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University of otago

otc: A Novel Local Descriptor for Scene Classification

otcbvS Benchmark Dataset Collection
otcbvS Benchmark Dataset Collection

Train Detection and Tracking in Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (otdr) Signals

Approach to 3D Digital Modeling of Surfaces with Poor Texture by Range Imaging Techniques. Shape from Stereo vs. Shape from Silhouette in Digitizing Jorge oteiza's Sculptures, An

otesc: online transformation estimation between stereo cameras

Blind Deconvolution of Widefield Fluorescence Microscopic Data by Regularization of the Optical Transfer Function (otf)

Visualizing Translation Variation: Shakespeare's othello

ACRONYM and SUCCESSOR Papers - Stanford University and others
Algorithms for Computing the Volume and other Integral Properties of Solids
Analysis of Spacecraft Localization from Descent Image Data for Pinpoint Landing on Mars and other Cratered Bodies, An
Application of Bootstrap and other Resampling Techniques: Evaluation of Classifier Performance
Application of Line Labeling and other Scene-Analysis Techniques to the Problem of Hidden-Line Removal, An
Architectures for hierarchical and other block matching algorithms
Assessment of Complex Masonry Structures with GPR Compared to other Non-Destructive Testing Studies
Assessment of GPM-IMERG and other Precipitation Products against Gauge Data under Different Topographic and Climatic Conditions in Iran: Preliminary Results
Autism Analysis, Behavior, Cognitive, other Analysis
Automated segmentation and classification of chemical and other equations from document images
Automated Smoothing of Image and other Regularly Spaced Data
Bayesian Models of Graphs, Arrays and other Exchangeable Random Structures
Biometrics, Multi-Modal Systems, Multibiometrics, Combined Face and other Features, Fusion
Bochner Subordination, Logarithmic Diffusion Equations, And Blind Deconvolution Of Hubble Space Telescope Imagery And other Scientific Data
Brain, Cortex, Registration, Alignment, MRI, other
Capability Assessment of Fully Polarimetric ALOS-PALSAR Data for Discriminating Wet Snow From other Scattering Types in Mountainous Regions
Classemes and other Classifier-Based Features for Efficient Object Categorization
Color Based Tracking of Heads and other Mobile Objects at Video Frame Rates
Comparative Study of Morphological and other Texture Features for the Characterization of Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaques, A
Comparing G-maps with other topological data structures
Comparing the EMD to other Dissimilarity Measures for Color Images
comparison of Bayes risk weighted vector quantization with posterior estimation with other VQ-based classifiers, A
Comparison of interannual intrinsic modes in hemispheric sea ice covers and other geophysical parameters
Comparison of Neural Network Boolean Factor Analysis Method with Some other Dimension Reduction Methods on Bars Problem
Computer Vision Related Research Groups, Americas -- other than US
Constrained Nets for Graph matching and other Quadratic Assignment Problems
Construction and Application of Hybrid Wavelet and other Parametric Orthogonal Transforms
Contour Tracking When Two Gray-Level Discontinuities Are Close to Each other
Cross Comparison of EO-1 Sensors and other Earth Resources Sensors to Landsat-7 ETM+ Using Railroad Valley Playa
CVonline: Hardware, DSP, Parallel and other Non-Standard Processing Platforms
Detecting People Looking at Each other in Videos
Detection and Correction of Document Skew, and other Distortions
Development of A Model To Correct Multi-view Angle Above Water Measurements for The Analysis of The Bidirectional Reflectance of Coral And other Reef Substrates
Discriminating Fingerprint Images of other Images
Economic and other considerations for Digital Cinema
Emerging Field of Signal Processing on Graphs: Extending High-Dimensional Data Analysis to Networks and other Irregular Domains, The
Emotion Recognition, from other Than Faces
Estimation of subjective age based on facial images of others: Comparative studies of the Americans and the Japanese
Estimation of subjective age based on the facial images of others: experimental verification of a younger identity caused by the effect of delusions of the accumulated memory of a known face
Evaluating Airborne Multispectral Digital Video to Differentiate Giant Salvinia from other Features in Northeast Texas
Extension of Marr's Signature Based Edge Classification and other Methods Determining Diffuseness and Height of Edges, and Bar Edge Width, An
Fast Nearest Neighbor Search for ECVQ and other Modified Distortion Measures
Fine-Scale Monitoring of Complex Environments Using Remotely Sensed Aerial, Satellite, and other Spatial Data
Fingerprint Authentication Based on Matching Scores with other Data
Fisher, Parzen, and other Clustering Measures and Decompositions
Focus of Expansion and other Features
fuzzy extension of the Rand index and other related indexes for clustering and classification assessment, A
Gesture-controlled interfaces for self-service machines and other applications
Gradual transition detection using color coherence and other criteria in a video shot meta-segmentation framework
Heart Analysis, ECG, Electrocardiogram, other Electrical Signals
Here's looking at you, kid. Detecting people looking at each other in videos
Image processing method and apparatus for out-putting dot-processed data with suppression of false contours and other noise
Image Registration -- Using Edges, Lines, Curves, and Corner and other Features
Image Thresholding for Optical Character Recognition and other Applications Requiring Character Image Extraction
Improve Pedestrian Attribute Classification by Weighted Interactions from other Attributes
Influence Of Raw Image Preprocessing And other Selected Processes On Accuracy Of Close-range Photogrammetric Systems According To Vdi 2634
Is image super-resolution helpful for other vision tasks?
Just-in-time browsing for digitized microfilm and other similar image collections
Kidney Disease, Tomography, CAT Analysis, other Methods
