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Role of Methodology and Spatiotemporal Scale in Understanding Environmental Change in Peri-Urban ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, The

Documentation for Emergency Stabilization and the Integrated Conservation Planning of Earthen Architecture Settlements: The Kasbah of Taourirt (ouarzazate, Morocco)

oub: a scalable grid-based surface-representation for realtime high-resolution rendering

ouchi Illusion as an Artifact of Biased Flow Estimation, The

ouhandS database for hand detection and pose recognition

OMEG: oulu Multi-Pose Eye Gaze Dataset
oulu-CASIA NIR&VIS facial expression database
oulu-NPU: A Mobile Face Presentation Attack Database with Real-World Variations
University of oulu
University of oulu Face Video Database, The
University of oulu Physics-Based Face Database, The

ouluvS database

ouluvs2: A multi-view audiovisual database for non-rigid mouth motion analysis

Capturing our Cultural Intangible Textile Heritage, MoCap and Craft Technology
Capturing the Sporting Heroes of our Past by Extracting 3D Movements from Legacy Video Content
Era-planet The European Network For Observing our Changing Planet
European Space agency (ESA) Landsat MSS/TM/ETM+/OLI archive: 42 years of our history
Germination of the Active Lighting: An Introduction and Brief History of our Research
Good our Field Can Hope to Do, the Harm It Should Avoid, The
History of the Endoscope [Scanning our Past]
How do we use our hands? Discovering a diverse set of common grasps
How the amplitude modulation of n-laser stimuli could change our way to observe submerged and emerged worlds
May the torcher light our way: A negative-accelerated active learning framework for image classification
our-CVFH: Oriented, Unique and Repeatable Clustered Viewpoint Feature Histogram for Object Recognition and 6dof Pose Estimation
Pictures We Like Are our Image: Continuous Mapping of Favorite Pictures into Self-Assessed and Attributed Personality Traits, The
Practical High Dynamic Range Imaging of Everyday Scenes: Photographing the world as we see it with our own eyes
Video background modeling: Recent Approaches, Issues and our Proposed Techniques
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Accuracy assessment of high resolution satellite imagery orientation by leave-one-out method
Adaptive Early Jump-out Technique for Fast Motion Estimation in Video Coding
AllFocus: Patch-Based Video out-of-Focus Blur Reconstruction
Analysis of 2-D Occlusion by Subtracting out
Analysis of in- and out-group differences between Western and East-Asian facial expression recognition
Analysis of out-of-focus blur influence on fingerprint liveness detection system
approach for detecting and cleaning of struck-out handwritten text, An
AssesSeg: A Command Line Tool to Quantify Image Segmentation Quality: A Test Carried out in Southern Spain from Satellite Imagery
Attribute Dominance: What Pops out?
Blind estimation of PSF for out of focus video data
Cache-Aware GPU Optimization for out-of-Core Cone Beam CT Reconstruction of High-Resolution Volumes
Clothed in triple blues: sorting out the Italian blues
Color Drop-out Binarization Method for Document Images with Color Shift
Computing Depth from out-of-Focus Blur Using a Local Frequency Representation
Connecting the out-of-Sample and Pre-Image Problems in Kernel Methods
Context models and out-of-context objects
Counting People Getting in and out of a Bus by Real-Time Image-Sequence Processing
Definitions of Terms and Spelling out Acronyms
Detecting Motion in out-of-Register Pictures
Detection and Normalization of Blown-out Illumination Areas in Grey-scale Images
Determining Pull-out Deformations of Bonded Metal Anchors Embedded In Concrete by Means of Photogrammetry
Discrete visual features modeling via leave-one-out likelihood estimation and applications
Discriminable Points That Stick out of Their Environment
Document layout processing method and device for carrying out the same
Dynamic Chunking for out-of-Core Volume Visualization Applications
Early Jump-out Corner Detectors
easy viewer for out-of-core visualization of huge point-sampled models, An
Effective Bail-out Test for RANSAC Consensus Scoring, An
Effects of Visual Feedback on out-of-Body Illusory Tactile Sensation When Interacting With Augmented Virtual Objects
efficent method to carry out special-shaped buildings post-construction survey, An
Efficient Generation of 3-D Models out of Depth Maps
Efficient Leave-One-out Cross-Validation of Kernel Fisher Discriminant Classifiers
Efficient perceptual-based spatially varying out-of-focus blur detection
Enhancing the Filtering-out of the Back-to-Front Interference in Color Documents with a Neural Classifier
Extracting characters from real vehicle licence plates out-of-doors
Extraction of Landcover Themes out of Aerial Orthoimages in Mountainous Areas Using External Information
Extraction of Optimal Spectral Bands Using Hierarchical Band Merging out of Hyperspectral Data
Extraction Of Vineyards out Of Aerial Ortho-image Using Texture Information
Extreme learning machine for out-of-sample extension in Laplacian eigenmaps
EYEWATCHME: 3D Hand and object tracking for inside out activity analysis
Fade-in and fade-out temporal segments
Fast discrete curvelet transform based anisotropic iris coding and recognition using k-out-of-n: A fused post-classifier
Fast fade-out operation on MPEG video
fast fractal image coding based on kick-out and zero contrast conditions, A
Fast leave-one-out evaluation and improvement on inference for LS-SVMs
Fast VQ Encoding by an Efficient Kick-out Condition
Feedforward semantic segmentation with zoom-out features
Figuring out Most Plausible Interpretation from Spatial Constraints
Filling in, filling out, or filtering out: Processes stabilizing color appearance near the center of gaze
Filling in, filling out, or filtering out: Processes stabilizing color appearance near the center of gaze
Finding dots: Segmentation as popping out regions from boundaries
fractional calculus approach for the evaluation of the golf lip-out, A
Generalized Correlation-Based Model for out-of-Plane Motion Estimation in Freehand Ultrasound, A
Get out of my Picture! Internet-based Inpainting
GPU-Based Ray Casting of Stacked out-of-Core Height Fields
Handling out-of-Vocabulary Words and Recognition Errors Based on Word Linguistic Context for Handwritten Sentence Recognition
Hierarchical Blur Identification from Severely out-of-Focus Images
Image Classification via Semi-supervised Feature Extraction with out-of-Sample Extension
Image composition for object pop-out
Image Pre-Conditioning for out-of-Focus Projector Blur
Image processing method and apparatus for out-putting dot-processed data with suppression of false contours and other noise
Image Sequence Analysis for Counting in Real Time People Getting in and out of a Bus
Immersive out-of-Core Visualization of Large-Size and Long-Timescale Molecular Dynamics Trajectories
In-loop feature tracking for structure and motion with out-of-core optimization
Inkball models for character localization and out-of-vocabulary word spotting
Integrating Geo-spatial Data For Regional Landslide Susceptibility Modeling In Consideration Of Run-out Signature
Interactive Approach for Filtering out Junk Images From Keyword-Based Google Search Results, An
Inverse problem approach in particle digital holography: out-of-Field particle detection made possible
k out of n Region Incrementing Scheme in Visual Cryptography
K out of N Secret Sharing Scheme for Multiple Color Images with Steganography and Authentication
Kernel propagation strategy: A novel out-of-sample propagation projection for subspace learning
KIZUKI Processing for Visual Inspection: A Smart Pattern Pop-out Algorithm Based on Human Visual Architecture
Learning Spread-out Local Feature Descriptors
Leave one support vector out cross validation for fast estimation of generalization errors
Leave-One-out Kernel Optimization for Shadow Detection
Leave-One-out Procedures for Nonparametric Error Estimates
Leave-One-out-Training and Leave-One-Out-Testing Hidden Markov Models for a Handwritten Numeral Recognizer: The Implications of a Single Classifier and Multiple Classifications
Leave-One-out-Training and Leave-One-Out-Testing Hidden Markov Models for a Handwritten Numeral Recognizer: The Implications of a Single Classifier and Multiple Classifications
Let the kernel figure it out; Principled learning of pre-processing for kernel classifiers
Level Selection for Multiscale Fusion of out-of-Focus Image
Linearity of each channel pixel values from a surface in and out of shadows and its applications
Locating Automated External Defibrillators in a Complicated Urban Environment Considering a Pedestrian-Accessible Network that Focuses on out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests
Looking-In and Looking-out of a Vehicle: Computer-Vision-Based Enhanced Vehicle Safety
Method and device for maneuvering a motor vehicle out of a parking space
Method for Working out the Moments of a Polygon, A
Mobile, AR Inside-out Positional Tracking Algorithm, (MARIOPOT), Suitable for Modern, Affordable Cardboard-Style VR HMDs, A
Multispectral Image out-of-Focus Deblurring Using Interchannel Correlation
Multiway Spectral Clustering with out-of-Sample Extensions through Weighted Kernel PCA
Neural sentence embedding using only in-domain sentences for out-of-domain sentence detection in dialog systems
New Approach to the Problem of Acquiring Randomly Oriented Workpieces out of a Bin, A
New Physically Motivated Warping Model for Form Drop-out, A
Nonlinear Filter Coupled With Hospitability and Synthetic Inclination Maps for In-Surveillance and out-of-Surveillance Tracking, A
Novel fractal image encoding algorithm using normalized one-norm and kick-out condition
Novel Image-Stability System Takes The Shakes out Of Pictures
Object localization in ImageNet by looking out of the window
On Factoring out a Gesture Typology from the Bielefeld Speech-and-Gesture-Alignment Corpus (SAGA)
On Scanning Linear Barcodes From out-of-Focus Blurred Images: A Spatial Domain Dynamic Template Matching Approach
On Secrecy Capacity of Helper-Assisted Wiretap Channel with an out-of-Band Link
On the Estimation of Small Probabilities by Leaving-One-out
On the sampling distribution of resubstitution and leave-one-out error estimators for linear classifiers
out of focus blur estimation using genetic algorithm
out of Time: Automated Lip Sync in the Wild
out-lier Removal Algorithm for Model-based Coded Video
out-of-bag estimation of the optimal sample size in bagging
out-of-Band Correction for Multispectral Remote Sensing
out-of-Core Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction
out-of-Core Surface Reconstruction from Large Point Sets for Infrastructure Inspection
out-Of-Core topologically constrained simplification for city modeling from Digital Surface Models
out-of-layer pixel generation for a decomposed-image layer
out-of-Order Execution for Avoiding Head-of-Line Blocking in Remote 3D Graphics
out-of-Roundness Problem Revisited
out-of-Sample Embedding by Sparse Representation
out-of-Sample Embedding for Manifold Learning Applied to Face Recognition
out-of-Sample Extension for Dimensionality Reduction of Noisy Time Series
out-of-Sample Extrapolation of Learned Manifolds
out-of-Sample Generalizations for Supervised Manifold Learning for Classification
out-of-Sequence Track for Distributed Multisensor System
out-of-the-loop information hiding for HEVC video
Parameter Tuning using the out-of-Bootstrap Generalisation Error Estimate for Stochastic Discrimination and Random Forests
Parametric Blur Estimation for Blind Restoration of Natural Images: Linear Motion and out-of-Focus
Parsing Images of Overlapping Organisms with Deep Singling-out Networks
Partially Blind Deblurring of Barcode from out-of-Focus Blur
Performance evaluation of classification algorithms by k-fold and leave-one-out cross validation
Picking Parts out of a Bin
Project-out Cascaded Regression with an application to face alignment
Pulling Things out of Perspective
Quality assessment for out-of-focus blurred images
Quality assessment for real out-of-focus blurred images
Reach out and Touch Space (Motion Learning)
Reading out the Synaptic Echoes of Low-Level Perception in V1
Real-Time Detection of out-of-Plane Objects in Stereo Vision
Real-time out-of-core trimmed NURBS rendering and editing
Real-Time Stereo Vision: Making More out of Dynamic Programming
Restoration of digitized video sequences: An efficient drop-out detection and removal framework
robust inside-out approach for 3D interaction with large displays, A
Robust Point Spread Function Estimation for out-of-Focus Blurred and Noisy Images Based on a Distribution of Gradient Vectors on the Polar Plane, A
Rotated read-out of JPEG compressed images
Scalable out-of-sample extension of graph embeddings using deep neural networks
Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning with Odd-One-out Networks
Shadow Casting out Of Plane (SCOOP) Candidates for Human and Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery
Shortest Path Finding Problem in Stochastic Time-Dependent Road Networks With Stochastic First-In-First-out Property
Simulation of Worn-out Cloth Textures by Doubly Stochastic L-Systems
Simultaneous out-of-Focus Blur Estimation and Restoration for Digital Auto-Focusing System
Single image spatially variant out-of-focus blur removal
Single-pass Approach To Adaptive Simplification Of out-of-core Models, A
SMART: An Efficient Technique for Massive Terrain Visualization from out-of-core
Solving the out-of-gamut problem in image composition
Sparse Kernel Density Construction Using Orthogonal Forward Regression With Leave-One-out Test Score and Local Regularization
Sparse representation of a blur kernel for out-of-focus blind image restoration
Spelling it out: Real-time ASL fingerspelling recognition
Stereo Model Selection and Point Cloud Filtering using an out-of-Core Octree
structured light vision system for out-of-plane vibration frequencies location of a moving web, A
Summarization and Classification of Wearable Camera Streams by Learning the Distributions over Deep Features of out-of-Sample Image Sequences
Taking the bite out of automated naming of characters in TV video
Taking the Human out of the Loop: A Review of Bayesian Optimization
There Is More Than One Way to Get out of a Car: Automatic Mode Finding for Action Recognition in the Wild
Two-dimensional bar code out-of-focus deblurring via the Increment Constrained Least Squares filter
Using the Web to Create Dynamic Dictionaries in Handwritten out-of-Vocabulary Word Recognition
Virtual out of focus with single image to enhance 3D perception
Volume visualization for out-of-core 3D images based on semi-adaptive partitioning
Which parts of the face give out your identity?
Word-Graph-Based Handwriting Keyword Spotting of out-of-Vocabulary Queries
Worn-out Images in Testing Image Processing Algorithms
Zoom out CNNs features for optical remote sensing change detection
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Complexity outage Probability of MIMO Detection in Multiple-User Scenario
Global Localization Robust to GPS outages using a Vertical Ladar
Interference and outage Probability Analysis for Massive MIMO Downlink with MF Precoding
Lidar and INS Fusion in Periods of GPS outages for Mobile Laser Scanning Mapping Systems
Maximum Secrecy Throughput of Transmit Antenna Selection with Eavesdropper outage Constraints
Novel Power Allocation Scheme Under outage Constraints in NOMA Systems, A
On outage Probability for Stochastic Energy Harvesting Communications in Fading Channels
outage Investigation of Beamforming Over Random-Phase Finite-Scatterer MISO Channels
outage Probability of Selection Cooperation With MRC in Nakagami-m Fading Channels
outage Region Characterization for Beamforming in MISO Interference Networks with Imperfect CSI
Pseudoranges Error Correction in Partial GPS outages for a Nonlinear Tightly Coupled Integrated System
Safe Approximation Approach to Secrecy outage Design for MIMO Wiretap Channels, A
Secrecy outage Analysis for SIMO Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks over Generalized- K Fading Channels
Slow Adaptive Power Control and outage Avoidance in Composite Fading Wireless Channels
Synergistic Use of Nighttime Satellite Data, Electric Utility Infrastructure, and Ambient Population to Improve Power outage Detections in Urban Areas
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Analysis of Desert Dust outbreaks Over Southern Europe Using CALIOP Data and Ground-Based Measurements
Assessing very high resolution UAV imagery for monitoring forest health during a simulated disease outbreak
Bird Flu outbreak Prediction via Satellite Tracking
Enhanced Satellite-Based Algorithm for Detecting and Tracking Dust outbreaks by Means of SEVIRI Data, An
network-based air traveling model of 2009 global H1N1 outbreaks, A
New Algorithm for Identifying Possible Epidemic Sources with Application to the German Escherichia coli outbreak, A
Remote Sensing Contributions to Prediction and Risk Assessment of Natural Disasters Caused by Large-Scale Rift Valley Fever outbreaks
Remote Sensing Data Based Artificial Neural Network Approach for Predicting Climate-Sensitive Infectious Disease outbreaks: A Case Study of Human Brucellosis, A
Satellite Imagery Analysis: What Can Hospital Parking Lots Tell Us about a Disease outbreak?
Satellite SST-Based Coral Disease outbreak Predictions for the Hawaiian Archipelago
Spatial and temporal analysis of global HPAI H5N1 outbreaks
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autonomous image based approach for detecting glacial lake outburst floods, An
Pilot Studies With A Photogrammetric Glacier Lake outburst Flood Early Warning System
Recognition Of Drainage Tunnels During Glacier Lake outburst Events From Terrestrial Image Sequences

