Online Pointers for Letter r

=> R-C3D: Region Convolutional 3D Network for Temporal Activity Detection
=> R-Clustering for Egocentric Video Segmentation
=> R-CNN-Based Ship Detection from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
=> R-CNN Based Method to Localize Speech Balloons in Comics, An
=> R-CNN for Small Object Detection
=> R-CNN minus R
=> R-Covnet: Recurrent Neural Convolution Network for 3D Object Recognition
=> R-D optimized auxiliary information for inpainting-based view synthesis
=> R-D Optimized Multi-Layer Encoder Control for SVC
=> R-D optimized progressive compression of 3D meshes using prioritized gate selection and curvature prediction
=> R-DFCIL: Relation-Guided Representation Learning for Data-Free Class Incremental Learning
=> R-DFS: A Coverage Path Planning Approach Based on Region Optimal Decomposition
=> R-FCN-3000 at 30fps: Decoupling Detection and Classification
=> R-FUSE: Robust Fast Fusion of Multiband Images Based on Solving a Sylvester Equation
=> R-IMNet: Spatial-Temporal Evolution Analysis of Resource-Exhausted Urban Land Based on Residual-Intelligent Module Network
=> R-Letter disorder diagnosis (R-LDD): Arabic speech database development for automatic diagnosis of childhood speech disorders (Case study)
=> R-LKDepth: Recurrent Depth Learning With Larger Kernel
=> R-MFNet: Analysis of Urban Carbon Stock Change against the Background of Land-Use Change Based on a Residual Multi-Module Fusion Network
=> R-MNet: A Perceptual Adversarial Network for Image Inpainting
=> R-MSFM: Recurrent Multi-Scale Feature Modulation for Monocular Depth Estimating
=> R-Net: A Relationship Network for Efficient and Accurate Scene Text Detection
=> R-PCR: Recurrent Point Cloud Registration Using High-Order Markov Decision
=> R-PointHop: A Green, Accurate, and Unsupervised Point Cloud Registration Method
=> R-Pred: Two-Stage Motion Prediction Via Tube-Query Attention-Based Trajectory Refinement
=> r-Regularity
=> R-SigNet: Reduced space writer-independent feature learning for offline writer-dependent signature verification
=> R-SLAM: Optimizing Eye Tracking from Rolling Shutter Video of the Retina
=> R-snakes
=> R-SpaRCS: An algorithm for foreground-background separation of compressively-sensed surveillance videos
=> R-Unet: A Deep Learning Model for Rice Extraction in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
=> R&D investment in new energy vehicles with purchase subsidy based on technology adoption life cycle and customers' choice behaviour
=> R&D of Drone-borne SAR System
=> R(Det)2: Randomized Decision Routing for Object Detection
=> r, n)-Threshold Image Secret Sharing Methods with Small Shadow Images
=> R_1-2-DPCA and Face Recognition
=> R2-ResNeXt: A ResNeXt-Based Regression Model with Relative Ranking for Facial Beauty Prediction
=> R2-trans: Fine-grained visual categorization with redundancy reduction
=> R2-trans: Fine-grained visual categorization with redundancy reduction
=> R2CI: Information theoretic-guided feature selection with multiple correlations
=> R2CNN: Rotational Region CNN for Arbitrarily-Oriented Scene Text Detection
=> R2FA-Det: Delving into High-Quality Rotatable Boxes for Ship Detection in SAR Images
=> R2GAN: Cross-Modal Recipe Retrieval With Generative Adversarial Network
=> R2L: Distilling Neural Radiance Field to Neural Light Field for Efficient Novel View Synthesis
=> R2Net: Relight the restored low-light image based on complementarity of illumination and reflection
=> R2Net: Residual refinement network for salient object detection
=> r2p2: A ReparameteRized Pushforward Policy for Diverse, Precise Generative Path Forecasting
=> R2RNet: Low-light image enhancement via Real-low to Real-normal Network
=> R2SN: Refined Semantic Segmentation Network of City Remote Sensing Image
=> R3-Net: A Deep Network for Multioriented Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images and Videos
=> R3 Adversarial Network for Cross Model Face Recognition
=> R3D3: Dense 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes from Multiple Cameras
=> R3DG features: Relative 3D geometry-based skeletal representations for human action recognition
=> R3L: Connecting Deep Reinforcement Learning To Recurrent Neural Networks for Image Denoising Via Residual Recovery
=> R3P: Real-time RGB-D Registration Pipeline
=> R4-Syn: Relative Referenceless Receiver/Receiver Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
=> R4 Det: Refined single-stage detector with feature recursion and refinement for rotating object detection in aerial images
=> R4Dyn: Exploring Radar for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation of Dynamic Scenes
=> R6P: Rolling shutter absolute pose problem
=> RA-CLIP: Retrieval Augmented Contrastive Language-Image Pre-Training
=> RA-Depth: Resolution Adaptive Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
=> RA-YOLOX: Re-parameterization align decoupled head and novel label assignment scheme based on YOLOX
=> RA-YOLOX: Re-parameterization align decoupled head and novel label assignment scheme based on YOLOX
=> RA Code: A Robust and Aesthetic Code for Resolution-Constrained Applications
=> RA Loss: Relation-Aware Loss for Robust Person Re-identification
=> RAANet: A Residual ASPP with Attention Framework for Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
=> Rabin-Karp Implementation for Handling Multiple Pattern-Matching on the GPU, A
=> RaBit: Parametric Modeling of 3D Biped Cartoon Characters with a Topological-Consistent Dataset
=> RACDNet: Resolution- and Alignment-Aware Change Detection Network for Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
=> Race Bias Analysis of Bona Fide Errors in Face Anti-spoofing
=> Race Classification Based on Facial Features
=> Race to Improve Radar Imagery: An overview of recent progress in statistical sparsity-based techniques, The
=> Racial Bias in the Beautyverse: Evaluation of Augmented-Reality Beauty Filters
=> Racial Faces in the Wild: Reducing Racial Bias by Information Maximization Adaptation Network
=> Racing Bib Numbers Recognition
=> Racing Bicycle Detection/Tracking from UAV Footage, UAV Detection
=> RACKET: Real-time autonomous computation of kinematic elements in tennis
=> Racking focus and tracking focus on live video streams: A stereo solution
=> RACL: A robust adaptive contrastive learning method for conversational satisfaction prediction
=> RAD: Realtime and Accurate 3D Object Detection on Embedded Systems
=> RADAM: Texture recognition through randomized aggregated encoding of deep activation maps
=> Radar-Based Human-Motion Recognition With Deep Learning: Promising applications for indoor monitoring
=> Radar-Based Human Activity Recognition Under the Limited Measurement Data Support Using Domain Translation
=> Radar-Based Human Gait Recognition Using Dual-Channel Deep Convolutional Neural Network
=> Radar-Based Monitoring of Vital Signs: A Tutorial Overview
=> Radar-based multipoint displacement measurements of a 1200-m-long suspension bridge
=> Radar-Based Multisensor Fusion for Uninterrupted Reliable Positioning in GNSS-Denied Environments
=> Radar-Based Non-Contact Continuous Identity Authentication
=> Radar-Based Shape and Reflectivity Reconstruction Using Active Surfaces and the Level Set Method
=> Radar-Camera Pixel Depth Association for Depth Completion
=> Radar-derived Internal Layering and Basal Roughness Characterization Along A Traverse From Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
=> Radar-Derived Internal Structure and Basal Roughness Characterization along a Traverse from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
=> Radar-Infrared Sensor Fusion Based on Hierarchical Features Mining
=> Radar-on-Chip/in-Package in Autonomous Driving Vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems: Opportunities and Challenges
=> Radar-to-Radar Interference Suppression for Distributed Radar Sensor Networks
=> RADAR-Vegetation Structural Perpendicular Index (R-VSPI) for the Quantification of Wildfire Impact and Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery
=> Radar + RGB Fusion For Robust Object Detection In Autonomous Vehicle
=> Radar 101: Celebrating 101 Years of Development
=> Radar Active Jamming Recognition under Open World Setting
=> Radar Aeroecology
=> Radar Altimetry as a Proxy for Determining Terrestrial Water Storage Variability in Tropical Basins
=> Radar and Communication Spectral Coexistence on Moving Platform with Interference Suppression
=> Radar and Jammer Intelligent Game under Jamming Power Dynamic Allocation
=> Radar and Optical Data Comparison/Integration for Urban Delineation: A Case Study
=> Radar and Rain Gauge Merging-Based Precipitation Estimation via Geographical-Temporal Attention Continuous Conditional Random Field
=> Radar and Sonar Imaging and Processing (2nd Edition)
=> Radar and Sonar Imaging and Processing
=> Radar and vision data fusion for hybrid adaptive cruise control on highways
=> Radar and Vision Data Fusion for Hybrid Cruise Control on Highways
=> Radar Anti-Jamming Decision-Making Method Based on DDPG-MADDPG Algorithm
=> Radar apparatus using neural network for azimuth and elevation detection
=> Radar Attenuation and Reflectivity Measurements of Snow With Dual Ka-Band Radar
=> Radar Backscatter And Optical Textural Indices Fusion For Pine Plantation Structure Mapping
=> Radar Backscatter Mapping Using TerraSAR-X
=> Radar Backscatter Modeling Based on Global TanDEM-X Mission Data
=> Radar Backscattering of Lake Ice During Freezing and Thawing Stages Estimated by Ground-Based Scatterometer Experiment and Inversion From Genetic Algorithm
=> Radar Camera Fusion via Representation Learning in Autonomous Driving
=> Radar Characteristics and Causal Analysis of Two Consecutive Tornado Events Associated with Heavy Precipitation during the Mei-Yu Season
=> Radar Coincidence Imaging: An Instantaneous Imaging Technique with Stochastic Signals
=> Radar Detection Method of Plasma-Sheath-Covered Target Based on the Improved Keystone Algorithm, A
=> Radar Detection of Moving Targets Behind Corners
=> Radar ECCM based on phase-aid distributed compressive sensing
=> Radar Echo Recognition of Gust Front Based on Deep Learning
=> Radar Echo Reconstruction in Oceanic Area via Deep Learning of Satellite Data
=> Radar Emitter Identification with Multi-View Adaptive Fusion Network (MAFN)
=> Radar Emitter Recognition Based on Parameter Set Clustering and Classification
=> Radar Emitter Signal Intra-Pulse Modulation Open Set Recognition Based on Deep Neural Network
=> Radar emitter signal recognition based on support vector machines
=> Radar fusion to detect targets: Part II
=> Radar High-Resolution Range Profile Rejection Based on Deep Multi-Modal Support Vector Data Description
=> Radar High-Resolution Range Profile Ship Recognition Using Two-Channel Convolutional Neural Networks Concatenated with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory
=> Radar HRRP Open Set Target Recognition Based on Closed Classification Boundary
=> Radar HRRP Target Recognition Based on Dynamic Learning with Limited Training Data
=> Radar HRRP Target Recognition Based on the Improved Kernel Distance Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Method
=> Radar HRRP Target Recognition Model Based on a Stacked CNN-Bi-RNN With Attention Mechanism
=> Radar HRRP target recognition with deep networks
=> Radar HRRP Unseen Class Recognition Based on the Joint Dictionary Learning
=> Radar Image-Based Positioning for USV Under GPS Denial Environment
=> Radar image denoising by recursive thresholding
=> Radar image processing for ship-traffic control
=> Radar Image Reconstruction from Raw ADC Data using Parametric Variational Autoencoder with Domain Adaptation
=> Radar Image Series Denoising of Space Targets Based on Gaussian Process Regression
=> Radar Imager for Perception and Mapping in Outdoor Environments
=> Radar Imaging From Geosynchronous Orbit: Temporal Decorrelation Aspects
=> Radar imaging of moving targets in foliage using multifrequency multiaperture polarimetric SAR
=> Radar imaging of three-dimensional surfaces using limited data
=> Radar Imaging of Urban Areas by Means of Very High-Resolution SAR and Interferometric SAR
=> Radar Imaging Statistics of Non-Gaussian Rough Surface: A Physics-Based Simulation Study
=> Radar Imaging Through a Building Corner
=> Radar Imaging Through Cinderblock Walls: Achievable Performance by a Model-Corrected Linear Inverse Scattering Approach
=> Radar Interference Mitigation for Automated Driving: Exploring Proactive Strategies
=> Radar Interferometric Phase Ambiguity Resolution Using Viterbi Algorithm for High-Precision Space Target Positioning
=> Radar Interferometry as a Comprehensive Tool for Monitoring the Fault Activity in the Vicinity of Underground Gas Storage Facilities
=> Radar Interferometry as a Monitoring Tool for an Active Mining Area Using Sentinel-1 C-Band Data, Case Study of Riotinto Mine
=> Radar Interferometry Time Series to Investigate Deformation of Soft Clay Subgrade Settlement: A Case Study of Lungui Highway, China
=> Radar Interferometry: 20 Years of Development in Time Series Techniques and Future Perspectives
=> Radar Intra-Pulse Signal Modulation Classification with Contrastive Learning
=> Radar Maneuvering Target Detection Based on Product Scale Zoom Discrete Chirp Fourier Transform
=> Radar Measurements of Morphological Parameters and Species Identification Analysis of Migratory Insects
=> Radar Measurements of Snow Depth Over Sea Ice on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
=> Radar micro-doppler for long range front-view gait recognition
=> Radar mosaic based on the explicit radar ray paths
=> Radar Observation of the Lava Tubes on the Moon and Mars
=> Radar Path Delay Effects in Volcanic Gas Plumes: The Case of Láscar Volcano, Northern Chile
=> Radar Performance Degradation Elimination for Sub-Pulse-Based FMCW in DFRC
=> Radar Phase-Coded Waveform Design with Local Low Range Sidelobes Based on Particle Swarm-Assisted Projection Optimization
=> Radar Polarimetry Analysis Applied to Single-Hole Fully Polarimetric Borehole Radar
=> Radar Processing, Technology, and Applications II
=> RADAR Project: A Service for Research Data Archival and Publication, The
=> Radar Propagation Experiment in the North Sea: The Sylt Campaign
=> Radar Pulse Compression Methods Based on Nonlinear and Quadratic Optimization
=> Radar Pulse Stream Clustering Based on MaskRCNN Instance Segmentation Network
=> Radar Radial Velocity Dealiasing Algorithm for Radar Data Assimilation and its Evaluation with Observations from Multiple Radar Networks, A
=> Radar Recognition through Statistical Classification of Cellular Emission in the Moment Space
=> Radar Reconnaissance Pulse-Splitting Modeling and Detection Method
=> radar reflectance model for terrain analysis using shape from shading, A
=> Radar Reflectivity Assimilation Based on Hydrometeor Control Variables and Its Impact on Short-Term Precipitation Forecasting
=> Radar Reflectivity Image Prediction Method: The Spatial MIM + Pix2Pix, A
=> Radar Remote Sensing Applications in Landslide Monitoring With Multi-platform Insar Observations: a Case Study From China
=> Radar remote sensing image retrieval algorithm based on improved Sobel operator
=> Radar Remote Sensing of Urban Areas
=> Radar Remote Sensing to Supplement Pipeline Surveillance Programs through Measurements of Surface Deformations and Identification of Geohazard Risks
=> Radar Satellite Image Time Series Analysis for High-Resolution Mapping of Man-Made Forest Change in Chongming Eco-Island
=> Radar scan conversion for plan position indicator
=> Radar Scatter Decomposition to Differentiate between Running Ice Accumulations and Intact Ice Covers along Rivers
=> Radar Scattering From a Modulated Rough Surface: Simulations and Applications
=> Radar Scheme With Raised Reflector for NLOS Vehicle Detection
=> Radar Sea Clutter Reconstruction Based on Statistical Singularity Power Spectrum and Instantaneous Singularity Exponents Distribution
=> Radar sensors and sensor platform used for pedestrian protection in the EC-funded project SAVE-U
=> Radar Signal Environment Simulation Based on Quadrature Multiple Waveform Synthesis Method
=> Radar Signal Intrapulse Modulation Recognition Based on a Denoising-Guided Disentangled Network
=> Radar Signal Processing for Elderly Fall Detection: The future for in-home monitoring
=> Radar Signal Processing for Sensing in Assisted Living: The challenges associated with real-time implementation of emerging algorithms
=> Radar Signal Processor of the First Romanian Space Surveillance Radar, The
=> Radar Signals With ZACZ Based on Pairs of D-Code Sequences and Their Compression Algorithm
=> Radar Sounding Through the Earth's Ionosphere at 45 MHz
=> Radar Sounding Using the Cassini Altimeter: Waveform Modeling and Monte Carlo Approach for Data Inversion of Observations of Titan's Seas
=> Radar Spectrum Engineering and Management: Technical and Regulatory Issues
=> Radar Stride Rate Extraction
=> Radar Target and Moving Clutter Separation Based on the Low-Rank Matrix Optimization
=> Radar Target Characterization and Deep Learning in Radar Automatic Target Recognition: A Review
=> Radar Target Detection Aided by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
=> Radar Target Detection and Localization Aided by an Active Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface
=> Radar Target Identification Using Spatial Matched-Filters
=> Radar target recognition based on fuzzy optimal transformation using high-resolution range profile
=> Radar target recognition based on the multi-resolution analysis theory and neural network
=> Radar Target Recognition Using Salient Keypoint Descriptors and Multitask Sparse Representation
=> Radar Target Tracking via Robust Linear Filtering
=> Radar Technologies for Earth Remote Sensing From CubeSat Platforms
=> Radar Tools
=> Radar Vegetation Index for Crop Monitoring Using Compact Polarimetric SAR Data, A
=> Radar Waveform Sidelobe Level Optimality and Sampling
=> RADAR: Robust Algorithm for Depth Image Super Resolution Based on FRI Theory and Multimodal Dictionary Learning
=> RadarGNN: Transformation Invariant Graph Neural Network for Radar-based Perception
=> Radargrammetric 3D Imaging through Composite Registration Method Using Multi-Aspect Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
=> Radargrammetric approaches to the flat relief of the Amazon coast using COSMO-SkyMed and TerraSAR-X datasets
=> Radargrammetric DEM Extraction Over Urban Area Using Circular SAR Imagery
=> Radargrammetric Digital Surface Models Generation From Terrasar-x Imagery: Case Studies, Problems And Potentialities
=> Radargrammetric DSM Generation by Semi-Global Matching and Evaluation of Penalty Functions
=> Radargrammetric DSM generation in mountainous areas through adaptive-window least squares matching constrained by enhanced epipolar geometry
=> Radargrammetric registration of airborne multi-aspect SAR data of urban areas
=> Radarnet: Exploiting Radar for Robust Perception of Dynamic Objects
=> Radarsat-2 Backscattering for the Modeling of Biophysical Parameters of Regenerating Mangrove Forests
=> RADARSAT-2 Quad-Polarized Time Series for Monitoring Crop and Soil Conditions in Barrax, Spain, A
=> Radarsat-2 Synthetic-aperture Radar Land Cover Segmentation Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
=> RADARSAT Constellation Mission Core Applications: First Results, The
=> RadarVerses in Metaverses: A CPSI-Based Architecture for 6S Radar Systems in CPSS
=> Radatron: Accurate Detection Using Multi-resolution Cascaded MIMO Radar
=> RadCalNet: A Radiometric Calibration Network for Earth Observing Imagers Operating in the Visible to Shortwave Infrared Spectral Range
=> RadChat: Spectrum Sharing for Automotive Radar Interference Mitigation
=> RADDet: Range-Azimuth-Doppler based Radar Object Detection for Dynamic Road Users
=> RADet: Refine Feature Pyramid Network and Multi-Layer Attention Network for Arbitrary-Oriented Object Detection of Remote Sensing Images
=> Radial-Based Undersampling for imbalanced data classification
=> Radial basis function based level set interpolation and evolution for deformable modelling
=> Radial Basis Function Based Neural Network for Motion Detection in Dynamic Scenes
=> Radial Basis Function for Registration of Local Features in Images, A
=> Radial Basis Function Networks and Complexity Regularization in Function Learning and Classification
=> Radial Basis Function Networks and Nonparametric Classification: Complexity Regularization and the Rates of Convergence
=> Radial Basis Function Networks in Nonparametric Classification and Function Learning
=> Radial Basis Functions Collocation Methods for Model Based Level-Set Segmentation
=> Radial Basis Functions for Combining Shape and Speckle Tracking in 4D Echocardiography
=> Radial Basis Functions for Combining Shape and Speckle Tracking in 4D Echocardiography
=> Radial basis functions with compact support for elastic registration of medical images
=> Radial Bright Channel Prior for Single Image Vignetting Correction
=> Radial correlations in iris patterns, and mutual information within IrisCodes
=> Radial Cumulative Similarity Transform for Robust Image Correspondence, A
=> Radial Deblurring with FFTs
=> Radial distortion correction from a single image of a planar calibration pattern using convex optimization
=> Radial distortion homography
=> Radial Distortion Invariant Factorization for Structure from Motion
=> Radial distortion invariants and lens evaluation under a single-optical-axis omnidirectional camera
=> Radial Distortion Refinement by Inverse Mapping-Based Extrapolation
=> Radial Distortion Self-Calibration
=> Radial Distortion Triangulation
=> Radial Edge Configuration for Semi-local Image Structure Description
=> Radial feature descriptors for cell classification and recommendation
=> Radial Function Based Ab-Initio Tomographic Reconstruction for Cryo Electron Microscopy
=> Radial Grammars and Radial L-Systems
=> Radial homomorphic deconvolution of B-mode medical ultrasound images
=> Radial Imaging With Multipolar Magnetic Encoding Fields
=> Radial Lens Distortion Correction by Adding a Weight Layer with Inverted Foveal Models to Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Radial lens distortion correction using cascaded one-parameter division model
=> Radial Lens Distortion Correction Using Convolutional Neural Networks Trained with Synthesized Images
=> Radial Meixner moments for rotational invariant pattern recognition
=> Radial Multi-focal Tensors: Applications to Omnidirectional Camera Calibration
=> Radial Neural Convolutional Layer for Multi-oriented Character Recognition, A
=> Radial Projection: An Efficient Update Rule for Relaxation Labeling
=> Radial projections for non-linear feature extraction
=> Radial Search Method for Fast Nearest Neighbor Search on Range Images, A
=> Radial segmentation
=> Radial shifted Legendre moments for image analysis and invariant image recognition
=> Radial symmetries based decomposition of cell clusters in binary and gray level images
=> Radial Symmetry Guided Particle Filter for Robust Iris Tracking
=> Radial Tchebichef moment invariants for image recognition
=> Radial Topology Algorithm: A New Approach for Deriving 2.5D GIS Data Models, The
=> Radial Trifocal Tensor: A Tool for Calibrating the Radial Distortion of Wide-Angle Cameras, The
=> Radial Velocity Retrieval for Multichannel SAR Moving Targets With Time-Space Doppler Deambiguity
=> Radially-Distorted Conjugate Translations
=> Radially balanced error diffusion
=> RadialNet: a point cloud classification approach using local structure representation with radial basis function
=> Radiance-Reflectance Combined Optimization and Structure-Guided L_0-Norm for Single Image Dehazing
=> radiance cache method for highly glossy surfaces, A
=> Radiance Differences between Wavelength and Wavenumber Spaces in Convolving Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder Spectrum to Broadband for Intercomparison, The
=> Radiance map construction based on spatial and intensity correlations between LE and SE images for HDR imaging
=> Radiance Uncertainty Characterisation to Facilitate Climate Data Record Creation
=> Radiant Power Patterns Inferred from Remote Sensing Using a Cloud Computing Platform, during the 2021 Fagradalsfjall Eruption, Iceland
=> RADIANT: Better rPPG estimation using signal embeddings and Transformer
=> Radiation-Variation Insensitive Coarse-to-Fine Image Registration for Infrared and Visible Remote Sensing Based on Zero-Shot Learning
=> Radiation Component Calculation and Energy Budget Analysis for the Korean Peninsula Region
=> Radiation Dose Reduction in CT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Using SMART-RECON
=> Radiation Mapping in Post-Disaster Environments Using an Autonomous Helicopter
=> Radiation of Arbitrary Magnetic Dipoles in a Cylindrically Layered Anisotropic Medium for Well-Logging Applications
=> Radiation Sensitivity Analysis of Ocean Wake Information Detection System Based on Visible Light Remote Sensing
=> Radiative Characteristics at 89 and 36 GHz for Satellite-Based Cloud Water Estimation Over Land
=> Radiative Effects and Costing Assessment of Arctic Sea Ice Albedo Changes
=> Radiative Energy Budget for East Asia Based on GK-2A/AMI Observation Data
=> Radiative Transfer Characteristics of the O2 Infrared Atmospheric Band in Limb-Viewing Geometry, The
=> Radiative transfer codes applied to hyperspectral data for the retrieval of surface reflectance
=> Radiative Transfer Image Simulation Using L-System Modeled Strawberry Canopies
=> Radiative Transfer Model for Heterogeneous Agro-Forestry Scenarios, A
=> Radiative Transfer Model for MW Cold and IR Hot Spots of Chang'e and Diviner Observations, A
=> Radiative Transfer Model for Patchy Landscapes Based on Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory, A
=> Radiative Transfer Model Simulations for Ground-Based Microwave Radiometers in North China
=> Radiative Transfer Modeling of Phytoplankton Fluorescence Quenching Processes
=> Radiative transfer modeling to measure fire impact and forest engineering resilience at short-term
=> Radical-Based Neighboring Segment Matching Method for On-Line Chinese Character Recognition
=> Radical aggregation network for few-shot offline handwritten Chinese character recognition
=> Radical analysis network for learning hierarchies of Chinese characters
=> Radical Approach to Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Active Handwriting Models, A
=> Radical based fine trajectory HMMs of online handwritten characters
=> Radical Counter Network for Robust Chinese Character Recognition
=> Radical recognition of handwritten Chinese characters using GA-based kernel active shape modelling
=> Radio-Assisted Human Detection
=> Radio-Frequency Current Density Imaging Based on a 180° Sample Rotation With Feasibility Study of Full Current Density Vector Reconstruction
=> Radio-Frequency Interference Mitigation for the Soil Moisture Active Passive Microwave Radiometer
=> Radio-frequency interference separation and suppression from ultrawideband radar data via low-rank modeling
=> Radio-Frequency Vector Magnetic Field Mapping in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
=> Radio astronomical image deconvolution using prolate spheroidal wave functions
=> Radio astronomical imaging from coherence data
=> Radio Astronomy Demonstrator: Assessment of the Appropriate Sites through a GIS Open Source Application
=> Radio Astronomy Image Enhancement in the Presence of Phase Errors Using Genetic Algorithms
=> Radio Base Stations and Electromagnetic Fields: GIS Applications and Models for Identifying Possible Risk Factors and Areas Exposed. Some Exemplifications in Rome
=> Radio Echo Sounding of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica: Aperture Synthesis Processing and Analysis of Feasibility From Space
=> Radio Frequencies: Policy and Management
=> Radio Frequency Fingerprint Extraction Based on Multi-Dimension Approximate Entropy
=> Radio Frequency Interference Detection and Localization in Sentinel-1 Images
=> Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation for Synthetic Aperture Radar Based on the Time-Frequency Constraint Joint Low-Rank and Sparsity Properties
=> Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation in Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Based on Instantaneous Spectrum Forward Consecutive Mean Excision
=> Radio Frequency Tomography for Nondestructive Testing of Pillars
=> Radio Frequency Tomography for Tunnel Detection
=> Radio Galaxy Morphology Generation using Residual Convolutional Autoencoder and Gaussian Mixture Models
=> Radio Map Assisted Path Planning for UAV Anti-Jamming Communications
=> Radio Resource Management for V2V Multihop Communication Considering Adjacent Channel Interference
=> Radioactive Pollution Estimate For Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant By A Particle Model
=> Radiogenomics: Lung Cancer-Related Genes Mutation Status Prediction
=> Radiological Assessment on Interest Areas on the Sellafield Nuclear Site via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
=> Radiological Identification of Near-Surface Mineralogical Deposits Using Low-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
=> Radiological Pain Predictors in Knee Osteoarthritis, a Four Feature Selection Comparison: Data from the OAI
=> Radiological Surveillance Using a Fixed-Wing UAV Platform
=> Radiolucent 4D Ultrasound Imaging: System Design and Application to Radiotherapy Guidance
=> Radiometer Calibration Using Colocated GPS Radio Occultation Measurements
=> Radiometric Aerial Triangulation for the Equalization of Digital Aerial Images and Orthoimages, A
=> Radiometric alignment of image sequences
=> Radiometric and Atmospheric Corrections of Multispectral µMCA Camera for UAV Spectroscopy
=> Radiometric And Geometric Accuracy Analysis Of Rasat Pan Imagery
=> Radiometric and Geometric Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery Acquired from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
=> Radiometric and geometric characteristics of Pleiades images
=> Radiometric and geometric evaluation of GeoEye-1, WorldView-2 and Pléiades-1A stereo images for 3D information extraction
=> Radiometric and geometric evaluation of worldview-2 stereo scenes.
=> Radiometric and Geometric Quality Aspects of the Large Format Aerial Camera ULTRACAM XP
=> Radiometric and Polarimetric Quality Validation of Gaofen-3 over a Five-Year Operation Period
=> Radiometric and Spatial Resolution Constraints in Millimeter-Wave Close-Range Passive Screener Systems
=> Radiometric Approach for Estimating Relative Changes in Intraglacier Average Temperature
=> Radiometric Assessment of ICESat-2 over Vegetated Surfaces
=> Radiometric Block Adjusment and Digital Radiometric Model Generation
=> Radiometric Block Adjustment for Multi-Strip Airborne Waveform Lidar Data
=> Radiometric Calibration Accuracy of GOES Sounder Infrared Channels
=> Radiometric Calibration and Characterization of Largeformat Digital Photogrammetric Sensors in a Test Field
=> Radiometric calibration assessments for UAS-borne multispectral cameras: Laboratory and field protocols
=> Radiometric Calibration by Rank Minimization
=> Radiometric calibration by transform invariant low-rank structure
=> Radiometric Calibration Evaluation for FY3D MERSI-II Thermal Infrared Channels at Lake Qinghai
=> Radiometric Calibration for AgCam
=> Radiometric calibration for HDR imaging
=> Radiometric Calibration for Incidence Angle, Range and Sub-Footprint Effects on Hyperspectral LiDAR Backscatter Intensity
=> Radiometric Calibration for Internet Photo Collections
=> Radiometric calibration from a single image
=> Radiometric Calibration from Faces in Images
=> Radiometric Calibration from Noise Distributions
=> Radiometric Calibration Methodology of the Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Sensor
=> Radiometric Calibration Model for the Field Imaging Spectrometer System, A
=> Radiometric Calibration of 'Commercial off the Shelf' Cameras for UAV-Based High-Resolution Temporal Crop Phenotyping of Reflectance and NDVI
=> Radiometric calibration of a Helmholtz stereo rig
=> Radiometric calibration of airborne LiDAR intensity data for land cover classification
=> Radiometric calibration of airborne LiDAR intensity data for land cover classification
=> Radiometric Calibration of ALS Intensity
=> Radiometric Calibration of dual Sensor Camera System, a Comparison of classical and low cost Calibration
=> Radiometric Calibration of Full-Waveform Small-Footprint Airborne Laser Scanners
=> Radiometric Calibration Of Mars Hirise High Resolution Imagery Based On Fpga
=> Radiometric Calibration Of Multi-wavelength Airborne Laser Scanning Data
=> Radiometric calibration of small-footprint full-waveform airborne laser scanner measurements: Basic physical concepts
=> Radiometric Calibration of Terrestrial Laser Scanners with External Reference Targets
=> Radiometric Calibration of the Landsat MSS Sensor Series
=> Radiometric Calibration of TLS Intensity: Application To Snow Cover Change Detection
=> Radiometric Calibration of UAV Remote Sensing Image with Spectral Angle Constraint
=> Radiometric calibration of vision cameras and intensity uncertainty estimation
=> Radiometric calibration using photo collections
=> Radiometric calibration using temporal irradiance mixtures
=> Radiometric calibration with illumination change for outdoor scene analysis
=> Radiometric CCD Camera Calibration and Noise Estimation
=> Radiometric Characteristics of KOMPSAT-3 Multispectral Images Using the Spectra of Well-Known Surface Tarps
=> Radiometric characterization of IKONOS multispectral imagery
=> Radiometric Comparison within the Sentinel-1 SAR Constellation over a Wide Backscatter Range
=> Radiometric compensation for procam system based on anchoring theory
=> Radiometric Compensation in a Projector-Camera System Based Properties of Human Vision System
=> Radiometric Compensation of Images Projected on Non-White Surfaces by Exploiting Chromatic Adaptation and Perceptual Anchoring
=> Radiometric compensation using stratified inverses
=> Radiometric confidence criterion for patch-based inpainting
=> Radiometric Correction and 3D Integration of Long-Range Ground-Based Hyperspectral Imagery for Mineral Exploration of Vertical Outcrops
=> Radiometric Correction and Normalization of Airborne LiDAR Intensity Data for Improving Land-Cover Classification
=> Radiometric Correction of Airborne Radar Images Over Forested Terrain With Topography
=> Radiometric Correction of Close-Range Spectral Image Blocks Captured Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a Radiometric Block Adjustment
=> Radiometric correction of hemispherical images
=> Radiometric Correction of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2A Scenes Using Drone Imagery in Synergy with Field Spectroradiometry
=> Radiometric correction of laser scanning intensity data applied for terrestrial laser scanning
=> Radiometric Correction of Multispectral UAS Images: Evaluating the Accuracy of the Parrot Sequoia Camera and Sunshine Sensor
=> Radiometric Correction of Simultaneously Acquired Landsat-7/Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2A Imagery Using Pseudoinvariant Areas (PIA): Contributing to the Landsat Time Series Legacy
=> Radiometric Correction with Topography Influence of Multispectral Imagery Obtained from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
=> Radiometric Corrections for Multispectral Airborne Video Imagery
=> Radiometric Cross-Calibration of GF-1 PMS Sensor with a New BRDF Model
=> Radiometric Cross-Calibration of GF-4 in Multispectral Bands
=> Radiometric Cross-Calibration of GF-4 PMS Sensor Based on Assimilation of Landsat-8 OLI Images
=> Radiometric Cross-Calibration of GF-4/PMS Based on Radiometric Block Adjustment
=> Radiometric Cross-calibration of Kompsat-3a with Landsat-8
=> Radiometric Cross-Calibration of Large-View-Angle Satellite Sensors Using Global Searching to Reduce BRDF Influence
=> Radiometric Cross-Calibration of the Chilean Satellite FASat-C Using RapidEye and EO-1 Hyperion Data and a Simultaneous Nadir Overpass Approach
=> Radiometric Cross-Calibration of Tiangong-2 MWI Visible/NIR Channels over Aquatic Environments using MODIS
=> Radiometric Cross-Calibration of Wide-Field-of-View Cameras Based on Gaofen-1/6 Satellite Synergistic Observations Using Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager Images: A Solution for Off-Nadir Wide-Field-of-View Associated Problems
=> Radiometric Cross Calibration and Validation Using 4 Angle BRDF Model between Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2A
=> Radiometric cross Calibration of Gaofen-1 WFV Cameras Using Landsat-8 OLI Images: A Simple Image-Based Method
=> Radiometric Cross Calibration of Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+)
=> Radiometric Degradation Curves for the ASTER VNIR Processing Using Vicarious and Lunar Calibrations
=> Radiometric enhancement of full-waveform airborne laser scanner data for volumetric representation in environmental applications
=> Radiometric Equalization of Nonperiodic Striping in Satellite Data
=> Radiometric Evaluation of SNPP VIIRS Band M11 via Sub-Kilometer Intercomparison with Aqua MODIS Band 7 over Snowy Scenes
=> Radiometric framework for image mosaicking
=> Radiometric Inter-Calibration between Himawari-8 AHI and S-NPP VIIRS for the Solar Reflective Bands
=> Radiometric Inter-Consistency of VIIRS DNB on Suomi NPP and NOAA-20 from Observations of Reflected Lunar Lights over Deep Convective Clouds
=> Radiometric inter-sensor cross-calibration uncertainty using a traceable high accuracy reference hyperspectral imager
=> Radiometric invariant stereo matching based on relative gradients
=> Radiometric Measurement Quantity for SAR Images, The
=> Radiometric Microwave Indices for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces
=> Radiometric Model and Inter-Comparison Results of the SGLI-VNR On-Board Calibration
=> Radiometric Non-Uniformity Characterization and Correction of Landsat 8 OLI Using Earth Imagery-Based Techniques
=> Radiometric normalization and cloud detection of optical satellite images using invariant pixels
=> Radiometric Normalization for Cross-Sensor Optical Gaofen Images with Change Detection and Chi-Square Test
=> Radiometric Normalization Of Large Airborne Image Data Sets Acquired By Different Sensor Types
=> Radiometric normalization of multitemporal high-resolution satellite images with quality control for land cover change detection
=> Radiometric Normalization of SPOT-5 Scenes: 6S Atmospheric Model versus Pseudo-invariant Features
=> Radiometric Normalization of Temporal Images Combining Automatic Detection of Pseudo-Invariant Features from the Distance and Similarity Spectral Measures, Density Scatterplot Analysis, and Robust Regression
=> Radiometric order preserving method to display wide-dynamic images for imagery photointerpretation
=> Radiometric Performance Evaluation of ASTER VNIR, SWIR, and TIR
=> Radiometric Performance of the TerraSAR-X Mission over More Than Ten Years of Operation
=> Radiometric Quality Assessment for Maxar HD Imagery
=> Radiometric Resolution Analysis and a Simulation Model
=> Radiometric Scene Decomposition: Scene Reflectance, Illumination, and Geometry from RGB-D Images
=> Radiometric Self Calibration
=> Radiometric Self Calibration
=> Radiometric Self Calibration
=> Radiometric Sensitivity and Signal Detectability of Ocean Color Satellite Sensor Under High Solar Zenith Angles
=> Radiometric Stability and Scaling of Collection 6 Terra- and Aqua-MODIS VIS, NIR, and SWIR Spectral Bands, The
=> Radiometric stability assessment of an airborne photogrammetric sensor in a test field
=> Radiometric Stability Monitoring of the Suomi NPP Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Reflective Solar Bands Using the Moon
=> Radiometric Terrain Correction Method Based on RPC Model for Polarimetric SAR Data
=> Radiometric Terrain Flattening of Geocoded Stacks of SAR Imagery
=> Radiometric Top-of-Atmosphere Reflectance Consistency Assessment for Landsat 8/OLI, Sentinel-2/MSI, PROBA-V, and DEIMOS-1 over Libya-4 and RadCalNet Calibration Sites
=> Radiometric Uncertainty Tool for the Sentinel 2 Mission, A
=> Radiometric Variations of On-Orbit FORMOSAT-5 RSI from Vicarious and Cross-Calibration Measurements
=> Radiometric, Geometric, and Image Quality Assessment of ALOS AVNIR-2 and PRISM Sensors
=> Radiometrically-Compensated Projection onto Non-Lambertian Surface Using Multiple Overlapping Projectors
=> Radiometrically Consistent Climate Fingerprinting Using CrIS and AIRS Hyperspectral Observations
=> Radiometry Calibration With High-Resolution Profiles of GPM: Application to ATMS 183-GHz Water Vapor Channels and Comparison Against Reanalysis Profiles
=> Radiometry of Multiple Images, The
=> Radiometry Propagation to Large 3D Point Clouds from Sparsely Sampled Ground Truth
=> Radiomic and Dosiomic Profiling of Paediatric Medulloblastoma Tumours Treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
=> Radiomic Deformation and Textural Heterogeneity (R-DepTH) Descriptor to Characterize Tumor Field Effect: Application to Survival Prediction in Glioblastoma
=> Radiomic feature reliability of amide proton transfer-weighted MR images acquired with compressed sensing at 3?T
=> Radiomics-Guided Global-Local Transformer for Weakly Supervised Pathology Localization in Chest X-Rays
=> Radiomics Analyses of Schwannomas in the Head and Neck: A Preliminary Analysis
=> RadioTransformer: A Cascaded Global-Focal Transformer for Visual Attention-Guided Disease Classification
=> Radix-3 Algorithm for the Fast Computation of Forward and Inverse MDCT
=> Radix-4x4 for fast calculation of the 2-D NMNT
=> Radix-N Algorithm for Computing N^(2^(n))-Point DFT Approximations
=> RADOLAN_API: An Hourly Soil Moisture Data Set Based on Weather Radar, Soil Properties and Reanalysis Temperature Data
=> Radon-Augmented Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery to Derive Wave-Patterns and Regional Bathymetry
=> Radon-Based Structure from Motion without Correspondences
=> Radon-Gabor barcodes for medical image retrieval
=> Radon-Like features and their application to connectomics
=> Radon-Linear Canonical Ambiguity Function-Based Detection and Estimation Method for Marine Target With Micromotion
=> Radon-Split Method for Helical Cone-Beam CT and Its Application to Nongated Reconstruction, The
=> Radon-Transform-Based Image Noise Filter: With Applications to Multibeam Bathymetry, A
=> Radon Cumulative Distribution Transform and Its Application to Image Classification, The
=> radon image as plenoptic function, The
=> Radon Inversion via Deep Learning
=> Radon Representation-Based Feature Descriptor for Texture Classification
=> Radon space and Adaboost for Pose Estimation
=> Radon Space Dose Optimization in Repeat CT Scanning
=> Radon transform-based analysis of bidirectional structural textures, The
=> Radon transform and Conformal Geometric Algebra with lines
=> Radon Transform and Harmonical Analysis Using Lines for 3D Rotation Estimation without Correpondences from Omnidirectional Vision
=> Radon Transform and Its Application to Shape Parameterization in Machine Vision, The
=> Radon Transform based Ship-Wake Detection
=> Radon transform for lineal symbol representation
=> Radon Transform For Terahertz Computed Tomography Incorporating The Beam Shape, The
=> Radon transform inspired method for hand gesture recognition
=> Radon Transform Inversion via Wiener Filtering over the Euclidean Motion Group
=> Radon Transform Orientation Estimation for Rotation Invariant Texture Analysis
=> Radon/ridgelet signature for image authentication
=> RADU: Ray-Aligned Depth Update Convolutions for ToF Data Denoising
=> RadWet: An Improved and Transferable Mapping of Open Water and Inundated Vegetation Using Sentinel-1
=> RAF-AU Database: In-the-wild Facial Expressions with Subjective Emotion Judgement and Objective Au Annotations
=> RAFM: Recurrent Atrous Feature Modulation for Accurate Monocular Depth Estimating
=> RAFNet: Reparameterizable Across-Resolution Fusion Network for Real-Time Image Semantic Segmentation
=> RAFT-3D: Scene Flow using Rigid-Motion Embeddings
=> RAFT-MSF: Self-Supervised Monocular Scene Flow Using Recurrent Optimizer
=> RAFT-Stereo: Multilevel Recurrent Field Transforms for Stereo Matching
=> Raft cultivation area extraction from high resolution remote sensing imagery by fusing multi-scale region-line primitive association features
=> Raft: Recurrent All-pairs Field Transforms for Optical Flow
=> RaftMLP: How Much Can Be Done Without Attention and with Less Spatial Locality?
=> RaftMLP: How Much Can Be Done Without Attention and with Less Spatial Locality?
=> RaftNet: A New Deep Neural Network for Coastal Raft Aquaculture Extraction from Landsat 8 OLI Data
=> RAG-Net: ResNet-50 attention gate network for accurate iris segmentation
=> RAgE: Robust Age Estimation Through Subject Anchoring With Consistency Regularisation
=> RAGO: Recurrent Graph Optimizer For Multiple Rotation Averaging
=> RAGS: Region-Aided Geometric Snake
=> RAiA-Net: A Multi-Stage Network With Refined Attention in Attention Module for Single Image Deraining
=> RAIC: Robust Adaptive Image Clustering
=> RAID-G: Robust Estimation of Approximate Infinite Dimensional Gaussian with Application to Material Recognition
=> RaidaR: A Rich Annotated Image Dataset of Rainy Street Scenes
=> Rail Central Displacement Method About GB-SAR, A
=> Rail Component Detection, Optimization, and Assessment for Automatic Rail Track Inspection
=> Rail Corrugation Detection by Gabor Filtering
=> Rail transit OD-matrix completion via manifold regularized tensor factorisation
=> Railcar Detection, Identification and Tracking for Rail Yard Management
=> Railmapper: A Dedicated Mobile Lidar Mapping System for Railway Networks, The
=> Railroad is not a Train: Saliency as Pseudo-pixel Supervision for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
=> Railroad online: acquiring and visualizing route panoramas of rail scenes
=> Railway Alignment Optimization Based on Multiobjective Bi-Level Programming Considering Ecological Impact
=> Railway Automatic Switch Stationary Contacts Wear Detection Under Few-Shot Occasions
=> Railway Ballast Monitoring by GPR: A Test-Site Investigation
=> Railway car routing optimization based on the coordinated utilization of station-line capacities
=> Railway Cyber-Security in the Era of Interconnected Systems: A Survey
=> Railway Fastener Inspection by Real-Time Machine Vision
=> Railway freight volume forecast using an ensemble model with optimised deep belief network
=> Railway infrastructure asset management: The whole-system life cost analysis
=> Railway Lidar Point Cloud Reconstruction Based on Target Detection and Trajectory Filtering, A
=> Railway System Energy Management Optimization Demonstrated at Offline and Online Case Studies
=> Railway Track Condition Assessment at Network Level by Frequency Domain Analysis of GPR Data
=> Railway Track Recognition Based on Radar Cross-Section Statistical Characterization Using mmWave Radar
=> Railway Traffic Conflict Detection via a State Transition Prediction Approach
=> Railway Traffic Object Detection Using Differential Feature Fusion Convolution Neural Network
=> RAIM-NET: A Deep Neural Network for Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
=> RAIM Fault Detection and Exclusion with Spatial Correlation for Integrity Monitoring
=> Rain-code Fusion: Code-to-code Convlstm Forecasting Spatiotemporal Precipitation
=> Rain-component-aware capsule-GAN for single image de-raining
=> RAIN-F+: The Data-Driven Precipitation Prediction Model for Integrated Weather Observations
=> Rain-Free and Residue Hand-in-Hand: A Progressive Coupled Network for Real-Time Image Deraining
=> Rain-Prior Injected Knowledge Distillation for Single Image Deraining
=> Rain-Use-Efficiency: What it Tells us about the Conflicting Sahel Greening and Sahelian Paradox
=> Rain Clouds Tracking with Radar Image Processing Based on Morphological Skeleton Matching
=> Rain Detection From X-Band Marine Radar Images: A Support Vector Machine-Based Approach
=> Rain Microstructure Parameters Vary with Large-Scale Weather Conditions in Lausanne, Switzerland
=> Rain Monitoring with Polarimetric GNSS Signals: Ground-Based Experimental Research
=> Rain O'er Me: Synthesizing Real Rain to Derain With Data Distillation
=> Rain or Snow Detection in Image Sequences Through Use of a Histogram of Orientation of Streaks
=> Rain Pixel Recovery Algorithm for Videos With Highly Dynamic Scenes, A
=> Rain Radar and Meteorological Parameters Fusion for Precipitation Nowcasting: Effect Exploration and Lightweight Model
=> Rain Removal From Light Field Images With 4D Convolution and Multi-Scale Gaussian Process
=> Rain Removal in Traffic Surveillance: Does it Matter?
=> Rain removal system for dynamic scene in diminished reality
=> Rain removal via residual generation cascading
=> Rain Rendering for Evaluating and Improving Robustness to Bad Weather
=> Rain Streak Removal From Light Field Images
=> Rain Streak Removal Using Layer Priors
=> Rain Streak Removal with Well-recovered Moving Objects from Video Sequences Using Photometric Correlation
=> Rain Streaks Removal for Single Image Via Directional Total Variation Regularization
=> RAIN: Reinforced Hybrid Attention Inference Network for Motion Forecasting
=> Rainbow Coverage Path Planning for a Patrolling Mobile Robot With Circular Sensing Range, A
=> Rainbow Flash Camera: Depth Edge Extraction Using Complementary Colors
=> Rainbow Flash Camera: Depth Edge Extraction Using Complementary Colors
=> Rainbow Memory: Continual Learning with a Memory of Diverse Samples
=> Rainbow UDA: Combining Domain Adaptive Models for Semantic Segmentation Tasks
=> RAINBOW: An Operational Oriented Combined IR-Algorithm
=> Raindrop-Aware GAN: Unsupervised Learning for Raindrop-Contaminated Coastal Video Enhancement
=> Raindrop-Tampered Scene Detection and Traffic Flow Estimation for Nighttime Traffic Surveillance
=> Raindrop Detection and Removal from Long Range Trajectories
=> Raindrop detection and removal using salient visual features
=> Raindrop Size Distribution Characteristics of Heavy Precipitation Events Based on a PWS100 Disdrometer in the Alpine Mountains, Eastern Tianshan, China
=> Raindrop Size Distribution Characteristics of the Western Pacific Tropical Cyclones Measured in the Palau Islands
=> Raindrop Size Distribution Prediction by an Improved Long Short-Term Memory Network
=> Raindrop Size Distributions and Rain Characteristics Observed by a PARSIVEL Disdrometer in Beijing, Northern China
=> Raindrop Size Distributions of North Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones Observed at the Coastal and Inland Stations in South India
=> Raindrops size from video and image processing
=> Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslide Recognition and Transferability Using Object-Based Image Analysis in Brazil
=> Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslide Susceptibility Mapping at Two Adjacent Catchments Using Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms
=> Rainfall-integrated traffic speed prediction using deep learning method
=> Rainfall Area Identification Algorithm Based on Himawari-8 Satellite Data and Analysis of its Spatiotemporal Characteristics
=> Rainfall Consistency, Variability, and Concentration over the UAE: Satellite Precipitation Products vs. Rain Gauge Observations
=> Rainfall Erosivity Characteristics during 1961-2100 in the Loess Plateau, China
=> Rainfall Erosivity in Peru: A New Gridded Dataset Based on GPM-IMERG and Comprehensive Assessment (2000-2020)
=> Rainfall Erosivity Mapping for Tibetan Plateau Using High-Resolution Temporal and Spatial Precipitation Datasets for the Third Pole
=> Rainfall Estimation with a Geosensor Network of Cars: Theoretical Considerations and First Results
=> Rainfall Fields Monitoring Based on Satellite Microwave Down-Links and Traditional Techniques in the City of Genoa
=> Rainfall Forecast Using Machine Learning with High Spatiotemporal Satellite Imagery Every 10 Minutes
=> Rainfall Induced Shallow Landslide Temporal Probability Modelling and Early Warning Research in Mountains Areas: A Case Study of Qin-Ba Mountains, Western China
=> Rainfall Intra-Seasonal Variability and Vegetation Growth in the Ferlo Basin (Senegal)
=> Rainfall Model Based on a Geographically Weighted Regression Algorithm for Rainfall Estimations over the Arid Qaidam Basin in China, A
=> Rainfall Variability and Trends over the African Continent Using TAMSAT Data (1983-2020): Towards Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation
=> Rainfall Variability, Wetland Persistence, and Water-Carbon Cycle Coupling in the Upper Zambezi River Basin in Southern Africa
=> RainFlow: Optical Flow Under Rain Streaks and Rain Veiling Effect
=> RainGAN: Unsupervised Raindrop Removal via Decomposition and Composition
=> Rainrate Estimation from FY-4A Cloud Top Temperature for Mesoscale Convective Systems by Using Machine Learning Algorithm
=> Rainy Night Scene Understanding With Near Scene Semantic Adaptation
=> Raising Awareness about Space via Vibro-Tactile Notifications
=> Raising context awareness in motion forecasting
=> Raising in watershed lattices
=> Raising Semantics-Awareness in Geospatial Metadata Management
=> Raising the Bar on the Evaluation of Out-of-Distribution Detection
=> Raking over the Ashes: The Analysis of the LBA Ashmounds from NE Romania
=> RALF: A reinforced active learning formulation for object class recognition
=> RaLL: End-to-End Radar Localization on Lidar Map Using Differentiable Measurement Model
=> RAM360: Robust Adaptive Multi-Layer 360° Video Streaming With Lyapunov Optimization
=> RAMA: A Rapid Multicut Algorithm on GPU
=> Raman Lidar Observations of Aerosol Optical Properties in 11 Cities from France to Siberia
=> Raman Spectroscopy from Laboratory and Proximal to Remote Sensing: A Tool for the Volcanological Sciences
=> Ramanujan Sums as Derivatives and Applications
=> RAMC: A Rotation Adaptive Tracker with Motion Constraint for Satellite Video Single-Object Tracking
=> RAMCIP Robot: A Personal Robotic Assistant: Demonstration of a Complete Framework
=> RamGAN: Region Attentive Morphing GAN for Region-Level Makeup Transfer
=> Ramp Distribution-Based Image Enhancement Techniques for Infrared Images
=> Ramp Loss based robust one-class SVM
=> Ramps are better than stairs to reduce cybersickness in applications based on a HMD and a Gamepad
=> RAMT-GAN: Realistic and accurate makeup transfer with generative adversarial network
=> RANA: Relightable Articulated Neural Avatars
=> RANCER: Non-Axis Aligned Anisotropic Certification with Randomized Smoothing
=> Randaugment: Practical automated data augmentation with a reduced search space
=> RandLA-Net: Efficient Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Point Clouds
=> Random-access-aware Light Field Video Coding using Tree Pruning Method
=> Random-bit sequence generation from image data
=> Random-Field Model-Based Algorithm for Anomalous Complex Image Pixel Detection, A
=> Random-Frequency SAR Imaging Based on Compressed Sensing
=> Random-Grid-Based Visual Cryptography Schemes
=> Random-Noise Attenuation for Seismic Data by Local Parallel Radial-Trace TFPF
=> random-periods model for the comparison of a metrics efficiency to classify cell-cycle expressed genes, A
=> Random-Positioned License Plate Recognition Using Hybrid Broad Learning System and Convolutional Networks
=> Random-sampling-based spatial-temporal feature for consumer video concept classification
=> Random-Selection-Based Anomaly Detector for Hyperspectral Imagery
=> random-valued impulse noise removal algorithm with local deviation index and edge-preserving regularization, A
=> Random-valued impulse noise removal using adaptive dual threshold median filter
=> Random-valued impulse noise removal using fuzzy weighted non-local means
=> Random-Walker-Based Collaborative Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Random-Walker Monocular Road Detection in Adverse Conditions Using Automated Spatiotemporal Seed Selection
=> Random Access in C-RAN for User Activity Detection With Limited-Capacity Fronthaul
=> Random Access Memories: A New Paradigm for Target Detection in High Resolution Aerial Remote Sensing Images
=> Random access point period optimization for viewport adaptive tile based streaming of 360° video
=> Random access using isolated regions
=> Random Algorithm for Low-Rank Decomposition of Large-Scale Matrices With Missing Entries, A
=> Random and Adversarial Bit Error Robustness: Energy-Efficient and Secure DNN Accelerators
=> Random automatic detection of clusters
=> Random Binary Search Trees for Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search in Binary Space
=> Random bounce algorithm: Real-time image processing for the detection of bats and birds
=> Random Boxes Are Open-world Object Detectors
=> Random Boxes Are Open-world Object Detectors
=> Random Cascaded-Regression Copse for Robust Facial Landmark Detection
=> Random Cascades of Gaussian Scale Mixtures and Their Use in Modeling Natural Images with Application to Denoising
=> Random Cascades of Gaussian Scale Mixtures and Their Use in Modeling Natural Images with Application to Denoising
=> Random Cascades on Wavelet Trees and Their Use in Modeling and Analyzing Natural Imagery
=> random center surround bottom up visual attention model useful for salient region detection, A
=> Random Cluster Model for Robust Geometric Fitting, The
=> Random Cluster Model for Robust Geometric Fitting, The
=> Random Collective Representation-Based Detector with Multiple Features for Hyperspectral Images
=> Random cross-observation intensity consistency method for large-scale SAR images mosaics: An example of Gaofen-3 SAR images covering China
=> Random Cycle Loss and Its Application to Voice Conversion
=> Random Decision Forests Approach to Face Detection, A
=> Random Decomposition Forests
=> Random direction divisive clustering
=> Random Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform
=> Random Discriminative Projection Based Feature Selection with Application to Conflict Recognition
=> random electrode selection ensemble for EEG signal classification, The
=> Random Embedding Machines for Low-complexity Pattern Recognition
=> Random ensemble metrics for object recognition
=> Random epipolar constraint loss functions for supervised optical flow estimation
=> Random epipolar constraint loss functions for supervised optical flow estimation
=> Random Error Modeling and Analysis of Airborne Lidar Systems
=> Random Exploration of the Procedural Space for Single-View 3D Modeling of Buildings
=> Random Extension for Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction and Metric Learning, A
=> Random Faces Guided Sparse Many-to-One Encoder for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
=> Random feature maps via a Layered Random Projection (LARP) framework for object classification
=> Random feature subset selection in a nonstationary environment: Application to textured image segmentation
=> Random Features for Kernel Approximation: A Survey on Algorithms, Theory, and Beyond
=> Random Features for Large-Scale Kernel Machines
=> Random Features for Sparse Signal Classification
=> Random Field Computational Adaptive Optics Framework for Optical Coherence Microscopy, A
=> Random Field Model for Improved Feature Extraction and Tracking, A
=> Random Field Model for Integration of Local Information and Global Information
=> Random field models in the textural analysis of ultrasonic images of the liver
=> Random Field Models of Images
=> Random Field Texture Coding
=> Random field topic model for semantic region analysis in crowded scenes from tracklets
=> Random Forest-Based Approach to Map Soil Erosion Risk Distribution in Hickory Plantations in Western Zhejiang Province, China, A
=> Random Forest-Based CA-Markov Model to Examine the Dynamics of Land Use/Cover Change Aided with Remote Sensing and GIS, A
=> Random Forest-Based Data Fusion Method for Obtaining All-Weather Land Surface Temperature with High Spatial Resolution, A
=> random forest-based framework for 3D kidney segmentation from dynamic contrast-enhanced CT images, A
=> Random Forest-Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Coastal Regions of Artvin, Turkey
=> Random Forest-Based Manifold Learning for Classification of Imaging Data in Dementia
=> Random Forest-Based Method of Fine-Resolution Population Spatialization by Using the International Space Station Nighttime Photography and Social Sensing Data, The
=> Random Forest-Based Reconstruction and Application of the GRACE Terrestrial Water Storage Estimates for the Lancang-Mekong River Basin
=> Random Forest-based River Plastic Detection with a Handheld Multispectral Camera
=> Random forest-based tuberculosis bacteria classification in images of ZN-stained sputum smear samples
=> Random Forest-cellular Automata Modeling Approach to Predict Future Forest Cover Change in Middle Atlas Morocco, Under Anthropic, Biotic and Abiotic Parameters, A
=> Random Forest Algorithm Combined with Bayesian Optimization for Atmospheric Duct Estimation, A
=> Random Forest Algorithm for Landsat Image Chromatic Aberration Restoration Based on GEE Cloud Platform: A Case Study of Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, A
=> Random Forest Algorithm for Retrieving Canopy Chlorophyll Content of Wheat and Soybean Trained with PROSAIL Simulations Using Adjusted Average Leaf Angle, A
=> Random Forest Algorithm Improves Detection of Physiological Activity Embedded within Reflectance Spectra Using Stomatal Conductance as a Test Case
=> Random Forest And Objected-based Classification For Forest Pest Extraction From UAV Aerial Imagery
=> Random forest and rotation forest ensemble methods for classification of epileptic EEG signals based on improved 1D-LBP feature extraction
=> Random Forest and Rotation Forest for fully polarized SAR image classification using polarimetric and spatial features
=> random forest approach to segmenting and classifying gestures, A
=> Random Forest Based Approach for One Class Classification in Medical Imaging, A
=> Random Forest Based Left Ventricle Segmentation in LGE-MRI
=> Random forest classification based acoustic event detection utilizing contextual-information and bottleneck features
=> Random Forest Classification of Inundation Following Hurricane Florence (2018) via L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar and Ancillary Datasets
=> Random Forest Classification of Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) Using Sentinel-2 Data: A Case Study of Czechia
=> Random Forest Classification Of Sediments On Exposed Intertidal Flats Using Alos-2 Quad-polarimetric Sar Data
=> Random Forest Classification of Wetland Landcovers from Multi-Sensor Data in the Arid Region of Xinjiang, China
=> random forest classifier based on pixel comparison features for urban LiDAR data, A
=> Random Forest Clustering and Application to Video Segmentation
=> Random forest clustering for discrete sequences
=> Random Forest Construction With Robust Semisupervised Node Splitting
=> Random forest dissimilarity based multi-view learning for Radiomics application
=> Random Forest Ensembles and Extended Multiextinction Profiles for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Random Forest for Gene Expression Based Cancer Classification: Overlooked Issues
=> Random Forest for Image Annotation
=> Random Forest for Reliable Pre-classification of Handwritten Characters
=> Random forest in remote sensing: A review of applications and future directions
=> Random Forest Machine Learning Approach for the Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content in Wheat, A
=> Random Forest Method to Forecast Downbursts Based on Dual-Polarization Radar Signatures, A
=> Random Forest Model and Sample Explainer for Non-experts in Machine Learning: Two Case Studies
=> Random Forest Model for Drought: Monitoring and Validation for Grassland Drought Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data, A
=> Random forest regression for manifold-valued responses
=> Random Forest Regression Model for Estimation of the Growing Stock Volumes in Georgia, USA, Using Dense Landsat Time Series and FIA Dataset
=> Random Forest Spatial Interpolation
=> Random Forest Variable Importance Measures for Spatial Dynamics: Case Studies from Urban Demography
=> Random Forest Variable Importance Spectral Indices Scheme for Burnt Forest Recovery Monitoring: Multilevel RF-VIMP
=> Random forest wetland classification using ALOS-2 L-band, RADARSAT-2 C-band, and TerraSAR-X imagery
=> Random Forest With Learned Representations for Semantic Segmentation
=> Random Forest with Suppressed Leaves for Hough Voting
=> Random Forests-based Feature Selection For Land-Use Classification Using Lidar Data And Orthoimagery
=> Random Forests Based Multiple Classifier System For Power-Line Scene Classification
=> Random Forests for land cover classification
=> Random Forests for Landslide Prediction in Tsengwen River Watershed, Central Taiwan
=> Random Forests for Real Time 3D Face Analysis
=> Random Forests for Simultaneous-Multislice (SMS) Undersampled HARDI Reconstruction and Uncertainty Estimation
=> Random Forests of Local Experts for Pedestrian Detection
=> random forests quantile classifier for class imbalanced data, A
=> Random Forests with Bagging and Genetic Algorithms Coupled with Least Trimmed Squares Regression for Soil Moisture Deficit Using SMOS Satellite Soil Moisture
=> Random Forests with ensemble of feature spaces
=> Random Forests
=> Random Fourier Approximations for Skewed Multiplicative Histogram Kernels
=> Random Generated Dictionaries for Convolutional Sparse Coding: An ELM Interpretation for Simple CSC Applications
=> Random Geometric Prior Forest for Multiclass Object Segmentation
=> Random grid-based visual secret sharing with abilities of OR and XOR decryptions
=> Random grid-based visual secret sharing with multiple decryptions
=> Random grid based color visual cryptography scheme for black and white secret images with general access structures
=> Random Grids-Based Threshold Visual Secret Sharing with Improved Contrast by Boolean Operations
=> Random Grids-Based Threshold Visual Secret Sharing with Improved Visual Quality
=> Random Grids: Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbors and Range Searching for Image Search
=> Random hand gesture authentication via efficient Temporal Segment Set Network
=> Random hand gesture authentication via efficient Temporal Segment Set Network
=> Random Hole Display: A non-uniform barrier autostereoscopic display
=> Random image frequency aggregation dropout in image classification for deep convolutional neural networks
=> Random Image Matching CAPTCHA System
=> Random impulse noise removal using sparse and low rank decomposition of annihilating filter-based Hankel matrix
=> Random impulsive scan for lidar sampling
=> Random Laplace Feature Maps for Semigroup Kernels on Histograms
=> Random Lens Imaging
=> Random linear network coding with ladder-shaped global coding matrix for robust video transmission
=> Random Matching Pursuit for Image Watermarking
=> Random Matrix Ensembles of Time Correlation Matrices to Analyze Visual Lifelogs
=> Random Matrix Theory-Based Reduced-Dimension Space-Time Adaptive Processing under Finite Training Samples
=> Random maximum margin hashing
=> random monogenic signal, The
=> Random Multi-Graphs: A semi-supervised learning framework for classification of high dimensional data
=> Random Multispace Quantization as an Analytic Mechanism for BioHashing of Biometric and Random Identity Inputs
=> Random N-Finder (N-FINDR) Endmember Extraction Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imagery
=> Random Neighbor Pixel-Block-Based Deep Recurrent Learning for Polarimetric SAR Image Classification
=> Random neighbourhood dynamic clustering
=> Random Network Coding for Multimedia Delivery Services in LTE/LTE-Advanced
=> Random Network Ensemble for Face Recognition, A
=> Random NL-Means to Restoration of Colour Images
=> Random Noise Assessment in Aerial and Satellite Images
=> Random Noise Radar/Sodar With Ultrawideband Waveforms
=> Random Noise Suppression of Magnetic Resonance Sounding Data with Intensive Sampling Sparse Reconstruction and Kernel Regression Estimation
=> Random one-dependence estimators
=> Random Paintbrush Transformation
=> Random Parameter EM-Based Kalman Filter (REKF) for Joint Symbol Detection and Channel Estimation in Fast Fading STTC MIMO Systems
=> Random Part Localization Model for Fine Grained Image Classification
=> Random Pattern Generation Processes
=> Random perturbation models and performance characterization in computer vision
=> Random Perturbation Models for Boundary Extraction Sequence
=> Random phase-free computer holography
=> Random Phase Textures: Theory and Synthesis
=> Random projection and orthonormality for lossy image compression
=> Random Projection Based Bias-corrected Fuzzy C-means Algorithm For Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
=> Random Projections for face detection under resource constraints
=> Random projections on manifolds of Symmetric Positive Definite matrices for image classification
=> Random Prototype-based Oracle for Selection-fusion Ensembles
=> RANdom sample consensus (RANSAC) algorithm for enhancing overlapped etched track counting
=> Random Sample Consensus: A Paradigm for Model Fitting with Applications to Image Analysis and Automated Cartography
=> Random Sample Fitting Method to Determine the Planetary Boundary Layer Height Using Satellite-Based Lidar Backscatter Profiles
=> Random sampling based SVM for relevance feedback image retrieval
=> Random sampling for fast face sketch synthesis
=> Random Sampling for Subspace Face Recognition
=> Random sampling LDA for face recognition
=> Random Sampling Local Binary Pattern Encoding Based on Gaussian Distribution
=> Random Sampling Nonlinear Optimization for Camera Self-calibration with Modeling of Intrinsic Parameter Space
=> random sampling strategy for piecewise planar scene segmentation, A
=> Random screen generator apparatus for producing halftone images
=> Random Set Framework for Context-Based Classification With Hyperspectral Imagery
=> random set view of texture classification, A
=> Random Shuffling Data for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Siamese and Knowledge Distillation Network
=> Random Slope method for generation of cancelable biometric features
=> Random Slope method for generation of cancelable biometric features
=> Random Spray Retinex: A New Retinex Implementation to Investigate the Local Properties of the Model
=> Random Sub-Samples Generation for Self-Supervised Real Image Denoising
=> Random Sub-Samples Generation for Self-Supervised Real Image Denoising
=> Random Subspace-Based k-Nearest Class Collaborative Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Random subspace based ensemble sparse representation
=> Random Subspace Ensembles for fMRI Classification
=> Random Subspace Ensembles for Hyperspectral Image Classification With Extended Morphological Attribute Profiles
=> Random subspace for an improved BioHashing for face authentication
=> Random Subspace Method for Constructing Decision Forests, The
=> Random subspace method for multivariate feature selection
=> Random Subspace Method in Text Categorization
=> Random Subspace Supervised Descent Method for Regression Problems in Computer Vision
=> Random Subspaces and Subsampling for 2-D Face Recognition
=> Random Subwindows for Robust Image Classification
=> Random Subwindows for Robust Peak Recognition in Intracranial Pressure Signals
=> Random swap EM algorithm for finite mixture models in image segmentation
=> Random swap EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture models
=> Random Temporal Skipping for Multirate Video Analysis
=> Random Tessellations and Boolean Random Functions
=> Random tessellations generated by Boolean random functions
=> Random Texture Defect Detection Using 1-D Hidden Markov Models Based on Local Binary Patterns
=> Random tree walk toward instantaneous 3D human pose estimation
=> Random vector functional link neural network based ensemble deep learning
=> Random walk-based feature learning for micro-expression recognition
=> Random Walk and Front Propagation on Watershed Adjacency Graphs for Multilabel Image Segmentation
=> Random Walk and Graph Cut for Co-Segmentation of Lung Tumor on PET-CT Images
=> Random Walk and Graph Cut for Co-Segmentation of Lung Tumor on PET-CT Images
=> random walk approach for multiatlas-based segmentation, A
=> Random walk approach to image enhancement
=> Random walk approach to image enhancement
=> Random Walk Approach to Noise Reduction in Color Images
=> Random Walk Graph Laplacian-Based Smoothness Prior for Soft Decoding of JPEG Images
=> Random Walk Kernel Applications to Classification Using Support Vector Machines
=> Random Walk Kernel Derived from Graph Edit Distance, A
=> Random Walk Model Kalman Filter in Multichannel Active Noise Control, The
=> Random Walk on Image Patches, A
=> random walker based approach to combining multiple segmentations, A
=> Random walkers on morphological trees: A segmentation paradigm
=> Random walks based multi-image segmentation: Quasiconvexity results and GPU-based solutions
=> Random Walks for Image Segmentation
=> Random Walks for Pansharpening in Complex Tight Framelet Domain
=> Random Walks for Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Fusion in Framelet Domain
=> Random walks in directed hypergraphs and application to semi-supervised image segmentation
=> Random Walks on Graphs for Salient Object Detection in Images
=> Random walks on graphs to model saliency in images
=> Random walks with statistical shape prior for cochlea and inner ear segmentation in micro-CT images
=> Random Walks, Constrained Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Image Enhancement
=> Randomised Manifold Forests for Principal Angle-Based Face Recognition
=> Randomised visual secret sharing scheme for grey-scale and colour images
=> randomized-Hough-transform-based method for great-circle detection on sphere, The
=> Randomized Adversarial Training via Taylor Expansion
=> Randomized Algorithm for Sparse Recovery, A
=> Randomized algorithm of spectral clustering and image/video segmentation using a minority of pixels
=> Randomized Approach to Probabilistic Footprint Estimation of a Space Debris Uncontrolled Reentry, A
=> randomized approach with geometric constraints to fingerprint verification, A
=> randomized approximating graph algorithm for image annotation refinement problem, The
=> Randomized Bidirectional B-Spline Parameterization Motion Planning
=> Randomized circle detection with isophotes curvature analysis
=> Randomized Clustering Forests for Image Classification
=> Randomized decision bush: Combining global shape parameters and local scalable descriptors for human body parts recognition
=> Randomized decision forests for static and dynamic hand shape classification
=> Randomized Ensemble Approach to Industrial CT Segmentation, A
=> Randomized Ensemble Tracking
=> Randomized Face Recognition on Partially Occluded Images
=> Randomized Generalized Hough Transform for 2-D Grayscale Object Detection
=> Randomized Global Transformation Approach for Dense Correspondence
=> Randomized Gradient-Free Attack on ReLU Networks, A
=> randomized hierarchical trees indexing approach for camera-based information spotting, A
=> Randomized Hough transform (RHT)
=> Randomized Hough Transform (RHT): Basic Mechanisms, Algorithms, and Computational Complexities
=> Randomized Hough Transform Applied to Translational and Rotational Motion Analysis
=> Randomized Hough Transform for Spherical Images, The
=> Randomized Hough Transform: Improved Ellipse Detection with Comparison
=> Randomized hybrid linear modeling by local best-fit flats
=> Randomized Locality Sensitive Vocabularies for Bag-of-Features Model
=> Randomized low-rank Dynamic Mode Decomposition for motion detection
=> Randomized Max-Margin Compositions for Visual Recognition
=> Randomized motion estimation
=> Randomized Neural Network Based Signature for Classification of Titanium Alloy Microstructures
=> Randomized nonnegative matrix factorization
=> randomized parallel algorithm for string matching on hypercube, A
=> Randomized Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis for Scene Recognition
=> Randomized Quantization: A Generic Augmentation for Data Agnostic Self-supervised Learning
=> Randomized Quantization: A Generic Augmentation for Data Agnostic Self-supervised Learning
=> Randomized Radon Signature for face biometric verification
=> Randomized RANSAC with Sequential Probability Ratio Test
=> Randomized RANSAC with Td,d test
=> Randomized Sampling-Based Fly Local Sensitive Hashing
=> Randomized Spatial Context for Object Search
=> Randomized Spatial Partition for Scene Recognition
=> Randomized spatial pooling in deep convolutional networks for scene recognition
=> Randomized Spectrum Transformations for Adapting Object Detector in Unseen Domains
=> Randomized structure from motion based on atomic 3D models from camera triplets
=> Randomized Subspace Learning Based Anomaly Detector for Hyperspectral Imagery, A
=> Randomized Subspace Newton Convex Method Applied to Data-Driven Sensor Selection Problem
=> Randomized Support Vector Forest
=> Randomized texture flow estimation using visual similarity
=> Randomized Transferable Machine
=> Randomized Tree Ensembles for Object Detection in Computational Pathology
=> Randomized trees for human pose detection
=> Randomized Trees for Real-Time Keypoint Recognition
=> Randomized trees for real-time one-step face detection and recognition
=> Randomized trees for time series representation and similarity
=> Randomized Truncated Pivoted QLP Factorization for Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
=> Randomized visual phrases for object search
=> Randomized Voting-Based Rigid-Body Motion Segmentation
=> Randomly driven fuzzy key extraction of unclonable images
=> Randomly initialized convolutional neural network for the recognition of COVID-19 using X-ray images
=> Randomly Perturbed B-Splines for Nonrigid Image Registration
=> Randomly Perturbed Free-Form Deformation for Nonrigid Image Registration
=> Randomly Sparsified Synthesis for Model-Based Deformation Analysis
=> Randomly Walking Can Get You Lost: Graph Segmentation with Unknown Edge Weights
=> Randomness-in-Structured Ensembles for compressed sensing of images
=> Randomness and Geometric Figures in Computer Vision
=> Randomness and Sparsity Induced Codebook Learning with Application to Cancer Image Classification
=> Randomness and Sparsity Induced Codebook Learning with Application to Cancer Image Classification
=> Randomness is the Root of All Evil: More Reliable Evaluation of Deep Active Learning
=> RandomRooms: Unsupervised Pre-training from Synthetic Shapes and Randomized Layouts for 3D Object Detection
=> RANet: A Reliability-Guided Aggregation Network for Hyperspectral and RGB Fusion Tracking
=> RANet: Ranking Attention Network for Fast Video Object Segmentation
=> RANet: Ranking Attention Network for Fast Video Object Segmentation
=> RANet: Relationship Attention for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
=> Range-Ambiguous Clutter Suppression for the SAR-GMTI System Based on Extended Azimuth Phase Coding
=> Range-Ambiguous Clutter Suppression via FDA MIMO Planar Array Radar with Compressed Sensing
=> Range-Angle Decoupling and Estimation for FDA-MIMO Radar via Atomic Norm Minimization and Accelerated Proximal Gradient
=> Range-based Navigation System for a Mobile Robot
=> Range-Based Reactive Deployment of Autonomous Drones for Optimal Coverage in Disaster Areas
=> Range-Data-Based Object Surface Segmentation via Edges and Critical-Points
=> Range-Doppler Based CFAR Ship Detection with Automatic Training Data Selection
=> Range-Doppler Based Moving Target Image Trace Analysis Method in Circular SAR
=> Range-Doppler Fast Block LMS algorithm for a DVB-T-based Passive Bistatic Radar
=> Range-doppler Hand Gesture Recognition Using Deep Residual-3dcnn with Transformer Network
=> Range-Doppler Sidelobe Suppression for Pulsed Radar Based on Golay Complementary Codes
=> Range-Independent TDOA Localization Using Stepwise Accuracy Enhancement Under Speed Uncertainty
=> Range-nullspace Video Frame Interpolation with Focalized Motion Estimation
=> Range-only SLAM with Interpolated Range Data
=> Range-Point Migration-Based Image Expansion Method Exploiting Fully Polarimetric Data for UWB Short-Range Radar
=> Range-Sample Depth Feature for Action Recognition
=> Range-space based identification of parametric linear systems
=> Range-speed imaging with FM-CW signaling
=> Range Adaptation for 3D Object Detection in LiDAR
=> Range Adjustment for Ground-Based Radar, Derived With the Spaceborne TRMM Precipitation Radar
=> Range and AGC normalization in airborne discrete-return LiDAR intensity data for forest canopies
=> Range and Bearing Data Fusion for Precise Convex Network Localization
=> Range and Image Based Modelling: A Way for Frescoed Vault Texturing Optimization
=> Range and Intensity Vision for Rock-Scene Segmentation
=> Range and Motion Segmentation: A Robust Approach
=> Range and Size Estimation Based on a Coordinate Transformation Model for Driving Assistance Systems
=> Range and variability of CBF in young adults: PC-MRI and ASL studies
=> Range Based Method For Complex Facade Modeling, A
=> Range based object tracking and segmentation
=> Range Beacon Placement Problem for Robot Navigation, The
=> Range Camera Collecting Multi-Spectral Texture for Architecture Applications, A
=> Range camera self-calibration with scattering compensation
=> Range comfort zone of electric vehicle users- concept and assessment
=> Range Data-Acquisition Using Color Structured Lighting and Stereo Vision
=> Range Data Analysis Guided by a Junction Dictionary
=> Range Data Reconstruction Using Fourier Slice Theorem
=> Range Data Registration Using Photometric Features
=> Range determination with waveform recording laser systems using a Wiener Filter
=> Range Estimation by Optical Differentiation
=> Range Estimation by Optical Differentiation
=> Range estimation via multi-dimensional segmentation
=> Range Filters: Local-Intensity Subrange Filters and Their Properties
=> Range Finder Using Circular Dynamic Stereo
=> Range finding device
=> Range Flow Estimation
=> Range Flow for Varying Illumination
=> Range Flow in Varying Illumination: Algorithms and Comparisons
=> Range from translational motion blurring
=> Range Gate Pull-Off Mainlobe Jamming Suppression Approach with FDA-MIMO Radar: Theoretical Formalism and Numerical Study
=> Range Image Acquisition of Objects with Non-uniform Albedo Using Structured Light Range Sensor
=> Range Image Acquisition with a Single Binary-Encoded Light Pattern
=> Range Image Analysis by Using Morphological Signal Decomposition
=> Range Image Based Point Cloud Colorization Using Conditional Generative Model
=> Range Image Enhancement via One-Dimensional Spatial Filtering
=> Range Image Feature Extraction with Varying Degrees of Data Irregularity
=> Range image fusion for object reconstruction and modeling
=> Range Image Processing Based on Multiresolution Analysis
=> Range Image Processing for Real Time Hospital-Room Monitoring
=> Range image reconstruction based on robust multiresolution estimation of surface parameters
=> range image refinement technique for multi-view 3D model reconstruction, A
=> Range Image Registration Based on Circular Features
=> Range Image Registration of Specular Objects under Complex Illumination
=> Range image registration preserving local structures of object surfaces
=> Range Image Registration Using a Photometric Metric under Unknown Lighting
=> Range image registration using enhanced genetic algorithms
=> Range image registration: A software platform and empirical evaluation
=> Range image segmentation and fitting by residual consensus
=> Range Image Segmentation Based on Differential Geometry: A Hybrid Approach
=> Range image segmentation based on randomized Hough transform
=> Range image segmentation based on split-merge clustering
=> Range Image Segmentation by an Effective Jump-Diffusion Method
=> Range Image Segmentation by Dynamic Neural-Network Architecture
=> Range image segmentation by surface extraction using an improved robust estimator
=> Range Image Segmentation for Modeling and Object Detection in Urban Scenes
=> Range image segmentation using local approximation of scan lines with application to CAD model acquisition
=> Range Image Segmentation Using Surface Selection Criterion
=> Range Image Segmentation Using the Numerical Description of the Mean Curvature Values
=> Range Image Segmentation with Application to CAD Model Acquisition
=> Range Image Segmentation: The User's Dilemma
=> Range Image Sequence Analysis by 2.5-D Least-Squares-Tracking with Variance Component Estimation and Robust Variance Covariance Matrix Estimation
=> Range Image Technique for Change Analysis of Rock Slopes Using Dense Point Cloud Data
=> Range images registration by correction of perspective deformations and camera calibration
=> Range Imaging Based on Moving Pattern Light and Spatio-Temporal Matched Filter
=> Range Imaging Laser Radar
=> Range Imaging of E-Region Field-Aligned Irregularities by Using a Multifrequency Technique: Validation and Initial Results
=> Range Imaging with Adaptive Color Structured Light
=> Range invariant anomaly detection for LWIR polarimetric imagery
=> Range Loss for Deep Face Recognition with Long-Tailed Training Data
=> Range map superresolution-inpainting, and reconstruction from sparse data
=> Range Map with Missing Data: Joint Resolution Enhancement and Inpainting
=> Range Migration Algorithm in The Processing Chain of Signals of A Ground-based Sar Sensor
=> range of fusible horizontal disparities around the empirical horopters, The
=> Range of Motion Measurements Using Motion Capture Data and Augmented Reality Visualisation
=> range of the value for the fuzzifier of the fuzzy c-means algorithm, The
=> Range Policy of Adaptive Cruise Control Vehicles for Improved Flow Stability and String Stability
=> Range recovery using virtual multi-camera stereo
=> Range resolution improvement in FM-based passive radars using deconvolution
=> Range resolved mode mixing in a large volume for the mitigation of speckle and strategic target orientation requirements in active millimeter-wave imaging
=> Range Scaling Global U-Net for Perceptual Image Enhancement on Mobile Devices
=> range scanner with a virtual laser, A
=> Range segmentation of large building exteriors: A hierarchical robust approach
=> Range Segmentation Using Focus Cues
=> Range Segmentation Using Visibility Constraints
=> Range Segmentation Using Visibility Constraints
=> Range Sensing by Projecting Multiple Slits with Random Cuts
=> Range Surface Characterization and Segmentation Using Neural Networks
=> Range synthesis for 3D environment modeling
=> Range unfolding for Time-of-Flight depth cameras
=> Range/Domain Approximation Error-Based Approach for Fractal Image Compression, A
=> RangeDet: In Defense of Range View for LiDAR-based 3D Object Detection
=> Rangefinder device with focused elongated light source
=> RangeIoUDet: Range Image based Real-Time 3D Object Detector Optimized by Intersection over Union
=> Rangeland Brush Estimation Tool (RaBET): An Operational Remote Sensing-Based Application for Quantifying Woody Cover on Western Rangelands
=> Rangeland Fractional Components Across the Western United States from 1985 to 2018
=> Rangeland Productivity Partitioned to Sub-Pixel Plant Functional Types
=> Ranger finder device and camera
=> RangeViT: Towards Vision Transformers for 3D Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving
=> Ranging apparatus and method implementing stereo vision system
=> Rank-1 Tensor Approximation for High-Order Association in Multi-target Tracking
=> Rank-1 Tensor Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising with Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularization
=> Rank-aware graph fusion with contextual dissimilarity measurement for image retrieval
=> Rank-Based Approach to Active Diagnosis, A
=> Rank-based camera spectral sensitivity estimation
=> Rank-Based Decision Fusion for 3D Shape-Based Face Recognition
=> Rank-Based Decomposable Losses in Machine Learning: A Survey
=> Rank-Based Decompositions of Morphological Templates
=> Rank-based distance metric learning: An application to image retrieval
=> Rank-Based Encoding Features for Stereo Matching
=> Rank-Based Methods for Selection of Landscape Metrics for Land Cover Pattern Change Detection
=> Rank-based multisensory fusion in multitarget video tracking
=> Rank-based ordinal classification
=> Rank-Based Similarity Search: Reducing the Dimensional Dependence
=> Rank-based voting with inclusion relationship for accurate image search
=> Rank-Consistency Deep Hashing for Scalable Multi-Label Image Search
=> Rank-Constrained Fundamental Matrix Estimation by Polynomial Global Optimization Versus the Eight-Point Algorithm
=> Rank-constrained PCA for intrinsic images decomposition
=> Rank-Mixer and Rank-Booster: Improving the Effectiveness of Retrieval Methods
=> RANK-NOSH: Efficient Predictor-Based Architecture Search via Non-Uniform Successive Halving
=> Rank-One Detector for Kronecker-Structured Constant Modulus Constellations
=> Rank-One Matrix Approximation With lp-Norm for Image Inpainting
=> Rank-One Network: An Effective Framework for Image Restoration
=> Rank-One Prior: Real-Time Scene Recovery
=> Rank-One Prior: Toward Real-Time Scene Recovery
=> Rank-One Projections With Adaptive Margins for Face Recognition
=> Rank-One Projections With Adaptive Margins for Face Recognition
=> Rank-One Tensor Updating Algorithm for Tensor Completion, A
=> rank-one update method for least squares linear discriminant analysis with concept drift, A
=> rank-order distance based clustering algorithm for face tagging, A
=> Rank-Order Filters for FOPEN Target Detection
=> Rank-order polynomial subband decomposition for medical image compression
=> Rank-Ordered Differences Statistic Based Switching Vector Filter
=> Rank-R Approximation of Tensors: Using Image-as-Matrix Representation
=> Rank-SIFT: Learning to rank repeatable local interest points
=> Rank-Smoothed Pairwise Learning In Perceptual Quality Assessment
=> Rank-sparsity balanced representation for subspace clustering
=> Rank-Two Beamformed Secure Multicasting for Wireless Information and Power Transfer
=> Rank-Two Beamforming and Stochastic Beamforming for MISO Physical-Layer Multicasting with Finite-Alphabet Inputs
=> Rank &Sort Loss for Object Detection and Instance Segmentation
=> Rank 1 weighted factorization for 3D structure recovery: Algorithms and performance analysis
=> Rank 4 Constraint in Multiple (over 3) View Geometry, The
=> Rank Aggregation Framework for Video Interestingness Prediction, A
=> Rank Algorithms for Picture Processing
=> Rank analysis of a light field for dual-layer 3D displays
=> Rank Classification of Linear Line Structure in Determining Trifocal Tensor
=> Rank Classification of Linear Line Structures from Images by Trifocal Tensor Determinability
=> Rank Conditioned Rank Selection Filters for Signal Restoration
=> Rank Conditions on the Multiple-View Matrix
=> Rank consistent ordinal regression for neural networks with application to age estimation
=> rank constrained continuous formulation of multi-frame multi-target tracking problem, A
=> Rank constrained recognition under unknown illuminations
=> Rank Constraints for Homographies over Two Views: Revisiting the Rank Four Constraint
=> Rank correlation as illumination invariant descriptor for color object recognition
=> Rank Correlation Based Detection of Known Signals in Middleton's Class-A Noise
=> Rank Estimation in Missing Data Matrix Problems
=> Rank Filters in Digital Image Processing
=> Rank Flow Embedding for Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Manifold Learning
=> Rank in Style: A Ranking-based Approach to Find Interpretable Directions
=> rank minimization-based late fusion method for multi-label image annotation, A
=> Rank Minimization across Appearance and Shape for AAM Ensemble Fitting
=> Rank minimization approach to image inpainting using null space based alternating optimization
=> Rank Minimization Approach to Video Inpainting, A
=> Rank Minimization Code Aperture Design for Spectrally Selective Compressive Imaging
=> Rank Minimization for Snapshot Compressive Imaging
=> Rank Minimization or Nuclear-Norm Minimization: Are We Solving the Right Problem?