Knowledge-Based Detection and Classification of Vehicles and other Objects in Aerial Road Images
Knowledge-Based Understanding of Road Maps and other Line Images
Large scale address recognition systems: Truthing, testing, tools, and other evaluation issues
LBP Encoding Schemes Jointly Utilizing the Information of Current Bit and other LBP Bits
Learning from the Mistakes of others: Matching Errors in Cross-Dataset Learning
Learning patterns in terms of other patterns
Learning to Recognize Objects by Retaining other Factors of Variation
Learning Where to Drive by Watching others
Liveness Detection, Spoofing, Faces, other Biometrics
Local Median and other Window Operations on SIMD Computers, The
Localization, GPS Assisted, GNSS Assisted, Guidance System Assisted, other Annotation
Macroscopic Human Behavior Interpretation Using Distributed Imager and other Sensors
Memory-Based Learning Approach as Compared to other Data Mining Algorithms for the Prediction of Soil Texture Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectra, A
Method and apparatus for detecting moving objects in video conferencing and other applications
Method and apparatus for tracking moving objects using combined video and audio information in video conferencing and other applications
Method and system for capturing and representing 3D geometry, color and shading of facial expressions and other animated objects
Motion-towards-each-other-based hand gesture initialization
Multi-Subset Selection for Keyword Extraction and other Prototype Search Tasks Using Feature Selection Algorithms
Multi-View Learning, Transfer from other View
Multiple Stable States and Catastrophic Shifts in Coastal Wetlands: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities in Validating Theory Using Remote Sensing and other Methods
Navigation in birds and other animals
New Devices for 3D Pose Estimation: Mantis Eyes, Agam Paintings, Sundials, and other Space Fiducials
Nonlinear Filter for Film Restoration and other Problems in Image Processing, A
Obstacle Dectection, other Vehicles, Objects on the Road
Occamian Approach in the Image Restoration and other Inverse Problems
On Coons' and other Methods for the Representation of Curved Surfaces
On Dynamic SFM and other Recent Advances in Realtime Video Processing for Mobile Platforms
Optic Flow Computation and Use, other Approaches
other Character Sets
other Compiled Lists of Research, Sources, etc.
other Complete Systems
other Conferences and Workshops
other Description Techniques
other Edge Detector and Use Papers
other Feature Matching Techniques
other General Computer Vision, Image Processing Conferences
other Industrial Applications Areas
other Invariants in Face Recognition, General Invariants, Sparse Representations
other Patterns
other Regular, National, Regional, Vision Conferences
other Related Journals
other Related Papers, Audio, Speech, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition
other Segmentation Techniques
other Soil Properties, Remote Sensing
other Space Variant Sensors and Models
other Sparse Coding, Invariants
other Stereo Work
other Threshold Selection Systems
other Useful Sites
other, Kernel Methods, Invariants
Patterns of spatial variation in forests and other natural populations
Photo-Based 3D Graphics in C++: Compositing, Warping, Morphing, and other Digital Special Effects
Probabilistic and other Neural Nets in Multi-Hole Probe Calibration and Flow Angularity Pattern Recognition
Real-Time Detection of Lines and Grids: By PClines and other Approaches
Real-time head tracking system for computer games and other applications
Reducing the other-race effect through caricatures
Regular Decomposition of Multivariate Time Series and other Matrices
Removal Of Tree Offsets from SRTM and other Digital Surface Models
Satellite Retrievals of Karenia brevis Harmful Algal Blooms in the West Florida Shelf Using Neural Networks and Comparisons with other Techniques
Seeing beyond occlusions (and other marvels of a finite lens aperture)
Sign Language, other Languages, Chinese, Arabic
Significance map pruning and other enhancements to SPIHT image coding algorithm
Solution of Polygon Containment, Spatial Planning, and other Related Problems Using Minkowski Operations, A
Solution to Histogram-Equalization and other Related Problems by Shortest-Path Methods, A
Some Faces are More Equal than others: Hierarchical Organization for Accurate and Efficient Large-Scale Identity-Based Face Retrieval
Some general remarks about pattern recognition; its definition; its relation with other disciplines; a literature survey
Some Objects Are More Equal Than others: Measuring and Predicting Importance
Some recent advances in speech recognition with potential applications in other statistical pattern recognition areas
Sorting Spatial Data for Sampling and other Geographic Applications
Special Issue on Handwriting recognition and other PR applications
Spectral Reflectance of Polar Bear and other Large Arctic Mammal Pelts; Potential Applications to Remote Sensing Surveys
Speech Analysis, other than Recognition
SPIE -- other, Applications
Sticky vector fields, and other geometric measures on diffusion tensor images
Structure from Motion - other
Suspicious Face Detection based on Eye and other facial features movement monitoring
syntax of a triangle and some other figures, The
Transfer Learning from other Classes, Domain Adaptation
Transformation From Hyperspectral Radiance Data to Data of other Sensors Based on Spectral Superresolution
Type P63 Digitized Color Images Performs Better Identification than other Stains for Ovarian Tissue Analysis
Use of Captions and other Collateral Text in Understanding Photographs
Vanishing points in point-to-line mappings and other line parameterizations
Vector Quantization with other Transform Coding Methods
Video based detection of fall-down and other events
video error resilience redundant slices algorithm and its performance relative to other fixed redundancy schemes, A
Watermarks in Video and Multi-Media, other Data
Weak supervision and other non-standard classification problems: A taxonomy
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Relief: Pictorial and otherwise