Automated Facial Trait Judgment and Election outcome Prediction: Social Dimensions of Face
Automated Prediction of Glasgow outcome Scale for Traumatic Brain Injury
Combination of Geospatial and Clinical Analysis in Predicting Disability outcome After Road Traffic Injury (RTI) in a District in Malaysia, A
Comparison of Pansharpening Algorithms: outcome of the 2006 GRS-S Data-Fusion Contest
Comparison of real and computer-simulated outcomes of LASIK refractive surgery
Decision Fusion for the Classification of Hyperspectral Data: outcome of the 2008 GRS-S Data Fusion Contest
Expected-outcome: a general model of static evaluation
Exploring feature-based approaches in PET images for predicting cancer treatment outcomes
intGuide: A platform for context-aware services featuring augmented-reality, based on the outcome of European Research Projects
Looking Under the Hood: Deep Neural Network Visualization to Interpret Whole-Slide Image Analysis outcomes for Colorectal Polyps
Monitoring Treatment outcome: A Visualization Prototype for Left Ventricular Transformation
Optimizing Performance outcomes for Emergency Management Personnel Through Simulation Based Training Applications
outcome advisorŪ, The
Predicting video-conferencing conversation outcomes based on modeling facial expression synchronization
Prediction of Post-Ablation outcome in Atrial Fibrillation Using Shape Parameterization and Partial Least Squares Regression
Simulating and Communicating outcomes in Disaster Management Situations
Sparse Bayesian multi-task learning for predicting cognitive outcomes from neuroimaging measures in Alzheimer's disease
Worthy outcomes from a System Advancing the Sharing of CH Data and Stakeholders' Relations
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Application of multispectral LiDAR to automated virtual outcrop geology
Hyperspectral REE (Rare Earth Element) Mapping of outcrops: Applications for Neodymium Detection
improved workflow for image-and laser-based virtual geological outcrop modelling, An
Integration of intensity textures and local geometry descriptors from Terrestrial Laser Scanning to map chert in outcrops
Integration of terrestrial laserscanning, digital photogrammetry and geostatistical methods for high-resolution modelling of geological outcrops
Terrestrial Laser Scanning Combined with Photogrammetry for Digital outcrop Modeling

Performance Analysis of Cyclically Prefixed Single-Carrier Transmissions With outdated Opportunistic User Selection