=> Rank Minimization with Structured Data Patterns
=> Rank order filtering on SIMD machines
=> Rank Pooling for Action Recognition
=> Rank Preserving Sparse Learning for Kinect Based Scene Classification
=> Rank Priors for Continuous Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction
=> Rank Priors for Continuous Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction
=> RankBoost with L1 regularization for facial expression recognition and intensity estimation
=> RankDetNet: Delving into Ranking Constraints for Object Detection
=> Ranked dither for high-quality robust printing
=> Ranked k-means clustering for terahertz image segmentation
=> Ranked List Loss for Deep Metric Learning
=> Ranked List Loss for Deep Metric Learning
=> Ranked Similarity Weighting and Top-nk Sampling in Deep Metric Learning
=> RankGAN: A Maximum Margin Ranking GAN for Generating Faces
=> ranking-based cascade approach for unbalanced data, A
=> Ranking-Based Color Constancy With Limited Training Samples
=> ranking-based feature selection approach for handwritten character recognition, A
=> Ranking-based scores for the assessment of aesthetic quality in photography
=> Ranking-Based Siamese Visual Tracking
=> Ranking-Preserving Cross-Source Learning for Image Retargeting Quality Assessment
=> Ranking-Preserving Low-Rank Factorization for Image Annotation With Missing Labels
=> Ranking 3D feature correspondences via consistency voting
=> Ranking Algorithm Using Dynamic Clustering for Content-Based Image Retrieval, A
=> Ranking and retrieval of image sequences from multiple paragraph queries
=> Ranking answers of comparative questions using heterogeneous information organization from social media
=> Ranking Approach for Human Ages Estimation Based on Face Images, A
=> Ranking Based Attention Approach for Visual Tracking, A
=> Ranking cell tracking systems without manual validation
=> Ranking Color Correction Algorithms Using Cluster Indices
=> Ranking consistency for image matching and object retrieval
=> Ranking Consistent Rate: New evaluation criterion on pairwise subjective experiments
=> Ranking Corner Points by the Angular Difference between Dominant Edges
=> Ranking Distance Calibration for Cross-Domain Few-Shot Learning
=> Ranking Domain-Specific Highlights by Analyzing Edited Videos
=> Ranking Highlights in Personal Videos by Analyzing Edited Videos
=> Ranking Images Based on Aesthetic Qualities
=> Ranking in Rp and its use in multivariate image estimation
=> Ranking list preservation for feature matching
=> Ranking Loss: A Novel Metric Learning Method for Person Re-identification
=> ranking method for multimedia recommenders, A
=> ranking model for face alignment with Pseudo Census Transform, A
=> Ranking Model for Facial Age Estimation
=> Ranking Models in Unlabeled New Environments
=> Ranking Neural Checkpoints
=> Ranking Nodes in Complex Networks: a Case Study of The Gaubus
=> Ranking of Assets with Respect to Their Exposure to the Landslide Hazard: A GIS Proposal
=> Ranking of Illegal Buildings Close to Rivers: A Proposal, Its Implementation and Preliminary Validation
=> Ranking Orientation Responses of Path Operators: Motivations, Choices and Algorithmics
=> Ranking Part Model for Object Detection, A
=> Ranking prior likelihood distributions for Bayesian shape localization framework
=> Ranking Regularization for Critical Rare Classes: Minimizing False Positives at a High True Positive Rate
=> Ranking Saliency
=> Ranking Star-Shaped Valued Mappings with Respect to Shape Variability
=> Ranking Station Importance With Human Mobility Patterns Using Subway Network Datasets
=> Ranking System for Image Database Using Special Type of Markov Chain
=> Ranking the City: The Role of Location-Based Social Media Check-Ins in Collective Human Mobility Prediction
=> Ranking the local invariant features for the robust visual saliencies
=> Ranking video segments with LSTM and determinantal point processes
=> RankIQA: Learning from Rankings for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
=> Ranklets on hexagonal pixel lattices
=> Ranklets: orientation selective non-parametric features applied to face detection
=> RankMatch: Fostering Confidence and Consistency in Learning with Noisy Labels
=> RankMI: A Mutual Information Maximizing Ranking Loss
=> RankMix: Data Augmentation for Weakly Supervised Learning of Classifying Whole Slide Images with Diverse Sizes and Imbalanced Categories
=> RankMixup: Ranking-Based Mixup Training for Network Calibration
=> Ranks for Pairs of Spatial Fields via Metric Based on Grayscale Morphological Distances
=> RankSeg: Adaptive Pixel Classification with Image Category Ranking for Segmentation
=> RankSRGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks With Ranker for Image Super-Resolution
=> RankSRGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks With Ranker for Image Super-Resolution
=> RankSRGAN: Super Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks With Learning to Rank
=> RANP: Resource Aware Neuron Pruning at Initialization for 3D CNNs
=> RANSAC-Based DARCES: A New Approach to Fast Automatic Registration of Partially Overlapping Range Images
=> RANSAC-based multi primitive building reconstruction from 3D point clouds
=> RANSAC-flow: Generic Two-stage Image Alignment
=> RANSAC-LEL: An optimized version with least entropy like estimators
=> RANSAC-SVM for large-scale datasets
=> RANSAC for (Quasi-)Degenerate data (QDEGSAC)
=> RANSAC lens boundary feature based kernel SVM for transparent contact lens detecTion
=> Rao-Blackwellised particle filter for colour-based tracking
=> Rao-Blackwellised particle filter for tracking with application in visual surveillance
=> Rao-Blackwellized Importance Sampling of Camera Parameters from Simple User Input with Visibility Preprocessing in Line Space
=> Rao-Blackwellized MCMC algorithm for recovering piecewise planar 3D models from multiple view RGBD images, A
=> Rao-Blackwellized particle filter for eigentracking, A
=> Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter for Human Appearance and Position Tracking
=> Rao-Blackwellized particle filtering with Gaussian mixture models for robust visual tracking
=> Rao-Blackwellized Parts-Constellation Tracker, A
=> RAO-UNet: a residual attention and octave UNet for road crack detection via balance loss
=> Rao and Wald Tests for Distributed Targets Detection With Unknown Signal Steering
=> Rao and Wald Tests for Moving Target Detection in Forward Scatter Radar
=> Rape (Brassica napus L.) Growth Monitoring and Mapping Based on Radarsat-2 Time-Series Data
=> Rapid-Convergence Precise Point Positioning Approach Using Double Augmentations of Low Earth Orbit Satellite and Atmospheric Information, A
=> Rapid-DEM: Rapid Topographic Updates through Satellite Change Detection and UAS Data Fusion
=> Rapid-transform based rotation invariant descriptor for texture classification under non-ideal conditions
=> Rapid 3-D cone-beam reconstruction with the simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique (SART) using 2-D texture mapping hardware
=> Rapid 3D Digitalization of the Cultural Heritage: A Case Study On Istanbul Suleymaniye Social Complex (Kulliye)
=> Rapid 3D Face Data Acquisition Using a Color-Coded Pattern and a Stereo Camera System
=> Rapid 3D face modeling using a frontal face and a profile face for accurate 2D pose synthesis
=> Rapid 3D face reconstruction by fusion of SFS and Local Morphable Model
=> Rapid Acquisition of Environmental Information After Accidents with Hazardous Cargo Through Remote Sensing by UAV
=> Rapid Adaptation in Online Continual Learning: Are We Evaluating It Right?
=> Rapid Adaptation in Online Continual Learning: Are We Evaluating It Right?
=> Rapid Analytic Optimization of Quadratic ICP Algorithms
=> Rapid and accurate developmental stage recognition of C. elegans from high-throughput image data
=> Rapid and Accurate Monitoring of Intertidal Oyster Reef Habitat Using Unoccupied Aircraft Systems and Structure from Motion
=> Rapid and Automated Mapping of Crop Type in Jilin Province Using Historical Crop Labels and the Google Earth Engine
=> Rapid and Automated Urban Boundary Extraction Method Based on Nighttime Light Data in China, A
=> rapid and automatic image registration algorithm with subpixel accuracy, A
=> rapid and automatic method for camera calibration based on LCD circle pattern, A
=> Rapid and Efficient Determination of Relative Water Contents of Crop Leaves Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy in Vegetative Growth Stage
=> Rapid and High-Precision Mountain Vertex Extraction Method Based on Hotspot Analysis Clustering and Improved Eight-Connected Extraction Algorithms for Digital Elevation Models, A
=> Rapid and large-scale mapping of flood inundation via integrating spaceborne synthetic aperture radar imagery with unsupervised deep learning
=> Rapid and Reliable Detection of Film Grain Noise
=> Rapid and Robust Background Modeling Technique for Low-Cost Road Traffic Surveillance Systems
=> Rapid and robust human detection and tracking based on omega-shape features
=> Rapid and Steady Mass Loss of the Patagonian Icefields throughout the GRACE Era: 2002-2017, The
=> Rapid Anisotropic Diffusion Using Space-Variant Vision
=> rapid anomalous region extraction method by iterative projection onto kernel eigenspace, A
=> Rapid Assessment of a Typhoon Disaster Based on NPP-VIIRS DNB Daily Data: The Case of an Urban Agglomeration along Western Taiwan Straits, China
=> Rapid Assessment of Architectural Traits in Pear Rootstock Breeding Program Using Remote Sensing Techniques
=> Rapid Assessment of Building Damage Using Multi-Source Data: A Case Study of April 2015 Nepal Earthquake
=> Rapid Assessment of Crop Status: An Application of MODIS and SAR Data to Rice Areas in Leyte, Philippines Affected by Typhoon Haiyan
=> Rapid Assessment of Flood Inundation and Damaged Rice Area in Red River Delta from Sentinel 1A Imagery
=> Rapid Assessment of Hillslope Erosion Risk after the 2019-2020 Wildfires and Storm Events in Sydney Drinking Water Catchment
=> Rapid Assessment of Landslide Dynamics by UAV-RTK Repeated Surveys Using Ground Targets: The Ca Lita Landslide (Northern Apennines, Italy)
=> Rapid Assessments of Amazon Forest Structure and Biomass Using Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
=> Rapid automated detection of roots in minirhizotron images
=> Rapid Automated Polygonal Image Decomposition
=> rapid automatic brain tumor detection method for MRI images using modified minimum error thresholding technique, A
=> Rapid Biologically-Inspired Scene Classification Using Features Shared with Visual Attention
=> Rapid blockwise multi-resolution clustering of facial images for intelligent watermarking
=> Rapid brain tissue segmentation process by modified FCM algorithm with CUDA enabled GPU machine
=> Rapid building damage assessment workflow: An implementation for the 2023 Rolling Fork, Mississippi tornado event
=> Rapid Change Detection Algorithm For Disaster Management
=> Rapid Change Detection of Flood Affected Area after Collapse of the Laos Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Dam Using Sentinel-1 GRD Data
=> Rapid classification of specular and diffuse reflection from image velocities
=> Rapid Classification of Surface Reflectance from Image Velocities
=> Rapid Coastal Forest Decline in Florida's Big Bend
=> Rapid Compaction Monitoring and Quality Control of Embankment Dam Construction Based on UAV Photogrammetry Technology: A Case Study
=> Rapid computation of sodium bioscales using gpu-accelerated image reconstruction
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
=> Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
15 for Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation => Rapid construction of 4D high-quality microstructural image for cement hydration using partial information registration
=> Rapid contour detection for image classification
=> Rapid Creation of Large-Scale Photorealistic Virtual Environments
=> Rapid Crowd Evacuation for Passenger Ships Using LPWAN
=> Rapid Cut Detection on Compressed Video
=> Rapid Damage Assessment by Means of Multi-Temporal SAR: A Comprehensive Review and Outlook to Sentinel-1
=> Rapid Damage Detection in the Bam Area Using Multitemporal SAR and Exploiting Ancillary Data
=> Rapid Detection of Blind Roads and Crosswalks by Using a Lightweight Semantic Segmentation Network
=> Rapid detection of camera tampering and abnormal disturbance for video surveillance system
=> Rapid Detection of Iron Ore and Mining Areas Based on MSSA-BNVTELM, Visible: Infrared Spectroscopy, and Remote Sensing
=> Rapid Detection of Many Object Instances
=> Rapid Detection of Windthrows Using Sentinel-1 C-Band SAR Data
=> Rapid Determination of Nutrient Concentrations in Hass Avocado Fruit by Vis/NIR Hyperspectral Imaging of Flesh or Skin
=> Rapid Determination of Soil Class Based on Visible-Near Infrared, Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy and Data Fusion
=> Rapid Development of a Gunfire Detection Algorithm Using an Imagery Database
=> Rapid development of natural user interaction using kinect sensors and VRPN
=> Rapid Disaster Analysis based on Remote Sensing: A Case Study about the Tohoku Tsunami Disaster 2011
=> Rapid Disaster Analysis Based on SAR Techniques
=> Rapid Disaster Damage Estimation
=> Rapid Disaster Mapping through Data Integration from UAVS and Multi-sensors Mounted on Investigation Platforms of Ndmi, Korea
=> Rapid Disparity Prediction for Dynamic Scenes
=> Rapid Dynamic Image Registration of the Beating Heart for Diagnosis and Surgical Navigation
=> Rapid Ecosystem Change at the Southern Limit of the Canadian Arctic, Torngat Mountains National Park
=> Rapid elastic image registration for 3-D ultrasound
=> Rapid Emergency Response Assessment of Earthquake-Induced Landslides Driven by Fusion of InSAR Deformation Data and Newmark Physical Models
=> Rapid Estimation of Camera Motion from Compressed Video with Application to Video Annotation
=> Rapid Estimation of Road Friction for Anti-Skid Autonomous Driving
=> Rapid Estimation of Undifferenced Multi-GNSS Real-Time Satellite Clock Offset Using Partial Observations
=> Rapid Euclidean Distance Transform Using Grayscale Morphology Decomposition
=> Rapid Evaluation and Validation Method of Above Ground Forest Biomass Estimation Using Optical Remote Sensing in Tundi Reserved Forest Area, India
=> Rapid Evaluation of the Handwriting Performance for Gesture Based Text Input
=> Rapid explorative direct inverse kinematics learning of relevant locations for active vision
=> Rapid Exposure Assessment Of Nationwide River Flood For Disaster Risk Reduction
=> Rapid Extracting Pillars by Slicing Point Clouds
=> Rapid extraction and updating of road network from airborne LiDAR data
=> Rapid Extraction of Urban Road Guardrails from Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
=> Rapid Extreme Tropical Precipitation and Flood Inundation Mapping Framework (RETRACE): Initial Testing for the 2021-2022 Malaysia Flood
=> Rapid face recognition using hashing
=> Rapid feature space MLLR speaker adaptation for deep neural network acoustic modeling
=> Rapid Flood Inundation Forecast Using Fourier Neural Operator
=> Rapid Flood Mapping and Evaluation with a Supervised Classifier and Change Detection in Shouguang Using Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2 Optical Data
=> Rapid Flood Progress Monitoring in Cropland with NASA SMAP
=> Rapid generation of event-based indexes for personalized video digests
=> Rapid Generation of the State Codebook in Side Match Vector Quantization
=> Rapid Geometric Correction of SSC TERRASAR-X Images with Direct Georeferencing, Global DEM and Global Geoid Models
=> Rapid glacier Shrinkage and Glacial Lake Expansion of a China-Nepal Transboundary Catchment in the Central Himalayas, between 1964 and 2020
=> Rapid Glacier Shrinkage in the Gongga Mountains in the Last 27 Years
=> Rapid Gridding Reconstruction With a Minimal Oversampling Ratio
=> Rapid Growth of Tropical Cyclone Outer Size over the Western North Pacific
=> Rapid Hand Shape Reconstruction with Chebyshev Phase Shifting
=> Rapid head-pose detection for automated slice prescription of fetal-brain MRI
=> Rapid human action recognition in H.264/AVC compressed domain for video surveillance
=> rapid hybrid algorithm for image restoration combining parametric Wiener filtering and wave atom transform, A
=> Rapid identification of damaged buildings using incremental learning with transferred data from historical natural disaster cases
=> Rapid image binarization with morphological operators
=> Rapid Image Completion System Using Multiresolution Patch-Based Directional and Nondirectional Approaches
=> Rapid image retargeting based on curve-edge grid representation
=> Rapid Inference of Object Rigidity and Reflectance Using Optic Flow
=> Rapid Inspection of Large Concrete Floor Flatness Using Wheeled Robot with Aided-INS
=> Rapid Inspection of Pavement Markings Using Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
=> Rapid Invasion of Spartina alterniflora in the Coastal Zone of Mainland China: New Observations from Landsat OLI Images
=> rapid knowledge-based partial supervision fuzzy c-means for brain tissue segmentation with CUDA-enabled GPU machine, A
=> Rapid Land Cover Map Updates Using Change Detection and Robust Random Forest Classifiers
=> Rapid Landslide Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Using SHAP-OPT-XGBoost
=> Rapid Large-Scale Wetland Inventory Update Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing
=> Rapid Linear Frequency Swept Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave Laser Source Using Iterative Pre-Distortion Algorithm
=> Rapid Localisation and Retrieval of Human Actions with Relevance Feedback
=> Rapid Localization and Extraction of Street Light Poles in Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds: A Supervoxel-Based Approach
=> Rapid location of radiation sources in complex environments using optical and radiation sensors
=> rapid look-up table method for reconstructing MR images from arbitrary K-space trajectories, A
=> Rapid Mangrove Forest Loss and Nipa Palm (Nypa fruticans) Expansion in the Niger Delta, 2007-2017
=> Rapid Mapping and Annual Dynamic Evaluation of Quality of Urban Green Spaces on Google Earth Engine
=> rapid mapping approach to quantify damages caused by the 2003 bam earthquake using high resolution multitemporal optical images, A
=> Rapid Mapping of Forest Fires in the European Mediterranean Region: A Change Detection Approach Using X-Band SAR-Data
=> Rapid Mapping Of Forested Landslide From Ultra-high Resolution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data
=> Rapid mapping of high resolution SAR scenes
=> Rapid Mapping of Landslides Induced by Heavy Rainfall in the Emilia-Romagna (Italy) Region in May 2023
=> Rapid Mapping of Landslides on SAR Data by Attention U-Net
=> Rapid Mapping of Large-Scale Greenhouse Based on Integrated Learning Algorithm and Google Earth Engine
=> Rapid Mapping of Slow-Moving Landslides Using an Automated SAR Processing Platform (HyP3) and Stacking-InSAR Method
=> Rapid Mapping of Small-Scale River-Floodplain Environments Using UAV SfM Supports Classical Theory
=> Rapid method for assessing relative tissue stiffness using MR acoustic radiation force imaging
=> rapid method of hypercube stitching for snapshot multi-camera system, A
=> Rapid Mobile Object Recognition Using Fisher Vector
=> Rapid Model (COV_PSDI) for Winter Wheat Mapping in Fallow Rotation Area Using MODIS NDVI Time-Series Satellite Observations: The Case of the Heilonggang Region, A
=> Rapid modeling of cones and cylinders from a single calibrated image using minimum 2D control points
=> Rapid Modelling of Complex Building Interiors
=> Rapid Mosaicking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images for Crop Growth Monitoring Using the SIFT Algorithm
=> Rapid Multiclass Traffic Sign Detection in High-Resolution Images
=> Rapid Network Adaptation: Learning to Adapt Neural Networks Using Test-Time Feedback
=> Rapid Object Detection using a Boosted Cascade of Simple Features
=> Rapid Object Indexing and Recognition Using Enhanced Geometric Hashing
=> Rapid Object Indexing Using Locality Sensitive Hashing and Joint 3D-Signature Space Estimation
=> Rapid Octree Construction from Image Sequences
=> Rapid omnidirectional vision acquisition using an intelligent linear scanning technique
=> Rapid Online Learning of Objects in a Biologically Motivated Recognition Architecture
=> Rapid Photogrammetry with a 360-Degree Camera for Tunnel Mapping
=> Rapid Polarizing Field Cycling in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
=> Rapid pose estimation of Mongolian faces using projective geometry
=> Rapid Procedure for Spectral Similarity Matching of Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence Spectra, A
=> Rapid prototyping 3D objects from scanned measurement data
=> Rapid Prototyping for The Extension of The Accessibility to Cultural Heritage for Blind People
=> Rapid Prototyping in the Context of Cultural Heritage and Museum Displays
=> Rapid Prototyping: A Tool for Presenting 3-Dimensional Digital Models Produced by Terrestrial Laser Scanning
=> Rapid Radiometric Calibration of Multiple Camera Array Using In-situ Data for UAV Multispectral Photogrammetry
=> Rapid radiometric enhancement of colored 3D point clouds using color balacing
=> Rapid Recognition Method for Pedestrian Abnormal Behavior, A
=> Rapid recognition of freeform objects in noisy range images using tripod operators
=> Rapid Recognition of Object Outlines in Reduced Resolution Images
=> Rapid Reconstruction and Simulation of Real Characters in Mixed Reality Environments
=> Rapid reconstruction of small objects on mobile phones
=> Rapid region analysis for classification
=> Rapid registration for wide field of view freehand three-dimensional ultrasound
=> Rapid Relocation Method for Mobile Robot Based on Improved ORB-SLAM2 Algorithm
=> Rapid rendering of apparent contours of implicit surfaces for real-time tracking
=> Rapid Response to a Typhoon-Induced Flood with an SAR-Derived Map of Inundated Areas: Case Study and Validation
=> Rapid Response Tools and Datasets for Post-fire Erosion Modeling: Linking Remote Sensing and Process-based Hydrological Models to support Post-fire Remediation
=> Rapid Robust Principal Component Analysis: CUR Accelerated Inexact Low Rank Estimation
=> Rapid scalar value classification and volume clipping for interactive 3D medical image visualization
=> Rapid scene analysis on compressed video
=> Rapid Search for Spherical Objects in Aerial Photographs
=> Rapid Segmentation of Thoracic Organs using U-net Architecture
=> Rapid selection of reliable templates for visual tracking
=> Rapid Self-Supervised Deep-Learning-Based Method for Post-Earthquake Damage Detection Using UAV Data (Case Study: Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran), A
=> Rapid shape acquisition using color structured light and multi-pass dynamic programming
=> Rapid Ship Detection Method on Movable Platform Based on Discriminative Multi-Size Gradient Features and Multi-Branch Support Vector Machine
=> Rapid signer adaptation for continuous sign language recognition using a combined approach of eigenvoices, MLLR, and MAP
=> Rapid Signer Adaptation for Isolated Sign Language Recognition
=> Rapid Single Image-Based DTM Estimation from ExoMars TGO CaSSIS Images Using Generative Adversarial U-Nets
=> Rapid Skin: Estimating the 3D Human Pose and Shape in Real-Time
=> Rapid SLAM using simple map representation in indoor environment
=> Rapid Solution of the Cryo-EM Reconstruction Problem by Frequency Marching
=> Rapid Spaceborne Mapping of Wildfire Retardant Drops for Active Wildfire Management
=> Rapid Spectral Cloud Screening Onboard Aircraft and Spacecraft
=> Rapid spline-based kernel density estimation for bayesian networks
=> Rapid stereo-vision enhanced face detection
=> Rapid stereo-vision enhanced face recognition
=> Rapid surface registration of 3D volumes using a neural network approach
=> Rapid survey method for large-scale outdoor surveillance cameras using binary space partitioning
=> Rapid SVBRDF Measurement by Algebraic Solution Based on Adaptive Illumination
=> Rapid Synthesis of Massive Face Sets for Improved Face Recognition
=> Rapid Target Detection of Fruit Trees Using UAV Imaging and Improved Light YOLOv4 Algorithm
=> Rapid TAURUS for Relaxation-Based Color Magnetic Particle Imaging
=> Rapid Technique to Eliminate Moving Shadows for Accurate Vehicle Detection
=> Rapid Three-Dimensional Photoacoustic Imaging Reconstruction for Irregularly Layered Heterogeneous Media
=> Rapid tomato DUS trait analysis using an optimized mobile-based coarse-to-fine instance segmentation algorithm
=> Rapid Training Data Creation by Synthesizing Medical Images for Classification and Localization
=> Rapid training of image classifiers through adaptive, multi-frame sampling method
=> Rapid trajectory clustering based on neighbor spatial analysis
=> Rapid Tsunami Potential Assessment Using GNSS Ionospheric Disturbance: Implications from Three Megathrusts
=> Rapid Ultrasound Optical Clearing of Human Light and Dark Skin
=> Rapid Uncertainty Computation with Gaussian Processes and Histogram Intersection Kernels
=> Rapid Updating and Improvement of Airborne LIDAR DEMs Through Ground-Based SfM 3-D Modeling of Volcanic Features
=> Rapid variable angle digital screening
=> Rapid Vegetation Growth due to Shifts in Climate from Slow to Sustained Warming over Terrestrial Ecosystems in China from 1980 to 2018
=> Rapid Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images under the Complex Background of Dense Urban Areas
=> Rapid Visual Presentation to Support Geospatial Big Data Processing
=> Rapid weak-perspective Structure from Motion with missing data
=> Rapid, Accurate and Machine-Agnostic Segmentation and Quantification Method for CT-Based COVID-19 Diagnosis, A
=> Rapid, Low-Cost, and High-Precision Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography Data Acquisition System for Plant Phenotyping, A
=> Rapid, man-made object morphological segmentation for aerial images using a multi-scaled, geometric image analysis
=> rapid, non-parametric clustering scheme for flow cytometric data, A
=> RAPID: A Single Stage Pruning Framework
=> RAPID: A video rate object tracker
=> RAPiD: Rotation-Aware People Detection in Overhead Fisheye Images
=> Rapidly Adaptive Cell Detection Using Transfer Learning with a Global Parameter
=> Rapidly Assessed Wetland Stress Index (RAWSI) Using Landsat 8 and Sentinel-1 Radar Data, A
=> Rapidly constructed appearance models for tracking in augmented reality applications
=> Rapidly Creating Structure-Aware Halftoning with Improved Error Diffusion
=> rapidly deformable liquid lens, A
=> Rapidly Deployable Video Analysis Sensor units for wide area surveillance
=> rapidly deployable virtual presence extended defense system, A
=> Rapidly Trainable and Global Illumination Invariant Object Detection System, A
=> Rapidmap: rapid mapping and information dissemination for disasters using remote sensing and geoinformation
=> RapidScat Cross-Calibration Using the Double Difference Technique
=> RapidScat Diurnal Cycles Over Land
=> RAPNet: Residual Atrous Pyramid Network for Importance-Aware Street Scene Parsing
=> Rapport with Virtual Agents: What Do Human Social Cues and Personality Explain?
=> RAPS: Robust and Efficient Automatic Construction of Person-Specific Deformable Models
=> RAPT360: Reinforcement Learning-Based Rate Adaptation for 360-Degree Video Streaming With Adaptive Prediction and Tiling
=> Raptor codes-based energy-efficient screen mirroring system
=> Raptor Codes Based Unequal Protection for Compressed Video According to Packet Priority
=> RAR-U-NET: A Residual Encoder to Attention Decoder by Residual Connections Framework for Spine Segmentation Under Noisy Labels
=> Rare-Event Detection by Quasi-Wang-Landau Monte Carlo Sampling with Approximate Bayesian Computation
=> Rare Class Classification by Support Vector Machine
=> Rare Class Oriented Scene Labeling Using CNN Incorporated Label Transfer
=> Rare Event Detection Using Disentangled Representation Learning
=> Rare event simulation for Markov random fields with application to grain growth in crystals
=> Rare Events via Cross-Entropy Population Monte Carlo
=> Rare: A new bottom-up saliency model
=> RARE: people detection in crowded passages by range image reconstruction
=> RARE2012: A multi-scale rarity-based saliency detection with its comparative statistical analysis
=> RareAnom: A Benchmark Video Dataset for Rare Type Anomalies
=> RarePlanes Soar Higher: Self-Supervised Pretraining for Resource Constrained and Synthetic Datasets
=> RarePlanes: Synthetic Data Takes Flight
=> Rarity-Based Visual Attention Map: Application to Texture Description, A
=> RaRWS: A Radar-assisted Real-time Water Segmentation Network to Meet the Autonomous Navigation of USV in Inland Waterways
=> Rasabodha: Understanding Indian classical dance by recognizing emotions using deep learning
=> RaScaNet: Learning Tiny Models by Raster-Scanning Images
=> RASCNA: Radio Astronomy Signal Classification through Neighborhood Assemblies
=> RASCor: Realtime Associative Stereo Correspondence
=> RASIM: A Novel Rotation and Scale Invariant Matching of Local Image Interest Points
=> RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images
=> RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images
=> RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images
=> RASNet: Renal automatic segmentation using an improved U-Net with multi-scale perception and attention unit
=> Raspberry Pi 2-based stereo camera depth meter, A
=> Raspberry Pi 3 Multispectral Low-cost Sensor for UAV Based Remote Sensing. Case Study in South-west Niger
=> RaspiReader: Open Source Fingerprint Reader
=> RAST: Restorable Arbitrary Style Transfer via Multi-restoration
=> raster-mode algorithm for interactive modification of line drawing data, A
=> Raster-to-Vector: Revisiting Floorplan Transformation
=> Raster Data Based Automated Noise Data Integration for Noise Mapping Limiting Data Dependency
=> Raster Data Partitioning for Supporting Distributed GIS Processing
=> Raster Map Image Analysis
=> Raster Map Line Element Extraction Method Based on Improved U-Net Network
=> Raster Vs. Point Cloud LiDAR Data Classification
=> Rasterization And Voxelization Of Two- And Three-dimensional Space Partitionings
=> Rasterizing Airborne Laser Scanning Point Clouds by Block Kriging
=> RasterNet: Modeling Free-Flow Speed using LiDAR and Overhead Imagery
=> Rate-accuracy optimization in visual wireless sensor networks
=> Rate-accuracy optimization of binary descriptors
=> Rate-Accuracy Trade-Off in Video Classification With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Rate-Accuracy Trade-Off in Video Classification With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Rate-adaptive Compact Fisher Codes for Mobile Visual Search
=> Rate-Adaptive Neural Network for Image Compressive Sensing
=> Rate-Compatible Codes via Recursive BMST for Content-Sharing in Intelligent Vehicular Network
=> Rate-Complexity-Distortion Optimization for Hybrid Video Coding
=> Rate-complexity-distortion Optimization for Quadtree-based DCT Coding
=> Rate-complexity tradeoff for client-side free viewpoint image rendering
=> rate-constrafned key-frame extraction scheme for channel-aware video streaming, A
=> Rate-Constrained 3D Surface Estimation From Noise-Corrupted Multiview Depth Videos
=> Rate-constrained adaptive FEC for video over erasure channels with memory
=> Rate-Constrained Arbitrarily Shaped Video Object Coding with Object-Based Rate Control
=> Rate-Constrained Coder Control and Comparison of Video Coding Standards
=> Rate-Constrained Fast Full-Search Algorithm Based on Block Sum Pyramid, A
=> Rate-constrained key frame selection using iteration
=> Rate-constrained learning-based image compression
=> Rate-Constrained Modular Predictive Residual Vector Quantization of Digital Images
=> Rate-Constrained Modular Predictive Residual Vector Quantization
=> Rate-Constrained Motion Estimation Algorithm for Video Coding
=> Rate-Constrained Motion Estimation and Perceptual Coding
=> Rate-constrained motion estimation using Kalman filter
=> Rate-constrained Multi-hypothesis Motion-compensated Prediction for Video Coding
=> Rate-Constrained Multihypothesis Prediction for Motion-Compensated Video Compression
=> Rate-constrained successive elimination of Hadamard-based SATDs
=> rate-control algorithm using inter-layer information for H.264/SVC for low-delay applications, A
=> rate-control scheme for video transport over wireless channels, A
=> Rate-controlled redundancy-adaptive multiple description coding for video transmission over MIMO systems
=> Rate-distorsion Efficiency of Zerotree Coders
=> Rate-Distortion-Authentication Optimized Streaming of Authenticated Video
=> Rate-Distortion-Authentication optimized streaming with Generalized Butterfly Graph authentication
=> Rate-distortion-based combined motion estimation and segmentation
=> Rate-distortion-complexity adaptive video compression and streaming
=> Rate-distortion-complexity optimization for x265
=> Rate-distortion-complexity optimization of fast motion estimation in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
=> Rate-Distortion-Complexity Optimized Coding Mode Decision for HEVC
=> Rate-Distortion-Constrained Statistical Motion Estimation for Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion-Constrained Subband Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion-Efficient Video Compression Using a 3-D Head Model
=> Rate-Distortion-Optimization-Based Quantization Parameter Cascading Technique for Random-Access Configuration in H.265/HEVC
=> Rate-Distortion-Optimization for Deep Image Compression
=> Rate-distortion-optimized content-adaptive coding for immersive networked experience of sports events
=> Rate-distortion-optimized predictive compression of dynamic 3D mesh sequences
=> Rate-Distortion-Optimized Video Transmission Using Pyramid Vector Quantization
=> Rate-distortion-smoothness optimized rate allocation schemes for Spectral Fine Granular Scalable video coding technique
=> Rate-Distortion Analysis and Bit Allocation Strategy for Motion Estimation at the Decoder using Maximum Likelihood Technique in Distributed Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Analysis and Streaming of SP and SI Frames
=> Rate-distortion analysis for H.264/AVC video coding and its application to rate control
=> Rate-distortion analysis for light field coding and streaming
=> Rate-Distortion Analysis of Dead-Zone Plus Uniform Threshold Scalar Quantization and Its Application: Part II: Two-Pass VBR Coding for H.264/AVC
=> Rate-Distortion Analysis of Dead-Zone Plus Uniform Threshold Scalar Quantization and Its Application: Part I: Fundamental Theory
=> Rate-Distortion Analysis of Directional Wavelets
=> Rate-distortion analysis of discrete-HMM pose estimation via multiaspect scattering data
=> Rate-distortion analysis of leaky prediction based FGS video for constant quality constrained rate adaptation
=> Rate-Distortion Analysis of Motion-Compensated Interpolation at the Decoder in Distributed Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Analysis of Motion-Compensated Rate Scalable Video
=> Rate-distortion analysis of random access for compressed light fields
=> Rate-distortion analysis of structured sensing matrices for block compressive sensing of images
=> Rate-distortion analysis of super-resolution image/video decoding
=> Rate-distortion analysis of weighted prediction for error resilience
=> rate-distortion analysis on motion prediction efficiency and mode decision for scalable wavelet video coding, A
=> Rate-Distortion and Complexity Joint Optimization for Fast Motion Estimation In H.264 Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion and Complexity Optimized Motion Estimation for H.264 Video Coding
=> Rate-distortion Approach to Wavelet-based Encoding of Predictive Error Frames, A
=> Rate-Distortion Based Image Segmentation Using Recursive Merging
=> Rate-Distortion Based Piecewise Planar 3D Scene Geometry Representation
=> Rate-distortion based real-time wireless video streaming
=> Rate-distortion based reconstruction optimization in distributed source coding for interactive multiview video streaming
=> Rate-distortion based selective decoding for pixel-domain distributed video coding
=> Rate-distortion based sparse coding for image set compression
=> Rate-distortion based video coding with adaptive mean-removed vector quantization
=> Rate-distortion bounds for motion compensated rate scalable video coders
=> Rate-Distortion Cost Estimation for H.264/AVC
=> Rate-Distortion Criterion Based Picture Padding for Arbitrary Resolution Video Coding Using H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
=> Rate-Distortion Driven Adaptive Partitioning for Octree-Based Point Cloud Geometry Coding
=> Rate-distortion driven decoder-side bitplane mode decision for distributed video coding
=> Rate-Distortion Driven Decomposition of Multiview Imagery to Diffuse and Specular Components
=> Rate-Distortion Driven Separation of Diffuse and Specular Components in Multiview Imagery
=> Rate-Distortion Efficient Piecewise Planar 3-D Scene Representation From 2-D Images
=> Rate-distortion evaluation for two-layer coding systems
=> Rate-Distortion Hint Tracks for Adaptive Video Streaming
=> Rate-distortion model and analytical bit allocation for wavelet-based region of interest coding
=> Rate-Distortion Model Based Bit Allocation for 3-D Facial Compression Using Geometry Video
=> Rate-distortion model based rate control for real-time VBR video coding and low-delay communications
=> Rate-Distortion Modeling for Bit Rate Constrained Point Cloud Compression
=> Rate-Distortion Modeling for Efficient H.264/AVC Encoding
=> Rate-distortion modeling for multiscale binary shape coding based on markov random fields
=> Rate-Distortion Modeling of Binary Shape using State Partitioning
=> Rate-distortion modeling of scalable video coders
=> Rate-Distortion Motion Compensated Noise Filtering For Low Bit Rate Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Bit Allocation for Object-Based Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Contour Prediction for a Region-Based Coder
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Depth Maps in the Wavelet Domain for Free-Viewpoint Rendering
=> Rate-distortion optimal downsampling of H.264 compressed video using full-resolution information
=> Rate-distortion optimal fast thresholding with complete JPEG/MPEG decoder compatibility
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Hybrid Scalable/Multiple-Description Video Codec, A
=> Rate-distortion optimal joint macroblock mode selection and motion estimation for mpeg-like video coders
=> Rate-distortion Optimal Joint Source/channel Coding for Robust and Efficient Low Bit Rate Packet Video Communications
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Joint Texture and Depth Map Coding for 3-D Video Streaming
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Motion Estimation Algorithms for Motion-Compensated Transform Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Parameter Choice in a Wavelet Image Communication System
=> Rate-distortion Optimal Skeleton-based Shape Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Transform Coefficient Selection for Unoccupied Regions in Video-Based Point Cloud Compression
=> Rate-distortion Optimal Video Pre-processing Algorithm, A
=> Rate-distortion optimal video summary generation
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Video Transport Over IP Allowing Packets With Bit Errors
=> Rate-Distortion Optimal Video Transport Over IP with Bit Errors
=> Rate-distortion optimised quantisation for direct current coefficients of Wyner-Ziv frame in unidirectional distributed video coding
=> Rate-distortion optimised transform competition for intra coding in HEVC
=> Rate-distortion optimization and adaptation of intra prediction filter parameters
=> Rate-distortion optimization for automatic sprite video coding using H.264/AVC
=> Rate-distortion optimization for progressive compression of 3D mesh with color attributes
=> Rate-Distortion Optimization for VBR Environments Using a Motion Compensated Wavelet Coder
=> Rate-Distortion Optimization in Dynamic Mesh Compression
=> rate-distortion optimization model for SVC inter-layer encoding and bitstream extraction, A
=> Rate-distortion optimization of a tone mapping with SDR quality constraint for backward-compatible high dynamic range compression
=> Rate-Distortion Optimization of Hierarchical Displacement-Fields
=> Rate-distortion optimization of multi-exposure image coding for high dynamic range image coding
=> Rate-distortion optimization of parametrized quantization matrix for MPEG-2 encoding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimization of Rate Control for H.264 With Adaptive Initial Quantization Parameter Determination
=> Rate-distortion optimization of scalable video codecs
=> Rate-Distortion Optimization Using Adaptive Lagrange Multipliers
=> Rate-distortion optimized application-level retransmission using streaming agent for video streaming over 3G wireless network
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Bitstream Extractor for Motion Scalability in Wavelet-Based Scalable Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Compression and View-Dependent Transmission of 3-D Normal Meshes
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Cross-Layer Rate Control in Wireless Video Communication
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Delivery of JPEG2000 Compressed Video with Hierarchical Motion Side Information
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Frame Type Selection for MPEG Encoding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Geometry Compression for Spinning LiDAR Point Cloud
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Graph-Based Representation for Multiview Images With Complex Camera Configurations
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Graph Coarsening and Partitioning for Light Field Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Graph for Point Cloud Attribute Coding
=> Rate-distortion optimized H.264/MVc video communications over QoS-enabled networks
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Hybrid Error Control for Real-Time Packetized Video Transmission
=> Rate-distortion optimized image compression using wedgelets
=> Rate-distortion optimized interactive browsing of JPEG2000 images
=> Rate-distortion optimized intra update for error resilience in MPEG-4 video coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Joint Source/Channel Coding of WWAN Multicast Video for a Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Collective
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized JPEG2000-Based Scalable Interactive Video (JSIV) with Motion and Quantization Bin Side-Information
=> Rate-distortion optimized layered coding of high dynamic range videos
=> Rate-distortion optimized layered coding with unequal error protection for robust internet video
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Learning-Based Image Compression using an Adaptive Hierachical Autoencoder with Conditional Hyperprior
=> Rate-distortion optimized merge frame using piecewise constant functions
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Mode Selection for Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding and the Emerging H.263 Standard
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Mode Switching for Error-Resilient Multi-View Video Plus Depth Based 3-D Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Motion-Compensated Prediction for Packet Loss Resilient Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Motion Smoothing for MPEG-2 Encoding
=> Rate-distortion optimized on-demand media streaming with server diversity
=> Rate-distortion optimized optical flow estimation
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Pixel-Based Motion Vector Concatenation for Reference Picture Selection
=> Rate-distortion optimized rate-allocation for motion-compensated predictive video codecs using PixelRank
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Rate Control for Depth Map-Based 3-D Video Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Reference Picture Management for High Efficiency Video Coding
=> Rate-distortion Optimized Region-based Video Coder
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Scan for Point Cloud Color Compression
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Scheduling for Redundant Video Representations
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Sparse Coding With Ordered Dictionary for Image Set Compression
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming for 3-D Wavelet Video
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming of Authenticated Video
=> Rate-distortion optimized streaming of compressed light fields
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming of Video with Multiple Independent Encodings
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Transmission Power Adaptation for Video Streaming over Wireless Channels
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Tree-Structured Compression Algorithms for Piecewise Polynomial Images
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Tree-Structured Point-Lattice Vector Quantization for Compression of 3D Point Clouds Geometry
=> Rate-distortion optimized unequal loss protection for video transmission over packet erasure channels
=> Rate-distortion Optimized Video Coding Considering Frameskip
=> Rate-distortion optimized video coding with stopping rules: Quality and complexity
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Video Streaming over Internet Packet Traces
=> Rate-Distortion Optimized Video Streaming with Adaptive Playout
=> Rate-distortion optimized video streaming with multiple deadlines
=> Rate-distortion performance for joint source and channel coding of images
=> Rate-Distortion Performance of H.264/AVC Compared to State-of-the-Art Video Codecs
=> Rate-distortion performance of multi-view image coding with subsampling of viewpoints
=> Rate-Distortion Snake: A Tool for Optimal Shape Coding
=> Rate-Distortion Theory for Affine Global Motion Compensation in Video Coding
=> Rate-distortion Unequal Error Protection for Fractal Image Codes
=> Rate-efficient error robustness for IDR frames through edge-based redundancy maps
=> Rate-efficient visual correspondences using random projections
=> Rate-energy-accuracy optimization of convolutional architectures for face recognition
=> Rate-Invariant Analysis of Covariance Trajectories
=> Rate-Invariant Analysis of Trajectories on Riemannian Manifolds with Application in Visual Speech Recognition
=> Rate-invariant comparisons of covariance paths for visual speech recognition
=> Rate-Invariant Recognition of Humans and Their Activities
=> Rate-Performance-Loss Optimization for Inter-Frame Deep Feature Coding From Videos
=> Rate-quality tradeoff MPEG video encoder
=> Rate-Quantization Model for MPEG Encoders, A
=> Rate-reduction transcoding design for wireless video streaming
=> Rate-Scalable Object-Based Wavelet Codec with Implicit Shape Coding
=> Rate-visual-distortion optimized extraction with Quality Layers for scalable coding of stereo videos
=> Rate adaptation for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP in content distribution network
=> rate adaptation transcoding scheme for real-time video transmission over wireless channels, A
=> Rate adaptive video streaming under lossy network conditions
=> Rate Allocation Algorithms for Motion Compensated Embedded Video Coders
=> Rate Allocation Criteria in Source-channel Coding of Images
=> Rate Allocation for Prediction Drift Reduction in Video Streaming
=> Rate allocation for robust video streaming based on distributed video coding
=> Rate Allocation for Spotlight SAR Phase History Data Compression
=> Rate Allocation in Predictive Video Coding Using a Convex Optimization Framework
=> Rate and buffer regulation in a video encoder for seamless splicing
=> Rate and decoding power constrained video coding scheme for mobile multimedia players
=> Rate and Distortion Modeling of CGS Coded Scalable Video Content
=> Rate and distortion modeling of medium grain scalable video coding
=> Rate and Distortion Optimization for Reversible Data Hiding Using Multiple Histogram Shifting
=> Rate and Energy Efficient Power Control in a Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Network
=> Rate and Power Allocation for Joint Coding and Transmission in Wireless Video Chat Applications
=> Rate Bounds on SSIM Index of Quantized Images
=> Rate Constrained Multiple-QP Optimization for HEVC
=> Rate constrained multiresolution transmission of video
=> Rate control algorithm based on intra-picture complexity for H.264/AVC
=> Rate control algorithm based on quality factor optimization for Dirac video codec
=> Rate Control Algorithm for DCT-Based Video Coding Using Simple Rate Estimation and Linear Source Model, A
=> Rate Control Algorithm for High Quality Compression of Static Test Image in Digital TV System
=> Rate Control Algorithm for MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC Transcoding
=> Rate control and bit allocation for MPEG-4
=> Rate control based on linear regression for H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
=> Rate Control for an Embedded Wavelet Video Coder
=> Rate control for an MPEG transcoder without a priori knowledge of picture type
=> Rate Control for Consistent Objective Quality in High Efficiency Video Coding
=> Rate control for consistent video quality with inter-dependent distortion model for HEVC
=> Rate control for consistent visual quality of H.264/AVC encoding
=> Rate control for foveated MPEG/H.263 video
=> Rate Control for H.264 Video With Enhanced Rate and Distortion Models
=> Rate control for HEVC intra-coding with a CTU-dependent distortion model
=> Rate control for JVT video coding scheme with urd considerations
=> Rate control for layered video compression using matching pursuits
=> Rate control for low-bit-rate video via variable-encoding frame rates
=> Rate Control for Low-Delay Video Using a Dynamic Rate Table
=> Rate control for MPEG-2 SNR scalability and stream morphing using codeword estimation and overhead modelling
=> Rate control for MPEG transcoders
=> Rate control for MPEG video coding
=> Rate control for non-uniform video in HEVC
=> Rate Control for Predictive Transform Screen Content Video Coding Based on RANSAC
=> Rate control for screen content coding based on picture classification
=> Rate control for stereoscopic digital video encoding
=> Rate control for unbalanced multiple description video streaming
=> Rate control for VBR video over ATM: simplification and implementation
=> Rate Control For Versatile Video Coding
=> Rate Control for Video-Based Point Cloud Compression
=> Rate control for video coding over variable bit rate channels with applications to wireless transmission
=> Rate control for video coding with slice type dependencies
=> Rate Control for Videophone Using Local Perceptual Cues
=> Rate Control in DCT Video Coding for Low-Delay Communications
=> Rate control initialization algorithm for scalable video coding
=> Rate Control Method Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Video Sequences in HEVC
=> rate control method for H.263 temporal scalability, A
=> Rate Control Method with Pre-analysis for Real-time MPEG-2 Video Coding, A
=> Rate control model for high dynamic range video
=> Rate Control of H.264 Encoded Sequences by Dropping Frames in the Compressed Domain
=> Rate Control of H.264/AVC Scalable Extension
=> Rate Control Optimization for Temporal-Layer Scalable Video Coding
=> Rate control optimization in embedded wavelet coding
=> Rate Control Optimization of X265 Using Information from Quarter-Resolution Pre-Motion-Estimation
=> Rate Control Performance under End-User's Perspective: A Test Tool
=> Rate Control Scheme for Consistent Video Quality in Scalable Video Codec
=> Rate Control Scheme for Low-delay MPEG-2 Video Transcoder
=> Rate Control Scheme for Video Coding Using Low-Memory-Cost Look-Up Table
=> rate control scheme using Kalman filtering for H.263, A
=> Rate control schemes for panoramic video coding
=> Rate control technique based on 3D quality optimization for 3D video encoding
=> Rate Control Using Adaptive Model-Based Quantization, A
=> Rate control using linear rate-rho model for H.264
=> Rate Control via Adjustment of Lagrange Multiplier for Video Coding
=> Rate control with delay constraint for screen content coding
=> Rate controlled redundancy-adaptive multiple description video coding
=> Rate conversion of MPEG coded video by re-quantization process
=> Rate distortion-based motion estimation search ordering for rate-constrained successive elimination algorithms
=> Rate Distortion Analysis for Spatially Scalable Video Coding
=> Rate distortion analysis of high dynamic range video coding techniques
=> Rate distortion analysis of leaky prediction layered video coding using quantization noise modeling
=> Rate Distortion Analysis of Motion Side Estimation in Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
=> Rate Distortion Data Hiding of Motion Vector Competition Information in Chroma and Luma Samples for Video Compression
