform

SP(87) * Nonparametric shape priors for active contour-based image segmentation

SP(9) * Image Sharpening Incorporating Human Visual Response
* Optimization of an Adaptive Intraframe/Interframe DPCM Considering the Visibility of Quantization Noise

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