2D Matching of 3D Moving Objects in Color outdoor Scenes
3-D modeling of an outdoor scene by multi-baseline stereo using a long sequence of images
3-D Modeling of an outdoor Scene from Multiple Image Sequences by Estimating Camera Motion Parameters
3-D Vision for outdoor Navigation by an Autonomous Vehicle
3D modeling of outdoor environments by integrating omnidirectional range and color images
3D outdoor Scene Scanner Based on a Night-Vision Range-Gated Active Imaging System, A
3D Reconstruction of Cultural Tourism Attractions from Indoor to outdoor Based on Portable Four-Camera Stereo Vision System
3D reconstruction of indoor and outdoor scenes using a mobile range scanner
Active Learning for outdoor Perception
Active outdoor surveillance
Active Triangulation in the outdoors: A Photometric Analysis
Adaptive background estimation of outdoor illumination variations for foreground detection
AIT outdoor Tracker for Vehicles and Pedestrians in CLEAR2007, The
All the Images of an outdoor Scene
Approach for Indoor Wayfinding Replicating Main Principles of an outdoor Navigation System for Cyclists, An
ARGIS-based outdoor underground pipeline information system
Autoassociative Segmentation for Real Time Object Recognition in Realistic outdoor Images
Automatic Alignment of Indoor and outdoor Building Models Using 3D Line Segments
Automatic camera selection and fusion for outdoor surveillance under changing weather conditions
Automatic Classification of outdoor Images by Region Matching
Automatic detection and recognition of Korean text in outdoor signboard images
automatic drowning detection surveillance system for challenging outdoor pool environments, An
Automatic Interpretation of outdoor Scenes
Background recovering in outdoor image sequences: An example of soccer players segmentation
Basis image decomposition of outdoor time-lapse videos
Bayesian algorithm for tracking multiple moving objects in outdoor surveillance video, A
Bayesian Color Constancy for outdoor Object Recognition
Bayesian network structure learning and inference in indoor vs. outdoor image classification
Benchmark Dataset for outdoor Foreground/Background Extraction, A
Boosting image orientation detection with indoor vs. outdoor classification
Building a mobile platform for spatiotemporal integration of 3D outdoor world models
Building Illumination Coherent 3D Models of Large-Scale outdoor Scenes
Calibration of an outdoor Active Camera System
Calibration Of The Sr4500 Time-of-flight Camera For outdoor Mobile Surveying Applications: A Case Study
Catchment areas of panoramic snapshots in outdoor scenes
Challenges in Segmentation of Human Forms in outdoor Video
Characterizing Layouts of outdoor Scenes Using Spatial Topic Processes
Classification of surfaces and inclinations during outdoor running using shoe-mounted inertial sensors
Color Models for outdoor Machine Vision
Color Recognition in outdoor Images
Color-Based Panoramic Representation of outdoor Environment for a Mobile Robot
Color-Contrast Landmark Detection and Encoding in outdoor Images
Colorimetric analysis of outdoor illumination across varieties of atmospheric conditions
Combination of thermal and color images for accurate foreground / background segmentation in outdoor environment
Combining dark channel prior and color cues for road following in outdoor environments
Compact Modeling Technique for outdoor Navigation
Comparison of different approaches to visual terrain classification for outdoor mobile robots
Comparison of Similarity Measures for Trajectory Clustering in outdoor Surveillance Scenes
Complex human activity recognition for monitoring wide outdoor environments
computationally efficient approach to indoor/outdoor scene classification, A
Computer Description of Real outdoor Scenes
Consistent Surface Color for Texturing Large Objects in outdoor Scenes
Consistent Temporal Variations in Many outdoor Scenes
Context-Constrained Matching of Hierarchical CAD-Based Models for outdoor Scene Interpretation
Contour Extraction of Moving-Objects in Complex outdoor Scenes
Contrast-dependent saturation adjustment for outdoor image enhancement
Data-Driven Manifolds for outdoor Motion Capture
Data-driven modeling and animation of outdoor trees through interactive approach
Deep Features or Not: Temperature and Time Prediction in outdoor Scenes
Deep outdoor Illumination Estimation
Dense 3-D Reconstruction of an outdoor Scene by Hundreds-Baseline Stereo Using a Hand-Held Video Camera
Detecting Ground Shadows in outdoor Consumer Photographs
Detection and Segmentation of Man-Made Objects in outdoor Scenes: Concrete Bridges
Detection of 3D points on moving objects from point cloud data for 3D modeling of outdoor environments
Detection of Indoor and outdoor Stairs
Determination of Vanishing Point in outdoor Scene
Discovering Bayesian causality among visual events in a complex outdoor scene
Discriminant Mutual Subspace Learning for Indoor and outdoor Face Recognition
Disparity Confidence Measures on Engineered and outdoor Data
Distributed outdoor Video Surveillance System for Detection of Abnormal People Trajectories, A
distributed sensor network for video surveillace of outdoor enviroments, A
Dynamic 3D Scene Reconstruction in outdoor Environments
Dynamic Trees: Learning to Model outdoor Scenes
Efficient DSP Implementation of Real-Time Stationary Vehicle Detection by Smart Camera at outdoor Conditions, An
embedded real-time vision system for 24-hour indoor/outdoor car-counting applications, An
Embedded smart sensor for outdoor parking lot lighting control
Environment Classification for Indoor/outdoor Robotic Mapping
Estimating cloudmaps from outdoor image sequences
Estimating natural illumination from a single outdoor image
Estimating the Natural Illumination Conditions from a Single outdoor Image
Estimating Three-Dimensional Vehicle Motion in an outdoor Scene from Monocular and Stereo Image Sequences
Estimation of Dynamic Light Changes in outdoor Scenes Without the use of Calibration Objects
Evaluation and analysis of a face and voice outdoor multi-biometric system
Evaluation of Color Spaces for Edge Classification in outdoor Scenes
Evaluation of stereo confidence indoors and outdoors
Event-driven video coding for outdoor wireless monitoring cameras
Experimental Results of 3D Motion Estimation Using Images of outdoor Scenes
Experimental Study on Microwave Radiation From Deforming and Fracturing Rock Under Loading outdoor
Exploiting Depth Information for Indoor-outdoor Scene Classification
Extraction of Vanishing Points from Images of Indoor and outdoor Scenes
Fast Background Scene Modeling and Maintenance for outdoor Surveillance, A
Fast Rendering Water Surface For outdoor Scenes
Feasibility Study on Using Visp's 3D Model-Based Tracker for UAV Pose Estimation in outdoor Environments, A
Feature based registration of range images for mapping of natural outdoor environments
Fingerprint recognition performance in rugged outdoors and cold weather conditions
First Results on outdoor Scene Analysis Using Range Data
First Year End Report for Perception for outdoor Navigation
Foreground Detection Robust Against Cast Shadows in outdoor Daytime Environment
Fusing continuous spectral images for face recognition under indoor and outdoor illuminants
GAL: A global-attributes assisted labeling system for outdoor scenes
Generalized Neural Trees for outdoor Scene Understanding
GeoPose3K: Mountain landscape dataset for camera pose estimation in outdoor environments
Gist: A Mobile Robotics Application of Context-Based Vision in outdoor Environment
Gradient model based feature extraction for simultaneous localization and mapping in outdoor applications
Group activity recognition on outdoor scenes
HECOL: Homography and epipolar-based consistent labeling for outdoor park surveillance
Hemispherical reflectance model for passive images in an outdoor environment
High resolution visual terrain classification for outdoor robots
Higher-order class-specific priors for semantic segmentation of 3D outdoor scenes
Histogram-based foreground object extraction for indoor and outdoor scenes
Human detection in outdoor scene using spatio-temporal motion analysis
Hybrid Localization System for Mobile outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
Hybrid vision-based navigation for mobile robots in mixed indoor/outdoor environments
Illumination Aware MCMC Particle Filter for Long-term outdoor Multi-object Simultaneous Tracking and Classification
Image enhancement for outdoor long-range surveillance using IQ-learning multiscale Retinex
Image-Based Camera Localization for Large and outdoor Environments
Improving Color Constancy Using Indoor-outdoor Image Classification
Improving indoor and outdoor face recognition using unified subspace analysis and Gabor features
Indoor and outdoor depth imaging of leaves with time-of-flight and stereo vision sensors: Analysis and comparison
Indoor and outdoor, Multimodal, Multispectral and Multi-Illuminant Database for Face Recognition, An
Indoor Objects and outdoor Urban Scenes Recognition by 3D Visual Primitives
Indoor vs outdoor Classification of Consumer Photographs Using Low-level and Semantic Features
Indoor vs. outdoor scene classification in digital photographs
Indoor-outdoor 3D Reconstruction Alignment
Indoor-outdoor classification with human accuracies: Image or edge gist?
Indoor-outdoor detector for mobile phone cameras using gentle boosting
Indoor-outdoor Image Classification
Indoor/outdoor navigation system based on possibilistic traversable area segmentation for visually impaired people
Instant outdoor Localization and SLAM Initialization from 2.5D Maps
integrated surveillance system for outdoor security, An
Integration Of Kinect And Low-cost Gnss For outdoor Navigation
Interactive shadow analysis for camera heading in outdoor images
Into the woods: visual surveillance of noncooperative and camouflaged targets in complex outdoor settings
ISPRS Indoor-outdoor Seamless Modelling, Mapping and Navigation
Joint global-local information pedestrian detection algorithm for outdoor video surveillance
Knowledge-Based Interpretation of outdoor Natural Color Scenes
Large-Scale Indoor/outdoor Image Classification via Expert Decision Fusion (EDF)
Large-scale outdoor 3D reconstruction on a mobile device
Lattice-Theoretic Approach for Segmentation of Truss-Like Porous Objects in outdoor Aerial Scenes, A
Learning High Dynamic Range from outdoor Panoramas
Learning Object Color under Varying outdoor Illumination
Learning outdoor Color Classification
Learning outdoor Color Classification from Just One Training Image
Lidar guided stereo simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for UAV outdoor 3-D scene reconstruction
Light source estimation of outdoor scenes for mixed reality
Lighting Estimation in outdoor Image Collections
Locality Constrained Encoding Graph Construction and Application to outdoor Object Classification
Localization and Mapping for Autonomous Navigation in outdoor Terrains: A Stereo Vision Approach
Locating Straight Line Edge Segments in outdoor Scenes
low-power structured light sensor for outdoor scene reconstruction and dominant material identification, A
Making Cognitive Map of outdoor Environment
Mapping Parallels between outdoor Urban Environments and Indoor Manufacturing Environments
MARCOnI: ConvNet-Based MARker-Less Motion Capture in outdoor and Indoor Scenes
Markerless outdoor Localisation Based on SIFT Descriptors for Mobile Applications
Markerless Vision-Based Tracking of Partially Known 3D Scenes for outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
Mesh Based Semantic Modelling for Indoor and outdoor Scenes
Method To Obtain Position Using GNSS and RFID for Realization of Indoor and outdoor Seamless Positioning, The
Mixing Synthesis and Video Images of outdoor Environments: Application to the Bridges of Paris
Mixing Synthetic and Video Images of an outdoor Urban Environment
Mobile Device Based outdoor Navigation with On-Line Learning Neural Network: A Comparison with Convolutional Neural Network
Model estimation for photometric changes of outdoor planar color surfaces caused by changes in illumination and viewpoint
Model-Based outdoor Performance Capture
Modeling and Calibration of Coupled Fish-Eye CCD Camera and Laser Range Scanner for outdoor Environment Reconstruction
Monocular Depth Estimation of outdoor Scenes Using RGB-D Datasets
Monocular Omnidirectional Visual Odometry for outdoor Ground Vehicles
Multi level surface maps for outdoor terrain mapping and loop closing
multi-cameras 3D volumetric method for outdoor scenes: A Road Traffic Monitoring Application., A
Multi-sensor Fusion for outdoor Dynamic Scene Understanding
Multi-View Stereo and LIDAR for outdoor Scene Modelling
Multilevel Fusion Approach to Object Identification in outdoor Road Scenes, A
Multiple Objects Colour-Based Tracking using Multiple Cameras in Complex Time-Varying outdoor Scenes
Multisensor fusion for volumetric reconstruction of large outdoor areas
Multispectral imaging for material analysis in an outdoor environment using Normalized Cuts
New Approach for Documentation, Conservation and Preservation of the Monolithic Statues in San Agustin as Pilot for outdoor Cultural Heritage Documentation in Colombia, A
new approach to outdoor scene description based on learning and top-down segmentation, A
New Intrinsic-Lighting Color Space for Daytime outdoor Images, A
new method for occupancy grid maps merging: Application to multi-vehicle cooperative local mapping and moving object detection in outdoor environment, A
Non-parametric Classification of Pixels Under Varying outdoor Illumination
Object Detection and Classification for outdoor Walking Guidance System
Object Detection in outdoor Scenes by Disparity Map Segmentation
Object tracking in an outdoor environment using fusion of features and cameras
On Consistent Discrimination between Directed and Diffuse outdoor Illumination
On Generating Content-Oriented Geo Features for Sensor-Rich outdoor Video Search
One-day outdoor photometric stereo via skylight estimation
ontology for generating descriptions about natural outdoor scenes, An
OSIRIS: A Simulator of outdoor Scenes in Thermal Infrared Range
outdoor Activity Recognition using Multi-Linked Temporal Processes
outdoor Air Quality Inference from Single Image
outdoor Dynamic 3-D Scene Reconstruction
outdoor Environment Monitoring with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
outdoor Face Recognition Using Enhanced Near Infrared Imaging
outdoor human motion capture using inverse kinematics and von mises-fisher sampling
outdoor Ice Accretion Estimation of Wind Turbine Blades Using Computer Vision
outdoor Image Classification Using Artificial Immune Recognition System (AIRS) with Performance Evaluation by Fuzzy Resource Allocation Mechanism
outdoor Landmark Recognition Using Segmentation, Fractal Model and Neural Network
outdoor omnidirectional video completion via depth estimation by motion analysis
outdoor Operation of Structured Light in Mobile Phone
outdoor Rapid Calibration Technique And Realization Of Nonmetric Digital Camera Based On The Method Of Multi-image DLT and Resection, The
outdoor recognition at a distance by fusing gait and face
outdoor Scene Classification by a Neural Tree-Based Approach
outdoor scene classification using invariant features
outdoor Scene Image Segmentation Based on Background Recognition and Perceptual Organization
outdoor scene labelling with learned features and region consistency activation
outdoor time scenes simulation scheme based on support vector regression with radial basis function on DCT domain, An
outdoor Vehicle Navigation Using Passive 3D Vision
outdoor/indoor Vision-based Localization For Blind Pedestrian Navigation Assistance
Overview Of Photo-realism For outdoor Scenes, An
Partially Ordered World Model and Natural outdoor Scenes, A
Performance Evaluation of Image Feature Detectors and Descriptors for outdoor-Scene Visual Navigation
Photometric stereo for outdoor webcams
Position Estimation for an Autonomous Mobile Robot in an outdoor Environment
Position Estimation from outdoor Visual Landmarks for Teleoperation of Lunar Rovers
Position-Invariant Robust Features for Long-Term Recognition of Dynamic outdoor Scenes
Pre-Flight SAOCOM-1A SAR Performance Assessment by outdoor Campaign
Prediction of Vibrations as a Measure of Terrain Traversability in outdoor Structured and Natural Environments
Qualitative Representation of outdoor Enivronment Along Route
Radar Imager for Perception and Mapping in outdoor Environments
Radiometric calibration with illumination change for outdoor scene analysis
Real-Time Hierarchical outdoor SLAM Based on Stereovision and GPS Fusion
Real-Time Illegal Parking Detection in outdoor Environments Using 1-D Transformation
Real-time Localization in outdoor Environments using Stereo Vision and Inexpensive GPS
Real-Time Model-Based Method for 3-D Object Orientation Estimation in outdoor Scenes, A
real-time object detecting and tracking system for outdoor night surveillance, A
Real-time outdoor video surveillance with robust foreground extraction and object tracking via multi-state transition management
Real-time pose estimation for outdoor, mobile robots using range data
Real-Time System for Video Surveillance of Unattended outdoor Environments
real-time vehicle detection and tracking system in outdoor traffic scenes, A
Reasoning about Photo Collections using Models of outdoor Illumination
Reconstruction of outdoor Sculptures from Silhouettes under Approximate Circular Motion of an Uncalibrated Hand-Held Camera
Reflectance Estimation and Material Classification for 3D Objects in outdoor Hyperspectral Images
Reflectance Modeling for Object Recognition and Detection in outdoor Scenes
Region Growing in Textured outdoor Scenes
Registration algorithm based on image matching for outdoor AR system with fixed viewing position
Relative Radiometric Correction Method for Airborne Image Using outdoor Calibration and Image Statistics, A
Relighting acquired models of outdoor scenes
Research on using sign language in outdoor advertising
review on strategies for recognizing natural objects in colour images of outdoor scenes, A
robust feature tracker for active surveillance of outdoor scenes, A
Robust grouping of intensity changes in outdoor scenes by a histogram and graph based method
Robust indoor/outdoor scene classification
Robust Method for Registering Ground-Based Laser Range Images of Urban outdoor Objects, A
Robust non-local stereo matching for outdoor driving images using segment-simple-tree
robust object-specified active contour model for tracking smoothly deformable line-features and its application to outdoor moving image processing, A
Robust outdoor stereo vision SLAM for heavy machine rotation sensing
Robust outdoor text detection using text intensity and shape features
Robust Person Tracking With Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras In An outdoor Environment
Robust segmentation for outdoor traffic surveillance
Robust Segmentation of Moving Vehicles Under Complex outdoor Conditions
Robust Small-Object Detection for outdoor Wide-Area Surveillance
Seamless Indoor-outdoor Navigation for Unmanned Multi-Sensor Aerial Platforms
Seamless outdoors-Indoors Localization Solutions on Smartphones: Implementation and Challenges
Segmentation and description of natural outdoor scenes
Segmentation of 3D outdoor scenes using hierarchical clustering structure and perceptual grouping laws
Segmentation of Salient Regions in outdoor Scenes Using Imagery and 3-D Data
Semantic mapping for mobile outdoor robots
Semantic Mapping of Large-Scale outdoor Scenes for Autonomous Off-Road Driving
Semantic Segmentation of outdoor Areas Using 3D Moment Invariants and Contextual Cues
Sensor and classifier fusion for outdoor obstacle detection: An application of data fusion to autonomous off-road navigation
Shadow based texture registration for 3D modeling of outdoor scenes
Shadow Detection in Dynamic Scenes Using Dense Stereo Information and an outdoor Illumination Model
Shadow Removal in outdoor Video Sequences by Automatic Thresholding of Division Images
Single Image Restoration of outdoor Scenes
Snoopertrack: Text detection and tracking for outdoor videos
Spatio-temporal Background Models for outdoor Surveillance
Special Issue on Large-Scale 3D Modeling of Urban Indoor or outdoor Scenes from Images and Range Scans
Spectral recovery of outdoor illumination by an extension of the Bayesian inverse approach to the Gaussian mixture model
Static and dynamic fusion for outdoor vehicle localization
Stereo Self-Adjustment Methodology for Camera Parameter Restoration in outdoor Environments, A
Stereo-Based System with Inertial Navigation for outdoor 3D Scanning, A
Surface color estimation based on inter- and intra-pixel relationships in outdoor scenes
Surface Reconstruction from outdoor Image Sequences
Synthesising radiance maps from legacy outdoor photographs for real-time IBL on HMDs
system for matching moving vehicles across different camera sites in outdoor environments, A
Target Recognition and Tracking in outdoor Environment
Thermal and Visual Information Fusion for outdoor Scene Perception
Tiny People Finder: Long-Range outdoor HRI by Periodicity Detection
Toward Fully Automatic Geo-Location and Geo-Orientation of Static outdoor Cameras
Toward The Unsupervised Interpretation Of outdoor Imagery
Tracking Bees: A 3D, outdoor Small Object Environment
Tracking Persons and Vehicles in outdoor Image Sequences using Temporal Spatio-Velocity Transform
Tracking Technical Objects in outdoor Environment Based on Cad Models
Tree Trunks as Landmarks for outdoor Vision SLAM
Two-dimensional local ternary patterns using synchronized images for outdoor place categorization
Two-Stage outdoor-Indoor Scene Classification Framework: Experimental Study for the Outdoor Stage, A
Two-Stage outdoor-Indoor Scene Classification Framework: Experimental Study for the Outdoor Stage, A
UAV-Based Oblique Photogrammetry for outdoor Data Acquisition and Offsite Visual Inspection of Transmission Line
Unsupervised discovery of object classes in 3D outdoor scenarios
Use of Assisted Photogrammetry for Indoor and outdoor Navigation Purposes
Use of Decision Trees in Colour Feature Selection. Application to Object Recognition in outdoor Scenes
Using Appearance and Context for outdoor Scene Object Classification
Using geo-targeted social media data to detect outdoor air pollution
Utilizing Sensor-Social Cues to Localize Objects-of-Interest in outdoor UGVs
Video-Based Automatic Incident Detection for Smart Roads: The outdoor Environmental Challenges Regarding False Alarms
Video-Based outdoor Human Reconstruction
Virtual Habitat: Models of the Urban outdoors
Vision-Aided outdoor Navigation of an Autonomous Horticultural Vehicle
Vision-Based Autonomous Land Vehicle Guidance in outdoor Road Environments Using Combined Line and Road Following Techniques
Visual Monitoring and Surveillance of Wide-Area outdoor Scenes
Visualization Methods for outdoor See-Through Vision
Weakly Supervised Learning for Attribute Localization in outdoor Scenes
What do color changes reveal about an outdoor scene?
What Is a Good Day for outdoor Photometric Stereo?
What is the Spectral Dimensionality of Illumination Functions in outdoor Scenes?
303 for outdoor