=> Rate Distortion Framework for 3D Browsing, A
=> Rate Distortion Method for Beamforming in RF Image Formation, A
=> rate distortion method for waveform design in RF image formation, A
=> Rate distortion Multiple Instance Learning for image classification
=> Rate distortion optimal bit allocation for stereo image coding
=> Rate Distortion Optimal Bit Allocation Methods for Volumetric Data Using JPEG 2000
=> Rate distortion optimal ECG signal compression
=> Rate Distortion Optimization for H.264 Interframe Coding: A General Framework and Algorithms
=> Rate Distortion Optimization Over Large Scale Video Corpus With Machine Learning
=> Rate distortion optimization using SSIM for 3D video coding
=> Rate Distortion Optimization: A Joint Framework and Algorithms for Random Access Hierarchical Video Coding
=> Rate Distortion Optimized Adaptive Multiscale Vector Quantization
=> Rate distortion optimized curve determination for curved wavelet image coding
=> Rate Distortion Optimized Document Coding Using Resolution Enhanced Rendering
=> Rate Distortion Optimized Inter-View Frame Level Bit Allocation Method for MV-HEVC
=> Rate distortion optimized mode decision in the scalable video coding
=> Rate distortion optimized quantization based on weighted mean squared error for lossy image coding
=> Rate distortion optimized transform for intra block coding for HEVC
=> Rate Distortion Performance of Pyramid and Subband Motion Compensation Based on Quantization Theory
=> Rate estimation for H.264/AVC spatial resolution reduction
=> Rate Estimation Techniques for Encoder Parallelization
=> Rate GQN: A Deviations-Reduced Decision-Making Strategy for Connected and Automated Vehicles in Mixed Autonomy
=> Rate Gradient Approximation Attack Threats Deep Spiking Neural Networks
=> Rate insensitive steganalysis of ±1 embedding in images
=> Rate model considering inter-symbol dependency for HEVC inter-frame coding
=> Rate Perceptual-Distortion Optimized Video Coding HEVC, A
=> Rate/distortion-based combination of multiple DCT transforms for video coding
=> Rate/distortion optimization in multiple description video coding
=> Rateless scalable video coding for overlay multisource streaming in MANETs
=> Rating-Aware Self-Organizing Maps
=> Rating Image Aesthetics Using a Crowd Sourcing Approach
=> Rating Image Aesthetics Using Deep Learning
=> Rating Iron Deficiency in Soybean Using Image Processing and Decision-Tree Based Models
=> Rating Prediction Based on Social Sentiment From Textual Reviews
=> Rating prediction via generative convolutional neural networks based regression
=> Rating Vs. Paired Comparison for the Judgment of Dominance on First Impressions
=> Ratio-and-Scale-Aware YOLO for Pedestrian Detection
=> Ratio-Based Multitemporal SAR Images Denoising: RABASAR
=> Ratio-Based Nonlocal Anisotropic Despeckling Approach for SAR Images
=> Ratio Contour Code
=> ratio edge detector for speckled images based on maximum strength edge pruning, A
=> Ratio model serves suprathreshold color luminance discrimination
=> Ratio of Land Consumption Rate to Population Growth Rate in the Major Metropolitan Areas of Romania
=> Ratio of Land Consumption Rate to Population Growth Rate: Analysis of Different Formulations Applied to Mainland Portugal
=> Ratio of the Arithmetic to the Geometric Mean: A First-order Statistical Test for Multilook SAR Image Homogeneity, The
=> Ratio of the Land Consumption Rate to the Population Growth Rate: A Framework for the Achievement of the Spatiotemporal Pattern in Poland and Lithuania, The
=> Ratio Regions: A Technique for Image Segmentation
=> Ratio Sum Versus Sum Ratio for Linear Discriminant Analysis
=> Rational-operator-based depth-from-defocus approach to scene reconstruction
=> Rational Delegation Computing Using Information Theory and Game Theory Approach
=> Rational Discrete Generalized Cylinders And Their Application To Shape Recovery In Medical Images
=> rational edge-preserving smoother, A
=> Rational filter design for depth from defocus
=> Rational Filters for Passive Depth from Defocus
=> Rational Filters for Passive Depth from Defocus
=> Rational Filters for Passive Depth from Defocus
=> Rational Function Lens Distortion Model for General Cameras, A
=> Rational Function Model Based Geo-Positioning Method for Satellite Images without Using Ground Control Points, A
=> rational function model: A Tool for Processing High-Resolution Imagery, The
=> Rational function modeling for spaceborne SAR datasets
=> Rational Functions and Potential for Rigorous Sensor Model Recovery
=> Rational Polynomial Camera Model Warping for Deep Learning Based Satellite Multi-View Stereo Matching
=> Rational Polynomial Modelling for CARTOSAT-1 data
=> Rational Unsharp Masking Method for TV Applications, A
=> Rationalising the Renormalisation Method of Kanatani
=> Rationality of Restricted Re-quantization for Efficient MPEG Transcoding
=> Rationalizing Edge Detectors
=> Rationalizing Efficient Compositional Image Alignment
=> Rationalizing the Coefficients of Popular Biorthogonal Wavelet Filters
=> RATM: Recurrent Attentive Tracking Model
=> RATSAC - Random Tree Sampling for Maximum Consensus Estimation
=> RAU-Net-Based Imaging Method for Spatial-Variant Correction and Denoising in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Radar
=> RAV (Reparameterized Angle Variations) Algorithm for Online Handwriting Recognition
=> RAV: Learning-Based Adaptive Streaming to Coordinate the Audio and Video Bitrate Selections
=> RAVAN: CubeSat Demonstration for Multi-Point Earth Radiation Budget Measurements
=> RAVEN: A Dataset for Relational and Analogical Visual REasoNing
=> RavenGaze: A Dataset for Gaze Estimation Leveraging Psychological Experiment Through Eye Tracker
=> Raw-guided Enhancing Reprocess of Low-light Image via Deep Exposure Adjustment
=> Raw-to-Raw: Mapping between Image Sensor Color Responses
=> Raw Data Simulation of Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar with Accurate Range Model
=> Raw High-Definition Radar for Multi-Task Learning
=> Raw Image Deblurring
=> RAW Image Reconstruction Using a Self-Contained sRGB-JPEG Image with Only 64 KB Overhead
=> RAW Image Reconstruction Using a Self-contained sRGB-JPEG Image with Small Memory Overhead
=> Raw Image Reconstruction with Learned Compact Metadata
=> Raw Signal Simulator for SAR With Trajectory Deviation Based on Spatial Spectrum Analysis
=> RAW tool identification through detected demosaicing regularity
=> Raw vs. Processed: How to Use the Raw and Processed Images for Robust Face Recognition under Varying Illumination
=> RawFormer: An Efficient Vision Transformer for Low-Light RAW Image Enhancement
=> Rawgment: Noise-Accounted RAW Augmentation Enables Recognition in a Wide Variety of Environments
=> RawHDR: High Dynamic Range Image Reconstruction from a Single Raw Image
=> RAWtoBit: A Fully End-to-end Camera ISP Network
=> Raxel Imaging Model and Ray-Based Calibration, The
=> Ray-based Color Image Segmentation
=> Ray-based Detection Of Openings In Urban Areas Using Mobile Lidar Data
=> Ray-based Segmentation Algorithm for Medical Imaging
=> Ray-Patch: An Efficient Querying for Light Field Transformers
=> Ray-Space-Based Multichannel Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Audio Source Separation
=> Ray-Space Epipolar Geometry for Light Field Cameras
=> Ray-Space Motion Compensation for Lenslet Plenoptic Video Coding
=> Ray-Space Projection Model for Light Field Camera
=> Ray-Tracing Simulation Techniques for Understanding High-Resolution SAR Images
=> Ray Carving with Gradients and Motion
=> Ray Casting Deformable Models on the GPU
=> Ray casting for modeling solids
=> Ray Conditioning: Trading Photo-consistency for Photo-realism in Multi-view Image Generation
=> Ray Contribution Masks for Structure Adaptive Sinogram Filtering
=> Ray Divergence-Based Bundle Adjustment Conditioning for Multi-view Stereo
=> Ray geometry in non-pinhole cameras: A survey
=> Ray Markov Random Fields for image-based 3D modeling: Model and efficient inference
=> Ray Priors through Reprojection: Improving Neural Radiance Fields for Novel View Extrapolation
=> Ray Projection for Recovering Projective Transformations and Illumination Changes
=> Ray Saliency: Bottom-Up Visual Saliency for a Rotating and Zooming Camera
=> Ray Space Features for Plenoptic Structure-from-Motion
=> Ray Traced Virtual Reality
=> Ray Tracing-Guided Design of Plenoptic Cameras
=> Ray Tracing and SAR-Tomography for 3D Analysis of Microwave Scattering at Man-Made Objects
=> Ray tracing for HoloVizio light field displays
=> Ray Tracing for Modeling of Small Footprint Airborne Laser Scanning Returns
=> ray tracing method for geodesic based tractography in diffusion tensor images, A
=> Ray tracing via GPU rasterization
=> Ray3D: ray-based 3D human pose estimation for monocular absolute 3D localization
=> Raydiance: A Tangible Interface for Teaching Computer Vision
=> Rayleigh-Maximum-Likelihood Filtering for Speckle Reduction of Ultrasound Images
=> Rayleigh-Rice Mixture Parameter Estimation via EM Algorithm for Change Detection in Multispectral Images
=> Rayleigh-Ritz style method for large-scale discriminant analysis, A
=> Rayleigh EigenDirections (REDs): Nonlinear GAN Latent Space Traversals for Multidimensional Features
=> Rayleigh Lidar Signal Denoising Method Combined with WT, EEMD and LOWESS to Improve Retrieval Accuracy
=> Rayleigh segmentation of the endocardium in ultrasound images
=> Rayleigh, Deep Convective Clouds, and Cross-Sensor Desert Vicarious Calibration Validation for the PROBA-V Mission
=> RayMVSNet: Learning Ray-based 1D Implicit Fields for Accurate Multi-View Stereo
=> RayMVSNet++: Learning Ray-Based 1D Implicit Fields for Accurate Multi-View Stereo
=> RayNet: Learning Volumetric 3D Reconstruction with Ray Potentials
=> RayPortals: a light transport editing framework
=> Rays: New Representation for Polygons and Polyhedra
=> Raytracing Simulated GPS Radio Wave Propagation Paths Experiencing Large Disturbances When Going through the Top of the Sub-Cloud Layer
=> RayTran: 3D Pose Estimation and Shape Reconstruction of Multiple Objects from Videos with Ray-Traced Transformers
=> RB-Dust - A Reference-based Dataset for Vision-based Dust Removal
=> RB-Net: Training Highly Accurate and Efficient Binary Neural Networks With Reshaped Point-Wise Convolution and Balanced Activation
=> RBA: Reduced Bundle Adjustment for oblique aerial photogrammetry
=> RbA: Segmenting Unknown Regions Rejected by All
=> RbA: Segmenting Unknown Regions Rejected by All
=> RBC: Rectifying the Biased Context in Continual Semantic Segmentation
=> RBDF: Reciprocal Bidirectional Framework for Visible Infrared Person Reidentification
=> RBDL: Robust block-Structured dictionary learning for block sparse representation
=> RBF-Based Compression Method for Image-Based Relighting, An
=> RBF-Based Multiphase Level Set Method for Segmentation in Echocardiography using the Statistics of the Radiofrequency Signal, A
=> RBF-based neurodynamic nearest neighbor classification in real pattern space
=> RBF-based pattern recognition method by competitively reducing classification-oriented error, An
=> RBF-Based QP Estimation Model for VBR Control in H.264/SVC
=> RBF-Softmax: Learning Deep Representative Prototypes with Radial Basis Function Softmax
=> RBF-Softmax: Learning Deep Representative Prototypes with Radial Basis Function Softmax
=> RBF based spatio-temporal representation technique for video compression
=> RBF Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in Lijin Section
=> RBF Network with Tunable Function Shape, An
=> RBF Neural Networks for Hand-Based Biometric Recognition
=> RBF patching of laser scanner data
=> RBF shape histograms and their application to 3D face processing
=> RBFA-Net: A Rotated Balanced Feature-Aligned Network for Rotated SAR Ship Detection and Classification
=> RBFN Restoration of Nonlinearly Degraded Images
=> RBFNN-Based Adaptive Event-Triggered Control for Heterogeneous Vehicle Platoon Consensus
=> RBFNN-Based Fractional-Order Control of High-Speed Train With Uncertain Model and Actuator Failures
=> RBGAN: Realistic-generation and balanced-utility GAN for face de-identification
=> RBGNet: Ray-based Grouping for 3D Object Detection
=> RBM-based Silhouette Encoding for Human Action Modelling
=> RBM-LBP: Joint Distribution of Multiple Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
=> RBP-Pose: Residual Bounding Box Projection for Category-Level Pose Estimation
=> RBRIEF: a robust descriptor based on random binary comparisons
=> Rbvs-Net: A Robust Convolutional Neural Network For Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation
=> RC-Heli and Structure and Motion techniques for the 3-D reconstruction of a Milan Dome spire
=> RC-MVSNet: Unsupervised Multi-View Stereo with Neural Rendering
=> RC-Net: A Convolutional Neural Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
=> RC Filter Design for Wireless Power Transfer: A Fourier Series Approach
=> RCA-NOC: Relative Contrastive Alignment for Novel Object Captioning
=> RCAA: Relational Context-Aware Agents for Person Search
=> RCBSR: Re-parameterization Convolution Block for Super-resolution
=> RCCNet: Reducing Channel Convolution Network for Monocular Depth Estimation
=> RCCT-ASPPNet: Dual-Encoder Remote Image Segmentation Based on Transformer and ASPP
=> RCD-SGD: Resource-Constrained Distributed SGD in Heterogeneous Environment Via Submodular Partitioning
=> RCD: A recurring concept drift framework
=> RCE-GAN: A Rebar Clutter Elimination Network to Improve Tunnel Lining Void Detection from GPR Images
=> RCGAN: Learning a Generative Model for Arbitrary Size Image Generation
=> RCL: Recurrent Continuous Localization for Temporal Action Detection
=> RCLane: Relay Chain Prediction for Lane Detection
=> RCMF: Robust Constrained Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
=> RCNN-SliceNet: A Slice and Cluster Approach for Nuclei Centroid Detection in Three-Dimensional Fluorescence Microscopy Images
=> RCP: Recurrent Closest Point for Point Cloud
=> RCS of Complex Targets: Original Representation Validated by Measurements: Application to ISAR Imagery
=> RCSANet: A Full Convolutional Network for Extracting Inland Aquaculture Ponds from High-Spatial-Resolution Images
=> RCsearcher: Reaction center identification in retrosynthesis via deep Q-learning
=> RCUMP: Residual Completion Unrolling With Mixed Priors for Snapshot Compressive Imaging
=> RCV2023 Challenges: Benchmarking Model Training and Inference for Resource-Constrained Deep Learning
=> RD-GAN: Few/zero-shot Chinese Character Style Transfer via Radical Decomposition and Rendering
=> RD-IWAN: Residual Dense Based Imperceptible Watermark Attack Network
=> RD-Optimized 3D Planar Model Reconstruction & Encoding for Video Compression
=> RD-optimized interactive streaming of multiview video with multiple encodings
=> RD-Optimized View Synthesis Prediction for Multiview Video Coding
=> RD Optimized Bandwidth Efficient Motion Estimation and Its Hardware Design With On-Demand Data Access
=> RD optimized bitstream extraction for H.264/SVC based video streaming
=> RD Optimized Coding for Motion Vector Predictor Selection
=> RD Optimized Coding for Motion Vector Predictor Selection
=> RDA: Reciprocal Distribution Alignment for Robust Semi-supervised Learning
=> RDA: Robust Domain Adaptation via Fourier Adversarial Attacking
=> RDC-SLAM: A Real-Time Distributed Cooperative SLAM System Based on 3D LiDAR
=> RDCFace: Radial Distortion Correction for Face Recognition
=> RDCRMG: A Raster Dataset Clean & Reconstitution Multi-Grid Architecture for Remote Sensing Monitoring of Vegetation Dryness
=> RDD-net: Robust duplicated-diffusion watermarking based on deep network
=> RDEN: Residual Distillation Enhanced Network-Guided Lightweight Synthesized View Quality Enhancement for 3D-HEVC
=> RDEPD: Re-Exploring Depth Estimation for Pedestrian Detection
=> RDEPS: A Combined Reaction-Diffusion Equation and Photometric Similarity Filter for Optical Image Restoration
=> RDF-Based Blackboard Architecture for Improving Table Analysis, An
=> RDFNet: RGB-D Multi-level Residual Feature Fusion for Indoor Semantic Segmentation
=> RDI-Net: Relational Dynamic Inference Networks
=> RDMNet: Reliable Dense Matching Based Point Cloud Registration for Autonomous Driving
=> RDO-Q: Extremely Fine-Grained Channel-Wise Quantization via Rate-Distortion Optimization
=> RDONet: Rate-Distortion Optimized Learned Image Compression with Variable Depth
=> RDQS: A Geospatial Data Analysis System for Improving Roads Directionality Quality
=> RDRN: Recursively Defined Residual Network for Image Super-resolution
=> RDTC Optimized Compression of Image-Based Scene Representations (Part I): Modeling and Theoretical Analysis
=> RDTC Optimized Compression of Image-Based Scene Representations (Part II): Practical Coding
=> RDTC Optimized Streaming for Remote Browsing in Image-Based Scene Representations
=> RDVideo: A New Lossless Video Codec on GPU
=> Re-abstraction and perturbing support pair network for few-shot fine-grained image classification
=> Re-Aging GAN: Toward Personalized Face Age Transformation
=> Re-Analysis and Synthesis of Data on Affect Dynamics in Learning, A
=> Re-Arranging Space, Time and Scales in GIS: Alternative Models for Multi-Scale Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Analyses
=> Re-Attention for Visual Question Answering
=> Re-Balancing Strategy for Class-Imbalanced Classification Based on Instance Difficulty, A
=> Re-basin via implicit Sinkhorn differentiation
=> Re-Caption: Saliency-Enhanced Image Captioning Through Two-Phase Learning
=> Re-codable video
=> Re-coding ECOCs without re-training
=> Re-Compose the Image by Evaluating the Crop on More Than Just a Score
=> RE-Det3D: RoI-enhanced 3D object detector
=> Re-Discovering Ancient Landscapes: Archaeological Survey of Mound Features from Historical Maps in Northwest India and Implications for Investigating the Large-Scale Distribution of Cultural Heritage Sites in South Asia
=> Re-distributing Biased Pseudo Labels for Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation: A Baseline Investigation
=> Re-emerging Malaria Vectors In Rural Sahel (nouna, Burkina Faso): The Paluclim Project
=> Re-energizing Domain Discriminator with Sample Relabeling for Adversarial Domain Adaptation
=> Re-EnGAN: Unsupervised image-to-image translation based on reused feature encoder in CycleGAN
=> Re-estimation of Motion and Reconstruction for Distributed Video Coding
=> Re-evaluating colour constancy algorithms
=> Re-evaluation of Pedestrian Detection on Riemannian Manifolds, A
=> Re-Evaluation of the Security of a Family of Image Diffusion Mechanisms
=> Re-examining the Optical Flow Constraint: A New Optical Flow Algorithm with Outlier rejection
=> Re-GAN: Data-Efficient GANs Training via Architectural Reconfiguration
=> Re-ID Driven Localization Refinement for Person Search
=> Re-id: Hunting Attributes in the Wild
=> Re-identification by neighborhood structure metric learning
=> Re-identification for Online Person Tracking by Modeling Space-Time Continuum
=> Re-identification framework for long term visual object tracking based on object detection and classification
=> Re-Identification in the Function Space of Feature Warps
=> Re-identification Loss in Combination Spaces for Multiple Object Tracking
=> Re-identification of Pedestrians in Crowds Using Dynamic Time Warping
=> Re-identification of pedestrians with variable occlusion and scale
=> Re-identification of Visual Targets in Camera Networks: A Comparison of Techniques
=> Re-Identification of Zebrafish using Metric Learning
=> Re-Identification Supervised Texture Generation
=> Re-Identification With Consistent Attentive Siamese Networks
=> Re-identification with RGB-D Sensors
=> Re-identify people in wide area camera network
=> Re-illuminating single images using Albedo estimation
=> Re-IQA: Unsupervised Learning for Image Quality Assessment in the Wild
=> Re-labeling ImageNet: From Single to Multi-Labels, from Global to Localized Labels
=> Re-lighting and Compensation for Face Images
=> Re-mapping Animation Parameters Between Multiple Types of Facial Model
=> Re-mine, Learn and Reason: Exploring the Cross-modal Semantic Correlations for Language-guided HOI detection
=> Re-net: A Relation Embedded Deep Model for AU Occurrence and Intensity Estimation
=> re-OBJ: Jointly Learning the Foreground and Background for Object Instance Re-identification
=> Re-Parameterization Making GC-Net-Style 3dconvnets More Efficient
=> Re-Parameterized Real-Time Stereo Matching Network Based on Mixed Cost Volumes Toward Autonomous Driving
=> Re-Parameterized Vision Transformer (ReVT) for Domain-Generalized Semantic Segmentation, A
=> Re-photography and Environment Monitoring Using a Social Sensor Network
=> RE-PLAN: An Extensible Software Architecture to Facilitate Disaster Response Planning
=> Re-Plannable Automated Parking System With a Standalone Around View Monitor for Narrow Parking Lots
=> Re-Planning of Flight Routes Avoiding Convective Weather and the Three Areas
=> Re-presentations of Art Collections
=> Re-projective Pose Estimation of a Planar Prototype
=> Re-Projective vs. Projective Camera Calibration: Effects on 3D-Reconstruction
=> Re-quantization Based Semi-Fragile Authentication for General Uniform Quantizer
=> Re-ranking and TOPSIS-based ensemble feature selection with multi-stage aggregation for text categorization
=> Re-ranking by Multi-feature Fusion with Diffusion for Image Retrieval
=> Re-Ranking High-Dimensional Deep Local Representation for NIR-VIS Face Recognition
=> Re-ranking image-text matching by adaptive metric fusion
=> Re-ranking of the Merging Order for Hierarchical Image Segmentation
=> Re-ranking of web image search results using a graph algorithm
=> Re-ranking Person Re-identification with k-Reciprocal Encoding
=> Re-ranking using compression-based distance measure for Content-based Commercial Product Image Retrieval
=> Re-Ranking via Metric Fusion for Object Retrieval and Person Re-Identification
=> Re-ranking with ranking-reflected similarity for person re-identification
=> Re-ranking with two-level hashing
=> Re-ReND: Real-time Rendering of NeRFs across Devices
=> Re-sampling for Chinese Sign Language Recognition
=> Re-scalable V-BLAST MIMO system for FPGA
=> Re-scoring using image-language similarity for few-shot object detection
=> Re-scoring using image-language similarity for few-shot object detection
=> Re-Sign: Re-Aligned End-to-End Sequence Modelling with Deep Recurrent CNN-HMMs
=> Re-staining Pathology Images by FCNN
=> Re-Synchronization Using the Hand Preceding Model for Multi-Modal Fusion in Automatic Continuous Cued Speech Recognition
=> Re-texturing by Intrinsic Video
=> Re-Thinking Co-Salient Object Detection
=> Re-Thinking Federated Active Learning Based on Inter-Class Diversity
=> Re-Thinking Model Inversion Attacks Against Deep Neural Networks
=> Re-thinking non-rigid structure from motion
=> Re-Thinking the Effectiveness of Batch Normalization and Beyond
=> Re-Thinking the Relations in Co-Saliency Detection
=> Re-Using of the Historical Buildings in the Context of Sustainablity: An Architectural Design Studio Study on Old Girls Teacher Training School
=> Re-Visiting Discriminator for Blind Free-Viewpoint Image Quality Assessment
=> Re-Weighted Adversarial Adaptation Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
=> Re-Weighted Discriminatively Embedded K-Means for Multi-View Clustering
=> Re-Weighted L_1 Algorithms within the Lagrange Duality Framework
=> Re-weighting and 1-Point RANSAC-Based PnnP Solution to Handle Outliers
=> Re-weighting features selection based on wrapper filter and genetic algorithms for figurative images recognition
=> Re-Weighting Large Margin Label Distribution Learning for Classification
=> Re-weighting Linear Discrimination Analysis under ranking loss
=> Re-weighting the morphological diversity
=> Re-writing the Construction History of Boughton House (Northamptonshire, Uk) with the Help of Docu-tools®
=> Re:PolyWorld - A Graph Neural Network for Polygonal Scene Parsing
=> Re2TAL: Rewiring Pretrained Video Backbones for Reversible Temporal Action Localization
=> Reach-Avoid Games With Two Defenders and One Attacker: An Analytical Approach
=> Reach Out and Touch Space (Motion Learning)
=> Reach Project Contribution to Protecting, Preserving and Valuing Tangible and Intangible Heritage Through Participation, The
=> Reaching the World Through Free Licenses and Wikimedia's Crowdsourced Platforms
=> ReAct: Temporal Action Detection with Relational Queries
=> Reaction-diffusion algorithm for stereo disparity detection
=> Reaction-Diffusion Equations and Learning
=> Reaction-diffusion network for geometric multiscale high speed image processing
=> Reaction-diffusion Systems for Hypothesis Propagation
=> Reaction Centric Layout for Metabolic Networks
=> ReactioNet: Learning High-order Facial Behavior from Universal Stimulus-Reaction by Dyadic Relation Reasoning
=> Reactions to Peripheral Image Motion Using a Head/Eye Platform
=> Reactiva'Motion Project: Motion Synthesis Based on a Reactive Representation
=> Reactive Computer Vision System with Reconfigurable Architecture
=> Reactive control of zoom while fixating using perspective and affine cameras
=> Reactive Learning Strategy for AsymBoost Based Face Detectors
=> Reactive Memories: An Interactive Talking-Head
=> Reactive Memories: An Interactive Talking-Head
=> Reactive Object Tracking with a Single PTZ Camera
=> Reactive Obstacle Avoidance for Highly Maneuverable Vehicles Based on a Two-Stage Optical Flow Clustering
=> Reactive pedestrian path following from examples
=> Reactive View Planning for Quantification of Local Geometry
=> Reactive Zoom Control while Tracking Using an Affine Camera
=> Reactive Zoom Control while Tracking Using an Affine Camera
=> Reactnet: Towards Precise Binary Neural Network with Generalized Activation Functions
=> Reactrix
=> Read-only Prompt Optimization for Vision-Language Few-shot Learning
=> Read-only Prompt Optimization for Vision-Language Few-shot Learning
=> Read-the-game skill evaluation by analyzing head orientation in immersive VR
=> Read-Write Memory Network for Movie Story Understanding, A
=> Read and Attend: Temporal Localisation in Sign Language Videos
=> Read Like Humans: Autonomous, Bidirectional and Iterative Language Modeling for Scene Text Recognition
=> Read My Lips: Continuous Signer Independent Weakly Supervised Viseme Recognition
=> READ: Reciprocal Attention Discriminator for Image-to-Video Re-identification
=> READ: Recursive Autoencoders for Document Layout Generation
=> Readability Enhancement of Displayed Images Under Ambient Light
=> READER: Robust Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Dimension Reduction
=> Reading-Life Log: Technologies to Recognize Texts That We Read, The
=> Reading-Strategy Inspired Visual Representation Learning for Text-to-Video Retrieval
=> Reading 1D Barcodes with Mobile Phones Using Deformable Templates
=> Reading Activity Recognition Using an Off-the-Shelf EEG: Detecting Reading Activities and Distinguishing Genres of Documents
=> Reading Ancient Coins: Automatically Identifying Denarii Using Obverse Legend Seeded Retrieval
=> Reading Arbitrary-shaped Scene Text from Images Through Spline Regression and Rectification
=> Reading between the Lines: A Method for Extracting Dynamic 3D with Texture
=> Reading between the Lines: Object Localization Using Implicit Cues from Image Tags
=> Reading between the Lines: Object Localization Using Implicit Cues from Image Tags
=> Reading between the Lines: Object Localization Using Implicit Cues from Image Tags
=> Reading between the turns: Statistical modeling for identity recognition and verification in chats
=> Reading car license plates using deep neural networks
=> Reading challenging barcodes with cameras
=> Reading Chess
=> Reading comprehension by content-related audiovisual feedback in children's story application (app)
=> Reading Cursive Handwriting by Alignment of Letter Prototypes
=> Reading Cursive Handwriting
=> Reading Digital Video Clocks by Two Phases of Connected Deep Networks
=> Reading During Fully Automated Driving: A Study of the Effect of Peripheral Visual and Haptic Information on Situation Awareness and Mental Workload
=> Reading from Scratch: A Vision-System for Reading Data on Micro-structured Surfaces
=> Reading Greenness in Urban Areas: Possible Roles of Phenological Metrics from the Copernicus HR-VPP Dataset
=> Reading grid for feature selection relevance criteria in regression
=> Reading Handwritten Words Using Hierarchical Relaxation
=> Reading LCD/LED Displays with a Camera Cell Phone
=> Reading Newspaper Text
=> Reading order detection in visually-rich documents with multi-modal layout-aware relation prediction
=> Reading Order of Chinese Newspaper Articles Using a Block Growing Method
=> Reading Out the Synaptic Echoes of Low-Level Perception in V1
=> Reading Personality Preferences From Motion Patterns in Computer Mouse Operations
=> Reading Speed and Superiority of Right Visual Field on Foveated Vision
=> Reading Text in the Wild from Compressed Images
=> Reading Text in the Wild with Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Reading the Road: Road Marking Classification and Interpretation
=> Reading the signs: A video based sign dictionary
=> Reading to Listen at the Cocktail Party: Multi-Modal Speech Separation
=> Reading Users' Minds From Their Eyes: A Method for Implicit Image Annotation
=> Reading Watermarks from Printed Binary Images with a Camera Phone
=> ReadingAct RGB-D action dataset and human action recognition from local features
=> Readjusting Unstable Regions to Improve the Quality of High Accuracy Optical Flow
=> Readout of Energy Pulses on Microwave SQUID Multiplexer: A Sensor Array-Based Approach
=> ReADS: A Rectified Attentional Double Supervised Network for Scene Text Recognition
=> ReadSoft International
=> Ready-Aim-Fly! Hands-Free Face-Based HRI for 3D Trajectory Control of UAVs
=> Ready-to-Use Methods for the Detection of Clouds, Cirrus, Snow, Shadow, Water and Clear Sky Pixels in Sentinel-2 MSI Images
=> REAF: Remembering Enhancement and Entropy-Based Asymptotic Forgetting for Filter Pruning
=> ReAgent: Point Cloud Registration using Imitation and Reinforcement Learning
=> Reagformer: Reaggregation Transformer with Affine Group Features for 3d Object Detection
=> Real- and Complex-Valued Neural Networks for SAR Image Segmentation Through Different Polarimetric Representations
=> Real- Time Hyperspectral Stereo Processing for the Generation of 3D Depth Information
=> Real- Time Video Denoising on Mobile Phones
=> Real-ESRGAN: Training Real-World Blind Super-Resolution with Pure Synthetic Data
=> Real-life Activity Recognition: Focus on Recognizing Reading Activities
=> real-life dangers of augmented reality, The
=> Real-life Test of Face Recognition System for Dialogue Interface Robot in Ubiquitous Environments, A
=> Real-life violent social interaction detection
=> Real-MFF: A large realistic multi-focus image dataset with ground truth
=> Real-RawVSR: Real-World Raw Video Super-Resolution with a Benchmark Dataset
=> Real-Scene Reflection Removal With RAW-RGB Image Pairs
=> Real-Time 100 Object Recognition System
=> Real-time 16K video coding on a GPU with complexity scalable BPC-PaCo
=> Real-Time 2-D Feature Detection on a Reconfigurable Computer
=> Real-Time 2-D Vector Doppler System for Clinical Experimentation, A
=> Real-time 2-D wavelet transform implementation for HDTV compression
=> Real-time 2D-3D filtering using order statistics based algorithms
=> Real-time 2D feature detection with low-level image processing algorithms on smart CCD/CMOS image sensors
=> Real-time 2D to 3D video conversion
=> Real-time 2D video/3D LiDAR registration
=> Real-Time 2D/3D Deformable Registration Using Metric Learning
=> Real-time 2D+3D facial action and expression recognition
=> Real-Time 2DHoG-2DPCA Algorithm for Hand Gesture Recognition
=> Real-time 3-D face tracking and modeling framework for mid-res cam
=> Real-time 3-D face tracking and modeling from a webcam
=> Real-Time 3-D Facial Animation: From Appearance to Internal Articulators
=> Real-time 3-D human body tracking using learnt models of behaviour
=> Real-Time 3-D Human Body Tracking using Variable Length Markov Models
=> Real-time 3-D image reconstruction from multi-focus images by efficient linear filtering with multi-dimensional symmetry
=> Real-Time 3-D Measurement System Based on Light-Section Method Using Smart Image Sensor
=> Real-Time 3-D Semantic Scene Parsing With LiDAR Sensors
=> Real-Time 3-D Sensing, Visualization and Recognition of Dynamic Biological Microorganisms
=> Real-Time 3-D Surface Reconstruction from Multiple Cameras
=> Real-Time 3-D Visual Detection-Based Soft Wire Avoidance Scheme for Industrial Robot Manipulators, A
=> Real-time 3d arm pose estimation from monocular video for enhanced HCI
=> Real-Time 3D Articulated Pose Tracking using Particle Filtering and Belief Propagation on Factor Graphs
=> Real-Time 3D Articulated Pose Tracking using Particle Filters Interacting through Belief Propagation
=> Real-Time 3D Body Pose Tracking from Multiple 2D Images
=> Real-Time 3D Face Acquisition Using Reconfigurable Hybrid Architecture
=> Real-Time 3D Face Alignment Using an Encoder-Decoder Network With an Efficient Deconvolution Layer
=> Real-Time 3D Face and Facial Action Tracking Using Extended 2D+3D AAMs
=> Real-Time 3D Face Fitting and Texture Fusion on In-the-Wild Videos
=> Real-time 3D face identification from a depth camera
=> Real-Time 3d Face Recognition Using Line Projection And Mesh Sampling
=> Real-Time 3d Face Recognition Using Line Projection And Mesh Sampling
=> Real-Time 3D Face Recognition with the Integration of Depth and Intensity Images
=> Real-time 3D face reconstruction from one single image by displacement mapping
=> Real-Time 3d Face Reconstruction from Single Image Using End-To-End Cnn Regression
=> Real-time 3D face tracking based on active appearance model constrained by depth data
=> Real-Time 3D Face Tracking with Mutual Information and Active Contours
=> Real-Time 3D Face Verification with a Consumer Depth Camera
=> Real-Time 3D Facial Tracking via Cascaded Compositional Learning
=> Real-time 3D fluid simulation digital art using BCI
=> Real-time 3D Football Ball Tracking from Multiple Cameras
=> Real-Time 3D Hand-Object Pose Estimation for Mobile Devices
=> Real-Time 3D Hand Pose Estimation with 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Real-time 3D Hand Shape Estimation based on Image Feature Analysis and Inverse Kinematics
=> Real-Time 3D Hand Shape Estimation Based on Inverse Kinematics and Physical Constraints
=> Real-time 3D head pose and facial landmark estimation from depth images using triangular surface patch features
=> Real-time 3D head pose estimation using both geometry and learning
=> Real-Time 3D Head Pose Tracking Through 2.5D Constrained Local Models with Local Neural Fields
=> Real-Time 3D Head Tracking Under Rapidly Changing Pose, Head Movement and Illumination
=> Real-Time 3D Human Body Tracking and Modeling System, A
=> Real-Time 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular View with Applications to Event Detection and Video Gaming
=> Real-time 3D human pose estimation without skeletal a priori structures
=> Real-Time 3D Ladar Imaging
=> Real-Time 3D Mapping in Complex Environments Using a Spinning Actuated LiDAR System
=> Real-Time 3D Microwave Medical Imaging With Enhanced Variational Born Iterative Method
=> Real-Time 3D Model-Based Gesture Tracking for Multimedia Control
=> Real-Time 3D Model Tracking in Color and Depth on a Single CPU Core
=> Real-Time 3D Modeling System Using Multiple Stereo Cameras for Free-Viewpoint Video Generation, A
=> Real-time 3D motion and structure of point features: a front-end system for vision-based control and interaction
=> Real-Time 3D Motion Capture by Monocular Vision and Virtual Rendering
=> Real-Time 3D Motion Capture by Monocular Vision and Virtual Rendering
=> Real-Time 3D multi-person tracking using Monte Carlo Surface Sampling
=> Real-Time 3D Object Tracking
=> Real-time 3D page tracking and book status recognition for high-speed book digitization based on adaptive capturing
=> Real-time 3D pointing gesture recognition for mobile robots with cascade HMM and particle filter
=> Real-time 3D pointing gesture recognition in mobile space
=> Real-time 3D pulse-echo ultrasonic imaging with coded-excitation systems
=> Real-Time 3D Reconstruction and 6-DoF Tracking with an Event Camera
=> Real-time 3D reconstruction and pose estimation for human motion analysis
=> Real-Time 3D Reconstruction for Occlusion-Aware Interactions in Mixed Reality
=> Real-Time 3D Reconstruction from Images Taken from an UAV
=> Real-Time 3D Reconstruction in Dynamic Scenes Using Point-Based Fusion
=> Real-time 3D reconstruction of non-rigid shapes with a single moving camera
=> Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Traffic Scenes Under an Images-to-Model Framework
=> Real-time 3D Reconstruction on High Resolution Focal Plane Array
=> Real-time 3D registration of stereo-vision based range images using GPU
=> Real-time 3D registration using GPU
=> Real-Time 3D Rendering of Heterogeneous Scenes
=> Real-time 3D rendering with hatching
=> Real-time 3D scene reconstruction with dynamically moving object using a single depth camera
=> Real-time 3D segmentation of the left ventricle using deformable subdivision surfaces
=> Real-time 3D semi-local surface patch extraction using GPGPU
=> Real-time 3D shape reconstruction, dynamic 3D mesh deformation, and high fidelity visualization for 3D video
=> Real-Time 3D Single Object Tracking With Transformer
=> Real-time 3D skeletonisation in computer vision-based human pose estimation using GPGPU
=> Real-time 3D Surface Tracking and Its Applications
=> Real-time 3D tracking using multiple sample points
=> Real-time 3D video synthesis from binocular capture system based on commodity graphic hardware
=> Real-Time 3D Video Synthesis from Binocular Stereo Camera
=> Real-Time 3D Visual Singing Synthesis: From Appearance to Internal Articulators, A
=> Real-Time 4D Reconstruction of Human Motion
=> Real-time 6D Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image
=> Real-time 6D stereo Visual Odometry with non-overlapping fields of view
=> Real-time 6K Image Rescaling with Rate-distortion Optimization
=> Real-Time Abnormal Event Detection in Complicated Scenes
=> Real-time abnormal motion detection in surveillance video
=> Real-time abnormal situation detection based on particle advection in crowded scenes
=> real-time accompaniment system based on sung voice recognition, A
=> Real-time accumulation of occlusion-based snow
=> Real-Time Accurate 3D Head Tracking and Pose Estimation with Consumer RGB-D Cameras
=> Real-time accurate circle fitting with occlusions
=> Real-time accurate crowd counting based on RGB-D information
=> Real-Time Accurate Geo-Localization of a MAV with Omnidirectional Visual Odometry and GPS
=> Real-time Accurate Object Detection using Multiple Resolutions
=> Real-time accurate optical flow-based motion sensor
=> Real-Time Accurate Stereo Matching Using Modified Two-Pass Aggregation and Winner-Take-All Guided Dynamic Programming
=> Real-time accurate stereo with bitwise fast voting on CUDA
=> Real-time acquisition and super-resolution techniques on 3D reconstruction
=> Real-time acquisition of depth and color images using structured light and its application to 3D face recognition
=> Real-time acquisition of high quality face sequences from an active pan-tilt-zoom camera
=> Real-Time Acrobatic Gesture Analysis
=> Real-time Action Recognition by Spatiotemporal Semantic and Structural Forest
=> Real-Time Action Recognition With Deeply Transferred Motion Vector CNNs
=> Real-Time Action Recognition with Enhanced Motion Vector CNNs
=> Real-Time Action Representation With Temporal Encoding and Deep Compression, A
=> Real-time Action Unit Intensity Detection
=> Real-time active multiview 3D reconstruction
=> Real-time Active Shape Models for Face Segmentation
=> Real-Time Active Shape Models for Segmentation of 3D Cardiac Ultrasound
=> Real-Time Active Vision and Computer Interfaces Exploiting Human Actions and Object Context for Recognition Tasks
=> Real-Time Active Vision With Fault-Tolerance
=> Real-Time Activity Detection of Human Movement in Videos via Smartphone Based on Synthetic Training Data
=> Real-time Activity Recognition by Discerning Qualitative Relationships Between Randomly Chosen Visual Features
=> Real-Time Activity Search of Surveillance Video
=> Real-Time Actor-Critic Tracking
=> Real-time AdaBoost cascade face tracker based on likelihood map and optical flow
=> Real-Time Adaptation of Driving Time and Rest Periods in Automated Long-Haul Trucking: Development of a System Based on Biomathematical Modelling, Fatigue and Relaxation Monitoring
=> Real-time adaptive background modeling in fast changing conditions
=> Real-Time Adaptive Camera Tamper Detection for Video Surveillance
=> Real-time adaptive clustering of flow cytometric data
=> Real-time adaptive content retargeting for live multi-view capture and light field display
=> Real-Time Adaptive Energy Optimization Method for Urban Rail Flexible Traction Power Supply System, A
=> Real-Time Adaptive Event Detection in Astronomical Data Streams
=> Real-time adaptive filtering for projection reconstruction MR fluoroscopy
=> Real-Time Adaptive Foreground/Background Segmentation
=> Real-Time Adaptive Hand Motion Recognition Using a Sparse Bayesian Classifier
=> Real-Time Adaptive Histogram Min-Max Bucket (HMMB) Model for Background Subtraction
=> Real-Time Adaptive Learning Method for Driver Eye Detection, A
=> Real-time adaptive obstacle detection based on an image database
=> Real-time adaptive pixel replacement
=> Real-Time Adaptive Thresholding for Video Change Detection, A
=> Real-time adaptive visual secret sharing with reversibility and high capacity
=> Real-Time Adjustment of Tracking Offsets Through a Brain-Computer Interface for Weight Perception in Virtual Reality
=> Real-time adult authentication scheme for digital contents using X.509 certificate in ubiquitous Web environment
=> Real-time adult authentication scheme for digital contents using X.509 certificate in ubiquitous Web environment
=> Real-time aerial image mosaicing
=> Real-time Aerial Imagery for Crisis Management: Lessons Learned From An European Civil Protection Exercise
=> Real-Time Aerial Suspicious Analysis (ASANA) System for the Identification and Re-Identification of Suspicious Individuals using the Bayesian ScatterNet Hybrid (BSH) Network
=> Real-Time Affine Global Motion Estimation Using Phase Correlation and its Application for Digital Image Stabilization
=> Real-time affine invariant patch matching using DCT descriptor and affine space quantization
=> Real-Time Affine Region Tracking and Coplanar Grouping
=> Real-Time Age-Invariant Face Recognition in Videos Using the ScatterNet Inception Hybrid Network (SIHN)
=> Real-Time Age Estimation from Face Imagery Using Fisher Vectors
=> Real-Time Age Estimation from Facial Images Using YOLO and EfficientNet
=> Real-time air quality estimation based on color image processing
=> Real-time airport security checkpoint surveillance using a camera network
=> Real-Time Algorithm for Color Sorting Edge-Glued Panel Parts, A
=> Real-Time Algorithm for Error Recovery in Remote Video-Based Surveillance Applications, A
=> Real-Time Algorithm for Medical Shape Recovery, A
=> Real-Time Algorithm for the Approximation of Level-Set-Based Curve Evolution, A
=> Real-time Algorithms Optimization Based on a Gaze-point Position
=> Real-Time All-in-Focus Video-Based Rendering Using A Network Camera Array
=> Real-Time American Sign Language Recognition from Video Using Hidden Markov Models
=> Real-Time American Sign Language Recognition Using Desk and Wearable Computer Based Video
=> Real-Time American Sign Language Recognition Using Desk and Wearable Computer Based Video
=> Real-time analogue gauge transcription on mobile phone
=> Real-Time Analysis of Ships in Radar Images with Neural Networks
=> Real-time and accurate object detection in compressed video by long short-term feature aggregation
=> Real-time and accurate rail wear measurement method and experimental analysis
=> Real-Time and Accurate Segmentation of 3-D Point Clouds Based on Gaussian Process Regression
=> Real-Time and Accurate Stereo: A Scalable Approach With Bitwise Fast Voting on CUDA
=> Real-Time and Accurate UAV Pedestrian Detection for Social Distancing Monitoring in COVID-19 Pandemic
=> Real-Time And Automatic 2-Class Clustering By Analytical Formulas
=> Real-Time and Continuous Tracking of Total Phosphorus Using a Ground-Based Hyperspectral Proximal Sensing System
=> Real-Time and Energy-Efficient Embedded System for Intelligent ADAS with RNN-Based Deep Risk Prediction using Stereo Camera, A
=> Real-Time and Energy-Efficient Face Detection on CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Embedded Platforms
=> Real-Time and Fully Distributed Approach to Motion Planning for Multirobot Systems, A
=> Real-time and light-weighted unsupervised video object segmentation network
=> Real-time and Lightweight Method for Tiny Airborne Object Detection, A
=> Real-Time and Low-Memory Multi-Faces Detection System Design With Naive Bayes Classifier Implemented on FPGA
=> Real-time and low-power processing of 3D direct/inverse discrete cosine transform for low-complexity video codec
=> Real-Time and Marker-Free 3D Motion Capture for Home Entertainment Oriented Applications
=> Real-Time and Markerless 3D Human Motion Capture Using Multiple Views
=> Real-Time and Open Geographic Information System and Its Application for Smart Rivers: A Case Study of the Yangtze River, A
=> Real-time and precise 3-D hand posture estimation based on classification tree trained with variations of appearances
=> Real-time and rate-distortion optimized video streaming with TCP
=> Real-Time and Robust Background Updating for Video Surveillance and Monitoring
=> Real-time and robust hand tracking with a single depth camera
=> Real-Time and Robust Monocular SLAM Using Predictive Multi-resolution Descriptors
=> Real-Time and Robust Object Tracking in Video via Low-Rank Coherency Analysis in Feature Space
=> Real-time and Robust System for Counting Movement-Specific Vehicle at Crowded Intersections
=> Real-Time and Robust Visual Tracking with Scene-Perceptual Memory
=> Real-time and Simultaneous Recognition of Multiple Moving Objects Using Cubic Higher-order Local Auto-Correlation
=> real-time and unsupervised face re-identification system for human-robot interaction, A
=> Real-time anomaly detection and localization in crowded scenes
=> Real-Time Anomaly Detection Based on a Fast Recursive Kernel RX Algorithm
=> Real-time anomaly detection in hyperspectral images using multivariate normal mixture models and GPU processing
=> Real-time Anti-distractor Infrared UAV Tracker with Channel Feature Refinement Module, A
=> Real-Time Apple Targets Detection Method for Picking Robot Based on Improved YOLOv5, A
=> Real-time approach for cloth simulation
=> Real-Time Approach to the Spotting, Representation, and Recognition of Hand Gestures for Human-Computer Interaction, A
=> Real-time approximate and exact CSG of implicit surfaces on the GPU
=> Real-time arabic handwritten character recognition
=> Real-time arbitrary view rendering on GPU from stereo video and time-of-flight camera
=> Real-Time Articulated Hand Detection and Pose Estimation
=> Real-Time Articulated Hand Pose Estimation Using Semi-supervised Transductive Regression Forests
=> Real-Time Artifact-Free Image Upscaling
=> Real-Time Artifact-Free Image Upscaling
=> Real-time assessment of bone structure positions via ultrasound imaging
=> Real-Time ATC Safety Monitoring Framework Using a Deep Learning Approach, A
=> Real-Time Atmospheric Correction of AVIRIS-NG Imagery
=> Real-time attacks on robust watermarking tools in the wild by CNN
=> Real-Time Audio-Guided Multi-Face Reenactment
=> Real-Time Audiovisual Feature Extraction for Online Service Provision over DVB Streams
=> Real-time augmented reality application using color analysis
=> real-time augmented view synthesis system for transparent car pillars, A
=> Real-time auto white balancing for digital cameras using discrete wavelet transform-based scoring
=> Real-Time Automated Aerial Refueling Using Stereo Vision
=> Real-Time Automated Classification of Sky Conditions Using Deep Learning and Edge Computing
=> Real-time Automated Concurrent Visual Tracking of Many Animals and Subsequent Behavioral Compilation
=> Real-time automated segmentation of breast lesions using CNN-based deep learning paradigm: Investigation on mammogram and ultrasound
=> Real-Time Automated System for the Recognition of Human Facial Expressions
=> Real-Time automated visual inspection of color tablets in pharmaceutical blisters
=> Real-time automated visual inspection system for contaminant removal from wool
=> Real-Time Automatic Artery Segmentation, Reconstruction and Registration for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anaesthesia of the Femoral Nerve
=> Real-Time Automatic Calibration for Omni-display in Ubiquitous Computing
=> Real-Time Automatic Cloud Detection Using a Low-Cost Sky Camera
=> Real-time Automatic Deceit Detection from Involuntary Facial Expressions
=> Real-Time Automatic Detection of Violent-Acts by Low-Level Colour Visual Cues
=> Real-time automatic helmet detection of motorcyclists in urban traffic using improved YOLOv5 detector
=> Real-Time Automatic Kinematic Model Building for Optical Motion Capture Using a Markov Random Field
=> Real-time automatic license plate recognition for CCTV forensic applications
=> Real-time automatic multilevel color video thresholding using a novel class-variance criterion
=> Real-time automatic recognition of omnidirectional multiple barcodes and DSP implementation
=> Real-Time Automatic Traffic Accident Recognition Using HFG
=> Real-time autonomous video enhancement system (RAVE)
=> Real-time avatar animation from a single image
=> Real-time avatar animation from a single image
=> Real-Time Avatar Animation Steered by Live Body Motion
=> Real-time avatar animation with dynamic face texturing
=> Real-Time Background Compensation for PTZ Cameras Using GPU Accelerated and Range-Limited Genetic Algorithm Search
=> Real-time background generation and foreground object segmentation for high-definition colour video stream in FPGA device
=> Real-time background subtraction-based video surveillance of people by integrating local texture patterns
=> Real-time bag of words, approximately
=> Real-time ballistocardiographic artifact reduction using the k-teager energy operator detector and multi-channel referenced adaptive noise cancelling
=> Real-time Bangla License Plate Recognition System for Low Resource Video-based Applications
=> Real-Time Barcode Detection in the Wild
=> Real-Time Bayesian 3-D Pose Tracking
=> Real-Time BDS-3 Clock Estimation with a Multi-Frequency Uncombined Model including New B1C/B2a Signals
=> Real-Time Bidirectional Search: Coordinated Problem-Solving in Uncertain Situations
=> Real-Time Bidirectional Traffic Flow Parameter Estimation From Aerial Videos
=> Real-Time Bike Trip Planning Policy With Self-Organizing Bike Redistribution, A
=> Real-Time Bimanual Interaction Across Virtual Workspaces
=> Real-Time Binary Descriptor Based Background Modeling
=> Real-Time Binocular Smooth-Pursuit
=> Real-time Binocular Vision Implementation on an Soc Tms320c6678 DSP
=> Real-time block matching motion estimation onto GPGPU
=> Real-time body motion analysis for dance pattern recognition
=> Real-Time Body Pose Recognition Using 2D or 3D Haarlets
=> Real-time Body Tracking Using a Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model
=> Real-Time Body Tracking with One Depth Camera and Inertial Sensors
=> Real-Time Bottom Tracking Using Side Scan Sonar Data Through One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Real-Time Brand Logo Recognition
=> Real-Time Burst Photo Selection Using a Light-Head Adversarial Network
=> Real-Time Calibration and Monitoring of Radar Reflectivity on Nationwide Dual-Polarization Weather Radar Network
=> Real-time calibration of space zoom cameras based on fixed stars
=> Real-Time CAM-Based Hough Transform Algorithm and Its Performance Evaluation
=> Real-Time CAM-Based Hough Transform Algorithm and Its Performance Evaluation, A
=> Real-Time Camera-Based Recognition of Characters and Pictograms
=> Real-time Camera Guidance for 3d Scene Reconstruction
=> Real-time camera motion tracking in planar view scenarios
=> Real-time camera orientation estimation based on vanishing point tracking under Manhattan World assumption
=> Real-time Camera Parameter Estimation from Images for a Mixed Reality System
=> Real-time Camera Pose and Focal Length Estimation
=> Real-time camera pose estimation for sports fields
=> Real-time camera pose estimation via line tracking
=> Real-Time Camera Pose in a Room
=> Real-time camera position and posture estimation using a feature landmark database with priorities
=> Real-time camera tracking for marker-less and unprepared augmented reality environments
=> Real-Time Camera Tracking Using a Global Localization Scheme
=> Real-Time Camera Tracking Using a Particle Filter
=> Real-Time Camera Tracking Using Known 3D Models and a Particle Filter
=> Real-time camera tracking using sports pitch markings
=> Real-Time Camera Tracking: When is High Frame-Rate Best?
