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=> 4-Channel Coil Array Interconnection by Analog Direct Modulation Optical Link for 1.5-T MRI, A
=> 4-Connected Shift Residual Networks
=> 4-D Cardiac MR Image Analysis: Left and Right Ventricular Morphology and Function
=> 4-D Facial Expression Recognition by Learning Geometric Deformations
=> 4-D Flight Trajectory Prediction With Constrained LSTM Network
=> 4-D Intracardiac Ultrasound Vector Flow Imaging-Feasibility and Comparison to Phase-Contrast MRI
=> 4-D Reconstruction for Dynamic Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography
=> 4-D Reconstruction With Respiratory Correction for Gated Myocardial Perfusion SPECT
=> 4-D voting for matching, densification and segmentation into motion layers
=> 4-D Wavelet-Based Multiview Video Coding
=> 4-dimensional geological modelling of the Skellefte District, Sweden
=> 4-DOF pose estimation of a pipe crawling robot using a Collimated Laser, a conic mirror, and a fish-eye camera
=> 4-DoF Tracking for Robot Fine Manipulation Tasks
=> 4-Row Serpentine Tone Dependent Fast Error Diffusion
=> 4-Sensor Camera Calibration for Image Representation Invariant to Shading, Shadows, Lighting, and Specularities
=> 4-source photometric stereo technique for three-dimensional surfaces in the presence of highlights and shadows, The
=> 4-Source Photometric Stereo Under General Unknown Lighting, The
=> 4-Year Climatological Analysis Based on GPM Observations of Deep Convective Events in the Mediterranean Region, A
=> 4 Dimensional modelling of the human heart
=> 4 DOF Exoskeleton Robotic Arm System for Rehabilitation and Training
=> 4 Super-resolution of unsupervised CT images based on GAN
=> 40 Years of Progress in Automatic Speaker Recognition
=> 450bps Speech Coding Algorithm Based on Multi-Mode Matrix Quantization, A
=> 46-Year (1973-2019) Permafrost Landscape Changes in the Hola Basin, Northeast China Using Machine Learning and Object-Oriented Classification
=> 460 GOPS/W Improved Mnemonic Descent Method-Based Hardwired Accelerator for Face Alignment, A
=> 4D-DCT Hardware Architecture for JPEG Pleno Light Field Coding
=> 4D-Net for Learned Multi-Modal Alignment
=> 4D-SAS: A Distributed Dynamic-Data Driven Simulation and Analysis System for Massive Spatial Agent-Based Modeling
=> 4d-stop: Panoptic Segmentation of 4d Lidar Using Spatio-temporal Object Proposal Generation and Aggregation
=> 4d Animation Reconstruction From Multi-camera Coordinates Transformation
=> 4D Association Graph for Realtime Multi-Person Motion Capture Using Multiple Video Cameras
=> 4D Atlas: Statistical Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Variability in Longitudinal 3D Shape Data
=> 4D Basis and Sampling Scheme for the Tensor Encoded Multi-Dimensional Diffusion MRI Signal, A
=> 4D Blood Flow Reconstruction Over the Entire Ventricle From Wall Motion and Blood Velocity Derived From Ultrasound Data
=> 4D Cardiac Reconstruction Using High Resolution CT Images
=> 4D change detection based on persistent scatterer interferometry
=> 4D City Transformations by time Series of Aerial Images
=> 4D Cloud Scattering Tomography
=> 4D computed tomography super-resolution reconstruction based on tensor product and nuclear norm optimization
=> 4d Counter-example Showing that DWCNess Does Not Imply CWCness in nD, A
=> 4D CT image reconstruction based on interpolated optical flow fields
=> 4D DCT-Based Lenslet Light Field Codec, A
=> 4D effect classification by encoding CNN features
=> 4D Effect Video Classification with Shot-Aware Frame Selection and Deep Neural Networks
=> 4D Epanechnikov Mixture Regression in LF Image Compression
=> 4D facial expression recognition using multimodal time series analysis of geometric landmark-based deformations
=> 4D facial expression recognition
=> 4D Filtering and Calibration Technique for Small-Scale Point Cloud Change Detection with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner, A
=> 4D Filtering and Calibration Technique for Small-Scale Point Cloud Change Detection with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner, A
=> 4D Flow MRI Pressure Estimation Using Velocity Measurement-Error-Based Weighted Least-Squares
=> 4D Frequency Analysis of Computational Cameras for Depth of Field Extension
=> 4D Functional Imaging of the Rat Brain Using a Large Aperture Row-Column Array
=> 4D GIS for Monitoring River Bank Erosion At Meander Bend Scale: Case of Moselle River