Antiforgery: a novel pseudo-outer product based fuzzy neural network driven signature verification system
Automatic Correction of Level Set Based Subvoxel Precise Centerlines for Virtual Colonoscopy Using the Colon outer Wall
Beyond trees: MRF inference via outer-planar decomposition
Cinematized Reality: Cinematographic 3D Video System for Daily Life Using Multiple outer/Inner Cameras
Cybernetics of Vision Systems: Toward an Understanding of Putative Functions of the outer Retina
Deformable Registration of Organic Shapes via Surface Intrinsic Integrals: Application to outer Ear Surfaces
Digital Image Compression by outer Product Expansion
Effects of thin metal outer case and top air gap on thermal IR images of buried antitank and antipersonnel land mines
Efficient Computation of the outer Hull of a Discrete Path
Efficient Partial Shape Matching of outer Contours
Identifying an autoregressive process disturbed by a moving-average noise using inner-outer factorization
Immersive Free-Viewpoint Video System Using Multiple outer/Inner Cameras, An
Inner and outer lip contour tracking using cubic curve parametric models
Mapping Of Inner And outer Celestial Bodies Using New Global And Local Topographic Data Derived From Photogrammetric Image Processing
outer Surface Reconstruction for 3D Fractured Objects
outer-Layer Based Tracking using Entropy as a Similarity Measure
Robust fast corner detector based on filled circle and outer ring mask
Segmentation of Locally Varying Numbers of outer Retinal Layers by a Model Selection Approach
Segmentation of the outer Vessel Wall of the Common Carotid Artery in CTA
Sensor Resource Allocation for Tracking Using outer Approximation
Shape recognition of flexible cables by outer Edge FCM clustering
Signals Spreading and Information Processing in the outer Plexiform Layer of the Frog Retina
Simultaneous Reconstruction of outer Boundary Shape and Admittivity Distribution in Electrical Impedance Tomography
Underwater Acoustic Channel Blind Identification Based on Matrix outer-Product Decomposition Algorithm
Using a statistical shape model to extract sulcal curves on the outer cortex of the human brain
25 for outer