=> Real-Time Camera Walks Using Light Fields
=> Real-Time Cardiac MR Anatomy and Dyssynchrony Overlay for Guidance of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Procedures: Clinical Results Update
=> Real-time cardiac MRI using DSPs
=> Real-time cartoon style video generation
=> Real-Time Cascaded Video Denoising Algorithm Using Intensity and Structure Tensor, A
=> Real-Time Category-Based and General Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Driving
=> Real-time Caustics and Dispersion on Arbitrary Surfaces in GPU-Accelerated Ray Tracing
=> Real-Time Cell Counting in Unlabeled Microscopy Images
=> Real-Time Center Detection of an OLED Structure
=> Real-time change detection for surveillance in public transportation
=> Real-time Channel Mixing Net for Mobile Image Super-resolution
=> Real-Time Character Control for Wrestling Games
=> Real-Time Charging Scheduling of Automated Guided Vehicles in Cyber-Physical Smart Factories Using Feature-Based Reinforcement Learning
=> Real-Time Charging Station Recommendation System for Electric-Vehicle Taxis
=> Real-Time Chip Implementation for Adaptive Video Coding Control, A
=> real-time ciphering transcoder for H.264 and HEVC streams, A
=> Real-time citywide reconstruction of traffic flow from moving cameras on lightweight edge devices
=> Real-Time Classification of Lying Bodies by HOG Descriptors
=> Real-time classification of pedestrians and cyclists for intelligent counting of non-motorized traffic
=> Real-time classification of polymers with NIR spectral imaging and blob analysis
=> Real-Time Classification of Seagrass Meadows on Flat Bottom with Bathymetric Data Measured by a Narrow Multibeam Sonar System
=> Real-time classification on oral ulcer images with residual network and image enhancement
=> Real-Time Close Range Web-Cam Photogrammetry Suited to the Coordination of Optical Topography Sensors Located on the Human Head
=> Real-time clothes comparison based on multi-view vision
=> Real-time clothing recognition in surveillance videos
=> real-time coarse-to-fine multiview capture system for all-in-focus rendering on a light-field display, A
=> Real-time coarse-to-fine topologically preserving segmentation
=> Real-time coherent stylization for augmented reality
=> Real-time collaborative GIS: A technological review
=> Real-time collision-free linear trajectory generation on GPU for crowd simulations
=> Real-time Collision Risk Estimation based on Pearson's Correlation Coefficient
=> Real-Time Color Correction Method for a Low-Cost Still/Video Camera
=> Real-time color holographic video display system
=> Real-Time Color Image Improvement System for Visual Testing of Nuclear Reactors
=> Real-Time Color Image Processing Using Order Statistics Filters
=> Real-time color image segmentation based on mean shift algorithm using an FPGA
=> Real-Time Color Image Watermarking Based on D-SVD Scheme
=> Real-Time Color Recognition in Symbolic Programming for Machine Vision Systems
=> real-time color space converter for the measurement of appearance, A
=> Real-time coloring method of laser surgery video based on generative adversarial network
=> real-time column array processor architecture for images, A
=> Real-time combined 2D+3D active appearance models
=> Real-Time Commercial Recognition Using Color Moments and Hashing
=> Real-time complexity constrained encoding
=> Real-Time Compressed- Domain Video Watermarking Resistance to Geometric Distortions
=> Real-time compressed-domain spatiotemporal segmentation and ontologies for video indexing and retrieval
=> Real-time compressed imaging of scattering volumes
=> Real-time compression architecture for efficient coding in autostereoscopic displays
=> Real-time Compression Artifact Reduction Via Robust Nonlinear Filtering
=> Real-Time Compressive Tracking
=> Real-Time Computation of 3D Wireframes in Computer-Generated Holography
=> Real-time computation of disparity for hand-pair gesture recognition using a stereo webcam
=> Real-time computation of two-dimensional moments on binary images using image block representation
=> Real-Time Computation of Zernike Moments
=> Real-Time Computer Vision-Based Bangla Vehicle License Plate Recognition using Contour Analysis and Prediction Algorithm
=> Real-Time Computer Vision-Based Static and Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition System, A
=> Real-Time Computer Vision with OpenCV
=> Real-Time Computer Vision/DGPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System for Lane-Level Vehicle Navigation
=> Real-Time Computerized Annotation of Pictures
=> Real-time Concealed Weapon Detection on 3D Radar Images for Walk-through Screening System
=> Real-Time Connectivity Constrained Depth Map Computation Using Programmable Graphics Hardware
=> Real-time constant memory visual summaries for surveillance
=> Real-Time Constant Objective Quality Video Coding Strategy in High Efficiency Video Coding
=> Real-time constrained linear discriminant analysis to target detection and classification in hyperspectral imagery
=> Real-time content-aware image resizing using reduced linear model
=> Real-Time Content-Based Adaptive Streaming of Sports Videos
=> Real-Time Content Adaptation Framework for Exploiting ROI Scalability in H.264/AVC, A
=> Real-time Continuous Automatic Focus Algorithm for Digital Cameras, A
=> Real-Time Continuous Gesture Recognition System for Sign Language, A
=> Real-Time Continuous Image Processing
=> Real-Time Continuous Image Registration Enabling Ultraprecise 2-D Motion Tracking
=> Real-time Contrast Enhancement for 3d Medical Images Using Histogram Equalization
=> Real-time control of video surveillance systems with program supervision techniques
=> Real-Time Controllable Denoising for Image and Video
=> Real-Time Convolutional Neural Network for Super-Resolution on FPGA With Applications to 4K UHD 60 fps Video Services, A
=> Real-time cooperative multi-target tracking by communicating active vision agents
=> Real-time cooperative multi-target tracking by communicating active vision agents
=> Real-Time Cooperative Vehicle Coordination at Unsignalized Road Intersections
=> Real-time coordination of connected vehicles at intersections using graphical mixed integer optimization
=> Real-Time Corner Detection Algorithm for Motion Estimation
=> Real-time correction of panoramic images using hyperbolic Möbius transformations
=> Real-Time Correlation-Based Stereo Vision with Reduced Border Errors
=> Real-Time Correlation Filter Tracking by Efficient Dense Belief Propagation With Structure Preserving
=> Real-time correlation for locating systems utilizing heterogeneous computing architectures
=> Real-Time Correlation Tracking Via Joint Model Compression and Transfer
=> Real-time correlogram tracking for airborne traffic surveillance
=> Real-Time Counting People in Crowded Areas by Using Local Empirical Templates and Density Ratios
=> Real-time crash prediction on urban expressways: identification of key variables and a hybrid support vector machine model
=> Real-Time Crisis Mapping of Natural Disasters Using Social Media
=> real-time critical-scenario-generation framework for defect detection of autonomous driving system, A
=> Real-time Cross-dataset Quality Production Assessment in Industrial Laser Cutting Machines
=> Real-Time Cross-Modality Correlation Filtering Method for Referring Expression Comprehension, A
=> Real-Time Crowd Density Estimation Using Images
=> Real-time crowd motion analysis
=> Real-time CVSA decals recognition system using deep convolutional neural network architectures
=> Real-Time Dance Pattern Recognition Invariant to Anthropometric and Temporal Differences
=> Real-time data-driven traffic simulation for performance measure estimation
=> Real-Time Data Analytics of COVID Pandemic Using Virtual Reality
=> Real-time data driven deformation with affine bones
=> Real-time data driven deformation with affine bones
=> Real-time data fusion on tracking camera pose for direct visual guidance
=> Real-Time De-Interlacing for H.264-Coded HD Videos
=> Real-Time Decentralized Articulated Motion Analysis and Object Tracking From Videos
=> Real-time Decentralized Monocular SLAM
=> Real-Time Decision Making and Path Planning for Robotic Autonomous Luggage Trolley Collection at Airports
=> Real-Time Decision Support Approach for Managing Disruptions in Line-Haul Freight Transport Networks, A
=> Real-Time Deep Hair Matting on Mobile Devices
=> Real-Time Deep Image Retouching Based on Learnt Semantics Dependent Global Transforms
=> Real-time deep image super-resolution via global context aggregation and local queue jumping
=> Real-Time Deep Pose Estimation With Geodesic Loss for Image-to-Template Rigid Registration
=> Real-time deep satellite image quality assessment
=> Real-Time Deep Tracking via Corrective Domain Adaptation
=> Real-time defect detection of steel wire rods using wavelet filters optimized by univariate dynamic encoding algorithm for searches
=> Real-Time Deformable Detector, A
=> Real-time demographic profiling from face imagery with Fisher vectors
=> Real-time Demonstration of Personal Audio and 3d Audio Rendering Using Line Array Systems
=> Real-time demosaicking method based on mixed color channel correlation
=> Real-Time Denoising of Medical X-Ray Image Sequences: Three Entirely Different Approaches
=> Real-time dense 3D face alignment from 2D video with automatic facial action unit coding
=> Real-time Dense 3d Reconstruction From Monocular Video Data Captured By Low-cost UAVs
=> Real-time Dense Disparity Estimation based on Multi-Path Viterbi for Intelligent Vehicle Applications
=> Real-Time Dense Geometry from a Handheld Camera
=> Real-Time Dense Monocular SLAM With Online Adapted Depth Prediction Network
=> Real-Time Dense Reconstruction of Tissue Surface From Stereo Optical Video
=> Real-Time Dense Semantic Labeling with Dual-Path Framework for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image
=> Real-time dense stereo for intelligent vehicles
=> Real-time dense stereo for intelligent vehicles
=> Real-time Dense Stereo Mapping For Multi-sensor Navigation
=> Real-time Dense Visual Tracking under Large Lighting Variations
=> Real-Time Depth-Image-Based Rendering for 3DTV Using OpenCL
=> Real-time depth diffusion for 3D surface reconstruction
=> Real-time depth enhancement by fusion for RGB-D cameras
=> Real-Time Depth Estimation Approach for a Focused Plenoptic Camera, A
=> Real-time depth estimation for immersive 3D videoconferencing
=> Real-Time Depth Estimation with Wide Detectable Range Using Horizontal Planes of Sharp Focus Proceedings
=> Real-time depth fusion using a low-cost depth sensor array
=> Real-Time Depth Map Based People Counting
=> Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing
=> Real-Time Depth Refinement for Specular Objects
=> Real-Time Descriptorless Feature Tracking
=> Real-time detecting and tracking of traffic shockwaves based on weighted consensus information fusion in distributed video network
=> Real-Time Detecting Method for Continuous Urban Flood Scenarios Based on Computer Vision on Block Scale, A
=> Real-time detecting one specific tampering operation in multiple operator chains
=> Real-Time Detection and Estimation of Denial of Service Attack in Connected Vehicle Systems
=> Real-time detection and interpretation of 3D deictic gestures for interactionwith an intelligent environment
=> Real-time detection and reading of LED/LCD displays for visually impaired persons
=> Real-Time Detection and Recognition of Road Traffic Signs
=> Real-Time Detection and Spatial Localization of Insulators for UAV Inspection Based on Binocular Stereo Vision
=> Real-time Detection and Tracking Network with Feature Sharing
=> Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Multiple Humans from High Bird's-Eye Views in the Visual and Infrared Spectrum
=> Real-Time Detection and Understanding of Isolated Protruded Fingers
=> real-time detection method of building energy efficiency based on image processing, A
=> Real-time detection of abnormal crowd behavior using a matrix approximation-based approach
=> Real-time Detection of Activities in Untrimmed Videos
=> Real-Time Detection of Anomalous Objects in Dynamic Scene
=> Real-Time Detection of Camera Tampering
=> Real-time detection of colored objects in multiple camera streams with off-the-shelf hardware components
=> Real-Time Detection of Daytime and Night-Time Fire Hotspots from Geostationary Satellites
=> Real-time detection of distracted driving based on deep learning
=> Real-Time Detection of Driver Cognitive Distraction Using Support Vector Machines
=> Real-time detection of end-of-queue shockwaves on freeways using probe vehicles with spacing equipment
=> Real-time Detection of Faces in Video Streams
=> Real-Time Detection of Full-Scale Forest Fire Smoke Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network
=> Real-Time Detection of Ground Objects Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing with Deep Learning: Application in Excavator Detection for Pipeline Safety
=> Real-time detection of illegally parked vehicles using 1-D transformation
=> Real-Time Detection of Independent Motion using Stereo
=> Real-Time Detection of Landscape Scenes
=> Real-Time Detection of Lines and Grids: By PClines and Other Approaches
=> Real-time detection of lines using parallel coordinates and CUDA
=> Real-time detection of moving vehicles
=> Real-time Detection of Nodding and Head-shaking by Directly Detecting and Tracking the Between-eyes
=> Real-Time Detection of Out-of-Plane Objects in Stereo Vision
=> Real-time detection of planar regions in unorganized point clouds
=> Real-time Detection of Semi-transparent Watermarks in Decompressed Video
=> Real-Time Detection of Small Surface Objects Using Weather Effects
=> Real-time detection of steam in video images
=> Real-Time Detection of the Triangular and Rectangular Shape Road Signs
=> Real-time detection of threat
=> Real-time Detection of Tiny Objects Based on a Weighted Bi-directional FPN
=> Real-Time Detection of Traffic From Twitter Stream Analysis
=> Real-Time Detection of Winter Jujubes Based on Improved YOLOX-Nano Network
=> Real-Time Detection System of Driver Distraction Using Machine Learning
=> Real-time detection via homography mapping of foreground polygons from multiple cameras
=> real-time detector for parked vehicles based on hybrid background modeling, A
=> Real-time diabetic retinopathy patient screening using multiscale AM-FM methods
=> Real-Time Digital Image Stabilization System Using Modified Proportional Integrated Controller
=> Real-Time Digital Image Stabilization Using Kalman Filters
=> Real-Time Digital Image Warping for Display Distortion Correction
=> Real-Time Digital Self Interference Cancellation Method for In-Band Full-Duplex Underwater Acoustic Communication Based on Improved VSS-LMS Algorithm, A
=> Real-Time Digitizer for Stereo Image Processing, A
=> Real-Time Direct Dense Matching on Fisheye Images Using Plane-Sweeping Stereo
=> Real-Time Discriminative Background Subtraction
=> Real-time disparity analysis for applications in immersive teleconference scenarios-a comparative study
=> Real-Time Disparity Contrast Combination for Onboard Estimation of the Visibility Distance
=> Real-time disparity estimation using line-wise hybrid recursive matching and cross-bilateral median up-sampling
=> Real-time disparity map computation using the cell broadband engine
=> Real-time dispersion-compensated image reconstruction for compressive sensing spectral domain optical coherence tomography
=> Real-Time Displacement of Point Symbols Based on Spatial Distribution Characteristics
=> Real-Time Display And Manipulation Of 3-D Medical Objects: The Voxel Processor Architecture
=> Real-Time Display of Virtual Humans: Levels of Details and Impostors
=> Real-time dissection of organs via hybrid coupling of geometric metaballs and physics-centric mesh-free method
=> Real-Time Distributed Multi-object Tracking in a PTZ Camera Network
=> Real-time distributed tracking with non-overlapping cameras
=> Real-time distributed video analytics for privacy-aware person search
=> Real-Time Document Detection in Smartphone Videos
=> Real-Time Document Image Retrieval for a 10 Million Pages Database with a Memory Efficient and Stability Improved LLAH
=> Real-Time Downward View Generation of a Vehicle Using Around View Monitor System
=> Real-Time Drivable Road Detection Algorithm in Urban Traffic Environment, A
=> Real-Time Driver's Stress Event Detection
=> Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection for Embedded System Using Model Compression of Deep Neural Networks
=> Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection using Facial Action Units
=> Real-Time Driver Visual Attention Monitoring System, A
=> Real-time drogue detection and template tracking strategy for autonomous aerial refueling
=> Real-Time Drone Detection and Tracking With Visible, Thermal and Acoustic Sensors
=> Real-time Drone Mapping Based on Reference Images for Vehicle Facility Monitoring
=> Real-time Drone Mapping Platform for Marine Surveillance, A
=> Real-Time Drone Surveillance and Population Estimation of Marine Animals from Aerial Imagery
=> Real-time drowsiness detection using wearable, lightweight brain sensing headbands
=> Real-Time DSP Implementation for MRF-Based Video Motion Detection
=> Real-time DSP implementation of motion: JPEG2000 using overlapped block transferring and parallel-pass methods
=> real-time dual-image-based reversible data hiding scheme using turtle shells, A
=> Real-time dynamic 3-D object shape reconstruction and high-fidelity texture mapping for 3-D video
=> Real-time Dynamic Deformable Meshes for Volumetric Segmentation and Visualisation
=> Real-Time Dynamic Network Anomaly Detection
=> Real-Time Dynamic Object Detection for Autonomous Driving Using Prior 3D-Maps
=> Real-Time Dynamic Radiosity Relighting of Virtual Environments
=> Real-time dynamic reflections for realistic rendering of 3D scenes
=> Real-time dynamic texture recognition using random sampling and dimension reduction
=> Real-time dynamic tone-mapping operator on GPU
=> Real-time dynamic vehicle detection on resource limited mobile platform
=> Real-Time Dynamic Wrinkles of Face for Animated Skinned Mesh
=> Real-time dynamically reconfigurable 2-D filterbanks
=> Real-time edge-enhanced dynamic correlation and predictive open-loop car-following control for robust tracking
=> Real-Time Edge Follow: A Real-Time Path Search Approach
=> real-time edge linker, A
=> Real-time EEG-based emotion monitoring using stable features
=> Real-Time Efficient Exploration in Unknown Dynamic Environments Using MAVs
=> Real-Time Electrical Impedance Variations in Women With and Without Breast Cancer
=> Real-Time Elimination of Brightness in Color Images by MS Diagram and Mathematical Morphology
=> Real-time elliptical head contour detection under arbitrary pose and wide distance range
=> Real-time embedded age and gender classification in unconstrained video
=> Real-Time Embedded Computer Vision on UAVs
=> Real-time embedded hyperspectral image compression for tactical military platforms
=> Real-time embedded image processing applications using the A3 methodology
=> Real-time embedded implementation of robust speed-limit sign recognition using a novel centroid-to-contour description method
=> Real-time Embedded Person Detection and Tracking for Shopping Behaviour Analysis
=> Real-time embedded skew detection and frame removal
=> real-time embedded solution for skew correction in banknote analysis, A
=> Real-time embedded system for traffic sign recognition based on ZedBoard
=> Real-time embedded systems powered by FPGA dynamic partial self-reconfiguration: a case study oriented to biometric recognition applications
=> Real-Time Embedded Vision System for the Watchfulness Analysis of Train Drivers
=> Real-Time Emotion Recognition from Natural Bodily Expressions in Child-Robot Interaction
=> Real-Time Emotion Recognition on Mobile Devices
=> Real-Time Emotion Recognition Using Biologically Inspired Models
=> Real-time emotion retrieval scheme in video with image sequence features
=> Real-time encoding frame rate control for H.263+ video over the Internet
=> Real-Time End-to-End Action Detection with Two-Stream Networks
=> Real-time End-to-End Lane ID Estimation Using Recurrent Networks
=> Real-time energy management for commute HEVs using modified A-ECMS with traffic information recognition
=> Real-Time Energy Management Strategy Based on Velocity Forecasts Using V2V and V2I Communications
=> Real-Time Enhancement of Dynamic Depth Videos with Non-Rigid Deformations
=> Real-time enhancement of sparse 3D maps using a parallel segmentation scheme based on superpixels
=> Real-time Environmental Sensors To Improve Health In The Sensing City
=> Real-Time Epipolar Geometry Estimation and Disparity
=> Real-Time Epipolar Geometry Estimation of Binocular Stereo Heads
=> Real-time error concealing bitstream adaptation methods for SVC in IPTV systems
=> Real-Time Error Protection of Embedded Codes for Packet Erasure and Fading Channels
=> Real-time estimation and prediction of lateral stability of coaches: A hybrid approach based on EKF, BPNN, and online autoregressive integrated moving average algorithm
=> Real-time estimation for the parameters of Gaussian filtering via deep learning
=> Real-time estimation of 3D scene geometry from a single image
=> Real-Time Estimation of Fast Egomotion with Feature Classification Using Compound Omnidirectional Vision Sensor
=> Real-Time Estimation of FLE Statistics for 3-D Tracking With Point-Based Registration
=> Real-time estimation of freeway travel time with recurrent congestion based on sparse detector data
=> Real-time estimation of geometrical transformation between views in distributed smart-cameras systems
=> Real-Time Estimation of GPS-BDS Inter-System Biases: An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
=> Real-time Estimation of Head Motion Using Weak Perspective Epipolar Geometry
=> Real-Time Estimation of Heart Rate in Situations Characterized by Dynamic Illumination using Remote Photoplethysmography
=> Real-time estimation of human attention field in LWIR and color surveillance videos
=> Real-Time Estimation of Human Body Posture from Monocular Thermal Images
=> Real-Time Estimation of Lane-to-Lane Turning Flows at Isolated Signalized Junctions
=> Real-time estimation of light source environment for photorealistic augmented reality
=> Real-Time Estimation of Long-Term 3-D Motion Parameters for SNHC Face Animation and Model-Based Coding Applications
=> Real-Time Estimation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Clock Based on Ground Tracking Stations
=> Real-Time Estimation of Planar Surfaces in Arbitrary Environments Using Microsoft Kinect Sensor
=> Real-time Estimation of the Camera Path from a Sequence of Intrinsically Calibrated PMD Depth Images
=> Real-time estimation of travel speed using urban traffic information system and CCTV
=> Real-time estimation of travel speed using urban traffic information system and filtering algorithm
=> Real-Time Estimation of Travel Times Along the Arcs and Arrival Times at the Nodes of Dynamic Stochastic Networks
=> Real-Time Evaluation in Online Continual Learning: A New Hope
=> Real-time event classification in field sport videos
=> Real-Time Exemplar-Based Face Sketch Synthesis
=> Real-time exploration and photorealistic reconstruction of large natural environments
=> Real-Time Expression Recognition From Dynamic Sequences Of 3d Facial Scans
=> Real-Time Expression Recognition From Dynamic Sequences Of 3d Facial Scans
=> Real-Time Extraction of Colored Segments for Robot Visual Navigation
=> Real-time extraction of surface patches with associated uncertainties by means of Kinect cameras
=> Real-time eye blink detection with GPU-based SIFT tracking
=> Real-Time Eye Gesture Recognition System Based on Fuzzy Inference System for Mobile Devices Monitoring, A
=> Real-time eye localization, blink detection, and gaze estimation system without infrared illumination
=> Real-Time Eye Pupil Localization Using Hough Regression Forest
=> Real-time eye tracking using a smart camera
=> Real-Time Eye, Gaze, and Face Pose Tracking for Monitoring Driver Vigilance
=> Real-time Face-based Auto-Focus for Digital Still and Cell-Phone Cameras
=> Real-time face alignment with tracking in video
=> Real-time face and head detection using four directional features
=> Real-time face blending by automatic facial feature point detection
=> Real-time face blending by automatic facial feature point detection
=> Real-Time Face Detection and Lip Feature Extraction Using Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
=> Real-Time Face Detection and Recognition on LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot
=> Real-time face detection and recognition using hybrid-information extracted from face space and facial features
=> Real-Time Face Detection and Recognition via Local Binary Pattern Plus Sample Selective Biomimetic Pattern Recognition
=> Real-time face detection and tracking for mobile videoconferencing
=> Real-time face detection using boosting in hierarchical feature spaces
=> Real-Time Face Detection Using Edge-Orientation Matching
=> Real-Time Face Detection Using Illumination Invariant Features
=> Real-Time Face Identification Using Two Cooperative Active Cameras
=> Real-Time Face Identification via CNN and Boosted Hashing Forest
=> Real-time face location on gray-scale static images
=> Real-time face perception based encoding strategy optimization method for UHD videos
=> Real-Time Face Pose Estimation from Single Range Images
=> Real-Time Face Pose Estimation in Challenging Environments
=> Real-time face recognition based on pre-identification and multi-scale classification
=> Real-time face recognition demonstration
=> Real-time face recognition for human-robot interaction
=> Real-Time Face Recognition Using Feature Combination
=> Real-Time Face Recognition using Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization for LDA
=> Real-Time Face Reconstruction from a Single Depth Image
=> Real-Time Face Tracker, A
=> Real-time face tracking and recognition by sparse eigentracker with associative mapping to 3D shape
=> Real-Time Face Tracking for Attention Aware Adaptive Games
=> Real-Time Face Tracking using the Stereo Active Appearance Model, A
=> Real-Time Face Verification for Mobile Platforms
=> Real-Time Facial-Feature Tracking Based on Matching Techniques and Its Applications
=> Real-time facial action unit intensity prediction with regularized metric learning
=> Real-Time Facial and Eye Gaze Tracking System
=> Real-time facial character animation
=> Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition Based on Features' Positions and Dimensions
=> Real-time facial expression recognition based on iterative transfer learning and efficient attention network
=> Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition for Natural Interaction
=> Real-time Facial Expression Recognition In The Wild by Disentangling 3D Expression from Identity
=> Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition on Smartphones
=> real-time facial expression recognition system based on Active Appearance Models using gray images and edge images, A
=> Real-time facial expression recognition using STAAM and layered GDA classifier
=> Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition using the STAAM, A
=> Real-time facial expression recognition with illumination-corrected image sequences
=> Real-Time Facial Feature Detection for Person Identification System
=> Real-time facial feature detection using conditional regression forests
=> Real-Time Facial Feature Extraction by Cascaded Parameter Prediction and Image Optimization
=> Real-time facial feature localization by combining space displacement neural networks
=> Real-time facial feature tracking from 2D+3D video streams
=> Real-Time Facial Feature Tracking on a Mobile Device
=> Real-time Facial Features Tracking by Discrete Gabor Jets and Mean Shift
=> Real-time facial motion analysis for virtual teleconferencing
=> Real-Time Facial Segmentation and Performance Capture from RGB Input
=> Real-time facial shape recovery from a single image under general, unknown lighting by rank relaxation
=> Real-Time Fall Detection Method Based on Hidden Markov Modelling
=> real-time fall detection system based on HMM and RVM, A
=> Real-Time Fatigue Driving Recognition Method Incorporating Contextual Features and Two Fusion Levels, A
=> Real-Time Fault Diagnosis of Pulse Rectifier in Traction System Based on Structural Model
=> Real-time feature-aware video abstraction
=> Real-time feature-based image morphing for memory-efficient impostor rendering and animation on GPU
=> Real-Time Feature-Based Video Stabilization on FPGA
=> Real-Time Feature Acquisition and Integration for Vision-Based Mobile Robots
=> Real-Time Feature Matching using Adaptive and Spatially Distributed Classification Trees
=> Real-Time Feature Tracking and Outlier Rejection with Changes in Illumination
=> Real-Time Feature Tracking and Outlier Rejection with Changes in Illumination
=> Real-Time Feature Tracking and Projective Invariance as a Basis for Hand-Eye Coordination
=> Real-Time Feed-Forward Neural Network-Based Forward Collision Warning System Under Cloud Communication Environment
=> Real-Time Feedback Impacts on Eco-Driving Behavior and Influential Variables in Fuel Consumption in a Lisbon Urban Bus Operator
=> Real-Time FEM-Based Registration of 3-D to 2.5-D Transrectal Ultrasound Images
=> Real-Time Fidelity Measurement of JPEG2000 Coded Images
=> Real-time field sports scene classification using colour and frequency space decompositions
=> Real-time fingerprint image enhancement with a two-stage algorithm and block-local normalization
=> Real-time fingertip localization conditioned on hand gesture classification
=> Real-Time Fire Detection for Video-Surveillance Applications Using a Combination of Experts Based on Color, Shape, and Motion
=> Real-time Fixation, Mosaic Construction, and Moving Object Detection from a Moving Camera
=> Real-Time Focus Range Sensor
=> Real-Time Focus Range Sensor
=> Real-Time Focusing Algorithm for Iris Recognition Camera, A
=> Real-Time Focusing Algorithm for Iris Recognition Camera, A
=> Real-Time Follow-Up Tracking Fast Moving Object with an Active Camera
=> Real-Time Forecast of SMAP L3 Soil Moisture Using Spatial-Temporal Deep Learning Model with Data Integration
=> Real-Time Forecasting of Dockless Scooter-Sharing Demand: A Spatio-Temporal Multi-Graph Transformer Approach
=> Real-time foreground-background segmentation using codebook model
=> Real-Time Foreground Segmentation from Moving Camera Based on Case-Based Trajectory Classification
=> Real-time foreground segmentation on GPUs using local online learning and global graph cut optimization
=> Real-time foreground segmentation via range and color imaging
=> Real-Time Foreground Segmentation with Kinect Sensor
=> Real-time forward error correction for video transmission
=> Real-time foveation techniques for low bit rate video coding
=> real-time FPGA architecture for 3D reconstruction from integral images, A
=> Real-time FPGA architecture of modified Stable Euler-Number algorithm for image binarization
=> Real-Time FPGA Design for OMP Targeting 8K Image Reconstruction
=> Real-time FPGA implementation of Hough Transform using gradient and CORDIC algorithm
=> Real-Time FPGA Implementation of Visible/Near Infrared Fusion Based Image Enhancement, A
=> Real-Time FPGA Processing for High-Speed Optical Frequency Domain Imaging
=> Real-time frame-dependent video watermarking in VLC domain
=> Real-Time Framework for Detection of Long Linear Infrastructural Objects in Aerial Imagery, A
=> real-time framework for eye detection and tracking, A
=> Real-Time Framework for Video Time and Pitch Scale Modification, A
=> Real-time free-viewpoint DIBR on GPUs for large base-line multi-view 3DTV videos
=> Real-time Free-Viewpoint Navigation from Compressed Multi-Video Recordings
=> Real-time free-viewpoint viewer from multiview video plus depth representation coded by H.264/AVC MVC extension
=> Real-Time Free Viewpoint from Multiple Moving Cameras
=> Real-time free viewpoint image rendering by using fast multi-pass dynamic programming
=> Real-time free viewpoint video from a range sensor and color cameras
=> Real-time free viewpoint video from uncalibrated cameras using plane-sweep algorithm
=> Real-Time Freeway Level of Service Using Inductive-Signature-Based Vehicle Reidentification System
=> Real-Time Freeway Network Traffic Surveillance: Large-Scale Field-Testing Results in Southern Italy
=> Real-time freeway sideswipe crash prediction by support vector machine
=> Real-time full-field 3-D surface-shape measurement using off-the-shelf components and a single processor
=> Real-Time Fusion of Endoscopic Views With Dynamic 3-D Cardiac Images: A Phantom Study
=> real-time fuzzy hardware structure for disparity map computation, A
=> real-time fuzzy morphological algorithm for retinal vessel segmentation, A
=> Real-time Gabor-type Filtering Using Analog Focal Plane Image Processors
=> Real-Time Gabor Primal Sketch for Visual Attention, A
=> Real-Time Gain Control of PET Detectors and Evaluation With Challenging Radionuclides
=> Real-Time Gait-Based Age Estimation and Gender Classification from a Single Image
=> Real-time gait biometrics for surveillance applications: A review
=> Real-time GAN-based Model for Underwater Image Enhancement
=> Real-Time Gaze Estimation Using a Kinect and a HD Webcam
=> Real-Time Gaze Estimation with Online Calibration
=> Real-Time Gaze Estimator Based on Driver's Head Orientation for Forward Collision Warning System
=> Real-time Gaze Holding in Binocular Robot Vision
=> Real-Time Gaze Position Estimation Method Based on a 3-D Eye Model, A
=> Real-time gaze tracking with appearance-based models
=> Real-time Generation and Presentation of View-dependent Binocular Stereo Images Using a Sequence of Omnidirectional Images
=> Real-Time Generation of Dynamic Wave Interaction
=> Real-Time Generation of Environmental Map and Obstacle Avoidance Using Omnidirectional Image Sensor with Conic Mirror
=> Real-time generation of multi-view video plus depth content using mixed narrow and wide baseline
=> Real-time Generation of Novel Views of a Dynamic Scene Using Morphing and Visual Hull
=> Real-Time Generic Object Tracking via Recurrent Regression Network
=> Real-time geometric fitting and pose estimation for surface of revolution
=> Real-time geometrical tracking and pose estimation using laser triangulation and photogrammetry
=> Real-Time Geophysical Applications with Android GNSS Raw Measurements
=> Real-time georeferencing of thermal images using small fixed-wing UAVs in maritime environments
=> Real-time Gestural Control of Robot Manipulator Through Deep Learning Human-pose Inference
=> Real-time gesture detection for multi-touch devices
=> Real-Time Gesture Recognition by Learning and Selective Control of Visual Interest Points
=> Real-time gesture recognition system and application
=> Real-time gesture recognition system based on contour signatures
=> Real-time gesture recognition using bio inspired 3D vision sensor
=> Real-time Gesture Recognition with Minimal Training Requirements and On-line Learning
=> Real-Time GIS and Its Application in Indoor Fire Disaster
=> Real-Time Global Localization of Robotic Cars in Lane Level via Lane Marking Detection and Shape Registration
=> Real-time global localization with a pre-built visual landmark database
=> Real-time global motion blur detection
=> Real-Time Global Motion Vectors Estimation Based on Phase Correlation and Gray Projection Algorithm
=> Real-time global prediction for temporally stable stereo
=> Real-time Global Stereo Matching Using Hierarchical Belief Propagation
=> Real-Time Globally Consistent Dense 3D Reconstruction With Online Texturing
=> Real-Time GNSS-Derived PWV for Typhoon Characterizations: A Case Study for Super Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong
=> Real-Time GPS Precise Point Positioning-Based Precipitable Water Vapor Estimation for Rainfall Monitoring and Forecasting
=> Real-Time GPU-Aided Lung Tumor Tracking
=> Real-time GPU-based face detection in HD video sequences
=> Real-Time GPU-Based Simulation of Dynamic Terrain
=> Real-Time GPU-Based Ultrasound Simulation Using Deformable Mesh Models
=> Real-Time GPU-Based Voxel Carving with Systematic Occlusion Handling
=> Real-time GPU color-based segmentation of football players
=> Real-time gradient-domain painting
=> Real-time gradient vector flow on GPUs using OpenCL
=> Real-Time Grayscale-Thermal Tracking via Laplacian Sparse Representation
=> real-time grid map generation and object classification for ground-based 3D LIDAR data using image analysis techniques, A
=> Real-Time Ground-Level Building Damage Detection Based on Lightweight and Accurate YOLOv5 Using Terrestrial Images
=> Real-Time Guiding Catheter and Guidewire Detection for Congenital Cardiovascular Interventions
=> Real-time gymnast detection and performance analysis with a portable 3D camera
=> Real-time H.264/AVC baseline decoder implementation on TMS320C6416
=> Real-time H.264/AVC codec on Intel architectures
=> Real-Time H.264/AVC Encoder With Complexity-Aware Time Allocation, A
=> real-time H.264/AVC VLSI encoder architecture, A
=> Real-time H264/AVC encoder based on enhanced frame level parallelism for smart multicore DSP camera
=> Real-time H264/AVC high definition video encoder on a multicore DSP TMS320C6678
=> Real-Time Hair Rendering Using Sequential Adversarial Networks
=> Real-Time Halfway Domain Reconstruction of Motion and Geometry
=> Real-time hand-arm motion analysis using a single video camera
=> Real-Time Hand-Painted Graphics for Mobile Games
=> Real-Time Hand and Eye Coordination for Flexible Impedance Control of Robot Manipulator
=> Real-Time Hand Detection and Gesture Tracking with GMM and Model Adaptation
=> Real-time hand detection based on multi-stage HOG-SVM classifier
=> Real-Time Hand Gesture Detection and Recognition Using Boosted Classifiers and Active Learning
=> Real-Time Hand Gesture Identification in Thermal Images
=> Real-time hand gesture recognition for augmented screen using average background and camshift
=> Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition for Uncontrolled Environments Using Adaptive SURF Tracking and Hidden Conditional Random Fields
=> Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using a Color Glove
=> Real-time hand gesture recognition using range cameras
=> Real-Time Hand Grasp Recognition Using Weakly Supervised Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Networks for Understanding Manipulation Actions
=> Real-Time Hand Pose Estimation Using Classifiers
=> Real-Time Hand Pose Recognition Method with Hidden Finger Prediction, A
=> Real-time Hand Pose Recognition Using Low-Resolution Depth Images
=> Real-time hand posture recognition using hand geometric features and Fisher Vector
=> Real-time hand posture recognition using range data
=> Real-time hand shape recognition for human interface
=> Real-time hand status recognition from RGB-D imagery
=> real-time hand tracker using variable-length Markov models of behaviour, A
=> Real-time hand tracking by invariant hough forest detection
=> Real-time hand tracking on depth images
=> Real-Time Hand Tracking under Occlusion from an Egocentric RGB-D Sensor
=> Real-Time Hand Tracking under Occlusion from an Egocentric RGB-D Sensor
=> Real-time hand tracking using a mean shift embedded particle filter
=> Real-Time Hand Tracking Using a Sum of Anisotropic Gaussians Model
=> Real-time Hand Tracking With Variable-Length Markov Models of Behaviour
=> Real-time haptic interaction with RGBD video streams
=> Real-time hardware-software embedded vision system for ITS smart camera implemented in Zynq SoC
=> Real-time hardware acceleration of the trace transform
=> Real-Time Hazardous Traffic Condition Warning System: Framework and Evaluation
=> Real-time haze removal in monocular images using locally adaptive processing
=> Real-time HD image distortion correction in heterogeneous parallel computing systems using efficient memory access patterns
=> Real-Time HDR Video Tone Mapping Using High Efficiency Video Coding
=> real-time HDTV signal processor: HD-VSP, A
=> Real-Time Head Action Recognition Based on HOF and ELM
=> Real-Time Head and Hand Tracking Based on 2.5D Data
=> Real-Time Head Nod and Shake Detector, A
=> Real-time head orientation estimation using neural networks
=> Real-Time Head Orientation from a Monocular Camera Using Deep Neural Network
=> Real-Time Head Pose Estimation and Face Modeling From a Depth Image
=> Real-Time Head Pose Estimation on Mobile Devices
=> Real-Time Head Pose Estimation Using Multi-variate RVM on Faces in the Wild
=> Real-Time Head Pose Tracking with Online Face Template Reconstruction
=> real-time head tracker for autostereoscopic display, A
=> Real-time head tracking and 3d pose estimation from range data
=> Real-time head tracking system for computer games and other applications
=> Real-time heads-up display detection in video
=> Real-Time Heterogeneous Video Transcoding for Low-Power Applications
=> Real-time hierarchal pyramid signal processing apparatus
=> Real-Time Hierarchical Outdoor SLAM Based on Stereovision and GPS Fusion
=> Real-time Hierarchical Soft Attention-based 3D Object Detection in Point Clouds
=> Real-Time Hierarchical Supervoxel Segmentation via a Minimum Spanning Tree
=> Real-Time High-Performance Semantic Image Segmentation of Urban Street Scenes
=> Real-Time High-Quality Complete System for Depth Image-Based Rendering on FPGA, A
=> Real-Time High-Quality Stereo Vision System in FPGA
=> Real-Time High-Resolution Background Matting
=> Real-Time High-Resolution Cone-Beam CT Using GPU-Based Multi-Resolution Sampling
=> Real-time High Density People Counter Using Morphological Tools
=> Real-time High Density People Counter Using Morphological Tools
=> real-time high dynamic range HD video camera, A
=> Real-Time High Resolution Image Compression System Based on ADV212, A
=> Real-Time High Speed Motion Prediction Using Fast Aperture-Robust Event-Driven Visual Flow
=> Real-Time Highway Traffic Condition Assessment Framework Using Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration (VII) With Artificial Intelligence (AI)
=> Real-Time HOG-based pedestrian detection in thermal images for an embedded system
=> Real-Time Holding Control for Transfer Synchronization via Robust Multiagent Reinforcement Learning
=> Real-time holography using the high-resolution LCTV-SLM
=> Real-Time Hough Transform on 1-D SIMD Processors: Implementation and Architecture Exploration
=> Real-time Hough/Radon transform: algorithm and architectures
=> Real-Time Huffman Encoder with Pipelined CAM-Based Data Path and Code-Word-Table Optimizer
=> Real-time human-centric segmentation for complex video scenes
=> real-time Human-Robot Interaction system based on gestures for assistive scenarios, A
=> Real-time human action recognition based on depth motion maps
=> Real-time human action recognition from motion capture data
=> Real-time human action recognition on an embedded, reconfigurable video processing architecture
=> Real-Time Human Action Recognition Using Locally Aggregated Kinematic-Guided Skeletonlet and Supervised Hashing-by-Analysis Model
=> Real-time human body parts localization from dynamic vision sensor
=> Real-time human cross-race aging-related face appearance detection with deep convolution architecture
=> Real-time human detection and tracking in complex environments using single RGBD camera
=> Real-time Human Detection based on Personness Estimation
=> Real-time human detection in urban scenes: Local descriptors and classifiers selection with AdaBoost-like algorithms
=> Real-Time Human Detection System for Video, A
=> Real-time human detection using fast contour template matching for visual surveillance
=> Real-Time Human Detection Using Hierarchical HOG Matrices
=> Real-time human detection using histograms of oriented gradients on a GPU
=> Real-Time Human Detection Using Relational Depth Similarity Features
=> Real-Time Human Detection, Tracking, and Verification in Uncontrolled Camera Motion Environments
=> Real-time human figure control using tracked blobs
=> Real-Time Human Foot Motion Localization Algorithm With Dynamic Speed
=> Real-time Human Motion Analysis and IK-based Human Figure Control
=> Real-Time Human Motion Analysis Based on Analysis of Silhouette Contour and Color Blob
=> Real-Time Human Motion Capture with Multiple Depth Cameras
=> Real-time Human Motion Capturing System
=> Real-Time Human Motion Detection with Distributed Smart Cameras
=> Real-time human motion sensing based on vision-based inverse kinematics for interactive applications
=> Real-Time Human Movement Retrieval and Assessment With Kinect Sensor
=> Real-time human object motion parameters estimation from depth images
=> Real-Time Human Pose Estimation via Cascaded Neural Networks Embedded with Multi-task Learning
=> Real-Time Human Pose Estimation: A Case Study in Algorithm Design for Smart Camera Networks
=> Real-Time Human Pose Inference using Kernel Principal Component Pre-image Approximations
=> Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images
=> Real-Time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images
=> Real-Time Human Pose Tracking from Range Data
=> Real-Time Human Posture Estimation Using Monocular Thermal Images
=> Real-Time Human Stress Monitoring System Using Dynamic Bayesian Network, A
=> Real-time human tracking based on switching linear dynamic system combined with adaptive Meanshift tracker
=> Real-Time Humans Detection in Urban Scenes
=> Real-time hybrid pose estimation from vision and inertial data
=> Real-time Hybrid Stereo Vision System for HD Resolution Disparity Map
=> Real-time hybrid ToF multi-camera rig fusion system for depth map enhancement
=> Real-time Hyper-Dimensional Reconfiguration at the Edge using Hardware Accelerators
=> Real-Time Hyperbola Recognition and Fitting in GPR Data
=> Real-Time Hyperspectral Data Transmission for UAV-Based Acquisition Platforms
=> Real-time Hyperspectral Imaging in Hardware via Trained Metasurface Encoders
=> Real-time Hyperspectral Imaging with Volume Holographic Optical Elements
=> Real-time identification of blood regions for hemostasis support in laparoscopic surgery
=> Real-time identification of eye fixations and saccades using radial basis function networks and Markov chains
=> Real-time identification of pedestrian meeting and split events from surveillance videos using motion similarity and its applications
=> Real-Time Identification of Rice Weeds by UAV Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Based on Improved Semantic Segmentation Model
=> Real-time identification using a canonical face depth map
=> Real-Time Illegal Parking Detection Algorithm in Urban Environments
=> Real-Time Illegal Parking Detection in Outdoor Environments Using 1-D Transformation
=> Real-time illumination-invariant motion detection in spatio-temporal image volumes
=> Real-time illumination and shadow invariant lane detection on mobile platform
=> Real-Time Illumination and Visual Coherence for Photorealistic Augmented/Mixed Reality
=> Real-time illumination compensation for face processing in video surveillance
=> Real-time Illumination for Two-level Volume Rendering
=> Real-Time Illumination Robust Maneuvering Target Tracking Based on Color Invariance
=> Real-time image-based 6-DOF localization in large-scale environments
=> Real-Time Image-Based B-Mode Ultrasound Image Simulation of Needles Using Tensor-Product Interpolation
=> Real-time Image-Based Guidance Method for Lung-Cancer Assessment
=> Real-Time Image-Based Motion Detection Using Color and Structure
=> Real-Time Image-Based Rendering Framework, A
=> Real-time image-based rendering system for virtual city based on image compression technique and eigen texture method
=> real-time image-to-panorama registration approach for background subtraction using pan-tilt-cameras, A
=> Real-Time Image Alignment for a Gyro-visual Hybrid Pointing Device
=> Real-Time Image Analysis Using MIMD Parallel à trous Wavelet Algorithms
=> Real-time image and video processing in portable and mobile devices
=> Real-Time Image and Video Processing: From Research to Reality
=> Real-Time Image Based Lighting for 360-Degree Panoramic Video
=> Real-Time Image Based Rendering from Uncalibrated Images
=> Real-time image carrier generation based on generative adversarial network and fast object detection
=> real-time image dehazing method considering dark channel and statistics features, A
=> Real-time Image Enhancer via Learnable Spatial-aware 3D Lookup Tables
=> Real-time image filtering scheme based on robust estimators in presence of impulsive noise
=> real-time image forensics scheme based on multi-domain learning, A
=> Real-time image improvement system for visual testing of nuclear reactors
=> Real-Time Image Matching Based on Multiple View Kernel Projection
=> Real-time Image Mosaicing from a Video Sequence
=> Real-Time Image Mosaicing Using Non-rigid Registration
=> Real-time image processing algorithms for an automated retinal laser surgery system
=> Real-Time Image Processing by Using Image Compression Sensor
=> Real-time image processing for active monitoring of wide areas
=> Real-Time Image Processing Using Graphics Hardware: A Performance Study
=> Real-time image processing with a compact FPGA-based systolic architecture
=> Real-time image processing with dynamically reconfigurable architecture
=> Real-time image recognition using weighted spatial pyramid networks
=> Real-time image reconstruction for spiral MRI using fixed-point calculation
=> Real-Time Image Registration of RGB Webcams and Colorless 3D Time-of-Flight Cameras
=> Real-Time Image Restoration for Iris Recognition Systems
=> Real-time image restoration in diagnostic X-ray imaging, the effects on quantum noise
=> Real-time image segmentation based on a parallel and pipelined watershed algorithm
=> Real-time image segmentation for visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets
=> Real-time image smoke detection using staircase searching-based dual threshold AdaBoost and dynamic analysis
=> Real-Time Image Stabilization System Based on Fourier-Mellin Transform, A
=> Real-time image tracking for automatic traffic monitoring and enforcement applications
=> Real-time imaging-based assessment model for improving teaching performance and student experience in e-learning
=> Real-Time Imaging Processing of Squint Spaceborne SAR with High-Resolution Based on Nonuniform PRI Design
=> Real-Time Imaging
=> Real-time implementation of a new low-memory SPIHT image coding algorithm using DSP chip
=> Real-time implementation of an adaptive simultaneous dynamic range compression and local contrast enhancement algorithm on a GPU
=> Real-time implementation of an optical flow algorithm
=> Real-Time Implementation of Background Modelling Algorithms in FPGA Devices
=> Real-Time Implementation of Caldeórn's Method on Subject-Specific Domains
=> Real-Time Implementation of Face Recognition Algorithms on DSP Chip
=> real-time implementation of gradient domain high dynamic range compression using a local Poisson solver, A
=> Real-Time Implementation of Modified LD-NET using Docker on NVIDIA Jetson Nano for Image Dehazing Application
=> Real-time implementation of morphological filters with polygonal structuring elements
=> Real-Time Implementation of Nonlinear Unsharp Masking with FPLDs, A
=> Real-Time Implementation of Obstacle Detection Algorithms on a Datacube MaxPCI Architecture
=> Real-time implementation of order-statistics-based directional filters
=> Real-time implementation of remotely sensed hyperspectral image unmixing on GPUs
=> Real-Time Implementation Of Scalable Hevc Encoder
=> real-time implementation of SIFT using GPU, A
=> Real-Time Implementation of the Relative Position Estimation Algorithm Using the Aerial Image Sequence
=> Real-time implementations of Hough Transform on SIMD architecture
=> Real-time impulse noise removal
=> Real-Time Impulse Noise Suppression from Images Using an Efficient Weighted-Average Filtering
=> Real-Time Incremental and Geo-Referenced Mosaicking by Small-Scale UAVs
=> Real-time Incremental J-Linkage for Robust Multiple Structures Estimation
=> Real-Time Incremental Segmentation and Tracking of Vehicles at Low Camera Angles Using Stable Features
=> Real-Time Incremental Video Mosaic Framework for UAV Remote Sensing, A
=> Real-time indoor scene understanding using Bayesian filtering with motion cues
=> Real-time inference of 3D human poses by assembling local patches
=> Real-Time Inference of Complex Mental States from Facial Expressions and Head Gestures
=> Real-time inference of mental states from facial expressions and upper body gestures
=> Real-time inference of mental states from facial expressions and upper body gestures
=> Real-time infrared pedestrian detection via sparse representation
=> Real-Time Infrared Stereo Matching Algorithm for RGB-D Cameras' Indoor 3D Perception, A
=> Real-Time Inspection System for Printed Circuit Boards
=> Real-Time Instance Segmentation Techniques using Neural Networks for the Assessment of Green-Lipped Mussels
=> Real-time Instance Segmentation with Discriminative Orientation Maps
=> Real-Time Integral Imaging Based on Extremely High Resolution Video System
=> Real-Time Integrated Holding and Priority Control Strategy for Transit Systems
=> Real-Time Integration of Segmentation Techniques for Reduction of False Positive Rates in Fire Plume Detection Systems during Forest Fires
=> Real-Time Intelligent Automatic Transportation Safety Based on Big Data Management
=> Real-Time Intensity-Image Reconstruction for Event Cameras Using Manifold Regularisation
=> Real-Time Intensity-Image Reconstruction for Event Cameras Using Manifold Regularisation
=> real-time interactive 3-D-DVA for robust coronary MRA, The
=> Real-time interactive multi-target tracking using kernel-based trackers
=> Real-time Interactive Object Outlining Using Control Points and Smoothness Parameter Manipulation
=> Real-Time Interactive Path Extraction with on-the-Fly Adaptation of the External Forces
=> Real-Time Interactive Path Extraction with on-the-Fly Adaptation of the External Forces
=> Real-time interactive regions of interest in H.264/AVC
=> Real-Time Interactively Distributed Multi-Object Tracking Using a Magnetic-Inertia Potential Model
=> Real-Time Intermediate Flow Estimation for Video Frame Interpolation
=> Real-time Interpretation of Hand Motions using a Sparse Bayesian Classifier on Motion Gradient Orientation Images
=> Real-Time Intersection-Based Segment Aware Routing Algorithm for Urban Vehicular Networks
=> Real-Time Ionospheric Threat Adaptation Using a Space Weather Prediction for GNSS-Based Aircraft Landing Systems
=> Real-Time IoT-Based Connected Vehicle Infrastructure for Intelligent Transportation Safety
=> Real-Time Iris Detection on Coronal-Axis-Rotated Faces
=> Real-time iris localization method
=> Real-Time Isoline Tracing Algorithm Based on CUDA, A
=> Real-time iterative framework of regularized image restoration and its application to video enhancement
=> Real-time joint disparity and disparity flow estimation on programmable graphics hardware
=> Real-time joint estimation of camera orientation and vanishing points
=> Real-Time Joint Tracking of a Hand Manipulating an Object from RGB-D Input
=> Real-time K-Means Clustering for Color Images on Reconfigurable Hardware
=> Real-time keypoints detection for autonomous recovery of the unmanned ground vehicle
=> Real-time keystone correction for hand-held projectors with an RGBD camera
=> Real-time Kinect-based air-writing system with a novel analytical classifier
=> Real-Time Kinematic Precise Orbit Determination for LEO Satellites Using Zero-Differenced Ambiguity Resolution
=> Real-Time Knowledge-Based Processing of Images: Application of the Online NLPM Method to Perceptual Visual Analysis
=> Real-Time Lagrangian Traffic State Estimator for Freeways
=> Real-time landing place assessment in man-made environments
=> Real-time lane departure warning system based on a single FPGA
=> Real-Time Lane Departure Warning System on a Lower Resource Platform
=> Real-Time Lane Estimation Using Deep Features and Extra Trees Regression
=> Real-time lane tracking using Rao-Blackwellized particle filter
=> Real-Time Large-Scale Dense 3D Reconstruction with Loop Closure
=> Real-Time Large-Scale Fusion of High Resolution 3D Scans with Details Preservation
=> Real-time large-scale visual concept detection with linear classifiers
=> Real-Time Large Disparity Range Stereo-System Using FPGAs, A
=> Real-Time Large Disparity Range Stereo-System Using FPGAs, A
=> Real-Time Laser Point Tracking
=> Real-time Learning and Detection of 3D Texture-less Objects: A Scalable Approach
=> Real-time learning of accurate patch rectification
=> Real-time least-squares ensemble visual tracking
=> Real-Time LEO Satellite Orbits Based on Batch Least-Squares Orbit Determination with Short-Term Orbit Prediction
=> Real-time level set based tracking with appearance model using Rao-Blackwellized particle filter
=> Real-Time Lexicon-Free Scene Text Localization and Recognition
=> Real-time Lexicon-free Scene Text Retrieval
=> Real-time license plate detection and recognition using deep convolutional neural networks
=> Real-time license plate localisation on FPGA
=> Real-Time License Plate Recognition on an Embedded DSP-Platform
=> real-time license plate recognition system for Saudi Arabia using LabVIEW, A
=> Real-Time Life Experience Logging Tool, A
=> Real-time life logging via a depth silhouette-based human activity recognition system for smart home services
=> Real-time Light Fall-off Stereo
=> Real-Time Light Field Depth Estimation via GPU-Accelerated Muti-View Semi-Global Matching
=> Real-time Lightweight CNN in Robots with Very Limited Computational Resources: Detecting Ball in NAO
=> Real-time line detection through an improved Hough transform voting scheme
=> Real-time line detection through an improved Hough transform voting scheme
=> Real-Time Line Detection Using Accelerated High-Resolution Hough Transform
=> Real-Time Line Extraction Using a Highly Parallel Hough Transform Board
=> Real-Time Linear Prediction Algorithm for Detecting Abnormal BDS-2/BDS-3 Satellite Clock Offsets, A
=> Real-Time Lip Contour Extraction and Tracking Using an Improved Active Contour Model
=> Real-time lip reading system for isolated Korean word recognition
=> Real-Time Lip Tracking for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Applications
=> Real-time local stereo via edge-aware disparity propagation
=> Real-Time Localization for Underwater Moving Object Using Precalculated DC Electric Field Template
=> Real-time Localization in Outdoor Environments using Stereo Vision and Inexpensive GPS
=> Real-time Localized Photorealistic Video Style Transfer
=> Real-Time Location-Based Rendering of Urban Underground Pipelines
=> Real-Time Long-Range Lane Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicle
=> Real-time long-term tracker with tracking-verification-detection-refinement
=> Real-Time Long-Term Tracking With Prediction-Detection-Correction
=> Real-time long-term tracking with reliability assessment and object recovery
=> Real-time lossless compression of mosaic video sequences
=> Real-time low-complexity adaptive approach for enhanced QoS and error resilience in MPEG-2 video transport over RTP networks
=> real-time low-cost marker-based multiple camera tracking solution for virtual reality applications, A
=> Real-Time Low-Cost Omni-Directional Stereo Vision via Bi-polar Spherical Cameras
=> Real-Time Low-Power Stereo Vision Engine Using Semi-Global Matching, A
=> Real-time low cost infrared vein imaging system
=> Real-time machine-vision-based position sensing system for UAV aerial refueling
=> real-time machine vision system for bottle finish inspection, A
=> Real-Time Maintenance of Figure-Ground Segmentation
=> Real-Time Map Refinement Method Using a Multi-Sensor Localization Framework, A
=> Real-time mapping and navigation by fusion of multiple electro-optic sensors
=> Real-Time Marker-free Motion Capture from multiple cameras
=> Real-time marker prediction and CoR estimation in optical motion capture
=> Real-Time Markerless Human Body Tracking with 3-D Voxel Reconstruction
=> Real-time markerless kinect based finger tracking and hand gesture recognition for HCI
=> Real-Time Matching System for Large Fingerprint Databases
=> Real-Time MDNet
=> Real-Time Measurement of Link Vehicle Count and Travel Time in a Road Network
=> Real-Time Measurement of Thread Number of Rail Fastener
=> Real-Time Median Filtering for Embedded Smart Cameras
=> Real-Time Medical Ultrasound Simulator Based on a Generative Adversarial Network Model, A
=> Real-time medical video processing, enabled by hardware accelerated correlations
=> Real-Time Memory Updating Strategy for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification, A
=> Real-time method for counting unseen stacked objects in mobile
=> Real-time method of digitally altering a video data stream to remove portions of the original image and substitute elements to create a new image
=> Real-Time Method to Detect and Track Moving Objects (DATMO) from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Using a Single Camera, A
=> Real-Time Micro-expression Detection in Unlabeled Long Videos Using Optical Flow and LSTM Neural Network
=> Real-time Micro Environmental Observation with Virtual Reality
=> Real-time microfacet billboarding for free-viewpoint video rendering
=> Real-Time Minimization of the Piecewise Smooth Mumford-Shah Functional
=> Real-Time Mission-Motion Planner for Multi-UUVs Cooperative Work Using Tri-Level Programing
=> Real-Time Mobile Facial Expression Recognition System: A Case Study
=> Real-Time Mobile Food Recognition System
=> Real-Time Model-Based Articulated Object Pose Detection and Tracking with Variable Rigidity Constraints
=> Real-Time Model-Based Hand Localization for Unsupervised Palmar Image Acquisition
=> Real-Time Model-Based Inversion in Cross-Sectional Optoacoustic Tomography
=> Real-Time Model-Based Method for 3-D Object Orientation Estimation in Outdoor Scenes, A
=> Real-Time Model-Based Rigid Object Pose Estimation and Tracking Combining Dense and Sparse Visual Cues
=> Real-Time Model-Based SLAM Using Line Segments
=> Real-Time Model of the Seasonal Temperature of Lunar Polar Region and Data Validation, A
=> Real-Time Modeling of 3-D Soccer Ball Trajectories From Multiple Fixed Cameras
=> Real-Time Modeling of Forward-Looking Synthetic Aperture Ground Penetrating Radar Scattering From Rough Terrain
=> Real-time modeling of image sequences based on hidden Markov mesh random field models
=> Real-Time MODIS Vegetation Product for Land Surface and Numerical Weather Prediction Models, A
=> Real-Time Monitoring of Crop Phenology in the Midwestern United States Using VIIRS Observations
=> Real-time monocular 6-DOF head pose estimation from salient 2D points
=> Real-Time Monocular Depth Estimation Using Synthetic Data with Domain Adaptation via Image Style Transfer
=> Real-time Monocular Depth Estimation with Extremely Light-Weight Neural Network
=> Real-time Monocular Depth Estimation with Sparse Supervision on Mobile
=> Real-Time Monocular Fixation Control Using the Log-Polar Transformation and a Confidence-Based Similarity Measure
=> Real-time monocular image-based path detection
=> Real-Time Monocular Joint Perception Network for Autonomous Driving
=> Real-Time Monocular Pose Estimation of 3D Objects Using Temporally Consistent Local Color Histograms
=> Real-Time Monocular Segmentation and Pose Tracking of Multiple Objects
=> Real-Time Monocular SLAM With Low Memory Requirements
=> Real-Time Monocular SLAM with Straight Lines
=> real-time monocular vision-based 3D mouse system, A
=> Real-Time monophonic and polyphonic audio classification from power spectra
=> Real-Time Morphology Processing Using Highly Parallel 2-D Cellular Automata CAM^2
=> Real-Time Morphology Processing Using Highly Parallel 2-D Cellular Automata CAM^2
=> Real-time Motion-based Gesture Recognition Using the GPU
=> Real-Time Motion-Feature-Extraction VLSI Employing Digital-Pixel-Sensor-Based Parallel Architecture, A
=> Real-Time Motion Analysis with Linear Programming
=> Real-Time Motion Analysis with Linear Programming
=> Real-Time Motion Capture on a Budget
=> real-time motion capture system with multiple camera fusion, A
=> Real-time motion control using pose space probability density estimation
=> Real-time motion detection based on Discrete Cosine Transform
=> Real-time motion detection based on SW/HW-codesign for walking rescue robots
=> Real-Time Motion Detection for a Mobile Observer Using Multiple Kernel Tracking and Belief Propagation
=> Real-time motion estimation based on event-based vision sensor
=> Real-Time Motion Estimation by Object-Matching for High-Level Video Representation
=> real-time motion estimation FPGA architecture, A
=> Real-time Motion Planning for Robotic Teleoperation Using Dynamic-goal Deep Reinforcement Learning
=> Real-time motion segmentation from moving cameras
=> Real-Time Motion Segmentation of Sparse Feature Points at Any Speed
=> Real-Time Motion Stereo
=> Real-time Motion Template Gradients using Intel CVLib
=> Real-time motion tracker for a robotic vision system
=> Real-Time Motion Trajectory-Based Indexing and Retrieval of Video Sequences
=> Real-Time Motion Transition by Example
=> Real-time moustache detection by combining image decolorization and texture detection with applications to facial gender recognition
=> Real-Time Movie-Induced Discrete Emotion Recognition from EEG Signals
=> Real-Time Moving Object Classification with Automatic Scene Division
=> Real-time moving object detection algorithm on high-resolution videos using GPUs
=> Real-Time Moving Object Detection for Video Surveillance
=> Real-Time Moving Object Segmentation and Classification From HEVC Compressed Surveillance Video
=> Real-time moving object segmentation and tracking for H.264/AVC surveillance videos
=> Real-Time Moving Target Evaluation Search
=> Real-Time Moving Vehicle Detection With Cast Shadow Removal in Video Based on Conditional Random Field
=> Real-time MPEG-2 delivery based on RTP: implementation issues
=> Real-time MPEG-4 facial animation with 3D scalable meshes
=> Real-Time MPEG Video on the Web Using Dynamic Rate Shaping
=> Real-time MPEG2 video watermarking in the VLC domain
=> Real-Time MRF Based Approach for Binary Segmentation, A
=> Real-time multi-agent system for an adaptive intrusion detection system
=> Real-time multi-camera air surveillance system using a simultaneous estimation, filtering and rejection tracking algorithm
=> Real-time multi-camera video analytics system on GPU
=> real-time multi-camera vision system for UAV collision warning and navigation, A
=> Real-Time Multi-Car Localization and See-Through System
=> Real-Time Multi-Car Localization and See-Through System
=> Real-time Multi-Class Helmet Violation Detection Using Few-Shot Data Sampling Technique and YOLOv8
=> Real-time multi-class moving target tracking and recognition
=> Real-time multi-class object detection using two-dimensional index
=> Real-time multi-colourspace hand segmentation
=> real-time multi-cue framework for determining optical flow confidence, A
=> Real-time multi-feature based fire flame detection in video
=> Real-Time Multi-Frame Analysis of Dominant Translation
=> Real-Time Multi-GNSS Precise Orbit Determination Based on the Hourly Updated Ultra-Rapid Orbit Prediction Method
=> Real-Time Multi-Guidewire Endpoint Localization in Fluoroscopy Images
=> Real-Time Multi-human Tracking Using a Probability Hypothesis Density Filter and Multiple Detectors
=> Real-Time Multi-Label Classification System for Short Videos, A
=> Real-Time Multi-Material Reflectance Reconstruction for Large-Scale Scenes Under Uncontrolled Illumination from RGB-D Image Sequences
=> Real-Time Multi-object Tracking with Occlusion and Stationary Objects Handling for Conveying Systems
=> Real-time Multi-person Eyeblink Detection in the Wild for Untrimmed Video
=> Real-Time Multi-person Motion Capture from Multi-view Video and IMUs
=> Real-time Multi-person Pose Tracking Method Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
=> Real-Time Multi-Person Pose Tracking using Data Assimilation
=> Real-time multi-person tracking with detector assisted structure propagation
=> Real-Time Multi-Person Tracking with Time-Constrained Detection
=> Real-time multi-resolution edge detection with pattern analysis on graphics processing unit
=> Real-Time Multi-scale Action Detection from 3D Skeleton Data
=> Real-time multi-scale parallel compressive tracking
=> Real-time multi-scale Retinex to enhance night scene of vehicular camera
=> Real-time multi-scale tracking based on compressive sensing
=> Real-time multi-stage infrared image-based tracking system
=> Real-Time Multi-Step View Reconstruction for a Virtual Teleconference System
=> Real-time multi-target tracking at 210 megapixels/second in Wide Area Motion Imagery
=> Real-Time Multi-Task Environmental Perception System for Traffic Safety Empowered by Edge Artificial Intelligence
=> Real-Time Multi-Task Single Shot Face Detector, A
=> Real-time multi-trajectory matching for dynamic hand gesture recognition
=> Real-Time Multi-view 3D Object Tracking in Cluttered Scenes
=> Real-time multi-view event detection in soccer games
=> Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection and Pose Estimation in Video Stream
=> Real-time multi-view face detection
=> Real-Time Multi-view Human Motion Tracking Using 3D Model and Latency Tolerant Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization
=> Real-Time Multi-view Human Motion Tracking Using Particle Swarm Optimization with Resampling
=> Real-time Multi-view Stereo Algorithm using Adaptive-weight Parzen Window and Local Winner-take-all Optimization
=> Real-Time Multi-View Volumetric Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes Using Kinect V2
=> Real-time multi-window stereo matching algorithm with fuzzy logic
=> real-time multi face detection technique using positive-negative lines-of-face template, A
=> Real-Time Multiaperture Omnidirectional Visual Sensor Based on an Interconnected Network of Smart Cameras, A
=> Real-time multimedia processing in video sensor networks
=> Real-Time Multimedia Social Event Detection in Microblog
=> Real-Time Multimodal Human-Avatar Interaction
=> Real-Time Multipedestrian Tracking in Traffic Scenes via an RGB-D-Based Layered Graph Model
=> Real-time multiple-person tracking system
=> Real-Time Multiple-Vehicle Detection and Tracking System with Prior Occlusion Detection and Resolution, and Prior Queue Detection and Resolution, A
=> Real-time multiple description intra-coding by sorting and interpolation of coefficients
=> Real-Time Multiple Description Video Streaming over QoS-Based Wireless Networks
=> Real-Time Multiple Face Detection Using Active Illumination
=> Real-Time Multiple Human Perception With Color-Depth Cameras on a Mobile Robot
=> Real-Time Multiple Moving Targets Detection from Airborne IR Imagery by Dynamic Gabor Filter and Dynamic Gaussian Detector
=> Real-Time Multiple Objects Tracking with Occlusion Handling in Dynamic Scenes
=> Real-time Multiple Pedestrians Tracking in Multi-camera System
=> Real-time multiple people tracking using competitive condensation
=> Real-time multiple people tracking using competitive condensation
=> Real-time multiple people tracking using competitive condensation
=> Real-time multiple vehicle detection and tracking from a moving vehicle
=> Real-Time Multiple Vehicles Tracking with Occlusion Handling
=> Real-time multiply recursive reflections and refractions using hybrid rendering
=> Real-Time Multiresolutional Stereo Matching Algorithm, A
=> Real-Time Multisensory Image Segmentation Algorithm with an Application to Visual and X-Ray Inspection, A
=> Real-time multispectral color video synthesis using an array of commodity cameras
=> Real-Time Multispectral Pedestrian Detection with a Single-Pass Deep Neural Network
=> Real-time multitarget tracking by a cooperative distributed vision system
=> Real-time multitarget tracking for sensor-based sorting
=> Real-Time Multiview Recognition of Human Gestures by Distributed Image Processing
=> Real-Time N-Descriptions Video Coding Architecture, A
=> Real-time N-finder processing algorithms for hyperspectral imagery
=> Real-Time NDT-NDE Through an Innovative Adaptive Partial Least Squares SVR Inversion Approach
=> Real-Time Near-Duplicate Elimination for Web Video Search With Content and Context
=> real-time near infrared image acquisition system based on image quality assessment, A
=> Real-Time Neighborhood Based Disparity Estimation Incorporating Temporal Evidence
=> Real-Time Neural Character Rendering with Pose-Guided Multiplane Images
=> Real-Time Neural Light Field on Mobile Devices
=> Real-Time Neural Rasterization for Large Scenes
=> Real-Time Neural Style Transfer for Videos
=> Real-Time Neurodegenerative Disease Video Classification with Severity Prediction
=> Real-Time No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Filter Learning
=> Real-time noise-aware tone-mapping and its use in luminance retargeting
=> Real-Time Noise Estimation and Correction in Dual-Polarization Radar Systems
=> Real-Time Non-Rigid 3D Respiratory Motion Estimation for MR-Guided Radiotherapy Using MR-MOTUS
=> Real-Time Non-Rigid Driver Head Tracking for Driver Mental State Estimation
=> Real-time non-rigid multi-frame depth video super-resolution
=> Real-Time Non-rigid Shape Recovery Via Active Appearance Models for Augmented Reality
=> Real-Time Non-Rigid Surface Detection
=> Real-Time Nonlinear Complementary Filter on SO(3) for Attitude Estimation of Small-Scale Aerial Robot
=> Real-Time Nonparametric Anomaly Detection in High-Dimensional Settings
=> Real-time nonparametric background subtraction with tracking-based foreground update
=> Real-Time Nonrigid Mosaicking of Laparoscopy Images
=> Real-time O(1) bilateral filtering
=> Real-Time Object-Based Video Segmentation Using Colour Segmentation and Connected Component Labeling
=> Real-time Object Classification in Video Surveillance Based on Appearance Learning
=> real-time object detecting and tracking system for outdoor night surveillance, A
=> Real-Time Object Detection and Localization in Compressive Sensed Video
=> Real-time object detection and localization with SIFT-based clustering
=> Real-time object detection by a multi-feature fully convolutional network
=> Real-Time Object Detection for Smart Vehicles
=> Real-Time Object Detection for Smart Vehicles
=> Real-time Object Detection for Streaming Perception
=> Real-time object detection on CUDA
=> Real-Time Object Detection On Low Power Embedded Platforms
=> Real-Time Object Detection Using Adaptive Background Model and Margined Sign Correlation
=> Real-Time Object Detection with Adaptive Background Model and Margined Sign Correlation
=> Real-Time Object Processing and Routing for Intelligent Drones: A Novel Approach
=> Real-Time Object Recognition Based on Cortical Multi-scale Keypoints
=> real-time object recognition for forward looking sonar, A
=> Real-time Object Recognition in Sparse Range Images Using Error Surface Embedding
=> Real-time object recognition on image sequences with the adaptable time delay neural network algorithm applications for autonomous vehicles
=> Real-Time Object Recognition System on Cell Broadband Engine, A
=> Real-time object recognition using a modified generalized Hough transform
=> Real-time object recognition using local features on a DSP-based embedded system
=> Real-time Object Recognition using Relational Dependency based on Graphical Model
=> Real-time Object Recognition using Relational Dependency based on Graphical Model
=> Real-Time Object Recognition: Hierarchical Image Matching in a Parallel Virtual Machine Environment
=> Real-Time Object Segmentation and Coding for Selective-Quality Video Communications
=> Real-Time Object Tracking Algorithm with Cameras Mounted on Moving Platforms
=> Real-time object tracking based on an adaptive transition model and extended Kalman filter to handle full occlusion
=> Real-Time Object Tracking By Rotating Range Sensor
=> Real-Time Object Tracking from a Moving Video Camera: A Software Approach on a PC
=> Real-Time Object Tracking on a Drone With Multi-Inertial Sensing Data
=> Real-Time Object Tracking on iPhone
=> Real-time object tracking using bounded irregular pyramids
=> Real-Time Object Tracking Using Powell's Direct Set Method for Object Localization and Kalman Filter for Occlusion Handling
=> Real-Time Object Tracking via Fusion of Global and Local Appearance Models
=> Real-Time Object Tracking Via Online Discriminative Feature Selection
=> Real-time object tracking via optimal feature subspace
=> Real-Time Object Tracking with Generalized Part-Based Appearance Model and Structure-Constrained Motion Model
=> Real-time Object Tracking with Movels and Affine Transformations
=> Real-time object tracking with relevance feedback
=> Real-Time Object Tracking without Feature Extraction
=> Real-time objects tracking by using smart image sensor and FPGA
=> Real-Time Observations of Dust-Cloud Interactions Based on Polarization and Raman Lidar Measurements
=> Real-time Obstacle Avoidance Using an MPEG-processor-based Optic Flow Sensor
=> Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance Using Central Flow Divergence and Peripheral Flow
=> Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance Using Central Flow Divergence and Peripheral Flow
=> Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance Using Central Flow Divergence and Peripheral Flow
=> Real-time obstacle detection and avoidance in the presence of specular surfaces using an active 3D sensor
=> Real-time obstacle detection with motion features using monocular vision
=> Real-Time Obstacles Detection and Status Classification for Collision Warning in a Vehicle Active Safety System
=> Real-Time Occlusion Aware Hardware Structure for Disparity Map Computation, A
=> Real-time occupant detection system in an active illumination
=> Real-Time Octree Generation from Rotating Objects
=> Real-Time Omnidirectional Image Sensors
=> Real-time On-board Image Processing Using an Embedded GPU for Monocular Vision-based Navigation
=> Real-Time On-Orbit Signal Tracking Algorithm for GNSS Surface Observations, A
=> Real-time one-dimensional motion estimation and its application in computer vision
=> Real-Time Online Action Detection Forests Using Spatio-Temporal Contexts
=> Real-time online camera synchronization for volume carving on GPU
=> Real-Time Online Video Detection with Temporal Smoothing Transformers
=> Real-Time Online Video Object Silhouette Extraction Using Graph Cuts on the GPU
