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Determining owa Operator Weights by Maximum Deviation Minimization
dynamic weights owa fusion for ensemble clustering, A
owa filters: A robust filtering method and its application to color images

owl and Lizard: Patterns of head pose and eye pose in driver gaze classification

New Optimum-Word-Length-Assignment (owla) Multiplierless Integer DCT for Lossless/Lossy Image Coding and Its Performance Evaluation, A

Be Your own Prada: Fashion Synthesis with Structural Coherence
Celebrating 40 years of Pattern Recognition: In his own words
Cloning Your own Face with a Desktop Camera
Graph Matching: Relax at Your own Risk
How to build your own 3-D camera
MRF-Based Depth Upsampling: Upsample the Depth Map With Its own Property, An
PassBYOP: Bring Your own Picture for Securing Graphical Passwords
Pattern-Recognition Program that Generates, Evaluates, and Adjusts Its own Operators, A
Places Speaking with Their own Voices. A Case Study from the Archives
Practical High Dynamic Range Imaging of Everyday Scenes: Photographing the world as we see it with our own eyes
Upsampling the depth map with its own properties
Using a superfluid to image its own vortices
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Abandoned Object's owner Detection: A Case Study of Hybrid Mobile-Fixed Video Surveillance System
New Method for Real Time Abandoned Object Detection and owner Tracking, A
Orientation-Compensative Signal Registration for owner Authentication Using an Accelerometer
owner-customer right protection mechanism using a watermarking scheme and a watermarking protocol
Personalized face verification system using owner-specific cluster-dependent LDA-subspace
Robustness of the New owner-Tester Approach for Face Identification Experiments
Tablet owner authentication based on behavioral characteristics of multi-touch actions
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Border-ownership-dependent tilt after-effect in incomplete figures
Boundary ownership by lifting to 2.1D
Can Invisible Watermarks Resolve Rightful ownerships?
Chaos-based Robust Watermarking Algorithm For Rightful ownership Protection, A
Comments on An SVD-Based Watermarking Scheme for Protecting Rightful ownership
Comparative Perspective of Human Behavior Patterns to Uncover ownership Bias among Mobile Phone Users
Digital image watermarking: issues in resolving rightful ownership
Document Identity, Authentication and ownership: The Future of Biometric Verification
Examining the effect of body ownership in immersive virtual and augmented reality environments
Fast 2D border ownership assignment
Filter bank selection for the ownership verification of wavelet based digital image watermarking
Hierarchical multiple image watermarking for image authentication and ownership verification
Hierarchical ownership and deterministic watermarking of digital images via polynomial interpolation
On Resolving Rightful ownerships of Digital Images by Invisible Watermarks
Predicting Ball ownership in Basketball from a Monocular View Using Only Player Trajectories
Secret and public key image watermarking schemes for image authentication and ownership verification
Statistical Approach for ownership Identification of Digital Images, A
Statistical Watermark Detection Technique Without Using Original Images for Resolving Rightful ownerships of Digital Images, A
Transparent information hiding with automatic embedding range selection for ownership verification
watermarking-based image ownership and tampering authentication scheme, A
Watermarks for Copyright, ownership Protection, Authentication, Verification
wavelet-based watermarking algorithm for ownership verification of digital images, A
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Decision Support Systems using 3D OGC Services and Indoor Routing: Example Scenario from the ows-6 Testbed

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