Recognition of Handprinted Characters by an outermost Point Method

outex: New framework for empirical evaluation of texture analysis algorithms
outex: New framework for empirical evaluation of texture analysis algorithms

Mining Fashion outfit Composition Using an End-to-End Deep Learning Approach on Set Data
Recommending outfits from Personal Closet
Trip outfits Advisor: Location-Oriented Clothing Recommendation

Rule-Based Method to Model Myocardial Fiber Orientation for Simulating Ventricular outflow Tract Arrhythmias, A

Approximate Belief Propagation by Hierarchical Averaging of outgoing Messages
Time-Sampling Errors of Earth Radiation From Satellites: Theory for outgoing Longwave Radiation

Automatic Quantification of Cell outgrowth from Neurospheres

Comparative Analysis of the Distributions of KFC and McDonald's outlets in China, A
Intelligent control based on case-based reasoning for outlet tobacco moisture percentage of loosening resurgence machine
Neighborhood Characteristics, Alcohol outlet Density, and Alcohol-Related Calls-for-Service: A Spatiotemporal Analysis in a Wet Drinking Country

2D-Leap-Frog and Removal of outliers in Noisy Photometric Stereo with Non-distant Illuminations
3D Orthographic Reconstruction Based on Robust Factorization Method with outliers
Adapting RANSAC SVM to Detect outliers for Robust Classification
Adaptive outlier Rejection in Image Super-resolution
Adaptive rejection of outliers for robust motion compensation in cardiac MR-thermometry
Adversarial Optimization Approach to Efficient outlier Removal, An
Affine Invariant-Based Classification of Inliers and outliers for Image Matching
Analytic outlier Removal in Line Fitting
Application of LVQ to novelty detection using outlier training data
Approach to outlier Detection Based on Bayesian Probabilistic Model, An
At all Costs: A Comparison of Robust Cost Functions for Camera Correspondence outliers
Automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions by model outlier detection
Automatic Construction of Action Datasets Using Web Videos with Density-Based Cluster Analysis and outlier Detection
Automatic Feature Point Correspondences and Shape Analysis with Missing Data and outliers Using MDL
Automatic Homographic Registration of a Pair of Images, with A Contrario Elimination of outliers
Automatic mitral leaflet tracking in echocardiography by outlier detection in the low-rank representation
Automatic Retrieval of Action Video Shots from the Web Using Density-Based Cluster Analysis and outlier Detection
Background Compensation for Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras Using 1-D Feature Matching and outlier Rejection
Blind Image Deblurring with outlier Handling
Block-Coordinate Gauss-Newton Optimization and Constrained Monotone Regression for Image Registration in the Presence of outlier Objects
Block-Coordinate Gauss-Newton/regression Method for Image Registration with Efficient outlier Detection
boundary method for outlier detection based on support vector domain description, A
Case-based decision strategy using outlier probability in detection of microcalcifications in mammographic lesions
CLAM: Coupled Localization and Mapping with Efficient outlier Handling
class-modular GLVQ ensemble with outlier learning for handwritten digit recognition, A
Cluster validity measure and merging system for hierarchical clustering considering outliers
Cluster Validity Measure With outlier Detection for Support Vector Clustering, A
Clustering and outlier detection using isoperimetric number of trees
Coarse-to-fine outlier correction with applications in structure from motion
Combined Depth and outlier Estimation in Multi-View Stereo
comparative evaluation of outlier detection algorithms: Experiments and analyses, A
Comprehensive Utilization of Temporal and Spatial Domain outlier Detection Methods for Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR Data
Computation of Fluid and Particle Motion From a Time-Sequenced Image Pair: A Global outlier Identification Approach
concept lattice based outlier mining method in low-dimensional subspaces, A
Consensus Regularized Multi-View outlier Detection
Consistent Multi-view Reconstruction from Epipolar Geometries with outliers
Convergence of the Huber Regression M-Estimate in the Presence of Dense outliers
Detecting pattern-based outliers
Detection Method and Removing Filter for Corner outliers in Highly Compressed Video
Digital Terrain From A Two-step Segmentation And outlier-based Algorithm
Discovering cluster-based local outliers
Discovery of motifs to forecast outlier occurrence in time series
DWOF: A Robust Density-Based outlier Detection Approach
Dynamic shape outlier detection for human locomotion
Edges as outliers: Anisotropic Smoothing using Local Image Statistics
Efficient algorithms for mining outliers from large data sets
Efficient Background Modeling Based on Sparse Representation and outlier Iterative Removal
Efficient Image Alignment with outlier Rejection
Efficient Switching Median Filter Based on Local outlier Factor, An
Elimination of outliers from 2-D Point Sets Using the Helmholtz Principle
Elimination of the outliers from Aster GDEM data
Ellipsoidal neighbourhood outlier factor for distributed anomaly detection in resource constrained networks
Energy-based topological outlier filtering
Enhanced Laplacian Group Sparse Learning with Lifespan outlier Rejection for Visual Tracking
Entropy-based outlier detection using semi-supervised approach with few positive examples
Extracting Salient Image Features for Reliable Matching Using outlier Detection Techniques
Extracting Salient Image Features Using outlier Detection Techniques
fast and effective outlier detection method for matching uncalibrated images, A
Fast and Robust Object Tracking via Probability Continuous outlier Model
FastLOF: An Expectation-Maximization based Local outlier detection algorithm
Filtering of multivariate samples containing outliers for clustering
Finding Matches in a Haystack: A Max-Pooling Strategy for Graph Matching in the Presence of outliers
Foreground Estimation Based on Linear Regression Model With Fused Sparsity on outliers
Framework for Periodic outlier Pattern Detection in Time-Series Sequences, A
Fundamental Matrix of a Stereo Pair, with A Contrario Elimination of outliers
fuzzy index for detecting spatiotemporal outliers, A
Gaussian field consensus: A robust nonparametric matching method for outlier rejection
genetic approach for efficient outlier detection in projected space, A
Global Motion Estimation from Relative Measurements in the Presence of outliers
Gradient descent learning of nearest neighbor classifiers with outlier rejection
Grouped outlier removal for robust ellipse fitting
Guaranteed outlier Removal for Rotation Search
Guaranteed outlier Removal with Mixed Integer Linear Programs
Guided Sampling via Weak Motion Models and outlier Sample Generation for Epipolar Geometry Estimation
Handling outliers in non-blind image deconvolution
Hierarchical Clustered outlier Detection in Laser Scanner Point Clouds
hybrid approach to outlier detection based on boundary region, A
Hyperspectral anomaly detection using outlier removal from collaborative representation
Image matching and outlier removal for large scale DSM generation
Image outlier Detection and Feature Extraction via L1-Norm-Based 2D Probabilistic PCA
Image search results refinement via outlier detection using deep contexts
improved active shape model: Handling occlusion and outliers, An
Improved minimum distance classification with Gaussian outlier detection for industrial inspection
Improving Gaussian Process Classification with outlier Detection, with Applications in Image Classification
Improving K-Means by outlier Removal
In Defence of RANSAC for outlier Rejection in Deformable Registration
Increasing Efficiency of SVM by Adaptively Penalizing outliers
Incremental support vector clustering with outlier detection
Inter-image outliers and their application to image classification
interactive trajectory synthesizer to study outlier patterns in handwriting recognition and signature verification, An
Iterative Maximum Likelihood and outlier-robust Bipercentile Estimation of Parameters of Compound-Gaussian Clutter With Inverse Gaussian Texture
Iterative Wavelet-Based Denoising Methods and Robust outlier Detection
k-means clustering with outlier removal
Kd-Tree-Based outlier Detection Method for Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
kNN Classification with an outlier Informative Distance Measure
Learning Discriminative Reconstructions for Unsupervised outlier Removal
Learning Vector Quantization with Adaptive Cost-Based outlier-Rejection
Level set segmentation with outlier rejection
Linear Combination Representation for outlier Detection in Motion Tracking
Local Entropies for Kernel Selection and outlier Detection in Functional Data
Local outlier Detection Based on Kernel Regression
Local Stereo Matching with Segmentation-based outlier Rejection
Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery via Clustered Differential Pulse Code Modulation with Removal of Local Spectral outliers
Matching in Catadioptric Images with Appropriate Windows, and outliers Removal
MCMC-based prior sub-hypergraph matching in presence of outliers, An
Mean shift clustering based outlier removal for global motion estimation
Median K-Flats for hybrid linear modeling with many outliers
Method for Simultaneous outlier Rejection in Image Super-Resolution, A
Methods for the identification and removal of outliers from mobile terrestrial LiDAR data
Mining outliers with faster cutoff update and space utilization
mixture model and EM-based algorithm for class discovery, robust classification, and outlier rejection in mixed labeled/unlabeled data sets, A
Mobile Surveillance by 3D-outlier Analysis
Modified support vector novelty detector using training data with outliers
Motion Segmentation and outlier Detection
Motion Vector for outlier Elimination in Feature Matching and Its Application in SLAM Based Laparoscopic Tracking
Moving Object Detection by Detecting Contiguous outliers in the Low-Rank Representation
neural approach to zoom-lens camera calibration from data with outliers, A
Neural networks with enhanced outlier rejection ability for off-line handwritten word recognition
New framework for unsupervised universal steganalysis via SRISP-aided outlier detection
Non-parametric Density Modeling and outlier-Detection in Medical Imaging Datasets
Non-rigid registration of 3D facial surfaces with robust outlier detection
Nonparametric Estimation of Multiple Structures with outliers
Normalized residual-based constant false-alarm rate outlier detection
novel tensor algebraic approach for high-dimensional outlier detection under data misalignment, A
Object displays for identifying multidimensional outliers within a crowded visual periphery
OLED panel defect detection using local inlier-outlier ratios and modified LBP
On detecting spatial categorical outliers
On Detecting Spatial outliers
On Labeling Noise and outliers for Robust Concept Learning for Image Databases
On outlier Detection in a Photogrammetric Mobile Mapping Dataset
On the Design of the LMS Algorithm for Robustness to outliers in Super-Resolution Video Reconstruction
On The Unification of Line Processes, outlier Rejection, and Robust Statistics with Applications in Early Vision
Optimal Method for the Affine F-Matrix and Its Uncertainty Estimation in the Sense of both Noise and outliers
outlier aggregation to pick up scattered watermark energy
outlier correction from uncalibrated image sequence using the Triangulation method
outlier correction in image sequences for the affine camera
outlier Detection and Handling for Robust 3-D Active Shape Models Search
outlier Detection and Motion Segmentation
outlier detection and robust normal-curvature estimation in mobile laser scanning 3D point cloud data
outlier Detection for Factorization-Based Reconstruction from Perspective Images with Occlusions
outlier detection in laserscanner point clouds
outlier Detection in Non-intrusive ECG Biometric System
outlier detection in traffic data based on the Dirichlet process mixture model
outlier Detection in Video Sequences under Affine Projection
outlier Detection Using Ball Descriptions with Adjustable Metric
outlier detection using k-nearest neighbour graph
outlier detection using neighborhood rank difference
outlier Detection with the Kernelized Spatial Depth Function
outlier faces detector via efficient cohesive subgraph identification
outlier filtering algorithm for travel time estimation using dedicated short-range communications probes on rural highways
outlier identification in stereo correspondences using quadrics
outlier modeling for spectral data reduction
outlier modeling in image matching
outlier Process: Unifying Line Processes and Robust Statistics, The
outlier rejection by oriented tracks to aid pose estimation from video
outlier rejection for cameras on intelligent vehicles
outlier Rejection in Deformable Model Tracking
outlier rejection in high-dimensional deformable models
outlier Rejection with MLPs and Variants of RBF Networks
outlier Removal and Discontinuity Preserving Smoothing of Range Data
outlier Removal by Convex Optimization for L-Infinity Approaches
outlier Removal for Sparse 3D Reconstruction from Video
outlier Removal in Stereo Reconstruction of Orbital Images
outlier Removal Power of the L1-Norm Super-Resolution
outlier removal using duality
outlier Robust and Edge-Preserving Simultaneous Super-Resolution
outlier Robust Gaussian Process Classification
outlier Robust Geodesic K-means Algorithm for High Dimensional Data
outlier Robust ICP for Minimizing Fractional RMSD
outlier robust point correspondence based on GNCCP
outlier-Resistant Dissimilarity Measure for Feature-based Image Matching
outlier-Robust Tensor PCA
outlier: Online learning and visualization of unusual events
outliers in Statistical Pattern Recognition and an Application to Automatic Chromosome Classification
Pair-Wise Range Image Registration: A Study in outlier Classification
Parametric Model-Fitting: From Inlier Characterization To outlier Detection
Patch-based fire detection with online outlier learning
Peer Dataset Comparison outlier Detection Model Applied to Financial Surveillance, A
Photometric stereo with coherent outlier handling and confidence estimation
Point Cloud Noise and outlier Removal for Image-Based 3D Reconstruction
Point Matching in the Presence of outliers in Both Point Sets: A Concave Optimization Approach
polynomial-time bound for matching and registration with outliers, A
practical algorithm for L triangulation with outliers, A
Precise real-time outlier removal from motion vector fields for 3D reconstruction
Predictive RANSAC: Effective model fitting and tracking approach under heavy noise and outliers
Privacy-Preserving outlier Detection Through Random Nonlinear Data Distortion
Provable Self-Representation Based outlier Detection in a Union of Subspaces
Quasiconvex Plane Sweep for Triangulation with outliers
Re-examining the Optical Flow Constraint: A New Optical Flow Algorithm with outlier rejection
Real-Time Feature Tracking and outlier Rejection with Changes in Illumination
Registration of Images With outliers Using Joint Saliency Map
Rejecting outliers and Esitmating Errors in an Orthogonal Regression Framework
Removing outliers by minimizing the sum of infeasibilities
Removing outliers Using The L-inf Norm
Residues Cluster-Based Segmentation and outlier-Detection Method for Large-Scale Phase Unwrapping
Robust 3D Reconstruction with outliers Using RANSAC Based Singular Value Decomposition
Robust Clustering Algorithm Based on Competitive Agglomeration and Soft Rejection of outliers, A
Robust clustering by pruning outliers
Robust Estimation in the Presence of Spatially Coherent outliers
Robust Estimation of Camera Location and Orientation from Noisy Data Having outliers
Robust estimation of camera rotation, translation and focal length at high outlier rates
Robust Estimation of Motion Vector-Fields with Discontinuity and Occlusion Using Local outliers Rejection
Robust estimation of ultrasound pulses using outlier-resistant de-noising
Robust Estimation of Unbalanced Mixture Models on Samples with outliers
Robust Kernel Estimation with outliers Handling for Image Deblurring
Robust L-1 Norm Factorization in the Presence of outliers and Missing Data by Alternative Convex Programming
Robust Least-Squares Image Matching in the Presence of outliers
Robust Metric Structure From Motion for an Extended Sequence with outliers and Missing Data
Robust nonrigid ICP using outlier-sparsity regularization
Robust outlier Detection and Saliency Features Estimation in Point Cloud Data
Robust outliers detection in image point matching
Robust partitional clustering by outlier and density insensitive seeding
Robust point set registration using EM-ICP with information-theoretically optimal outlier handling
Robust Recovery of Eigneimages in the Presence of outliers and Occlusions
Robust Regression and outlier Detection
Robust Regression and outlier Detection with SVR: Application to Optic Flow Estimation
Robust RVM regression using sparse outlier model
Robust Sequential Data Modeling Using an outlier Tolerant Hidden Markov Model
robust similarity measure for volumetric image registration with outliers, A
ROR: Rejection of outliers by Rotations
ROR: Rejection of outliers by Rotations in Stereo Matching
Semi-supervised Constrained Clustering with Cluster outlier Filtering
Shape Reconstruction from an Unorganized Point Cloud with outliers
Simple and Effective Filter to Remove Corner outlier Artifacts in Highly Compressed Video
Simple Detection Method and Compensation Filter to Remove Corner outlier Artifacts
simple strategy for detecting outlier samples in microarray data, A
Simultaneous clustering and outlier detection using dominant sets
Simultaneously Fitting and Segmenting Multiple-Structure Data with outliers
Small Sphere and Large Margin Approach for Novelty Detection Using Training Data with outliers, A
Smoothing of outliers in Image Restoration by Minimizing Regularized Objective Functions with Nonsmooth Data-fidelity Terms
Spin Image Revisited: Fast Candidate Selection Using outlier Forest Search
ST TD outlier detection
Statistical modelling for enhanced outlier detection
Stereo Matching: An outlier Confidence Approach
Subspace segmentation with outliers: A grassmannian approach to the maximum consensus subspace
Supervised Approach for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation Using Context Features and an outlier Map, A
Temporally consistent depth video filter using temporal outlier reduction
Time-of-Flight Estimation in the Presence of outliers Part I: Single Echo Processing
Time-of-Flight Estimation in the Presence of outliers. Part II: Multiple Echo Processing
Toroidal Constraints for Two-Point Localization Under High outlier Ratios
Transitivity-based Removal of Correspondence outliers for Motion Analysis
Two-phase clustering process for outliers detection
two-stage outlier rejection strategy for numerical field extraction in handwritten documents, A
Two-View Motion Segmentation by Mixtures of Dirichlet Process with Model Selection and outlier Removal
Two-View Motion Segmentation with Model Selection and outlier Removal by RANSAC-Enhanced Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
Two-View Multibody Structure-and-Motion with outliers
Two-View Multibody Structure-and-Motion with outliers through Model Selection
Unified Approach to Detecting Spatial outliers, A
Unsupervised One-Class Learning for Automatic outlier Removal
Unsupervised Sequential outlier Detection With Deep Architectures
Variational Approach to Remove outliers and Impulse Noise, A
Very Fast Solution to the PnP Problem with Algebraic outlier Rejection
Vision based inter-vehicle distance estimation with extended outlier correspondence
Visual Saliency Detection via Sparse Residual and outlier Detection
Visual Tracking via Probability Continuous outlier Model
Wavelet-Domain Algorithm for Denoising in the Presence of Noise outliers, A
When Occlusions are outliers
Wireless Sensor Networks and Fusion of Contextual Information for Weather outlier Detection
WTDM-Based M^3H Filter for Target Tracking in the Presence of outliers
Zoom-lens Camera Calibration From Noisy Data With outliers
260 for outlier