=> Real-Time Optic Flow Computation with Variational Methods
=> Real-Time Optical Edge and Corner Tracking at Subpixel Accuracy
=> Real-time optical flow-based video stabilization for unmanned aerial vehicles
=> Real-Time Optical Flow for Vehicular Perception With Low- and High-Resolution Event Cameras
=> Real-time optical markerless tracking for augmented reality applications
=> Real-time optimal-memory image rotation for embedded systems
=> Real-Time Optimisation-Based Path Planning for Visually Impaired People in Dynamic Environments
=> Real-time Ordnance Recognition in Color Imagery
=> Real-Time Orientation of a PYZ-Camera Based on Pedestrian Detection in Video Data of Wide and Complex Scenes
=> Real-time oriented behavior-driven 3D freehand tracking for direct interaction
=> Real-Time Orthophoto Mosaicing on Mobile Devices for Sequential Aerial Images with Low Overlap
=> Real-time outdoor video surveillance with robust foreground extraction and object tracking via multi-state transition management
=> Real-Time Painterly Rendering of Terrains
=> Real-time palmprint acquisition system design
=> Real-Time Panoptic Segmentation From Dense Detections
=> Real-Time Parallel and Cooperative Recognition of Facial Images for an Interactive Visual Human Interface
=> Real-time parallel and fully pipelined two-dimensional DCT lattice structures with application to HDTV systems
=> Real-Time Parallel Computation of Disparity and Optical-Flow Using Phase Difference
=> Real-Time Parallel Implementation of SSD Stereo Vision Algorithm on CSX SIMD Architecture
=> Real-Time Parameter Estimation of a Dual-Pol Radar Rain Rate Estimator Using the Extended Kalman Filter
=> Real-Time Parametric Modeling and Estimation of Urban Traffic Junctions
=> Real-time part-based visual tracking via adaptive correlation filters
=> Real-Time Part Position Sensing
=> Real-time passenger flow anomaly detection in metro system
=> Real-Time Passenger Flow Estimation and Prediction Method for Urban Bus Transit Systems, A
=> Real-time patch-based medical image modality propagation by GPU computing
=> Real-Time Pattern Matching Using Projection Kernels
=> Real-Time Pattern Matching Using Projection Kernels
=> Real-Time Pattern Selection Algorithm for Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding Using Relevance and Similarity Metrics, A
=> Real-time PCA calculation for spectral imaging (using SIMD and GP-GPU)
=> Real-time pedestrian classification exploiting 2D and 3D information
=> real-time pedestrian classification method for event-based dynamic stereo vision, A
=> Real-Time Pedestrian Detection and Tracking at Nighttime for Driver-Assistance Systems
=> Real-Time Pedestrian Detection using Eigenflow
=> Real-Time Pedestrian Detection with Deep Network Cascades
=> Real-time pedestrian detection with deep supervision in the wild
=> Real-time Pedestrian Lane Detection for Assistive Navigation using Neural Architecture Search
=> Real-time pedestrian tracking in natural scenes
=> Real-Time Pedestrian Tracking with Bacterial Foraging Optimization
=> Real-Time People Counting across Spatially Adjacent Non-overlapping Camera Views
=> Real-Time People Counting Approach in Indoor Environment, A
=> Real-time people counting from depth imagery of crowded environments
=> Real-Time People Detection in Videos Using Geometrical Features and Adaptive Boosting
=> Real-Time Perceptual Model for Distraction in Interfering Audio-on-Audio Scenarios
=> Real-Time Performance-Focused Localization Techniques for Autonomous Vehicle: A Review
=> Real-Time Periodic Motion Detection, Analysis, and Applications
=> Real-Time Permittivity Estimation Method for Stepped-Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar by Full-Waveform Inversion, A
=> Real-time person counting by propagating networks flows
=> Real-Time Person Detection and Tracking in Panoramic Video
=> Real-Time Person Re-identification at the Edge: A Mixed Precision Approach
=> Real-time Person Tracking and Association on Doorbell Cameras
=> Real-Time Person Tracking and Pointing Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
=> Real-Time Phase Bias Estimation for BeiDou Satellites Based on Consideration of Orbit Errors
=> Real-Time Phaseless Microwave Frequency-Diverse Imaging with Deep Prior Generative Neural Network
=> Real-time photo-realistic visualization of 3D environments for enhanced tele-operation of vehicles
=> Real-Time Photo Sensor Dead Pixel Detection for Embedded Devices
=> real-time photogrammetric algorithm for sensor and synthetic image fusion with application to aviation combined vision, A
=> Real-time Photogrammetric System for Monitoring Human Movement Dynamics, A
=> real-time photogrammetry system based on embedded architecture, A
=> Real-Time Photorealistic 3D Map Building using Mobile Multiple Stereo Cameras Setup
=> Real-Time Physiological Measurement and Visualization Using a Synchronized Multi-camera System
=> Real-Time Piano Music Transcription Based on Computer Vision
=> Real-time Planar Surface Segmentation in Disparity Space
=> Real-Time Plane-Sweeping Stereo with Multiple Sweeping Directions
=> Real-time plane extraction from depth images with the Randomized Hough Transform
=> Real-Time Plane Segmentation and Obstacle Detection of 3D Point Clouds for Indoor Scenes
=> Real-Time Point Cloud Alignment for Vehicle Localization in a High Resolution 3D Map
=> Real-Time Point Cloud Object Detection via Voxel-Point Geometry Abstraction
=> Real-time pointing gesture recognition for an immersive environment
=> Real-Time Polyps Segmentation for Colonoscopy Video Frames Using Compressed Fully Convolutional Network
=> Real-Time Pose-Invariant Face Recognition by Triplet Pose Sparse Matrix from Only a Single Image
=> Real-Time Pose Detection and Tracking of Hundreds of Objects
=> Real-time pose estimation for outdoor, mobile robots using range data
=> Real-time pose estimation of articulated objects using low-level motion
=> Real-time pose estimation of rigid objects in heavily cluttered environments
=> Real-Time Pose Estimation Piggybacked on Object Detection
=> Real-Time Pose Estimation Using Constrained Dynamics
=> Real-Time Pose Imitation by Mid-Size Humanoid Robot With Servo-Cradle-Head RGB-D Vision System
=> Real-Time Pose Regression with Fast Volume Descriptor Computation
=> Real-time positioning for augmented reality on a custom parallel machine
=> Real-Time Posture Analysis in a Crowd using Thermal Imaging
=> Real-time posture and activity recognition
=> Real-Time Posture Reconstruction for Microsoft Kinect
=> Real-time Power Line Detection Network using Visible Light and Infrared Images
=> Real-Time Power Line Harmonics Suppression from MRS Based on Stacking and ANC
=> Real-time Powerline Corridor Inspection By Edge Computing of UAV Lidar Data
=> Real-time precise detection of regular grids and matrix codes
=> Real-Time Precise DGNSS/INS Integrated Relative Positioning with High Output Rate and Low Broadcast Rate for Kinematic-to-Kinematic Applications
=> Real-Time Precise Orbit Determination of Low Earth Orbit Satellites Based on GPS and BDS-3 PPP B2b Service
=> Real-Time Precise Point Positioning during Outages of the PPP-B2b Service
=> Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Using Tomographic Wet Refractivity Fields
=> real-time precrash vehicle detection system, A
=> Real-Time Prediction of Crop Yields From MODIS Relative Vegetation Health: A Continent-Wide Analysis of Africa
=> Real-Time Prediction of Seasonal Heteroscedasticity in Vehicular Traffic Flow Series
=> Real-Time Prediction of Taxi Demand Using Recurrent Neural Networks
=> Real-Time Prediction System of Train Carriage Load Based on Multi-Stream Fuzzy Learning
=> Real-time predictive coordination based on vehicle-triggered platoon dispersion in a low penetration connected vehicle environment
=> Real-Time Predictive Cruise Control for Eco-Driving Taking into Account Traffic Constraints
=> Real-time predictive eco-driving assistance considering road geometry and long-range radar measurements
=> Real-time predictive zoom tracking for digital still cameras
=> Real-time preprocessing for dense 3-D range imaging on the GPU: Defect interpolation, bilateral temporal averaging and guided filtering
=> Real-Time Probabilistic Covariance Tracking With Efficient Model Update
=> Real-Time Probabilistic Tracking of Faces in Video
=> Real-Time ProCam System for Interaction with Chinese Ink-and-Wash Cartoons, A
=> Real-time processing algorithms for target detection and classification in hyperspectral imagery
=> Real-Time Processing and Compression of DNA Microarray Images
=> Real-time processing for long-range imaging
=> Real-time processing for shape-from-focus techniques
=> Real-Time Processing of Electromagnetic Induction Dynamic Data Using Kalman Filters for Unexploded Ordnance Detection
=> Real-Time Processing Stand-Alone Multiple Object Visual Tracking System, A
=> Real-Time Processor for the Hough Transform, A
=> Real-Time Professional Photographing Guiding System Through Image Composition Analysis, A
=> Real-Time Progressive 3D Semantic Segmentation for Indoor Scenes
=> Real-Time Projector Tracking on Complex Geometry Using Ordinary Imagery
=> Real-Time Projector Tracking on Complex Geometry Using Ordinary Imagery
=> Real-Time Public-Transport Operational Tactics Using Synchronized Transfers to Eliminate Vehicle Bunching
=> Real-Time Quality Assessment of Pediatric MRI via Semi-Supervised Deep Nonlocal Residual Neural Networks
=> Real-Time Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile NPUs, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
=> Real-Time Quantized Optical Flow
=> Real-time radial symmetry for speed sign detection
=> Real-time railway speed limit sign recognition from video sequences
=> Real-time raindrop detection based on cellular neural networks for ADAS
=> Real-Time Range Acquisition by Adaptive Structured Light
=> Real-Time Range Image Segmentation Using Adaptive Kernels and Kalman Filtering
=> Real-time range imaging for dynamic scenes using colour-edge based structured light
=> Real-time range scanning of deformable surfaces by adaptively coded structured light
=> Real-time rate distortion-optimized image compression with region of interest on the ARM architecture for underwater robotics applications
=> Real-time rate distortion-optimized image compression with region of interest on the ARM architecture for underwater robotics applications
=> Real-Time Realistic Skin Translucency
=> Real-Time Rear-End Collision-Warning System Using a Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network
=> Real-Time Recognition of 3D-Pointing Gestures for Human-Machine-Interaction
=> Real-Time Recognition of Activity Using Temporal Templates
=> Real-Time Recognition of Activity Using Temporal Templates
=> Real-Time Recognition of Affective States from Nonverbal Features of Speech and Its Application for Public Speaking Skill Analysis
=> Real-time recognition of cattle using animal biometrics
=> Real-time Recognition of Daily Actions Based on 3d Joint Movements and Fisher Encoding
=> Real-Time Recognition of Hand Alphabet Gestures Using Principal Component Analysis
=> Real-Time Recognition of Human Gestures for 3D Interaction
=> Real-time recognition of human motions using multidimensional features in ultrawideband biological radar
=> Real-time recognition of self-similar landmarks
=> Real-time recognition of self-similar landmarks
=> Real-time recognition of sign language gestures and air-writing using leap motion
=> Real-time recognition of suicidal behavior using an RGB-D camera
=> Real-Time Recognition System for Handwritten Mathematics: Backtracking and Relationship Discovery, A
=> Real-Time Recognition System for Handwritten Mathematics: Structural Development, A
=> Real-Time Recognition with the Entire Brodatz Texture Database
=> Real-Time Recognition with the Entire Brodatz Texture Database
=> Real-Time Recognition with the Entire Brodatz Texture Database
=> Real-Time Reconfigurable Processor to Detect Similarities in Compressed Video Using Generalized Hough Transformation
=> Real-Time Reconstruction of Sensitivity Encoded Radial Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a Graphics Processing Unit
=> Real-time Reconstruction of Surface Velocities from Satellite Observations in the Alboran Sea
=> Real-time reconstruction of symmetrical image using Cellular Neural Network
=> Real-Time Reconstruction of Wavelet-Encoded Meshes for View-Dependent Transmission and Visualization
=> Real-Time Reconstruction of Wavelet-Encoded Meshes for View-Dependent Transmission and Visualization
=> Real-time recovery and recognition of motion blurry QR code image based on fractional order deblurring method
=> Real-Time Recurrent Tactile Recognition: Momentum Batch-Sequential Echo State Networks
=> Real-time registration of airborne laser data with sub-decimeter accuracy
=> Real-time Registration of Paper Watermarks
=> Real-Time Registration of RGB-D Image Pair for See-Through System
=> Real-Time Regularized Ultrasound Elastography
=> Real-time relighting previews with virtual light fields
=> Real-time removal of random value impulse noise in medical images
=> Real-Time Rendering and Manipulation of Large Terrains
=> Real-time rendering of glossy materials with regular sampling
=> Real-Time Rendering of Large Terrain on Mobile Device
=> Real-Time Rendering of Light Shafts on GPU
=> Real-time rendering of multi-perspective images for a glasses-free tabletop 3d display
=> Real-time rendering of refracting transmissive objects with multi-scale rough surfaces
=> Real-time Rendering of Teeth with No Preprocessing
=> Real-Time Reshaping of Humans
=> Real-Time Respiration Monitoring of Neonates from Thermography Images Using Deep Learning
=> Real-Time Restoration of Dark Stereo Images
=> Real-Time Restoration of Images Degraded by Uniform Motion Blur in Foveal Active Vision Systems
=> Real-Time Retrieval for Images of Documents in Various Languages Using a Web Camera
=> Real-Time Retrieval of Near-Duplicate Fragments in Images and Video-Clips
=> Real-Time Retrieval of Precipitable Water Vapor From Galileo Observations by Using the MGEX Network
=> Real-Time Reversible Data Hiding Based on Multiple Histogram Modification
=> Real-Time Reversible Data Hiding Based on Multiple Histogram Modification
=> Real-time reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on hybrid embedding mechanism
=> Real-time reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on hybrid embedding mechanism
=> Real-Time Reversible Data Hiding with Shifting Block Histogram of Pixel Differences in Encrypted Image
=> real-time reversible image authentication method using uniform embedding strategy, A
=> Real-Time RFI Detection and Mitigation System for Microwave Radiometers
=> Real-Time RGB-D Activity Prediction by Soft Regression
=> Real-Time RGB-D Camera Pose Estimation in Novel Scenes Using a Relocalisation Cascade
=> Real-time RGB-D mapping and 3-D modeling on the GPU using the random ball cover data structure
=> Real-time RGB-D Tracking with Depth Scaling Kernelised Correlation Filters and Occlusion Handling
=> Real-time RGBD-based Extended Body Pose Estimation
=> Real-Time Road-Slope Estimation Based on Integration of Onboard Sensors With GPS Using an IMMPDA Filter
=> Real-Time Road Sign Detection Using Bilateral Chinese Transform, A
=> Real-time road surface and semantic lane estimation using deep features
=> Real-time road traffic density estimation using block variance
=> Real-Time Robot Manipulation Using Mouth Gestures in Facial Video Sequences
=> Real-Time Robot Path Planning via a Distance-Propagating Dynamic System with Obstacle Clearance
=> Real-Time Robotic Grasping Approach With Oriented Anchor Box, A
=> Real-time Robust Approach for Tracking UAVs in Infrared Videos, A
=> Real-time robust background subtraction under rapidly changing illumination conditions
=> Real-Time Robust Image Feature Description and Matching
=> Real-time robust individual X point localization for stereoscopic tracking
=> Real-time Robust Mapping for an Autonomous Surface Vehicle using an Omnidirectional Camera
=> Real-time robust tracking via sparse representation: A mode-seeking approach
=> Real-time robust vision-based hand gesture recognition using stereo images
=> Real-Time Rodent Tracking System for Both Light and Dark Cycle Behavior Analysis, A
=> Real-Time Rotation-Invariant Face Detection with Progressive Calibration Networks
=> Real-time rotation invariant face detection based on cost-sensitive AdaBoost
=> Real-time running detection system for UAV imagery based on optical flow and deep convolutional networks
=> Real-Time Runway Detection for Infrared Aerial Image Using Synthetic Vision and an ROI Based Level Set Method
=> Real-Time Safety Assessment for Dynamic Systems With Limited Memory and Annotations
=> Real-time saliency-aware video abstraction
=> Real-Time Salient Object Detection with a Minimum Spanning Tree
=> Real-Time Scalable Depth Sensing With Hybrid Structured Light Illumination
=> Real-time scalable hardware architecture for 3D-HEVC bipartition modes
=> Real-Time Scalable Visual Tracking via Quadrangle Kernelized Correlation Filters
=> Real-Time Scale Invariant 3D Range Point Cloud Registration
=> Real-Time Scale Selection in Hybrid Multi-scale Representations
=> Real-Time Scan-to-Map Matching Localization System Based on Lightweight Pre-Built Occupancy High-Definition Map
=> Real-Time Scene-Aware LiDAR Point Cloud Compression Using Semantic Prior Representation
=> Real-time scene reconstruction and triangle mesh generation using multiple RGB-D cameras
=> Real-time Scene Stabilization and Mosaic Construction
=> Real-Time Scene Text Detection Based on Stroke Model
=> Real-Time Scene Text Detection With Differentiable Binarization and Adaptive Scale Fusion
=> Real-time scene text localization and recognition
=> Real-Time Scene Text to Speech System, A
=> Real-Time Scene Understanding System for Airport Apron Monitoring, A
=> Real-time scheduling based on imprecise computation for scalable streaming media system over the Internet
=> Real-time Scheme of Video Stabilization for Mobile Surveillance Robot, A
=> Real-time scratching behavior quantification system for laboratory mice using high-speed vision
=> Real-time screen image scaling and its GPU acceleration
=> Real-Time Seamless Single Shot 6D Object Pose Prediction
=> Real-Time Search for Real-World Entities: A Survey
=> real-time secret image sharing with fairness, A
=> Real-Time Sectional Image Measuring System Using Time Sequentially Coded Grating Method, A
=> Real-time seed sorting system via 2D information entropy-based CNN pruning and TensorRt acceleration
=> Real-Time Segmentation and Recognition of Surgical Tasks in Cataract Surgery Videos
=> Real-Time Segmentation for Advanced Disparity Estimation in Immersive Videoconference Applications
=> Real-time Segmentation Networks Should be Latency Aware
=> Real-Time Segmentation of Moving Objects in a Video Sequence by a Contrario Detection
=> Real-Time Segmentation of Non-rigid Surgical Tools Based on Deep Learning and Tracking
=> Real-time segmentation of objects from video sequences with non-stationary backgrounds using spatio-temporal coherence
=> Real-Time Segmentation of Stereo Videos on a Portable System With a Mobile GPU
=> Real-time segmentation of surgical instruments inside the abdominal cavity using a joint hue saturation color feature
=> Real-time segmentation of various insulators using generative adversarial networks
=> Real-time Segmenting Human Portrait at Anywhere
=> Real-time selective video encryption based on the chaos system in scalable HEVC extension
=> Real-Time Self-Adaptive Deep Stereo
=> Real-Time Self-Calibrating Stereo Person Tracking Using 3-D Shape Estimation from Blob Features
=> Real-Time Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation Without GPU
=> Real-Time Selfie Video Stabilization
=> Real-Time Semantic Background Subtraction
=> Real-time Semantic Clothing Segmentation
=> Real-time semantic context labeling for image understanding
=> Real-Time Semantic Scene Completion Via Feature Aggregation And Conditioned Prediction
=> Real-Time Semantic Segmentation-Based Stereo Reconstruction
=> real-time semantic segmentation model using iteratively shared features in multiple sub-encoders, A
=> Real-Time Semantic Segmentation via Auto Depth, Downsampling Joint Decision and Feature Aggregation
=> Real-time Semantic Segmentation via Region and Pixel Context Network
=> Real-time Semantic Segmentation with Context Aggregation Network
=> Real-Time Semantic Segmentation with Label Propagation
=> Real-time semantic segmentation with local spatial pixel adjustment
=> Real-time semantic segmentation with weighted factorized-depthwise convolution
=> Real-time Semantic SLAM with DCNN-based Feature Point Detection, Matching and Dense Point Cloud Aggregation
=> Real-Time Semantics-Based Detection of Suspicious Activities in Public Spaces
=> Real-Time Semi-Automatic Segmentation Using a Bayesian Network
=> Real-time semi-global matching disparity estimation on the GPU
=> Real-time Semi-Global Matching on the CPU
=> Real-Time Semi-Supervised Deep Tone Mapping Network, A
=> Real-Time Sensor Anomaly Detection and Identification in Automated Vehicles
=> Real-Time Sensor Anomaly Detection and Recovery in Connected Automated Vehicle Sensors
=> Real-time sepsis severity prediction on knowledge graph deep learning networks for the intensive care unit
=> Real-time shadow detection using multi-channel binarization and noise removal
=> Real-Time Shape Analysis of a Human Body in Clothing Using Time-Series Part-Labeled Volumes
=> Real-Time Shot Change Detection Over Online MPEG-2 Video
=> Real-time siamese multiple object tracker with enhanced proposals
=> Real-Time Sidewalk Slope Calculation through Integration of GPS Trajectory and Image Data to Assist People with Disabilities in Navigation
=> Real-time sign language letter and word recognition from depth data
=> Real-time sign language recognition and speech conversion using VGG16
=> Real-Time Sign Language Recognition Using a Consumer Depth Camera
=> Real-Time Simplex Growing Algorithms for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction
=> Real-time simulating and rendering of layered dust
=> Real-Time Simulation and Rendering of 3D Smoke on GPU Programme
=> Real-Time Simulation of Animated Characters Crowd in Unreal Engine 4
=> Real-Time Simulation of Camera Errors and Their Effect on Some Basic Robotic Vision Algorithms
=> Real-Time Simulation of Deformable Soft Tissue Based on Mass-Spring and Medial Representation
=> Real-time simulation of electrocautery procedure using meshfree methods in laparoscopic cholecystectomy
=> Real-time simulation of lightweight rigid bodies
=> Real-time simulation of satellite attitude control based on low cost embedded system
=> Real-time Simulation of Ship Motions in Waves
=> Real-Time Simulation of Vehicle Tracks on Soft Terrain
=> Real-time simulation techniques for augmented learning in science and engineering
=> Real-Time Simultaneous 3D Reconstruction and Optical Flow Estimation
=> Real-time simultaneous localisation and mapping with a single camera
=> Real-Time Simultaneous Pose and Shape Estimation for Articulated Objects Using a Single Depth Camera
=> Real-Time Simultaneous Pose and Shape Estimation for Articulated Objects Using a Single Depth Camera
=> Real-time Single-camera Approach For Automatic Fall Detection, A
=> Real-time single-pass connected components analysis algorithm
=> Real-Time Single-Workstation Obstacle Avoidance Using Only Wide-Field Flow Divergence
=> Real-Time Single Image and Video Super-Resolution Using an Efficient Sub-Pixel Convolutional Neural Network
=> Real-time single image dehazing using block-to-pixel interpolation and adaptive dark channel prior
=> Real-Time Skeleton-Tracking-Based Human Action Recognition Using Kinect Data
=> Real-time Slam for the Off-road Autonomous Driving
=> Real-Time SLAM Relocalisation
=> Real-time SLAM relocalization with online learning of binary feature indexing
=> Real-Time SLAM with a High-Speed CMOS Camera
=> Real-time small bowel visualization quality assessment in wireless capsule endoscopy images using different lightweight embeddable models
=> Real-time smart and standalone vision/IMU navigation sensor
=> Real-time smart lighting control using human motion tracking from depth camera
=> Real-time smoke detection using texture and color features
=> Real-time smoke removal for the surveillance images under fire scenario
=> Real-time smoke simulation based on vorticity preserving lattice Boltzmann method
=> Real-Time Smooth Pursuit Tracking for a Moving Binocular Robot
=> Real-Time Smooth Pursuit Tracking for a Moving Binocular Robot
=> Real-time smoothing for network adaptive video streaming
=> Real-time Snowfall Noise Elimination
=> Real-time social interaction analysis
=> Real-Time Soft Shadows Using Temporal Coherence
=> Real-time software-based moving picture coding (SBMPC) system
=> Real-Time Software for the Efficient Generation of the Clumping Index and Its Application Based on the Google Earth Engine
=> Real-time software synchronisation of webcams for live 3D tracking
=> Real-Time Solution to the Absolute Pose Problem with Unknown Radial Distortion and Focal Length
=> Real-time Sound Source Localization Based on Audiovisual Frequency Integration
=> Real-Time Source Apportionment of PM2.5 Highlights the Importance of Joint Controls on Atmospheric Pollution in Cold Region of China
=> Real-Time Source Modeling of the 2022 Mw 6.6 Menyuan, China Earthquake with High-Rate GNSS Observations
=> Real-Time Space Carving Using Graphics Hardware
=> Real-Time Sparse Visual Tracking Using Circulant Reverse LASSO Model
=> Real-Time Spatial Queries for Moving Objects Using Storm Topology
=> Real-Time Spatial Surface Modeling System Using Wand Traversal Patterns of Grid Edges
=> Real-time Spatio-temporal Action Localization via Learning Motion Representation
=> Real-time spatiotemporal segmentation of video objects in the H.264 compressed domain
=> Real-Time Spatiotemporal Stereo Matching Using the Dual-Cross-Bilateral Grid
=> Real-time speckle image processing
=> Real-Time Speckle Reduction in Ultrasound Images by Means of Nonlinear Coherent Diffusion Using GPU
=> Real-Time Specular Highlight Removal Using Bilateral Filtering
=> Real-Time Specularity Detection Using Unnormalized Wiener Entropy
=> Real-time speech-driven 3D face animation
=> Real-Time Speed-Limit Sign Detection and Recognition Using Spatial Pyramid Feature and Boosted Random Forest
=> Real-time Speed Limit Sign Recognition Based on Locally Adaptive Thresholding and Depth-First-Search
=> Real-time speed profile calculation for fuel saving considering unforeseen situations and travel time
=> Real-time speed profile calculation for fuel saving considering unforeseen situations and travel time
=> Real-Time Speed Sign Detection Using the Radial Symmetry Detector
=> Real-Time Speed Trajectory Planning for Minimum Fuel Consumption of a Ground Vehicle
=> Real-Time Sphere Sweeping Stereo from Multiview Fisheye Images
=> Real-Time Spherical Harmonics Based Subsurface Scattering
=> Real-Time Spherical Mosaicing Using Whole Image Alignment
=> Real-Time Spherical Stereo
=> Real-Time Spherical Videos from a Fast Rotating Camera
=> Real-Time Stability Performance Monitoring and Evaluation of Maglev Trains' Levitation System: A Data-Driven Approach
=> Real-time stabilization of long range observation system turbulent video
=> Real-time Stable Texture Regions Extraction for Motion-based Object Segmentation
=> Real-time staircase detection from a wearable stereo system
=> Real-time stent and balloon simulation for stenosis treatment
=> Real-time stereo-based view synthesis algorithms: A unified framework and evaluation on commodity GPUs
=> Real-Time Stereo 3D Car Detection With Shape-Aware Non-Uniform Sampling
=> Real-time stereo and flow-based video segmentation with superpixels
=> Real-Time Stereo by using Dynamic Programming
=> Real-time stereo matching architecture based on 2D MRF model: A Memory-Efficient Systolic Array
=> Real-time stereo matching based on fast belief propagation
=> Real-Time Stereo Matching Network with High Accuracy
=> Real-Time Stereo Matching on CUDA Using an Iterative Refinement Method for Adaptive Support-Weight Correspondences
=> Real-time Stereo Matching using Adaptive Binary Window
=> Real-Time Stereo Matching Using Memory-Efficient Belief Propagation for High-Definition 3D Tele-Presence Systems
=> Real-Time Stereo Matching Using Memory-Efficient Belief Propagation for High-Definition 3D Tele-Presence Systems
=> Real-Time Stereo Matching Using Orthogonal Reliability-Based Dynamic Programming
=> Real-time stereo on GPGPU using progressive multi-resolution adaptive windows
=> Real-time Stereo Processing, Obstacle Detection and Terrain Reconstruction from a Vehicle-mounted Moving Stereo Pair of Cameras
=> Real-time stereo to multi-view conversion system based on adaptive meshing
=> Real-Time Stereo Tracking for Head Pose and Gaze Estimation
=> Real-time stereo using approximated joint bilateral filtering and dynamic programming
=> Real-time stereo vision on the PARTS reconfigurable computer
=> Real-time stereo vision on the VisionServer Framework for robot guidance
=> Real-time stereo vision system using adaptive weight cost aggregation approach
=> Real-time stereo vision using semi-global matching on programmable graphics hardware
=> Real-Time Stereo Vision: Making More Out of Dynamic Programming
=> Real-Time Stereo within the VIDET Project
=> Real-time stereoscopic rendering of realistic avatar for interactive 3D telepresence system
=> Real-Time Stereovision Approach of Object Detection for Driving Assistance
=> Real-Time Streaming and Rendering of Terrains
=> real-time streaming server in the RTLinux environment using VideoLanClient, A
=> Real-time stress assessment using thermal imaging
=> Real-time structure and motion recovery from two views of a multiplanar scene
=> Real-time structured light coding for adaptive patterns
=> Real-Time Style Transfer with Strength Control
=> Real-time Sub-pixel Cross Bar Position Metrology
=> Real-Time Subspace-Based Background Modeling Using Multi-channel Data
=> Real-time sufficient dimension reduction through principal least squares support vector machines
=> Real-time super-resolution for digital zooming using finite kernel-based edge orientation estimation and truncated image restoration
=> Real-Time Supermarket Product Recognition on Mobile Devices Using Scalable Pipelines
=> Real-Time Superpixel Segmentation by DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm
=> Real-time surface inspection by texture
=> Real-Time Surface of Revolution Reconstruction on Dense SLAM
=> Real-Time Surveillance System Detecting Persons in Complex Scenes
=> Real-time surveillance video display with salience
=> Real-Time Synchronous 3-D Detection of Air Pollution and Wind Using a Solo Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar
=> Real-Time Synchronous Acquisition and Processing of Signal in Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Using FPGA
=> Real-Time Synthesis of Natural Head Motion on A 3D AVATAR from Reconstructed 3D Frontal Face Data
=> Real-time synthetic aperture sonar imaging using a parallel architecture
=> real-time system for 3D recovery of dynamic scene with multiple RGBD imagers, A
=> Real-Time System for Adaptive Video Streaming Based on SVC
=> real-time system for audio source localization with cheap sensor device, A
=> real-time system for classification of moving objects, A
=> Real-Time System for Counting the Number of Passing People Using a Single Camera
=> Real-Time System for Epipolar Geometry and Ego-Motion Estimation, A
=> Real-Time System for High-Image Resolution Disparity Estimation
=> Real-time system for monitoring driver vigilance
=> Real-time system for monitoring driver vigilance
=> Real-Time System for Monitoring of Cyclists and Pedestrians, A
=> Real-Time System for Monitoring Pedestrians, A
=> real-time system for motion retrieval and interpretation, A
=> real-time system for pattern recognition of human sleep stages by fuzzy system analysis, A
=> Real-Time System for Video Surveillance of Unattended Outdoor Environments
=> real-time systolic array for distance transformation, A
=> Real-Time Target Tracking Algorithm for a Robotic Flexible Endoscopy Platform, A
=> Real-time target tracking applied to improve fragmentation of renal stones in extra-corporeal lithotripsy
=> Real-Time Task Recognition in Cataract Surgery Videos Using Adaptive Spatiotemporal Polynomials
=> Real-Time Taxi-Passenger Matching Using a Differential Evolutionary Fuzzy Controller
=> Real-Time Technique for Spatio-Temporal Video Noise Estimation, A
=> Real-Time Tele-Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Heart-Failure Using a Smartphone: Lessons Learned
=> Real-Time Temporal Superpixels for Unsupervised Remote Photoplethysmography
=> Real-time temporal texture characterisation using block based motion co-occurrence statistics
=> Real-Time Tephra Detection and Dispersal Forecasting by a Ground-Based Weather Radar
=> Real-time terahertz scanning imaging by use of a pyroelectric array camera and image denoising
=> Real-Time Terrain Correction of Satellite Imagery-Based Solar Irradiance Maps Using Precomputed Data and Memory Optimization
=> real-time text-independent speaker identification system, A
=> Real-Time Text Steganalysis Based on Multi-Stage Transfer Learning
=> Real-time text tracking in natural scenes
=> Real-Time Texture-Based 3-D Tracking
=> Real-Time Texture-less Object Recognition on Mobile Devices
=> Real-time texture boundary detection from ridges in the standard deviation space
=> Real-time Thermal Face Identification System for Low Memory Vision Applications Using Cnn
=> Real-time thresholding with Euler numbers
=> Real-time through-wall imaging using an ultrawideband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) phased array radar system
=> Real-time through-wall imaging using an ultrawideband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) phased array radar system
=> Real-Time Through-Wall Situation Awareness Using a Microwave Doppler Radar Sensor
=> Real-Time Tomographic Inversion of Truncated Ionospheric GNSS Radio Occultations
=> Real-time tonal depiction method by reaction-diffusion mask
=> Real-time tone mapping on GPU and FPGA
=> Real-Time Tone Mapping: A Survey and Cross-Implementation Hardware Benchmark
=> Real-Time Tool Condition Monitoring Using Wavelet Transforms and Fuzzy Techniques
=> Real-Time Topology Modification for Finite Element Models with Haptic Feedback
=> Real-Time Tracking-by-Detection in Broadcast Sports Videos
=> Real-time tracking-with-detection for coping with viewpoint change
=> Real-time tracking algorithm based on improved Mean Shift and Kalman filter
=> Real-Time Tracking Algorithm for Aerial Vehicles Using Improved Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning
=> Real-Time Tracking Algorithm for Multi-Target UAV Based on Deep Learning, A
=> Real-time tracking and estimation of plane pose
=> Real-time tracking and identification on an intelligent IR-based surveillance system
=> Real-time tracking and reproduction of 3D human body motion
=> Real-Time Tracking Combined with Object Segmentation
=> Real-Time Tracking Error Estimation for Augmented Reality for Registration with Linecode Markers
=> Real-Time Tracking for Visual Interface Applications in Cluttered and Occluding Situations
=> Real-Time Tracking for Visual Interface Applications in Cluttered and Occluding Situations
=> Real-time Tracking in Satellite Videos Via Joint Discrimination And Pose Estimation
=> Real-Time Tracking of Complex Objects Using Dynamic Interpretation Tree
=> Real-time tracking of complex structures with on-line camera calibration
=> Real-Time Tracking of Corneal Contour in Dalk Surgical Navigation Using Deep Neural Networks
=> Real-time Tracking of Face Features and Gaze Direction Determination
=> Real-Time Tracking of Highly Articulated Structures in the Presence of Noisy Measurements
=> Real-time tracking of low-resolution vehicles for wide-area persistent surveillance
=> Real-Time Tracking of Moving Persons by Exploring Spatio-Temporal Image Slices
=> Real-time Tracking of Multiple Articulated Structures in Multiple Views
=> Real-time Tracking of Multiple Articulated Structures in Multiple Views
=> Real-time Tracking of Multiple Articulated Structures in Multiple Views
=> Real-time Tracking of Multiple Articulated Structures in Multiple Views
=> Real-time tracking of multiple fingertips and gesture recognition for augmented desk interface systems
=> Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects in Moving Camera Image Sequences Using Robust Statistics
=> Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Objects by Linear Motion and Repulsive Motion
=> Real-time tracking of multiple objects in space-variant vision based on magnocellular visual pathway
=> Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Objects Using Fiducials for Augmented Reality
=> Real-time tracking of multiple occluding objects using level sets
=> Real-Time Tracking of Multiple People Using Stereo
=> Real-time tracking of multiple persons
=> Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Skin-Colored Objects with a Possibly Moving Camera
=> Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects using Mean Shift
=> Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects using Mean Shift
=> Real-time tracking of quad-marked surfaces
=> Real-Time Tracking of Single and Multiple Objects from Depth-Colour Imagery Using 3D Signed Distance Functions
=> Real-time tracking of single people and groups simultaneously by contextual graph-based reasoning dealing complex occlusions
=> Real-time tracking of surfaces with structured light
=> Real-time tracking of surfaces with structured light
=> Real-time tracking of unconstrained full-body motion using Niching Swarm Filtering combined with local optimization
=> Real-Time Tracking of Video Sequences in a Panoramic View for Object-Based Video Coding
=> Real-time tracking using A* heuristic search and template updating
=> Real-Time Tracking Using Level Sets
=> Real-Time Tracking Using Multiple Target Models
=> Real-time tracking using trust-region methods
=> Real-Time Tracking Using Wavelet Representation
=> Real-Time Tracking via Deformable Structure Regression Learning
=> Real-Time Tracking via On-line Boosting
=> Real-time tracking with an embedded 3D camera with FPGA processing
=> Real-Time Tracking with Classifiers
=> Real-Time Tracking with Multiple Cues by Set Theoretic Random Search
=> Real-Time Tracking with Online Constrained Compressive Learning
=> Real-time Tracking with Stabilized Frame
=> Real-Time Traffic-Sign Recognition Using Tree Classifiers
=> Real-time traffic analysis at night-time
=> Real-time traffic cone detection for autonomous driving based on YOLOv4
=> Real-Time Traffic Density Estimation: Putting on-Coming Traffic to Work
=> Real-Time Traffic Flow Forecasting Using Spectral Analysis
=> Real-Time Traffic Flow Parameter Estimation From UAV Video Based on Ensemble Classifier and Optical Flow
=> Real-Time Traffic Light Detection With Adaptive Background Suppression Filter
=> Real-Time Traffic Light Recognition Based on Smartphone Platforms
=> Real-Time Traffic Monitoring with Occlusion Handling
=> Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
=> Real-time traffic parameter extraction using entropy
=> Real-Time Traffic Prediction and Probing Strategy for Lagrangian Traffic Data
=> Real-Time Traffic Sign Detection: An Evaluation Study
=> Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Efficient CNNs in the Wild
=> Real-time traffic sign recognition from video by class-specific discriminative features
=> Real-time traffic sign recognition using color segmentation and SVM
=> Real-time traffic signal control for intersections based on dynamic O-D estimation and multi-objective optimisation: combined model and algorithm
=> Real-Time Traffic Speed Estimation With Graph Convolutional Generative Autoencoder
=> Real-Time Traffic State Estimation With Connected Vehicles
=> Real-Time Transit Signal Priority Control Model Considering Stochastic Bus Arrival Time, A
=> Real-time transmission of high-resolution multi-view stereo video over IP networks
=> Real-time transmission tower detection from video based on a feature descriptor
=> Real-Time Traversable Surface Detection by Colour Space Fusion and Temporal Analysis
=> Real-Time Tree Crown Detection Approach for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Images on FPGAs, A
=> Real-time Triple-modal Photoacoustic, Ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Fusion Imaging of Humans
=> Real-Time Tropospheric Delay Retrieval from Multi-GNSS PPP Ambiguity Resolution: Validation with Final Troposphere Products and a Numerical Weather Model
=> Real-Time Tropospheric Delays Retrieved from Multi-GNSS Observations and IGS Real-Time Product Streams
=> Real-Time Trust Prediction in Conditionally Automated Driving Using Physiological Measures
=> Real-Time Tsunami Detection with Oceanographic Radar Based on Virtual Tsunami Observation Experiments
=> Real-time TV commercial monitoring based on robust visual hashing
=> Real-time Two-Stage SPECK (TSSP) design and implementation for scalable video coding on embedded systems
=> real-time typhoon eye detection method based on deep learning for meteorological information forensics, A
=> Real-Time UAV Patrol Technology in Orchard Based on the Swin-T YOLOX Lightweight Model
=> Real-Time UAV Tracking Based on PSR Stability
=> Real-time ultra-high definition multiview glasses-free 3D display system
=> Real-Time Ultra-High Definition Video Decoder of AVS3 on Heterogeneous Systems, A
=> Real-Time Ultrasound Detection of Breast Microcalcifications Using Multifocus Twinkling Artifact Imaging
=> Real-time ultrasound image reconstruction as an inverse problem on a GPU
=> Real-Time Ultrasound Segmentation, Analysis and Visualisation of Deep Cervical Muscle Structure
=> Real-Time Uncertainty Estimation in Computer Vision via Uncertainty-Aware Distribution Distillation
=> Real-Time Uncertainty Specification of All Sky Imager Derived Irradiance Nowcasts
=> Real-Time Uncharacteristic-Part Tracking Based on Points Tracking
=> Real-Time Uncharacteristic-Part Tracking with a Point Set
=> Real-time Under-display Cameras Image Restoration and HDR on Mobile Devices
=> Real-Time Underwater Fish Tracking Based on Adaptive Multi-Appearance Model
=> Real-Time Underwater Maritime Object Detection in Side-Scan Sonar Images Based on Transformer-YOLOv5
=> Real-Time Underwater Object Detection Based on DC Resistivity Method
=> real-time unsupervised background extraction-based target detection method for hyperspectral imagery, A
=> Real-time Unsupervised Object Localization on the Edge for Airport Video Surveillance
=> Real-time unsupervised speaker change detection
=> Real-time update of 3D deformable models for computer aided liver surgery
=> Real-Time Upper-Body Human Pose Estimation Using a Depth Camera
=> Real-Time Upper-Limbs Posture Recognition Based on Particle Filters and AdaBoost Algorithms
=> Real-Time Upper Body Detection and 3D Pose Estimation in Monoscopic Images
=> Real-time upper body pose estimation from depth images
=> Real-time upper body tracking with online initialization using a range sensor
=> Real-Time Urban Monitoring Using Cell Phones: A Case Study in Rome
=> Real-time user independent hand gesture recognition from time-of-flight camera video using static and dynamic models
=> Real-Time User Position Estimation in Indoor Environments Using Digital Watermarking for Audio Signals
=> Real-time vanishing point detection using the Local Dominant Orientation Signature
=> Real-time Vanishing Point Detector Integrating Under-parameterized RANSAC and Hough Transform
=> Real-Time Vanishing Point Estimation in Road Sequences Using Adaptive Steerable Filter Banks
=> Real-Time Variable Sampling Technique: DIEM, A
=> Real-Time Variational Range Image Fusion and Visualization for Large-Scale Scenes Using GPU Hash Tables
=> Real-Time VBR Video Traffic Prediction for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
=> Real-time vehicle back-up warning system with a single camera
=> Real-time vehicle detection and counting in complex traffic scenes using background subtraction model with low-rank decomposition
=> real-time vehicle detection and tracking system in outdoor traffic scenes, A
=> Real-time vehicle detection for highway driving
=> Real-Time Vehicle Detection Using an Effective Region Proposal-Based Depth and 3-Channel Pattern
=> Real-time vehicle detection using segmentation-based detection network and trajectory prediction
=> Real-time vehicle detection with foreground-based cascade classifier
=> Real-time vehicle distance estimation using single view geometry
=> Real-Time Vehicle Ego-Motion Using Stereo Pairs and Particle Filters
=> Real-time vehicle global localisation with a single camera in dense urban areas: Exploitation of coarse 3D city models
=> Real-Time Vehicle Identification Performance Using FPGA Correlator Hardware
=> Real-time Vehicle Localization and Tracking Using Monocular Panomorph Panoramic Vision
=> Real-Time Vehicle Localization using on-Board Visual SLAM for Detection and Tracking
=> Real-Time Vehicle Make and Model Recognition Based on a Bag of SURF Features
=> Real-Time Vehicle Make and Model Recognition Using Unsupervised Feature Learning
=> Real-Time Vehicle Navigation Algorithm in Sensor Network Environments, A
=> Real-time vehicle queue estimation of large-scale traffic scene
=> Real-Time Vehicle Sound Detection System Based on Depthwise Separable Convolution Neural Network and Spectrogram Augmentation
=> Real-time vehicle tracking for driving assistance
=> Real-Time Vehicle Tracking in Aerial Video Using Hyperspectral Features
=> Real-time vehicle type classification with deep convolutional neural networks
=> Real-time vehicle type classification with deep convolutional neural networks
=> Real-Time Vehicular Vision System to Seamlessly See-Through Cars, A
=> Real-time velocity measurement to linear motion of a rigid object with monocular image sequence analyses
=> Real-Time Vergence Control for Binocular Robots
=> Real-Time Vergence Control for Binocular Robots
=> real-time versatile roadway path extraction and tracking on an FPGA platform, A
=> Real-Time Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding with Adaptive Mean-Removed Vector Quantization
=> Real-Time Vessel Segmentation and Tracking for Ultrasound Imaging Applications
=> Real-time video-based rendering from uncalibrated cameras using plane-sweep algorithm
=> Real-Time Video-Based Traffic Measurement and Visualization System for Energy/Emissions
=> Real-Time Video-Shot Detection for Scene Surveillance Applications
=> Real-Time Video-Shot Detection for Scene Surveillance Applications
=> Real-Time Video Analytics: The Killer App for Edge Computing
=> Real-Time Video Annotations for Augmented Reality
=> Real-time video anomaly detection for smart surveillance
=> Real-time video chroma keying: a parallel approach based on local texture and global colour distribution
=> Real-Time Video Compression Using Differential Vector Quantization
=> Real-Time Video Copy-Location Detection in Large-Scale Repositories
=> Real-time video decolorization using bilateral filtering
=> real-time video denoising algorithm with FPGA implementation for Poisson-Gaussian noise, A
=> Real-time video denoising on multicores and GPUs with Kalman-based and Bilateral filters fusion
=> Real-Time Video Deraining via Global Motion Compensation and Hybrid Multi-Scale Temporal Correlations
=> Real-time video effects on a PlayStation2
=> Real-Time Video Emotion Recognition Based on Reinforcement Learning and Domain Knowledge
=> Real-time video event detection in crowded scenes using MPEG derived features: A multiple instance learning approach
=> Real-time video frame rate adaptation based on warping of edge-preserving meshes
=> Real-Time Video Indexing System for Live Digital Broadcast TV Programs
=> Real-Time Video Inference on Edge Devices via Adaptive Model Streaming
=> Real-Time Video Matting Based on Bilayer Segmentation
=> Real-time video object generation for smart cameras
=> Real-time video object segmentation in H.264 compressed domain
=> Real-Time Video Object Segmentation Using HSV Space
=> Real-Time Video Phase-Locked Loops
=> Real-time video photomosaics with optimized image set and GPU
=> Real-time video postprocessing for deblocking and deringing on mediaprocessors
=> Real-Time Video Processing for Multi-Object Chromatic Tracking
=> Real-Time Video Segmentation with VGA Resolution and Memory Bandwidth Reduction
=> Real-time video segmentation
=> Real-time video stabilization without phantom movements for micro aerial vehicles
=> Real-Time Video Stabilizer Based on Linear-Programming, A
=> Real-time video stitching
=> Real-Time Video Streaming Using Randomized Expanding Reed-Solomon Code
=> Real-time video streaming with interactive region-of-interest
=> Real-time video summarization on mobile
=> Real-Time Video Super-Resolution on Smartphones with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
=> Real-time video super-resolution using lightweight depthwise separable group convolutions with channel shuffling
=> Real-Time Video Super-Resolution with Spatio-Temporal Networks and Motion Compensation
=> Real-time video super resolution network using recurrent multi-branch dilated convolutions
=> Real-Time Video Surveillance with Self-Organizing Maps
=> real-time video transport system for the best-effort Internet, A
=> Real-time video watermarking techniques robust against re-encoding
=> Real-time view-based face alignment using active wavelet networks
=> Real-time view-based pose recognition and interpolation for tracking initialization
=> Real-Time View-Dependent Shape Optimization for High Quality Free-Viewpoint Rendering of 3D Video, A
=> Real-time view recognition and event detection for sports video
=> Real-time view synthesis from a sparse set of views
=> Real-time viewpoint-invariant hand localization with cluttered backgrounds
=> Real-Time Viola-Jones Face Detection in a Web Browser
=> Real-time Virtual Object Insertion
=> Real-Time Virtual Viewpoint Generation on the GPU for Scene Navigation
=> Real-Time Visibility-Based Fusion of Depth Maps
=> Real-Time Vision-Based 3D Motion Estimation System for Positioning and Trajectory Following, A
=> Real-Time Vision-Based Stop Sign Detection System on FPGA
=> Real-Time Vision-Based System for Textile Fabric Inspection
=> Real-time vision-based tracking and reconstruction
=> Real-Time Vision and Speech Driven Avatars for Multimedia Applications
=> Real-Time Vision at Siemens Corporate Research
=> Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction
=> Real-Time Vision Module for Interactive Perceptual Agents, A
=> Real-Time Vision Module for Interactive Perceptual Agents, A
=> Real-Time Vision System for Automatic Traffic Monitoring Based on 2D Spatio-Temporal Images, A
=> Real-Time Vision System for Traffic Signs Recognition Invariant to Translation, Rotation and Scale, A
=> Real-time Visual-Inertial Odometry for Event Cameras using Keyframe-based Nonlinear Optimization
=> Real-time Visual-Inertial Odometry for Event Cameras using Keyframe-based Nonlinear Optimization
=> Real-Time Visual-Inertial SLAM Based on Adaptive Keyframe Selection for Mobile AR Applications
=> Real-time visual analysis of microvascular blood flow for critical care
=> Real-Time Visual Analytics for Text Streams
=> Real-Time visual attention on a massively parallel SIMD architecture
=> real-time visual card reader for mobile devices, A
=> Real-Time Visual Concept Classification
=> Real-Time Visual Ground-Truth System for Indoor Robotic Applications
=> Real-Time Visual Inspection System for Railway Maintenance: Automatic Hexagonal-Headed Bolts Detection, A
=> Real-time Visual Object Tracking with Natural Language Description
=> Real-time visual odometry from dense RGB-D images
=> real-time visual postprocessor for MPEG-coded video sequences, A
=> Real-time visual recognition of facial gestures for human-computer interaction
=> Real-Time Visual Recognition of Objects and Scenes Using P-Channel Matching
=> Real-time Visual Recovery of Pose using Line Tracking in Multiple Cameras
=> Real-Time Visual Rotational Velocity Estimation Using a Biologically-Inspired Algorithm on Embedded Hardware
=> Real-time visual saliency by Division of Gaussians
=> Real-Time Visual SLAM with Resilience to Erratic Motion
=> Real-Time Visual Target Tracking in RGB-D Data for Person-Following Robots
=> Real-time visual tracking by deep reinforced decision making
=> Real-Time Visual Tracking for Surveillance and Path Planning
=> Real-Time Visual Tracking of Complex Structures
=> Real-time Visual Tracking under Arbitrary Illumination Changes
=> Real-time visual tracking using compressive sensing
=> Real-time visual tracking using L2 norm regularization based collaborative representation
=> Real-time Visual Tracking via Incremental Covariance Tensor Learning
=> Real-Time Visual Tracking Via Online Weighted Multiple Instance Learning
=> Real-time visual tracking with ELM augmented adaptive correlation filter
=> Real-Time Visual Tracking: Promoting the Robustness of Correlation Filter Learning
=> Real-time Visualization of a Sparse Parametric Mixture Model for BTF Rendering
=> Real-Time Visualization of Cardiac Catheterization Procedures Based on a New Algorithm for Reconstructions from Planar Cross Sections Using the Unconstrained 3D Delaunay Triangulation
=> Real-Time Visualization of Geo-Sensor Data Based on the Protocol-Coupling Symbol Construction Method
=> Real-time Visualization of Interactive Parameter Changes in Image Processing Systems
=> Real-time Visualization of Interactive Parameter Changes in Image Processing Systems
=> Real-Time Visualization of Tissue Surface Biochemical Features Derived From Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements
=> Real-Time Visualizations of Gigapixel Texture Data Sets Using HTML5
=> Real-time Visually Guided Human Figure Control Using IK-based Motion Synthesis
=> real-time VLSI-based architecture for multi-motion estimation, A
=> Real-time volumetric 3D capture of room-sized scenes for telepresence
=> Real-Time Volumetric Reconstruction and Tracking of Hands in a Desktop Environment
=> Real-time volumetric reconstruction of Manhattan indoor scenes from depth sequences
=> Real-time walkthrough of outdoor scenes using TRI-view morphing
=> Real-Time Water Level Monitoring Based on GNSS Dual-Antenna Attitude Measurement
=> Real-time water rendering based on the graphics hardware acceleration
=> Real-Time Wavelet-Spatial-Activity-Based Adaptive Video Enhancement Algorithm for FPGA
=> Real-Time Wavelet Vector Quantization Algorithm and Its VLSI Architecture, A
=> Real-time web-based hyperspectral data viewing and control
=> Real-Time Web Map Construction Based on Multiple Cameras and GIS
=> real-time webcam-based method for assessing upper-body postures, A
=> Real-Time Weed Control Application Using a Jetson Nano Edge Device and a Spray Mechanism
=> Real-Time Wheel Detection and Rim Classification in Automotive Production
=> Real-Time Whiteboard Capture and Processing Using a Video Camera for Remote Collaboration
=> Real-Time Wide Area Multi-Camera Stereo Tracking
=> real-time wide field of view passive millimeter-wave imaging camera, A
=> Real-Time Wildfire Detection Algorithm Based on VIIRS Fire Product and Himawari-8 Data
=> Real-time Wildfire Detection From Space - a Trade-off Between Sensor Quality, Physical Limitations and Payload Size
=> Real-Time X-Ray Inspection of 3D Defects in Circuit Board Patterns
=> Real-time, 3-D-multi object position estimation and tracking
=> Real-time, accurate depth of field using anisotropic diffusion and programmable graphics cards
=> Real-Time, Accurate, and Consistent Video Semantic Segmentation via Unsupervised Adaptation and Cross-Unit Deployment on Mobile Device
=> Real-Time, Adaptive, and Locality-Based Graph Partitioning Method for Video Scene Clustering
=> Real-time, automatic shape-changing robot adjustment and gender classification
=> Real-Time, Curvature-Sensitive Surface Simplification Using Depth Images
=> Real-Time, Embedded Scene Invariant Crowd Counting Using Scale-Normalized Histogram of Moving Gradients (HoMG)
=> Real-Time, Full 3-D Reconstruction of Moving Foreground Objects From Multiple Consumer Depth Cameras
=> Real-time, fully automatic upper facial feature tracking
=> Real-time, fully automatic upper facial feature tracking
=> Real-time, large-scale duplicate image detection method based on multi-feature fusion
=> Real-time, large-scale duplicate image detection method based on multi-feature fusion
=> Real-time, long-term hand tracking with unsupervised initialization
=> Real-time, multiple hot-target tracking and multi-spectral fusion
=> Real-Time, Multiview Fall Detection System: A LHMM-Based Approach, A
=> Real-time, parallel segmentation of high-resolution images on multi-core platforms
=> real-time, power-efficient architecture for mean-shift image segmentation, A
=> real-time, semi-automatic method for discriminant target initialization in thermal imagery, A
=> Real-to-Virtual Domain Unification for End-to-End Autonomous Driving
=> Real-valued Block Filter Bank with Perfect-Reconstruction Property, A
=> Real-Valued Negative Selection (RNS) for Classification Task
=> Real-World Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos
=> Real-World Application of Lane-Guidance Technologies: Automated Snowblower, A
=> Real-World Applications for Drones
=> Real-world Blur Dataset for Learning and Benchmarking Deblurring Algorithms
=> Real-world Cross-modal Retrieval via Sequential Learning
=> Real-world efficient fall detection: Balancing performance and complexity with FDGA workflow
=> real-world evaluation of a generic document recognition method applied to a military form of the 19th century, A
=> Real-World Event Detection Using Flickr Images
=> Real-world gender classification via local Gabor binary pattern and three-dimensional face reconstruction by generic elastic model
=> Real-world Hyperspectral Image Processing Workflow for Vegetation Stress and Hydrocarbon Indirect Detection, A
=> Real-World Image Annotation and Retrieval: An Introduction to the Special Section
=> Real-world image dehazing with improved joint enhancement and exposure fusion
=> Real-World Image Denoising with Deep Boosting
=> Real-World Image Super-Resolution by Exclusionary Dual-Learning
=> Real-World Image Super-Resolution Via Kernel Augmentation And Stochastic Variation
=> Real-World ISAR Object Recognition Using Deep Multimodal Relation Learning
=> Real-World Non-Homogeneous Haze Removal by Sliding Self-Attention Wavelet Network
=> Real-World Non-NIR Illumination and Wavelength-Specific Acquisition Variants in Iris Recognition
=> Real-World Normal Map Capture for Nearly Flat Reflective Surfaces
=> Real-World Person Re-Identification via Degradation Invariance Learning
=> Real-World Recognition from Inputs With Limited Quality
=> Real-World Recognition from Inputs With Limited Quality
=> Real-World Reinforcement Learning Framework for Safe and Human-Like Tactical Decision-Making, A
=> Real-world remote sensing image super-resolution via a practical degradation model and a kernel-aware network
=> Real-World Repetition Estimation by Div, Grad and Curl
=> Real-World Stereo-Analysis Evaluation
=> Real-world stimuli show perceived hue shifts in the peripheral visual field
=> Real-world super-resolution of face-images from surveillance cameras
=> Real-World Super-Resolution using Generative Adversarial Networks
=> Real-World Super-Resolution via Kernel Estimation and Noise Injection
=> Real-World Surveillance: Applications and Challenges
=> Real-World Surveillance: Applications and Challenges
=> Real-World Surveillance: Applications and Challenges
=> Real-World Thermal Image Super-Resolution
=> Real-World Underwater Enhancement: Challenges, Benchmarks, and Solutions Under Natural Light
=> Real-World Urban Light Emission Functions and Quantitative Comparison with Spacecraft Measurements
=> Real-World Video Anomaly Detection by Extracting Salient Features
=> Real-World Video Deblurring: A Benchmark Dataset and an Efficient Recurrent Neural Network
=> Real-world Video Super-resolution: A Benchmark Dataset and A Decomposition based Learning Scheme
=> Real-World Vision System: Mechanism, Control, and Vision Processing, A
=> Real and Simulated Waveform Recording LIDAR Data in Boreal Juvenile Forest Vegetation
=> Real Aperture Axial Stereo: Solving for Correspondences in Blur
=> Real Aperture Radar Angular Super-Resolution Imaging Using Modified Smoothed L0 Norm with a Regularization Strategy
=> Real Environment-Aware Multisource Data-Associated Cold Chain Logistics Scheduling: A Multiple Population-Based Multiobjective Ant Colony System Approach
=> Real Estate Image Classification
=> Real Estate Image Classification
=> Real Helper Data Scheme, A
=> Real Image Denoising Based on Multi-Scale Residual Dense Block and Cascaded U-Net with Block-Connection
=> Real Image Denoising via Guided Residual Estimation and Noise Correction
=> Real Image Denoising With a Locally-Adaptive Bitonic Filter
=> Real Image Denoising With Feature Attention
=> Real in the Virtual. the 3D Model in the Cultural Heritage Sector: The Tip of the Iceberg, The
=> Real masks and spoof faces: On the masked face presentation attack detection
=> Real Micro-Doppler Parameters Extraction of Spinning Targets Based on Rotating Interference Antenna
=> Real Problem of Bridging the Semantic Gap, The
=> Real Projective Plane Mapping for Detection of Orthogonal Vanishing Points
=> real regularised fractional derivative, A
=> Real Representation of the Polarimetric Scattering Matrix for Monostatic Radar
=> Real Signal Equalization for OQAM
=> Real Spike: Learning Real-Valued Spikes for Spiking Neural Networks
=> Real Testbed for Autonomous Anomaly Detection in Power Grid Using Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Aerial Imaging
=> Real Time 3D Environment Modeling for a Mobile Robot by Aligning Range Image Sequence
=> Real time 3D face alignment with Random Forests-based Active Appearance Models
=> Real time 3D face and facial feature tracking
=> Real time 3D face pose discrimination based on active IR illumination
=> Real Time 3D Face Pose Tracking From an Uncalibrated Camera
=> Real time 3D face tracking from appearance
=> Real Time 3D Template Matching
=> Real Time 3D Visualization of Intraoperative Organ Deformations Using Structured Dictionary
=> Real time action recognition using histograms of depth gradients and random decision forests
=> Real time adaptive non-linear estimator/predictor design for traffic systems with inadequate detectors
=> Real Time Adaptive Ultrasound Speckle Reduction and Coherence Enhancement
=> real time adaptive visual surveillance system for tracking low-resolution colour targets in dynamically changing scenes, A
=> Real Time Aerial Video Stitching via Sensor Refinement and Priority Scan
=> real time aggressive human behaviour detection system in cage environment across multiple cameras, A
=> real time algorithm for people tracking using contextual reasoning, A
=> Real time anomaly detection in H.264 compressed videos
=> Real time appearance based hand tracking
=> Real time Artificial Auditory Systems for cluttered environments
=> Real Time Augmented Reality System Using GPU Acceleration, A
=> Real Time Automatic Urban Traffic Management Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Network Under Limited Resources Constraint
=> Real Time Ball Detection Framework For Soccer Video, A
=> Real time believable stereo and virtual view synthesis engine for autostereoscopic display
=> Real Time Body Pose Tracking in an Immersive Training Environment
=> real time Breast Microwave Radar imaging reconstruction technique using simt based interpolation, A
=> Real Time Camera Phone Guidance for Compliant Document Image Acquisition without Sight
=> Real time cardiac image registration during respiration: a time series prediction approach
=> Real Time Closed World Tracking
=> Real Time Closed World Tracking
=> Real time color based particle filtering for object tracking with dual cache architecture
=> Real time color purity and convergence measurement algorithms for automatic ITC adjustment system
=> Real Time Complete Dense Depth Reconstruction for a Monocular Camera
=> Real time complex event detection for resource-limited multimedia sensor networks
=> Real Time Computer Vision System for Measuring Traffic Parameters, A
=> Real Time Computer Vision System for Measuring Traffic Parameters, A
=> Real Time Computer Vision System for Measuring Traffic Parameters, A
=> real time connected word recognition system, A
=> Real time constrained motion estimation for ECG-gated cardiac MRI
=> Real Time Continuous Tracking of Dynamic Hand Gestures on a Mobile GPU
=> Real time contour tracking with a new edge detector
=> Real time data hiding by exploiting the IPCM macroblocks in H.264/AVC streams
=> Real Time Data Processing for Optical Remote Sensing Payloads
=> Real Time Dense Stereo
=> Real Time Detection and Recognition of Human Profiles Using Inexpensive Desktop Cameras
=> Real Time Detection and Segmentation of Reflectionally Symmetric Objects in Digital Images
=> Real time detection of driver fatigue based on CNN-LSTM
=> Real time detection of lane markers in urban streets
=> Real Time Detection of Repeated Structures in Point Clouds of Urban Scenes
=> Real Time Detection of Social Interactions in Surveillance Video
=> Real time detection of stopped vehicles in traffic scenes
=> Real Time Direct Visual Odometry for Flexible Multi-camera Rigs
=> Real Time Door Access Event Detection and Notification in a Reactive Smart Surveillance System
=> real time expert system for anomaly detection of aerators based on computer vision and surveillance cameras, A
=> Real Time Eye-Motion Monitoring System, A
=> Real Time Eye Gaze Tracking with 3D Deformable Eye-Face Model
=> Real time eye gaze tracking with Kinect
=> Real Time Eyes Tracking and Classification for Driver Fatigue Detection
=> Real Time Face and Object Tracking as a Component of a Perceptual User Interface
=> Real time face detection from color video stream based on PCA method
=> Real time face recognition using decision fusion of neural classifiers in the visible and thermal infrared spectrum
=> Real Time Face Tracking and Animation System, A
=> Real Time Facial Expression Recognition from Image Sequences Using Support Vector Machines
=> Real Time Facial Expression Recognition with AdaBoost
=> Real Time Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Cells by Cameras on Drones
=> Real Time Feature-Based Parallel Morphing in GPU Applied to Texture-Based Animation
=> Real Time Feature Based 3-D Deformable Face Tracking
=> Real time feature point tracking with automatic model selection
=> Real Time Fencing Move Classification and Detection at Touch Time during a Fencing Match
=> real time FFT chip set: architectural issues, A
=> Real time fingerprint recording terminal
=> Real Time Fingers Detection by Symmetry Transform Using a Two Cameras System, A
=> Real Time Fingertip Detection with Kinect Depth Image Sequences
=> Real Time Foreground-Background Segmentation Using a Modified Codebook Model
=> Real time fractal image coder based on characteristic vector matching
=> Real Time Fusion of Motion and Stereo Using Flow/Depth Constraint for Fast Obstacle Detection
=> Real Time Gait Recognition System Based on Kinect Skeleton Feature
=> real time generic variable pattern selection algorithm for very low bit-rate video coding, A
=> Real Time Gesture Recognition Using Eigenspace from Multi Input Image Sequence
=> Real Time Gesture Recognition with Heuristic-Based Classification
=> Real Time H.263 Video Codec Using Parallel DSP
=> Real Time Hand Based Robot Control Using 2D/3D Images
=> Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition Including Hand Segmentation and Tracking
=> Real time Hand Gesture Recognition using different algorithms based on American Sign Language
=> Real time hand pose estimation using depth sensors
=> Real time hand pose recognition with depth sensors for mixed reality interfaces
=> Real Time Hand Segmentation on Frugal Headmounted Device for Gestural Interface
=> Real time hand tracking by combining particle filtering and mean shift
=> Real Time Hardware Accelerator for Image Filtering
=> Real time hardware architecture for visual robot navigation
=> Real Time Head Model Creation and Head Pose Estimation on Consumer Depth Cameras
=> Real Time Head Pose Estimation from Consumer Depth Cameras
=> Real Time Head Pose Estimation with Random Regression Forests
=> Real time head pose tracking from multiple cameras with a generic model
=> Real Time Head Tracking via Camera Saccade and Shape-Fitting
=> Real Time High-Sensitivity Imaging for Home Surveillance System by Using Combined Long/Short Exposure
=> Real Time High Speed Measurement of Photogrammetric Targets
=> Real Time Hot Spot Detection Using FPGA
=> Real Time Human Action Recognition in a Long Video Sequence
=> Real time human action recognition using triggered frame extraction and a typical CNN heuristic
=> Real Time Human Detection System Based on Far Infrared Vision, A
=> Real Time Human Motion Analysis by Image Skeletonization
=> Real Time Human Visual System Based Framework for Image Fusion
=> Real Time Illumination Invariant Background Subtraction Using Local Kernel Histograms
=> Real time illumination invariant motion change detection
=> Real time image enhancement and segmentation for sign/text detection
=> Real time image enhancement for both text and color photo images
=> Real time image processing for fast seam tracking
=> Real Time Image Processing
=> Real Time Image Rotation Using Dynamic Reconfiguration
=> Real time implementation of rate-distortion optimized coding mode selection for H.263 video coders
=> Real Time Implementation of the Saliency-Based Model of Visual Attention on a SIMD Architecture, A
=> Real Time Indoor 3D Pipeline for an Advanced Sensory Substitution Device
=> Real Time Infrared Imaging System Based on DSP and FPGA, A
=> Real Time Inventory Management: Visual Survey of Interior Architecture Elements and Space Making Crafts of Gujarat, India
=> Real time iris segmentation quality evaluation using medoids
=> Real Time Large Vocabulary Continuous Sign Language Recognition Based on OP/Viterbi Algorithm
=> Real Time Limb Tracking with Adaptive Model Selection
=> Real Time Lip Motion Analysis for a Person Authentication System using Near Infrared Illumination
=> Real time localization and 3D depth estimation across disparate sensing systems: Toward hazard aware and tele-immersive spaces
=> Real Time Localization and 3D Reconstruction
=> Real Time Localization System for Vehicles Using Terrain-Based Time Series Subsequence Matching, A
=> Real Time Machine Learning Based Car Detection in Images With Fast Training
=> Real Time Monitoring of Cultural Heritage through Camera Phone Digital Images
=> Real Time Monocular Depth from Defocus
=> Real Time Morphological Snakes Algorithm, A
=> Real time motion analysis for monitoring the rear and lateral road
=> Real time motion capture using a single time-of-flight camera
=> Real Time Motion Changes for New Event Detection and Recognition
=> Real time motion estimation using a neural architecture implemented on GPUs
=> Real time moving vehicle detection and reconstruction for improving classification
=> Real Time Multi-vehicle Tracking and Counting at Intersections from a Fisheye Camera
=> Real Time Multiple Object Tracking Based on Active Contours
=> Real time multiple objects tracking and identification based on discrete wavelet transform
=> Real time multispectral high temperature measurement: Application to control in the industry
=> Real Time Myocardial Strain Analysis of Tagged MR Cines Using Element Space Non-rigid Registration
=> Real time non-rigid 3D surface tracking using particle filter
=> Real Time Object Detection on Aerial Imagery
=> Real Time Object Detection, Tracking and Classification in Monocular Image Sequences of Road Traffic Scenes
=> Real time object localization and recognition from silhouette images
=> Real Time Object Oriented 6-Point Skeleton Extraction Component from Human Silhouette for Video Surveillance and Analysis Application
=> Real time object tracking based on dynamic feature grouping with background subtraction
=> Real Time Object Tracking in a Video Sequence Using a Fixed Point DSP
=> Real Time Object Tracking using Reflectional Symmetry and Motion
=> Real Time Object Tracking using Reflectional Symmetry and Motion
=> Real Time Parameter Optimization for Elementary Motion Detectors
=> Real time perception of and response to the actions of an unencumbered participant/user
=> Real time pipeline profile extraction using recursive filtering and circle location
=> Real Time Processing for Epipolar Resampling of Linear Pushbroom Imagery Based on the Fast Algorithm for Best Scan Line Searching
=> Real time railway extraction by angle alignment measure
=> Real Time Ray Tracing of Analytic and Implicit Surfaces
=> Real Time Recognition of Gesture and Gesture Degree Information Using Multi Input Image Sequences
=> Real time repeated video sequence identification
=> Real Time Robust Human Detection and Tracking System
=> Real time robust L1 tracker using accelerated proximal gradient approach
=> Real time security framework for detecting abnormal events at ATM installations
=> Real Time Segmentation and Tracking of Face and Hands in VR Applications
=> Real Time Segmentation of Lip Pixels for Lip Tracker Initialization
=> real time semantic interoperability framework in ad hoc network of geospatial databases: disaster management context, A
=> Real Time Semantic Interoperability in Ad Hoc Networks of Geospatial Data Sources: Challenges, Achievements and Perspectives
=> Real Time Semi-dense Point Tracking
=> Real time SHVC decoder: Implementation and complexity analysis
=> Real time sign language recognition using depth sensor
=> Real Time Simulation Optimization Framework for Vessel Collision Avoidance and the Case of Singapore Strait, A
=> Real Time Skin Region Detection with a Single-chip Digital Camera
=> Real Time Sobel Square Edge Detector for Night Vision Analysis
=> Real time software implementation of scalable video codec
=> Real Time Speckle Filter by Cellular Neural Network
=> Real Time Speed Estimation From Monocular Video
=> Real time stereo vision using exponential step cost aggregation on GPU
=> Real Time Surface Registration for PET Motion Tracking
=> real time surveillance system for metropolitan railways, A
=> Real Time Surveillance System Using Wired and Wireless Sensor Networks by Multi-algorithmic Approach, A
=> real time system for model-based interpretation of the dynamics of facial expressions, A
=> Real Time System for Robust 3D Voxel Reconstruction of Human Motions, A
=> Real Time System for Robust 3D Voxel Reconstruction of Human Motions, A
=> Real Time System for Robust 3D Voxel Reconstruction of Human Motions, A
=> Real Time Target Tracking with Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
=> Real time temporal segmentation of MPEG video
=> Real time texture classification using field programmable gate arrays
=> Real Time Tracking and Modeling of Faces: An EKF-based Analysis by Synthesis Approach
=> Real Time Tracking for 3D Realistic Lip Animation
=> Real Time Tracking for Enhanced Tennis Broadcasts
=> Real Time Tracking of 3d Objects with Occultations
=> Real time tracking of 3D objects: an efficient and robust approach
=> Real time tracking of borescope tip pose
=> Real time tracking of borescope tip pose
=> Real time tracking of camera pose
=> Real Time Tracking of Image Regions with Changes in Geometry and Illumination
=> Real Time Tracking of Moving Objects with an Active Camera
=> Real time tracking of multiple persons by Kalman filtering and face pursuit for multimedia applications
=> Real time tracking of multiple persons using elementary tracks
=> Real time tracking using an active pan-tilt-zoom network camera
=> Real time tracking with occlusion and illumination variations
=> Real Time Trinocular Stereo for Tele-immersion
=> Real Time Trinocular Stereo for Tele-immersion
=> Real time ultrasound image denoising
=> Real time vanishing points detection on smartphones under Manhattan world assumption
=> Real Time Vector Median Like Filter: FPGA Design and Application to Color Image Filtering
=> real time vehicle's license plate recognition system, A
=> Real Time Vehicle Detection Algorithm for Vision-Based Sensors, A
=> Real Time Vehicle Pose Using On-Board Stereo Vision System
=> Real time video architecture of a texture generator for digital video production
=> Real time video fire detection using spatio-temporal consistency energy
=> Real Time Video Object Segmentation in Compressed Domain
=> Real time vision-based hand gesture recognition using depth sensor and a stochastic context free grammar
=> Real Time Vision System for Obstacle Detection and Localization on FPGA
=> Real Time Visual Cues Extraction for Monitoring Driver Vigilance
=> Real time visual tracking using a spatially weighted von Mises mixture model
=> Real time visualization of 3D variable in time object based on cloud of points data gathered by coloured structure light projection system
=> Real Time Viterbi Optimization of Hidden Markov Models for Multi Target Tracking
=> Real time watermarking to authenticate the WSQ bitstream
=> Real Valued MUSIC Method for Height Measurement of Meter Wave Polarimetric MIMO Radar Based on Matrix Reconstruction
=> Real vs. Fake Emotion Challenge: Learning to Rank Authenticity from Facial Activity Descriptors
=> Real World Dataset for Multi-view 3D Reconstruction, A
=> Real World Issues in Developing a Malaysian Forest Battlefield Environment for Small Unit Tactics Using 3D Graphics
=> Real world/virtual world correlation system using 3D graphics pipeline
=> RealFlow: EM-Based Realistic Optical Flow Dataset Generation from Videos
=> RealFusion 360° Reconstruction of Any Object from a Single Image
=> RealGraph: A Multiview Dataset for 4D Real-world Context Graph Generation
=> RealGraph: A Multiview Dataset for 4D Real-world Context Graph Generation
=> Realigning 2D and 3D Object Fragments without Correspondences
=> REALIMPACT: A Dataset of Impact Sound Fields for Real Objects
=> REALISE: Reconstruction of REALity from Image SEquences
=> REALISE: Reconstruction of REALity from Image SEquences
=> Realised safety impacts of electronic stability control in Finland
=> Realism Metric for Generated LiDAR Point Clouds, A
=> Realistic 3-D Scene Modeling from Uncalibrated Image Sequences