=> 4D Human Body Capture from Egocentric Video via 3D Scene Grounding
=> 4D Human Body Correspondences from Panoramic Depth Maps
=> 4D Hyperspectral Photoacoustic Data Restoration with Reliability Analysis
=> 4D Light-Field Dataset and CNN Architectures for Material Recognition, A
=> 4D Light Field Disparity Map estimation using Krawtchouk Polynomials
=> 4D Light Field Superpixel and Segmentation
=> 4D Light Field Superpixel and Segmentation
=> 4D Liver Ultrasound Registration
=> 4D LUT: Learnable Context-Aware 4D Lookup Table for Image Enhancement
=> 4D Match Trees for Non-rigid Surface Alignment
=> 4D Model-Based Spatiotemporal Alignment of Scripted Taiji Quan Sequences
=> 4D Modelling in Cultural Heritage
=> 4D Monitoring of Active Sinkholes with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS): A Case Study in the Evaporite Karst of the Ebro Valley, NE Spain
=> 4D non-local means post-filtering for cardiac gated SPECT
=> 4D nth-order Walsh orthogonal transform algorithm used for color image coding, A
=> 4D objects-by-change: Spatiotemporal segmentation of geomorphic surface change from LiDAR time series
=> 4D Panoptic LiDAR Segmentation
=> 4D Photogeometric face recognition with time-of-flight sensors
=> 4D Photogrammetric recording of soft and hard tissues of the lower part of face for decision making in dental treatment planning
=> 4d Reconstruction And Visualization of Cultural Heritage: Analyzing Our Legacy Through Time
=> 4D reconstruction for dual cardiac-respiratory gated SPECT
=> 4D reconstruction of cardiac images using temporal fourier basis functions
=> 4D Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries from Monoplane Angiograms
=> 4D Reconstruction of the Beating Embryonic Heart From Two Orthogonal Sets of Parallel Optical Coherence Tomography Slice-Sequences
=> 4D reconstruction of the left ventricle during a single heart beat from ultrasound imaging
=> 4D Space-Time Mereotopogeometry-Part Connectivity Calculus for Visual Object Representation
=> 4D Spatio-Temporal ConvNets: Minkowski Convolutional Neural Networks
=> 4D Statistical Model of Wrist Bone Motion Patterns, A
=> 4D surface kinematics monitoring through terrestrial radar interferometry and image cross-correlation coupling
=> 4D Surface matching for high-speed stereo sequences
=> 4D Temporally Coherent Multi-Person Semantic Reconstruction and Segmentation
=> 4D Time Density of Trajectories: Discovering Spatiotemporal Patterns in Movement Data
=> 4D U-Nets for Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data Classification
=> 4D Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging of Naturally Occurring Shear Waves in the Human Heart
=> 4D Ultrasound Tracking of Liver and its Verification for TIPS Guidance
=> 4D Ventricular Segmentation and Wall Motion Estimation Using Efficient Discrete Optimization
=> 4D vessel segmentation and tracking in Ultrasound
=> 4D View Solutions
=> 4D Visualization of Dynamic Events From Unconstrained Multi-View Videos
=> 4D Visualization of Painted Sculpture and Murals
=> 4DCAF: A temporal approach for denoising hyperspectral image sequences
=> 4DComplete: Non-Rigid Motion Estimation Beyond the Observable Surface
=> 4DContrast: Contrastive Learning with Dynamic Correspondences for 3D Scene Understanding
=> 4DCov: A Nested Covariance Descriptor of Spatio-Temporal Features for Gesture Recognition in Depth Sequences
=> 4DDynamics
=> 4DFAB: A Large Scale 4D Database for Facial Expression Analysis and Biometric Applications
=> 4DGVF-based filtering of vector-valued images
=> 4DGVF segmentation of vector-valued images
=> 4DILAN Project (4th Dimension in Landscape And Artifacts Analyses), The
=> 4DMOD Workshop on Dynamic Shape Capture and Analysis
=> 4DMOD Workshop on Dynamic Shape Capture and Analysis
=> 4K-UHD real-time HEVC encoder with GPU accelerated motion estimation
=> 4k or Not? - Automatic Image Resolution Assessment
=> 4K Real-Time and Parallel Software Video Decoder for Multilayer HEVC Extensions
=> 4K Real-Time HEVC Decoder on an FPGA
=> 4K Ultra High Definition Video Coding Using Homogeneous Motion Discovery Oriented Prediction
=> 4NSigComp2010 Off-line Signature Verification Competition: Scenario 2, The
=> 4SAILT Model: An Improved 4SAIL Canopy Radiative Transfer Model for Sloping Terrain, The
=> 4Seasons: A Cross-Season Dataset for Multi-Weather SLAM in Autonomous Driving
=> 4th AI City Challenge, The

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