3D Reconstruction Strategy of Vehicle outline Based on Single-Pass Single-Polarization CSAR Data, A
Alignment-Based Recognition of Shape outlines
Automated Method For 3d Roof outline Generation And Regularization In Airbone Laser Scanner Data, An
Automatic Extraction And Regularization Of Building outlines From Airborne Lidar Point Clouds
Automatic Extraction Of Building outline From High Resolution Aerial Imagery
Automatic Roof outlines Reconstruction from Photogrammetric DSM
Building outline Extraction from Digital Elevation Models Using Marked Point Processes
Building up Templates for Non-Rigid Plane outlines
Capturing outlines of 2D objects with Bezier cubic approximation
Characterizing Planar outlines
Computer recognition of the human spinal outline using radiographic image processing
Course outline for a Scuba Diving Speciality Underwater Survey Diver
Detection of building outlines based on the fusion of SAR and optical features
Discriminative outlines parts for shape retrieval
Distinctive representations for the recognition of curved surfaces using outlines and markings
Estimating camera pose from a single urban ground-view omnidirectional image and a 2D building outline map
Fast and Robust Eyelid outline and Aperture Detection in Real-World Scenarios
Fast Methods for Finding Object outlines
First Sight: A Human-Body outline Labeling System
Generating Automatically Tuned Bitmaps from outlines
Generating Building outlines from Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Graph Based Keyword Spotting in Medieval Slavic Documents: A Project outline
Iris outline Tracker: For Various Eye Shapes in a Single Video Camera without Infrared Illumination, An
Landmark Methods for Forms Without Landmarks: Localizing Group Differences in outline Shapes
Learning-Based Building outline Detection from Multiple Aerial Images
Local Projective Shape of Smooth Surfaces and Their outlines, The
LWDOS: Language for Writing Descriptors of outline Shapes
Matching Descriptors Of Noisy outline Shapes
Matching Noisy outline Contours Using a Descriptor Reduction Approach
Novel outline features for pedestrian detection system with thermal images
Orientation Based Building outline Extraction In Aerial Images
outline Extraction of a Motorway from Helicopter Image Sequence
outline Matching of the 2D Shapes Using Extracting XML Data
outline of a Set of Points
outline of the Primal Sketch in Human Vision, An
outlines of Objects Detection by Analogy
Patient-Specific Model for Predicting Tibia Soft Tissue Insertions From Bony outlines Using a Spatial Structure Supervised Learning Framework, A
Pattern outline tracking method and apparatus
Qualitative similarity measures: The case of two-dimensional outlines
Rapid Recognition of Object outlines in Reduced Resolution Images
Recognising Algebraic Surfaces from Two outlines
Recognizing Algebraic Surfaces from Their outlines
Recognizing Rotationally Symmetric Surfaces from Their outlines
Reconstruction Of Building outlines in Dense Urban Areas Based on LIDAR Data and Address Points
Rectangle outline extraction of vehicles in SAR images
Relaxation Algorithm for Detection of Face outline and Eye Locations
Robust Structure and Motion from outlines of Smooth Curved Surfaces
Segmentation and Recognition of Handwritten Pitman Shorthand outlines Using an Interactive Heuristic Search
Segmentation and recognition of vocalized outlines in Pitman shorthand
Semiautomatic Extraction of Building outlines from Large-Scale Aerial Images
Shape from silhouette outlines using an adaptive dandelion model
Some Algorithms for Curve Design and Automatic outline Capturing of Images
Space-Efficient outlines from Image Data via Vertex Minimization and Grid Constraints
Spherical coordinates framed RGB color space dichromatic reflection model based image segmentation: Application to wildland fires' outlines extraction
Structural Encoding of Linear outline in Scene Analysis
System for Real-Time Extraction of Image outlines, A
Validation Index: A New Metric for Validation of Segmentation Algorithms Using Two or More Expert outlines With Application to Radiotherapy Planning, The
Verification of 2D building outlines using oblique airborne images
58 for outline