=> Realistic 3D face modeling using feature-preserving surface registration
=> Realistic 3D facial animation using parameter-based deformation and texture remapping
=> Realistic 3D Modeling of the Liver from MRI Images
=> Realistic 3D reconstruction of the human teeth using shape from shading with shape priors
=> Realistic action recognition via sparsely-constructed Gaussian processes
=> Realistic Analytical Phantoms for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging
=> Realistic and Easy-to-Implement Weighting Model for GPS Phase Observations, A
=> Realistic Augmentation for Effective 2d Human Pose Estimation Under Occlusion
=> Realistic Blur Synthesis for Learning Image Deblurring
=> Realistic Bokeh Effect Rendering on Mobile GPUs, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
=> Realistic colorization via the structure tensor
=> Realistic Crowds via Motion Capture and Cell Marking
=> Realistic Dataset for Performance Evaluation of Document Layout Analysis, A
=> Realistic Depth Blur for Images with Range Data
=> Realistic Depth Image Synthesis for 3D Hand Pose Estimation
=> Realistic Digitization Model of Straight-Lines, A
=> Realistic Dynamic Facial Textures from a Single Image Using GANs
=> Realistic Evaluation of Semi-Supervised Learning for Fine-Grained Classification, A
=> Realistic Face-to-Face Conversation System Based on Deep Neural Networks, A
=> Realistic Face Animation for Audiovisual Speech Applications: A Densification Approach Driven by Sparse Stereo Meshes
=> Realistic Facial Expression Reconstruction for VR HMD Users
=> Realistic Facial Modeling and Animation Based on High Resolution Capture
=> Realistic FDTD GPR Antenna Models Optimized Using a Novel Linear/Nonlinear Full-Waveform Inversion
=> Realistic Film Grain Rendering
=> Realistic Film Noise Generation Based on Experimental Noise Spectra
=> Realistic Forest Stand Reconstruction from Terrestrial LiDAR for Radiative Transfer Modelling
=> Realistic frontal face reconstruction using coupled complementarity of far-near-sighted face images
=> Realistic Full-Body Anonymization with Surface-Guided GANs
=> Realistic Full-Body Tracking from Sparse Observations via Joint-Level Modeling
=> Realistic hair modeling from a hybrid orientation field
=> Realistic HDR tone-mapping based on contrast perception matching
=> Realistic head motion synthesis for an image-based talking head
=> Realistic head motion synthesis for an image-based talking head
=> Realistic human action recognition by Fast HOG3D and self-organization feature map
=> Realistic Human Action Recognition with Multimodal Feature Selection and Fusion
=> Realistic Human Action Recognition with Audio Context
=> Realistic human head modeling with multi-view hairstyle reconstruction
=> Realistic image composite with best-buddy prior of natural image patches
=> Realistic image synthesis of plant structures for genetic analysis
=> Realistic inverse lighting from a single 2D image of a face, taken under unknown and complex lighting
=> Realistic landscape modelling with high level of detail
=> Realistic log-compressed law for ultrasound image recovery
=> Realistic Lung Nodule Synthesis With Multi-Target Co-Guided Adversarial Mechanism
=> Realistic Lung Nodule Synthesis With Multi-Target Co-Guided Adversarial Mechanism
=> Realistic Modeling of Water Droplets for Monocular Adherent Raindrop Recognition Using Bézier Curves
=> Realistic Models of Children Heads from 3D-MRI Segmentation and Tetrahedral Mesh Construction
=> Realistic mouth synthesis based on shape appearance dependence mapping
=> Realistic multi-view face animation with aid of 3D PDM
=> Realistic Natural Interaction With Virtual Statues in X-reality Environments
=> Realistic One-Shot Mesh-Based Head Avatars
=> Realistic Projection on Casual Dual-Planar Surfaces with Global Illumination Compensation
=> Realistic Range Rendering for Object Hypothesis Verification
=> Realistic Range Rendering
=> Realistic Rendering of Material Aging for Artwork Objects
=> Realistic Saliency Guided Image Enhancement
=> Realistic Simulation of the 3-D Growth of Brain Tumors in MR Images Coupling Diffusion With Biomechanical Deformation
=> Realistic Speech-Driven Facial Animation with GANs
=> Realistic speech animation based on observed 3D face dynamics
=> Realistic stereo error models and finite optimal stereo baselines
=> Realistic surface geometry reconstruction using a hand-held RGB-D camera
=> Realistic Synthesis of Novel Human Movements from a Database of Motion Capture Examples
=> Realistic Synthetic Mushroom Scenes Dataset, A
=> Realistic Talking Face Synthesis With Geometry-Aware Feature Transformation
=> Realistic Texture Reconstruction Incorporating Spectrophotometric Color Correction
=> Realistic Transformation of Facial and Vocal Smiles in Real-Time Audiovisual Streams
=> realistic virtual environment for evaluating face analysis systems under dynamic conditions, A
=> Realistic Walkthrough of Cultural Heritage Sites-Hampi
=> RealisticHands: A Hybrid Model for 3D Hand Reconstruction
=> Reality-Preserving Multiple Parameter Discrete Fractional Angular Transform and Its Application to Color Image Encryption
=> Reality Augmentation for Medical Procedures: System Architecture, Single Camera Marker Tracking, and System Evaluation
=> Reality Transform Adversarial Generators for Image Splicing Forgery Detection and Localization
=> Reality: An Interactive Reconstruction Tool of 3-D Objects from Photographs
=> Reality3DSketch: Rapid 3D Modeling of Objects From Single Freehand Sketches
=> Realization and Evaluation of an Instructor-Like Assistance System for Collision Avoidance
=> Realization of a digital tomographic imaging system applied to odontology
=> Realization of a Dilemma-Zone Guiding Algorithm at Signalized Intersections
=> Realization of an Efficient Line Detection by Askant Glance Camera Vision System Using Extended Hough Transform
=> Realization of Arbitrary Downsizing Video Transcoding, The
=> Realization of Autoencoders by Kernel Methods
=> Realization of Beamlet Transform edge detection algorithm using FPGA
=> Realization of CUDA-based real-time multi-camera visual SLAM in embedded systems
=> Realization of CUDA-based real-time registration and target localization for high-resolution video images
=> Realization of Digraph Filters Via Augmented GFT
=> Realization of hybrid compressive imaging strategies
=> Realization of lossless-to-lossy image coding compatible with JPEG standard by direct-lifting of DCT-IDCT
=> Realization of Rank Order Filters Based on Majority Gate
=> Realizations of fast 2-D/3-D image filtering and enhancement
=> Realizing a Low-Power Head-Mounted Phase-Only Holographic Display by Light-Weight Compression
=> Realizing Constant Current and Constant Voltage Outputs and Input Zero Phase Angle of Wireless Power Transfer Systems With Minimum Component Counts
=> Realizing Low-Cost Flash Memory Based Video Caching in Content Delivery Systems
=> Realizing Low-Cost High-Throughput General-Purpose Block Encoder for JPEG2000
=> Realizing Railway Cognitive Radio: A Reinforcement Base-Station Multi-Agent Model
=> Realizing Super-Resolution with Superimposed Projection
=> RealPatch: A Statistical Matching Framework for Model Patching with Real Samples
=> RealPoint3D: Generating 3D Point Clouds from a Single Image of Complex Scenarios
=> RealSense real heart rate: Illumination invariant heart rate estimation from videos
=> Realsmilenet: A Deep End-to-end Network for Spontaneous and Posed Smile Recognition
=> Realtime-3D Interactive Content Creation for Multi-platform Distribution: A 3d Interactive Content Creation User Study
=> Realtime 3D Depth Flow Generation and Its Application to Track to Walking Human Being
=> Realtime affine-photometric KLT feature tracker on GPU in CUDA framework
=> Realtime and Robust Hand Tracking from Depth
=> Realtime Anomaly Detection Using Trajectory-Level Crowd Behavior Learning
=> Realtime arbitrary-shaped template matching process
=> Realtime background subtraction from dynamic scenes
=> Realtime Compositing Of Procedural Facade Textures on the GPU
=> Realtime dehazing using colour uniformity principle
=> Realtime Depth Estimation and Obstacle Detection from Monocular Video
=> Realtime Dynamic 3D Facial Reconstruction for Monocular Video In-the-Wild
=> Realtime Edge-Based Visual Odometry for a Monocular Camera
=> Realtime Extraction of Connected Component in 3D Sonar Range Images
=> Realtime face detection and tracking using a single Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera
=> Realtime Face Verification with Lightweight Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Realtime forest animation in wind
=> Realtime Gesture Recognition under the Multi-Layered Parallel Recognition Framework of QVIPS
=> Realtime Hand Posture Estimation with Self-Organizing Map for Stable Robot Control
=> realtime hardware system for stereoscopic videoconferencing with viewpoint adaptation, A
=> Realtime Head and Hands Tracking by Monocular Vision
=> Realtime Hierarchical Clustering Based on Boundary and Surface Statistics
=> Realtime Human Segmentation in Video
=> Realtime IBR with Omnidirectional Crossed-Slits Projection
=> Realtime Image Sequence Interpretation for Video-Surveillance Applications
=> Realtime Kernel based Machine Learning Template Matching (KMLT)
=> Realtime motion segmentation based multibody visual SLAM
=> Realtime multi-aircraft tracking in aerial scene with deep orientation network
=> Realtime Multi-person 2D Pose Estimation Using Part Affinity Fields
=> Realtime multi-scale scene text detection with scale-based region proposal network
=> Realtime multibody visual SLAM with a smoothly moving monocular camera
=> Realtime Multilevel Crowd Tracking Using Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles
=> Realtime object-of-interest tracking by learning Composite Patch-based Templates
=> Realtime object matching with robust dominant orientation templates
=> Realtime Online Adaptive Gesture Recognition
=> Realtime Online Adaptive Gesture Recognition
=> Realtime phase-based optical flow on the GPU
=> Realtime Quality Assessment of Iris Biometrics Under Visible Light
=> Realtime Road Detection by Learning from One Example
=> Realtime Shrug Detector, A
=> Realtime Sitting Posture Recognition on Embedded Device
=> Realtime stereo and motion analysis on passive video images using an efficient image-to-image comparison algorithm requiring minimal buffering
=> Realtime synthesis of moving human-like agent in response to user's moving image
=> Realtime Time Synchronized Event-Based Stereo
=> Realtime training on mobile devices for face recognition applications
=> Realtime Visual Tracking of Aircrafts
=> Realtime Visualization of Monocular Data for 3D Reconstruction
=> RealVAD: A Real-World Dataset and A Method for Voice Activity Detection by Body Motion Analysis
=> RealViz
=> RealVR: Efficient, Economical, and Quality-of-Experience-Driven VR Video System Based on MPEG OMAF
=> REALY: Rethinking the Evaluation of 3D Face Reconstruction
=> REAP: A Large-Scale Realistic Adversarial Patch Benchmark
=> REAP: A Large-Scale Realistic Adversarial Patch Benchmark
=> Reaper: Articulated Object 6d Pose Estimation with Deep Reinforcement Learning
=> REAPER: Reprocessing 12 Years of ERS-1 and ERS-2 Altimeters and Microwave Radiometer Data
=> Rear-End Collision Avoidance-Based on Multi-Channel Detection
=> Rear-End Collision Risk Evaluation and Control Scheme Using a Bayesian Network Model, A
=> Rear-Lamp Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Low-Exposure Color Video for Night Conditions
=> Rear-Stitched View Panorama: A Low-Power Embedded Implementation for Smart Rear-View Mirrors on Vehicles
=> Rear-Vehicle Detection System for Static Images Based on Monocular Vision, A
=> Rear-View Vehicle Detection and Tracking by Combining Multiple Parts for Complex Urban Surveillance
=> Rear Vehicle Tracking on a Bicycle Using Active Sensor Orientation Control
=> rearrangement algorithm of wavelet packet coefficients for zerotree coding, A
=> Rearrangement of Recognized Strokes in Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Words Recognition
=> Rearrangement pixel granularity template matching for lossy screen content picture intra coding
=> Rearranging Online Tubes for Streaming Video Synopsis: A Dynamic Graph Coloring Approach
=> Rearview Camera-Based Backover Warning System Exploiting a Combination of Pose-Specific Pedestrian Recognitions
=> Rearview Camera-Based Stixel Generation for Backing Crash Prevention
=> Reason Analysis of the Jiwenco Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) and Potential Hazard on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
=> Reason Generation for Point of Interest Recommendation Via a Hierarchical Attention-Based Transformer Model
=> Reasonable Effectiveness of Synthetic Visual Data, The
=> Reasoning-Based Framework for Driving Safety Monitoring Using Driving Event Recognition
=> Reasoning-Based Scheduling Method for Agile Earth Observation Satellite with Multi-Subsystem Coupling
=> Reasoning-RCNN: Unifying Adaptive Global Reasoning Into Large-Scale Object Detection
=> Reasoning about cardinal directions between extended objects: The NP-hardness result
=> Reasoning about Context in Uncertain Pervasive Computing Environments
=> Reasoning about discrete and continuous noisy sensors and effectors in dynamical systems
=> Reasoning about Edges in Scale Space
=> Reasoning About Expected Job Completion Time in Dynamic Vehicular Clouds
=> Reasoning About Fine-Grained Attribute Phrases Using Reference Games
=> Reasoning About Functionality In Object Recognition
=> Reasoning about Hand-Drawn Sketches: An Approach Based on Intelligent Software Agents
=> Reasoning About Human-Object Interactions Through Dual Attention Networks
=> Reasoning About Job Completion Time in Vehicular Clouds
=> Reasoning About Mean Time to Failure in Vehicular Clouds
=> Reasoning about Object Affordances in a Knowledge Base Representation
=> Reasoning about Occlusions During Hypothesis Verification
=> Reasoning about Photo Collections using Models of Outdoor Illumination
=> Reasoning about Pictures and Similarity Retrieval for Image-Information Systems Based on SK-Set Knowledge Representation
=> Reasoning About Threats: From Observables to Situation Assessment
=> Reasoning and Tuning: Graph Attention Network for Occluded Person Re-Identification
=> reasoning engine for intruders' localization in wide open areas using a network of cameras and RFIDs, A
=> Reasoning Framework for Solving Nonograms, A
=> Reasoning Graph Networks for Kinship Verification: From Star-Shaped to Hierarchical
=> Reasoning on the Relation: Enhancing Visual Representation for Visual Question Answering and Cross-Modal Retrieval
=> Reasoning Strategies for 3D Object Detection
=> Reasoning Visual Dialogs With Structural and Partial Observations
=> Reasoning with entropy graphs for image operators
=> Reasoning with Multi-Structure Commonsense Knowledge in Visual Dialog
=> ReasonNet: End-to-End Driving with Temporal and Global Reasoning
=> Reasons for East Siberia Winter Snow Water Equivalent Increase in the Recent Decades
=> Reassembling 3D Thin Fragments of Unknown Geometry in Cultural Heritage
=> Reassembling Shredded Document Stripes Using Word-Path Metric and Greedy Composition Optimal Matching Solver
=> Reassembly of fractured objects using surface signature
=> Reassembly of Rock Segments, the Case of Areopagus Hill
=> Reassignment Algorithm of the Ride-Sourcing Market Based on Reinforcement Learning
=> Rebalanced Zero-Shot Learning
=> Rebalancing and Charging Scheduling With Price Incentives for Car Sharing Systems
=> Rebalancing Batch Normalization for Exemplar-Based Class-Incremental Learning
=> Rebalancing Bike Sharing Systems for Minimizing Depot Inventory and Traveling Costs
=> Rebalancing gradient to improve self-supervised co-training of depth, odometry and optical flow predictions
=> Rebalancing of One-Way Car-Sharing Systems Considering Elastic Demand and Waiting Time
=> ReBreathe: A Calibration Protocol that Improves Stress/Relax Classification by Relabeling Deep Breathing Relaxation Exercises
=> Rebuilding a Microwave Soil Moisture Product Using Random Forest Adopting AMSR-E/AMSR2 Brightness Temperature and SMAP over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
=> Rebuilding Long Time Series Global Soil Moisture Products Using the Neural Network Adopting the Microwave Vegetation Index
=> Rebuilding Long Time Series Global Soil Moisture Products Using the Neural Network Adopting the Microwave Vegetation Index
=> Rebuilding Visual Vocabulary via Spatial-temporal Context Similarity for Video Retrieval
=> REC-MV: REconstructing 3D Dynamic Cloth from Monocular Videos
=> Recalibrated Bandpass Filtering on Temporal Waveform for Audio Spoof Detection
=> Recalibrating 3D ConvNets With Project Excite
=> Recalibrating Features and Regression for Oriented Object Detection
=> Recalibrating Fully Convolutional Networks With Spatial and Channel Squeeze and Excitation Blocks
=> Recalibration of Neural Networks for Point Cloud Analysis
=> Recalibration of over 35 Years of Infrared and Water Vapor Channel Radiances of the JMA Geostationary Satellites
=> Recalibration of over 35 Years of Infrared and Water Vapor Channel Radiances of the JMA Geostationary Satellites
=> recall or precision oriented skin classifier using binary combining strategies, A
=> Recall What You See Continually Using GridLSTM in Image Captioning
=> RECALL: Replay-based Continual Learning in Semantic Segmentation
=> Recall@k Surrogate Loss with Large Batches and Similarity Mixup
=> RecapNet: Action Proposal Generation Mimicking Human Cognitive Process
=> Recapture Image Forensics Based on Laplacian Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Recaptured image forensics based on local ternary count of high order prediction error
=> Recaptured Image Forensics Based on Quality Aware and Histogram Feature
=> Recaptured photo detection using specularity distribution
=> Recaptured Screen Image Demoiréing in Raw Domain
=> Recaptured Screen Image Demoiréing in Raw Domain
=> Recaptured Screen Image Demoiréing
=> Recaptured screen image identification based on vision transformer
=> Recaptured video detection based on sensor pattern noise
=> Recaspia: Recognizing Carrying Actions in Single Images Using Privileged Information
=> RecDis-SNN: Rectifying Membrane Potential Distribution for Directly Training Spiking Neural Networks
=> Receding Horizon Cache and Extreme Learning Machine based Reinforcement Learning
=> Receding Horizon Control for Aircraft Arrival Sequencing and Scheduling
=> Receding Horizon Estimation for Hybrid Particle Filters and Application for Robust Visual Tracking
=> Receding horizon optimal control of HEVs with on-board prediction of driver's power demand
=> Receive Antenna Selection for Underlay Cognitive Radio with Instantaneous Interference Constraint
=> Received-Signal-Strength-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
=> receiver-compatible system for channel noise reduction, A
=> Receiver-Driven Adaptive Enhancement Layer Switching Algorithm for Scalable Video Transmission Over Link-adaptive Networks
=> Receiver-Driven Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming of Light Fields
=> Receiver-initiated resource renegotiation for VBR video transport
=> Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring of GNSS Signals for Electronic Toll Collection
=> receiver aware H.264/AVC encoder for decoder complexity control in mobile applications, A
=> Receiver driven layered multicast with layer-aware forward error correction
=> Receiver operating characteristic curves with an indeterminacy zone
=> Receiver Operating Curves and Optimal Bayesian Operating Points
=> Receiver Performance of the Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (SMILES) on the International Space Station
=> Receiver Widelane Analysis and Its Effect on Precise Point Positioning
=> Receiving a Mediated Touch From Your Partner vs. a Male Stranger: How Visual Feedback of Touch and Its Sender Influence Touch Experience
=> Recent 50-Year Glacier Mass Balance Changes over the Yellow River Source Region, Determined by Remote Sensing
=> Recent Abnormal Hydrologic Behavior of Tibetan Lakes Observed by Multi-Mission Altimeters
=> Recent Accelerating Glacier Mass Loss of the Geladandong Mountain, Inner Tibetan Plateau, Estimated from ZiYuan-3 and TanDEM-X Measurements
=> Recent Active Fires in Indonesia's Southern Papua Province Caused by El Nino Conditions
=> Recent Advance on Mean Shift Tracking: A Survey
=> Recent Advancement in Mangrove Forests Mapping and Monitoring of the World Using Earth Observation Satellite Data
=> Recent Advancement in Remote Sensing Technology for Hydrology Analysis and Water Resources Management
=> Recent Advances and Challenges in Schumann Resonance Observations and Research
=> Recent Advances and Challenges in the Seismo-Electromagnetic Study: A Brief Review
=> Recent Advances at the Brain-Driven Computer Vision Workshop 2018
=> Recent Advances for Quantum Neural Networks in Generative Learning
=> Recent Advances in 3D Object Detection in the Era of Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
=> Recent advances in age and height estimation from still images and video
=> Recent Advances in Airborne InSAR for 3D Applications
=> Recent Advances in Baggage Threat Detection: A Comprehensive and Systematic Survey
=> Recent Advances in Camera Planning for Large Area Surveillance: A Comprehensive Review
=> Recent Advances in Compression of 3D Meshes
=> Recent advances in convolutional neural networks
=> Recent Advances in Crop Disease Detection Using UAV and Deep Learning Techniques
=> Recent Advances in Detection and Description of Buildings from Multiple Images
=> Recent advances in deterministic human motion prediction: A review
=> Recent advances in ear biometrics
=> Recent Advances in End-to-End Learned Image and Video Compression
=> Recent advances in face biometrics with Gabor wavelets: A review
=> Recent Advances in Face Recognition
=> Recent advances in facial soft biometrics
=> Recent Advances in Fingerprint Verification
=> Recent Advances in Fingerprint Verification
=> Recent Advances in Graph-Based Pattern Recognition with Applications in Document Analysis
=> Recent advances in high dynamic range imaging technology
=> Recent advances in image and video retrieval
=> Recent Advances in Immersive Multimedia
=> Recent Advances in Kernel Machines
=> Recent Advances in Large Margin Learning
=> Recent Advances in Large Scale Image Search
=> Recent Advances in Light-Induced Thermoelastic Spectroscopy for Gas Sensing: A Review
=> Recent Advances in LWIR Type-II InAs/GaSb Superlattice Photodetectors and Focal Plane Arrays at the Center for Quantum Devices
=> Recent Advances in Modelling Geodetic Time Series and Applications for Earth Science and Environmental Monitoring
=> Recent Advances in Music Signal Processing
=> Recent Advances in Open Set Recognition: A Survey
=> Recent Advances in Phase Retrieval
=> Recent Advances in Radar Imaging [From the Guest Editors]
=> Recent advances in rate control for video coding
=> Recent Advances in Rate Control: From Optimization to Implementation and Beyond
=> Recent Advances in Recommender Systems and Future Directions
=> Recent Advances in Reduction of False Positives in Computerized Detection of Polyps in CT Colonography
=> Recent advances in remote sensing image processing
=> Recent Advances in Remote Sensing of Evapotranspiration
=> Recent advances in shape correspondence
=> Recent advances in small object detection based on deep learning: A review
=> Recent Advances in Structural Pattern Recognition with Applications to Visual Form Analysis
=> Recent Advances in the Automatic Inspection of Integrated-Circuits for Pattern Defects
=> Recent advances in the automatic recognition of audiovisual speech
=> Recent Advances in the Capture and Display of Macroscopic and Microscopic 3-D Scenes by Integral Imaging
=> Recent Advances in the GPR Detection of Grouting Defects behind Shield Tunnel Segments
=> Recent advances in traffic optimisation: systematic literature review of modern models, methods and algorithms
=> Recent Advances in Transfer Learning for Cross-Dataset Visual Recognition: A Problem-Oriented Perspective
=> Recent advances in using Chinese Earth observation satellites for remote sensing of vegetation
=> Recent Advances in Video Question Answering: A Review of Datasets and Methods
=> Recent advances in vision modeling for image and video processing
=> Recent advances in visual and infrared face recognition: A review
=> Recent Advances in Zero-Shot Recognition: Toward Data-Efficient Understanding of Visual Content
=> Recent Advances of Deep Learning for Sign Language Recognition
=> Recent Advances of Hyperspectral Imaging Technology and Applications in Agriculture
=> Recent Advances of Large-Scale Linear Classification
=> Recent Advances of Monocular 2D and 3D Human Pose Estimation: A Deep Learning Perspective
=> Recent Advances of Structures Monitoring and Evaluation Using GPS-Time Series Monitoring Systems: A Review
=> Recent Advances on HEVC Inter-Frame Coding: From Optimization to Implementation and Beyond
=> Recent Advances on Singlemodal and Multimodal Face Recognition: A Survey
=> Recent Advances on Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification: An Overview and New Guidelines
=> Recent Applications of Landsat 8/OLI and Sentinel-2/MSI for Land Use and Land Cover Mapping: A Systematic Review
=> Recent changes and future trends in general purpose processor architectures to support image and video applications
=> Recent Changes in Drought Events over South Asia and Their Possible Linkages with Climatic and Dynamic Factors
=> Recent Changes in Glaciers in the Northern Tien Shan, Central Asia
=> Recent Changes in Groundwater and Surface Water in Large Pan-Arctic River Basins
=> Recent Changes in Terrestrial Gross Primary Productivity in Asia from 1982 to 2011
=> Recent Changes in Water Discharge in Snow and Glacier Melt-Dominated Rivers in the Tienshan Mountains, Central Asia
=> Recent Changes of Glacial Lakes in the High Mountain Asia and Its Potential Controlling Factors Analysis
=> Recent Climate Change Feedbacks to Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Changes from GRACE
=> Recent Crustal Deformation Based on Interpolation of GNSS Velocity in Continental China
=> Recent Data Augmentation Strategies for Deep Learning in Plant Phenotyping and Their Significance
=> Recent Deceleration of the Ice Elevation Change of Ecology Glacier (King George Island, Antarctica)
=> Recent Declines in Warming and Vegetation Greening Trends over Pan-Arctic Tundra
=> Recent Development and Challenges in Spectroscopy and Machine Vision Technologies for Crop Nitrogen Diagnosis: A Review
=> Recent Developments and Applications of Acoustic Infrasound to Monitor Volcanic Emissions
=> Recent developments and trends in point set registration methods
=> Recent developments from MPEG in HDR video compression
=> Recent Developments in 3D Multi-modal Laser Imaging Applied to Cultural Heritage
=> Recent Developments in Graph Matching
=> Recent developments in human motion analysis
=> Recent developments in large-scale tie-point matching
=> Recent Developments in Linear Quadtree-Based Geographic Information Systems
=> Recent developments in multidimensional multirate systems
=> Recent Developments in the Sparse Fourier Transform: A compressed Fourier transform for big data
=> Recent developments in the study of rapid human movements with the kinematic theory: Applications to handwriting and signature synthesis
=> Recent developments of the minimum entropy algorithm
=> Recent developments of the syntactic pattern recognition model based on quasi-context sensitive languages
=> Recent developments on direct relative orientation
=> Recent elevation and velocity changes of Astrolabe Glacier, Terre Adelie, Antarctica
=> Recent ENSO influence on East African drought during rainy seasons through the synergistic use of satellite and reanalysis data
=> Recent Ground Subsidence in the North China Plain, China, Revealed by Sentinel-1A Datasets
=> Recent Ground Subsidence in the North China Plain, China, Revealed by Sentinel-1A Datasets
=> Recent Improvements to Suomi NPP Ozone Mapper Profiler Suite Nadir Mapper Sensor Data Records
=> Recent Landslide Movement in Tsaoling, Taiwan Tracked by TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X DEM Time Series
=> Recent Large Scale Environmental Changes in the Mediterranean Sea and Their Potential Impacts on Posidonia Oceanica
=> Recent methods and databases in vision-based hand gesture recognition: A review
=> Recent NDVI Trends in Mainland Spain: Land-Cover and Phytoclimatic-Type Implications
=> Recent Patents on Color Demosaicing
=> Recent Patents on Computer Science
=> Recent Phenomenal and Investigational Subsurface Landslide Monitoring Techniques: A Mixed Review
=> Recent Practical Applications of Close-Range Photogrammetry for Complex Motion Study
=> Recent Progress and Developments in Imaging Spectroscopy
=> Recent Progress in CAD-Based Computer Vision: An Introduction to the Special Issue
=> Recent Progress in CAD-Based Vision
=> Recent Progress in Coded Structured Light as a Technique to Solve the Correspondence Problem: A Survey
=> Recent progress in image denoising: A training strategy perspective
=> Recent Progress in In-Flight Radiometric Calibration and Validation of the RapidEye Constellation of 5 Multispectral Remote Sensing Satellites
=> Recent Progress in Modeling Neural Mechanisms of Form and Color Vision
=> Recent progress in quantifying colour reproduction quality
=> Recent Progress in Quantitative Land Remote Sensing in China
=> Recent progress in road and lane detection: a survey
=> Recent Progress in the Recognition of Objects from Range Data
=> Recent Progress in the Recognition of Objects from Range Data
=> Recent Progress on Modeling Land Emission and Retrieving Soil Moisture on the Tibetan Plateau Based on L-Band Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
=> Recent Progress on Object Classification and Detection
=> Recent progress on perceptual video coding
=> Recent Progress on Vegetation Remote Sensing Using Spaceborne GNSS-Reflectometry
=> Recent progress to formal approach of pattern recognition and scene analysis
=> Recent progresses of accelerated MRI using annihilating filter-based low-rank interpolation
=> Recent Regime Shifts in Mineral Dust Trends Over South Asia From Long-Term CALIPSO Observations
=> Recent Response of Vegetation Water Use Efficiency to Climate Change in Central Asia
=> Recent Results of Online Japanese Handwriting Recognition and Its Applications
=> Recent review on image clustering
=> Recent Sea Level Change in the Black Sea from Satellite Altimetry and Tide Gauge Observations
=> Recent Sea Level Changes in the Black Sea From Satellite Gravity And Altimeter Mesurements
=> Recent Seasonal Spatiotemporal Variations in Alpine Glacier Surface Elevation in the Pamir
=> Recent Shrinkage and Fragmentation of Bluegrass Landscape in Kentucky
=> Recent Spatiotemporal Trends in Glacier Snowline Altitude at the End of the Melt Season in the Qilian Mountains, China
=> Recent submissions in linear dimensionality reduction and face recognition
=> Recent Surface Deformation in the Tianjin Area Revealed by Sentinel-1A Data
=> recent survey on perceived group sentiment analysis, A
=> Recent Trend and Advance of Synthetic Aperture Radar with Selected Topics
=> Recent trends in 2D blind deconvolution for nondestructive evaluation
=> Recent trends in gesture recognition: How depth data has improved classical approaches
=> Recent Trends in Task and Motion Planning for Robotics: A Survey
=> Recent Trends of Mobile Collaborative Augmented Reality Systems
=> Recent Uplift Characteristics of the Southeast Tibetan Plateau, an Analysis Based on Fluvial Indices
=> RecepNet: Network with Large Receptive Field for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation and Application for Blue-Green Algae
=> Receptive Field Based Image Modeling Method for Interactive Segmentation
=> Receptive Field Block Net for Accurate and Fast Object Detection
=> Receptive Field Size Optimization with Continuous Time Pooling
=> Receptive Field Size Versus Model Depth for Single Image Super-Resolution
=> Receptive field structures for recognition
=> Receptive Fields Selection for Binary Feature Description
=> Receptive fields within the Combinatorial Pyramid framework
=> Receptive Multi-Granularity Representation for Person Re-Identification
=> ReCF: Exploiting Response Reasoning for Correlation Filters in Real-Time UAV Tracking
=> Rechargeable Battery Cabinet Deployment for Public Bike System
=> Recherches en vision par ordinateur
=> RECIFE-MILP: An Effective MILP-Based Heuristic for the Real-Time Railway Traffic Management Problem
=> Recipe1M+: A Dataset for Learning Cross-Modal Embeddings for Cooking Recipes and Food Images
=> Recipe2Video: Synthesizing Personalized Videos from Recipe Texts
=> Reciprocal-Orthogonal Parametric Transform and Its Fast Algorithm, A
=> Reciprocal-Wedge Transform for Space-Variant Sensing
=> Reciprocal-Wedge Transform for Space-Variant Sensing
=> Reciprocal 360-deg 3D light-field image acquisition and display system
=> Reciprocal and Extensible Architecture for Multiple-Target Tracking in a Smart Home, A
=> Reciprocal Consistency Prediction Network for Multi-Step Human Trajectory Prediction
=> Reciprocal Focus Profile
=> Reciprocal GAN Through Characteristic Functions (RCF-GAN)
=> Reciprocal Image Features for Uncalibrated Helmholtz Stereopsis
=> Reciprocal Landmark Detection and Tracking with Extremely Few Annotations
=> Reciprocal Learning Networks for Human Trajectory Prediction
=> Reciprocal Multi-Layer Subspace Learning for Multi-View Clustering
=> Reciprocal normalization for domain adaptation
=> Reciprocal Subpixel Motion Estimation: Video Coding With Limited Hardware Resources
=> Reciprocal Transformations for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
=> Reciprocal Twin Networks for Pedestrian Motion Learning and Future Path Prediction
=> Reciprocity Property of the Unbiased Cramer-Rao Bound for Vector Parameter Estimation, A
=> Reciprocity Theorems for One-Way Wave Fields in Curvilinear Coordinate Systems
=> RECIST-Induced Reliable Learning: Geometry-Driven Label Propagation for Universal Lesion Segmentation
=> RECISTSup: Weakly-Supervised Lesion Volume Segmentation Using RECIST Measurement
=> Reclaimed Area Land Cover Mapping Using Sentinel-2 Imagery and LiDAR Point Clouds
=> RECM: Relational evidential c-means algorithm
=> ReCo: Region-Controlled Text-to-Image Generation
=> Recoding Color Transfer as A Color Homography
=> Recognising action as clouds of space-time interest points
=> Recognising Algebraic Surfaces from Two Outlines
=> Recognising and monitoring high-level behaviours in complex spatial environments
=> Recognising Behaviours of Multiple People with Hierarchical Probabilistic Model and Statistical Data Association
=> Recognising complex activities with histograms of relative tracklets
=> Recognising Cortical Sulci and Gyri in MR Images
=> Recognising daytime and nighttime driving images using bayes classifier
=> Recognising decorations in archaeological finds through the analysis of characteristic curves on 3D models
=> Recognising faces in unseen modes: A tensor based approach
=> Recognising Facial Expressions Using Spherical Harmonics
=> Recognising Familiar Facial Features in Paintings Belonging to Separate Domains
=> Recognising handwritten Arabic manuscripts using a single hidden Markov model
=> Recognising Human-Object Interaction via Exemplar Based Modelling
=> Recognising human actions by analysing negative spaces
=> Recognising Human and Animal Movement by Symmetry
=> Recognising human interaction from videos by a discriminative model
=> Recognising human running behaviour in sports video sequences
=> Recognising Known Configurations of Garments For Dual-Arm Robotic Flattening
=> Recognising Letters in On-Line Handwriting Using Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference
=> Recognising moving hand shapes
=> Recognising Objects on the Ground Plane
=> Recognising occluded multi-view actions using local nearest neighbour embedding
=> Recognising online spatial activities using a bioinformatics inspired sequence alignment approach
=> Recognising panoramas
=> Recognising Planes in a Single Image
=> Recognising spontaneous facial micro-expressions
=> Recognising spontaneous facial micro-expressions
=> Recognising spontaneous facial micro-expressions
=> Recognising Tabular Mathematical Expressions Using Graph Rewriting
=> Recognising Team Activities from Noisy Data
=> Recognising Text in Real Scenes
=> Recognising the Dynamics of Faces across Multiple Views
=> Recognising Trajectories of Facial Identities Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis
=> Recognising Trajectories of Facial Identities Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis
=> Recognition-Aware Deep Video Compression for Remote Surveillance
=> Recognition-based character segmentation for multi-level writing style
=> Recognition-based gesture spotting in video games
=> recognition-based motion capture baseline on the HumanEva II test data, A
=> Recognition-Based Reconstruction of an Indoor Scene Using an Integration of Active and Passive Sensing Techniques
=> Recognition-Based Segmentation Algorithm for On-Line Arabic Handwriting
=> Recognition-Based Segmentation of Nom Characters from Body Text Regions of Stele Images Using Area Voronoi Diagram
=> Recognition-Based Segmentation of Online Run-On Handprinted Words: Input vs. Output Segmentation
=> Recognition-directed recovering of temporal information from handwriting images
=> Recognition-Driven Compressed Image Generation Using Semantic-Prior Information
=> Recognition-Driven Two-Dimensional Competing Priors Toward Automatic and Accurate Building Detection
=> Recognition-Oriented Image Compressive Sensing With Deep Learning
=> Recognition Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform for Handprinted Chinese Characters
=> recognition algorithm for chinese characters in diverse fonts, A
=> Recognition Algorithm for Handprinted Chinese Characters by 2D-FFT
=> Recognition Algorithm for Letter Digital Images Based on the Centroid, A
=> Recognition and 6D Pose Estimation of Large-scale Objects using 3D Semi-Global Descriptors
=> Recognition and analysis of cell nuclear phases for high-content screening based on morphological features
=> Recognition and Analysis of Objects in Medieval Images
=> Recognition and classification of images of fruits' juices based on 3-Sigma approach
=> Recognition and Classification of Martian Chaos Terrains Using Imagery Machine Learning: A Global Distribution of Chaos Linked to Groundwater Circulation, Catastrophic Flooding, and Magmatism on Mars
=> Recognition and classification of red blood cells using digital holographic microscopy and data clustering with discriminant analysis
=> Recognition and Data Extraction of Form Documents Based on 3 Types of Line Segments
=> Recognition and detection of occluded faces by a neural network classifier with recursive data reconstruction
=> Recognition and Detection of Two-Person Interactive Actions Using Automatically Selected Skeleton Features
=> Recognition and extraction of named entities in online medical diagnosis data based on a deep neural network
=> Recognition and Geological Model of a Deep-Seated Ancient Landslide at a Reservoir under Construction, A
=> Recognition and Grading of Severely Distorted Geometric Shapes from within a Complex Figure
=> Recognition and identification of target images using feature based retrieval in UAV missions
=> Recognition and Information Extraction of Grid Wiring Diagram Based on Convolutional Neural Network, The
=> Recognition and Inspection of Manufactured Parts Using Line Moments of Their Boundaries
=> Recognition and Inspection of Two-Dimensional Industrial Parts Using Subpolygons
=> Recognition and Integration of Dimension Sets in Vectorized Engineering Drawings
=> Recognition and Interpretation of Parametric Gesture
=> Recognition and Interpretation of Parametric Gesture
=> Recognition and Interpretation of Parametric Gesture
=> Recognition and learning of a class of context-sensitive languages described by augmented regular expressions
=> Recognition and Learning With Polymorphic Structural Components
=> Recognition and Localization of Generic Objects for Indoor Navigation Using Functionality
=> Recognition and Location by Parallel Pose Clustering
=> Recognition and pose determination of 3-D objects using multiple views
=> Recognition and Positioning of Three-Dimensional Objects by Combining Matchings of Primitive Local Patterns
=> Recognition and Prediction of Situations in Urban Traffic Scenarios
=> Recognition and quality assessment of data charts in mixed-mode documents
=> Recognition and Quantification of Area Damaged by Oligonychus Perseae in Avocado Leaves
=> Recognition and Real-time Detection of Blinking Eyes on Electroencephalographic Signals Using Wavelet Transform
=> Recognition and Reconstruction of 3-d Objects Using Model-based Perceptual Grouping
=> Recognition and Reconstruction of Buildings from Multiple Aerial Images
=> Recognition and Reconstruction of Primitives in Music Scores
=> Recognition and Reconstruction of Zebra Crossings on Roads from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
=> Recognition and Recovery of the Three-Dimensional Orientation of Planar Point Patterns
=> Recognition and retrieval of mathematical expressions
=> Recognition and retrieval of objects in diverse applications
=> Recognition and retrieval of textured images using gradient indexing
=> Recognition and retrieval via histogram trees
=> Recognition and Segmentation of 3-D Human Action Using HMM and Multi-class AdaBoost
=> Recognition and Segmentation of Scene Content using Region-Based Classification
=> Recognition and Semi-Differential Invariants
=> Recognition and Shape Synthesis of 3D Objects Image Based on Attributed Hypergraphs
=> Recognition and Structure from one 2D Model View: Observations on Prototypes, Object Classes and Symmetries
=> Recognition and Tracking of 3D Objects
=> Recognition and Tracking of the Members of a Moving Human Body
=> Recognition and transition frame detection of Arabic news captions for video retrieval
=> Recognition and verification of postcodes in handwritten and hand-printed addresses
=> Recognition and Verification of Unconstrained Handwritten Words
=> recognition and verification strategy for handwritten word recognition, A
=> Recognition And Vision Library
=> Recognition and volume estimation of food intake using a mobile device
=> recognition approach of 3-D objects based on the Tsallis entropy, A
=> Recognition Approach to Gesture Language Understanding, A
=> recognition based approach for segmenting touching components in Arabic manuscripts, A
=> Recognition based text localization from natural scene images
=> Recognition by association via learning per-exemplar distances
=> Recognition by Functional Parts
=> Recognition by Functional Parts
=> Recognition by Linear Combinations of Models
=> Recognition by Linear Combinations of Models
=> Recognition by Matching Dense, Oriented Pixels
=> Recognition by Probabilistic Hypothesis Construction
=> Recognition by Prototypes
=> Recognition by Prototypes
=> Recognition by Prototypes
=> Recognition by Recall
=> Recognition by Symmetry Derivatives and the Generalized Structure Tensor
=> Recognition by Using an Active/Space-Variant Sensor
=> Recognition confidence analysis of handwritten Chinese character with CNN
=> Recognition driven burst transmissions in distributed third generation surveillance systems
=> Recognition Driven Page Orientation Detection
=> Recognition Experiments of Cursive Dynamic Handwriting with Self-Organizing Networks
=> Recognition experiments with typed numerals from envelopes in the mail
=> Recognition for large sets of handwritten mathematical symbols
=> Recognition from Appearance Subspaces Across Image Sets of Variable Scale
=> Recognition from Hand Cameras: A Revisit with Deep Learning
=> Recognition From Web Data: A Progressive Filtering Approach
=> recognition graph: Language independent adaptable on-line cursive script recognition, The
=> Recognition improvement through the optimisation of learning instances
=> Recognition in Terra Incognita
=> Recognition in Terra Incognita
=> Recognition Information
=> Recognition method and apparatus
=> Recognition Method for Airplane Targets Using 3D Point Cloud Data, A
=> Recognition Method for Roughly Hand-Drawn Logical Diagrams Based on Hybrid Utilization of Multi-Layered Knowledge, The
=> Recognition Method for Underwater Acoustic Target Based on DCGAN and DenseNet
=> recognition method of machine-printed monetary amounts based on the two-dimensional segmentation and the bottom-up parsing, A
=> Recognition Method of New Address Elements in Chinese Address Matching Based on Deep Learning
=> Recognition Method of Shape Distorted Objects Using Hierarchical Feature Descriptions
=> Recognition Method of Weed Seeds Based on Computer Vision
=> Recognition Model Incorporating Geometric Relationships of Ship Components, A
=> Recognition Model of Sideslip of Surrounding Vehicles Based on Perception Information of Driverless Vehicle
=> Recognition of 2-D Objects by Optimal Matching
=> Recognition of 2D Object Contours Using the Wavelet Transform Zero-Crossing Representation
=> Recognition of 3-D Objects in Range Images Using a Butterfly Multiprocessor
=> recognition of 3-phase power quality events using optimal feature selection and random forest classifier, The
=> Recognition of 3D emotional facial expression based on handcrafted and deep feature combination
=> Recognition of 3D faces with missing parts based on profile networks
=> Recognition of 3D facial expression dynamics
=> Recognition of 3D Free-Form Objects Using Segment-Based Stereo Vision
=> Recognition of 3D free-form objects
=> Recognition of 3D Object from One Image Based on Projective and Permutative Invariants
=> Recognition of 3D Object Using Attributed Relation Graph of Silhouette's Extended Convex Hull
=> Recognition of 3D Objects Based on Implicit Polynomials
=> Recognition of 3D Objects by Learning from Correspondences in a Sequence of Unlabeled Training Images
=> Recognition of 3D Objects Using Heat Diffusion Equations and Random Forests
=> Recognition of 3D package shapes for single camera metrology
=> Recognition of 3D planar objects in canonical frames
=> Recognition of 3d Textured Objects by Mixing View-based and Model-based Representations
=> Recognition of a person's state using FG Vision Sensor
=> Recognition of a solid shape from its single perspective image obtained by a calibrated camera
=> Recognition of a solid shape from its single perspective image obtained by a calibrated camera
=> Recognition of action dynamics in fencing using multimodal cues
=> Recognition of Action Units in the Wild with Deep Nets and a New Global-Local Loss
=> Recognition of Activities of Daily Living from Egocentric Videos Using Hands Detected by a Deep Convolutional Network
=> Recognition of Advertisement Emotions With Application to Computational Advertising
=> Recognition of Affect Based on Gait Patterns
=> Recognition of Affect in the Wild Using Deep Neural Networks
=> Recognition of airborne fungi spores in digital microscopic images
=> Recognition of an Indian script using multilayer perceptrons and fuzzy features
=> Recognition of Anatomically Relevant Objects with Binary Partition Trees
=> Recognition of Anomalously Deformed Kana Sequences in Japanese Historical Documents
=> Recognition of Apparent Personality Traits from Text and Handwritten Images
=> Recognition of Arabic Characters
=> Recognition of Arabic digits using a convolutional neural network
=> Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Literal Amounts Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Recognition of Arabic License Plates using NN
=> Recognition of Arabic Sign Language Alphabet Using Polynomial Classifiers
=> Recognition of Architectural and Electrical Symbols by COSFIRE Filters with Inhibition
=> Recognition of Area without Understory Vegetation Based on the RGB-UAV Ultra-High Resolution Images in Red Soil Erosion Area
=> Recognition of arm movements
=> Recognition of arrows in line drawings based on the aggregation of geometric criteria using the Choquet integral
=> Recognition of Articulated and Occluded Objects
=> Recognition of Asymmetric Facial Action Unit Activities and Intensities
=> Recognition of attentive objects with a concept association network for image annotation
=> Recognition of Ballistic Targets by Fusing Micro-Motion Features with Networks
=> Recognition of Banana Fusarium Wilt Based on UAV Remote Sensing
=> Recognition of Bangla compound characters using structural decomposition
=> Recognition of Bangla text from scene images through perspective correction
=> Recognition of blurred faces using Local Phase Quantization
=> Recognition of Blurred Faces via Facial Deblurring Combined with Blur-Tolerant Descriptors
=> Recognition of Blurred Images by the Method of Moments
=> Recognition of books by verification and retraining
=> Recognition of box-like objects by fusing cues of shape and edges
=> Recognition of Broken Characters from Historical Printed Books Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
=> Recognition of Broken Corn Seeds Based on Contour Curvature
=> Recognition of Bronchus in Three Dimensional X-Ray CT Images with Applications to Virtualized Bronchoscopy System
=> Recognition of building group patterns in topographic maps based on graph partitioning and random forest
=> Recognition of Building Roof Facets by Merging Aerial Images and 3D Lidar Data in a Hierarchical Segmentation Framework
=> Recognition of Buildings from Aerial Images
=> Recognition of camera-captured low-quality characters using motion blur information
=> Recognition of Car License Plate by Using Dynamical Thresholding Method and Enhanced Neural Networks
=> Recognition of Car Makes and Models From a Single Traffic-Camera Image
=> Recognition of characters in cursive script
=> Recognition of Chinese artists via windowed and entropy balanced fusion in classification of their authored ink and wash paintings (IWPs)
=> Recognition of Chinese Business Cards
=> Recognition of Complex 3-D Objects from Range Data
=> Recognition of Complex Events: Exploiting Temporal Dynamics between Underlying Concepts
=> Recognition of Complex Gestures for Real-Time Emoji Assignment
=> Recognition of Complex Human Behaviors in Pool Environment Using Foreground Silhouette
=> Recognition of complex static hand gestures by using the wristband-based contour features
=> Recognition of Composite Human Activities through Context-Free Grammar Based Representation
=> Recognition of connected numeral strings using partial boundary features
=> Recognition of container code characters through gray-level feature extraction and gradient-based classifier optimization
=> Recognition of Convex Blobs
=> Recognition of courtesy amounts on bank checks based on a segmentation approach
=> Recognition of cursive Roman handwriting past, present and future
=> Recognition of cursive video text using a deep learning framework
=> Recognition of Cylindrical Objects Using Occluding Boundaries Obtained from Colour Based Segmentation
=> Recognition of degraded characters using dynamic Bayesian networks
=> Recognition of Degraded Handwritten Characters Using Local Features
=> Recognition of Deictic Gestures for Wearable Computing
=> Recognition of Deictic Gestures with Context
=> Recognition of digital curves scanned from paper drawings using genetic algorithms
=> Recognition of Digital Hyperplanes and Level Layers with Forbidden Points
=> Recognition of Digital Images of the Human Face at Ultra Low Resolution Via Illumination Spaces
=> Recognition of Digital Polyhedra with a Fixed Number of Faces Is Decidable in Dimension 3
=> Recognition of Digital Polyhedra with a Fixed Number of Faces
=> Recognition of Digits in Hydrographic Maps: Binary Versus Topographic Analysis
=> Recognition of Distorted Patterns by Invariance Kernels
=> Recognition of Distorted Patterns by Invariance Kernels
=> Recognition of distorted QR codes with one missing position detection pattern
=> Recognition Of Drainage Tunnels During Glacier Lake Outburst Events From Terrestrial Image Sequences
=> Recognition of driving postures by contourlet transform and random forests
=> Recognition of dynamic hand gestures
=> Recognition of Dynamic Video Contents With Global Probabilistic Models of Visual Motion
=> Recognition of echocardiograms by a dynamic programming matching method
=> Recognition of echocardiograms by a dynamic programming matching method
=> Recognition of electrical symbols in document images using morphology and geometric analysis
=> Recognition of emotions from video using acoustic and facial features
=> Recognition of Emotions in User-Generated Videos through Frame-Level Adaptation and Emotion Intensity Learning
=> Recognition of Emotions in User-Generated Videos With Kernelized Features
=> Recognition of English Multi-oriented Characters
=> Recognition of Essential Folding Operations: A Step for Interpreting Illustrated Books of Origami
=> Recognition of expression variant faces from one sample image per enrolled subject
=> Recognition of expression variant faces using weighted subspaces
=> Recognition of Fabric Defects Using Wavelet Texture Analysis and LVQ Neural Network, The
=> Recognition of face expressions using Local Principal Texture Pattern
=> Recognition of Facial Action Units with Action Unit Classifiers and an Association Network
=> Recognition of Facial Attributes Using Adaptive Sparse Representations of Random Patches
=> Recognition of Facial Expressions Based on Deep Conspicuous Net
=> Recognition of Facial Expressions by Cortical Multi-scale Line and Edge Coding
=> Recognition of Facial Expressions in the Presence of Occlusion
=> Recognition of Facial Expressions using Local Mean Binary Pattern
=> Recognition of facial expressions using locally weighted and adjusted order Pseudo Zernike Moments
=> Recognition of Facial Expressions Using Muscle-Based Feature Models
=> Recognition of Facial Gestures Based on Support Vector Machines
=> Recognition of Facial Images with Low-Resolution Using a Hopfield Memory Model
=> Recognition of facsimile documents using a database of robust features
=> Recognition of Farsi handwriting strokes using profile HMM
=> Recognition of feature curves on 3D shapes using an algebraic approach to Hough transforms
=> Recognition of fish species by colour and shape
=> Recognition of folding process from origami drill books
=> Recognition of Food-texture Attributes Using an In-ear Microphone
=> Recognition of Form Documents Based on Three Types of Line Segments, The
=> Recognition of Fragmented Characters Using Multiple Feature-Subset Classifiers
=> Recognition of Free-Form Objects in Complex Scenes Using DGI-BS Models
=> Recognition of free-form objects in dense range data using local features
=> Recognition of Freely Selected Keypoints on Human Limbs
=> Recognition of Generic Components Using Logic-Program Relations of Image Contours
=> Recognition of Genuine Smiles
=> Recognition of Geons by Parametric Deformable Contour Models
=> Recognition of German Literal Amounts by Means of 1-Dimensional and Pseudo 2-Dimensional HMMS
=> Recognition of Gesture Sequences in Real-Time Flow, Context of Virtual Theater
=> Recognition of gestures in Arabic sign language using neuro-fuzzy systems
=> Recognition of gestures in the context of speech
=> Recognition of Group Activities in Videos Based on Single-and Two-Person Descriptors
=> Recognition of group activities using dynamic probabilistic networks
=> Recognition of Hand-Drawn Graphs Using Digital-Geometric Techniques
=> Recognition of hand-lettered characters in the GTX 5000 drawing processor
=> Recognition of hand-printed characters based on structural description and inductive logic programming
=> Recognition of hand-printed characters based on structural description and inductive logic programming
=> Recognition of Hand-Written Archive Text Documents
=> Recognition of Hand-Written Rotated Digits by Neural Networks
=> Recognition of Hand Gesture Image Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
=> Recognition of Handprinted Characters by an Outermost Point Method
=> Recognition of Handprinted Chinese Characters by Constrained Graph Matching
=> Recognition of handprinted chinese characters via stroke relaxation
=> Recognition of Handprinted Hebrew Characters Using Features Selected in the Hough Transform Space
=> Recognition of Handprinted Numerals in Visa(R) Card Application Forms
=> Recognition of handprinted Tamil characters
=> Recognition of Handwritten Arabic (Indian) Numerals Using Freeman's Chain Codes and Abductive Network Classifiers
=> Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Words with Dropout Applied in MDLSTM
=> Recognition of Handwritten Bengali Characters: A Novel Multistage approach
=> Recognition of Handwritten Characters in Chinese Legal Amounts by Stacked Autoencoders
=> Recognition of Handwritten Characters: A Review
=> Recognition of handwritten Chinese address with writing variations
=> Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters by Combining Regularization, Fisher's Discriminant and Distorted Sample Generation
=> Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by critical region analysis
=> Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by elastic matching
=> Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters by Modified Hough Transform Techniques
=> Recognition Of Handwritten Chinese Characters By Modified Relaxation Methods
=> Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by searching the multiway heterogeneous tree
=> Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters via Short Line Segments
=> Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Text by Segmentation: A Segment-Annotation-Free Approach
=> Recognition Of Handwritten Cursive Arabic Characters
=> recognition of handwritten digit strings of unknown length using hidden Markov models, The
=> Recognition of Handwritten Digits Based on Contour Information
=> Recognition of Handwritten Digits Using Template and Model Matching
=> Recognition of handwritten foreign mail
=> Recognition of handwritten Lanna Dhamma characters using a set of optimally designed moment features
=> Recognition of handwritten layout drawings
=> Recognition of Handwritten Month Words on Bank Cheques
=> Recognition of Handwritten Musical Notes by a Modified Neocognitron
=> recognition of handwritten numeral strings using a two-stage HMM-based method, The
=> Recognition of Handwritten Numerals Using Gabor Features
=> Recognition of Handwritten Numerals with Multiple Feature and Multistage Classifier
=> Recognition of Handwritten Numerical Fields in a Large Single-Writer Historical Collection
=> Recognition of handwritten Persian/Arabic numerals by shadow coding and an edited probabilistic neural network
=> Recognition of Handwritten Phrases as Applied to Street Name Images
=> Recognition of handwritten sentences using a restricted lexicon
=> Recognition of Handwritten Symbols
=> Recognition of Handwritten Words: First and Second Order Hidden Markov Model Based Approach
=> Recognition of Handwritten Words: First and Second Order Hidden Markov Model Based Approach
=> Recognition of Head Gestures Using Hidden Markov Models
=> Recognition of heart sounds and murmurs for cardiac diagnosis
=> Recognition of High-level Group Activities Based on Activities of Individual Members
=> Recognition of Highway Workzones for Reliable Autonomous Driving
=> Recognition of historical Greek polytonic scripts using LSTM networks
=> Recognition of Household Objects by Service Robots Through Interactive and Autonomous Methods
=> Recognition of Human Actions from RGB-D Videos Using a Reject Option
=> Recognition of Human Actions using an Optimal Control Based Motor Model
=> Recognition of human actions using motion history information extracted from the compressed video
=> Recognition of human actions using texture descriptors
=> Recognition of Human Activities in Daubechies Complex Wavelet Domain
=> Recognition of Human Activities Using Space Dependent Switched Dynamical Models
=> Recognition of human activities using SVM multi-class classifier
=> Recognition of Human Activities
=> Recognition of human and animal movement using infrared video streams
=> Recognition of human behavior by space-time silhouette characterization
=> Recognition of Human Body Motion Using Phase Space Constraints
=> Recognition of Human Body Motion Using Phase Space Constraints
=> Recognition of human body posture from a cloud of 3d data points using wavelet transform coefficients
=> Recognition of Human Continuous Action with 3D CNN
=> Recognition of Human Faces: From Biological to Artificial Vision
=> Recognition of Human Facial Expressions without Feature Extraction
=> Recognition of Human Front Faces Using Knowledge-Based Feature-Extraction and Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm
=> Recognition of Human Gaits
=> Recognition of Human Gaits
=> Recognition of human gestures and behaviour based on motion trajectories
=> Recognition of Human Interaction Using Multiple Features in Grayscale Images
=> Recognition of Human Interaction Using Multiple Features in Grayscale Images
=> Recognition of human Iris for biometric identification using Daugman's method
=> Recognition of human locomotion on various transportations fusing smartphone sensors
=> Recognition of Human Movement Using Temporal Templates, The
=> Recognition of human periodic motion: A frequency domain approach
=> Recognition of human periodic movements from unstructured information using a motion-based frequency domain approach
=> Recognition of Human Pose from Images Based on Graph Spectra
=> Recognition of Humans and Their Activities Using Video
=> Recognition of Humboldt's Handwriting in Complex Surroundings
=> Recognition of image patterns generated by a stochastic object-replacement model
=> Recognition of Images Degraded by Gaussian Blur
=> Recognition of Images Degraded by Gaussian Blur
=> Recognition of Indian multi-oriented and curved text
=> Recognition of Indoor Images Employing Qualitative Model Fitting and Supporting Relation Between Objects
=> Recognition of Infants' Gaze Behaviors and Emotions
=> Recognition of Integrated Circuit Images in Reverse Engineering
=> Recognition of Intersection Traffic Regulations from Crowdsourced Data
=> Recognition of Intersections in Corridors Environments
=> Recognition of ischaemia and infection in diabetic foot ulcer: A deep convolutional neural network based approach
=> Recognition of Isolated and Simply Connected Handwritten Numerals
=> Recognition of isolated complex mono-and bi-manual 3D hand gestures
=> Recognition of isolated handwritten Farsi/Arabic alphanumeric using fractal codes
=> Recognition of Isolated Handwritten Kannada Numerals Based on Image Fusion Method
=> Recognition of Isothetic Arc Using Number Theoretic Properties
=> Recognition of Japanese Sign Language from Image Sequence Using Color Combination
=> Recognition of JPEG compressed face images based on statistical methods
=> Recognition of JSL finger spelling using convolutional neural networks
=> Recognition of Kidney Glomerulus by Dynamic Programming Matching Method
=> recognition of landed aircrafts based on PCNN model and affine moment invariants, The
=> Recognition of Landslide Triggering Mechanisms and Dynamics Using GNSS, UAV Photogrammetry and In Situ Monitoring Data
=> Recognition of large-set printed Hangul (Korean script) by two-stage backpropagation neural classifier
=> Recognition of Layout-Free Characters on Complex Background
=> Recognition of License Plate Images: Issues and Perspectives
=> Recognition of Local Features for Camera-based Sign Language Recognition System
=> Recognition of Local Symmetries in Gray Value Images by Harmonic Functions
=> Recognition of Long-Term Behaviors by Parsing Sequences of Short-Term Actions with a Stochastic Regular Grammar
=> Recognition of Low-Resolution Faces Using Multiple Still Images and Multiple Cameras
=> Recognition of Low-Resolution Logos in Vehicle Images Based on Statistical Random Sparse Distribution
=> Recognition of Lung Cancers on CT Using 3-D Object Models of Different Classes
=> Recognition of lung lobes and its application to the bronchial structure analysis
=> Recognition of lung nodules from x-ray ct images using 3d markov random field models
=> Recognition of Map Using the Geometric Relations Between Lines and the Structural Information of Objects, A
=> Recognition of Material Types Using Spectral Image
=> Recognition of Meaningful Human Actions for Video Annotation Using EEG Based User Responses
=> Recognition of Mental Workload Levels Under Complex Human-Machine Collaboration by Using Physiological Features and Adaptive Support Vector Machines
=> Recognition of merged characters based on forepart prediction, necessity-sufficiency matching, and character-adaptive masking
=> Recognition of middle age Persian characters using a set of invariant moments
=> Recognition of Motion from Temporal Texture
=> Recognition of Moving Light Displays Using Hidden Markov-Models
=> Recognition of Moving Object in High Dynamic Scene for Visual Prosthesis
=> Recognition of Multi-Agent Interaction in Video Surveillance
=> Recognition of Multi-Object Events Using Attribute Grammars
=> Recognition of Multi-oriented Touching Characters in Graphical Documents
=> Recognition of Multi-oriented, Multi-sized, and Curved Text
=> Recognition of Multiple Anxiety Levels Based on Electroencephalograph, The
=> Recognition of Multiple Characters in a Scene Image Using Arrangement of Local Features
=> Recognition of multiple configurations of objects with limited data
=> Recognition of multiple drivers' emotional state
=> Recognition of Multiple Food Items in A Single Photo for Use in A Buffet-Style Restaurant
=> Recognition of multiple objects based on global image consistency
=> Recognition of Musical Gestures in Known Pieces and in Improvisations
=> Recognition of Musical Symbols in Ancient Manuscripts
=> Recognition of Musically Similar Polyphonic Music
=> Recognition of non-negative patterns
=> Recognition of Non-pedestrian Human Forms Through Locally Weighted Descriptors
=> Recognition of Numeric Postal Codes from Multi-script Postal Address Blocks
=> Recognition of Object Classes from Range Data
=> Recognition of Object Classes from Range Data
=> Recognition of Object Contours from Stereo Images: An Edge Combination Approach
=> Recognition of objects in various situations from two dimensional images
=> Recognition of Obstacles on Structured 3D Background
=> Recognition of Occluded Objects by a Genetic Algorithm
=> Recognition of occluded objects by reducing feature interactions
=> Recognition of Occluded Objects with Heuristic Search
=> Recognition of Occluded Objects
=> Recognition of occluded polyhedra from range images
=> Recognition of Occluded Shapes Using Relaxation
=> Recognition of Occluded Shapes Using Size Functions
=> Recognition of Occluded Targets Using Stochastic Models
=> Recognition of Occlusions in CT Images Using a Curve-Based Parameterization Method
=> Recognition of occupational therapy exercises and detection of compensation mistakes for Cerebral Palsy
=> Recognition of Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Words Using HMM Toolkit (HTK)
=> Recognition of Off-Line Cursive Handwriting
=> Recognition of off-line handwritten Arabic words using hidden Markov model approach
=> Recognition of Off-Line Handwritten Devnagari Characters Using Quadratic Classifier
=> Recognition of Off-Line Handwritten Korean Characters
=> Recognition of olfactory signals based on supervised fuzzy C-means and k-NN algorithms
=> Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Commutative Diagrams
=> Recognition of on-line handwritten mathematical expressions in the E-Chalk system: An extension
=> Recognition of on-line handwritten mathematical expressions using 2D stochastic context-free grammars and hidden Markov models
=> Recognition of on-line handwritten mathematical formulas in the E-chalk system
=> Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Patterns Through Shape Metamorphosis
=> Recognition of ongoing complex activities by sequence prediction over a hierarchical label space
=> Recognition of Online Cursive Korean Characters Combining Statistical and Structural Methods
=> Recognition of Online Handwritten Math Symbols Using Deep Neural Networks
=> Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
=> Recognition of online handwritten mathematical formulas using probabilistic SVMs and stochastic context free grammars
=> Recognition of Overlapping 2-D Objects by Local Feature Construction Method
=> Recognition of Paper-Based Conceptual Models Captured Under Uncontrolled Conditions
=> Recognition of Parameterized Objects from 3D Data: A Parallel Implementation
=> Recognition of Partial Circular Shapes from Segmented Contours
=> Recognition of Partially Occluded and Deformed Binary Objects
=> Recognition of Partially Occluded and Deformed Binary Objects
=> Recognition of Partially Occluded and/or Imprecisely Localized Faces using a Probabilistic Approach
=> Recognition of Partially Occluded Objects Using B-Spline Representation
=> Recognition of Partially Occluded Objects Using Neural Network Based Indexing
=> Recognition of Partially Occluded Objects Using Perfect Hashing: An Efficient and Robust Approach
=> Recognition of partially occluded objects using probabilistic ARG-based matching
=> Recognition of partially occluded target objects
=> Recognition of partly occluded person actions in meeting scenarios
=> Recognition of Passports Using a Hybrid Intelligent System
=> Recognition of patterns in vector fields by Gaussian-hermite invariants
=> Recognition of Patterns of Health Problems and Falls in the Elderly Using Data Mining
=> Recognition of pear leaf disease under complex background based on DBPNet and modified mobilenetV2
=> Recognition of Pen-Based Music Notation: The HOMUS Dataset
=> Recognition of Persian handwritten digits using image profiles of multiple orientations
=> Recognition of perspectively distorted planar grids
=> Recognition of phonetic labels of the TIMIT speech corpus by means of an artificial neural network
=> Recognition of Plain Objects Using Local Region Matching
=> Recognition of Planar Object Classes
=> Recognition of planar objects in 3D space using a modified dynamic link architecture
=> Recognition of Planar Objects Using the Density of Affine Shape
=> Recognition of planar point configurations using the density of affine shape
=> Recognition of Planar Shapes from Perspective Images Using Contour-Based Invariants
=> Recognition Of Planar Shapes Under Affine Distortion
=> Recognition of Plane Projective Symmetry
=> Recognition of Plural Grouping Patterns in Trademarks for CBIR According to the Gestalt Psychology
=> Recognition of Pollen-Bearing Bees from Video Using Convolutional Neural Network
=> Recognition of Polyhedra by a Mechanical Theorem Proving Method
=> Recognition of polyhedral objects using triplets of projected spatial edges based on a single perspective image
=> Recognition of Polyhedrons with a Range Finder
=> Recognition of Polynomial Position and Orientation through the Finite Polynomial Discrete Radon Transform, The
=> Recognition of Pornographic Web Pages by Classifying Texts and Images
=> Recognition Of Postal Codes From Fingerspelling Video Sequence
=> Recognition of printed Amharic documents
=> Recognition of printed arabic text based on global features and decision tree learning techniques
=> Recognition of Printed Arabic Text Using Neural Networks
=> Recognition of Printed Chinese Characters by Automatic Pattern Analysis
=> Recognition of printed Devanagari text using BLSTM Neural Network
=> Recognition of Printed Mathematical Expressions Using Two-Dimensional Stochastic Context-Free Grammars
=> Recognition of Printed Telugu Characters
=> Recognition of printed Urdu script
=> Recognition of Protruding Objects in Highly Structured Surroundings by Structural Inference
=> Recognition of quantized still face images
=> Recognition of Relatively Small Handwritten Characters or Size Matters
=> Recognition of Repetitive Movement Patterns: The Case of Football Analysis
=> Recognition of repetitive sequential human activity
=> Recognition of Road Markings from In-Vehicle Camera Images by a Generative Learning Method
=> Recognition of road type for unmanned vehicle based on texture and color features
=> Recognition of Roads and Bridges in SAR Images
=> Recognition of rotated characters by Eigen-space
=> Recognition of rotated characters by inexact matching
=> Recognition of Sago Palm Trees Based on Transfer Learning
=> Recognition of Screen-Rendered Text
=> Recognition of Sedimentary Rock Occurrences in Satellite and Aerial Images of Other Worlds: Insights from Mars
=> Recognition of selected fingerprints and iris features enhanced by curvelet transform with Artificial Neural Networks
=> Recognition of Semantic Basketball Events Based on Optical Flow Patterns
=> Recognition of Severe Convective Cloud Based on the Cloud Image Prediction Sequence from FY-4A
=> Recognition of shape-changing hand gestures based on switching linear model
=> Recognition of shapes by attributed skeletal graphs
=> Recognition of Shapes by Editing Shock Graphs
=> Recognition of shapes by editing their shock graphs
=> Recognition of shapes by statistical modeling of centroidal profile
=> Recognition of Sharp, Closely Spaced Edges, The
=> Recognition of Shiny Dielectric Objects by Analyzing the Polarization of Reflected Light
=> Recognition of Sign Language Motion Images
=> Recognition of signed expressions observed by Kinect Sensor
=> Recognition of similar objects using 2-D wavelet-fractal feature extraction
=> Recognition of Simple 3D Geometrical Objects under Partial Occlusion
=> Recognition of simple and complex interacting non-orthogonal features
=> Recognition of Simple Gestures Using a PIR Sensor Array
=> Recognition of simulated cyanosis by color-vision-normal and color-vision-deficient subjects
=> Recognition of Single 3D Curved Objects Using 2D Cross-Sectional Slice Shapes
=> Recognition of Single and Overlay of Objects on a Conveyor Belt
=> Recognition of social dancing from auditory and visual information
=> Recognition of social interactions based on feature selection from visual codebooks
=> Recognition of Spatial Point Patterns
=> Recognition of Strings Using Non-stationary Markovian Models: An Application to ZIP Code Recognition
=> Recognition of strong and weak connection models in continuous sign language
=> Recognition of Surface Reflectance Properties from a Single Image under Unknown Real-World Illumination
=> Recognition of symbols in grey level line-drawings from an adaptation of the radon transform
=> Recognition of Symmetry Structure by Use of Gestalt Algebra
=> Recognition of table of contents for electronic library consulting
=> Recognition of Temporal Structures: Learning Prior and Propagating Observation Augmented Densities via Hidden Markov States
=> Recognition of Texting-While-Walking by Joint Features Based on Arm and Head Poses
=> Recognition of the Bare Soil Using Deep Machine Learning Methods to Create Maps of Arable Soil Degradation Based on the Analysis of Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data
=> Recognition of the blurred image by complex moment invariants
=> Recognition of the coronary blood vessels on angiograms using hierarchical model-based iconic search
=> Recognition of the finger vascular system using multi-wavelength imaging
=> Recognition of the gaze direction: Anchoring with the eyebrows
=> Recognition of the Human Fatigue Based on the ICAAM Algorithm
=> Recognition of the Multi Specularity Objects Using the Eigen-Window
=> Recognition of the Multi Specularity Objects Using the Eigen-Window
=> Recognition of the Point Symbols in the Scanned Topographic Maps, The
=> Recognition of the Spatial Position of Industrial 3D-Objects Using Relaxation Techniques
=> Recognition of the Typical Distress in Concrete Pavement Based on GPR and 1D-CNN
=> Recognition of Tomographic Images in the Diagnosis of Stroke
=> Recognition of Trademarks during Sport Television Broadcasts
=> Recognition of Traffic Lights in Live Video Streams on Mobile Devices
=> Recognition of traffic signs based on their colour and shape features extracted using human vision models
=> Recognition of Transitional Action for Short-Term Action Prediction using Discriminative Temporal CNN Feature
=> Recognition of Trip-Based Aggressive Driving: A System Integrated With Gaussian Mixture Model Structured of Factor-Analysis, and Hierarchical Clustering
=> Recognition of two dimensional objects based on a novel generalized Hough transform method
=> Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numeral Strings by Composite Segmentation Method
=> Recognition of unconstrained handwritten numeral strings using decision value generator
=> Recognition Of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals by Doubly Self-Organizing Neural Network
=> Recognition of unconstrained legal amounts handwritten on Chinese bank checks
=> Recognition of Unconstrained On-line Devanagari Characters
=> Recognition of underwater transient patterns
=> Recognition of unideal iris images using region-based active contour model and game theory
=> Recognition of Unstained Live Drosophila Cells in Microscope Images
=> Recognition of Urban Functions and Mixed Use Based on Residents' Movement and Topic Generation Model: The Case of Wuhan, China
=> Recognition of Urdu ligatures - a holistic approach
=> Recognition of user-dependent and independent static hand gestures: Application to sign language
=> Recognition of Vehicle License Plate Using a Genetic Algorithm Based Segmentation, A
=> Recognition of Video Text through Temporal Integration
=> Recognition of visual-related non-driving activities using a dual-camera monitoring system
=> Recognition of Visual Activities and Interactions by Stochastic Parsing
=> Recognition of visual speech elements using adaptively boosted hidden Markov models
=> Recognition of volcanoes on Venus using correlation methods
=> Recognition of volcanoes on Venus using correlation methods
=> Recognition of walking humans in 3D: Initial results
=> Recognition of Water Colour Anomaly by Using Hue Angle and Sentinel 2 Image
=> Recognition of Wheat Spike from Field Based Phenotype Platform Using Multi-Sensor Fusion and Improved Maximum Entropy Segmentation Algorithms
=> Recognition of Words from Legal Amounts of Indian Bank Cheques
=> Recognition of writers by handwriting images
=> Recognition Robotics,Inc.