Comparison of Methods for Estimating Fractional Cover of Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic Vegetation in the otindag Sandy Land Using GF-1 Wide-Field View Data

Open Turbulent Image Set (otis)

otitis media vocabulary and grammar

otlines: A novel line-detection algorithm without the interference of smooth curves

Using otoacoustic Emissions as a Biometric

Automatic fish age estimation from otolith images using statistical learning
Automatic morphological detection of otolith nucleus
Autonomous agents for edge detection and continuity perception on otolith images
Continuity Perception Using a Multiagent System. an Application to Growth Ring Detection on Fish otoliths
Growth Ring Detection on Fish otoliths by a Graph Construction
Locally Deformable B-Bubble Model: An Application to Growth Ring Detection on Fish otoliths, The
Multiagent System for Edge Detection and Continuity Perception on Fish otolith Images, A
otolith Recognition System Using a Normal Angles Contour
Robust time-frequency model estimation in otolith images for fish age and growth analysis
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Automatic Extraction Of Water In High-resolution Sar Images Based On Multi-scale Level Set Method And otsu Algorithm
C++ Implementation of otsu's Image Segmentation Method, A
Chan-Vese Revisited: Relation to otsu's Method and a Parameter-Free Non-PDE Solution via Morphological Framework
Characteristic analysis of otsu threshold and its applications
Combination of Local Fuzzy-Entropy-Based Transition Region Extraction with otsu Thresholding Method for Image Segmentation, The
Equivalent 3D otsu's Thresholding Method, An
Eyelid and eyelash detection method in the normalized iris image using the parabolic Hough model and otsu's thresholding method
Fast three-dimensional otsu thresholding with shuffled frog-leaping algorithm
Generalization of otsu's binarization into recursive colour image segmentation
Image Segmentation of Drosophila's Compound Eyes via Two-Dimensional otsu Thresholding on the Basis of AGA
improved Canny algorithm based on adaptive 2D-otsu and Newton Iterative, An
Modified two-dimensional otsu image segmentation algorithm and fast realisation
non-invasive and adaptive CAD system to detect brain tumor from T2-weighted MRIs using customized otsu's thresholding with prominent features and supervised learning, A
Optimal multi-level thresholding using a two-stage otsu optimization approach
otsu guided adaptive binarization of CAPTCHA image using gamma correction
recursive otsu thresholding method for scanned document binarization, A
Research of Double-Threshold Segmentation of Brazing-Area Defect of Saw Based on otsu and HSV Color Space
Ridler and Calvard's, Kittler and Illingworth's and otsu's methods for image thresholding
robust 2D otsu's thresholding method in image segmentation, A
t-Tests, F-Tests and otsu's Methods for Image Thresholding
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University of ottawa

Verification of the Vertical Error in C-Band SRTM DEM Using ICESat and Landsat-7, otter Tail County, MN

Semi-automatic extraction of sectional view from point clouds: The case of ottmarsheim's abbey-church

Content-Based Retrieval of Historical ottoman Documents Stored as Textual Images
Matching ottoman Words: An image retrieval approach to historical document indexing
Redif Extraction in Handwritten ottoman Literary Texts
Retrieval of ottoman documents

Stereo Calibration from Correspondences of otv Projections

Feasibility to Detect Signs of Potential CO2 Leakage with Multi-Temporal Spot Satellite Vegetation Imagery in otway, Victoria
Pasture Monitoring Using SAR with COSMO-SkyMed, ENVISAT ASAR, and ALOS PALSAR in otway, Australia

otwc: an efficient object-tracking method

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