Extracting outlined Planar Clusters of Street Facades from 3D Point Clouds

Automatic Building outlining From Multi-view Oblique Images
B-spline snakes and a JAVA interface: an intuitive tool for general contour outlining
Grey Weighted Polar Distance Transform for outlining Circular and Approximately Circular Objects
outlining of the prostate using snakes with shape restrictions based on the wavelet transform
Real-time Interactive Object outlining Using Control Points and Smoothness Parameter Manipulation

Autonomous Collection of Forest Field Reference: The outlook and a First Step with UAV Laser Scanning
Cloud Mobile Media: Reflections and outlook
Distributed Video Coding: Status, challenges and outlook
Neighborhood Operators: An outlook
Rapid Damage Assessment by Means of Multi-Temporal SAR: A Comprehensive Review and outlook to Sentinel-1
Semantic 3D CAD and Its Applications in Construction Industry: An outlook of Construction Data Visualization
Tandem-X Mission: Overview, Status and outlook
7 for outlook

Motion Segmentation in the Presence of outlying, Incomplete, or Corrupted Trajectories
Motion segmentation via robust subspace separation in the presence of outlying, incomplete, or corrupted trajectories
Robust Structure from Motion of Nonrigid Objects in the Presence of outlying and Missing Data

Filtered backprojection algorithm can outperform iterative maximum likelihood expectation-maximization algorithm
Local denoising based on curvature smoothing can visually outperform non-local methods on photographs with actual noise
Recovering Projection Geometry: How a Cheap Camera Can outperform an Expensive Stereo System