=> Recognition Strategies in Machine Vision Applications
=> Recognition Strategy Generation for Pose Estimation of Multiple 3-Dimensional Objects
=> Recognition Strategy Language, The
=> Recognition system for automatic diagnosis of knee ligaments
=> recognition system for handwritten Kannada and English characters, A
=> Recognition System for Home-Service-Related Sign Language Using Entropy-Based K -Means Algorithm and ABC-Based HMM
=> Recognition system for run-on handwritten characters
=> Recognition System Of Human Activities Based On Time-Frequency Features Of Accelerometer Data
=> Recognition system, particularly for recognising people
=> Recognition technique for character cube stacking robot
=> Recognition through constructing the Eigenface classifiers using conjugation indices
=> Recognition under transformation using ordering property of superpositions
=> Recognition Unit for Optical Character Reading System
=> Recognition Using Hybrid Classifiers
=> Recognition Using Labelled Objects
=> Recognition Using Motion and Shape
=> Recognition Using Multiband Filtered Energy Matrices
=> Recognition using Rapid Classification Tree
=> Recognition Using Region Correspondences
=> Recognition Using Region Correspondences
=> Recognition using regions
=> Recognition Using Specular Highlights
=> Recognition using visual phrases
=> Recognition via Consensus of Local Moments of Brightness and Orientation
=> Recognition with local features: the kernel recipe
=> Recognition with Second-Order Topographic Surface Features
=> Recognition without Correspondence using Multidimensional Receptive Field Histograms
=> Recognition without Correspondence using Multidimensional Receptive Field Histograms
=> Recognition, Pose and Tracking of Modelled Polyhedral Objects by Multi-Ocular Vision
=> Recognition, Resolution, and Complexity of Objects Subject to Affine Transformations
=> Recognition, Tracking, and Reconstruction of Human Motion
=> Recognition, Understanding and Aestheticization of Freehand Drawing Flowcharts
=> Recognitionwith raw canonical phonetic movement and handshape subunits on videos of continuous Sign Language
=> Recogniton of Character Strings from Color Urban Map Images on the Basis of Validation Mechanism
=> Recognizability assessment of facial images for automated teller machine applications
=> Recognizability Embedding Enhancement for Very Low-Resolution Face Recognition and Quality Estimation
=> Recognizability of iso-picture languages by Wang systems
=> Recognizability of Polyhexes by Tiling and Wang Systems
=> Recognizable-Image Selection for Fingerprint Recognition With a Mobile-Device Camera
=> Recognizable units in Pashto language for OCR
=> Recognize Actions by Disentangling Components of Dynamics
=> Recognize Color Face Images Using Complex Eigenfaces
=> Recognize complex events from static images by fusing deep channels
=> Recognize High Resolution Faces: From Macrocosm to Microcosm
=> Recognize Human Activities from Partially Observed Videos
=> Recognize Multi-people Interaction Activity by PCA-HMMs
=> Recognize objects with three kinds of information in landmarks
=> Recognize the Similarity Between Shapes Under Affine Transformation
=> Recognizing 2-tone images in grey-level parametric eigenspaces
=> Recognizing 2D Objects by a Multi-Resolution Approach
=> Recognizing 3-colorings cycle-patterns on graphs
=> Recognizing 3-D Objects by Using a Hopfield-Style Optimization Algorithm for Matching Patch Based Descriptions
=> Recognizing 3-D objects in needle maps
=> Recognizing 3-D Objects Using 2-D Images
=> Recognizing 3-D Objects Using Surface Descriptions
=> Recognizing 3-D Objects Using Surface Descriptions
=> Recognizing 3-D objects with linear support vector machines
=> Recognizing 3D Objects by Generating Random Actions
=> Recognizing 3D Objects from 2D Images: An Error Analysis
=> Recognizing 3D Objects from 2D Images: An Error Analysis
=> Recognizing 3D objects in cluttered scenes using projection images
=> Recognizing 3D Objects Using Photometric Invariant
=> Recognizing 3D Objects Using Photometric Invariant
=> Recognizing 3D Objects using Ray-Triangle Intersection Distances
=> Recognizing 3D Objects Using Tactile Sensing and Curve Invariants
=> Recognizing 3D Objects Using Tactile Sensing and Curve Invariants
=> Recognizing 3D Objects Using Tactile Sensing and Curve Invariants
=> Recognizing 3D Objects with 3D Information from Stereo Vision
=> Recognizing 50 human action categories of web videos
=> Recognizing 50 human action categories of web videos
=> Recognizing a facial image from a police sketch
=> Recognizing Abruptly Changing Facial Expressions from Time-Sequential Face Images
=> Recognizing action at a distance
=> Recognizing action events from multiple viewpoints
=> Recognizing Action Primitives in Complex Actions Using Hidden Markov Models
=> Recognizing Action Units for Facial Expression Analysis
=> Recognizing Action Units for Facial Expression Analysis
=> Recognizing Actions across Cameras by Exploring the Correlated Subspace
=> Recognizing Actions by Shape-motion Prototype Trees
=> Recognizing Actions from Depth Cameras as Weakly Aligned Multi-part Bag-of-Poses
=> Recognizing actions from still images
=> Recognizing actions in images by fusing multiple body structure cues
=> Recognizing Actions in Videos from Unseen Viewpoints
=> Recognizing Actions Through Action-Specific Person Detection
=> Recognizing actions via sparse coding on structure projection
=> Recognizing activities in multiple views with fusion of frame judgments
=> Recognizing Activities of Daily Living from Egocentric Images
=> Recognizing Activities of Daily Living with a Wrist-Mounted Camera
=> Recognizing Activities via Bag of Words for Attribute Dynamics
=> Recognizing activities with cluster-trees of tracklets
=> Recognizing Activities with Multiple Cues
=> Recognizing Affect from Linguistic Information in 3D Continuous Space
=> Recognizing affect in human touch of a robot
=> Recognizing Algebraic Surfaces from Their Outlines
=> Recognizing Algebraic Surfaces from Their Outlines
=> Recognizing American Sign Language Gestures from Within Continuous Videos
=> Recognizing American Sign Language Nonmanual Signal Grammar Errors in Continuous Videos
=> Recognizing an Action Using Its Name: A Knowledge-Based Approach
=> Recognizing Ancient Coins Based on Local Features
=> Recognizing and Analyzing Private Car Commuters Using Big Data of Electronic Registration Identification of Vehicles
=> Recognizing and Localizing Individual Activities through Graph Matching
=> Recognizing and Locating Polyhedral Objects from Sparse Range Data
=> Recognizing and Presenting the Storytelling Video Structure With Deep Multimodal Networks
=> Recognizing and tracking clasping and occluded hands
=> Recognizing and Tracking High-Level, Human-Meaningful Navigation Features of Occupancy Grid Maps
=> Recognizing and Tracking Human Action
=> Recognizing Animals Using Motion Parts
=> Recognizing apple leaf diseases using a novel parallel real-time processing framework based on MASK RCNN and transfer learning: An application for smart agriculture
=> Recognizing arbitrarily connected and superimposed handwritten numerals in intangible writing interfaces
=> Recognizing articulated objects in SAR images
=> Recognizing Articulated Objects Using a Region-Based Invariant Transform
=> Recognizing Articulated Objects Using Invariance
=> Recognizing articulated objects with information theoretic methods
=> Recognizing Assembly Tasks using Face-Contact Relations
=> Recognizing Bengali Word Images - A Zero-Shot Learning Perspective
=> Recognizing blurred, nonfrontal, illumination, and expression variant partially occluded faces
=> Recognizing body poses using multilinear analysis and semi-supervised learning
=> Recognizing Brain States Using Deep Sparse Recurrent Neural Network
=> Recognizing Building Group Patterns in Topographic Maps by Integrating Building Functional and Geometric Information
=> Recognizing Car Fluents from Video
=> Recognizing Cartoon Image Gestures for Retrieval and Interactive Cartoon Clip Synthesis
=> Recognizing Characters in Scene Images
=> Recognizing Characters with Severe Perspective Distortion Using Hash Tables and Perspective Invariants
=> Recognizing chinese characters through interactive activation and competition
=> Recognizing Chinese Texts with 3D Convolutional Neural Network
=> Recognizing Chromospheric Objects via Markov Chain Monte Carlo
=> Recognizing City Identity via Attribute Analysis of Geo-tagged Images
=> Recognizing Color Patterns Irrespective of Viewpoint and Illumination
=> Recognizing Complex Events in Videos by Learning Key Static-Dynamic Evidences
=> Recognizing Complex Events Using Large Margin Joint Low-Level Event Model
=> Recognizing Complex Events Using Large Margin Joint Low-Level Event Model
=> Recognizing complex instrumental activities of daily living using scene information and fuzzy logic
=> Recognizing Components of Handwritten Chinese Characters by Attributed Relational Graphs with Stable Features
=> Recognizing Compressed Videos: Challenges and Promises
=> Recognizing conic shape: a nonlinear iterative approach
=> Recognizing Context for Privacy Preserving of First Person Vision Image Sequences
=> Recognizing Continuous Grammatical Marker Facial Gestures in Sign Language Video
=> Recognizing Conversational Expressions Using Latent Dynamic Conditional Random Fields
=> Recognizing Conversational Interaction Based on 3D Human Pose
=> Recognizing Corners by Fitting Parametric Models
=> Recognizing cultural events in images: A study of image categorization models
=> Recognizing Daily Activities from First-Person Videos with Multi-task Clustering
=> Recognizing Daily Activities in Realistic Environments Through Depth-Based User Tracking and Hidden Conditional Random Fields for MCI/AD Support
=> Recognizing Dance Motions with Segmental SVD
=> Recognizing Degree of Continuous Facial Expression Change
=> Recognizing Distractions for Assistive Driving by Tracking Body Parts
=> Recognizing Emotions Based on Human Actions in Videos
=> Recognizing Emotions from Abstract Paintings Using Non-Linear Matrix Completion
=> Recognizing Emotions From an Ensemble of Features
=> Recognizing Emotions Induced by Affective Sounds through Heart Rate Variability
=> Recognizing emphysema: A neural network approach
=> Recognizing Eruptions of Mount Etna through Machine Learning using Multiperspective Infrared Images
=> Recognizing expression variant faces from a single sample image per class
=> Recognizing Expressions by Direct Estimation of the Parameters of a Pixel Morphable Model
=> Recognizing expressions from face and body gesture by temporal normalized motion and appearance features
=> Recognizing expressions from face and body gesture by temporal normalized motion and appearance features
=> Recognizing Expressions in a New Database Containing Played and Natural Expressions
=> Recognizing eyebrow and periodic head gestures using CRFs for non-manual grammatical marker detection in ASL
=> Recognizing Face or Object from a Single Image: Linear vs. Kernel Methods on 2D Patterns
=> Recognizing face profiles in the presence of hairs/glasses interferences
=> Recognizing face sketches by a large number of human subjects: A perception-based study for facial distinctiveness
=> Recognizing faces by weakly orthogonalizing against perturbations
=> Recognizing Faces In 3D Images Even In Presence Of Occlusions
=> Recognizing faces like humans: A new approach to facial identification makes automated surveillance easier
=> Recognizing Faces of Moving People by Hierarchical Image-Set Matching
=> Recognizing faces using Adaptively Weighted Sub-Gabor Array from a single sample image per enrolled subject
=> Recognizing faces with expressions: Within-class space and between-class space
=> Recognizing faces with normalized local Gabor features and Spiking Neuron Patterns
=> Recognizing faces with PCA and ICA
=> Recognizing facial action units using independent component analysis and support vector machine
=> Recognizing Facial Actions by Combining Geometric Features and Regional Appearance Patterns
=> Recognizing facial actions using gabor wavelets with neutral face average difference
=> Recognizing Facial Expression Using Particle Filter Based Feature Points Tracker
=> Recognizing Facial Expression: Machine Learning and Application to Spontaneous Behavior
=> Recognizing facial expressions at low resolution
=> Recognizing Facial Expressions by Spatio-Temporal Analysis
=> Recognizing Facial Expressions by Tracking Feature Shapes
=> Recognizing facial expressions from 3D video: Current results and future prospects
=> Recognizing Facial Expressions in Image Sequences Using Local Parameterized Models of Image Motion
=> Recognizing Facial Expressions in Image Sequences Using Local Parameterized Models of Image Motion
=> Recognizing Facial Expressions in Videos Using a Facial Action Analysis-Synthesis Scheme
=> Recognizing Facial Expressions with PCA and ICA onto Dimension of the Emotion
=> Recognizing Fall Actions from Videos Using Reconstruction Error of Variational Autoencoder
=> Recognizing Families In the Wild (RFIW): The 4th Edition
=> Recognizing Families through Images with Pretrained Encoder
=> Recognizing Fine-Grained and Composite Activities Using Hand-Centric Features and Script Data
=> Recognizing Fine Facial Micro-Expressions Using Two-Dimensional Landmark Feature
=> Recognizing Fish Species Captured Live on Wild Sea Surface in Videos by Deep Metric Learning with a Temporal Constraint
=> Recognizing Focal Liver Lesions in CEUS With Dynamically Trained Latent Structured Models
=> Recognizing Freeform Digital Ink Annotations
=> Recognizing frontal face images using hidden markov models with one training image per person
=> Recognizing Functionality
=> Recognizing Future Hot Topics and Hard Problems In Biometrics Research
=> Recognizing Gaits Across Views Through Correlated Motion Co-Clustering
=> Recognizing Geons from Superquadrics Fitted to Range Data
=> Recognizing Gestures by Learning Local Motion Signatures of HOG Descriptors
=> Recognizing Gestures for Virtual and Real World Interaction
=> Recognizing Gestures from Videos using a Network with Two-branch Structure and Additional Motion Cues
=> Recognizing Groceries in situ Using in vitro Training Data
=> Recognizing Groups of Curves Based on New Affine Mutual Geometric Invariants, with Applications to Recognizing Intersecting Roads in Aerial Images
=> Recognizing hand-object interactions in wearable camera videos
=> Recognizing Hand-Printed Digits with a Distance Quasi-Metric
=> Recognizing Hand-Raising Gestures using HMM
=> Recognizing hand gesture using fourier descriptors
=> Recognizing hand gestures using dynamic Bayesian network
=> Recognizing Hand Gestures Using Motion Trajectories
=> Recognizing hand gestures using the weighted elastic graph matching (WEGM) method
=> Recognizing Hand Gestures
=> Recognizing handwritten Arabic words using grapheme segmentation and recurrent neural networks
=> Recognizing Handwritten Digits Using Hierarchical Products of Experts
=> Recognizing handwritten mathematical expressions via paired dual loss attention network and printed mathematical expressions
=> Recognizing Hierarchical Watersheds
=> Recognizing High-level Audio-visual Concepts Using Context
=> Recognizing human-human interaction activities using visual and textual information
=> Recognizing Human-Object Interactions in Still Images by Modeling the Mutual Context of Objects and Human Poses
=> Recognizing Human-Object Interactions Using Sparse Subspace Clustering
=> Recognizing human-vehicle interactions from aerial video without training
=> Recognizing Human Action at a Distance in Video by Key Poses
=> Recognizing human action efforts: An adaptive three-mode PCA framework
=> Recognizing human action from a far field of view
=> Recognizing human action in time-sequential images using hidden Markov model
=> Recognizing Human Actions as the Evolution of Pose Estimation Maps
=> Recognizing human actions based on silhouette energy image and global motion description
=> Recognizing human actions based on Sparse Coding with Non-negative and Locality constraints
=> Recognizing human actions by attributes
=> Recognizing human actions by fusing spatio-temporal appearance and motion descriptors
=> Recognizing Human Actions by Learning and Matching Shape-Motion Prototype Trees
=> Recognizing Human Actions by Using Spatio-temporal Motion Descriptors
=> Recognizing human actions from still images with latent poses
=> Recognizing Human Actions in a Static Room
=> Recognizing human actions in still images: A study of bag-of-features and part-based representations
=> Recognizing Human Actions in Videos Acquired by Uncalibrated Moving Cameras
=> Recognizing human actions using curvature estimation and NWFE-based histogram vectors
=> Recognizing Human Actions Using Key Poses
=> Recognizing human actions using multiple features
=> Recognizing Human Actions Using Silhouette-based HMM
=> Recognizing human actions
=> Recognizing human actions: a local SVM approach
=> Recognizing human actions: a local SVM approach
=> Recognizing Human Activities from Silhouettes: Motion Subspace and Factorial Discriminative Graphical Model
=> Recognizing human activities
=> Recognizing human behavior using universal eigenspace
=> Recognizing Human Emotional State Based on the 2D-FrFT and FLDA
=> Recognizing Human Emotional State From Audiovisual Signals
=> Recognizing Human Emotional State From Audiovisual Signals*
=> Recognizing Human Facial Expressions from Long Image Sequences Using Optical-Flow
=> Recognizing Human Facial Expressions in a Potential Field
=> Recognizing Human Facial Expressions
=> Recognizing human group activities with localized causalities
=> Recognizing Human Iris by Modified Empirical Mode Decomposition
=> Recognizing Human Motion using Parameterized Models of Optical Flow
=> Recognizing human motions from surrounding viewpoints employing hierarchical eigenspaces
=> Recognizing human motions through mixture modeling of inertial data
=> Recognizing image style and activities in video using local features and naive Bayes
=> Recognizing Image Style
=> Recognizing Imprecisely Localized, Partially Occluded, and Expression Variant Faces from a Single Sample per Class
=> Recognizing in the depth: Selective 3D Spatial Pyramid Matching Kernel for object and scene categorization
=> Recognizing Individual Typing Patterns
=> Recognizing Indoor Scenes
=> Recognizing indoor scenes
=> Recognizing Induced Emotions of Movie Audiences from Multimodal Information
=> Recognizing Interaction Activities using Dynamic Bayesian Network
=> Recognizing interactions between human performers by Dominating Pose Doublet
=> Recognizing Interactions Between People from Video Sequences
=> Recognizing Interactive Group Activities Using Temporal Interaction Matrices and Their Riemannian Statistics
=> Recognizing irregular entities in biomedical text via deep neural networks
=> Recognizing jumbled images: The role of local and global information in image classification
=> Recognizing jump patterns with physics-based validation in human moving trajectory
=> Recognizing Large 3-D Objects through Next View Planning using an Uncalibrated Camera
=> Recognizing large isolated 3-D objects through next view planning using inner camera invariants
=> Recognizing Linear Building Patterns in Topographic Data by Using Two New Indices based on Delaunay Triangulation
=> Recognizing linked events: Searching the space of feasible explanations
=> Recognizing live fish species by hierarchical partial classification based on the exponential benefit
=> Recognizing locations with Google Glass: A case study
=> Recognizing Lower Face Action Units in Facial Expression
=> Recognizing machines with parametric and nonparametric learning methods using contextual information
=> Recognizing manipulation actions in arts and crafts shows using domain-specific visual and textual cues
=> Recognizing marbling in dry-cured Iberian ham by multiscale analysis
=> Recognizing marbling in dry-cured Iberian ham by multiscale analysis
=> Recognizing Material of a Covered Object: A Case Study With Graffiti
=> Recognizing Material Properties from Images
=> Recognizing Materials from Virtual Examples
=> Recognizing Materials Using Perceptually Inspired Features
=> Recognizing Mathematical Expressions Using Tree Transformation
=> Recognizing mice, vegetables and hand printed characters based on implicit polynomials, invariants and Bayesian methods
=> Recognizing Micro-Actions and Reactions from Paired Egocentric Videos
=> Recognizing micro actions in videos by learning multi-layer local features
=> Recognizing Moving Objects From Orthographic Views
=> Recognizing Multiple Billboard Advertisements in Videos
=> Recognizing multiple human activities and tracking full-body pose in unconstrained environments
=> Recognizing Multiple Objects via Regression Incorporating the Co-occurrence of Categories
=> Recognizing multiple observations using adaptive graph based label propagation
=> Recognizing Multiple Overlapping Objects in Image: A Optimal Formulation
=> Recognizing Multiple Persons' Facial Expressions Using HMM Based on Automatic Extraction of Significant Frames from Image Sequences
=> Recognizing Multiple Text Sequences from an Image by Pure End-to-End Learning
=> Recognizing Natural Scene Characters by Convolutional Neural Network and Bimodal Image Enhancement
=> Recognizing Network Trip Patterns Using a Spatio-Temporal Vehicle Trajectory Clustering Algorithm
=> Recognizing Night Walkers Based on One Pseudoshape Representation of Gait
=> Recognizing Novel 3-D Objects Under New Illumination and Viewing Position Using a Small Number of Examples
=> Recognizing Object by Components with Human Prior Knowledge Enhances Adversarial Robustness of Deep Neural Networks
=> Recognizing Object Function Through Reasoning About 3-D Shape and Dynamic Physical Properties
=> Recognizing object manipulation activities using depth and visual cues
=> Recognizing Objects and Scenes in News Videos
=> Recognizing Objects by Matching Oriented Points
=> Recognizing objects by piecing together the Segmentation Puzzle
=> Recognizing Objects by Rules of Inference on Sequentially Thresholded Gray-Level Pictures
=> Recognizing Objects From Any View With Object and Viewer-Centered Representations
=> Recognizing Objects From Curvilinear Motion
=> Recognizing Objects in Adversarial Clutter: Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA
=> Recognizing Objects in Cluttered Images Using Subgraph Isomorphism
=> Recognizing Objects in Range Data Using Regional Point Descriptors
=> Recognizing Objects in Smart Homes Based on Human Interaction
=> Recognizing objects on cluttered backgrounds
=> Recognizing Objects on the Ground-Plane
=> Recognizing Objects Using Scale Space Local Invariants
=> Recognizing occluded faces by exploiting psychophysically inspired similarity maps
=> Recognizing Off-Line Cursive Handwriting
=> Recognizing offensive strategies from football videos
=> Recognizing offensive tactics in broadcast basketball videos via key player detection
=> Recognizing on-line handwritten alphanumeric characters through flexible structural matching
=> Recognizing On-Line Handwritten Chinese Character via FARG Matching
=> Recognizing One Million Celebrities in the Real World
=> Recognizing online handwritten Chinese characters using RNNs with new computing architectures
=> Recognizing Parameterized Objects Using 3D Edges
=> Recognizing Part Attributes With Insufficient Data
=> Recognizing partial facial action units based on 3D dynamic range data for facial expression recognition
=> Recognizing Partially Occluded Faces from a Single Sample Per Class Using String-Based Matching
=> Recognizing Patterns of Dynamic Behaviors Based on Multiple Relations in Soccer Robotics Domain
=> Recognizing Patterns: Are there Processes that Precede Feature Analysis?
=> Recognizing People's Faces: from Human to Machine Vision
=> Recognizing People and Their Activities in Surveillance Video: Technology State of Readiness and Roadmap
=> Recognizing people by face and body in Photo Collections
=> Recognizing People by Their Gait: The Shape of Motion
=> Recognizing People by Their Gait: The Shape of Motion
=> Recognizing People by Their Personal Aesthetics: A Statistical Multi-level Approach
=> Recognizing People in Blind Spots Based on Surrounding Behavior
=> Recognizing Perceived Emotions from Facial Expressions
=> Recognizing Personal Contexts from Egocentric Images
=> Recognizing Personal Locations From Egocentric Videos
=> Recognizing perspective scene text with context feature
=> Recognizing picture-taking environment from satellite images: A feasibility study
=> Recognizing planar curves using curvature-tuned smoothing
=> Recognizing Planar Objects Using Invariant Image Features
=> Recognizing Planar Symbols with Severe Perspective Deformation
=> Recognizing Plankton Images From the Shadow Image Particle Profiling Evaluation Recorder
=> Recognizing Plankton Images From the Shadow Image Particle Profiling Evaluation Recorder
=> Recognizing Planned, Multiperson Action
=> Recognizing Plant Species by Leaf Shapes: A Case Study of the Acer Family
=> Recognizing plants using stochastic L-systems
=> Recognizing Point Clouds Using Conditional Random Fields
=> Recognizing polyhedral objects from a single perspective view
=> Recognizing polyhedral objects from a single perspective view
=> Recognizing Predictive Substructures With Subgraph Information Bottleneck
=> Recognizing primitive interactions by exploring actor-object states
=> Recognizing Products: A Per-exemplar Multi-Label Image Classification Approach
=> Recognizing Profile Faces by Imagining Frontal View
=> Recognizing proxemics in personal photos
=> Recognizing realistic actions from videos in the wild
=> Recognizing RGB Images by Learning from RGB-D Data
=> Recognizing Rigid Patterns of Unlabeled Point Clouds by Complete and Continuous Isometry Invariants with no False Negatives and no False Positives
=> Recognizing Rotated Faces from Two Orthogonal Views in Mugshot Databases
=> Recognizing Rotationally Symmetric Surfaces from Their Outlines
=> Recognizing S-Star Polygons
=> Recognizing Scene Categories of Historical Postcards
=> Recognizing scene viewpoint using panoramic place representation
=> Recognizing semantic correlation in image-text Weibo via feature space mapping
=> Recognizing Shapes in Planar Binary Images
=> Recognizing Shapes in Video Sequences Using Multi-class Boosting
=> Recognizing Sign Language from Brain Imaging
=> Recognizing Similarity Through a Constrained Non-Rigid Transform
=> Recognizing Slanted Deck Scenes by Non-Manhattan Spatial Right Angle Projection
=> Recognizing Social Relationships in Long Videos via Multimodal Character Interaction
=> Recognizing Solid Objects by Alignment with an Image
=> Recognizing Song-Based Blink Patterns: Applications for Restricted and Universal Access
=> Recognizing sources of random strings
=> Recognizing specific texture patterns by integration of multiple texture methods
=> Recognizing Street Lighting Poles From Mobile LiDAR Data
=> Recognizing Stress Using Semantics and Modulation of Speech and Gestures
=> Recognizing surface qualities from natural images based on learning to rank
=> Recognizing surfaces from 3D curves
=> Recognizing Surfaces using Three-Dimensional Textons
=> Recognizing tactic patterns in broadcast basketball video using player trajectory
=> Recognizing talking faces from acoustic Doppler reflections
=> Recognizing Temporal Trajectories Using the CONDENSATION Algorithm
=> Recognizing Text-Based Traffic Guide Panels with Cascaded Localization Network
=> Recognizing Text-Based Traffic Signs
=> Recognizing Text Elements for SVG Comic Compression and Its Novel Applications
=> Recognizing text in historical maps using maps from multiple time periods
=> Recognizing text in raster maps
=> Recognizing Text with a CNN
=> Recognizing Text with Perspective Distortion in Natural Scenes
=> Recognizing the Design Patterns of Complex Vaults: Drawing, Survey and Modeling. Experiments on Palazzo Mazzonis' Atrium in Turin
=> Recognizing the Emotions Evoked by Artworks Through Visual Features and Knowledge Graph-Embeddings
=> Recognizing Three-Dimensional Objects without the Use of Models
=> Recognizing Three Dimensional Objects by Comparing Two-Dimensional Images
=> Recognizing Tiny Faces
=> Recognizing unseen actions in a domain-adapted embedding space
=> Recognizing Upper Face Action Units for Facial Expression Analysis
=> Recognizing User's Context from Wearable Sensors: Baseline System
=> Recognizing users feedback from non-verbal communicative acts in conversational recommender systems
=> Recognizing vehicle classification information from blade sensor signature
=> Recognizing vehicles in infrared images using IMAP parallel vision board
=> Recognizing Very Small Face Images Using Convolution Neural Networks
=> Recognizing Visual Categories with Symbol-Relational Grammars and Bayesian Networks
=> Recognizing Visual Focus of Attention From Head Pose in Natural Meetings
=> Recognizing Visual Signatures of Spontaneous Head Gestures
=> Recognizing Volumetric Objects in the Presence of Uncertainty
=> Recognizing Walking People
=> Recognizing Words from Gestures: Discovering Gesture Descriptors Associated with Spoken Utterances
=> Recognizing Zucchinis Intercropped with Sunflowers in UAV Visible Images Using an Improved Method Based on OCRNet
=> Recognizing, Fast and Slow: Complex Emotion Recognition With Facial Expression Detection and Remote Physiological Measurement
=> Recoloring Algorithms for Colorblind People: A Survey
=> Recoloring Image For Color Vision Deficiency By GANS
=> Recombinant adeno-associated virus targets passenger gene expression to cones in primate retina
=> Recombination of 2D and 3D Images for Multimodal 2D + 3D Face Recognition
=> Recombinator Networks: Learning Coarse-to-Fine Feature Aggregation
=> Recombining Vision Transformer Architecture for Fine-grained Visual Categorization
=> Recommendation Approach in Social Learning Based on K-Means Clustering, A
=> Recommendation based on Prominent Items
=> Recommendation for Ridesharing Groups Through Destination Prediction on Trajectory Data
=> Recommendation of Heterogeneous Cultural Heritage Objects for the Promotion of Tourism
=> Recommendation of move method refactorings using coupling, cohesion and contextual similarity
=> Recommendation of Process Discovery Algorithms Through Event Log Classification
=> Recommendation System Regarding Meeting Places for Groups during Events, A
=> Recommendations for HCHO and SO2 Retrieval Settings from MAX-DOAS Observations under Different Meteorological Conditions
=> Recommendations for recognizing video events by concept vocabularies
=> Recommendations in location-based social networks: a survey
=> Recommendations Supporting Situation Awareness in Partially Automated Driver Assistance Systems
=> Recommended keypoint-aware tracker: Adaptive real-time visual tracking using consensus feature prior ranking
=> Recommender system algorithms: A comparative analysis based on monotonicity
=> Recommender System for Digital Storytelling: A Novel Approach to Enhance Cultural Heritage
=> Recommender System for Sport Videos Based on User Audiovisual Consumption
=> Recommender Systems Leveraging Multimedia Content
=> Recommending-and-Grabbing: A Crowdsourcing-Based Order Allocation Pattern for On-Demand Food Delivery
=> Recommending Multimedia Objects in Cultural Heritage Applications
=> Recommending Outfits from Personal Closet
=> Recommending Outfits from Personal Closet
=> Recompression effects in iris recognition
=> Recompression of JPEG Crypto-Compressed Images Without a Key
=> Recompression of JPEG images by requantization
=> Recomputation and Updating of MOLA Geolocation
=> Recomputation of the Dense Layers for Performance Improvement of DCNN
=> RECON: Scale-adaptive robust estimation via Residual Consensus
=> Reconcile Prediction Consistency for Balanced Object Detection
=> Reconciling Flagging Strategies for Multi-Sensor Satellite Soil Moisture Climate Data Records
=> Reconciling Hand-Crafted and Self-Supervised Deep Priors for Video Directional Rain Streaks Removal
=> Reconciling Image Captioning and User's Comments for Urban Tourism
=> Reconciling Landmarks and Level Sets
=> Reconciling Object-Level and Global-Level Objectives for Long-Tail Detection
=> Reconciling Object-Level and Global-Level Objectives for Long-Tail Detection
=> ReCoNet: Real-Time Coherent Video Style Transfer Network
=> ReCoNet: Recurrent Correction Network for Fast and Efficient Multi-modality Image Fusion
=> ReconfigISP: Reconfigurable Camera Image Processing Pipeline
=> reconfigurable and hierarchical parallel processing architecture: performance results for stereo vision, A
=> Reconfigurable apparatus and method for inspection during a manufacturing process
=> reconfigurable architecture for autonomous visual-navigation, A
=> Reconfigurable Architecture for Discrete Cosine Transform in Video Coding, A
=> Reconfigurable Architecture for Neural Approximation in Multimedia Computing
=> Reconfigurable architectures and processors for real-time video motion estimation
=> Reconfigurable computing for imaging systems
=> Reconfigurable computing systems
=> Reconfigurable computing: design methodology and hardware tasks scheduling for real-time image processing
=> Reconfigurable Convolution-in-Pixel CMOS Image Sensor Architecture, A
=> Reconfigurable cyber-physical system for critical infrastructure protection in smart cities via smart video-surveillance
=> Reconfigurable data flow engine for HEVC motion estimation
=> Reconfigurable Embedded System for 1000 f/s Real-Time Vision, A
=> reconfigurable embedded vision system for advanced driver assistance, A
=> Reconfigurable FPGA Implementation of the AVC Quantiser and De-quantiser Blocks
=> Reconfigurable Hardware for Real Time Image Processing
=> Reconfigurable hardware implementation of a phase-correlation stereo algorithm
=> Reconfigurable hardware implementation of a phase-correlation stereo algorithm
=> Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Multimedia Processor for IC-Stacking on Si-Interposer, A
=> Reconfigurable High Speed Architecture Design for Discrete Hilbert Transform, A
=> Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Assisted Radar Deception Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
=> Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Aided Sparse DOA Estimation Method With Non-ULA
=> Reconfigurable media coding: An overview
=> Reconfigurable models for scene recognition
=> Reconfigurable omnidirectional camera array calibration with a linear moving object
=> Reconfigurable Pedestrian Detection System Using Deep Learning for Video Surveillance
=> Reconfigurable Peer-to-Peer network Image Retrieval
=> Reconfigurable Platform for Magnetic Resonance Data Acquisition and Processing, A
=> Reconfigurable Platform for MPEG-4 Encoder Based on SOPC, A
=> Reconfigurable processing for satellite on-board automatic cloud cover assessment
=> Reconfigurable Processor for Binary Image Processing
=> Reconfigurable Radiation Pattern Antenna with eight Switchable Beams in Azimuth Plane for WLAN Wireless System
=> Reconfigurable self-embedding with high quality restoration under extensive tampering
=> Reconfigurable Streaming Architectures for Embedded Smart Cameras
=> Reconfigurable Tangram Model for Scene Representation and Categorization, A
=> Reconfigurable templates for robust vehicle detection and classification
=> Reconfigurable Transmission Scheme for Lossy Image Transmission over Congested Wireless Sensor Networks, A
=> Reconfigurable video coding framework and decoder reconfiguration instantiation of AVS
=> Reconfigurable Video Coding Standard, The
=> Reconfigurable video coding: Objectives and technologies
=> reconfiguration system for video decoder, A
=> Reconfiguring the Imaging Pipeline for Computer Vision
=> ReconFormer: Accelerated MRI Reconstruction Using Recurrent Transformer
=> ReconFormer: Accelerated MRI Reconstruction Using Recurrent Transformer
=> Reconnaissance en-Ligne de Caractères Arabes Manuscrits par un Réseau de Kohonen
=> Reconnaissance with Slant Plane Circular SAR Imaging
=> Reconnecting Broken Ridges in Fingerprint Images
=> ReconNet: Non-Iterative Reconstruction of Images from Compressively Sensed Measurements
=> Reconsidering CO2 emissions from Computer Vision
=> Reconsidering Representation Alignment for Multi-view Clustering
=> Reconsidering Tourism Destination Images by Exploring Similarities between Travelogue Texts and Photographs
=> Reconstruct and Represent Video Contents for Captioning via Reinforcement Learning
=> Reconstruct as Far as You Can: Consensus of Non-Rigid Reconstruction from Feasible Regions
=> Reconstruct Dynamic Soft-Tissue With Stereo Endoscope Based on a Single-Layer Network
=> Reconstruct from Top View: A 3D Lane Detection Approach based on Geometry Structure Prior
=> Reconstruct Locally, Localize Globally: A Model Free Method for Object Pose Estimation
=> Reconstruct street network from imprecise excavation data using fuzzy Hough transforms
=> Reconstruct, Rasterize and Backprop: Dense shape and pose estimation from a single image
=> Reconstructed 3-D Ocean Temperature Derived from Remotely Sensed Sea Surface Measurements for Mixed Layer Depth Analysis
=> Reconstructed Convolution Module Based Look-Up Tables for Efficient Image Super-Resolution
=> Reconstructed Convolution Module Based Look-Up Tables for Efficient Image Super-Resolution
=> Reconstructed Densenets for Image Super-Resolution
=> Reconstructed Global Daily Seamless SIF Product at 0.05 Degree Resolution Based on TROPOMI, MODIS and ERA5 Data, A
=> Reconstructed Graph Constrained Auto-Encoders for Multi-View Representation Learning
=> reconstructed residual error: A novel segmentation evaluation measure for reconstructed images in tomography, The
=> Reconstructed Wind Fields from Multi-Satellite Observations
=> Reconstructible Pairs Of Incomplete Polyhedral Line Drawings Under General Reconstruction Procedure
=> Reconstructing 2-D/3-D Building Shapes from Spaceborne Tomographic Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
=> Reconstructing 3-D Models with Algebraic Curved Surfaces from Three-View Drawings
=> Reconstructing 3-D Skin Surface Motion for the DIET Breast Cancer Screening System
=> Reconstructing 34 Years of Fire History in the Wet, Subtropical Vegetation of Hong Kong Using Landsat
=> Reconstructing 3D Buildings from LIDAR Using Level Set Methods
=> Reconstructing 3D City Models by Merging Ground-Based and Airborne Views
=> Reconstructing 3D Contour Models of General Scenes from RGB-D Sequences
=> Reconstructing 3D Face Model with Associated Expression Deformation from a Single Face Image via Constructing a Low-Dimensional Expression Deformation Manifold
=> Reconstructing 3D Facial Shape Using Spherical Harmonics
=> Reconstructing 3D Human Body Pose from Stereo Image Sequences Using Hierarchical Human Body Model Learning
=> Reconstructing 3D Human Pose by Watching Humans in the Mirror
=> Reconstructing 3D Human Pose from 2D Image Landmarks
=> Reconstructing 3D independent motions using non-accidentalness
=> Reconstructing 3D Lines from a Sequence of 2D Projections: Representation and Estimation
=> Reconstructing 3D Motion Trajectories of Particle Swarms by Global Correspondence Selection
=> Reconstructing 3D Motion Trajectories of Particle Swarms by Global Correspondence Selection
=> Reconstructing 3D Shapes From Multiple Sketches Using Direct Shape Optimization
=> Reconstructing 3D trajectories of independently moving objects using generic constraints
=> Reconstructing a 3-D Depth Map from One or More Images
=> Reconstructing a 3D Line from a Single Catadioptric Image
=> Reconstructing a 3D structure from serial histological sections
=> Reconstructing a Convex Polygon from Binary Perspective Projections
=> Reconstructing a dynamic surface from video sequences using graph cuts in 4d space-time
=> Reconstructing a fragmented face from a cryptographic identification protocol
=> Reconstructing a Matrix with a Given List of Coefficients and Prescribed Row and Column Sums Is NP-Hard
=> Reconstructing a Mesh from a Point Cloud by Using a Moving Parabolic Approximation
=> Reconstructing a textured CAD model of an urban environment using Vehicle-borne Laser Range Scanners and Line Cameras
=> Reconstructing a Whole Face Image from a Partially Damaged or Occluded Image by Multiple Matching
=> Reconstructing Activity Location Sequences From Incomplete Check-In Data: A Semi-Markov Continuous-Time Bayesian Network Model
=> Reconstructing Aircraft Trajectories from Multi-Return Airborne Laser-Scanning Data
=> Reconstructing an Edge on a Polyhedron Using an Optimization Method
=> Reconstructing an image from its local descriptors
=> Reconstructing and analyzing periodic human motion from stationary monocular views
=> Reconstructing Animatable Categories from Videos
=> Reconstructing Arbitrarily Focused Images From Two Differently Focused Images Using Linear Filters
=> Reconstructing Archeological Vessels by Fusing Surface Markings and Border Anchor Points on Fragments
=> Reconstructing Articulated Rigged Models from RGB-D Videos
=> Reconstructing Binary Matrices with Neighborhood Constraints: An NP-hard Problem
=> Reconstructing Building Interiors from Images
=> Reconstructing Buildings with Discontinuities And Roof Overhangs From Oblique Aerial Imagery
=> Reconstructing camera projection matrices from multiple pairwise overlapping views
=> Reconstructing CCTV, Beijing
=> Reconstructing Cloud-Contaminated Multispectral Images With Contextualized Autoencoder Neural Networks
=> Reconstructing cloud-contaminated NDVI images with SAR-Optical fusion using spatio-temporal partitioning and multiple linear regression
=> Reconstructing Cloud Contaminated Pixels Using Spatiotemporal Covariance Functions and Multitemporal Hyperspectral Imagery
=> Reconstructing compact building models from point clouds using deep implicit fields
=> Reconstructing complex scenes for virtual reality
=> Reconstructing Complex Surfaces from Multiple Stereo Views
=> Reconstructing Convex Sets from Support Line Measurements
=> Reconstructing coronary arterial segments from three projection boundaries
=> Reconstructing Creative Lego Models
=> Reconstructing Curvilinear Networks Using Path Classifiers and Integer Programming
=> Reconstructing Dense Light Field From Array of Multifocus Images for Novel View Synthesis
=> Reconstructing Depth from Spatiotemporal Curves
=> Reconstructing diffusion kurtosis tensors from sparse noisy measurements
=> Reconstructing digital sets from X-rays
=> Reconstructing Digital Terrain Models from ArcticDEM and WorldView-2 Imagery in Livengood, Alaska
=> Reconstructing discontinuous surfaces from a given gradient field using partial integrability
=> Reconstructing Evolving Tree Structures in Time Lapse Sequences by Enforcing Time-Consistency
=> Reconstructing Evolving Tree Structures in Time Lapse Sequences
=> Reconstructing Faces on a Polyhedron from Apparent Gradients of Edges
=> Reconstructing Fine Details of Small Objects by Using Plasmonic Spectroscopic Data
=> Reconstructing Fine Details of Small Objects by Using Plasmonic Spectroscopic Data. Part II: The Strong Interaction Regime
=> Reconstructing Flood Inundation Probability by Enhancing Near Real-Time Imagery With Real-Time Gauges and Tweets
=> Reconstructing force-dynamic models from video sequences
=> Reconstructing Free-Form Surfaces from Sparse Data
=> Reconstructing FT-IR spectroscopic imaging data with a sparse prior
=> Reconstructing Fukushima: A Case Study
=> Reconstructing Gas Flows Using Light-Path Approximation
=> Reconstructing Geostationary Satellite Land Surface Temperature Imagery Based on a Multiscale Feature Connected Convolutional Neural Network
=> Reconstructing Groundwater Storage Changes in the North China Plain Using a Numerical Model and GRACE Data
=> Reconstructing Groups of People with Hypergraph Relational Reasoning
=> Reconstructing Groups of People with Hypergraph Relational Reasoning
=> Reconstructing Hand-Object Interactions in the Wild
=> Reconstructing High-Precision Coral Reef Geomorphology from Active Remote Sensing Datasets: A Robust Spatial Variability Modified Ordinary Kriging Method
=> Reconstructing High-Spatiotemporal-Resolution (30 m and 8-Days) NDVI Time-Series Data for the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau from 2000-2020
=> Reconstructing High Quality Face-Surfaces using Model Based Stereo
=> Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA
=> Reconstructing Human Body Mesh from Point Clouds by Adversarial Gp Network
=> Reconstructing Humpty Dumpty: Multi-feature Graph Autoencoder for Open Set Action Recognition
=> Reconstructing images from their most singular fractal manifold
=> Reconstructing Intensity Images from Binary Spatial Gradient Cameras
=> Reconstructing Interacting Hands with Interaction Prior from Monocular Images
=> Reconstructing Interacting Hands with Interaction Prior from Monocular Images
=> Reconstructing Interlaced High-Dynamic-Range Video Using Joint Learning
=> Reconstructing Large- and Mesoscale Dynamics in the Black Sea Region from Satellite Imagery and Altimetry Data: A Comparison of Two Methods
=> Reconstructing Line Drawings from Wings: the Polygonal Case
=> Reconstructing Loopy Curvilinear Structures Using Integer Programming
=> Reconstructing magnetic resonance spectroscopic image using spatial domain prior
=> Reconstructing Mass-Conserved Water Surfaces Using Shape from Shading and Optical Flow
=> Reconstructing mirror symmetric scenes from a single view using 2-view stereo geometry
=> Reconstructing Model Based on Time-Space-Depth Partitioning for Global Ocean Dissolved Oxygen Concentration, A
=> Reconstructing Natural Visual Scenes From Spike Times
=> Reconstructing NBA Players
=> Reconstructing neuronal morphology from microscopy stacks using fast marching
=> Reconstructing non-stationary articulated objects in monocular video using silhouette information
=> Reconstructing occluded regions using fast weighted PCA
=> Reconstructing Occluded Surfaces Using Synthetic Apertures: Stereo, Focus and Robust Measures
=> Reconstructing Ocean Heat Content for Revisiting Global Ocean Warming from Remote Sensing Perspectives
=> Reconstructing One Kilometre Resolution Daily Clear-Sky LST for China's Landmass Using the BME Method
=> Reconstructing Open Surfaces from Image Data
=> Reconstructing open surfaces from unorganized data points
=> Reconstructing Optical Flow Fields by Motion Inpainting
=> Reconstructing Orientation Field From Fingerprint Minutiae to Improve Minutiae-Matching Accuracy
=> Reconstructing PASCAL VOC
=> Reconstructing Plants in 3D from a Single Image Using Analysis-by-Synthesis
=> Reconstructing Polarisation Components from Unpolarised Images
=> Reconstructing Polyhedral Models of Architectural Scenes from Photographs
=> Reconstructing Power Lines from Images
=> Reconstructing Pruned Filters using Cheap Spatial Transformations
=> Reconstructing Reflective and Transparent Surfaces from Epipolar Plane Images
=> Reconstructing regular meshes from points: A parameterization-based approach
=> Reconstructing Relief Surfaces
=> Reconstructing Relief Surfaces
=> Reconstructing Road Network Graphs from both Aerial Lidar and Images
=> Reconstructing Rome
=> Reconstructing Satellite-Based Monthly Precipitation over Northeast China Using Machine Learning Algorithms
=> Reconstructing satellite images to quantify spatially explicit land surface change caused by fires and succession: A demonstration in the Yukon River Basin of interior Alaska
=> Reconstructing scene depth and appearance behind foreground occlusion using camera array
=> Reconstructing Seabed Topography from Side-Scan Sonar Images with Self-Constraint
=> Reconstructing Sequential Patterns without Knowing Image Correspondences
=> Reconstructing Sequential Patterns without Knowing Image Correspondences
=> Reconstructing Sessions from Data Discovery and Access Logs to Build a Semantic Knowledge Base for Improving Data Discovery
=> Reconstructing Shape and Appearance of Thin Film Objects with Hyper Spectral Sensor
=> Reconstructing Shape from Dictionaries of Shading Primitives
=> Reconstructing shape from shading images under point light source illumination
=> Reconstructing Shape from Shading with a Point Light Source at the Projection Center: Shape Reconstruction from an Endoscope Image
=> Reconstructing Shapes and Appearances of Thin Film Objects Using RGB Images
=> Reconstructing sharply folding surfaces: A convex formulation
=> Reconstructing Signing Avatars from Video Using Linguistic Priors
=> Reconstructing Snow Cover under Clouds and Cloud Shadows by Combining Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 Images in a Mountainous Region
=> Reconstructing spatiotemporal trajectories from sparse data
=> Reconstructing specimens using DIC microscope images
=> Reconstructing Spectral Images from RGB-Images Using a Convolutional Neural Network
=> Reconstructing Speech From CNN Embeddings
=> Reconstructing static scene viewed through smoke using video
=> Reconstructing Storyline Graphs for Image Recommendation from Web Community Photos
=> Reconstructing Surfaces by Volumetric Regularization Using Radial Basis Functions
=> Reconstructing Surfaces for Sparse Point Clouds with On-Surface Priors
=> Reconstructing Surfaces Using Anisotropic Basis Functions
=> Reconstructing Teeth with Bite Information
=> Reconstructing Terrain Maps from Dense Range Data
=> Reconstructing Textured CAD Model or Urban Environment using Vehicle-borne Laser Range Scanners and Line Cameras
=> Reconstructing the 3D Shape and Bone Mineral Density Distribution of the Proximal Femur From Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
=> Reconstructing the Activity Surface for Cardiac PET Imagery
=> Reconstructing the drawing process of reproductions from medieval images
=> Reconstructing the Geometry of Flowing Water
=> Reconstructing the Geometry of the Yushu Fault in the Tibetan Plateau Using TLS, GPR and Trenching
=> Reconstructing the Historic Landscape of Larochette, Luxembourg
=> Reconstructing The Landscape of The Past in The Agricultural Terraces Of the City of Avdat
=> Reconstructing the Noise Variance Manifold for Image Denoising
=> Reconstructing the Optical Thickness from Hoffman Modulation Contrast Images
=> Reconstructing the Roman Site Aquis Querquennis (Bande, Spain) from GPR, T-LiDAR and IRT Data Fusion
=> Reconstructing the Spatio-Temporal Development of Irrigation Systems in Uzbekistan Using Landsat Time Series
=> Reconstructing the Surface of Inhomogeneous Transparent Scenes by Scatter-Trace Photography
=> Reconstructing the Third Dimension: Interactions Between Color, Texture, Motion, Binocular Disparity, and Shape
=> Reconstructing the Three-Dimensional Structure of Loop Current Rings from Satellite Altimetry and In Situ Data Using the Gravest Empirical Modes Method
=> Reconstructing the World's Museums
=> Reconstructing the World's Museums
=> Reconstructing the world* in six days
=> Reconstructing Thin Structures of Manifold Surfaces by Integrating Spatial Curves
=> Reconstructing three-dimensional models of objects using a Kinect sensor
=> Reconstructing Three-dimensional Specific Curve Building Models From A Single Perspective View Image
=> Reconstructing Three Decades of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Brazilian Biomes with Landsat Archive and Earth Engine
=> Reconstructing Time-Dependent Dynamics
=> Reconstructing Training Data from Diverse ML Models by Ensemble Inversion
=> Reconstructing Transient Images from Single-Photon Sensors
=> Reconstructing Turbidity in a Glacially Influenced Lake Using the Landsat TM and ETM+ Surface Reflectance Climate Data Record Archive, Lake Clark, Alaska
=> Reconstructing Undersampled Photoacoustic Microscopy Images Using Deep Learning
=> Reconstructing urban 3D model using vehicle-borne laser range scanners
=> Reconstructing Velocities of Migrating Birds from Weather Radar: A Case Study in Computational Sustainability
=> Reconstructing Videos From Multiple Compressed Copies
=> Reconstructing with moments
=> Reconstruction-Aware Imaging System Ranking by Use of a Sparsity-Driven Numerical Observer Enabled by Variational Bayesian Inference
=> Reconstruction-Based Disentanglement for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
=> Reconstruction-Based Pairwise Depth Dataset for Depth Image Enhancement Using CNN
=> Reconstruction-Based Recognition of Scenes with Translationally Repeated Quadrics
=> Reconstruction-based supervised hashing
=> Reconstruction-Based Visual-Acoustic-Semantic Embedding Method for Speech-Image Retrieval, A
=> Reconstruction-Classification Method for Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography, A
=> Reconstruction-Free Action Inference from Compressive Imagers
=> Reconstruction-free inference on compressive measurements
=> Reconstruction-free matching for fingerprint sweep sensors
=> Reconstruction-Free Parallel Planes Identification from Uncalibrated Images
=> Reconstruction-Free Projection Selection Procedure for Binary Tomography Using Convolutional Neural Networks, A
=> Reconstruction-Optimized Lapped Orthogonal-Transforms for Robust Image Transmission
=> Reconstruction algorithm for fluorescence molecular tomography using sorted L-one penalized estimation
=> Reconstruction Algorithm for Photoacoustic Imaging Based on the Nonuniform FFT, A
=> Reconstruction algorithm for polychromatic CT imaging: Application to beam hardening correction
=> Reconstruction Algorithms for Photoacoustic Tomography in Heterogeneous Damping Media
=> Reconstruction and Accurate Alignment of Feature Maps for Augmented Reality
=> Reconstruction and analysis of multi-pose face images based on nonlinear dimensionality reduction
=> Reconstruction and Analysis of the 3D Aquifer Model Based on the Well Logs
=> Reconstruction and Boundary Detection of Range and Intensity Images Using Multiscale MRF Representations
=> Reconstruction and Characterisation of Past and the Most Recent Slope Failure Events at the 2021 Rock-Ice Avalanche Site in Chamoli, Indian Himalaya
=> Reconstruction and Efficient Visualization of Heterogeneous 3D City Models
=> Reconstruction and Enumeration of hv-Convex Polyominoes with Given Horizontal Projection
=> Reconstruction and Finite Element Mesh Generation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms From Computerized Tomography Angiography Data With Minimal User Interactions
=> Reconstruction and motion estimation from apparent contours under circular motion
=> Reconstruction and motion estimation from apparent contours under circular motion
=> Reconstruction and Nowcasting of Rainfall Field by Oblique Earth-Space Links Network: Preliminary Results from Numerical Simulation
=> Reconstruction and Purpose: Response
=> Reconstruction and Purpose: Response
=> Reconstruction and quantification of the carotid artery bifurcation from 3-D ultrasound images
=> Reconstruction and recognition of boundary representations from range images in SOMBRERO
=> Reconstruction and Recognition of Tensor-Based Objects With Concurrent Subspaces Analysis
=> Reconstruction and segmentation of underwater acoustic images combining confidence information in MRF models
=> Reconstruction and simplification of urban scene models based on oblique images
=> Reconstruction and Super-Resolution of Dilute Aperture Imagery
=> Reconstruction And Visualization Of Original Landscape Based On Reverse Mapping
=> Reconstruction Based Finger-Knuckle-Print Verification With Score Level Adaptive Binary Fusion
=> Reconstruction Based Recognition of Scenes with Multiple Repeated Components
=> Reconstruction by inpainting for visual anomaly detection
=> Reconstruction by Low Cost Software Based on Photogrammetry as a Reverse Engineering Process
=> Reconstruction by zooming from implicit calibration
=> Reconstruction combined training for convolutional neural networks on character recognition
=> Reconstruction comparison and a composite segmentation method for electron tomography
=> Reconstruction Error in Transform Subband Coding
=> Reconstruction for Distributed Video Coding: A Context-Adaptive Markov Random Field Approach
=> Reconstruction for Spatially Distributed Single-Pixel Imaging Based on Pattern Filtering
=> Reconstruction for stochastic 3-D signals with symmetric statistics in noise: Electron microscopy of virus particles
=> Reconstruction Formula for Photoacoustic Tomography with Cylindrical Detectors
=> Reconstruction from Affine Cameras Using Closure Constraints
=> Reconstruction From Antenna-Transformed Radar Data Using a Time-Domain Reconstruction Method
=> Reconstruction From Aperture-Filtered Samples With Application to Scatterometer Image Reconstruction
=> Reconstruction from Calibrated Cameras: A New Proof of the Kruppa-Demazure Theorem
=> Reconstruction from Image Sequences by Means of Relative Depths
=> Reconstruction from Image Sequences by Means of Relative Depths
=> Reconstruction From Limited-Angle Projections Based on delta-u Spectrum Analysis
=> Reconstruction From Multiple Particles for 3D Isotropic Resolution in Fluorescence Microscopy
=> Reconstruction From Multispectral to Hyperspectral Image Using Spectral Library-Based Dictionary Learning
=> Reconstruction from Planar Motion Image Sequences with Applications for Autonomous Vehicles
=> Reconstruction from Plane Mirror Reflection
=> Reconstruction from Projections Using Grassmann Tensors
=> Reconstruction from Projections Using Grassmann Tensors
=> Reconstruction from Six-Point Sequences
=> Reconstruction from Six-Point Sequences
=> Reconstruction from the multi-component AM-FM image representation
=> Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Affine Silhouettes
=> Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Sequences with a Hierarchy of Trifocal Tensors
=> Reconstruction From Uniformly Attenuated SPECT Projection Data Using the DBH Method
=> Reconstruction Guided Meta-Learning for Few Shot Open Set Recognition
=> Reconstruction in diffraction ultrasound tomography using nonuniform FFT
=> Reconstruction in the Round Using Photometric Normals and Silhouettes
=> Reconstruction Method for Broken Contour Lines Based on Similar Contours, A
=> Reconstruction Method for Compensation of Surface Effects in Transillumination Laser CT
=> Reconstruction Method for Gappy and Noisy Arterial Flow Data, A
=> Reconstruction Method of Missing Texture Using Error Reduction Algorithm
=> Reconstruction method with data from a multiple-site continuous-wave source for three-dimensional optical tomography
=> Reconstruction Network for Video Captioning
=> Reconstruction of 3-D Binary Tree-Like Structures from Three Mutually Orthogonal Projections
=> Reconstruction of 3-D Binary Tree-Like Structures from Three Mutually Orthogonal Projections
=> Reconstruction of 3-D Curves from 2-D Images Using Affine Shape Methods for Curves
=> Reconstruction of 3-D Density Functions from Few Projections: Structural Assumptions for Graceful Degradation
=> Reconstruction of 3-D Horizons From 3-D Seismic Datasets
=> Reconstruction of 3-D shape and texture by active rangefinding
=> Reconstruction of 3-D Symmetric Curves from Perspective Images without Discrete Features
=> Reconstruction of 30m DEM from 90m Srtm DEM with Bicubic Polynomial Interpolation Method
=> Reconstruction of 3D Accident Scene From Multirotor UAV Platform
=> Reconstruction of 3D building models from aerial images and maps
=> Reconstruction of 3D Cardiac MR Images from 2D Slices Using Directional Total Variation
=> Reconstruction of 3D Curves for Quality Control
=> Reconstruction of 3D dynamic expressions from single facial image
=> Reconstruction of 3D Face from a Single 2D Image for Face Recognition
=> Reconstruction of 3D Face Model from Single Shading Image Based on Anatomical Database
=> Reconstruction of 3D Figure Motion from 2D Correspondences
=> Reconstruction of 3D Human Body Pose for Gait Recognition
=> Reconstruction of 3D human body pose from stereo image sequences based on top-down learning
=> Reconstruction of 3D human motion in real-time using particle swarm optimization with GPU-accelerated fitness function
=> Reconstruction of 3D Information of Buildings from Single-View Images Based on Shadow Information
=> Reconstruction of 3D Interaction Models from Images using Shape Prior
=> Reconstruction of 3D lines from a single axial catadioptric image using cross-ratio
=> Reconstruction of 3D Models Consisting of Line Segments
=> Reconstruction of 3D Models from Specular Motion Using Circular Lights
=> Reconstruction of 3D Object Meshes from Silhouette Images
=> Reconstruction of 3D Objects by Integration of Multiple Range Data
=> Reconstruction of 3D Objects of Assets and Facilities by Using Benchmark Points
=> Reconstruction of 3D Shapes Considering Inconsistent 2D Silhouettes
=> Reconstruction of 3D Surface and Restoration of Flat Document Image from Monocular Image Sequence
=> Reconstruction of 3D tooth images
=> Reconstruction of 3D Trajectories for Performance Analysis in Table Tennis
=> Reconstruction of 3D Vector Models of Buildings by Combination of ALS, TLS and VLS Data
=> Reconstruction of 3D Vertebrae and Spinal Cord Models from CT and STIR-MRI Images
=> Reconstruction of 4-D Dynamic SPECT Images From Inconsistent Projections Using a Spline Initialized FADS Algorithm (SIFADS)
=> Reconstruction of 7T-Like Images From 3T MRI
=> Reconstruction of a Complex Mirror Surface from a Single Image
=> Reconstruction of a digital circle
=> Reconstruction of a high-resolution image by simultaneous registration, restoration, and interpolation of low-resolution images
=> Reconstruction of a High Dynamic Range and High Resolution Image from a Multisampled Image Sequence
=> Reconstruction of a high resolution image from registration and restoration of low resolution images
=> Reconstruction of a Monthly 1 km NDVI Time Series Product in China Using Random Forest Methodology
=> Reconstruction of a Scene with Multiple Linearly Moving Objects
=> Reconstruction of a Scene with Multiple Linearly Moving Objects
=> Reconstruction of a Segment of the UNESCO World Heritage Hadrian's Villa Tunnel Network by Integrated GPR, Magnetic-Paleomagnetic, and Electric Resistivity Prospections
=> Reconstruction of a Signal from the Real Part of Its Discrete Fourier Transform
=> Reconstruction of All-Weather Daytime and Nighttime MODIS Aqua-Terra Land Surface Temperature Products Using an XGBoost Approach
=> Reconstruction of Annual Glacier Mass Balance from Remote Sensing-Derived Average Glacier-Wide Albedo
=> Reconstruction of Articulated Objects from a Moving Camera
=> Reconstruction of Articulated Objects from Point Correspondences in a Single Uncalibrated Image
=> Reconstruction of Articulated Objects from Point Correspondences in a Single Uncalibrated Image
=> Reconstruction of As-is Semantic 3D Models of Unorganised Storehouses
=> Reconstruction of attenuation map using discrete consistency conditions
=> Reconstruction of Baseline JPEG Coded Images in Error Prone Environments
=> Reconstruction of Bicolored Images
=> Reconstruction of Binary Images with Few Disjoint Components from Two Projections
=> Reconstruction of Binary Images with Fixed Number of Strips
=> Reconstruction of Binary Shapes From Blurred Images via Hankel-Structured Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
=> Reconstruction of Blood Vessel Networks From X-Ray Projections and a Vascular Catalogue
=> Reconstruction of broken handwritten digits based on structural morphological features
=> Reconstruction of Building Models with Curvilinear Boundaries from Laser Scanner and Aerial Imagery
=> Reconstruction Of Building Outlines in Dense Urban Areas Based on LIDAR Data and Address Points
=> Reconstruction of Buildings from Interferometric SAR Data of Built-Up Areas
=> Reconstruction of Buildings from Multiple High Resolution Images
=> Reconstruction of Canal Surfaces from Single Images Under Exact Perspective
=> Reconstruction of Canonical hv-Convex Discrete Sets from Horizontal and Vertical Projections
=> Reconstruction of Cardiac-Gated Dynamic SPECT Images
=> Reconstruction of CASSI-Raman Images with Machine-Learning
=> Reconstruction of Cloud-free Sentinel-2 Image Time-series Using an Extended Spatiotemporal Image Fusion Approach
=> Reconstruction of Coherent Pairs of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Acquired in Interrupted Mode
=> Reconstruction of Commercial Ways and Silk Road in Nuratau Area
=> Reconstruction of compact binary images from limited Fourier amplitude data
=> Reconstruction of complex environments by robust pre-aligned ICP
=> Reconstruction of Complex Roof Semantic Structures from 3D Point Clouds Using Local Convexity and Consistency
=> Reconstruction of Complex Shape Buildings from Lidar Data Using Free Form Surfaces
=> Reconstruction of Compressed-Sensed Multiview Video With Disparity- and Motion-Compensated Total Variation Minimization
=> Reconstruction of Compressed Hyperspectral Image Using SqueezeNet Coupled Dense Attentional Net
=> Reconstruction of compressively sampled light fields using a weighted 4D-DCT basis
=> Reconstruction of compressively sampled texture images in the graph-based transform domain
=> Reconstruction of compressively sampled ultrasound images using dual prior information
=> Reconstruction of compressively sensed ultrasound RF echoes by exploiting non-Gaussianity and temporal structure
=> Reconstruction of Concealed Objects in a Corrugated Wall With a Smoothly Varying Roughness Using the Linear Sampling Method
=> Reconstruction of Concurrent Lines from Leaning Points
=> Reconstruction of conductivity distribution with a compound variational strategy in electrical impedance tomography
=> Reconstruction of Connected Digital Lines Based on Constrained Regularization
=> Reconstruction of Consistent 3D CAD Models from Point Cloud Data Using A Priori CAD Models
=> Reconstruction of Consistent Shape from Inconsistent Data: Optimization of 2.5D Sketches
=> Reconstruction of Consistent Shape from Inconsistent Data: Optimization of 2.5D Sketches
=> Reconstruction of Continuous High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Data Using Time-Aware Implicit Neural Representation
=> Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries From a Single Rotational X-Ray Projection Sequence
=> Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries from One Rotational X-Ray Projection Sequence
=> Reconstruction of Curves in R3, using Factorization and Bundle Adjustment
=> Reconstruction of Daily 30 m Data from HJ CCD, GF-1 WFV, Landsat, and MODIS Data for Crop Monitoring
=> Reconstruction of Daily MODIS/Aqua Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Turbid Estuarine Waters Based on Attention U-NET
=> Reconstruction of Daily Sea Surface Temperature Based on Radial Basis Function Networks
=> Reconstruction of degraded image sequences. Application to film restoration
=> Reconstruction of degraded images using genetic algoritm for archive film restoration
=> Reconstruction of DEMs From ERS-1/2 Tandem Data in Mountainous Area Facilitated by SRTM Data
=> Reconstruction of depth and normals from interreflections
=> Reconstruction of Detailed Left Ventricle Motion from tMRI Using Deformable Models
=> Reconstruction of display and eyes from a single image
=> Reconstruction of Domains with Algebraic Boundaries from Generalized Polarization Tensors
=> Reconstruction of dynamic 3-D structures of biological objects using stereo microscopy
=> Reconstruction of Dynamic 3D Structure of Biological Objects Using Stereo Microscope Images, The
=> Reconstruction of Dysphonic Speech by MELP
=> Reconstruction of Emission Tomography Data Using Origin Ensembles
=> Reconstruction of Euclidean planes from voxels
=> Reconstruction of Face Texture Based on the Fusion of Texture Patches
=> Reconstruction of Facial Shape from Freehand Multi-viewpoint Snapshots
=> Reconstruction of Fan-Beam Data by Filtering the Back-Projection, The
=> Reconstruction of Façade Structures Using a Formal Grammar and RjMCMC
=> Reconstruction of Fine-Scale Auroral Dynamics
=> Reconstruction of Fingerprints from Minutiae Using Conditional Adversarial Networks
=> Reconstruction of flame temperature field with optical sectioning method
=> Reconstruction of Forest and Grassland Cover for the Conterminous United States from 1000 AD to 2000 AD
=> Reconstruction of fragmented trajectories of collective motion using Hadamard deep autoencoders
=> Reconstruction of frescoes by sequential layers of feature extraction
=> Reconstruction of gene network through Backward Elimination based Information-Theoretic Inference with Maximal Information Coefficient
=> Reconstruction of General Curves, Using Factorization and Bundle Adjustment
=> Reconstruction of Geometric and Optical Parameters of Non-Planar Objects with Thin Film
=> Reconstruction of GF-1 Soil Moisture Observation Based on Satellite and In Situ Sensor Collaboration Under Full Cloud Contamination
=> Reconstruction of Global Long-Term Gap-Free Daily Surface Soil Moisture from 2002 to 2020 Based on a Pixel-Wise Machine Learning Method
=> Reconstruction of HARDI Data Using a Split Bregman Optimization Approach
=> Reconstruction of HARDI using compressed sensing and its application to contrast HARDI
=> Reconstruction of Heart Motion from 4D Echocardiographic Images
=> Reconstruction of High-Contrast Proppant in Hydraulic Fractures With Galvanic Measurements
=> Reconstruction of High-Resolution Facial Image Using Recursive Error Back-Projection
=> Reconstruction of High-Resolution Sea Surface Salinity over 2003-2020 in the South China Sea Using the Machine Learning Algorithm LightGBM Model
=> Reconstruction of High-Temporal- and High-Spatial-Resolution Reflectance Datasets Using Difference Construction and Bayesian Unmixing
=> Reconstruction of high contrast images for dynamic scenes
=> Reconstruction of High Dynamic Range images with poisson noise modeling and integrated denoising
=> Reconstruction of High Resolution 3D Visual Information Using Sub-pixel Camera Displacements
=> Reconstruction of highly structured image by entropy optimization
=> Reconstruction of Historical Geodetic Systems for Their Implementation In Reprojection Algorithms
=> Reconstruction of Historical Land Use and Urban Flood Simulation in Xi'an, Shannxi, China
=> Reconstruction of HOT Curves from Image Sequences
=> Reconstruction of HOT Curves from Image Sequences
=> Reconstruction of Human-Induced Forest Loss in China during 1900-2000
=> Reconstruction of hv-Convex Sets by Their Coordinate X-Ray Functions
=> Reconstruction of Hyperspectral Imagery From Random Projections Using Multihypothesis Prediction
=> Reconstruction of images taken by a pair of non-regular sampling sensors using correlation based matching
=> Reconstruction of Indoor Models Using Point Clouds Generated from Single-Lens Reflex Cameras and Depth Images
=> Reconstruction of Indoor Navigation Elements for Point Cloud of Buildings with Occlusions and Openings by Wall Segment Restoration from Indoor Context Labeling
=> Reconstruction of Inextensible Surfaces on a Budget via Bootstrapping
=> Reconstruction of Interior Walls from Point Cloud Data with Min-Hashed J-Linkage
=> Reconstruction of intermediate views from stereoscopic images using a rational filter
=> Reconstruction of Intermediate Views from Stereoscopic Images Using Disparity Vectors Estimated by the Geometrical Constraint
=> Reconstruction of Ionospheric Perturbation Induced by 2004 Sumatra Tsunami Using a Computerized Tomography Technique