3D shape constraint for facial feature localization using probabilistic-like output
Accurate text localization in images based on SVM output scores
Adaptive blind source separation of multiple-input multiple-output linearly time-varying FIR system
Adaptive observer-based output feedback control design for fault compensation and tolerance
Adaptive sampling for output device characterization
Adaptive Score Normalization for output Integration in Multiclassifier Systems
Adding Classes Online in Error Correcting output Codes Framework
Advantages of Using Microwave Satellite Soil Moisture over Gridded Precipitation Products and Land Surface Model output in Assessing Regional Vegetation Water Availability and Growth Dynamics for a Lateral Inflow Receiving Landscape
Applying Error-Correcting output Coding to Enhance Convolutional Neural Network for Target Detection and Pattern Recognition
Approximate structured output learning for Constrained Local Models with application to real-time facial feature detection and tracking on low-power devices
Assessments of neural network output codings for classification of multispectral images using Hamming distance measure
Assessments of Neural-Network Classifier output Codings Using Variability of Hamming Distance
Audio-Visual Event Detection using Duration Dependent Input output Markov Models
Augmenting Image Descriptions Using Structured Prediction output
Automatic annotation of court games with structured output learning
Bias-Variance Analysis of Bootstrapped Class-Separability Weighting for Error-Correcting output Code Ensembles, A
Boosting the Level of Immersion: Integrating Stereoscopic output into Interactive Audiovisual Applications
Bundle Methods for Structured output Learning: Back to the Roots
Camera with object recognition/data output
Classifier Combination through Clustering in the output Spaces
Clustering source output bits and equalizing bit error sensitivity to improve the quality and robustness of transmitted images over wireless channels
CoConut: Co-Classification with output Space Regularization
Combination of Measurement-Level Classifiers: output Normalization by Dynamic Time Warping
Combination of multiple aligned recognition outputs using WFST and LSTM
Combining Several ASR outputs in a Graph-Based SLU System
Combining Shape-from-Motion output with Partial Metadata
Comments on Model-Independent Adaptive Fault-Tolerant output Tracking Control of 4WS4WD Road Vehicles
Comparison between error correcting output codes and fuzzy support vector machines
Comparison of Discrete and Continuous output Modeling Techniques for a Pseudo-2d Hidden Markov Model Face Recognition System, A
Computer output display of cells and cell features
Computing the output Distribution and Selection Probabilities of a Stack Filter from the DNF of Its Positive Boolean Function
Considerations for Efficient Picture output via Lineprinter
content-based retrieval system with a customizable 3D output visualizer, A
Convolved Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Semi-Supervised Learning
Coordination between Understanding Historic Buildings and BIM Modelling: A 3D-output Oriented and typological Data Capture Method
Counting people by clustering person detector outputs
Coupling Reranking and Structured output SVM Co-Train for Multitarget Tracking
Cross-Database Transfer Learning via Learnable and Discriminant Error-Correcting output Codes
Cross-Domain Object Recognition Via Input-output Kernel Analysis
Data output apparatus capable of rotating data output therefrom relative to data input thereto
Data output apparatus capable of rotating data output therefrom relative to data input thereto
Decentralized stabilization of Markovian jump large-scale systems via neighboring mode dependent output feedback control
Decoding design based on posterior probabilities in Ternary Error-Correcting output Codes
Decoding of Ternary Error Correcting output Codes
Deep structured-output regression learning for computational color constancy
DeepSkeleton: Learning Multi-Task Scale-Associated Deep Side outputs for Object Skeleton Extraction in Natural Images
Digital image processing algorithm for output devices with discrete halftone gray scale capability
Direct modelling of output context dependence in discriminative hidden Markov model
Discriminant ECOC: A Heuristic Method for Application Dependent Design of Error Correcting output Codes
Discriminative feature extraction for speech recognition using continuous output codes
Discriminative structured outputs prediction model and its efficient online learning algorithm
Discriminative Training for Convolved Multiple-output Gaussian Processes
Distributed containment control of linear multi-agent systems using output information
Distributed output encoding for multi-class pattern recognition
Distributed output regulation design for multi-agent systems in output-feedback form
Distributed output regulation design for multi-agent systems in output-feedback form
Document Analysis System Based on Text Line Matching of Multiple OCR outputs, A
ECOC-DRF: Discriminative random fields based on error correcting output codes
Efficient online structured output learning for keypoint-based object tracking
Efficient Soft-Input Soft-output MIMO Chase Detectors for Arbitrary Number of Streams
EM approach to grammatical inference: Input/output HMMs, An
Empirical remarks on output coding methods for face recognition
Enhancing the output of spatial color algorithms
Entropy-Based Latent Structured output Prediction
Error Correcting output Codes, ECOC
Error Correction with In-domain Training across Multiple OCR System outputs
Error-correcting output codes based ensemble feature extraction
Error-Correcting output Codes Guided Quantization for Biometric Hashing
Error-Correcting output coding for chagasic patients characterization
Error-Correcting output Coding for the Convolutional Neural Network for Optical Character Recognition
Euclidean output layer for discriminative feature extraction
Evaluating Stability and Comparing output of Feature Selectors that Optimize Feature Subset Cardinality
Evaluation of Information Retrieval Accuracy with Simulated OCR output, An
Evaluation of output embeddings for fine-grained image classification
Evaluation of the Initial Thematic output from a Continuous Change-Detection Algorithm for Use in Automated Operational Land-Change Mapping by the U.S. Geological Survey
Exploring Compositional High Order Pattern Potentials for Structured output Learning
Face Parts Localization Using Structured-output Regression Forests
Face Verification Using Error Correcting output Codes
Face Verification Via Error Correcting output Codes
Fast Affine Point Matching: An output-Sensitive Method
Fast Fourier Transform on FCC and BCC Lattices with outputs on FCC and BCC Lattices Respectively
feasible VLSI engine for soft-input-soft-output for joint source channel codes, A
Feature-varying skeletonization: Intuitive control over the target feature size and output skeleton topology
Flexible and Latent Structured output Learning, Application to Histology
Forest Extension of Error Correcting output Codes and Boosted Landmarks
From Visual Input to Verbal output in the Visual Translator
fundamental study of output translation from layout recognition and semantic understanding system for mathematical formulae, A
Generating classifier outputs of fixed accuracy and diversity
Generating Image Descriptions Using Semantic Similarities in the output Space
genetic-based subspace analysis method for improving Error-Correcting output Coding, A
Global robust output regulation for nonlinear multi-agent systems in strict feedback form
Globally Consistent Indoor Mapping via a Decoupling Rotation and Translation Algorithm Applied to RGB-D Camera output
Graph based semi-supervised human pose estimation: When the output space comes to help
Hand Gesture recognition using Input-output Hidden Markov Models
Human Action Recognition by Fusing the outputs of Individual Classifiers
Human Body Segmentation with Multi-limb Error-Correcting output Codes Detection and Graph Cuts Optimization
IDCT output range before clipping in MPEG video coding
Identification of Causal Non-minimum Phase Blurs Using output Cumulants
Identification of Patterns over Regional Scales Using Self-Organising Maps on Images from Marine Modelling outputs
Illumination direction estimation for augmented reality using a surface input real valued output regression network
Image Annotation by Input-output Structural Grouping Sparsity
Image Design: Generation of a Prescribed Image at the output of a Band-Limited System
Image processing apparatus for the smooth enlargement and multileveling output of an image
Improved N-division output coding for multiclass learning problems
Improved Soft-Input Soft-output Detector for Generalized Spatial Modulation, An
Improving multiclass classification using neighborhood search in error correcting output codes
incremental node embedding technique for error correcting output codes, An
Indexing the output Points of an LBVQ Used for Image Transform Coding
Integrated 60-V class-D power output stage with 95% efficiency in a 0.13 micro-m SOI BCD process
Interactive Structured output Prediction: Application to Chromosome Classification
Intra-class multi-output regression based subspace analysis
Investigation and classification of ECG beat using Input output Additional Weighted Feed Forward Neural Network
IODA: An input/output deep architecture for image labeling
IVUS tissue characterization with sub-class error-correcting output codes
Joint H.264/scalable video coding-multiple input multiple output rate control for wireless video applications
kernelHMM: Learning Kernel Combinations in Structured output Domains, The
Large-Scale Active Learning with Approximations of Expected Model output Changes
Laser projector having silhouette blanking for objects in the output light path
Learning equivariant structured output SVM regressors
Learning output-kernel-dependent Regression for Human Pose Estimation
Learning photographic global tonal adjustment with a database of input-output image pairs
Learning to Localize Objects with Structured output Regression
Local within-class accuracies for weighting individual outputs in multiple classifier systems
Meta-Learning Approach to Conditional Random Fields Using Error-Correcting output Codes, A
Minimal design of error-correcting output codes
Model-Independent Adaptive Fault-Tolerant output Tracking Control of 4WS4WD Road Vehicles
MOSRO: Enabling Mobile Sensing for Real-Scene Objects with Grid Based Structured output Learning
Motion vector calculation circuit, with flatness-judgement circuitry, that selects a generated motion vector for output in accordance with a flatness judgement result
Motion-compensating prediction within spatiotemporal band-pass outputs based on a feature specific vector representation
Multi-output Laplacian Dynamic Ordinal Regression for Facial Expression Recognition and Intensity Estimation
Multi-output Learning for Camera Relocalization
Multi-output least-squares support vector regression machines
Multi-output Random Forests for Facial Action Unit Detection
Multi-output regression on the output manifold
Multi-output regression on the output manifold
Multi-output Regularized Projection
Multi-utility Learning: Structured-output Learning with Multiple Annotation-Specific Loss Functions
Multi-view facial landmark detector learned by the Structured output SVM
Multimodal output Combination for Transcribing Historical Handwritten Documents
Multiple-Input Multiple-output OFDM with Index Modulation
Multiple-output Regression with High-Order Structure Information
N-division output coding method applied to face recognition
Neuroadaptive output Tracking of Fully Autonomous Road Vehicles With an Observer
New Approach of Color Images Segmentation Based on Fusing Region and Edge Segmentations outputs, A
Non-Linear Alignment of Neural Net outputs for Partial Shape Classification
Non-stationary Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
Nonlinear Response in a Field Portable Spectroradiometer: Characterization and Effects on output Reflectance
Note on Model-Independent Adaptive Fault-Tolerant output Tracking Control of 4WS4WD Road Vehicles, A
O(nlogn) Cutting Plane Algorithm for Structured output Ranking, An
Object Localization Using Input/output Recursive Neural Networks
Object Skeleton Extraction in Natural Images by Fusing Scale-Associated Deep Side outputs
Octree Generating Networks: Efficient Convolutional Architectures for High-resolution 3D outputs
On Distributed Representation of output Layer for Recognizing Japanese Kana Characters Using Neural Networks
On output independence and complementariness in rank-based multiple classifier decision systems
On the Decoding Process in Ternary Error-Correcting output Codes
On the Rayleigh nature of Gabor filter outputs
Online Discriminative Structured output SVM Learning for Multi-Target Tracking
Online error correcting output codes
Optimal image sampling schedule for both image-derived input and output functions in PET cardiac studies
Optimal Planar Array Architecture for Full-Dimensional Multi-user Multiple-Input Multiple-output with Elevation Modeling
Ordinal Regression with Multiple output CNN for Age Estimation
output Constraint Transfer for Kernelized Correlation Filter in Tracking
output Constraints in Multimedia Database Systems
output Distribution of Median Type Filters, The
output Distributions of Two-Dimensional Median Filters
output feedback control of 2-D T-S fuzzy systems
output Regularized Metric Learning with Side Information
output-associative RVM regression for dimensional and continuous emotion prediction
Pedestrian Detection in Video Images via Error Correcting output Code Classification of Manifold Subclasses
Pictorial output with a Line Printer
PID controller design for output PDFs of stochastic systems using linear matrix inequalities
Portable integral photography input/output system using tablet PC and fly's eye lenses
Precise Electrical Disturbance Generator for Neural Network Training with Real Level output, A
Privileged Information-Based Conditional Structured output Regression Forest for Facial Point Detection
Proximity-Based Frameworks for Generating Embeddings from Multi-output Data
Quantized output-feedback control for linear systems with multiplicative noises in measurement
Real-time through-wall imaging using an ultrawideband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) phased array radar system
Recognition-Based Segmentation of Online Run-On Handprinted Words: Input vs. output Segmentation
Recursive scheme for ARMA coefficient and order estimation with noisy input-output data
Regression with interval output values
Research on the unbiased probability estimation of error-correcting output coding
Retinomorphic Event-Based Vision Sensors: Bioinspired Cameras With Spiking output
Reusability of the output of Map-Matching Algorithms Across Space and Time Through Machine Learning
Revisiting the Regression between Raw outputs of Image Quality Metrics and Ground Truth Measurements
Robust Multi-view Face Detection Using Error Correcting output Codes
Robust named entity detection from optical character recognition output
Robust sampled-data control of nonlinear output feedback systems
RSRN: Rich Side-output Residual Network for Medial Axis Detection
Scalable multi-output label prediction: From classifier chains to classifier trellises
Selecting ghosts and queues from a car trackers output using a spatio-temporal query language
Selecting Influential Examples: Active Learning with Expected Model output Changes
Self-organizing neural-network-based pattern clustering method with fuzzy outputs
Separability of ternary codes for sparse designs of error-correcting output codes
Separability of ternary Error-Correcting output Codes
Shaping the Error-Reject Curve of Error Correcting output Coding Systems
Sharpening Fuzzy Classification output to Refine the Representation of Sub-Pixel Land-Cover Distribution
Short note on two output-dependent hidden Markov models
Signal Processing for a Multiple-Input, Multiple-output (MIMO) Video Synthetic Aperture Radar (SA
Signal Reconstruction for the output Magnitudes of Two-Dimensional Filters
single input three output model based approach to color texture generation, A
Single-output Color Pattern-Recognition Using a Fractional Correlator
Soft-output MIMO Detectors with Channel Estimation Error
Sparse conditional copula models for structured output regression
Sparse output Coding for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
Sparse output Coding for Scalable Visual Recognition
Spectral error correcting output codes for efficient multiclass recognition
SRN: Side-output Residual Network for Object Symmetry Detection in the Wild
STARS: Sign tracking and recognition system using input-output HMMs
Static output feedback control problem for polynomial fuzzy systems via a sum of squares (SOS) approach
Static output feedback reliable controller design of nonlinear systems with multiple constraints
Struck: Structured output Tracking with Kernels
StructBoost: Boosting Methods for Predicting Structured output Variables
Structured output Ordinal Regression for Dynamic Facial Emotion Intensity Prediction
Structured output Prediction with Hierarchical Loss Functions for Seafloor Imagery Taxonomic Categorization
Structured output Prediction with Support Vector Machines
Structured output SVM Prediction of Apparent Age, Gender and Smile from Deep Features
Structured output-Associated Dictionary Learning for Haptic Understanding
Structured output-associative regression
study on output normalization in multiclass SVMs, A
Sub-class Error-Correcting output Codes
Subclass Error Correcting output Codes Using Fisher's Linear Discriminant Ratio
Subclass Problem-Dependent Design for Error-Correcting output Codes
subspace approach to error correcting output codes, A
Supervised descriptor learning for multi-output regression
Test of the New VIIRS Lights Data Set: Population and Economic output in Africa, A
Texas Two-Step: A Framework for Optimal Multi-Input Single-output Deconvolution
Tree ensembles for predicting structured outputs
Tree pruning for output coded ensembles
Uncertainty in the output of artificial neural networks
Unconstrained numeral pair recognition using enhanced error correcting output coding: a holistic approach
Undesirable effects of output normalization in multiple classifier systems
Unified Face Analysis by Iterative Multi-output Random Forests
Using diversity measures for generating error-correcting output codes in classifier ensembles
Using multiple sequence alignment and statistical language model to integrate multiple Chinese address recognition outputs
Using physics-based modeler outputs to train probabilistic neural networks for unexploded ordnance (UXO) classification in magnetometry surveys
Using the conflict in Dempster-Shafer evidence theory as a rejection criterion in classifier output combination for 3D human action recognition
Video Compression with output Traffic Conforming to Leaky-Bucket Network Access Control
Video Error Correction Using Soft-output and Hard-Output Maximum Likelihood Decoding Applied to an H.264 Baseline Profile
Video Error Correction Using Soft-output and Hard-Output Maximum Likelihood Decoding Applied to an H.264 Baseline Profile
Weakly supervised structured output learning for semantic segmentation
Weakly-Supervised Structured output Learning with Flexible and Latent Graphs Using High-Order Loss Functions
Why does output normalization create problems in multiple classifier systems?
Zero-Crossing Rate Property of Power Complementary Analysis Filterbank outputs, A
Zero-Shot Action Recognition with Error-Correcting output Codes
244 for output

Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a portion of an image and outputting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors

outreach Programmes for Education and Training: Contributions from the International Cartographic Association

Accidental pinhole and pinspeck cameras: Revealing the scene outside the picture
Binary Active Contours using both inside and outside texture descriptors
Extending color constancy outside the visible region
Face recognition outside the visible spectrum
Hough Transform for Opaque Circles Measured from outside and Fuzzy Voting For and Against
Identifying factors affecting drivers selection of unconventional outside left-turn lanes at signallised intersections
Image Segmentation with a Statistical Appearance Model and a Generic Mumford-Shah Inspired outside Model
Inside-outside Net: Detecting Objects in Context with Skip Pooling and Recurrent Neural Networks
Inside/outside Tests
Multiscale Interactive Communication: Inside And outside Thun Castle
Quantitative comparison between trajectory estimates obtained from a binocular camera setup within a moving road vehicle and from the outside by a stationary monocular camera
Retrieval of Archival Moving Imagery: CBIR outside the Frame?
Robotic wheelchair observing its inside and outside
13 for outside

Complexity-outsourced low-latency video encoding through feedback under a sum-rate constraint
query integrity assurance scheme for accessing outsourced spatial databases, A

Securing SIFT: Privacy-Preserving outsourcing Computation of Feature Extractions Over Encrypted Image Data

Inward and outward Curve Evolution Using Level Set Method
outward-Looking Circular Motion Analysis of Large Image Sequences

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