=> Reconstruction of irregularly-sampled images by regularization in spline spaces
=> Reconstruction of Irregularly-Sampled Volumetric Data in Efficient Box Spline Spaces
=> Reconstruction of Kikuchi patterns by intensity-enhanced Radon transformation
=> Reconstruction of Lambertian surfaces by discrete equal height contours and regions propagation
=> Reconstruction of Land Surface Temperature Derived from FY-4A AGRI Data Based on Two-Point Machine Learning Method
=> Reconstruction of Large, Irregularly Sampled Multidimensional Images. A Tensor-Based Approach
=> Reconstruction of Linearly Parameterized Models from a Single Image Using the Vanishing Points
=> Reconstruction of Linearly Parameterized Models from Single Images with a Camera of Unknown Focal Length
=> Reconstruction of Linearly Parameterized Models from Single Images with a Camera of Unknown Focal Length
=> Reconstruction of lines and planes of urban buildings with angle regularization
=> Reconstruction of Local Features for Facial Video Compression
=> Reconstruction of LoD-2 Building Models Guided by Facade Structures from Oblique Photogrammetric Point Cloud
=> Reconstruction of Lost Architectural Volumes By Integration Of Photogrammetry from Archive Imagery With 3-d Models of the Status Quo
=> Reconstruction of Lost Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes: Context of Ancient Objects in Time and Space
=> Reconstruction of lost depth data in multiview video-plus-depth communications using geometric transforms
=> Reconstruction of low-rank jointly sparse signals from multiple measurement vectors
=> Reconstruction of Low-Resolution Images Using Adaptive Bimodal Priors
=> Reconstruction of Macromolecular Envelopes from Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Amplitudes
=> Reconstruction of Medical Images by Perspective Shape-from-Shading
=> Reconstruction of medical images under different image acquisition angles
=> Reconstruction of MODIS Land Surface Temperature Products Based on Multi-Temporal Information
=> Reconstruction of MODIS Spectral Reflectance under Cloudy-Sky Condition
=> Reconstruction of Monthly Surface Nutrient Concentrations in the Yellow and Bohai Seas from 2003-2019 Using Machine Learning
=> Reconstruction of motion vector missing macroblocks in H.263 encoded video transmission over lossy networks
=> Reconstruction of MR images from data acquired on a general nonregular grid by pseudoinverse calculation
=> Reconstruction of Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery by Coupling Variational Segmentation and Radiometric Analysis
=> Reconstruction of multiple overlapping surfaces via standard regularization techniques
=> Reconstruction of Near-Surface Air Temperature over the Greenland Ice Sheet Based on MODIS Data and Machine Learning Approaches
=> Reconstruction of Nearly Convex Colored Images
=> Reconstruction of Neutron Penumbral Image by a Constrained Genetic Algorithm
=> Reconstruction of Nineteenth-Century Channel Patterns of Polish Carpathians Rivers from the Galicia and Bucovin a Map (1861-1864)
=> Reconstruction of non-Lambertian surfaces by fusion of Shape from Shading and active range scanning
=> Reconstruction of non-rigid 3D shapes from stereo-motion
=> Reconstruction of Nonuniformly Sampled Images in Spline Spaces
=> Reconstruction of object layers from their X-ray projections: A simulation study
=> reconstruction of objects from shadowgraphs with high contrasts, The
=> Reconstruction of Objects from Their Averaged Finite Crystal Diffraction Intensity
=> Reconstruction of objects from their projections using generalized inverses
=> Reconstruction of objects with jagged edges through Rao-Blackwellized fitting of piecewise smooth subdivision curves
=> Reconstruction of Ocean Color Data Using Machine Learning Techniques in Polar Regions: Focusing on Off Cape Hallett, Ross Sea
=> Reconstruction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Mixed Low Rank Approximation and Second Order Tensor Based Total Variation Method
=> Reconstruction of Optical Vector-Fields With Applications in Endoscopic Imaging
=> Reconstruction of Order Parameters Based on Immunity Clonal Strategy for Image Classification
=> Reconstruction of Orthogonal Polygonal Lines
=> Reconstruction of Orthographic Mosaics From Perspective X-Ray Images
=> Reconstruction of Outdoor Sculptures from Silhouettes under Approximate Circular Motion of an Uncalibrated Hand-Held Camera
=> Reconstruction of partially damaged face images based on a morphable face model
=> Reconstruction of passive millimeter-wave images with Graph Cuts
=> Reconstruction of Patient-Specific 3D Bone Model from Biplanar X-Ray Images and Point Distribution Models
=> Reconstruction of Patterns from Noisy Inputs Using Morphological Associative Memories
=> Reconstruction of periodic nonuniform samples using Lagrange interpolation in time-interleaved ADCs
=> Reconstruction of Periodic Signals From Asynchronous Trains of Samples
=> Reconstruction of Planar Boundaries from Incomplete Information
=> Reconstruction of Planar Surfaces Behind Occlusions in Range Images
=> Reconstruction of Privacy-Sensitive Data from Protected Templates
=> Reconstruction of Probability Density Functions from Channel Representations
=> Reconstruction of Quadric Surface From Occluding Contour
=> Reconstruction of Quadtrees from Quadtree Medial Axis Transforms
=> Reconstruction of Quantitative Properties from X-Rays
=> Reconstruction of Rainfall Field Using Earth-Space Links Network: A Compressed Sensing Approach
=> Reconstruction of random objects from noisy projections
=> Reconstruction of Realistic 3d Surface Model and 3d Animation from Range Images Obtained by Real Time 3d Measurement System
=> Reconstruction of Rectangular Windows In Multi-looking Oblique View ALS Data
=> Reconstruction of Recurring Pulses From Distribution of Short Sequences of Samples
=> Reconstruction of reflectance data using an interpolation technique
=> Reconstruction of relief objects from line drawings
=> Reconstruction of Remotely Sensed Snow Albedo for Quality Improvements Based on a Combination of Forward and Retrieval Models
=> Reconstruction of respiratory-binned cardiac spect using a robust smoothing prior
=> Reconstruction of retinal spectra from RGB data using a RBF network
=> Reconstruction of River Boundaries at Sub-Pixel Resolution: Estimation and Spatial Allocation of Water Fractions
=> Reconstruction of rotatory moving image from projections
=> Reconstruction of Satellite-Retrieved Land-Surface Reflectance Based on Temporally-Continuous Vegetation Indices
=> Reconstruction of Scalar Diffraction Field from Distributed Data Points Over 3D Space
=> Reconstruction of Scene Models from Sparse 3D Structure
=> Reconstruction of Sculpture From Its Profiles With Unknown Camera Positions
=> Reconstruction of Sculpture from Uncalibrated Image Profiles
=> Reconstruction of segmentally articulated structure in freeform movement with low density feature points
=> Reconstruction of Sentinel-2 Image Time Series Using Google Earth Engine
=> Reconstruction of Sentinel Images for Suspended Particulate Matter Monitoring in Arid Regions
=> Reconstruction of severely degraded image sequences
=> Reconstruction of Sewer Shaft Profiles from Fisheye-Lens Camera Images
=> Reconstruction of Signals and Images from the Noisy Fourier Transform Phase by Means of the Generalized Difference Principle, The
=> Reconstruction Of Single-Grain Orientation Distribution Functions for Crystalline Materials
=> Reconstruction of Single Image from Multiple Blurry Measured Images
=> Reconstruction of Single Tree with Leaves Based on Terrestrial LiDAR Point Cloud Data
=> Reconstruction of Sky Illumination Domes From Ground-based Panoramas
=> Reconstruction of Smooth 3D Color Functions from Keypoints: Application to Lossy Compression and Exemplar-Based Generation of Color LUTs
=> Reconstruction of Smooth Surfaces with Arbitrary Topology Adaptive Splines
=> Reconstruction of Snow Depth Data at Moderate Spatial Resolution (1 km) from Remotely Sensed Snow Data and Multiple Optimized Environmental Factors: A Case Study over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
=> Reconstruction of Some Segmented and Dynamic Scenes: Trifocal Tensors in P4 Theoretical Set Up for Critical Loci, and Instability
=> Reconstruction of Sparse Wavelet Signals From Partial Fourier Measurements
=> Reconstruction of Spectra Using Empirical Basis Functions
=> Reconstruction of Specular Surfaces using Polarization Imaging
=> Reconstruction of Spheres using Occluding Contours from Stereo Images
=> Reconstruction of spherical representation models from multiple partial models
=> Reconstruction of Stochastic 3D Signals With Symmetric Statistics From 2D Projection Images Motivated by Cryo-Electron Microscopy
=> Reconstruction of Structurally-Incomplete Matrices With Reweighted Low-Rank and Sparsity Priors
=> Reconstruction of structured scenes from two uncalibrated images
=> Reconstruction of Subjective Surfaces from Occlusion Cues
=> Reconstruction of Subsurface Salinity Structure in the South China Sea Using Satellite Observations: A LightGBM-Based Deep Forest Method
=> Reconstruction of super-resolution lung 4D-CT using patch-based sparse representation
=> Reconstruction of Surface and Stochastic Dynamics from a Planar Projection of Trajectories
=> Reconstruction of Surface of Revolution from Multiple Uncalibrated Views: A Bundle-Adjustment Approach
=> Reconstruction of surfaces behind occlusions in range images
=> Reconstruction of Surfaces from Point Clouds Using a Lagrangian Surface Evolution Model
=> Reconstruction of Surfaces of 3-D Objects by M-array Pattern Projection Method
=> Reconstruction of Surfaces of Revolution from Single Uncalibrated Views
=> Reconstruction of Synthetic Aperture Radar Raw Data under Analog-To-Digital Converter Saturation Distortion for Large Dynamic Range Scenes
=> Reconstruction of textureless regions using structure from motion and image-based interpolation
=> Reconstruction of the Crossing Type of a Point Set from the Compatible Exchange Graph of Noncrossing Spanning Trees
=> Reconstruction of the Daily MODIS Land Surface Temperature Product Using the Two-Step Improved Similar Pixels Method
=> Reconstruction of the Dynamics of Drosophila Genes Expression from Sets of Images Sharing a Common Pattern
=> Reconstruction of the High Resolution Phase in a Closed Loop Adaptive Optics System
=> Reconstruction of the human cerebral cortex from magnetic resonance images
=> Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle from Two Orthogonal Projections
=> Reconstruction of the Radar Reflectivity of Convective Storms Based on Deep Learning and Himawari-8 Observations
=> Reconstruction of the Shape of a Compact Object from Few Projections
=> Reconstruction of the Slip Distribution Along the West Helanshan Fault, Northern China Based on High-resolution Topography
=> Reconstruction of the Surface Inshore Labrador Current from SWOT Sea Surface Height Measurements
=> Reconstruction of the Water Cultivation Paleoenvironment Dating Back to the Han and Tang Dynasties Surrounding the Yangguan Frontier Pass Using X- and L-Band SAR Data
=> Reconstruction Of Thin Tubular Inclusions in Three-Dimensional Domains Using Electrical Impedance Tomography
=> Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional (3D) Indoor Interiors with Multiple Stories via Comprehensive Segmentation
=> Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Dynamic Wind-Turbine Wake Wind Fields with Volumetric Long-Range Wind Doppler LiDAR Measurements
=> Reconstruction of three-dimensional flame with color temperature
=> Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Images Based on Estimation of Spinning Target Parameters in Radar Network
=> Reconstruction of three-dimensional linear structures in the breast from craniocaudal and mediolateral oblique mammographic views
=> Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Objects through Matching of Their Parts
=> Reconstruction of three dimensional models from real images
=> Reconstruction of time-varying 3-d left-ventricular shape from multiview x-ray cineangiocardiograms
=> Reconstruction of time-varying tidal flat topography using optical remote sensing imageries
=> Reconstruction of tomographic images from limited range projections using discrete Radon transform and Tchebichef moments
=> Reconstruction of Torn Documents Using Contour Maps
=> Reconstruction of transparent objects in unstructured scenes with a depth camera
=> Reconstruction of two- and three-dimensional images from synthetic-collimator data
=> Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Light Intensity Distribution from the Data of Photo-Count Experiments
=> Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Patterns from Fourier Descriptors
=> Reconstruction of Two-Directionally Connected Binary Patterns from Their Two Orthogonal Projections, The
=> Reconstruction of underlying curves with styling radius corners
=> Reconstruction of Underwater Image by Bispectrum
=> Reconstruction of Urartu Buildings of Altintepe in Virtual Environment, The
=> Reconstruction of Urban Sites from Photos
=> Reconstruction of Vascular Networks Using 3-Dimensional Models
=> Reconstruction of vascular structures in retinal images
=> Reconstruction of Vector Fields in Bounded Domain Vector Tomography
=> Reconstruction of Vectorial Acoustic Sources in Time-Domain Tomography
=> Reconstruction of Vegetation Index Time Series Based on Self-Weighting Function Fitting from Curve Features
=> Reconstruction of Vehicle-Induced Vibration on Concrete Pavement Using Distributed Fiber Optic
=> Reconstruction of videos taken by a non-regular sampling sensor
=> Reconstruction of viruses from solution X-ray scattering data
=> Reconstruction of visual appearance
=> Reconstruction of visual surfaces from sparse data using parametric triangular approximants
=> Reconstruction of Wall Surfaces Under Occlusion and Clutter in 3D Indoor Environments
=> Reconstruction of Wet Refractivity Field Using an Improved Parameterized Tropospheric Tomographic Technique
=> Reconstruction of Wire Structures from Scanned Point Clouds
=> Reconstruction of Wooden Polish Manor
=> Reconstruction of X-Ray Sources from Penumbral images
=> Reconstruction Optimization for Temporal Response Improvement in CT Fluoroscopy
=> Reconstruction or Retrieval? Investigating Neural 3D Reconstruction
=> Reconstruction problems in 3D for viral cryo electron microscopy
=> Reconstruction regularized low-rank subspace learning for cross-modal retrieval
=> Reconstruction with angular compensation in respiratory-gated cardiac SPECT
=> Reconstruction with dictionary learning for accelerated parallel magnetic resonance imaging
=> Reconstruction with Guided PatchMatch Stereo
=> Reconstruction with Interval Constraints Propagation
=> Reconstruction with robustness: A semantic prior guided face super-resolution framework for multiple degradations
=> Reconstruction without Discontinuities
=> Reconstruction, Recognition, and Representation of Trees
=> Reconstruction, Registration, and Matching of 3D Facial Models from Stereo-Images
=> Reconstruction, Registration, and Modeling of Deformable Object Shapes
=> Reconstruction, Segmentation, and Analysis of Medical Images
=> Reconstruction, Segmentation, and Analysis of Medical Images
=> Reconstruction: Argumentation Method, The
=> Reconstructions from Doppler Radon Transforms
=> Reconstructions of Chest Phantoms by the D-Bar Method for Electrical Impedance Tomography
=> Reconstructions of Noisy Digital Contours with Maximal Primitives Based on Multi-scale/Irregular Geometric Representation and Generalized Linear Programming
=> Reconstructive and Discriminative Sparse Representation for Visual Object Categorization
=> Reconstructive Sequence-Graph Network for Video Summarization
=> Reconstructive Sparse Code Transfer for Contour Detection and Semantic Labeling
=> Reconstructive Training for Real-World Robustness in Image Classification
=> Record-Setting 2021 Heat Wave in Western Canada Had a Significant Temporary Impact on Greenness of the World's Largest Protected Temperate Rainforest, A
=> Record Low Arctic Stratospheric Ozone in Spring 2020: Measurements of Ground-Based Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy in Ny-Olesund during 2017-2021
=> Recording and Analysis of the Rec Yard at Alcatraz Island
=> Recording and Decoding for Neural Prostheses
=> Recording and erasure of photorefractive holograms in undoped BTO crystal at moderate to high intensities of 639.7nm laser under action of 532nm laser pre-illumination
=> Recording And Modeling Of Fortresses And Castles With Uas. Some Study Cases In Jaen (southern Spain)
=> Recording And Modelling Of Monuments' Interior Space Using Range And Optical Sensors
=> Recording and Playback of Camera Shake: Benchmarking Blind Deconvolution with a Real-World Database
=> Recording Approach Of Heritage Sites Based On Merging Point Clouds From High Resolution Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning
=> Recording Cultural Heritage Using Terrestrial Laserscanning: Dealing with the System, the Huge Datasets They Create and Ways to Extract the Necessary Deliverables You Can Work with
=> Recording Denisyuk-type holograms with multi-pulse laser exposure
=> Recording Information On Architectural Heritage Should Meet The Requirements for Conservation Digital Recording Practices at the Summer Palace
=> Recording the Region of Interest from Flycam Panoramic Video
=> Recording Urban Land Dynamic and Its Effects during 2000-2019 at 15-m Resolution by Cloud Computing with Landsat Series
=> Recording, Documentation and Application of Stereo Views in Cultural Heritage
=> Recording, Modeling, Visualisation and GIS Applications Development for the Acropolis of Athens
=> Recording, Processing, and Analysis of Digital High-Speed Sequences in Glottography
=> RECORDS: Reaching Recording Data Technologies
=> Recorrupted-to-Recorrupted: Unsupervised Deep Learning for Image Denoising
=> Recover and Identify: A Generative Dual Model for Cross-Resolution Person Re-Identification
=> Recover Fair Deep Classification Models via Altering Pre-trained Structure
=> Recover Human Pose from Monocular Image Under Weak Perspective Projection
=> Recover the Residual of Residual: Recurrent Residual Refinement Network for Image Super-Resolution
=> Recover Writing Trajectory from Multiple Stroked Image Using Bidirectional Dynamic Search
=> RECOVER: An Automated, Cloud-Based Decision Support System for Post-Fire Rehabilitation Planning
=> Recoverability of faulty discrete event systems
=> Recovering 3D facial shape via coupled 2D/3D space learning
=> Recovering 3D Hand Mesh Sequence from a Single Blurry Image: A New Dataset and Temporal Unfolding
=> Recovering 3D Human Body Configurations Using Shape Contexts
=> Recovering 3D Human Mesh From Monocular Images: A Survey
=> Recovering 3D Human Pose from Monocular Images
=> Recovering 3D Information from Complex Aerial Imagery
=> Recovering 3D Motion and Structure from Stereo and 2D Token Tracking Cooperation
=> Recovering 3D Motion and Structure of Multiple Objects Using Adaptive Hough Transform
=> Recovering 3D Motion Of Multiple Objects Using Adaptive Hough Transform
=> Recovering 3D Planes from a Single Image via Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Recovering 3D Shape and Albedo from a Face Image under Arbitrary Lighting and Pose by Using a 3D Illumination-Based AAM Model
=> Recovering 3D Shape and Light Source Positions from Non-planar Shadows
=> Recovering 3D Shape and Motion from Image Streams Using Non-Linear Least Squares
=> Recovering 3D Shape and Texture from Continuous Focus Series: Using a Polarized Filter
=> Recovering 3D Shape Using an Improved Fast Marching Method
=> Recovering 6D Object Pose and Predicting Next-Best-View in the Crowd
=> Recovering 6D Object Pose
=> Recovering 6D Object Pose
=> Recovering 6D Object Pose
=> Recovering 6D Object Pose
=> Recovering 6D Object Pose
=> Recovering 6D Object Pose
=> Recovering 6D Object Pose: A Review and Multi-Modal Analysis
=> Recovering A Boundary-Level Structural Description From Dynamic Stereo
=> Recovering a clean background: A parallel deep network architecture for single-image deraining
=> Recovering a Function from Circular Means or Wave Data on the Boundary of Parabolic Domains
=> Recovering a Molecule's 3D Dynamics from Liquid-phase Electron Microscopy Movies
=> Recovering a Polygon from Noisy Data
=> Recovering Accurate 3D Human Pose in the Wild Using IMUs and a Moving Camera
=> Recovering Affine Deformations of Fuzzy Shapes
=> Recovering Affine Features from Orientation- and Scale-Invariant Ones
=> Recovering Affine Motion and Defocus Blur Simultaneously
=> Recovering Affine Motion and Defocus Blur Simultaneously
=> Recovering an indoor 3D layout with top-down semantic segmentation from a single image
=> Recovering and Characterizing Image Features Using an Efficient Model Based Approach
=> Recovering and Characterizing Image Features Using an Efficient Model Based Approach
=> Recovering and matching minutiae patterns from finger knuckle images
=> Recovering and Tracking Pose of Curved 3D Objects from 2D Images
=> Recovering Articulated Motion with a Hierarchical Factorization Method
=> Recovering Articulated Non-rigid Shapes, Motions and Kinematic Chains from Video
=> Recovering Articulated Pose: A Comparison of Two Pre and Postimposed Constraint Methods
=> Recovering audio-to-video synchronization by audiovisual correlation analysis
=> Recovering background regions in videos of cluttered urban scenes
=> Recovering ball motion from a single motion-blurred image
=> Recovering Building Structures from Stereo
=> Recovering Camera Motion Using L-inf Minimization
=> Recovering Camera Pose from Omni-directional Images
=> Recovering color from black and white photographs
=> Recovering Colors in an Image with Chromatic Illuminant
=> Recovering complex non-rigid 3D structures from monocular images by union of nonlinear subspaces
=> Recovering consistent video depth maps via bundle optimization
=> Recovering Correct Reconstructions from Indistinguishable Geometry
=> Recovering DC Coefficients in Block-Based DCT
=> Recovering Dense Stereo Depth Maps Using a Single Gaussian Blurred Structured Light Pattern
=> Recovering depth from a single image using spectral energy of the defocused step edge gradient
=> Recovering Depth Map from Video with Moving Objects
=> Recovering depth of a dynamic scene using real world motion prior
=> Recovering depth of background and foreground from a monocular video with camera motion
=> Recovering dynamic information from static handwriting
=> Recovering Dynamic Stroke Information of Multi-stroke Handwritten Characters with Complex Patterns
=> Recovering elastic property of soft tissues using 2d image sequences with limited range data
=> Recovering Endocardial Walls from 3D TEE
=> Recovering Entire Shape of a Deformable Object Employing a Single Measurement Matrix
=> Recovering epipolar direction from two affine views of a planar object
=> Recovering Epipolar Geometry by Reactive Tabu Search
=> Recovering Estimates of Fluid Flow from Image Sequence Data
=> Recovering Euclidean deformable models from stereo-motion
=> Recovering Euclidean structure by conics and spheres: application to camera calibration
=> Recovering Euclidean structure from principal-axes paralleled conics: applications to camera calibration
=> Recovering face shape and reflectance properties from single images
=> Recovering Faces From Portraits with Auxiliary Facial Attributes
=> Recovering facial pose with the EM algorithm
=> Recovering facial reflectance and geometry from multi-view images
=> Recovering Facial Shape and Albedo Using a Statistical Model of Surface Normal Direction
=> Recovering Facial Shape Using a Statistical Model of Surface Normal Direction
=> Recovering Facial Shape Using A Statistical Surface Normal Model
=> Recovering field of view lines by using projective invariants
=> Recovering Fine Details for Neural Implicit Surface Reconstruction
=> Recovering fluid-type motions using Navier-Stokes potential flow
=> Recovering free space of indoor scenes from a single image
=> Recovering from bit errors in scalar-quantized discrete wavelet transformed images
=> Recovering from Random Pruning: On the Plasticity of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Recovering Frontal-pose Image from a Single Profile Image
=> Recovering Generalization via Pre-Training-Like Knowledge Distillation for Out-of-Distribution Visual Question Answering
=> Recovering hard-to-find object instances by sampling context-based object proposals
=> Recovering Heading and Structure for Constant-Direction Motion
=> Recovering height information from SAR images of terrain
=> Recovering high dynamic range by Multi-Exposure Retinex
=> Recovering Historical Film Footage by Processing Microtomographic Images
=> Recovering Human Body Configurations Using Pairwise Constraints between Parts
=> Recovering Human Body Configurations: Combining Segmentation and Recognition
=> Recovering Human Motion Patterns from Passive Infrared Sensors: A Geometric-Algebra Based Generation-Template-Matching Approach
=> Recovering human pose in 3D by visual manifolds
=> Recovering Illumination and Texture Using Ratio Images
=> Recovering image data from JPEG file fragments
=> Recovering imaging device sensitivities: a data-driven approach
=> Recovering Inner Slices of Layered Translucent Objects by Multi-Frequency Illumination
=> Recovering inner slices of translucent objects by multi-frequency illumination
=> Recovering Intrinsic Images from a Single Image
=> Recovering Intrinsic Images from a Single Image
=> Recovering intrinsic images from image sequences using total variation models
=> Recovering Intrinsic Images using an Illumination Invariant Image
=> Recovering Joint and Individual Components in Facial Data
=> Recovering Latent Signals From a Mixture of Measurements Using a Gaussian Process Prior
=> Recovering Light Directions and Camera Poses from a Single Sphere
=> Recovering Line-Networks in Images by Junction-Point Processes
=> Recovering Local Shape of a Mirror Surface from Reflection of a Regular Grid
=> Recovering Local Surface-Structure Through Local Phase Difference Measurements
=> Recovering Lost Cultural Heritage Places of Mexico. The Case of The Temple of Jesus Maria - Masonic Lodge of Merida
=> Recovering LSHGCs and SHGCs from Stereo
=> Recovering LSHGCs and SHGCs from Stereo
=> Recovering missing coefficients in DCT-transformed images
=> Recovering Missing Contours for Occluded Object Detection
=> Recovering Missing Data in Coherent Diffraction Imaging
=> Recovering Missing Data on Satellite Images
=> Recovering Missing Slices of the Discrete Fourier Transform Using Ghosts
=> Recovering Missing Trajectory Data for Mobile Laser Scanning Systems
=> Recovering more classes than available bands for sets of mixed pixels in satellite images
=> Recovering Motion and Structure from a Set of Planar Patches in an Uncalibrated Image Sequence
=> Recovering Motion Parameters from a 2D Range Image Sequence
=> Recovering multidimensional signals from their projections
=> Recovering Multiple View Geometry from Mutual Projections of Multiple Cameras
=> Recovering Non-overlapping Network Topology Using Far-field Vehicle Tracking Data
=> Recovering Non-Rigid 3D Shape from Image Streams
=> Recovering Non-rigid 3D Shape Using a Plane+Parallax Approach
=> Recovering Object Surfaces from Viewed Changes in Surface Texture Patterns
=> Recovering Occlusion Boundaries from a Single Image
=> Recovering Occlusion Boundaries from an Image
=> Recovering of autoregressive spectral estimates of signals buried in noise
=> Recovering Old Stereoscopic Negatives and Producing Digital 3D Models of Former Appearances of Historic Buildings
=> Recovering Over-/Underexposed Regions in Photographs
=> Recovering Parametric Geons from Multiview Range Data
=> Recovering Partial 3D Wire Frame Descriptions from Stereo Data
=> Recovering Partial 3D Wire Frame Descriptions from Stereo Data
=> Recovering People Tracking Errors Using Enhanced Covariance-Based Signatures
=> Recovering Photometric Properties of Multiple Strongly-Reflective, Partially-Transparent Surfaces from a Single Image
=> Recovering Piecewise Smooth Multichannel Images by Minimization of Convex Functionals with Total Generalized Variation Penalty
=> Recovering planar homographies between 2D shapes
=> Recovering planar motion from homographies obtained using a 2.5-point solver for a polynomial system
=> Recovering planar projections of printed clustered-dot halftones
=> Recovering Planar Surfaces by Stereovision Based on Projective Geometry
=> Recovering Plot-Specific Diameter Distribution and Height-Diameter Curve Using ALS Based Stand Characteristics
=> Recovering Portugal Aerial Images Repository
=> Recovering Pose and 3D Deformable Shape from Multi-instance Image Ensembles
=> Recovering Projection Geometry: How a Cheap Camera Can Outperform an Expensive Stereo System
=> Recovering Projective Transformations between Binary Shapes
=> Recovering Quality Scores in Noisy Pairwise Subjective Experiments Using Negative Log-Likelihood
=> Recovering Quantitative Remote Sensing Products Contaminated by Thick Clouds and Shadows Using Multitemporal Dictionary Learning
=> Recovering radar shadow to improve interferometric phase unwrapping and dem reconstruction
=> Recovering Range Using Virtual Multicamera Stereo
=> Recovering Range Using Virtual Multicamera Stereo
=> Recovering Real-World Reflectance Properties and Shading From HDR Imagery
=> Recovering Realistic Details for Magnification-Arbitrary Image Super-Resolution
=> Recovering Realistic Texture in Image Super-Resolution by Deep Spatial Feature Transform
=> Recovering Reflectance and Illumination in a World of Painted Polyhedra
=> Recovering Regional Groundwater Storage Anomalies by Combining GNSS and Surface Mass Load Data: A Case Study in Western Yunnan
=> Recovering Relative Depth from Low-Level Features Without Explicit T-junction Detection and Interpretation
=> Recovering Scene Geometry under Wavy Fluid via Distortion and Defocus Analysis
=> Recovering Scene Structures from Scattered Surface Points
=> Recovering Shading from Color Images
=> Recovering shape and irradiance maps from rich dense texton fields
=> Recovering shape and motion by a dynamic system for low-rank matrix approximation in L_1 norm
=> Recovering shape and reflectance model of non-lambertian objects from multiple views
=> Recovering Shape by Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
=> Recovering Shape by Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
=> Recovering Shape by Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
=> Recovering Shape by Shading and Stereo Under Lambertian Shading Model
=> Recovering shape characteristics on near-flat specular surfaces
=> Recovering Shape Deformation by an Extended Circular Image Representation
=> Recovering shape from a single image of a mirrored surface from curvature constraints
=> Recovering Shape from Contour for Constant Cross Section Generalized Cylinders
=> Recovering sign bits of DCT coefficients in digital images as an optimization problem
=> Recovering size and shape of polyp from endoscope image by RBF-NN modification
=> Recovering Social Networks From Massive Track Datasets
=> Recovering spectral reflectance under commonly available lighting conditions
=> Recovering specular surfaces using curved line images
=> Recovering Spheres from 3D Point Data
=> Recovering Stereo Pairs from Anaglyphs
=> Recovering structures and motions from mutual projection of cameras
=> Recovering Surface Curvature and Orientation from Texture Distortion: A Least Squares Algorithm and Sensitivity Analysis
=> Recovering Surface Details under General Unknown Illumination Using Shading and Coarse Multi-view Stereo
=> Recovering Surface Layout from an Image
=> Recovering Surface Normal and Arbitrary Images: A Dual Regression Network for Photometric Stereo
=> Recovering surface reflectance and multiple light locations and intensities from image data
=> Recovering Surface Shape and Orientation from Texture
=> Recovering Surfaces from the Restoring Force
=> Recovering tampered regions in encrypted video using POB number system
=> Recovering Texture of Denoised Image via its Statistical Analysis
=> Recovering the 3-Dimensional Motion and Structure of Multiple Moving-Objects from Binocular Image Flows
=> Recovering the 3D shape and poses of face images based on the similarity transform
=> Recovering the 3d Shape of a Road by On-board Monocular Vision
=> Recovering the 3D Structure of Tubular Objects from Stereo Silhouettes
=> Recovering the Basic Structure of Human Activities from a Video-Based Symbol String
=> Recovering the full pose from a single keyframe
=> Recovering the Geometry of Single Axis Motions by Conic Fitting
=> Recovering the linguistic components of the manual signs in American Sign Language
=> Recovering the Missing Components in a Large Noisy Low-Rank Matrix: Application to SFM
=> Recovering the Missing Link: Predicting Class-Attribute Associations for Unsupervised Zero-Shot Learning
=> Recovering the Near-Surface Magnetic Image of Mercury from Satellite Observations
=> Recovering the Parameters of an LDPC Code From Noisy Intercepted Sequences
=> Recovering the Position and Orientation of Free-Form Objects from Image Contours Using 3D Distance Maps
=> Recovering the Scaling Function of a SHGC from a Single Perspective View
=> Recovering the shading image under known illumination
=> Recovering the Shape of Polyhedra Using Line-Drawing Analysis and Complex Reflectance Models
=> Recovering the Shape of Polyhedra Using Line-Drawing Analysis and Complex Reflectance Models
=> Recovering the spatial layout of cluttered rooms
=> Recovering the Subpixel PSF from Two Photographs at Different Distances
=> Recovering the Temporal Structure of Natural Gesture
=> Recovering the Temporal Structure of Natural Gesture
=> Recovering the Temporal Structure of Natural Gesture
=> Recovering the Topology of Multiple Cameras by Finding Continuous Paths in a Trellis
=> Recovering the Vanishing Self-polar Triangle from a Single View of a Planar Pattern
=> Recovering the Viewing Parameter of Random, Translated and Noisy Projections of Asymmetric Objects
=> Recovering thin structures via nonlocal-means regularization with application to depth from defocus
=> Recovering three-dimensional shape around a corner using ultrafast time-of-flight imaging
=> Recovering Three-Dimensional Shape from a Single Image of Curved Objects
=> Recovering Trajectories of Unmarked Joints in 3D Human Actions Using Latent Space Optimization
=> Recovering translational motion parameters from image sequences using Randomized Hough Transform
=> Recovering Translucent Objects Using a Single Time-of-Flight Depth Camera
=> Recovering Transparent Shape from Time-of-Flight Distortion
=> Recovering variations in facial albedo from low resolution images
=> Recovering Very Large Visual Motion Fields
=> Recovering wavelet relations using SVM for image denoising
=> Recovering Writing Traces in Off-Line Handwriting Recognition: Using a Global Optimization Technique
=> Recovery and localization of handwritings by a camera-pen based on tracking and document image retrieval
=> Recovery and Reasoning About Occlusions in 3D Using Few Cameras with Applications to 3D Tracking
=> Recovery and Tracking of Continuous 3D Surfaces from Stereo Data using a Deformable Dual-Mesh
=> Recovery and Understanding of a Line Drawing from Indoor Scenes, The
=> Recovery Effect of Different Virtual Natural Environments on Stress in Short-term Isolation Tasks
=> Recovery from Errors Due to Domain Truncation in Magnetic Particle Imaging: Approximation Error Modeling Approach
=> Recovery from Sensor Failure in an Evolving Multiobjective Swarm
=> Recovery Guarantees for Rank Aware Pursuits
=> Recovery limits in pointwise degradation
=> Recovery of 2D and 3D Layout Information through an Advanced Image Stitching Algorithm using Scanning Electron Microscope Images
=> Recovery of 3-D Closed Surfaces Using Progressive Shell Models
=> Recovery of 3-d Face Structure Using Recognition
=> Recovery of 3-D Objects with Multiple Curved Surfaces from 2-D Contours
=> Recovery of 3-D Objects with Multiple Curved Surfaces from 2-D Contours
=> Recovery of 3-D Objects with Multiple Curved Surfaces from 2-D Contours
=> Recovery of 3-D shape using hybrid reflectance model
=> Recovery of 3D animal motions using cameras and mirrors
=> Recovery of 3D Closed Surfaces from Sparse Data
=> Recovery of 3D Motion of a Single Particle
=> Recovery of 3D Pose of Bones in Single 2D X-ray Images
=> Recovery of 3D Solar Magnetic Field Model Parameter Using Image Structure Matching
=> Recovery of a drawing order from off-line isolated letters dedicated to on-line recognition
=> Recovery of a Near Optimal Layer Representation for an Entire Image Sequence, The
=> Recovery of audio-to-video synchronization through analysis of cross-modality correlation
=> Recovery of Binary Sparse Signals From Compressed Linear Measurements via Polynomial Optimization
=> Recovery of Blood Flow From Undersampled Photoacoustic Microscopy Data Using Sparse Modeling
=> Recovery of Blurred Video Signals Using Iterative Image Restoration Combined with Motion Estimation
=> Recovery of Circular Motion from Profiles of Surfaces
=> Recovery of Circular Motion Geometry in Spite of Varying Intrinsic Parameters
=> Recovery of correlated sparse signals using adaptive backtracking matching pursuit
=> Recovery of Corrupted DCT Coded Images Based on Reference Information
=> Recovery of Corrupted Image Data Based on the NURBS Interpolation
=> Recovery of corrupted low-rank matrices via half-quadratic based nonconvex minimization
=> Recovery of Damped Exponentials Using Structured Low Rank Matrix Completion
=> Recovery of Depth Information from Optical Microscope Images by Constrained Deconvolution
=> Recovery of Discontinuous Signals Using Group Sparse Higher Degree Total Variation
=> Recovery of distorted document images from bound volumes
=> Recovery of Distorted Shapes Obtained from the Flying Laser Range Sensor for Large-Scale Cultural Heritages
=> Recovery of Drawing Order from Scanned Images of Multi-Stroke Handwriting
=> Recovery of Drawing Order from Single-Stroke Handwriting Images
=> Recovery of Dynamic Scene Structure from Multiple Image Sequences
=> Recovery of Ego-Motion and Segmentation of Independent Object Motion Using the EM Algorithm
=> Recovery of Ego-Motion Using Image Stabilization
=> Recovery of Ego-Motion Using Region Alignment
=> Recovery of elevation from estimated gradient fields constrained by digital elevation maps of lower lateral resolution
=> Recovery of epipolar geometry as a manifold fitting problem
=> Recovery of Forest Canopy Parameters by Inversion of Multispectral LiDAR Data
=> Recovery of Fragile Objects from Underwater Archaeological Excavations: New Materials and Techniques by SASMAP Project
=> Recovery of Global Nonrigid Motion: A Model-Based Approach without Point Correspondences
=> Recovery of Hierarchical Part Structure of 3D Shape from Range Image
=> Recovery of Illuminant and Surface Colors from Images Based on the CIE Daylight
=> Recovery of Image Blocks Using the Method of Alternating Projections
=> Recovery of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Camera Parameters using Perspective Views of Rectangles
=> Recovery of limited-extent images aliased because of spectral undersampling
=> Recovery of Lost Color and Depth Frames in Multiview Videos
=> Recovery of Low Rank and Jointly Sparse Matrices with Two Sampling Matrices
=> Recovery of missing information in graph sequences by means of reference pattern matching and decision tree learning
=> Recovery of Motion JPEG2000 Video when LL Subband Disrupted
=> Recovery of motion patterns and dominant paths in videos of crowded scenes
=> Recovery of motion vectors for error concealment based on an edge-detection approach
=> Recovery of Non-Rigid Motion from Stereo Images, The
=> Recovery of Nonridid Motion and Structure
=> Recovery of Nonridid Motion and Structure
=> Recovery of Object Shape and Camera Motion using a Sensing System with a Video Camera and a Gyro Sensor, The
=> Recovery of Parametric Models from Range Images: The Case for Superquadrics with Global Deformations
=> Recovery of Perceptual Shape Organizations from Simple Closed Boundaries
=> Recovery of Piecewise Smooth Density and Lamé Parameters from High Frequency Exterior Cauchy Data
=> Recovery of polarimetric Stokes images by spatial mixture models
=> Recovery of Rapid Water Mass Changes (RWMC) by Kalman Filtering of GRACE Observations
=> Recovery of Reflectances and Varying Illuminants from Multiple Views
=> Recovery of relative depth from a single observation using an uncalibrated (real-aperture) camera
=> Recovery of Rigid Structure from Orthographically Projected Optical Flow
=> Recovery of Seismic Events by Time-Frequency Peak Filtering
=> Recovery of shape and surface reflectance of specular object from relative rotation of light source
=> Recovery of shape and surface reflectance of specular object from rotation of light source
=> Recovery of SHGCs from a Single Intensity View
=> Recovery of SHGCs from a Single Intensity View
=> Recovery of Slice Rotations with the Stack Alignment Transform in Cardiac MR Series
=> Recovery of Sparse Positive Signals on the Sphere from Low Resolution Measurements
=> Recovery of spectral reflectances of imaged objects by the use of features of spectral reflectances
=> Recovery of spectral reflectances of objects being imaged by multispectral cameras Virtual Journal
=> Recovery of Spectral Reflectances of Objects Being Imaged Without Prior Knowledge
=> Recovery of Spectral Sensitivity Functions from a Colour Chart Image under Unknown Spectrally Smooth Illumination
=> Recovery of Subspace Structure from High-Rank Data with Missing Entries
=> Recovery of Superquadric Primitive from Stereo Images
=> Recovery Of Superquadric Primitives from a Range Image Using Simulated Annealing
=> Recovery of Surface Height from Diffuse Polarisation
=> Recovery of Surface Height Using Polarization from Two Views
=> Recovery of Surface Normals and Reflectance from Different Lighting Conditions
=> Recovery of Surface Orientation From Diffuse Polarization
=> Recovery of Surfaces and Functions in High Dimensions: Sampling Theory and Links to Neural Networks
=> Recovery of Surfaces with Discontinuities by Fusing Shading and Range Data within a Variational Framework
=> Recovery of Systematic Biases in Laser Altimetry Data Using Natural Surfaces
=> Recovery of Temporal Information from Static Images of Handwriting
=> Recovery of Temporal Information from Static Images of Handwriting
=> Recovery of Temporal Information of Cursively Handwritten Words for On-Line Recognition
=> Recovery of the 3-D Location and Motion of a Rigid Object Through Camera Image (An Extended Kalman Filter Approach)
=> Recovery of the metric structure of a pattern of points using minimal information
=> Recovery of the Starting Times of Delayed Signals
=> Recovery of the Three-Dimensional Shape of and Object from a Single View
=> Recovery of the trajectories of multiple moving objects in an image sequence with a PMHT approach
=> Recovery of Tropical Cyclone Induced SST Cooling Observed by Satellite in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean
=> Recovery of upper body poses in static images based on joints detection
=> Recovery of urban 3D road boundary via multi-source data
=> Recovery of UWB Radar Signals in Spectrally Restricted Environments
=> Recovery of video in the presence of packet loss using interleaving and spatial redundancy
=> Recovery of visual structure in illustrated Japanese gardens
=> Recovery of Volumetric Object Descriptions from Laser Rangefinder Images
=> Recovery of Water Quality and Detection of Algal Blooms in Lake Villarrica through Landsat Satellite Images and Monitoring Data
=> Recovery of writing sequence of static images of handwriting using UWM
=> Recovery performance improvement of image compressive sensing using complex-valued Vandermonde matrix
=> Recovery Rate of Clustering Algorithms
=> Recovery Rates of Wetland Vegetation Greenness in Severely Burned Ecosystems of Alaska Derived from Satellite Image Analysis
=> Recovery Video Stabilization Using MRF-MAP Optimization
=> Recreate the Ancient Urban Landscape. Multimedia and Interactive Tools To Improve Accessibility and Enhancement of the Archaeological Heritage Of Milan
=> Recreating Cultural Heritage Environments for VR Using Photogrammetry
=> Recreation and Simulation of Preindustrial Flour Processes in the Margin of Rivers
=> RecRecNet: Rectangling Rectified Wide-Angle Images by Thin-Plate Spline Model and DoF-based Curriculum Learning
=> RecRecNet: Rectangling Rectified Wide-Angle Images by Thin-Plate Spline Model and DoF-based Curriculum Learning
=> RecResNet: A Recurrent Residual CNN Architecture for Disparity Map Enhancement
=> Rectal cancer: Toward fully automatic discrimination of T2 and T3 rectal cancers using deep convolutional neural network
=> Rectangle Detection Method for Real-Time Extraction of Large Panel Edge, A
=> Rectangle Extraction in Catadioptric Images
=> Rectangle Labelling for an Invoice Understanding System
=> Rectangle outline extraction of vehicles in SAR images
=> Rectangling Stereographic Projection for Wide-Angle Image Visualization
=> Rectangular-Output Image Stitching
=> Rectangular Arrays and Petri Nets
=> Rectangular based binary image representation: Theory, applications, and dataset introduction
=> Rectangular building extraction from stereoscopic airborne Radar images
=> Rectangular Decomposition of Binary Images
=> Rectangular Discrete Radon Transform for Buildings Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Images
=> Rectangular Fish Eye View as an Efficient Method for the Transmission and Display of Large Images, The
=> Rectangular Microstrip Array Feed Antenna for C-Band Satellite Communications: Preliminary Results
=> Rectangular partitioning for Intra prediction in HEVC
=> Rectangular Region Coding for Image Data Compression
=> Rectangular Road Marking Detection with Marked Point Processes
=> Rectangular target extraction for mobile augmented reality applications
=> Rectangular Traffic Sign Recognition
=> Rectangularization of Digital Objects and Its Relation with Straight Skeletons
=> Rectification-based Knowledge Retention for Continual Learning
=> Rectification-Based Knowledge Retention for Task Incremental Learning
=> Rectification-Based View Interpolation and Extrapolation for Multiview Video Coding
=> Rectification-conducted adaptive snake for segmenting complex-boundary objects from textured backgrounds
=> Rectification-Free Multibaseline Stereo for Non-ideal Configurations
=> Rectification and 3D reconstruction of curved document images
=> Rectification and recognition of text in 3-D scenes
=> Rectification for any epipolar geometry
=> Rectification for any epipolar geometry
=> Rectification for any epipolar geometry
=> Rectification for Cone-Beam Projection and Backprojection
=> Rectification from Radially-Distorted Scales
=> Rectification of 3D Data Obtained from Moving Range Sensors by using Multiple View Geometry
=> Rectification of Camera-Captured Document Images with Mixed Contents and Varied Layouts
=> Rectification of camera captured document images for camera-based OCR technology
=> Rectification of curved document images based on single view three-dimensional reconstruction
=> Rectification of Digital Close Range Images: Sensor Models, Geometric Image Transformations and Resampling
=> Rectification of figures and photos in document images using bounding box interface
=> Rectification of Historic Royal Air Force Aerial Photos and Generation of an Aerial Image Mosaic of the Sarno River Basin, Italy
=> Rectification of Illumination in Images Used for Shape from Focus
=> Rectification of Images for Binocular and Trinocular Stereovision
=> Rectification of Multichannel Images in Mass Storage Using Image Transposition
=> Rectification of Multichannel Images in Mass Storage Using Image Transposition
=> Rectification of Optical Characters as Transform Invariant Low-Rank Textures
=> Rectification of planar targets using line segments
=> Rectification of Stereoscopic Video for Planar Catadioptric Stereo Systems
=> Rectification of the chordal axis transform skeleton and criteria for shape decomposition
=> Rectification Using Different Types of Cameras Attached to a Vehicle
=> Rectification with Intersecting Optical Axes for Stereoscopic Visualization
=> Rectification with unconstrained stereo geometry
=> Rectification, and Segmentation of Coplanar Repeated Patterns
=> Rectified Binary Convolutional Networks with Generative Adversarial Learning
=> Rectified Catadioptric Stereo Sensors
=> Rectified Catadioptric Stereo Sensors
=> Rectified Euler k-means and beyond
=> Rectified Mosaicing: Mosaics without the Curl
=> Rectified nearest feature line segment for pattern classification
=> Rectified Reconstruction from Stereo Pairs and Robot Mapping
=> Rectified Registration Consistency for Image Registration Evaluation
=> Rectified Surface Mosaics
=> Rectified Surface Mosaics
=> Rectified Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks for Perceptual Image Restoration
=> Rectified Wing Loss for Efficient and Robust Facial Landmark Localisation with Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Rectifying Non-euclidean Similarity Data through Tangent Space Reprojection
=> Rectifying Non-Euclidean Similarity Data Using Ricci Flow Embedding
=> Rectifying Perspective Views of Text in 3D Scenes Using Vanishing Points
=> Rectifying projective distortion in 4D light field
=> Rectifying Pseudo Label Learning via Uncertainty Estimation for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
=> Rectifying rolling shutter video from hand-held devices
=> Rectifying rolling shutter video from hand-held devices
=> Rectifying Supporting Regions With Mixed and Active Supervision for Rib Fracture Recognition
=> Rectifying the bound document image captured by the camera: A model based approach
=> Rectifying the Data Bias in Knowledge Distillation
=> Rectifying Transformation Networks for Transformation-Invariant Representations with Power Law
=> Rectifying Transformations That Minimize Resampling Effects
=> rectilinear Gaussian model for estimating straight-line parameters, A
=> Rectilinear parsing of architecture in urban environment
=> Rectilinear parsing of architecture in urban environment
=> Rectilinear Structure Extraction in Textured Images with an Irregular Graph-Based Markov Random Field Model
=> Rectilinearity Measurement for Polygons, A
=> Rectilinearity Measurement for Polygons, A
=> Rectilinearity measurements for polygons
=> Rectilinearity of 3D Meshes
=> RectiNet-v2: A stacked network architecture for document image dewarping
=> RectMatch: A novel scan matching method using the rectangle-flattening representation for mobile LiDAR systems
=> ReCU: Reviving the Dead Weights in Binary Neural Networks
=> Recuperation of Regenerative Braking Energy in Electric Rail Transit Systems
=> Recur, Attend or Convolve? On Whether Temporal Modeling Matters for Cross-Domain Robustness in Action Recognition
=> Recurrence Analysis of Vegetation Indices for Highlighting the Ecosystem Response to Drought Events: An Application to the Amazon Forest
=> Recurrence textures for human activity recognition from compressive cameras
=> Recurrence without Recurrence: Stable Video Landmark Detection with Deep Equilibrium Models
=> Recurrent 3D-2D Dual Learning for Large-Pose Facial Landmark Detection
=> Recurrent 3D Hand Pose Estimation Using Cascaded Pose-Guided 3D Alignments
=> Recurrent 3D Pose Sequence Machines
=> Recurrent Adaptive Network: Balanced Learning for Road Crack Segmentation with High-Resolution Images, A
=> Recurrent Affine Transformation for Text-to-Image Synthesis
=> Recurrent age estimation
=> Recurrent and Dynamic Models for Predicting Streaming Video Quality of Experience
=> Recurrent Assistance: Cross-Dataset Training of LSTMs on Kitchen Tasks
=> Recurrent Asynchronous Multimodal Networks + Events, Frames, Semantic labels, and Depth maps recorded in CARLA simulator
=> Recurrent Attention Models for Depth-Based Person Identification
=> Recurrent Attentional Networks for Saliency Detection
=> Recurrent Attentive Decomposition Network for Low-Light Image Enhancement
=> Recurrent Attentive Zooming for Joint Crowd Counting and Precise Localization
=> Recurrent Autoregressive Networks for Online Multi-object Tracking
=> Recurrent Back-Projection Network for Video Super-Resolution
=> Recurrent bag-of-features for visual information analysis
=> Recurrent Bayesian Network for the Recognition of Human Behaviors from Video
=> Recurrent Bilinear Optimization for Binary Neural Networks
=> Recurrent CNN for Automatic Detection and Classification of Coronary Artery Plaque and Stenosis in Coronary CT Angiography, A
=> Recurrent Color Constancy
=> Recurrent context-aware multi-stage network for single image deraining
=> Recurrent Context Aggregation Network for Single Image Dehazing
=> Recurrent Convolutional Face Alignment
=> Recurrent Convolutional Network for Video-Based Person Re-identification
=> Recurrent convolutional neural network for object recognition
=> Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network Regression for Continuous Pain Intensity Estimation in Video
=> Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks for Continuous Sign Language Recognition by Staged Optimization
=> Recurrent Convolutional Shape Regression
=> Recurrent Convolutions for Causal 3D CNNs
=> recurrent cycle consistency loss for progressive face-to-face synthesis, A
=> Recurrent Deep Attention Network for Person Re-Identification
=> Recurrent Dynamic Embedding for Video Object Segmentation
=> Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Network for Sequential Face Alignment, A
=> Recurrent Exposure Generation for Low-Light Face Detection
=> Recurrent Face Aging with Hierarchical AutoRegressive Memory
=> Recurrent Face Aging
=> Recurrent Feature Reasoning for Image Inpainting
=> Recurrent Filter Learning for Visual Tracking
=> Recurrent Flow-Guided Semantic Forecasting
=> Recurrent flow networks: A recurrent latent variable model for density estimation of urban mobility
=> Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks for Video Segmentation
=> Recurrent Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-slice MRI Cardiac Segmentation
=> Recurrent Fusion Network for Image Captioning
=> recurrent fuzzy network for fuzzy temporal sequence processing and gesture recognition, A
=> Recurrent Generative Adversarial Network for Face Completion
=> Recurrent Glimpse-based Decoder for Detection with Transformer
=> Recurrent Glimpse-based Decoder for Detection with Transformer
=> Recurrent Global Convolutional Network for Scene Text Detection
=> Recurrent Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-based Abnormal Driving Behavior Recognition
=> Recurrent Graph Convolutional Networks for Skeleton-based Action Recognition
=> Recurrent Graph Neural Networks for Video Instance Segmentation
=> Recurrent Highway Networks with Attention Mechanism for Scene Text Recognition
=> Recurrent HMMs and Cursive Handwriting Recognition Graphs
=> Recurrent Homography Estimation Using Homography-Guided Image Warping and Focus Transformer
=> Recurrent Human Pose Estimation
=> Recurrent Image Annotation with Explicit Inter-Label Dependencies
=> Recurrent Instance Segmentation
=> Recurrent Interaction Network for Stereoscopic Image Super-Resolution
=> Recurrent Iterative Gating Networks for Semantic Segmentation
=> Recurrent Knowledge Distillation
=> Recurrent Leaky Bucket
=> Recurrent learning with clique structures for prostate sparse-view CT artifacts reduction
=> Recurrent Mask Refinement for Few-Shot Medical Image Segmentation
=> Recurrent Memory Addressing for Describing Videos
=> Recurrent Modeling of Interaction Context for Collective Activity Recognition
=> Recurrent Models for Lane Change Prediction and Situation Assessment
=> Recurrent Models for Situation Recognition
=> Recurrent Motion Neural Network for Low Resolution Drone Detection
=> Recurrent Multi-Frame Deraining: Combining Physics Guidance and Adversarial Learning
=> Recurrent Multi-view Alignment Network for Unsupervised Surface Registration
=> Recurrent Multimodal Interaction for Referring Image Segmentation
=> Recurrent Multiresolution Convolutional Networks for VHR Image Classification
=> Recurrent MVSNet for High-Resolution Multi-View Stereo Depth Inference
=> Recurrent network-based face recognition using image sequences
=> Recurrent Network Models for Human Dynamics
=> recurrent neural network approach for 3D vision-based force estimation, A
=> Recurrent Neural Network Based Collaborative Filtering for QoS Prediction in IoV
=> Recurrent Neural Network Based Small-footprint Wake-up-word Speech Recognition System with a Score Calibration Method
=> recurrent neural network classifier for Doppler ultrasound blood flow signals, A
=> Recurrent Neural Network for (Un-)Supervised Learning of Monocular Video Visual Odometry and Depth
=> Recurrent Neural Network for Particle Tracking in Microscopy Images Using Future Information, Track Hypotheses, and Multiple Detections, A
=> Recurrent Neural Network for Rain Estimation Using Commercial Microwave Links
=> Recurrent neural network non-singular terminal sliding mode control for path following of autonomous ground vehicles with parametric uncertainties
=> Recurrent neural networks for atmospheric noise removal from InSAR time series with missing values
=> Recurrent Neural Networks for Financial Time-Series Modelling
=> Recurrent neural networks for remote sensing image classification
=> Recurrent Neural Networks for Snapshot Compressive Imaging
=> Recurrent Neural Networks to Correct Satellite Image Classification Maps
=> Recurrent Neural Networks With Intra-Frame Iterations for Video Deblurring
=> Recurrent Pixel Embedding for Instance Grouping
=> Recurrent Prediction With Spatio-Temporal Attention for Crowd Attribute Recognition
=> Recurrent Refinement for Visual Saliency Estimation in Surveillance Scenarios
=> Recurrent Residual Deformable Conv Unit and Multi-Head with Channel Self-Attention Based on U-Net for Building Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
=> Recurrent Residual Learning for Action Recognition
=> Recurrent Residual Module for Fast Inference in Videos
=> Recurrent RLCN-Guided Attention Network for Single Image Deraining
=> Recurrent Saliency Transformation Network for Tiny Target Segmentation in Abdominal CT Scans
=> Recurrent Saliency Transformation Network: Incorporating Multi-stage Visual Cues for Small Organ Segmentation
=> Recurrent Scale Approximation for Object Detection in CNN
=> Recurrent Scene Parsing with Perspective Understanding in the Loop
=> Recurrent Segmentation for Variable Computational Budgets
=> Recurrent Semantic Preserving Generation for Action Prediction
=> Recurrent semi-supervised classification and constrained adversarial generation with motion capture data
=> Recurrent Shape Regression
=> Recurrent Slice Networks for 3D Segmentation of Point Clouds
=> Recurrent Spatial-Temporal Attention Network for Action Recognition in Videos
=> Recurrent Spatial Pyramid CNN for Optical Flow Estimation
=> Recurrent Squeeze-and-Excitation Context Aggregation Net for Single Image Deraining
=> Recurrent Temporal Aggregation Framework for Deep Video Inpainting
=> Recurrent Temporal Aggregation Framework for Deep Video Inpainting
=> Recurrent Temporal Aggregation Framework for Deep Video Inpainting
=> Recurrent Temporal Deep Field for Semantic Video Labeling
=> Recurrent Thrifty Attention Network for Remote Sensing Scene Recognition
=> Recurrent Tissue-Aware Network for Deformable Registration of Infant Brain MR Images
=> Recurrent Topic-Transition GAN for Visual Paragraph Generation
=> Recurrent Transformer Network for Novel View Action Synthesis, A
=> Recurrent Tubelet Proposal and Recognition Networks for Action Detection
=> Recurrent U-Net for Resource-Constrained Segmentation
=> Recurrent unit augmented memory network for video summarisation
=> Recurrent Variational Network: A Deep Learning Inverse Problem Solver applied to the task of Accelerated MRI Reconstruction
=> Recurrent Vision Transformer for Solving Visual Reasoning Problems
=> Recurrent Vision Transformers for Object Detection with Event Cameras
=> Recurrent Vision Transformers for Object Detection with Event Cameras
=> Recurrent wavelet structure-preserving residual network for single image deraining
=> Recurrently exploring class-wise attention in a hybrid convolutional and bidirectional LSTM network for multi-label aerial image classification
=> Recurrently Target-Attending Tracking
=> Recurring Element Detection in Movies
=> Recurring the Transformer for Video Action Recognition
=> Recursions Are All You Need: Towards Efficient Deep Unfolding Networks
=> Recursive-Batch Estimation of Motion and Structure from Monocular Image Sequences
=> Recursive 'concave-convex' Fisher Linear Discriminant with applications to face, handwritten digit and terrain recognition
=> Recursive 3-D Road and Relative Ego-State Recognition
=> Recursive 3-D Visual-Motion Estimation Using Subspace Constraints
=> Recursive 3D scene estimation with multiple camera pairs
=> Recursive active contours for hierarchical segmentation of wetlands in high-resolution satellite imagery of Arctic landscapes
=> Recursive Affine Structure and Motion from Image Sequences
=> Recursive algorithm based on fuzzy 2-partition entropy for 2-level image thresholding
=> recursive algorithm for calculating the relative convex hull, A
=> Recursive Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Based Identification of Blur from Multiple Observations, A
=> Recursive algorithm, architectures and FPGA implementation of the two-dimensional discrete cosine transform
=> Recursive Algorithms for Bias and Gain Nonuniformity Correction in Infrared Videos
=> recursive analysis for form cell recognition, A
=> Recursive and Model-Constrained Region Splitting Algorithm for Cell Clump Decomposition, A
=> Recursive Anisotropic 2-D Gaussian Filtering Based on a Triple-Axis Decomposition
=> recursive approach for de-interlacing using improved ELA and motion compensation based on bi-directional BMA, A
=> Recursive Approach to Generate Univariate Orthonormal Wavelet, A
=> Recursive Approximation of the Bilateral Filter
=> Recursive Band Processing of Automatic Target Generation Process for Finding Unsupervised Targets in Hyperspectral Imagery
=> recursive Bayesian approach to describe retinal vasculature geometry, A
=> recursive Bayesian approach to pattern recognition, A
=> Recursive Bayesian beamforming with uncertain projected steering vector and strong interferences
=> Recursive Bayesian Control of Multichannel Acoustic Echo Cancellation
=> Recursive Bayesian Filtering for Multiple Human Pose Tracking from Multiple Cameras
=> Recursive Bayesian fire recognition using greedy margin-maximizing clustering
=> Recursive bilateral filter for encoder-integrated video denoising
=> Recursive Bilateral Filtering
=> Recursive Binary Dilation and Erosion Using Digital Line Structuring Elements in Arbitrary Orientations
=> Recursive Binary Particle Swarm Optimization based Face Localization
=> Recursive Born Approach to Nonlinear Inverse Scattering, A
=> Recursive Calculation of Relative Convex Hulls
=> Recursive Camera-Motion Estimation With the Trifocal Tensor
=> Recursive Camera Autocalibration with the Kalman Filter
=> recursive camera resectioning technique for off-line video-based augmented reality, A
=> Recursive Cascaded Networks for Unsupervised Medical Image Registration
=> Recursive Chaining of Reversible Image-to-Image Translators for Face Aging
=> Recursive Clustering for Multiple Object Tracking
=> Recursive Clustering Technique for Color Picture Segmentation, A
=> Recursive Coarse-to-Fine Localization for Fast Object Detection
=> Recursive Compositional Models for Vision: Description and Review of Recent Work
=> Recursive compositional models: Representation, learning, and inference
=> Recursive computation method for fast encoding of vector quantization based on 2-pixel-merging sum pyramid data structure
=> Recursive Computation of Forward Krawtchouk Moment Transform Using Clenshaw's Recurrence Formula
=> Recursive computation of minimum-length polygons
=> Recursive computation of moments of 2D objects represented by elliptic Fourier descriptors
=> Recursive computation of Tchebichef moment and its inverse transform
=> Recursive Context Routing for Object Detection
=> Recursive Contextual Classification Using a Spatial Stochastic Model
=> Recursive Contour-Saliency Blending Network for Accurate Salient Object Detection
=> Recursive Conversion of Chain Code into Quadtree with Table Lookup
=> Recursive Convolutional Neural Networks for Epigenomics
=> Recursive Copy and Paste GAN: Face Hallucination From Shaded Thumbnails
=> Recursive CSI Quantization of Time-Correlated MIMO Channels by Deep Learning Classification
=> Recursive cubic spline interpolation filter approach for the removal of high density salt-and-pepper noise
=> Recursive decoder distortion estimation based on AF(1) source modeling for video
=> Recursive Deep Residual Learning for Single Image Dehazing
=> Recursive Dimensionality Reduction Using Fishers Linear Discriminant
=> Recursive Disparity Estimation Algorithm for Real Time Stereoscopic Video Applications
=> Recursive Division of Image for Explanation of Shallow CNN Models
=> Recursive drivable road detection with shadows based on two-camera systems
=> Recursive Dynamically Variable Step Search Motion Estimation Algorithm for High Definition Video
=> Recursive ECOC classification
=> Recursive edge-aware filters for stereo matching
=> Recursive Embedding Approach to Median Graph Computation, A
=> Recursive end-to-end distortion estimation with model-based cross-correlation approximation
=> Recursive Enhancement of Weak Subsurface Boundaries and Its Application to SHARAD Data
=> Recursive erosion, dilation, opening, and closing transforms
=> Recursive Estimation Approach to the Segmentation of MR Imagery, A
=> Recursive Estimation of 3D Motion and Surface Structure from Local Affine Flow Parameters
=> Recursive estimation of camera motion from uncalibrated image sequences
=> Recursive estimation of generative models of video
=> Recursive Estimation of Illuminant Motion from Flow Field and Simultaneous Recovery of Shape
=> Recursive estimation of illuminant motion from flow field
=> Recursive Estimation of Images Using Non-gaussian Autoregressive Models
=> Recursive estimation of motion and a scene model with a two-camera system of divergent view
=> Recursive Estimation of Motion and Planar Structure
=> Recursive Estimation of Motion Parameters
=> Recursive Estimation of Motion, Structure, and Focal Length
=> Recursive Estimation of Motion, Structure, and Focal Length
=> Recursive Estimation of Parameters of Straight Lines and Circles: Application to the Segmentation of the Rey's Complex Figure
=> Recursive Estimation of Structure and Motion Using Relative Orientation Constraints
=> Recursive Estimation of the Stein Center of SPD Matrices and Its Applications
=> Recursive Estimation of Time-Varying Motion and Structure Parameters
=> Recursive Estimation with Implicit Constraints
=> Recursive Factorization Method for the Paraperspective Model Based on the Perspective Projection
=> Recursive Feature Elimination and Random Forest Classification of Natura 2000 Grasslands in Lowland River Valleys of Poland Based on Airborne Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Fusion
=> Recursive Filter for Despeckling SAR Images, A
=> recursive filter for linear systems on Riemannian manifolds, A
=> Recursive Filter for Phase Velocity Assisted Shape-Based Tracking of Cardiac Non-Rigid Motion, A
=> Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
=> Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
=> Recursive Filtering and Edge Tracking: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
=> Recursive Filters For Optical-Flow
=> Recursive Fitting-and-Splitting Algorithm for 3-D Object Modeling Using Superquadrics, A
=> Recursive flow based structure from parallax with automatic rescaling
=> recursive framework for expression recognition: From web images to deep models to game dataset, A
=> Recursive framework for joint inpainting and de-noising of photographic films
=> Recursive Frichet Mean Computation on the Grassmannian and Its Applications to Computer Vision
=> Recursive Gabor Filtering
=> Recursive Gaussian Derivative Filters
=> Recursive Gaussian process: On-line regression and learning
=> Recursive head reconstruction from multi-view video sequences
=> Recursive Hierarchical Clustering for Hyperspectral Images
=> Recursive Hierarchical Radical Extraction for Handwritten Chinese Characters
=> Recursive Hierarchical Scheme for Radical Extraction of Handwritten Chinese Characters, A
=> Recursive high-resolution reconstruction of blurred multiframe images
=> Recursive Histogram Modification: Establishing Equivalency Between Reversible Data Hiding and Lossless Data Compression
=> Recursive Hull and Signal-Based Building Footprint Generation from Airborne LiDAR Data, A
=> Recursive Hybrid Cramer-Rao Bound for Discrete-Time Markovian Dynamic Systems
=> Recursive Hybrid Fusion Pyramid Network for Real-Time Small Object Detection on Embedded Devices
=> Recursive identification of FIR systems with binary-valued observations
=> Recursive Identification of Gesture Inputs Using Hidden Markov Models
=> Recursive Image Sequence Segmentation by Hierarchical Models
=> Recursive Implementation of Erosions and Dilations Along Discrete Lines at Arbitrary Angles
=> Recursive Inception Network for Super-Resolution
=> Recursive Integer Cosine Transform for HEVC and Future Video Coding Standards
=> Recursive inverse adaptive algorithm: A second-order version, a fast implementation technique, and further results
=> Recursive Least-Squares Estimator-Aided Online Learning for Visual Tracking
=> Recursive Least-Squares Estimator-Aided Online Learning for Visual Tracking
=> Recursive Live Dense Reconstruction: Some comments on established and imaginable new approaches
=> Recursive LMS L Filters for Noise Removal in Images
=> Recursive Local Summation of RX Detection for Hyperspectral Image Using Sliding Windows
=> Recursive MAP Displacement Field Estimation and Its Applications
=> Recursive MDL via graph cuts: Application to segmentation
=> recursive method for the investigation of the linear separability of two sets, A
=> Recursive method to extract rectangular objects from scans
=> Recursive Model-based Image Restoration
=> Recursive Model-Reduction Method for Approximate Inference in Gaussian Markov Random Fields, A
=> Recursive model optimization using ICP and free moving 3D data acquisition
=> Recursive Morphological Operators for Gray Image Processing. Application in Granulometry Analysis
=> Recursive Motion and Structure Estimation with Complete Error Characterization
=> Recursive Multi-Frame Planar Parallax Algorithm, The
=> Recursive multi-model complementary deep fusion for robust salient object detection via parallel sub-networks
=> Recursive Multi-Relational Graph Convolutional Network for Automatic Photo Selection
=> Recursive Multi-Scale Channel-Spatial Attention for Fine-Grained Image Classification
=> Recursive Multiscale Correlation-Avera